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Just Another Day in the Office

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Amanda was the only person in the shop and she had been watching the clock tick slowly down towards locking up time. It had been a slow day in the office with the heat outside keeping many customers inside in the cool. Amanda looked up when she heard the soft muted buzzer of the door to the Melbourne travel agency open.

Their was a sudden gust of warm air mingled with the air conditioning as the woman, who she could only describe as a stunning, slipped inside. Amanda discretely appraised the woman on both a professional and personal level as she casually started to glance at the display of brochures.

Amanda assessed her on a professional level, because she was one of the best sales people in her company, and on a personal level because she was currently single and always looking for a liaison that would go beyond just a sale. She could tell that the customer was worth money as although the light summer dress could have been bought anywhere, the jewellery and watch were clearly classy and expensive and the clutch bag was a Louis Vuitton and didn’t look a fake. The woman’s eyes were concealed by large Dior wraps and her brunette hair shone as it cascaded over her shoulders in a riot of natural waves.

Amanda scanned the long legs and could feel a little flip in her pussy as she studied the outlines of her finely sculptured body. The woman’s nipples were just starting to show through her dress as she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra and Amanda wasn’t sure but she would swear she wasn’t wearing panties either, as she could discern no visible panty lines. Returning her eyes to the woman’s breasts Amanda was impressed how they stood firm and proud with no support and was wondering what they would look like naked when the woman turned to meet her gaze.

The woman sat at Amanda’s desk and crossed legs so the dress rode even higher on her thighs and Amanda could feel herself blush slightly when the woman just smiled at her before lifting the shades to the top of her head. The woman purred in a husky sexy voice that caused Amanda to moisten even more, “I was looking for brochures on Greece, do you have any?”

Amanda found herself staring into the most piercing blue eyes she had ever seen that she knew she could lose her heart and soul to them as she totally lost her composure for a second and blurted out, “You are English.”

“How very observant of you” the woman laughed lightly in a way that sent chills up and down Amanda’s spine.

Gathering her thoughts Amanda asked, “How many travellers would that be for?” ……………..’Oh please God’ Amanda thought to herself silently, ‘let this woman be both single and a lesbian, or bi at the very least.’

“Just myself and my husband,” the woman replied with a twinkle in her eyes and the start of a smile twitching at the corners of her mouth.

“Oh” Amanda replied unable to keep the disappointment from her voice.

“Ahhh” laughed the woman softly, “I sense you would you like to whisk me away yourself then?” staring deep into Amanda’s eyes with a look that melted her heart and caused the trickle in her pussy to become a flood.

Amanda could only stammer as the woman coolly went on, “I am sure that we could enjoy ourselves on the Island of Lesbos don’t you?”

Amanda blushed deeply and struggled to retain her composure, “but what about your husband? And I didn’t catch your name”

“You could call me …………….. Faith…… if you wanted to” the woman laughed lightly, “and as you can see my husband isn’t here.”

Amanda’s brain was running at a 100 m.p.h. The name Faith caused Amanda to think hard as that was the name she often used online, the woman was English which reminded her of her online lover Julie, yet here she was thousands of miles away from where she should be. Amanda opened her mouth to speak but the woman just put her finger to her lips to signal silence and whispered softly, “You can call me anything you like Amanda but we have little time.”

Amanda sat in stunned silence and could only whisper “Julie” under her breath as the woman stood silently before moving like a panther across to the door. Clicking it locked and pressing the button that bought down the blinds blocking out the outside she turned back to face Amanda.

Julie smiled as she reached behind and unzipped the dress allowed it to fall to a puddle of cloth at her feet leaving her naked to Amanda’s gaze.

Julie had no shame about her body and allowed Amanda to feast her eyes on her body as she ran her own hands across her breasts, tweaking each of her nipples making them stand. Then she traced her finger down her tummy before resting on her shaved pussy. Amanda could feel her throat go dry as Julie opened her legs slightly and began to tease her pussy lips with the tip of her finger. Julie broke the silence by whispering softly, “cat got your tongue baby?”

Amanda moved across the room at speed to stand in front of her and looking her in the face, lust coursing through her veins, asked “What exactly do you want?”

Returning her gaze without blinking Julie looked at her and said quietly and firmly, “I want you to fuck me and then I want to taste you.”

Amanda shed her smart business suit in record speed and reached into her bag beside her desk and pulled out a large black strapon that was nearly 9 inches long and quite thick. “Would you like this baby?” Amanda purred at Julie who had moved to lay on her back on the desk with her legs spread.

Julie slowly licked her lips as she locked eyes with Amanda before touching her pussy lips and teasing her clit as she purred “you know I would”

Amanda stepped into the harness and settled the dildo in place so it jutted out from her groin, bobbing obscenely. Grabbing the plastic cock in one hand Amanda positioned herself between Julie’s legs and teased the head up and down her lips smiling as Julie moaned with pleasure. Leaning slightly over her with one hand on the desk Amanda moved her hips so the dildo sunk slowly into Julie’s willing pussy. Julie’s legs came up and wrapped around Amanda’s body, her heels pulling her in further.

“Mmmmmmm” Amanda murmured, “Very wet and willing I see” and moved so both hands were firmly planted either side of Julie’s head and supporting her weight.

“Oh god yes” Julie moaned, “now fuck me like you have never fucked before”

Amanda needed no second invitation and started to slowly slide the strapon in and out of Julie making sure it fully sank home before pulling out until it almost left her body. Amanda continued to slowly slide in and out of Julie staring into her bright blue eyes as savouring the way she moaned and groaned under her.

“That feels so good” Julie moaned softly.

“Good” Amanda whispered, “Now I am going to fuck you hard.”

Before Julie realised what was happening Amanda had pulled out of her completely leaving her feeling empty inside and flipped her so that she was face down on the desk bent over it. “Brace yourself baby” Amanda said as she drove the strapon in and held it deep inside Julie’s pussy, “You are going to get the ride of your life”

With that Amanda started to pump in and out of Julie watching how her fingers gripped the side of the desk as she pushed backwards to meet the thrusts. Amanda started to increase the speed and power of the thrusts and looking down between could see the strapon glistening with Julie’s juices as she pulled back before plunging in. Amanda felt her own heat increase and her thrusts became more powerful and reaching out she wrapped her fingers in Julie’s long brown hair and pulled her head backwards.

Leaning over Julie’s back Amanda kissed her hard and murmered “tell me what you want baby.”

Panting Julie muttered, “Fuck me please”

“Louder girl” Amanda barked “I can’t hear you and that isn’t very clear”

“Fuck my pussy” Julie groaned, “Fuck me till I can’t stand”

Amanda released Julie’s hair and grabbed her hips and started to fuck like her very life depended on it. She could see Julie’s ass cheeks wobble as she slammed in and without thinking bought her hand down sharply across Julie’s buttocks.

To her surprise Julie moans became more intense and Amanda continued to bring her hand down across Julie’s ass. “You like that don’t you girl” Amanda purred.

“Yes Ma’am” Julie blurted out before she realised what she had said and her words caused Amanda to drive in and out even harder. The room was filled with the sounds of Julie’s pussy slurping and the heavy breathing of the two women when suddenly Julie’s body stiffened and throwing back her head she screamed as an orgasm ripped through her. Amanda didn’t stop and continued to pound Julie and felt the sweat trickle down her spine with effort enjoying how Julie came over and over.

Finally Amanda slumped over Julie’s back, her energy spent and both of them were breathing heavily trying to regain their breath from the frantic fucking that had just taken place.

Easing the strapon out slowly Amanda ran her nail down Julie’s spine whispering “was that good baby?”

“Oh god yes” Julie croaked, moving from the table before sinking to her knees before Amanda still wearing the strapon. Amanda looked down and felt pleasure running through her body as she saw Julie wrap her lips round the still wet shaft and start to suck her own juices from it.

Amanda felt Julie’s fingers probing in her pussy as slipping easily into her wetness. Amanda didn’t resist as Julie’s hands moved to pull the strapon from her hips and then pushed her so she was leaning against the desk. Julie parted Amanda’s legs and paused for a brief moment before plunging her head between her legs. Amanda’s nerves were on edge and she moaned loudly as Julie’s tongue probed and delved inside her pussy. Leaning back further on the desk, still standing, Amanda opened her legs wider to give Julie full access and gasped as she felt a finger probe at her ass as Julie’s tongue flicked at her clit.

Amanda gripped the edge of the desk hard as she felt the finger slide into her ass and then as Julie’s tongue danced on her clit let out an almighty moan, “I am cumming”

Julie pushed her finger deeper into Amanda’s ass before clamping her mouth over Amanda’s pussy drinking the juices that flooded from her. Amanda gripped Julie’s head, pulling at her hair whimpering “Oh god, oh god”

Amanda’s legs turned to jelly as the orgasm subsided and sank to the floor so both women were facing each other. Julie kisses Amanda on the lips and opening her mouth to receive the kiss she could taste her own juices covering Julie’s face.

Breaking the kiss Amanda blurted, “I have so many questions, how did you know where I was, how long are you here for, will I see you later?”

Julie stared into Amanda’s eyes in silence and then smiled warmly as she whispered, “Did you enjoy?”

“Yes” sighed Amanda.

“Then don’t spoil it with questions” Julie said softly as she rose to her feet with catlike grace.

Amanda could just stare speechless as Julie picked up her dress and dressed quickly. Putting on her dark glasses Julie turned and blew a kiss to Amanda who was still slumped on the floor in a post orgasmic haze. “Until next time” Julie said softly as she turned and left.

Amanda woke herself from her daze and wondered if it was a dream but the puddle between her legs and the vague smell of Julie’s perfume mixed with the heady smell of sex told her it couldn’t have been a dream. Standing slowly Amanda collected her clothes and as she dressed saw a book of matches sitting neatly on the desk. Picking it up she saw they came from a posh hotel downtown and written in flowing script inside was “Dinner tomorrow at 8….J xxx”

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