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Sue Makes Me a Present

Category: Fetish
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Last week I was sitting at my desk at work when my secretary buzzed through to tell me that there was a telephone call from my girlfriend, and did I want to take it? I told her to put it through straight away. As I picked up the phone I heard my girlfriend Sue say in a rather husky breathless voice “Jason’s just leaving now, you’d better come home quickly.”

Hearing what Sue said had my cock rapidly stirring in my pants. I made my excuses to my secretary and told her that I had an external appointment over lunch.

I asked her to take any of my calls as I would not be back in the office for at least an hour. With that I slipped quickly out of the office and briskly walked to the ground floor office car park to pick up my car and make the short journey back to my flat.

After my divorce a couple of years ago I had seen a few girls but most had only been short term relationships or quick flings, mainly for the sex. However I had been seeing Sue now for a few months and we seemed particularly suited. We both got what we wanted from the relationship, and were open with each other regarding our sexual preferences. Deep down I think that we both knew that our relationship wouldn’t go on for ever, but it would be great fun for both of us while it lasted. With Sue I got to satisfy my craving for fresh cream pies, while Sue enjoyed the freedom to share herself with other partners.

Since my teenage years I have had a fetish for cream pies. I find it very satisfying to suck sticky sperm out from a freshly fucked juicy pussy. I enjoy eating the wet mixture of pussy juice and sperm, feeling it coat the insides of my mouth before swallowing it down and tasting it. I believe my fetish started with my first lover when I was a teenager. She was on the contraceptive pill so we used to fuck when ever we could without a condom, as she used to love feeling my hot sperm spurt deep inside her. We used to fuck every where we could, such as, out doors in the park, or in the back of my car, or in her house on the rare occasions when her parents went out. When I had shot my load inside her and filled her up with sperm we had the problem of her dripping pussy. She did not want to go back to her parent’s house with my sperm freely running out of her pussy down her thighs and legs, so we found that the only solution was for me to go down on her after we had fucked and clean her up. She loved this as not only did it make her presentable to go home but gave her another orgasm as well, and I got used to the idea that I would only get laid if I was prepared for mouthfuls of warm fresh sperm afterwards.

Eventually as we grew up we slowly drifted apart and the relationship ended. It was then with other girls that I started to move on and experiment eating other men’s cream pies, savouring the different texture and taste to my own. It was partly this addiction to come and cream pies that led to the break-up of my marriage and ultimately my divorce, as my ex wife did not share my enthusiasm and was not willing to share herself to make me pies from someone else.

As I left work and drove towards my flat my cock was nearly fully erect and straining against the thick material of my suit trousers. I mentally anticipated what Sue had been up to and what she had in store for me. Her occasional spontaneous phone calls to my work asking me to come home were always interesting and kept our relationship fresh and alive. I approached my flat and parked outside. I locked the car and just about ran to my front door to open it to eagerly find out what was inside.

Inside all was quiet, so I slipped my jacket and tie off, hanging them tidily on the coat hook in the hall. As I entered the flat the lounge was tidy and empty, so I made my way on through to the bedroom. Our bedroom door was unusually closed so I pushed open the door and looked inside, totally amazed at the sight that greeted me.

“Hello lover,” Sue said as she lay back on the bed that we shared. “You took you’re time getting here!”

She was totally naked and her hands were tied tightly to each post of the headboard above her head. Her long black hair spread over the pillows in an untidy tousled manner. Her breasts were flushed pink with the nipples clearly sticking out still hard and engorged. Her thighs were closed tightly together so that all I could see between her legs was the dense triangle of her thick hairy bush. The atmosphere in the bedroom smelt of hot, juicy sex.

“Just before he left Jason held the phone for me so that I could tell you that he had been round.”

“That was good of him,” I said mockingly

“I was feeling really horny so I asked him to come round to see me this morning, and he’s kindly left a present for you.” Sue said with a wry smile.

“Do you think that I’ll like this present?” I asked.

“You usually do,” Sue said with a laugh. “You usually can’t get enough of it.”

“I think I know already what the present might be,” I told Sue, playing along with her little game.

“Why don’t you slip your clothes off while I tell you what Jason and I have been up to?”

I started to take off my clothes while I listed to Sue enthusiastically describing for me what she had been doing with Jason. Sue told me that she had phoned Jason and asked him to come round as she knew from previous experience that he had a lovely long cock. Jason had willingly obliged. She told me that he had made her slowly and sensuously strip naked for him, then lie on our bed and play with her pussy while he watched. He had then tied her wrists securely to the headboard on our bed. He then straddled her chest and fucked her mouth with his long cock until he was very stiff and hard. Sue then told me that he had moved down the bed and spent ages licking and fingering her pussy until she had enjoyed two shattering orgasms, and was very wet and juicy. Apparently he then pulled Sues legs over his shoulders and roughly thrust his long hard cock deep into her wet pussy. He pounded into her for ages while at the same time pulling and pinching on her stiff little nipples. Sue told me that she had another orgasm while he was fucking her deeply before he eventually came deep inside her, pumping spurt after spurt of hot sticky come deep into her hairy pussy. With his cock softening inside her he had then dialled my office number and as her hands were tied held the phone for Sue to speak to me before he left.

“Now that you are naked would you like me to give you your present?” Sue seductively said.

“I’d love that present right now,” I replied.

“Here you are then, especially for you my lover,” she whispered.

I watched as Sue slowly spread her legs and raised her knees up in order to spread her pussy wide open. As she did so her triangular bush of dense dark hair parted to reveal her pink slippery slit within. Her pubes were matted with sperm and I could see her puffy pussy gaping wide open from the good fucking Jason had not long ago given her. Her long love lips were glistening and gaping wide apart. I could see nestling at the entrance to her wet pussy the remains of Jason’s sticky white load.

“Come and eat me up, feed on my pussy.” Sue said.

I licked my lips as I bent over her and kissed her. Our tongues met and we swirled them round each others mouths, playing with each other and enjoying the sensations. As I broke the long sensual kiss I moved down her body and took one of her hard nipples into my mouth. I nibbled on it gently squeezing it with my teeth making it enlarge even more. As I sucked on them Sue moaned quietly in appreciation. After giving each of Sue’s nipples some attention with my mouth and tongue I made my way down her body, over her flat belly, toward my sticky goal. As I reached her open thighs I savoured the sweet musky smell emanating from her pussy, and watched as Jason’s come started to leak out from the bottom of her gaping wet hole.

“Lick me darling,” Sue said. “Eat out all of the hot cream pie that I made especially for you.” Sues voice was almost a whisper now as she waited for my mouth to find her wetness. “Please, taste me,” she said.

I didn’t need asking twice and used my fingers to hold apart her hairy slit then plunged my mouth over her sticky, come filled pussy. Sue gasped, and then moaned as my mouth made contact with her sensitive flesh. I probed her wet hole with my tongue and quickly tasted Jason in the soft folds of her pussy flesh. His sperm was quite thick even though it had been inside Sue for a while now. It was very salty and quite bitter. Even mixed with Sue’s musky pussy juice I could savour the unmistakeable delicious taste of Jason’s fresh sperm. I swallowed the mixture down feeling it coat the inside of my mouth and toungue before I swallowed it.

“He really filled you up today didn’t he,” I told Sue as I moved my head from between her legs to gasp for breath.

“Yes, I felt him spurt loads in me when he finally came, and it felt really deep inside me.” Sue replied.

As Sue watched I slowly inserted a finger deep inside her sticky pussy and rotated it around feeling the slimy wetness of her pussy walls.

“Oooh yes,” Sue moaned, “that feels lovely, put another finger in me.”

After I had fingered her for a while I pulled my fingers out from inside her and they were coated with both of their sticky juices. There was a thick globule of Jason’s sperm right on the top of one of my fingers which had come from deep inside Sue’s hairy wet pussy. I pushed my finger into my mouth and licked the spermy juices off from it.

“Do I taste good today?” Sue asked.

“You always taste wonderful when you’ve just been fucked.” I replied.

“Eat me up then and finish me off lover,” Sue said.

Once again I moved forward and covered her pussy with my mouth. I licked up and down her hairy slit tasting the sticky juices which were leaking from her. The more I sucked on her pussy the more sperm and juices seemed to flow out from deep inside her hole. As I licked I started to concentrate on her clit. I rolled my tongue round her sensitive little bud. Her clit seemed to get harder and larger as I sucked on it. I alternated between licking up and down her juicy slit with flicking my toungue over her hard little clit.

“Yes, please don’t stop.” Sue moaned. “Keep doing just that.”

I carried on with pressure from my tongue on her clit and she quickly exploded with an orgasm. Her body shook and she pulled against the restraints on her wrists.

“Oh Yes, Yes YES.” Sue shouted as the orgasm ripped through her body.

As Sue orgasmed and her pussy spasmed I made sure that I licked up every drop of juice that she pushed out from deep inside her.

“Ummmm, your pussy tasted absolutely great,” I said as she recovered from her orgasm. “Jason really filled you up but I think I got all of it out from you.”

“Thanks. I had a really good come” Sue said.

Now that I had licked her out and made her come I untied Sue’s wrists from the headboard at last giving her the freedom to move her whole body. Her wrists were a little sore where she had been pulling against them.

“Can I fuck you now?” I asked.

“My pussy feels a bit sore, so you can, but only if you are quick.”

“Turn over then,” I asked Sue.

Sue turned over and knelt on the bed with her legs apart and ass high in the air. She knew I loved this position as I could thrust my cock and get really deep inside her. I moved behind her and with one thrust forced my hard cock into her pussy. I slipped in easily as she was still wet from the licking I had given her. As I pushed into her Sue reached her hand between her legs and gently massaged my balls as they slapped against her ass.

“Come on lover,” She said “fill me up again and come deep inside me.”

I thrust into her and as I was so turned on by eating out her cream pie it did not take long before I came, and I spurted my hot load into her well used pussy to join any sperm that was left over from Jason.

After I had come in her I pulled my cock out from her pussy and as I had done many times before quickly lay on my back on the bed. As usual Sue assertively straddled my head. She lowered her pussy down until it was close to my waiting mouth. She was so close that her bushy pubic hairs were tickling my nose and I could smell my fresh sperm inside her. I opened my mouth wide and she squeezed the internal muscles deep inside her pussy. As she did this a great wad of my fresh sperm flew out of her pussy in a jet straight into my waiting mouth. I quickly swallowed the first wave then waited for the next trickle to come sliding out. I savoured my taste which was not as bitter as Jason’s and seemed more metallic.

“I think that’s all from inside me lover,” Sue said as she climbed off from my face. “You had better get dressed and get back to work before your cute little secretary wonders what you have been up to.”

I quickly dressed and rushed back to work. As I settled back behind my desk and asked if I had received any calls I’m sure that my secretary gave me a knowing look.

“Did you enjoy your lunch sir?” she asked.

“I only had a liquid lunch today,” I replied, “but it certainly was very tasty.”

I now have to wait until the next time my girlfriend telephones me at work. to see what surprises she has for me. Before I left Sue tantalisingly said that Jason had a friend called Steve, who apparently knows my secretary!

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