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Meeting Cassandra

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When Daddy got home from work, Patti was already in the shower. Daddy had called her earlier with the news they were going out for dinner. Daddy walked into the bathroom and joined her in the shower, much to her delight.

Daddy helped her wash her hair. She loved the feeling of daddy’s fingertips massaging the shampoo, then conditioner through her long strands of hair.

He would turn her around to face him as she leaned back and let the water rinse out the suds. He leaned down and kissed her.

She soaped up the washcloth and began washing daddy. She scrubbed diligently from head to toe. Hesitating at the middle, she squatted down in front of him, eyeing his cock. She looked up at him and grinned. However, the grin turned into a momentary pout when daddy shook his head no.

“Sweetheart” he explained, “we have other plans right now.” He smiled at her display of frustration. He traded places with her to rinse off. She kept running her hands down his body, ostensibly to help him rinse off the soap. He knew better, but chose to ignore it. He turned off the water and they dried each other off. She kept trying to distract him, but he was not succumbing. Not this time.

“Come on,” Daddy took her by the hand, leading her into the bedroom. “Let’s see what you should wear tonight.”

Opening up her closet, Daddy carefully looked over her clothing. He finally settled on a skirt and blouse, laying them out on the bed. “Wear one of your camisole’s instead of a bra and bring me your hair brush.”

Daddy sat on the bed, moving back to give her room to sit in front of him. Gently he began to brush through her hair. “Patti, I want to make sure you understand the rules for tonight, ok?”

“Yes Daddy?” She was startled to hear him call her by name. He used her name when he wanted to be sure that he had her full attention.

Daddy continued as he tried to gently untangle her hair. “We are meeting a special friend of Daddy’s. She is a very nice woman and I want you to be as respectful of her as you are to me. You must use your best manners on tonight. Do you understand?”

She fidgeted a bit, “yea.”

He tugged at her hair to show he was not going to tolerate the least bit of insolence tonight. Not even playfully. “The other thing is, you can’t call me daddy tonight while we are out to dinner.”

He listened for the dramatic sigh this would elicit. On cue, her shoulders raised slightly with a sharp intake of breath, then lowered as she released it. “Yes Rick” She replied, to show him she understood what was expected. It always felt odd inside her head to call him by his given name.

He stifled a grin. A little incorrigibility existed in her. Fortunately, only a little and he found it part of her charm and did not distract from her overall demeanor. She was a loving girl, and he knew she would do what was necessary to please him. It was not always a simple process.

Finally he had all the tangles out of her hair, “Stand up and let me have a look.”

She got up and stood before him, naked, her longhair straight and tangle free. He looked thoughtful as he decided how she should wear her hair this evening. Finally, he decided, “wear a headband to match your clothes. I think that will look very pretty on you tonight.”

That simple decision explained more about tonight’s dinner, and its importance. It was rare for Daddy to allow her to show her hair off that way. Glancing down she saw that Daddy was partially aroused. She smiled and moved closer to him. Lightly she touched her fingertips to his chest, leaning on close to kiss him on the cheek.

Her hands dropped down, only to be caught in his hands, “No,” he gently pushed her hands to her sides, “we need to finish getting ready. It would not be polite to keep a lady wait, would it? Besides, if our evening goes well, we will get to play much more if we wait until tonight. You do want to please me don’t you honey?”

She looked at him wide eyes, “of COURSE I do, Daddy!”

He reached around and smacked her bottom, “then get your butt moving!”

She laughed and started to dress, watching out of the corner of her eyes as daddy got dressed as well. She enjoyed watching him. He was always so matter of fact, and not easily distractible like she was.

Suddenly he looked over, catching her watching her. She blushed and hurried to finish dressing. Daddy grimaced at her pokiness, and then told her he wanted her in stockings and heels as well. Daddy went into the bathroom to shave.

Finally, she was dressed and looked at herself in the mirror. Smiling at her reflection, she thought daddy would be pleased with her appearance. Softly she approached the open bathroom door. Peeking her head around the corner, she hoped she would get to watch daddy shaving. He usually shooed her away if he caught her. She was disappointed to see he was already wiping off his face. Daddy caught sight of her in the mirror and smiled at her before turning around. Reaching for his shirt hanging on the door, he looked her over. Nodding in approval he assured her, “You look lovely. I’ll be very proud to have you with me.”

As he buttoned his shirt, she took his tie off the hanger. She drew it around his upturned collar. Biting her lower lip in concentration she struggled to remember how to knot his tie. She brought the wider end around twice then pulled it up through the opening of the neck and hesitated before pulling it through the loop just created, completing a simple knot. Carefully she slid the knot snug against the collar.

“There daddy, all done!” She smiled at him.

It was not fancy but it looked neat enough. He looked in the mirror, making a slight adjustment. “Get my jacket and we’ll be ready to go.”

She retrieved his jacket as well as his keys. He slipped into the jacket, leaned over and kissed her forehead. “Good girl, thank you.”

The ride to the restaurant was quiet. Each of them silently pondering the evening that loomed ahead. She stared out the window, wondering just what would happen tonight and if she could be as good a girl as daddy needed her to be.

He glanced over at her, unaccustomed to long silences from her, especially riding in the car. Often she seemed more talkative in the car. “Honey, are you ok?” he finally had to ask.

Turning her head towards him, he could see in the waning light that she had a smile for him. “Yep, Daddy I am ok!” She patted his leg for emphasis.

He put his arm around her and drew her closer to him. He could feel her relax under his touch.

They arrived a few minutes early at the restaurant. Rick gave his name for the reservation. They informed him that his guest had not arrived yet. The maitre d’ seated them promptly, giving them a quiet corner away from the bustle that seemed to engulf much of the large room. Rick ordered drinks, and then excused him self as he went to the lobby to wait for his friend.

She sipped her drink, glad to have some time alone to look around surreptitiously. Taking in her surroundings, she admired the décor of the upscale restaurant, while wondering about the other people seated around the restaurant. She loved to imagine what people were up to. Whom they were with and what they might be discussing. Across the room, she spotted daddy, with his friend. They were chatting as daddy escorted her to the table. This gave her a chance to look over his female companion.

The woman had an ample build, which, knowing daddy, she had expected. Her dress was a black satin halter dress, a rose appliquéd on the bottom left side. Everything about her moved with the well fitting dress. The dress shifted with every sway of her abundant hips. She noticed daddy, his eyes wandering up and down at her as they approached the table. She tried not to giggle at daddy’s blatancy.

Rick introduced the woman, Cassandra, to her, as he pulled out a chair. Being this close she realized the woman was probably a few years older then either of them. Rick motioned the waiter to the table and placed another drink order.

As Rick and Cassandra settled into conversation, Patti observed more then participated. She was polite, answering any direct questions from the woman, first looking at daddy before answering.

They placed their food order, with Rick ordering for his girl as usual. She smiled at daddy, remembering his admonishment earlier said, “Thank you Rick.” Daddy returned her smile, obviously pleased that she was being so mindful.

The food was delicious and filling. Talk dwindled as they enjoyed the food. No one wanted any dessert, but Daddy and his friend ordered coffee. The girl asked for another glass of wine, which daddy quickly vetoed.

While waiting for their coffee to arrive, the woman announced that she needed to freshen up. The woman looked at Patti, “Why don’t you come along with me? We can have some girl talk.”

Patti was surprised at the request and looked at daddy to see if he wanted her to go or not. With a slight nod of his head, she accepted the invitation. She followed the woman into the restroom.

They stood at the mirrors, the woman touching up her make up as the girl watched. “You don’t wear any make up at all do you, Patti?”

She blushed slightly, “No, ma’am. It is his preference for me.”

The woman turned to her, smiling. “Rick’s right, you don’t need any make up. Besides, it’s a lot of bother in the long run!”

The girl reached into her own bag and got out her hairbrush. Placing her headband on the counter, she began brushing her long hair. She became aware of the woman watching her. Rarely did another woman ever subject her to such scrutiny.

The woman put her hand out asking, “Would you mind if I brushed your hair for you?”

She only hesitated a moment before handing over the brush. The woman fussed over her hair, “You really do have the prettiest hair. I wish I had long hair like yours.”

The girl felt a little flustered but managed a “Thank you ma’am.”

The woman put the brush down and ran her fingers through the hair, “I’d like it if you would call me by the name my friends call me, Cassie. It’s short for Cassandra.”

The girl looked at her curiously, “What’s Cassandra mean?”

Startling the girl, the woman laughed heartily, “You WOULD have to ask that. It is a Greek name that means, ensnaring men.”

Patti did not know what to say. She felt Cassie’s hand on her shoulders, turning her to face her. She reached out and brushed a strand of hair off the girls face. Such close intimate contact made the girl blush again.

“Let me ask you something,” the woman looked at her directly, “How would you feel about me coming home with you? Are you ok with that?”

Patti stammered out, “sure, it’s ok with me. However, it is not up to me! Da..I mean Rick likes you and all and he would like you to come visit with us.”

Cassie put her arms on the girls shoulders, “I don’t think you understand. I am asking you how you feel. I am as attracted to you as well.” Cassie leaned in, placing her lips against Patti’s, kissing her. Cassie lowered her hands, letting them brush slightly over Patti’s breasts. Breaking the kiss, Cassandra said softly, “I think I have my answer.” She palmed the hardening nipple under Patti’s blouse. “Come on, we don’t want Rick to think we abandoned him.” Taking her hand, Cassie led the blushing Patti back to the table.

Patti knew Daddy did not miss the redness of her face. He raised an eyebrow at her; curious to know what had taken place. He reached out and took her hand, pulling her close to him. Quietly he asked her, “Is everything ok?”

Patti bit her lower lip nodding with assent, whispering, “She kissed me, and wants to come home with us.”

Rick smiled broadly, “Let’s get finished then, shall we?” addressing both women.

Cassie said she would follow in her car, so that no one had to worry about returning her to the restaurant. Patti sat quietly, pondering what had taken place. She had never had a woman kiss her like that, let alone express a desire for her.

Rick paid the bill, taking an arm of each companions walked them both out of the restaurant. He took Patti to their car and made sure she was securely inside before walking Cassie to her car. Patti watched in the rearview mirror as the two of them talked. She watched as Daddy kissed her. Patti looked away, feeling as though she was spying on them.

Daddy got back in his car and they headed back home. He checked the mirror now and then to make sure Cassie was still behind them. After a few minutes silence he finally spoke, “So what do you think? Are you going to be ok with this?”

Patti shook her head slowly. “Yes Daddy.”

He heard the uncertainty in her voice, “She likes you too, you know. She said as much to me.” Rick put his hand on Patti’s leg, rubbing it tenderly; “I think we are all going to have a wonderful time this evening.”

Patti was silent, lost in her own thoughts. Rick glanced at her now and then, choosing not to let her work things out in her head. She knew if there were questions or problems, she was to speak up. Rick smiled to himself as he thought about the night’s possibilities. Already he was aroused.

At home, Rick showed Cassie into the living room, sending Patti to the kitchen for refreshments. Rick sat next to Cassie on the sofa. Patti came back into the room, placing a tray of refreshments onto the coffee table. Patti glanced at the two on the couch. Rick was kissing Cassie, fondling her through her clothes. Not sure what to do, feeling like a voyeur, Patti retreated to the kitchen.

A few minutes later Rick came in to check on her. He pulled Patti to him and kissed her deeply. He ran his hands down her back, speaking to her softly. “I know it’s a little difficult for you, but I am so proud of you. You are doing very well. Daddy’s very very pleased about this evening, you know that?”

Patti nodded silently, not trusting her voice to speak. She managed a smile, happy that daddy was so pleased.

“Now, you are going to go back into the living room. You are very much part of this. Cassie wants you too. This is about you too. Take Cassie and show her the bedroom. I’ll give you two some time to get acquainted.”

Rick continued to try to soothe her mind; “Cassie knows this is something new for you. She will help you. She will let you know what she likes. I do expect you to do your best for me.” Rick took her hand and placed it over the crotch of his pants. He cock was rigid.

She smiled more naturally at that, “Yes, Daddy.”

Rick kept hold of Patti’s hand and led her back into the living room. “Cassie, Patti will show you where the bedroom is.”

Cassie rose from the sofa, following Patti.

In the bedroom, Patti nervously addressed Cassie, “Well, here it is.”

Cassie smiled at her, hoping to ease her nervousness. Cassie moved closer to her, reaching out she began to unbutton Patti’s blouse. Patti wondered how Cassie could seem so at ease. She watched the women bending slightly, allowing a look at her plentiful breasts. Patti wondered what it would be like to feel the weight of them in her hands.

Cassie pushed the blouse off Patti’s shoulders, “see this isn’t so bad is it? Maybe it’s even nice.” She watched Patti’s face for reassurance.

Patti nodded slowly, “yea I just, you know, never…” and her sentence trailed off.

Cassie did not reply, but kept to the task of undressing her. As each piece of clothing came off, she ran her hands over the smooth warm skin.

Pushing the younger woman’s skirt down over her hips, she exclaimed, “oh good! You shave your pussy, I adore that”

Patti could feel the other woman’s warm breath against her bare skin, causing her to shiver slightly. Cassie gently placed a kiss on her exposed mound before standing up. “You look lovely in stocking and garter, we’ll just leave those on.”

Patti felt self-conscious being the only one undressed. However, it would not last long, as Cassie asked her for assistance in taking her dress off. Cassie kicked off her shoes and turned around. Patti obligingly pulled down the zipper of her dress, pushing it off her shoulders. Cassie continued to stand there. Patti realized she wanted her to remove her bra as well. When Patti unhooked it, she felt the sheer weight of the woman’s breast pull the bra forward.

Cassie stepped out of her dress and laid it across a nearby chair before turning to face Patti. The two of them stood facing each other, each only wearing garter and stockings. Cassie took Patti’s hands and placed them on her breasts. Patti stared at the globes as she rubbed her hands over and under them. She felt the weight of them. Suddenly she felt the vast nipples hardening against her palms. Patti smiled that the woman was reacting to her so visibly and began to explore her flesh. Cassandra sighed contentedly as she began to stroke Patti’s hair.

“Patti, I would like you to suck on my nipples.”

Patti lifted a breast up to her mouth and let her lips encircle it. She was aware of woman’s changing breath. She continued to play with one nipple while suckling the other. After a few minutes, the woman nudged her away. Cassandra sat on the end of the bed and lay back, keeping her feet on the floor. Patti looked at the woman, lying on the bed. She took in the sight of her, marveling at her ease despite her size, and being naked. Patti found herself envious. Patti wanted to be like that.

Patti approached her and allowed herself to start touching the woman. First, she ran her hands over her stockings, up to her bare thigh. Patti began to think about the things that she liked and mimicked those actions. Cassie closed her eyes, sighing again, her legs parting further. Patti knelt at the edge of the bed, staring at the woman’s fleshy thighs. The size of her thighs still harbored the woman’s pussy like a secret waiting for discovery. Patti kissed the inside of each leg, moving up, placing more kisses. Her hands reached up to the woman’s soft belly as she kissed the bare flesh of her thighs. Cassie shifted to part her legs even further. Patti caught the scent of the woman’s heat.

Patti heard a noise and turned her head. Daddy was standing in the doorway, grinning. He nodded, thrusting his chin out, indicating she should continue. Daddy began to undress.

Turning back to Cassie Patti tentatively placed her mouth against the lips of her pussy, kissing it. She kissed it several times before sticking her tongue out, trailing it along the folds of her pussy. Cassie sighed and shifted her weight again. Patti brought her hands between Cassie’s legs and using her thumbs parted her full lips. Hesitantly Patti touched her tongue to the inner folds of the pussy lips. Slowly she began to press her tongue against the moist skin, sliding it up and down. She felt the hard nub of her clit and played her tongue over it. Cassie groaned. Soon Patti felt Cassie put a hand on her head, pushing her face into her as she began thrusting her hips.

Patti felt the bed move and glanced up without pulling away from the task. She saw daddy, naked, kneeling next to Cassie. She watched as he leaned down and kissed her, his hands playing over her flesh.

Daddy moved down Cassie’s body, his cock pressing against the soft mound of the flesh that was her belly. One hand manipulated a breast, while the other reached down and stroked Patti’s hair. She glanced up, meeting his eyes. He smiled at her.

Daddy gripped her hair tighter and used it to pull her up to him. Her chin was shiny with Cassie’s fluid as daddy kissed her. His tongue pushed passed her lips, tasting the other woman. He kept pulling her by the hair until she crawled up over the other woman.

Moving back, Daddy directed Patti to straddle the woman’s face, “Time for my girl to get her pleasure as well.”

Daddy got off the bed and stood between Cassie’s legs. He watched as Patti gingerly held herself above the other woman’s mouth. Cassie put her hands on Patti’s bottom, pulling her to her mouth. Patti gasped as she felt the woman’s mouth on her pussy. Rick waited until he saw the girl’s bottom start to gyrate before he started rubbing Cassie’s pussy with his hand.

Rick penetrated Cassie’s pussy with his fingers, feeling her heat, her wetness. Cassie’s ensuing moan was buried in the pussy she was ravishing with her tongue. Rick worked his fingers in and out of her, enjoying the sound her aroused pussy made. Slowly he pulled out his fingers, and eagerly replaced it with his cock. He sank the full length easily into her and began pumping in and out. Several times, he had to stop, the telltale twitching of his cock a warning that he was close to orgasm. He pulled his cock out, not wanting to cum yet.

He reached up to Patti’s bottom, running his fingertips across the skin. Patti whimpered and pushed back, wanting him. He patted her and told her to turn the other way. Quickly she did as he instructed. Facing him, he bent over and kissed her again. Her breathing ragged as her excitement mounted.

Rick moved to the other side, getting onto the bed again. He knelt behind Patti’s bottom, caressing it. He felt the skin quivered. Moving up against her, he slipped his slick cock between her legs. He discovered she was extremely wet and moving forward found her canal open and wailing. Just as he began entering her, he felt the tip of Cassie’s tongue glide over the silky skin. His cock throbbed intensely as he buried himself inside Patti’s pussy. Knowing he was not going to last long he grabbed her hips and started fucking with full thrusts.

Patti started moaning louder. She would press down against Cassie’s hot probing tongue, then shift back on the cock inside her.

Rick felt her pussy begin to clench and pulse. His cock responded each time against the hot slick walls with a throb. When he buried himself all the way inside, Cassie’s tongue found his balls and slathered her tongue over them. He held Patti’s bottom to him, no longer able to hold back his orgasm. Gasping he emptied his cum deeply inside her.

Her hips squirmed under his grasp; he felt her pussy contract strongly around his pulsating cock She groaned long and loud as she came on his cock and Cassie’s flicking tongue. Rick came longer then he had ever experienced as her pussy kept milking his cock. Finally, his cock overly sensitive he pulled out of her. Their combined juices oozing out as Cassie lapped it up eagerly.

Patti trembled as she tried to hold herself over Cassie. Rick got off the bed and moved to help Patti move off the woman. Pulling her to him for a kiss Rick told her, “That was beautiful dear girl.” He looked at her, flushed and unsteady, “Now you have a job to finish. Take care of our guest.” He grinned.

Patti grinned back and quickly got back between Cassie’s legs, eager to give Cassie some pleasure in return. Taking lessons from Cassie’s expertise licking her pussy, she let her tongue roam the full length of her pussy, plunging it in side her every few strokes. It was not long before Cassie was groaning and heaving on the bed with her own orgasm. Patti pleased with her ability to get the other woman off, did not mind that he face was now soaked in pussy juice. Patti leaned her head against Cassie’s thigh as her hand stroked the woman’s pussy as she regained a steady breathing pattern.

Rick finally nudged the woman up and lay on the center of the bed. He patted each side inviting the woman to be with him. He turned to each woman, kissing them, thanking them for their pleasures. They in turn caressed his chest and stomach, each curled under an arm. Heads rested on each shoulder. As they relaxed, Rick dozed off. Cassie was almost asleep when Patti tapped her on the arm. Cassie raised her head up and saw Patti motioning. Cassie looked at her questioningly.

Patti slowly eased down Rick’s body, trying not to disturb him, yet. Cassie caught on to what the other woman wanted her to do and slid down the bed. Patti gripped Rick’s cock and held it up. Cassie began licking the head as Patti squeezed the shaft gently pulling it up and down. Patti leaned over and took her turn licking it.

As the women shared his cock, Rick woke up to a rising hard on. Looking down he was gratified to see both women pleasuring him. He grabbed another pillow to put under his head. Rick wanted to lay back and enjoy the show the two were putting on for him. The kissed and teased his cock, working up and down his shaft as well as over his balls. He would close his eyes and try to figure out who was touching him and when. He never could. The sensation of two mouths on him overwhelmed his senses. He put his hand on each of them, playing with their hair. His hips continued to thrust, for whoever’s mouth was on it. One time he looked down to see the woman kissing, open mouthed, keeping the tip of his penis between them. Rick felt his entire body shudder. Suddenly Rick felt the rising pressure of his orgasm and let loose with a growl, “oh FUCK I’m going to cum!”

Cassandra pulled her mouth back, letting Patti take his sperm into her mouth. She slid her mouth all the way over it and began sucking the length of it as he filled her mouth. Swiftly she pulled her mouth off his cock, her lips pressed together. She leaned towards Cassandra, grabbing the back of her head; she pulled her forward for a kiss. Patti’s tongue slithered into Cassie’s mouth. When Cassie opened her mouth Patti shared the cum she was holding. Cassie accepted it, playing her tongue over Patti’s each of them sharing his cum. Rick, feeling lightheaded, laid back on his pillows, done in by the two women.

Cassie got off the bed as Patti moved up against him.

Patti looked up, surprised to see Cassie getting dressed, “Aren’t you going to stay a little longer? You are welcome to.”

Cassie smiled, “No, it’s private time for the two of you I think. I can find my way out. I’ll call later” Once dressed she came over and kissed Patti and Rick on the cheek, “Thank you, I had a wonderful time.” Thoughtfully she pulled a blanket up over them before leaving.

Rick pulled Patti tightly against him, kissing her on the forehead, “Daddy is so very pleased with you. You did an amazingly good job for us today. Thank you for this, pretty girl.”

She hugged him and smiled, “Daddy, I wanted to please you. I had a good time too!”

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