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Shy, Sweet, But Big

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The sun streamed into the kitchen making the room mellow and warm. Dave looked out the window into the garden next door. Somebody was moving about in the lush tropical growth that had become untidy during the past couple of years. Old Jacobson had grown old and withered, finally dying just a few months previously. His children had finally sold the place but Dave had yet to meet the people who had bought it. Clearly, the figure he could see was one of them.

As the person moved out of the dappled shade, he could see it was a woman and, judging by her grey hair, an old woman. She moved out of sight and he finished his coffee.

He decided to do a bit of work on his PC in an attempt to complete the programming project he had been contracted to do by one of the large multi-national oil companies. Dave Hudson was a very successful computer programmer whose ability to solve problems and introduce simple solutions had seen him rise rapidly at the company he first worked for. It became clear to him that his somewhat unique ability was sufficient to start his own business consulting via his old company. Within a year or so, he had attracted a continuous stream of clients who were happy to pay top dollar to have their problems solved.

Dave had been a prodigy during his school years and regarded as somewhat of a nerd during college. Sexually, he had been a late bloomer and was still a virgin at 19. A fellow computing student with a voracious appetite for men had solved that problem and introduced him to all of the delights and varieties of sex. She had influenced him to use contacts instead of the nerdy glasses and taken him shopping for good clothes. He was five foot eleven and had a naturally athletic physique honed from years of long distance running. Once the glasses had gone and the hair under control, his dark good looks had come to the fore. He had gone from rags to riches sex-wise.

Girls had thrown themselves at him and he had helped himself to a smorgasbord. He had no preference – blonde, brunette, white girls, black or asian – had them all, and, they had him. After a while, he had become bored with the hard bodied nubile and athletic types and had been unable to strike any that attracted him emotionally enough to form a long relationship. Within minutes of meeting somebody new, he was dragged off to bed. The sex had more to do with them getting their rocks off than his especially after they had sucked his erection to its full eight inches. After a while, he had given up the night club scene that had become boring and concentrated on his studies. Since graduation and arrival at his present situation, he had only had a few brief encounters. At 24 it was all work and not much play.

After solving a particularly knotty problem, he shut down the computer and went into the garden to do some tidying up. It was hot and the shirt soon came off. Removing some dead heads from the flower beds near his neighbour’s fence, he became aware of low moans coming from the other side. He pushed some of the shrubbery aside and could make out a floral dressed figure lying on the ground facing away from him.

“Are you OK”, he called. He heard only a moan of pain. Pushing through the bushes, he straddled the low fence, moved the couple of paces to the path and bent down, placing his hand on the person’s shoulder. The grey haired head turned towards him. The first thing he noticed were a pair of the bluest eyes he had ever seen although they were now red-rimmed and tear filled. He took in the crows feet around the eyes but saw that her skin was peach smooth. Her grey hair was closely curled and fitted her head like a helmet. She was very pale and her neck was curiously unlined for somebody he took to be elderly. With a start, he realised that she was far from ancient. But, probably on the wrong side of 50.

“I’m sorry”, she sobbed, “I tripped on piece of the path and fell. I’ve done something to my ankle.” She looked back down the path and then looked at him. “Could you help me up?”

She was lying on her side away from him and he saw that even though she was pleasantly plumpish, the dress seemed to be awfully strained at the front.

“Sure thing”, he said. He knelt down and slid an arm under her neck and gently levered her upright. She was heavier than he expected. From his position above her, he was startled to see virtually the whole front of her dress sway and move. Whatever was in there stuck out way beyond normal. She pulled her knees up and the print dress rose above dimpled knees. Her calves tapered down to fine ankles and her feet were shod in comfortable shoes. Her right ankle was clearly swollen and red. She pushed own on and immediately emitted a low wail of pain.

“I’m very sorry, but I think you are going to have to carry me inside.”

“That’s not a problem – hold on to my neck”. He put his arm behind her back and under her arm. He could not feel ribs, rather something firm that gave slightly. He pulled her towards his chest, while he slid his other arm under her knees. Rising from a squatting position, he gave her a heft that pulled her over against his broad chest. Once again, the contents of the dress, swayed and fell against him with somewhat of a thump. Whatever, she had in there, it was sizeable. He could now feel ribs under his left hand.

She wasn’t that heavy but heavier than he expected. “Where to,” he said.

“Along the path there are some steps going into the kitchen,” she said between sobs. “ I do hope I haven’t broken anything. It would be a damned nuisance.” A frown crossed her face. He saw for the first time that she was reasonably pretty and from her well modulated voice, well educated.

He carried her inside the house through a country style kitchen, and followed pointed directions to a comfortable living room. He placed her gently on a large sofa, and arranged pillows, noting yet again that the contents of her dress swayed and settled as she did. He stood up and looked around. A huge screen television was against one wall and in a corner overlooking the garden was a large desk with pride of place going to one of newest computers on the market. A high speed printer and an expensive scanner were also on the table. He recognised a camera built into the huge flat screen of the PC and was somewhat taken aback. She seemed to have more grunt computer-wise than he did.

He looked back at her. She had pulled her ankle back and was testing it with her fingers. “As far as I can tell, there doesn‘t seem to be anything broken. I think it‘s just a sprain. Could you look please.” He knelt down next her and placed his fingers on the reddened area and gently pushed. While there were one or two sighs, there were no yelps of pain.

“Tell me where the medicine cabinet is and I’ll see if there is a bandage.” She pointed through a door and told him second on the left. He rose and made his way to door through which was a surprisingly comfortable bedroom. He took in the fact that all she had was a small double bed or a large single bed. In one corner, was a doorway into an en suite bathroom that had received a lot of moneyed attention. It was very large and contained a walk in spa. He looked in the cupboard of the vanity and found a medicine box containing a brand new bandage in a cellophane wrapper. He returned to the living room where he found that she had swivelled and her foot was on a pouffe. He knelt down and applied the pressure bandage. “Can I get you something,” he said.

“Through there is a kitchen, and I would adore a cup of tea. You will find all the makings on the bench, young man. I’m very sorry to put you to all this trouble.”

“No trouble at all. What are neighbours for if you can’t call on them for help sometimes.”

He made the tea, and found some coffee percolating. He sat in one of the comfortable chairs opposite her and sipped his coffee. She regarded him sombrely, sipping her tea. He studiously avoided looking at her intriguing chest. “ I doubt this house bears any internal resemblance to the one old man Jacobsen left,” he said to break the silence.

“I had a few walls taken down and now it is quite comfortable, and I hope, an improvement. Certainly it suits me beautifully. Although, I will have to get that blasted path fixed.” She smiled and the transformation from somewhat austere to quite attractive transfixed him.

He shook his head and looked at the computer gear. “Is that your husband’s?” he queried.

She frowned. “No that is mine. I don’t have a husband. I’m a writer, you see and I find all this very useful, and a vast improvement on hand writing.”

“What do you write?”

“Romance novels.”

“Oh. Can’t say I’ve ever read one.” He finished his coffee and stood. He fished his wallet out and handed her a card. “This is my mobile number. Give me a call if you need me for anything.” He flashed her a grin. “You know, fetch you some food, give you a bath, put you to bed, – that sort of thing.”

She blushed. She actually blushed. He saw it rise up her neck and suffuse her smooth cheeks. He was afraid he might have over stepped the mark, but her next remark surprised him. “I’m positive that a young, good looking man like yourself has much better things to do than to nurse maid an old harridan like me.” He thought he detected a twinkle in her eye.

“Hardly a harridan. OK then, see you later. And seriously, call if you need me.”

Later that night as he sat at his kitchen dinette, he noticed a glow coming from a window next door. That was the window the computer sat. She was working. Moments later, his PC beeped signalling an incoming E-Mail. He got up and opened it. It was from somebody called Jean Jamieson. It read “Hi neighbour. I forgot to introduce myself…I’m Jean. Thank you so very much for what you did today. I am now able to hobble about a bit. However, the bandage came undone and I cannot get it back on. Can you come over whenever, and rewrap it? Ta ..Jean.” She had got his E-Mail address from his card. She was obviously computer literate and smart.

He tapped out a quick reply. “I’ll be there shortly.”

He jumped the fence and knocked on the back door. “Come in,” she called.

She was in the living room, the bandage neatly rolled up in her hand. “Very sorry. I just couldn’t get it right. How did you manage?”

“I was a boy scout.” He knelt down and looked at the ankle, The swelling had decreased quite a lot, but the ankle was still a little puffy. “If we keep the bandage on until tomorrow night, you should be all right.” He deftly replaced the bandage and sat down.

“I’m so grateful for your help. Please let me offer you a wine. There’s a very nice bottle of chardonnay in the kitchen. Please say you will.” She had an almost pleading note to her voice.

He hesitated but could see no reason not to have a wine or two. Besides she was interesting and it wouldn’t do any harm to get to know his neighbour better. He went through to the kitchen and found a couple of bottles and some glasses in the refrigerator. He poured two glasses and carried them back.

She was wearing a neck to knees quilted house coat buttoned to the neck. Clearly it was for modesty only because it was quite warm. He was wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. He looked at her chest but couldn’t see properly as she was hunched over holding her glass in both hands.

“Dave, I have a confession to make,” she said staring down at her wine. “From the window by the computer, I can see right into your kitchen. In particular, I can see your kitchen table.” So that’s how she knew to send the E-Mail. She looked up. “In fact, I saw you there yesterday morning.” She coloured slightly and looked down again at her wine.

“Oh, I see.”

“I did.”

What she had seen was Dave fucking a girl from the courier company bent over the kitchen table. She had delivered a package from the firm he was working for. He had tried to give her a tip, but she had taken her helmet off revealing a quite attractive blonde. She said that as it was her coffee break she would settle for a coffee. In his kitchen, she had taken one sip and had laid her hand on the bulge in his shorts. Within seconds, she had unzipped her jacket revealing a t-shirt that soon came off. She had small, apple sized breasts with rigid pink nipples. She had scooted out of her jeans and pushed her panties down. Her pubis had been shaved like a heart. He had allowed her to pull his shorts down and give him a sucking. In no time he was hard. She had risen and kissed him thoroughly while grasping his hard on. “Fuck me now” she had ordered and laid on her back on the table. He had pulled her jeans off one leg and raised her legs. He had gone down on her a licked her shaven slit finding the nubbin of her clit raised like a small dome. She had moaned and clutched at his head. “Now,” she had ordered and he had risen and worked his cock into her tight but moist cunt. He had slid it all the way, in grasping her hips while she pinched her tight nipples. All of a sudden, she had started screaming “Yes, yes, yes…oh god, yes” and he had felt the rush of her orgasm. He had pulled out and turned her over and given it to her from the rear. She had gone off again and this time the convulsions had caused him to spurt copiously into her sodden snatch. She hadn’t even finished her coffee. The whole thing had taken just a couple of minutes and she was out the door with a cheery “bye honey, and thanks for the tip.”

He looked at Jean and saw her looking at him speculatively. “I found it all quite interesting and as we both had our windows open, I heard it as well as saw what you did to that girl. I must say, I thought it was very animalistic, very exciting.” She blushed and once again looked down at her wine. “You see, a few years ago, the romance novel scene changed from closed doors to long and descriptive passages involving sex. My editors insisted on more interesting prose than I could write. I have had to get inspiration from other books and from the internet.” She looked up at him. “I had no experience you see. I reminded myself of that old joke about the welsh spinster postmistress whose gravestone said ’Here lies Emily of the Post, Returned Unopened’.” She gave a bit of a sob. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have told you that.”

Dave was lost for words. She sobbed again, and her shoulders trembled causing some wine to spill. She started to cry. “You must think I’m a silly old woman, but what I saw yesterday made me mourn my years of solitude. I feel I’ve missed so much.” She sobbed again and the wine glass started to shake.

He went and sat next to her and relieved her of her wine before she lost the lot. He gathered her to him and she rested her head on his shoulder. “Hush now. It’s OK. I find it hard to believe that you are still a virgin after all this time. You are an attractive woman and I can’t believe you haven’t had a lover by now.”

She looked up at him. “I thought I was unattractive. I felt and still feel deformed.”

“How in hell could a sweet looking woman like you be deformed?” he demanded.

“Perhaps if I show you, you will understand. Just tell me if you find it all too grotesque.” She leaned away and started to undo the buttons of her housecoat. The buttons went all the way down to her knees. She opened it wide and looked at him. Underneath, she had on a pink diaphanous nightgown done up to the neck. It was sheer. “Well?” she said with a trembling voice.

Encased in the gown were the two biggest breasts he had ever seen, anywhere. They were absolutely huge. They were zeppelins. They hung from the top of her chest and rested on her lap and bulged outward. The pink filmy texture of the gown gave them a wonderful hue in the subdued light. He was awed. His mouth opened and he licked his suddenly dry lips. His crotch tightened painfully. “My god,” he said in hoarse whisper.

She saw the look of amazement on his handsome face. She clutched the housecoat around her and grabbed her wine. “You see, I told you. I’m deformed.” She took a gulp of wine, and said, “You had better leave. I am grateful for your help today. I’ll understand if you don’t want to have anything to do with me after this. I was too forward, I’m so sorry,” she sobbed. “You are the only man who has ever seen them. I won’t even allow a male doctor near me.”

Dave was still stunned. He reached for his wine and took a sip. He wanted to phrase his words carefully but he also needed to reach out to her. His dick also needed that incredible jolt of stimulus he had gotten when he had looked at all that breast flesh. Never in his life had he been so aroused. He hadn’t thought of where his sexual preference had lain. Most of the women and girls he had been with had been like the courier yesterday – hard bodied sexual athletes. What he was feeling now was tenderness for her plight combined with out and out lust. He felt absolutely confused by his reaction but decided that he needed to be forceful.

“What absolute bullshit! Having large breasts is no barrier to a great sex life. Hell, the internet porn sites thrive on boobs as large as those. I think you are a thoroughly charming and attractive woman, and frankly, what I saw just then gave me an incredible erection.” He grabbed her hand and put on his crotch. “Feel this if you don‘t believe me.”

She gasped as she felt the length and thickness of him down the leg of his shorts. She looked into his eyes and saw no lies. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Yes…….I……,” he said as forcefully as he could.

She blushed again. “Would you like to see them again?”

“Yes please.” He was already moving the house coat off her shoulders while she maintained a grip on his cock. She let go long enough to help shrug the coat off completely, and there they were. He placed his hands on them started at the top and traced the bulging curves all the way to her lap. They felt soft but firm too. At the bottom, he lifted them from her lap and discovered walnut sized nipples. He gave them a light pinch that made them even bigger. She gasped and shut her eyes. “Gawd…I must kiss them. Please say that I can.”

“Yes, oh yes,” she said, releasing a neck string at the top of the gown. She shifted slightly easing from buttock to buttock and then raised the gown over her head. As she did so, the breasts lifted away from her lap and he got a quick glimpse of the top of a grey tightly curled hairy muff. The nipples came into view. They were about an inch in diameter and stood out like cones almost double that. They were flushed deep pink and were in the middle of areolae that were lighter coloured and about four inches across. He hefted one up and plunged his mouth onto the turgid nipple, alternately sucking and swirling his tongue around it. His other hand found the other and pinched and stroked it. She gasped out loud. He swapped nipples and she gasped again. He looked up while he sucked and saw a look of blissful contentment on her face. He let the heavily weighted breasts down while he gathered her face in his hands.

He looked into her eyes. “You are gorgeous.” He kissed her gently and then with more passion, he slid his tongue between her lips and found hers. She threw her arms around his neck and returned the kiss making murmuring noises in her throat. It was clear she had little experience of the kissing game. “Look what you’ve done to me,” he said, placing her hand on his burgeoning erection. The plum-like head had come out of the bottom of his shorts and was leaking pre-cum. He kissed her neck and the hollow of her shoulders.

“Oooh. Did I do that? It is so big and hard. I saw it yesterday. I couldn’t miss seeing it with all that sunlight shining on it.” She took his head in her hands. “Where do we go from here? How can I satisfy you?” She looked quizzical for a moment, then her eyes lightened. “I know.” She pushed him back down on the sofa, and tugged at his shorts. “I saw this yesterday,” and she grasped his cock and lowered her mouth to it giving it a brief kiss before looking up. “You will have to tell me what to do,” she said earnestly.

“Let me sit, and you kneel between my legs”, he said, shucking his shirt. She did so and her zeppelins hung to her waist. She clutched his prick with both small hands. “Just a sec,” he said and reached down and hoisted her huge breasts up so they rested on top of and between his thighs. She hunched forward and he could feel her gigantic nipples against his balls. Tit flesh bulged out to the side.

She gazed at the pulsing prick grasping it with both hands. Her hand did not fit around it. It was smooth with a large vein-like protuberance on the bottom side that went down between his balls right to the cheeks of his bum. Her thumb moved over the pre-cum oozing from the large slit at the top causing him to groan. From this angle, it looked like a soldiers helmet with a large flange at the bottom of the dome. She looked up at him as she licked it from its base all the way to the top. She watched his reaction and saw that he winced as her tongue covered the last inch or so. “Is that sensitive?” she asked.

“Oh yes.” She did it again and this time licked the slit. He shuddered again and grasped her head with one hand while he caressed the breast flesh lying against his balls. “Put it in your mouth, and suck.” She did. She could barely get the crown in, but she managed. It was heaven. He was incredibly turned on. The feel of her breasts between his legs and against his nuts was intensely erotic. She sucked up and down but could only get a few inches in her small mouth. She remembered the sensitive areas and swirled her tongue around the top of the glans and across the under side. She remembered that the girl yesterday had moved her hands up and down on the shaft and she did the same thing hearing him gasp.

“Your tits, honey, use your tits.” She caught on quick and lifted her massive breasts and wrapped what she could around his dick. He moaned out loud. “You gorgeous girl…keep going. You’re doing it wonderfully.” He pinched those huge nipples gently and felt them respond. The pleasure was indescribable. “Honey, I can’t hold back….I’m cumming.” It was almost a shriek. He spurted uncontrollably into her fiercely sucking mouth.

She almost gagged. The semen flew out of the slit like a speeding bullet just as she was sucking and the first couple of spurts went straight down her throat. It kept coming and she tried hard to swallow but some was forced out of her mouth and down his cock onto her tits. The spurting eased to a dribble which she swirled on her tongue. He groaned and she tasted the slightly salty essence and found it very tasty, almost like smoked salmon. She took his cock out of her mouth and licked the overflow all the way down to his balls. She noticed some on her breasts and licked that up too. She looked up at him and said, “So that’s a blow job? A girl could get to like that very quickly. Did you enjoy it?”

“Jean, honey,” he put her face in his hands and looked earnestly into her eyes, “I have never, ever, enjoyed a cum like it in my life. It was seriously the most intense and erotic experience I have ever had. You are a natural, and incredibly sexy to boot. Your breasts really gave the experience something. It turned a blow job into a monumental thrill.”

She blushed, “I’m glad.” She looked at him coyly. “I’ve read that there is some form of reciprocal activity that a gentleman can do for a lady, unless of course you find the very thought of doing that to an old cow revolting.” She looked down. “Of course, you probably want to go home now.”

“Not bloody likely. Get up here and lie down on the sofa. Come on, let me put this pillows under you. There now lie back and enjoy.” He looked at her. She had one arm across her eyes and was sucking the fingers of the other hand. Her humongous breasts had nearly knocked him over as she had got up and as she lay down, they settle each side of her torso exposing a cute belly button on a slightly protuberant tummy. Her waist was quite narrow and flared down to beautifully curved hips. Her thighs were meaty but smooth, narrowing down to cutely dimpled knees. She had smooth shiny calves that tapered to surprisingly slim ankles. She had her thighs together and he could only see a small amount of her fur.

After giving her nipples another tweak, he rested his hands on her knees and gently pushed them apart and up. Almost reluctantly, she spread her legs. He looked up and saw her watching him intently. More and more of her mound became exposed until he could see the cleft of her cunt. The tightly curled pussy fur surrounded a pair of small, puffy outer labia about two inches long. At the bottom, he could see the glistening of her excitement. He placed his thumbs on either side and gently prised them apart. They were stuck gently to each other by her secretions and seemed reluctant to part. They did and he saw one of the most beautiful cunts he had ever gazed upon. It was perfectly symmetrical with the outer lips complimented by a set of ridged inner labia with glistening surfaces all over. At the top, was a bulge under the hood. He carefully stroked it back and forth and up and down, and gasped as the hood peeled back to reveal a clitoris of surprising size. “My god, you’re perfect.” He looked up and saw an anxious look replaced by a gentle smile.

“I’m glad you like it, but I’m dying to find out if what I’ve read is true. Would you mind licking it for me.”

“I’ll not only lick it for you, I’ll lick it for me. I have never seen a more inviting…” he searched for a word that was not too rude, “..vagina!.”

“I’m sure you have another, less clinical word for it, but please, get on with it. I just cannot wait.”

He bent down and lightly kissed the upper insides of her velvety smooth thighs until he reached the top. He poked out his tongue and licked the pussy nectar from the bottom of the slit. It tasted beautiful, sweet with a slight acidic tang. Slowly he licked up the inner lip on the left just like an ice cream. Returning to the bottom, he slowly licked up the right one, each time stopping before the bulging clit. He did it a few more times savouring the juices that kept appearing even though he was removing them with his tongue. Then he stuck his tongue into her warm cunt as far as he could go. She gasped and he felt her grab his head in both hands. He speared his tongue in and out a few times and then licked his way to the now throbbing clitoris. It had got bigger. He licked all around the base of it then swirled his tongue across and around it. She groaned and clutched his head.

He reached for her nipples and began caressing and pinching them. His tongue left the clit and started fucking motions in her steaming cunt, occasionally returning to swirl around the aroused bud. Her panting told him that she was enjoying herself but he still held back the coup de grace. Just as her heaving body broke down, He suddenly pinched her huge nipples and suctioned her clit into his mouth violently licking the top.

She came. Hugely. The clit palpitated wildly while a gush of her joy juice sluiced from her depths. He hungrily drank it down, licking like a hungry dog. It was surprisingly thick and there was plenty of it. Her hips jerked spasmodically and he heard her murmuring “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.” He drained it all and raised his head looking above the huge mounds he was still cradling. Her eyes were shut and tears streamed down her face.

He raised himself up and slid his hands under her shoulders resting his stomach on her gigantic breasts. “Hey there, what’s the matter? Are you OK?”

Her eyelids flickered open and those marvellous blue eyes smiled at him. “That was everything and more than I have ever read.” She reached for his face and showered kisses all over, tasting some of herself on his lips and jaw. “I would never have believed it if somebody had told me. Now I know for myself.” She planted a passionate kiss on his lips and slid her tongue in. He responded, gently rubbing her neck and shoulders.

His cock had not lost its stiffness since his ejaculation and it was now throbbing madly between her smooth upper thighs almost reaching her weeping pussy. “If you keep that up, I am going to make a mess of this beautiful sofa.”

She smiled. “We can’t have that can we.” Again an anxious look. “Do you want to make love to me?” Then she blushed. “Perhaps not. Perhaps you’re too tired after all that.”

“Lady, believe me, I want nothing more than to do that, and right now. Let me carry you to the bedroom.” He knelt on the floor and gathered her up into his arms for the second time that day. “I know the way.” She settled against him with the marvellous weight of her breasts sliding over to collide with his chest. He walked through to the bedroom, his massive erection bobbing and swaying. Dave laid her gently on bed and ripped the covers from under her. He stood to remove his T-shirt and sandals, never taking his eyes from her. She lay back with her arms crossed under her huge boobs, making them mound up on her chest. There was a blush of pink on the upper slopes and up her neck. Her knees were parted and he could see the pouting pussy lips still glistening from the licking he had given them. Her clit stood proudly, almost an inch above the hood. He had never seen anything so erotic in his life. He gently ran his hand from her dimpled knee up the inside of her thigh. Dave gently applied some pressure and he knees widened enough to see her pussy pout and open for him. “I can’t wait. I must get in there,” he moaned. “I’ll go as gently as I can, but I simply cannot wait!”

He knelt between her outstretched thighs and shuffled close enough for the end of his cock to nudge her pussy. She raised one arm to her eyes and the breast that it had be supporting slid voluptuously to one side. Grasping his angry red penis in one hand, he moved the head up and down between her pussy lips, anointing it with her juices. She moaned. Gently, he hunched forward and started to push his rigidity into her. Gawd she was tight. He hadn’t got the swollen head in and withdrew it to gather more moisture. Amazed at his restraint, he eased it back in and managed to lodge the head inside. She gave another low moan. Her cunt was hot and he could feel it pulsing. He pushed in another inch and withdrew. She moaned again. Slowly, inch by inch, he went further. He still had two inches to go when he felt her cervix. The walls of her cunt pulsed and clung to his prick. He laid down on her magnificent chest, content to let his dick soak. “Are you OK, honey?”

She moaned and opened her eyes. “I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. I’m cumming already.” She was. He could feel a spurt of joy juice, followed by several more. The blush on her neck deepened and her eyes closed.

“Honey, if that’s a small sample of your orgasm, I can’t wait for the big one.” He slid out again, and the crown of his cock pulled her juices out to pool on his balls. Dave started fucking in and out of her. Slowly his cock got deeper and deeper until his gonads rested on the upthrust cheeks of her buttocks. He had never felt anything like it. He grasped the bottoms of her mammoth breasts and pushed them up to bite and lick the huge nipples. He started to speed the pace of his thrusts, knowing he couldn’t last much longer. She gave a small scream and he could feel her spurting again.

“Oh, I’m in heaven. What have I missed,” she moaned.

“I’ve got to cum.. I can’t hold it,” Dave groaned, and spurted and flooded her with his boiling broth. He kept it as far up her cunt as he could, feeling the incredible sensation of his slit being rhythmically pulsed as she spasmed around it. She gave another low scream and orgasmed when she felt the heat of his sperm.

“Wonderful..wonderful..I can’t believe this is happening,” she said, humping her arse up and gently shunting his balls, unconsciously prolonging his ecstasy. Her cunt clasped his dick and their combined fluids were forced out to run down his balls onto her arse cheeks and onto the bed.

He leaned forward and gently kissed her. “That was the most wonderful fuck I’ve ever had,” he said, earnestly. “I am so turned on, it’s unbelievable.” He slid his hands under her shoulders, causing her immense tits to bulge up into his chest. Her eyes were glazed over and she was gently biting her bottom lip. He realised she was still having orgasmic peaks. Gradually, they lost their intensity and her eyes focussed on him.

“You wonderful man,” she murmured reaching up and kissing him hungrily, “ I can’t thank you enough. It was the experience of a life time.” She leaned back and looked at him with a glint in her eye. “I don’t suppose there’s more where that came from?”

“I’m still hard, woman,” he growled, and proved it by giving her a nudge with his dick. This had never happened to him before. He started moving in and out and her pussy gave a little fart and pushed more of their juices out.

“Jean, there are heaps of positions we can try,” he said gently pushing in and out of her clasping pussy. “The one I want most, is you on top dangling your boobs in my face.”

“Are you sure? You might be smothered by them.”

“Yes please. What a way to go!!” He pulled his cock out and scooted onto his back beside her.

She rose up eagerly and flung a meaty thigh across his. Her zeppelin swayed and rolled and fell onto his chest with a thud. He could feel those immense nipples jostling about as she felt around under her for his dick which had been flattened against him as she sat down. “It’s so huge,” she said clasping it upright and raising herself on her knees to get in position. She placed it between her lips and slowly sank down on it. The flange of the helmet scraped her G-spot and she rose up again to recapture the erotic sensation the action had produced.

He lay there looking up at the rapt concentration on her face, all the while fondling and hefting her monstrous breasts. Occasionally, he allowed himself a pinch of her nipples and sometimes brought them to his mouth, sucking contentedly.

She started to move up and down, going faster and faster. Her torso and her boobs started thrashing about and it was all he could do to control them. He was erotically charged like never before. The sight, the feel, the tactile nature of the act with this huge breasted woman was out of this world. All his previous experiences paled into insignificance by comparison. He began to notice that every now and then, she spurted and the blush on her boobs and neck went a deeper pink. She was having orgasm after orgasm. Mostly, her eyes were tightly shut, but when they opened, they gazed at him with wonderful warmth.

“This wonderful. I can’t wait to get this down on paper. Oh Oh OOOOOOOhhhhhhh,” she screamed, hit by a giant cum.

The erotically charged sensations were too much for him, and, despite trying to restrain himself, he erupted uncontrollably into her, groaning into her huge breasts as he did. He grasped their firm meatiness and flexed himself, driving his cock up into as far as he could go. He could feel the combined fluids forced out of her and down onto his balls to drip to the bed. He almost lost consciousness.

She fainted and fell forward onto him. He had never felt anything so voluptuous, surrounded by all that warm flesh. “Jean, Jean,” he said, “are you alright.”

She stirred, and whispered, “I’m fine, darling. I’m still going off. It’s too much. I want you to pinch me.” He tweaked the nipple crushed against his chest. “Ouch. I’m not dreaming. I need to doze.” She looked at him and asked tremulously, “will you still be here when I wake up? Can we do it again?”

“Absolutely. I want to be nowhere else…” he paused. “Jean?”


“You’re going to need a larger bed.”

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