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Sucking at the Picnic

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It was the annual benefit picnic for the VFD, and it was hot. A hundred degrees in the shade, and record-shatteringly humid. As my wife and I sat listening to the band and sucking down the lemonade, a strange sensation came over me. Usually I was not a hot weather person, but this extreme heat felt like a sauna, and as I got used to the sweat, I started feeling the stirrings of desire. My wife was here to hobnob with her friends, though, and I knew she would not be receptive at this place and time.

In fact, she had just excused herself now to greet another gaggle of girlfriends. I was watching some of the young girls dancing to the band, fully enjoying the skin they were showing on this blistering day. Everyone was beered up and trying to enjoy the heat as best they could.

My cock was now half-hard in his shorts and I got up to walk, enjoying the thought that my bulge was now visible in my shorts. I began watching out of the corner of his eye to see who was watching. Some women were oblivious, but some were not. The looks I did get caused my cock to stiffen further.

Now seriously horny, I wandered back in the trees where most of the cars were parked. I began wondering if I could find a place private enough to whip out his cock for a little stroke session. I began wondering if I could even wait that long, and whether I should just stroke it right here.

I reached the top level of the parking lot, a good hike away from the main body of the party. Here, a small clearing held ten or fifteen cars parked in a dirt clearing in the forest.

I was walking past a full size Ford pickup with an empty spot next to it when he got the surprise of my life. There leaning against the side of the pickup was a large well-built man, shirtless and wearing shorts. And kneeling at the man’s feet was another man, ever bigger and more cut than the first. And in between the two men was the first man’s cock, hard as a rock and shining wet.

As I watched, the kneeling man took the other man’s slick pole into his mouth, slowly and with great relish. It was about this time the though entered my head that I should be disgusted, that he should go call over a security guard. But somehow I could not do that. I had never thought of another man sexually before, but there was something undeniable about the scene before me. I wanted to see more!

As I stood transfixed, the kneeling man looked over and became aware of my presence. Rather than starting back in shock, he continued sucking the other man’s hard cock. If anything, he began sucking even more theatrically, looking over at me for the performance he was now giving. I stood motionless, my mouth hanging half-open. After a couple of long sensuous sucks and lip-smacks, the man pulled off the head of the standing man’s cock and looked at me.

“Looks like you want some of this.” He pointed the cock in my direction. There was a drop of pre-cum on the head, and I was close enough to see the slit in his cockhead. It seemed to be inviting me.

Before I could rationally consider the consequences of my actions, I had stepped forward and dropped to my knees as the kneeling man stood up. I was now face-to-face with a very large and very hard cock. It was standing straight up, giving me a view that made me dizzy: his large low-hanging balls, leading to his glistening shaft, veins bulging in every direction. That dark plum-shaped head, a droplet of precum now dripping ever so slowly off the head. Flat, rippled abs above that, and a man looking down at me with pure lust on his face.

I had gone too far to turn back. I reached up with my right hand and grasped his shaft, still slick with the other man’s spit. I smelled the spit, his sweat, the musk from his balls, and the summertime smells of the forest. I moved my hand up and down his cock tentatively.

“Come on. Suck it. You know you want to.”

I lowered my head and slowly slipped the head of his cock in my mouth. I felt the velvety softness of his cockhead as it hit my tongue, and a lightly salty taste from the precum. Taking care not to nick him with my teeth, I wrapped my lips around his rigid shaft and slid it into my mouth, until it filled up my mouth. As though it was the most natural thing in the world, I pulled my head back and lowered it down again. Up again, down again, and I was falling into a rhythm.

For a moment I stepped outside of myself and looked at the scene. Here I was, on my knees in front of a strange man, bobbing my head on his hard cock in front of the whole world, while people who knew me partied just a few yards away! I could hear the band as I slipped his cock in and out of my mouth. I could hear the sounds I was making as I smacked my lips in lust. I pulled his cock out and worshipped it for a minute, rubbing it around my face, licking the head while looking up at my new best friend. I loved this feeling! I wanted to suck his cock all afternoon while the band played.

It was not to be, however. “Stand up,” I heard from behind me. “Jim, you sit on the side of your truck there.” Jim, understanding immediately, hopped up on the side of his F350, his hard cock bouncing in the breeze.

“Yeah, Hank. Do it.” Jim said.

I turned to look at Hank. He was standing naked, with his hard cock in his hand. It wasn’t as thick as Jim’s, but it was longer, with a delicious upward curve to it.

“Take your clothes off”. Without even thinking, I dropped my shorts on the ground and started unbuttoning my shirt. Since I was not wearing underwear on this hot day, this left me completely naked, hard, and exposed.

“Now spread your legs and suck him some more,” Hank said.

I knew what was going to happen, knew it would hurt. I didn’t care. I stepped in front of Jim, spread my legs wide, and lowered my head to his hard cock. I could feel the hot wind on my exposed asshole. I felt something cold and slippery drip on it, and then Hank’s strong fingers exploring my virgin asshole. With fear and lust battling it out, I pushed my ass back against his fingers. Lust won.

“Fuck my ass, Hank. Fuck it hard.”

“Oh, you know I will, faggot. Now keep sucking that cock while I fill you up.”

I returned to Jim’s cock, stroking him with my hand while pistoning up and down on his head – all the while waiting for that sensation I dreaded – Hank’s hard cock pushing up against my sphincter, demanding entry.

Just when I started to wonder if it was all a bluff, I felt it. Hank pressed the head of his cock up against my butthole, not yet pushing it in, but keeping a light pressure on. I continued sucking on Jim’s cock while I got used to the sensation. Jim was now moving his hips under me, and I knew he was getting closer.

Hank now pushed harder, and the head of his cock slipped inside of my ass. He stayed there while a hot burning sensation surged through my entire body. The searing pain was like a hot poker. I moaned onto Jim’s cock.

“Hang in there, dude. It’s gonna feel REAL good in a minute or two.”

I whimpered, holding on to Jim’s hips for support. His cock flopped out and he slapped it gently against my cheeks. After a minute or so I could feel my asshole give way and relax around the tube steak stretching it where it had never been stretched. The burning sensation faded, replaced by a glowing warmth that extended up my guts and into my stomach. I pushed back against Hank, wanting more.

Feeling the encouragement, Hank began thrusting his hard cock into me. Pretty soon he and Jim had set up a complementary rhythm, and I began rocking back and forth on those two hard cocks like a pig on a skewer.

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” Hank granted as he slammed into me time after time. Jim was thrusting his hips up against me. I knew he was getting close, and I knew that mean his hot spunk blasting into my mouth. I was ready. I wanted it, and I wanted it at the same time I felt Hank’s seed shooting into my guts.

“Tom? Tom, are you up here?”

My wife’s voice!

I thought about running and hiding, but Hank and Jim were controlling the situation and not me. I could not have stopped their pounding if I had wanted to, and most of me didn’t want to.

“Tom? Oh my G-”

I looked over to my right, and there was my wife Myra with two of her more sexy friends, open-mouthed in shock. Hank looked over, as calm as you please, and said “Afternoon ladies, we were just enjoying your husband’s company. Perhaps you’d like to stay for the big finale!”

My wife looked like she was going to turn and run, but her friends hand on her elbow stopped her. Her hottie friend Pam was intently staring at the whole scene, her face starting to flush.

Myra wavered for a moment, then stopped. “Well, I guess if my husband wants to wander off to get ASS-fucked, the least we can do is watch.” Pam nodded vacantly, while her other friend Liz just stared. None of them made any move to leave.

“So, do you like that, Tom?” my wife demanded, her voice showing more than a hint of anger. “Do you like sucking cock, you faggot cocksucker?”

Somehow, this only turned me on more. I nodded my head as I bobbed it up and down on Jim’s hard cock. Jim was now moaning constantly, bucking his hips under me.

“Good, because you’re about to find out how it feels to have a big cock shoot cum in your mouth. Go on, fuck his ass hard. Make him feel it!” She shouted at Hank.

Hank was beyond caring. He was pounding my ass in a faster and faster rhythm, a low wail building up in his throat.

“I’m gonna cummmmmm…” he shouted, the smacks from his hips and my ass echoing off the trees.

“Yeah! Shoot that hot come in his ass!” Myra shouted. Pam now had her hand down the front of her jean shorts, and Liz was twisting her nipple in her fingers.

Just then, Jim reached the point of no return and grabbed the back of my head. “Fuuuuucckkk! He cried as his cockhead swelled up in my mouth and shot a blast of boiling hot come into my throat. This send Hank over the edge, and he grunted one more time and let go. I felt his cock plunge deep in my ass and his hot sperm blast into me. I lost track of space and time as I absorbed the fact that I was getting hot come blasted into me from both ends, in front of my wife and her friends. I could feel my cock, untouched, spurting its hot load on the ground. There was no question to anyone how much I was enjoying this.

The force from Hank’s thrusts caused Jim’s cock to pop out of my mouth while it was still shooting. Gooey ropes of jiz flew from his cockhead and splashed on my cheeks, forehead, and hair. Shot after shot splashed on me as Hank’s thrusts died away. I could feel his hard cock spreading his load around my insides. I was dripping sweat and panting.

The silence was broken by my wife’s clapping. Liz and Pam joined in, although their clapping lacked the angry edge of my wife’s.

I looked at her, cum dripping down my face and out of my ass. “Honey?” Was all I could manage.

There was a long silence as she navigated the raging emotions inside her. At last, she spoke.

“Well, you’d better get dressed, my cocksucking husband. We wouldn’t want to scare the children or anything.”

Sheepishly, I looked around for my shorts, and raised my hand to my face.

“Oh, don’t wipe that off, sonny boy. That’s going to be your punishment for today. I’ll think of something new tomorrow.”

Oh boy, I thought. This could be a long summer.

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