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It was a Thursday, and my classes had been cancelled because of all the snow. He thought that he would get out of work, so we had planned to lay in bed and watch movies all day, but when he called his boss early that morning he had found out that he was still required to go in, and he had been griping about it all day. He grumbled through his morning routine, and he had even been sending me text messages to remind me what a bitch I was for getting to lay in bed all day without him.

The truth was, I had not spent the day in bed. I had actually gotten up soon after he left; I knew he was miserable, so I thought maybe I would try to clean up around the house a bit, and then spoil him with kisses and affection when he got home. Unfortunately, I had been on the phone with a friend of mine, who was always having one crisis or another, and was a bit behind.

As a result, I found myself scrubbing all the dishes in the sink, trying to beat the clock before he got home so that I would still have a chance to light some candles for the bath I was going to give him. I checked the time… “Fifteen minutes,” I mumbled under my breath. Fortunately, I was already pretty much dressed for his homecoming- I had on little lacy black boyshort underwear and stilettos on my feet. Although I had initially debated wearing a bra to match, I decided against it- my breasts were a bit swollen as of late, and they were so full that I thought he would like me better without one. I had shaved myself clean in the shower that morning, straightened my long, dark hair out, and put on just enough make-up to bring out the shape of my eyes. I had thrown on a little house dress so that I would not get dirty from all the dusting and cleaning I had been doing all day, but I intended to take it off as soon as I heard his car in the driveway.

Unfortunately, I was so lost in my thoughts that I did not even hear him come in the door. I was scratching my left calf with my right foot when suddenly I felt a set of strong hands on my waist and a kiss on my neck. I froze. The cold on his hands bit through my thin dress and the warmth of his tongue on my skin shot through my body. “Oh…” I half-sighed. “You’re home. I…” but he put his finger up to my lips, and I took it into my mouth, warming it, sucking on it.

“Hey, Princess,” he said quietly. At the sound of my pet name, I instantly melted and sucked harder on his finger, rubbing my tongue ring against it. His hand rose up to my breasts, fondling them, the cold making my nipples instantly hard. I moaned out, releasing his finger, and threw my head back against his shoulder. I reached my hand back to grab at his manhood, which I realized was already bulging through his pants. He gripped me tighter, closer, so that my shoulders were against his chest and my ass was against his hips. My back was arched, and he moved one hand down my stretched-out stomach, down to where my dress ended. He continued to bite at my neck as I unclasped the button on his pants, pulled down the zipper, and reaching behind me, put my hand around him. I could feel him pulsing with excitement. It turned me on and my breathing instantly became more audible. So did his.

He pulled my dress up slightly, reached a finger into my lace, and ran it up and down my slit. I hadn’t realized how wet I was, but at the same time, I was not surprised that he excited me this much. Taking the initiative, I moved him away from my dripping, throbbing pussy and played with it myself, rubbing my clit lightly and inserting first one finger, and then a second, into my opening. Once I felt they were wet enough, I reached back behind me and began once again to stroke him, running my hand up and down the length of his cock. He moaned a bit and his fingers clenched into my stomach before he resumed his place between my legs. I was on fire, and when he put his hand on my shoulder blades to push me over the sink, I was only too happy to oblige. He swiftly moved the small black fabric aside and penetrated me with his entire length, making me cry out in pleasure. He was huge, and my small, tight pussy fit him like a glove, clamping against him, begging him not to leave. He stroked in and out of me, fondling my breasts again, pinching and squeezing and pulling at my nipples, and as my knees went weak I held onto the counter top for dear life, moaning his name, pleading with him to take me, telling him that I was his. His movements became harder and harder, and he knew I was about to come when he pulled out of me completely.

“Stand up,” he commanded me.

“I can’t… I… oh…”

“Stand up,” he repeated, a bit more firmly.

I mustered everything I could and finally stood, albeit a bit wobbly. He reached to the bottom of the dress again, and this time pulled it up, over my head, and threw it to the ground. The feel of the air hitting my heavy breasts turned me on even more, and the feel of his hands against my skin was unlike anything I can describe.

He turned me around so that I was facing him. “Did you have fun in bed today?” he asked.

“I didn’t stay in bed… ” I began, not wanting to take this time to go into the details of our day. “I was trying to make everything nice for you. I wanted to…”

“Well,” he stopped me, reaching down to pet my bald pussy, “I would say you made everything wonderful for me.” With this he picked me up, sitting me on the ledge of the sink, and began biting and kissing into my neck. I unbuttoned his shirt, my hands frantic to feel his skin on mine. I threw my head back and clawed into his strong shoulders, moaning loudly, wrapping my legs around his body.

“Please,” I begged. “Please… don’t tease me. I’m so hot… please just take me.”

He laughed at this, nibbled on my earlobe so that the warm breath tickled, turning me on even more.

“Please,” I said again. I reached down and grabbed his huge cock, still soaked with all of my fluids, and stroked it up and down. “Don’t you want to be inside of me?” I whispered in his ear, my bottom lip grazing his lobe. “Don’t you want to make me yours?”

“You are mine. And I will play with you however I so choose.”

Hearing this, my competitive nature took over, and I fought off the pleasure I was feeling. I jumped down off the counter and onto my knees, kissing his stomach as I lowered his pants to the floor. He was still stepping out of them when I took his head into my mouth, rubbing my tongue around it, pushing my ring against his frenulum. I could taste myself on him, and I had no idea how good that could be. He grabbed onto the countertop this time, bracing himself as I slowly took him deeper and deeper into my mouth. I was about halfway down when I began to concentrate on his head again, and then suddenly, I plunged him into me, all the way into my throat, running my tongue against his balls and holding his ass with my hands. He moaned quietly, looking upward, and then took a hand and tangled it into my hair, pulling it slightly. This made me moan as I slid him in and out of my mouth, and the vibrations made him pulse in my mouth. I zealously sucked at him, and his hands frantically alternated between holding onto the counter and twisting into my hair.

“Oh, God…” he sighed quietly. “Oh, God… Princess…”

I looked up at him, grinning devilishly. “What’s the matter, baby boy? Didn’t think that a princess could do something like this? I want to make you come.”

“Ohh…” he moaned again as I continued to suck him like a lollipop. A very big lollipop. Perhaps more like a popsicle.

“Come for me,” I beckoned him, squeezing harder into his firm behind. “Come for me.”

That was all he needed, and next thing I knew, I could feel his warm fluids sliding down my throat. I continued to suck on him, licking his balls, moaning. I could feel my own juices on my legs, dripping down my thighs, and I reached one hand down to my slit, running my fingers back and forth across it, playing with my clit.

He pulled himself out of my mouth, and I looked up at him innocently. “What’s wrong? Was I not doing it right?” I asked him in the sweetest voice I could muster.

He grabbed me under my arms and stood me up. “What were you doing down there?” he asked me.

“I was trying to make you happy,” I said, giving him a pout that we both knew was fake. “I guess I need more practice,” I declared, and started to lower myself again.

He grabbed me and held me up. “What were you doing to yourself?” he specified, sliding my lace off me and onto the floor.

“Oh. Uhm…”

“I want to see. Show me.”

I instantly got shy. “You mean… what?”

He swept his arm across the counter top, sending some things skidding aside and others flying toward the ground, and then picked me up and sat me in the freshly-cleared space. “Show me,” he repeated, grabbing one of my legs and spreading it out beside me, still wearing the stilettos I had put on earlier.

“I… okay,” I agreed nervously. I had never been in the limelight while pleasuring myself, but I was ready to try whatever he asked of me. After all, he had had a long day at work. I propped my other leg up so that I was spread open and completely visible. “What do you want me to do?” I asked, still a bit unsure of myself.

“I want you to let me watch. Pretend I’m not here. We already know you can make me come… now I want to see you do it to yourself.” His dark eyes stared into mine, and I kept my gaze locked on him as I raised my hand up to my pussy.

“Oh,” I moaned instantly, turned on even more somehow by my own wetness. I slid my fingers up and down my slit again, and then rubbed at my clit. Slowly at first, but then slowly picking up speed, I threw my head back and sat up rigidly. I only had one hand to work with as the other supported my position, but I did everything I could with that one hand, occasionally slipping two fingers into my open pussy, spreading my lips so that I gave him a good view. I continued to moan. I could feel my juices sliding down to my ass, and when the heater kicked on I jumped at the sensation of it. I continued alternating between rubbing my clit and fucking my pussy, and then I got another idea.

I raised my head and caught his gaze, and then I laughed in a sort of drunken pleasure, almost teasingly, and slid one finger into my ass while I kept two in my pussy. “Oh… ” I moaned. I only lasted for a few minutes before I went back to rubbing my clit frantically. “I’m going to come,” I declared, rubbing harder and faster. “Going to come,” I repeated. My eyes were closed and my head was thrown back, so I did not even see him approaching me. Suddenly, I felt him plunge two fingers deep inside of me, and that was all I need to be pushed over the edge. My muscles clamped around him as I screamed, the orgasm convulsing through my entire body, lasting about a minute before it started to subside. I leaned my head against him, exhausted from the force of the whole thing.

“Oh, no,” he said quietly into my ear. “We’re not done yet.” And with his fingers still moving inside of me, he wrapped an arm around me and threw me over his shoulder.

“Baby, but… oh, God,” I whimpered. “I don’t think I can…”

“Shh,” he commanded as he took me up the stairs, still finger fucking me.

Somehow we got all the way to the bedroom, where he threw me swiftly onto the bed.

“I didn’t know that a princess could be such a whore,” he said to me quietly. “Where did you learn to do all that?”

“It’s all for you,” I said meekly, still regaining strength.

“Good girl,” he said to me, positioning his body above mine. “I’m actually feeling a bit hungry. I was thinking you should provide me with something to eat.”

“No,” I argued weakly. “I can’t.” I tried to sit up, but my reactions were slow and he was still hovering above me. He clasped a chain to one wrist, and then the other, and although I tried to fight, I knew I had no chance. “Baby… I can’t… honey…”

“You don’t have to,” he answered. “I’m going to.”

He proceeded to chain my ankles, and I found myself spread open with no way to argue. He kissed my face, my eyes, my cheeks, my lips, and made his way down my body slowly. As much as my voice argued, my body didn’t; it was working, and I wanted him again. He nibbled gently at my nipples, scratched lightly down my rib cage, kissed down my stomach, made his way down to my protruding hip bones, and then down, down, slowly, until he reached my mound, which was already more soaked than I knew was possible. He kissed gently down to my slit, and then his tongue crept out and touched my clit. I jumped and cried out in pleasure and shock, and he grinned and latched onto my sensitive nub, flicking at it with his tongue. I had been with plenty of women before, but none of them compared to what he could do- and what he was doing. His tongue was soft and firm, and he would periodically lap at my slit, slide his tongue inside of me, and then continue at my clit again.

My body writhed in pleasure; I wanted him inside of me so badly! I moaned and called out his name, and at this he would laugh quietly, pushing air onto my wetness, turning me on more and making me call out even more loudly.

My body began to stiffen; I was on the verge of another Earth-shattering orgasm and he sensed it. “Not yet,” he told me, and stopped.

“Ooh,” I moaned, my hips grinding against the air, trying to get him back.

“Not yet.”

He leaned back down, blowing on my wet pussy, making me jump and grind even more. He slid up my body, grabbed at my nipples with his hands and mouth, and then kissed me, softly, gently, and then a bit harder, teasing me; he took my bottom lip lightly in his teeth, then kissed me again. His lips were soft, sweet. His tongue was imploring mine. He was rubbing his hands down my sides, and at that moment, I wanted nothing but his kiss.

But the kiss ended too soon, and before I knew what hit me, he positioned himself between my legs. “Are you ready?” he asked softly.

I nodded. I was born ready for this- for him.

Then, he plunged into me, filling me, penetrating my deepest being. I called out in pleasure, I screamed his name, I begged him not to stop, I told him I was all his. He kept his rhythm steady at first; I wanted to reach up and hold him, but I was bound; instead, I held onto the bedposts with all I could as he moved in and out of me, throwing my head back. He occasionally leaned his body against mine, my breasts moving up and down against his chest when he did. I would try to touch him, try to kiss his neck, try to nip at his ear, but he would always look at me, smile, kiss my forehead, and move out of my range of motion. He gradually got faster, rubbing his body against mine, in and out, as my moaning got louder and louder. He reached up and grabbed my nipple, twisting it, and I arched my back in a mix of pleasure and pain. My muscles began to stiffen once again.

“Now?” I half-asked, half-begged. “Please? Now?”

“Almost,” he replied, speeding up; but I could already feel his quads tightening against my legs. He continued to speed up, and I did everything I could to push off the inevitable just a moment longer.

Just when I thought I could not hold on any longer, he moaned out the greatest word I have ever heard: “Now.”

I exploded into climax, and I could feel his hot liquids filling me to the brim. My pussy clamped around his cock, trying to pump every last drop of cum out of him, my hips grinding against him, not wanting him to stop.

After a minute or so, he collapsed on top of me, and we both breathed in heavily, worn out. Another few minutes passed, and I asked him to untie me, to let me hold him until he fell asleep.

He sat up and looked at me like I was crazy. “Stop? What do you mean, stop? We’re not done yet!”

I looked at him incredulously. “You can’t be serious! I don’t know how much more my pussy can handle!”

“I don’t think that is gonna be an issue,” he promised me. I was instantly scared. Could he mean…?

And he did. “I noticed something when you were on the counter top. You just get so excited, that you get wet everywhere.” At this he ran his finger down my slit, and to my ass. “And I mean, everywhere.”

With that, he pushed his finger into my behind, slowly, circling it, opening it up, pushing it deeper. I froze up. It felt incredible, unlike anything I had ever felt before. It was a new sensation, and it somehow evaded the feeling of sensitivity that I had already while building on it all the while. “You’re all wet,” he whispered, although I already knew. Before I knew it, I was grinding against his hand, taking his finger in a lot more easily than I ever could have guessed possible.

“Are you ready?” he asked. The truth was, I did not know if I was ready. The difference between the size of his finger and the size of his masculinity was a great one, and I was a bit scared. Here is something new, I thought to myself as I nodded. Go for it, I thought. I am all yours. I have always been all yours.

With my approval, he reached up to clasp one of my hands in one of his. The other hand he used to guide himself, first into my still-wet pussy for lubrication, and then he had his head pressed against my ass again. I could feel it, and much to my surprise, I found myself trying to grind my body down, into him, to feel him inside of me.

Suddenly I felt him break through my tight opening, just his head at first, and I screamed and writhed in an odd mixture of pleasure and pain. “Ay!” I yelled out, my eyes opening widely as if I had just seen something I had never seen before. He paused for a second, taking in my expression, making sure I was okay.

I was more than okay, and as soon as I had adapted to the new feeling, I began to slowly grind my hips down, taking him further and deeper into regions of myself that I had never before known.

It did not take long, only a couple of minutes, and his entire length was inside of me, grinding slowly. His face looked like pure pleasure, and I could feel the muscles in his stomach shaking with tension. My stomach tensed up, too, and I sucked it into myself without any real intention to do so- it was simply a reaction to the new sensations. What I did not realize was that my simple, unconscious act of pulling in my stomach had actually made my insides even smaller and tighter. He let go of my hand, threw his head back, pumped a bit harder into me.

“Let me go,” I begged him. “Unchain my hands.”

I do not know if he was trying to make me happy or if he was not in the state of mind to argue, but he lifted a hand and swiftly and easily removed me from my restraints. It was all that I needed, and I threw my arms around his body, feeling his strong shoulders, his gorgeous back, scratching into him, leaning myself up slightly to his ear: “Harder,” I commanded breathily.

Let it be known that the boy could apparently take orders as well as he could give them, and he began stroking forcefully into me. It was intense and beautiful somehow, dirty and yet completely desirable, as if I had never really known the definition of the word “fulfilled” until this very moment.

He sat up slightly, and I asked, “Can I play with my clit again?”

He nodded emphatically, and I put two of my fingers into his mouth. He sucked them between his groans. Before I slid them down to my clit, I asked him, “Are you ready?”

“I am ready for you, Princess,” he replied. It was all the encouragement I needed.

I rubbed my wet fingers along my slit, and then frantically rubbed at my clit, as my other arm stayed wrapped around him, holding him, wanting to never leave the position where he was so close to me. He stroked his long, hard cock into my virgin ass, successfully filling the last orifice on my body. I called his name, I begged him not to stop, and I played with my clit all at the same time.

“Come in me?” I asked weakly, unable to muster up much more strength.

“I will,” he promised.

“No!” I exclaimed, suddenly overcome with some latent energy. “I am going to come… I need you to come in me. Now.”

“I will.”

“Now!” I screamed, my orgasm rushing through my body once more.

He moaned, screamed out my name. My body convulsed, and I screamed his. I wanted to take him deeper, I wanted to have him out, I was so over-run with emotions that I did not know what I wanted. It did not matter- my legs were still bound and my arms were wrapped around him, my nails tearing into his skin, and I did not have the strength to move at all. He filled me with his come, overflowing my tight opening until I could feel it dripping out.

“Take me,” I told him. “Take me. I’m yours.”

With this he reached beneath me, wrapped his arms around me, and leaned even closer into my body.

“I’m yours,” he repeated to me, his orgasm subsiding and the aftershock taking over. “I will always be yours.”

At this, he collapsed finally into my arms. I held him tightly, as if for dear life, as if it could make the room stop spinning.

“Princess,” he whispered, barely audible. “Princess… ’tis you.”

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