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My Naughty Little Secret

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Have you ever had a dream that you were having erotic sex with a gorgeous girl, only to wake up in the morning disappointed to find out it was just a dream. My story is about a dream like that, only this one became reality in the tropical rainforests of Kauai. I will never forget the amazing events that unfolded from this chance encounter.

I woke that morning with a yawn and was startled to find that I had slept in.

The clock on the night stand said it was 7:30, which was unusual since I usually never slept past 6:30. Indeed, I was usually up and out the door, snorkel and goggles in hand, off to my favorite snorkeling spot. I loved the way the water looked in the morning light, and enjoyed swimming with the all the marine life that was found at that time in the morning, particularly the sea turtles.

I rolled out of bed and ran my fingers through my dark, wavy hair. Bumping my head on the doorframe, I cursed as I entered the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I grabbed a brush and ran it through my hair to get it under control then splashed some water on my face. I noted how white my teeth looked against my tanned skin as my lips curved into a smile . Surfing and snorkeling had made my body toned and tight freeing me from having to maintain a gym routine.. I pulled a clean blue shirt over my head and pulled on my tan cargo shorts, feeling ready for a day of leisure.

Heading out the door to the dirt road that would take me to little cove hidden from the road, I followed the trail through the jungle to ‘my’ beach. That’s when I noticed a beautiful blonde girl lying out on her mat in the warm, early morning sun. She was completely nude and the suntan oil glistening on her fair skin made her look like a goddess.

I knew there were places in Hawaii where locals liked to go and lay out nude, but I had never been to a beach like that and was shocked to find this beautiful girl on my beach.

I paused, stepping behind some palm trees so I could watch her without being seen, feeling a voyeuristic tingle as I admired the raw sensuality displayed by her prone body. She lay there with her knees up, her legs spread and the nipples of her perfectly shaped breasts erect, as if she had recently been touching them provocatively. My mouth watered, as I imagined myself kissing her beautiful glossy sun-kissed lips. As I fantasized about making love to her in the morning sunlight, I felt my cock stir in hardening and I stroked myself through my shorts, savoring the delightful sensations she aroused in me. It wasn’t long before she stirred from her slumber, stretching sensuously, her face turned to the sun as she basked in its rays. Sitting up, she stood slowly, unknowingly enticingly, and casually walked to the water, her hips swaying provocatively.

Being a photographer I thought to myself how beautiful she would look in photos. I loved her round bottom and the way her blonde, wavy hair moved in the light breeze. To capture her in the morning sunlight would be any photographer’s dream. I watched as she waded into the surf up to her knees and playfully bent over to let her fingertips trail in the water as the waves rolled in. It took my breath away as she turned and I saw her fully as she stood naked in the sunlight. Her silver blonde hair nearly touched her waist and hid one of her full, voluptuous breasts as she walked along the beach.

Dropping my snorkel in the sand I followed her, the sand muffling my footsteps as I silently stalked her. I knew I should call out and let her know she was no longer alone, but I was hesitant to disturb her. She looked so utterly peaceful as she walked through the surf, and I imagined taking her in my arms and looking down into her eyes before kissing her passionately and then sliding my fingers into her moist succulent pussy. The urge to take her right there, on the sand, was so strong. I wanted to feel the contours of her body beneath me and claim her as mine As I drew nearer to her with my hands stuffed into my pockets, I tried to be casual, hoping not to startle her. Breaking the silence, I said, “I can’t help but notice that you are completely naked” and let a bit of a smile play on my lips.

Surprised, she turned with a start, but did not try to cover her nudity. She said after a moment, “I didn’t know that anyone else comes to this beach.”

She gave me a teasing smile as she turned to walk back to the spot where she had been sunning herself so shamelessly. She was not frightened at all by my sudden presence or by finding herself so vulnerable and alone.

I walked beside her and was amused to find that she was not at all shy about being completely nude. I began to think more naughty thoughts about what I would like to do with her as we strolled along the beach. I began to think about how easy it would be to overtake her and force myself upon her. I fantasized about her not wanting me at first, about her struggling to get away, but then slowly giving in to me as I stroked her clit and kissed her passionately. What would it be like to unzip my shorts and take her delicious body? I would love to push my cock into her tight hot center and make her feel the desire I had for her. I had never wanted anything more than to feel her soft, sexy skin next to mine. I was aroused to think that maybe she would scream and struggle and that her squirming naked body would just entice me further. I would then be required to cover her mouth stifling her screams as I penetrated her again and again until I was satisfied. But instead of acting on my naughty thoughts, I smiled at her and asked, “Why are you here all alone? Aren’t you afraid of being seen?”

The mystery girl looked up into my face and said, “I just moved here and I wanted to see what it felt like to walk naked on the beach.

Giggling playfully, she ran up ahead through the sand was apparently totally unaware of the thoughts and feelings her sexy body spurred in my mind. Falling onto her mat she exposed her beautiful bottom to me once again. For a moment I saw her delicious peach as she knelt and then stretched out on her mat.

The fantasies of sexually seducing her became more vivid. I imagined taking her from behind as she knelt in the warm sand . My cock twitched with my arousal and I could feel myself getting wet with precum as I imagined plunging into her tight pussy. She would be on her knees looking over her shoulder at me invitingly as I pulsated and drove deeper and deeper into her voluptuous body.

I was eager to find out how she would react to my attention. Just as I was getting up the nerve to approach her and live out my fantasy, she looked back at me over her shoulder and smiled. If only I dared touch her… She was making it very hard for me to concentrate on anything but my desire to be naked with her and feel my cock deep inside her.

Her essence overwhelmed my senses. Not only was she beautiful to look at with her sweet innocence, but she smelled intoxicatingly like coconut. My tongue yearned to taste her sweetness. My skin tingled with the certainty that to feel her beneath me would be my ultimate fantasy fulfilled.

I struggled to wrap my mind around the fact that that she didn’t seem to care that she had been caught in the nude. While my imagination raced with thoughts about her being so new to Hawaii and all of the things that meant I could show her . . . . and teach her if she would let me.

After standing awkwardly beside her trying to come up with what to say and do next, I was struck a nearly physical blow as I watched her roll over, bend her knees, and begin stroking her pussy. Her clit was glistening in the sun like a jewel. She continued to stroke and arouse herself as I watched…she made moaning sounds that erotically enticed me further. After a few long moments as I admired her sensuous movements I saw her green eyes look up at me and smile a sly smile. Then, seemingly satisfied with the display she had given me, she sat up and reached for her sundress and in no she had it draped over her curvaceous body. She then stood up and began rolling up her mat, preparing to leave.

Heartbroken at not being able to gaze at her naked beauty any longer, I scrambled frantically to think of a way to keep her from escaping and leaving my life forever. I grabbed her hand as she turned to go and said, “I’m a photographer… Would you mind if I took your picture sometime?”

Smiling, she gazed at me from under thick black lashes, “I would love to have my photo taken. When would you like to take it? I am available tomorrow morning if that works for you.”

I could not believe my luck. I had never met anyone that I wanted to capture on film more than this beautiful minx. She was absolutely adorable and completely uninhibited. I would also have the chance to explore her body further and maybe even get a kiss or two. I grinned and said enthusiastically, “I could meet you here tomorrow morning and take you to my private waterfall where we can take some photos where no one will see us.”

“That sounds perfect,” she said. She smiled innocently up at me again and grabbed her bag getting ready to leave when. I grabbed her hand again:

“What is your name?” I asked. I was surprised that I had not even thought to ask her that. “My name is Adam and I just live up the road a ways if you want to come over for breakfast.”

Smiling, she said, “My name is Tiffany and I would love some breakfast. I’m starving.”

We left the beach and walked up the trail that headed to the dirt road. As we walked we talked about how she came to live in Hawaii and what had brought her to my beach. She was very open, sharing with me how she came to stay with her Aunt after getting kicked out of school for sluffing (cutting school). She didn’t think that it was too much of a punishment to be sent away to a tropical island to live with her Uncle Joe and Aunt Betty, plus, she loved being away from her controlling parents and the humdrum life of Virginia. She had always wanted to live somewhere exotic and exciting.

When we arrived at my house, tucked away in the trees, I told her my story — about how my hippie parents came here to escape from the city and tried to give me the life that they thought I deserved, which included fishing, boating, and riding the waves. There wasn’t a day that went by that I wasn’t in the ocean enjoying the carefree life.

“Wow,” she said enviously. “That sounds incredible.”

I fixed her an omelet, toast and raspberry jam and watched her as she ate, marveling at her beauty once more as she laughed and talked like she had known me forever. I loved her vivacious personality and wanted to spend more time with her. While at the same time she continued to drive my imagination into full-on lust overdrive. I imagined taking her there in the kitchen with her bent over the kitchen table with her pussy exposed and dripping with her juices. All I had to do was come around from behind and kiss her neck and she would have been in position for me to push her forcefully over the table. I would have had full access to her bottom and the delicious gifts she had to share with me.

The fantasy evaporated before my eyes when she got up to leave. I felt gut wrenching disappointment realizing our time together was about to end. Why didn’t I have the courage to approach her and at least give her a small kiss. I knew she wanted me too, by the way she flirted openly with me. The way she would cross and uncross her legs and her subtle way of licking her lips all signaled her openness to an advance. Sitting across the table from her, I kept catching brief glimpses of her bare pussy peeking out from beneath her dress and she had to know what I could see.

“Thanks for breakfast” she said, smiling as she walked out the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

That night when I went to bed I thought of her and my imagination ran rampant with thought of what it would be like to be near her again and to hear her laugh and see her smile. I listened to the crickets chirping and felt the night breeze through the open window, remembering how she looked laying on the mat in the sun. The image of her slim, beautiful body exposed to the rays of sunlight and to my eyes made me ache for her and I fell asleep wrapped in images of her, only to awake to the sun shining through my window, bringing with it a whole new day.

I was excited at the prospect of being able to see and talk to her again. She seemed to be so carefree and wild, just like the roses that grew, untamed, in the jungle.

We met again on the beach and I hugged her tight before taking her hand and guiding her through the tall palms on the path to my own private waterfall. It wasn’t far from the beach, but it was secluded enough that no one had discovered it. It was my own little paradise on earth.

Framing the scene was a lush, tropical pond fed by the waterfall, a natural beauty I fully intended to make use of in my pictures. I gave her a white robe and told her to put it on and to get the double string of pearls out of its pocket and place them around her slender neck. I told her that as soon as she was ready I would tell her what I wanted her to do. She moved up through the palms and gracefully took off her sundress and sandals. I could see her through the palms and enjoyed watching her as she stripped her beautiful body of the clothes she was wearing. I watched as she bent over, exposing her delectable bottom to my gaze as she folded and placed her dress neatly on the ground. I loved how she never seemed to be wearing any underwear. She put the pearls around her neck and covered her nudity with the white robe. She then turned toward me and came out from behind the palms only to notice, with a smile, that I had been watching her the whole time. I tore my gaze away from her and busied myself with the picnic basket I had prepared for us for later.

When I looked up at her again, Tiffany looked at me with bold, green eyes and asked, “Where would you like me?” I pointed at the rock that was near the edge of the pond. “Just have a seat on that rock and I will get my camera ready” I said.

I turned and pulled my camera out of my backpack checking to ensure it was ready to capture her. When I turned back around I was delighted to find that Tiffany had taken off the robe and was sitting, totally nude, on a huge, flat, low boulder by the pond. I was pleased to see that she had bundled the robe into padding and was half-sitting, half-reclining on it on the rock.

Tiffany had found a beautiful wild rose growing next to the pond. She had picked one of its flowers and had put the fragrant flower behind her ear. Her silver-gold hair was flowing in curls over her shoulders. The only other thing she was wearing were the pearls, asymmetrically looped around her slender neck, with one string between her breasts and the other loop falling down the outside of her left breast, nearly touching her waist. Her nails – fingers and toes – were painted a deep red, to match her lipstick, providing a stunning contrast to her fair skin gleaming in the morning sunshine. She looked more like a goddess than the day before.

I noticed that she was sitting with her left side to me, her right hand behind her on the boulder, her legs parallel, her knees partially bent. Her back was slightly arched, thrusting forward the exquisite curves of her beautiful full breasts. Her silhouette formed a feminine curve from her head and neck, down her slightly arched back, rounding across her bubbly bottom. Her milky white thighs, bent knees, legs and feet formed a glorious array of angles, light, and shadow. The air was comfortably warm, but the soft breeze had tickled and hardened her nipples. The sun shone through the palms gleaming on her hair and skin.

I approached from her left, taking pictures from every angle I could. She then decided to change her pose slightly for variation, first turning her head straight, and then slowly turning to look at me. I slowly moved around to get different vantage points, moving closer to the front of Tiffany, taking pictures as I went. Occasionally I would stop and ask her to change the pose slightly, sometimes stopping merely to gaze at her beauty and enjoy the building tension of the strong attraction I felt towards her. Even though we were several feet apart and lost as we were in the intense beauty of the surrounding setting, I sensed that Tiffany could feel strong connection between us- the intense sexual, lustful and emotional energy arcing between our bodies. Each time our eyes met, it felt as though a lightning bolt of electric current flashed between us.

As I slowly continued to circle around to the front of her, she reached up with one hand and gently rolled her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She smiled at me while her tongue briefly ran across her lips. I was now directly in front of Tiffany. I watched intently as she released her nipple and cupped her breast, offering it as if an exotic fruit. My excitement mounted as I watched her release her breast and move her legs and arms so they were open in a pose of invitation.

Reaching slowly down between her legs, she then coyly covered her pussy with her palm. I took several shots of her like this, capturing the look of sultry seduction melded with innocent desire on her angelic face. I knew Tiffany could feel my mounting desire for her when she decided to lick her third finger and insert it slowly into her honey-pot up to the knuckle while starring deeply into my eyes. As her arousal grew, she arched her back further and closed her eyes in a posture of erotic pleasure, which I hungrily captured on film.

Then she opened her eyes and looked directly at me once again – watching me watch her while she caressed herself by drawing her finger upward to near the top of her slit. She used two fingers to open her flower petals, exposing her most intimate, tender flesh to my adoring gaze. I moved in for more pictures, some more close up, with Tiffany shifting poses in some ways, but always continuing to expose her flower.

I captured the gorgeous curves of her hips, thighs and ass framing the softer curves of her pussy lips. Finally I was so very close and I could resist no longer. I kissed her full on the lips, a very deep kiss, probing her mouth with my tongue. She moaned with pleasure and longing, and kissed me back equally passionately. I wanted her to eagerly anticipate my tongue doing to her pussy what I was now doing to her mouth. She moaned again and I returned her moan aching to be closer and closer to her.

I knelt before her and watched as, holding herself open with one hand, she begin to lick the finger of her other hand and then used it to trace a circle around and around her clit. I had never felt so turned on in my whole life. I opened my mouth wide so as to maximize the contact of my mouth with as much of her sexual flesh as possible as I leaned into her and finally made contact with her sweet, sweet flower. I swirled my tongue slowly around her love-bud, stimulating its 10,000 nerve endings with the slightly rough texture of my tongue tenderly working her delicate skin. A few broad tongue strokes up and down her slit and her flower swelled more as it began to relax and open to me. Her love dew flowed into my mouth in waves. When I could feel her shuddering with excitement I reached under her hips, squeezing her bottom and brought her pussy up to my mouth so I could caress her even more deeply with my tongue. I French-kissed her flower and it opened give me further access to her most private, sensitive and tender parts.

I gathered her up in my arms and carried her to the to where I had dropped the picnic blanket beside the lunch basket. I should it out with just my one hand and lay her down on top of it. I slid out of my clothes and dropped to my knees between her open legs. “I want to make love to you,” I said with a shaky, choked voice.

She smiled and looked up at me with lust and desire shining in her emerald green eyes. I covered her with my naked body and then teased her with my cock. I slid the head of my cock over and around in her wet valley. When I could resist no longer I pushed my way into her tightness as she wrapped her legs around me. I penetrated her and filled her with the fullness of my hard cock. She was wrapped in my arms as I pushed deeper inside her. I could hear her moans of ecstasy as she began to move with me, rubbing her clit against me. As we moved together, I could tell she when her climax drew near. I gloried in the fact that I had brought her there and I doubled my efforts to take her over that edge. When I felt her muscles spasm around me in the intensity of her orgasm I could not hold back any longer and my cock spasmed as I filled her with my cum. Kissing her sweet lips, I held her in my arms until our hearts stopped racing. I looked down at her beautiful face and saw tears in her eyes reflecting how intense it had been for her. I still shook from the intensity as we exchanged those smiles that only lovers can know.

When we could bear to be parted from one another, Tiffany sat up, allowing me a full view of her beautiful nakedness, and said, “I have never had an orgasm like that before. I think it’s because of the jungle around us and the beautiful setting. I can’t imagine a better place to make love.”

I smiled and kissed her on the lips once more. I then pulled her to her feet and said, “Come on, let’s go swimming.” She followed me as I pulled her to the edge of the pond and then watched as I dove in gracefully before coming up to the waters’ surface and smiling at her. “Get in. The water is perfect.”

She dove in, swimming up to me and wrapping her arms playfully around my neck. Kissing me on the lips, she giggled playfully and said, “Have you ever made love in the water?”

I reached down and caressed her pussy beneath the water, smiled and said, “I never have, but there is always a first time for everything.”

Laughing, she swam out of reach, daring me to chase her. Like a mermaid she dove under the water and appeared near the water fall. I swam after her with long, smooth, powerful strokes, cutting cleanly through the water like a predator sensing prey. Before she knew it I was almost able to grab her. But just as I was about to put my arms around her, she once again slipped out of reach laughing and splashing water at me. Diving again, she swam under the water fall and came up on the other side, finding a small cave where there was a rock ledge that you could climb out on to above the water. As I surfaced behind the waterfall’s curtain of water, she pulled herself up onto the ledge and called to me to join her. The water was glistening on her bare skin, running in rivulets down her breasts and in between her legs. I watched, mesmerized at the image she presented – the dripping water made her look mythical. I climbed out of the water and joined her on the rock ledge, running my hands over her smooth, cool skin. I gazed down at her center and could not resist touching her there. I slid my finger into the warmth of her sleek, delicate pussy and she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me in close for a deep kiss, tongues intertwining. She broke the kiss, stepping back and gazing up at me. I felt like some ancient water god frozen by the spell of a water nymph.

She moved in close again and I could feel an animal heat coming from her center. Now it was my turn to gaze at her and we locked eyes staring into each other so deeply our souls touched. Finally, I found the strength to step into her backing her to the cave wall behind her. As I leaned in, pushing her back against the wall, claiming her body with mine, she squealed with delight as out lips found each other and our tongues began to dance. I kept her pinned against the wall and ravaged her naked body. I caressed her and squeezed her bottom as I lifted her into position. She wrapped her legs around my waist and as I began to enter her she squeezed them bring me even closer and deeper into her. Her skin burned against mine as I sucked her delicious mouth and bit down lightly on her bottom lip. As I began to move within her, she moaned at the delicious sensations. I pushed into her deeper and deeper as my cock seemed to vibrate within her moist, hot pussy. As her excitement grew she rubbed herself harder and harder against me. She kissed me hard and then began to nip my neck and shoulder. I pulled her legs from around me and set her feet back on the cave floor. “I want to take you from behind” I said.

Turning her around so she now faced the cave wall I told her to bend over. She braced herself against the wall with her hands and spread her legs wide. She looked over her shoulder at me as I entered her from behind. I stroked her bottom and then gave it a stinging slap as I pushed into her pussy and begin pumping her hard. She squealed in pain and pleasure as I hammered into her again and again. I slapped her bottom again and rode her as she jumped from the unexpected sting on her tender skin. Biting her lip to keep from crying out, she pushed out against me harder and harder as the passion built within her. Her bottom shone rosy and glistened in the light that shone through the veil of water from the waterfall. She moaned with delight and passion, pleading with me to take her deeper, harder, faster.

Placing my hands on her slim waist, I pushed myself deeper and pulled her against me as I stroked and pounded her tight pussy. On the verge of losing control, I pulled my cock from her warm wetness and stroked the entrance to her bottom with the tip of my cock teasing her and making her shudder with anticipation. Releasing my cock, I slid my finger into her wetness and then fingered her tight bottom as I felt her puckered rosebud opening up more and more. I slid my finger out and slipped two of them together into her wet, hot pussy pulling her moisture back and up to her throbbing asshole. I worked the two fingers into her rosebud and began to twist those wet fingers around and pulled against the walls of her ass to open her more. I used my other hand to slide my dick back into the slick wetness inside her pussy to soak in the lubrication that would allow me to ease into her ass.

I lifted my cock and pushed its head against the tight opening my fingers had only just left. Pushing against her muscled ring, I felt my cock head slip into her. Moaning, she accepted me and wiggled her bottom to allow me to ease into her farther. I pushed my way deeper into her ass and then I slowly, ever so slowly, pulled back just a bit and came to a rest within her. Having given her time to adjust to my presence deep in her ass, I began to move slowly in and out of her depths. The tunnel of her ass felt so tight and unbelieveably warm wrapped around me as she gripped my cock with her muscles. I had fantasized about enjoying a woman in this way for a long time and now I was finally getting my chance. She felt so good and the slippery wetness of her pussy juices, mixed with my now copious precum, made it easier to move smoothly and to probe her more deeply.

Reaching down, Tiffany began to stroke her clit, giving herself pleasure as I continued to probe and massage her bottom with my huge cock. The position was perfect for penetrating her virgin ass and she welcomed my cock with her movements and moans, allowing me full access to her body. As I continued to push inside her ass, stroking and pushing inside her and then gaining more rhythm, I felt my orgasm building from deep within my balls as they bounced gently against her pussy. As my balls struck her lips again and again, she squirmed against me and the feeling that I was in control of her body was almost more than I could handle.

At last I was claiming her as my own as none had ever done before me. I grabbed her breast and squeezed her nipple tightly as my orgasm hit and I felt my cum shoot deep inside her ass. Tiffany moaned out her utter ecstasy as she felt her own release triggered from the twin sensations of my cum pumping deep in her ass and her fingers pleasuring her clit.

I marveled at how it felt so carnal to take her this way, and how powerful and masculine it made me feel. Pulling my deflating cock from her bottom, I turned her in my arms and kissed her hard on her sweet lips. Then I reached around and down between her legs and touched her, feeling the wetness that I had given her slowly leak out of her. “We should do this again sometime,” I whispered, kissing her deeply again as I tightened my arms around her small voluptuous frame.

Tiffany nestled her body close to mine, pure satisfaction and contentment shining out of her eyes. We had enjoyed our time together and looked to the tropical days that lay ahead of us as an endless string of opportunities to share this passion and pleasure with each other .

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