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Unwrapping Eloise

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Eloise skipped out of her car and headed towards the house that she’d lived in for 18 years. She’d just finished the last day at community college before Christmas and her report was very good. She couldn’t wait to show it to mom and dad. There was a car she didn’t recognise parked outside and when she got closer to the door she could hear people shouting inside.

“You can have your fucking whore!” her dad shouted. “Just get out of this house.”

“You can’t throw me out!” her mom yelled back.

“Can’t I? This is my house!”

“Come on, babe. Let’s go to my place,” the voice belonged to a woman that Eloise had never heard before.

The door opened and Eloise’s mom stormed out with a carryall, closely followed by a big, fat woman. She stopped when she saw Eloise.

“Oh baby,” her mom whimpered. “Your dad has thrown us out.”

“Go in and pack your bags,” the big woman said to Eloise. “There’s a spare room at my place.”

“Eloise isn’t going anywhere,” dad stepped out and put his arm around her shoulders. “My baby isn’t going to live with a couple of lesbos.”

“This may be your house,” mom spat at him. “But Eloise is my daughter. You’re not her real father!”

Eloise gasped at the revelation, but daddy seemed calm.

“Don’t you think I already knew that? I knew of all the guys you fucked around with back then, before you got a taste for pussy!”

“Come on Eloise,” mom said. “If I can’t stay here, neither can you.”

Eloise turned to her dad. “Daddy?”

“Just go inside, sweet pea. This is still your home.” Dad turned to her mom. “And if I see you or your cunt here I’ll call the police. Now fuck off!”

Daddy pushed Eloise inside the house and looked at her heart shaped face that was now about to burst into tears.

“I’m so sorry, sweetie,” he said. “I’ve always known she was cheating on me, but I couldn’t throw her out because I knew it would mean losing you. But today she was having a lesbian orgy in the house when I came home and all I could think about was you coming home and witnessing it. I couldn’t take it anymore.”

“You’re not my real daddy?” Eloise whispered.

“No, baby,” he confessed. “Your mom deliberately kept my name off your birth certificate. It was never spoken, but it’s how she kept her cushy housewife life all these years. I thought she was fucking every man in this town, but maybe it’s their wives that she’s been doing. But I couldn’t tell her to go, because I’d lose you. And you’re my life.”

“Oh daddy,” Eloise sobbed and hugged him. “Do I have to move in with mom and that horrid woman now?”

Daddy smiled at her. “Not unless you want to. You’re over 18 now so you can live where you want and I really want you to stay with me.”

Eloise hugged her daddy and went to change out of her school clothes. Neither of them felt like cooking so they got a pizza delivered and spent the night watching TV. The next couple of days were bizarre. Eloise’s mom showed up and started moving her stuff out of the house. She kept pleading with Eloise to come with her as her lover had a big house, but Eloise didn’t want any of it. She and her mom had never had a great relationship and finally knowing what her mom had been doing all these years made her hate her.

On Christmas Eve, she was out shopping with her best friend Sarah. Sarah was spending Christmas with her fiancé and she wanted to buy some sexy underwear to wear on Christmas morning as her gift to him. Eloise browsed the lingerie shop and started picking up sexy little things. She said to herself that she only wanted to try them on to see how they felt. She tried on several revealing bra and panty sets and then she found herself staring at her body in a sheer babydoll nightie. Her 5’8″ frame that had been skinny and athletic just a few years ago now had curves in all the right places. Her ass was softly rounded, her belly had a tiny bulge to it and her c-cup tits were firm and crowned by dark pink nipples. The material of the babydoll didn’t hide anything, lifting her tits to prominence and making it obvious that she shaved her pussy. A thought popped into her head. She wanted to wear this for daddy.

She immediately shook her head and tried to think of other things, but she couldn’t. Daddy’s face kept popping up in her head. He was 39 years old and his body was firm. His face was hard and angular with dark brown eyes to match his hair that still didn’t have a strand of grey in it. He’d worked with his hands all his life and his 6′ frame had no excess fat on it at all. She blushed as she imagined the bulge that was always prominent in daddy’s jeans.

Eloise bought the babydoll nightie and some other lingerie and said goodbye to Sarah. Daddy was already there when she came home so she hurried into her bedroom with her purchases and then joined him in the kitchen. All night she looked at him in a new light. He was such a handsome man. His smile went straight to her heart and every time he touched her, it sent a bolt of lightning to her cunt. She’d never been with a boy before, but she knew what the unfamiliar wetness meant. She was horny for her daddy. But how did he feel about her? How would he react if she tried to seduce him? He would be horrified, she was sure. But she had to try. She had to show her daddy how much he meant to her.

They spent a wonderful Christmas Eve together and as they watched a Christmas movie, a plan formed in Eloise’s head. She would give daddy a Christmas gift he’d never imagined before…

On Christmas morning Eloise and her dad sat on the floor next to the tree, opening their gifts. Daddy had been really generous, making up for her mother’s betrayal. When they’d finished opening the presents Eloise gave her dad a big hug to thank him.

“Thank you, daddy,” she smiled. “This has been the best Christmas ever.”

“I’m sorry your mom isn’t here to celebrate it with us.”

“I’m not. I’m glad it’s just the two of us, daddy. But there’s one gift that’s left to unwrap.”

Daddy looked around the room. He couldn’t see anything else. “What’s that, pumpkin?”

“I’ve got one more thing for you, daddy,” Eloise smiled. “It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever given to anyone so I’m a bit nervous.”

“You don’t have to be nervous with me, sweetheart.”

“I know. I trust you implicitly, daddy. Now, make yourself comfortable here while I go and get you your big gift.”

“Christmas is for parents to shower their children with gifts, you really don’t have to give me anymore.”

Eloise smiled as she walked to her bedroom. She was giving daddy her virginity and he would be giving her infinitely more back. She shook as she put on the babydoll and tiny little panties in the same sheer material as the nightie. She ran her fingers through her long blonde hair and her blue eyes inspected the sexy vixen in the mirror. This was it. Today would either be the best day of her life, or she’d be packing her bags and going to live with her mom and never see the man she loved ever again.

“Close your eyes, daddy!” she called out as she got nearer the living room. She slowly entered the room and looked at her wonderful dad on the couch. He was so sexy. He was so good looking. Would he like what he saw. Would the image of her in this sheer outfit, with the light from the window behind her leaving nothing to the imagination, turn him on like she hoped it would? Or would he look at her firm breasts and her hard nipples and be disgusted that a little girl thought she could seduce him?

“Open your eyes,” she said softly and watched his reaction.

Daddy opened his eyes and it took a few long seconds for them to take everything in. He looked up into Eloise’s face and saw her smile. Then he slowly moved his eyes the length of her body, stopping at her tits, her thin waist, that place where her thighs met and down her long, shapely legs. He then looked into her eyes again.

“Baby…” he started.

“Daddy,” she replied softly.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“It’s all for you, dad.”

“What’s all for me?”

“This is the last gift for you to unwrap. Unwrap me, daddy.”

“But… You’re not wearing anything underneath.”

“I know.”

“You would be naked.”

“Maybe you could get naked too.”

“The two of us? Naked?”

“Yes, daddy. And maybe you could take me to your room.”

“But that’s wrong. I’m your father.”

“You’re the man that I love.”

“But it’s still not right. I’d be taking advantage of you.”

“No, daddy. I want this. There’s nothing stopping us. There’s no biological tie between us. Today we’re just a man and a woman who love each other. And I want you to love me.”

“I’ve always loved you, darling.”

“You loved me as a girl. Today I want you to love me as a woman. Do you feel any desire for me?”

“Of course I do. You’ve been the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen since you started filling out and today you’ve proved that in the flesh you’re a million times better than my fantasies.”

“Your fantasies?”

“Yes, my love. My fantasies. Why do you think I didn’t leave your mom? I needed to be near you. I needed to see you. I’ve been dreaming of seeing you like this, but I never thought it would be possible. I knew it was wrong for me to think of you in that way, but I couldn’t bear not being near you.”

“Oh, daddy…” Eloise closed the gap between them and kissed him. After initial hesitation daddy wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his embrace. Her breasts were squashed against his chest and she could feel his erection against her stomach. Then he pulled away.

“But darling,” he said. “Have you ever had sex before?”

“No daddy. I’m a virgin. I want you to be my first lover because I know you won’t hurt me.”

“Oh my beautiful Eloise! Of course I won’t hurt you. Now, are you absolutely sure you want to do this, because once we go to my bedroom I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.”

“I want you daddy. Take me now!”

He smiled back at the young woman he’d brought up as his own daughter. “But first, let me unwrap my gift.”

He pulled the babydoll over his baby’s head and leaned forward to suck on her erect nipples. His hands cupped her tits as he sucked and bit on her wonderful fruits. Then he slid his thumbs inside her panties and pulled them down, stopping briefly to kiss her naked pussy lips. His hands ran the length of her body as he stood up again, finally resting around her ripe tits.

“Do you want to unwrap me too?” he smiled at her.

Eloise undid his sash and pulled his robe off his shoulders. He was only wearing shorts underneath and she sighed happily as she saw the tent in them. She pulled them off and gasped in delight when his full size was liberated. She had nothing to compare with, but she’d seen her girlfriends’ dildos and he compared favourably with those. She’d heard that it would be a tight fit, but she trusted him to take it easy.

“Come with me,” daddy stepped out of his shorts and grabbed Eloise’s hand. He took her to his bedroom where the king-size bed was covered in black satin. He sat down on the edge and stood Eloise in front of him.

“The first rule of giving yourself to your daddy is that you become his slut. Being daddy’s slut is not a bad thing, it’s very good. Daddy loves a good slut. Do you want to know how to be a good slut?”

“Yes, daddy,” she nodded eagerly, wanting to learn how to please him.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock!”

She knelt before him and took his cock in her hands. It was so hard and smooth. She parted her lips and licked them before she let his swollen cock head enter her sweet mouth. She felt him with her tongue and tasted his precum. She slowly sucked him into her mouth, taking time to feel every inch of him with her tongue. She cupped his balls with one hand and sucked his shaft as deep into her mouth as she could.

“Oh yeah, baby,” daddy moaned. “That’s great. Now fuck me with your mouth.”

Eloise started bobbing her head up and down on her daddy’s crotch. Each time she seemed to be able to fit a little bit more of him inside her. Her tongue kept playing with his cock as she sucked him in and out. Daddy’s breathing got laboured. She sucked harder and harder. She teased his balls some more. She wanted to know if there was anything else she could do to make this nicer for him, but she daren’t let go and ask.

Then she felt his hands on the back of her head. Slowly he forced his cock deeper into her until he was way down in her throat. Eloise could hardly breathe and her throat kept contracting around her daddy’s fuck tool. She wanted to let go, but daddy kept her face firmly in place. Then with a passionate cry he released himself. He shot his load down Eloise’s throat. He let go of her head and she came up, gasping for air. Daddy kept shooting his cum and he hit her face twice before he was done cumming.

“Oh baby,” he sighed. “You’re going to become a great cock sucking slut. Now go wash that cum off your face and come back here.”

Eloise saw her bright red face in the mirror and gasped at how dirty she looked with daddy’s cum. She ran her finger through the creamy liquid and tasted it. It tasted so good. She walked back into daddy’s bedroom and he was lying on his side, his cock in hand.

“Did you enjoy sucking my dick?” he asked her.

“I loved it,” she replied truthfully.

“Good. I’ll let you do it again later, only next time you swallow my entire load. I don’t want to see any cum on you unless I pull out and shoot it all over your tits. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now lie on your back and let daddy have a drink.”

She lay on her back and daddy moved down and parted her legs, opening up her wet hole for inspection.

“You’re so deliciously wet, baby,” he said and buried his face in her pussy.

Eloise cried with joy as she felt his stubble against her soft folds. He didn’t waste any time. His tongue soon parted her cunt lips and started lapping up her juices. He closed his lips around her clit and started flicking his tongue across it. Eloise had to hold on to the sheet as he moved away and started fucking her with his tongue.

She didn’t know how long she’d be able to take this sweet torture when all of a sudden he bit her clit as he dipped a finger in her tight hole. He continued sucking her clit for a while, slipping one finger after another inside her virgin cunt. Then he pulled his fingers out again, replacing them with his tongue and she suddenly felt his hands pulling her butt cheeks apart. Without warning, a pussy wet finger slid inside her ass hole and started wiggling.

That proved the last straw. His nose was putting pressure against her clit, his tongue was fucking her cunt and his finger was fucking her butt. She cried out as she gave in to the pleasure. Her body shivered as her first orgasm ripped through it. Daddy’s tongue didn’t let go until her orgasm started ebbing away.

Daddy crawled up next to his girl and kissed her tits.

“Did you enjoy that, baby?”

“Yes, daddy,” she sighed happily.

“Feel my cock.”

She wrapped her hand around it.

“Can you feel how hard it is?” daddy asked.

“Oh yes, daddy.”

“It’s aching for your tight cunt.”

“I’m aching for you, daddy.”

“Then say it. A good little slut will beg for what she wants.”

“Fuck me, daddy,” Eloise whispered.


“Fuck me, daddy.”

“Say it like you mean it.”

“Oh please, daddy! Fuck me now!!!”

He rolled on top of her, pinning her down with his weight. He pulled her legs up on his shoulders and then leaned forward to kiss her deeply. Eloise felt her ass lifting off the mattress as he kissed her and the pressure of his hard cock on her wet slit. She moved her hips and felt her pussy lips parting around his shaft.

“You’re such a hungry little slut,” he smiled at her.

He lifted his hips slightly and then slowly put pressure of his cock against her hole. Her slippery opening was no match for his hard fuck tool and his head was soon buried inside that wonderfully tight and warm hole. Eloise gasped as she slowly adjusted to his size. He pushed forward yet another bit and Eloise was panting. She knew it was going to hurt but her cunt kept begging him to go deeper. He pulled out slightly and she yelped from the loss and then, without warning, he charged his cock through her virginity barrier and she cried out with pain.

She didn’t know how long they lay like that. His cock was buried in her cunt, hurting her with its huge size and from having just broken her hymen. Then the magic happened. Eloise’s cunt relaxed around him and the pain ebbed away. She got used to his size and she wanted more. Her hips started gyrating slightly and he wasn’t slow on the uptake. He pulled his cock halfway out and then slammed back inside. He repeated the action. Each time he pulled out a bit further and slammed back a bit harder. Each time he put even more pressure on her clit.

Eloise was on fire for her daddy. He was sucking and biting and kneading her tits as he fucked her hard for the first time. All she could hear was the squeaking of the bed under their merciless pounding and the squishy sounds of his cock slamming into her dripping cunt. She could smell their union. She could feel her orgasm approaching.

“Daddy,” she panted. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh yes, baby,” he encouraged her. “Cum for daddy. Cum while daddy fucks your brains out.”

With a cry of joy her body convulsed under his. He didn’t stop fucking her as her cunt gripped his cock even tighter than before. He kept slamming into her inexperienced hole as the ecstasy possessed her in ways she’d never imagined.

She was slightly disappointed as she regained her breathing. She was such a failure. Daddy hadn’t cum. “Did I do it wrong?” she asked as he kept on fucking her tight cunt.

“Not at all, baby,” he panted back. “But I just came in your mouth, it takes longer the second time.”

He pulled out of her. “Get on your hands and knees.”

She rolled over and presented him with her creamy white butt. He pushed her down a bit further so that her wet hole was gaping at him. Again he shoved his cock in, managing to get even deeper this time. Eloise could hardly breathe. Daddy’s cock filled her completely. It felt so good. He grabbed hold of her tits and pulled her up. He kneaded her tits tightly and nibbled her neck. One look to her side and she caught their reflection in the mirror. The sexy image of their union made her drip even more juices down her thighs as daddy pulled out and pushed back in again. She moved her hand down and started rubbing her clit.

Daddy was grunting now with the effort he was putting into fucking her. “Rub that clit, honey! Rub it and make yourself cum!”

Encouraged by his words she licked her finger and then rubbed herself some more. It had an almost instant effect. She moaned out as her third orgasm of the morning started possessing her. When her cunt was convulsing and gripping his shaft tight he made one final deep slam and cried out as he shot his hot load straight up into her womb. She could feel her cunt milking daddy’s balls and when he was all spent they fell down on the bed and daddy pulled her close to him.

“You were wonderful, my love,” he whispered against her hair as he kissed her.

“So were you, daddy. When can we fuck again?”

He chuckled. “You’re ready for more already?”

“Oh yes, daddy. That was amazing.”

“Well, I’m an old man. I need at least a few minutes to recover from your wonderful cunt before I can possibly think of fucking you again.”

They cuddled up together and slept for a while. Then Eloise sucked him off again, taking his full load this time. Then he taught her how to 69 and ride him before the day was over. The only Christmas lunch that day was cock and cunt, and neither one wanted anything else.

As they lay spent after the day’s final wild fuck Eloise asked him. “Now what will happen?”

“What do you mean, baby?”

“Well, we didn’t use a condom. I might be pregnant.”

Daddy smiled. “I know. I hope I’ve planted my seeds in you.”

“But people here know you’re my dad.”

“That’s true. We can’t get married if we continue living here.”


Ten months later Eloise put her baby son in his crib and went into her bedroom. She put on the babydoll that she’d last worn at Christmas and waited for her husband to come home. They’d been married on New Year’s Eve and they’d moved several hundred miles from their old home. Most of the time she remembered to call her husband Elliot, but sometimes she slipped and called him daddy. Their new friends just smiled at that, taking it as a term of endearment between newlyweds who were having their first baby.

As Elliot came through the door he was greeted by his sexy young wife. They’d had sex all the time up to the birth of their baby, a baby that was his this time around, but now he hadn’t been able to fuck her for several weeks and his loins ached for her. Seeing her matured figure, her breasts were now double D-cups, made his cock stir.

“Did you see the doctor today?”

“Yes, we can have sex again.”

“Say it, baby.”

“Fuck me daddy.”


“Please fuck me, daddy. Please give me your cock.”

They didn’t make it to the bedroom. He pulled her babydoll off her head and sucked on her ripe tits as he slammed inside her cunt, immensely satisfied by the fact that her pelvic floor exercises and her youth meant that she was almost as tight as before. He was driven by an animal urge, not paying much attention to how Eloise was feeling, he just had to fuck his wife’s brains out again. He was desperate for a release. Then he felt a familiar shudder, followed by a convulsive grip around his shaft. He couldn’t hold back anymore. He cried out and shot a load that had waited for weeks to be released. He pumped his cream inside her and collapsed next to her. It took them several minutes to breathe normally again and then they got up and walked into the bedroom. He got undressed and lay on the bed to watch the most beautiful sight in the world. He watched the young woman who was once his daughter and now his wife sucking her juices off his once more hard cock.

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