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Student Becomes a Maid

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You are a poor student, in dire need of money to pay this semester’s tuition. You visit the financial aid office to see if they can help you to find a way to make the payments, a loan, a grant, a scholarship, a job, anything. The aid officer sternly reviewed your records, shaking his head and tsking from time to time.

You shift in your seat uncomfortably. He finally looks up at you, shaking his head “You’re not qualified for much – you’re not smart enough for a scholarship or a grant, and frankly, I don’t have the confidence that you’ll EVER be able to repay a loan.”

There’s a sinking in the pit of your stomach, this was your last hope, but you’ve been shot down, and on top of it, insulted. Head down, shoulders slumped, you begin to stand to leave, hopeless and dejected. “There may be one thing that EVEN YOU are capable of.”

“Yes sir, anything.”

“One of our alumni posted a listing for a maid during His Private functions and…..”

“Yes sir, I’ll take it.”

You get the details on the location of the house and time you are to meet your prospective employer. You arrive at the home of the alumnus and ring the bell. You’re dressed conservatively in a blue pin striped pant suit, you don’t want to take any chances by looking unprofessional, and this seems to be your last chance to make the money necessary for your tuition and to keep you in school. You don’t want to end up like the rest of your family, uneducated and doing menial tasks for minimum wage.

The alumnus answers the door, he doesn’t say a word, he just looks you up and down and turns and walks away. Since he left the door open, you assume that you were meant to follow. You’re thinking to yourself “What is this guy’s deal.” You cautiously enter the dining room and find him seated at the table, you start to speak “Excuse me sir….”

He puts his finger to his lips, motioning you to stop speaking.

“Since you’ve taken it upon yourself to enter my home, you’re telling me that you’re accepting the position. I will hire you for my gathering this evening, if you meet my expectations, you will not have to worry about tuition in the future. The job was listed at the University as a maid, but I cannot stress enough to you that your job is to keep my guests happy and satisfied, do you understand?”

Hardly able to contain your excitement about and end to your money problems, you nearly shout, “Yes sir, I understand completely.”

“Fine young lady, I expect you here at 8 pm sharp. One last thing, your uniform. This is what I expect you to be wearing,” as he hands you a box. You’re so ecstatic about a job that you immediately answer “yes sir,” without even looking to see what your uniform consisted of.

You leave his house and spend the afternoon running some errands. By the time you got home, it was about 5:30, plenty of time to take a bath, get dressed and get back to his house on time. You open the box for the first time, your reaction “Oh my God.” You were expecting a drab, hotel maid type uniform, your expectations were off. The uniform consisted of leather corset that just barely covers your nipples, leaving your sexy belly exposed. Your breasts seem as if they will spill out at any second. There are fishnet thigh highs with a garter, a frilly lace skirt that does not even reach the top of your stockings, silk panties with the whole uniform topped off with a leather choker complete with one steel ring on the front. You’re not normally one who’s shy about showing off your incredible tight little body and long, long slender legs, but this is a job, so you’re self conscience. You hop in your car to drive to his house, but first grab a rain coat to cover yourself. You feel sexy, but you don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression of you.

You arrive at His house at 7:45, but there are already several cars in the driveway and parked on the street. You go around to the side of the house as you were previously instructed. You enter the kitchen and find Him waiting there for you. “You won’t be needing that coat this evening,” as He slides it off your shoulders. He drinks you in with an inspection that both makes you feel uncomfortable and at the same time, flattered. “That’s much better than your stodgy suit you wore earlier. Remember, your job is to keep my guests satisfied, and if you’re able to do that, your money concerns have come to an end. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” as you blush and drop your head as you realize He is still studying you and every inch of your semi exposed little body.

You enter the room of the party; there you see several couples, a few single women and Him. Everyone’s eyes are glued to you, you’re really blushing now as you clear up empty glasses and dishes and fill glasses with various drinks. Without realizing it you start to begin to relish the attention, you haven’t felt this sort of reaction to anything you’ve done in months, maybe years; people actually seemed to be appreciating you for something you’ve done, who cares if it was some meaningless job. You begin to hold your head up as you walk about the room, completing your duties. You feel sexy in your uniform, showing off your young college age figure, long, long slender legs, flat tight stomach, hard perfectly rounded ass and firm perfect breasts. You feel so sexy that steadily your nipples begin to harden and there’s heat building between those long sexy legs. You like turning the heads of the male guests and feeling the envy of the female guests.

You’re in the kitchen cleaning some dishes when one of the women comes in. She fills her glass with wine and turns to you “Why don’t you take a break and join me, I don’t like to drink by myself.”

“I really shouldn’t. I’m being paid to work and I don’t think my employer would appreciate it too much.”

“Relax, we’ve been friends for years and if I tell Him that I asked you to join me, it will be fine.”

After a little more coaxing, you finally give in. You begin to chat with her and begin to relax and feel the stress of the work leave you. It doesn’t bother you that she is very touchy feely while talking, holding your hand as she speaks, her hand on your shoulder as you share a laugh. Not only is she very friendly, you take note that she is striking, tall athletic, very beautiful for a woman in her early 40s. You finish your glass of wine and begin to return to you work for fear of blowing your big break.

She turns to you and says “Pardon me, I’ve got one last interruption,” Before you are able to respond, she grabs you by the shoulders, pulls you close and kisses you deeply and passionately. You’re shocked and pull yourself away, “I’m flattered Ma’am, but I’m not a lesbian. I think you’re very stunning, but I really need to get back to work as I can’t afford to lose this job.”

Her friendly demeanor seemed to change like flipping a light switch “I know the instructions that He gave to you, your first priority is to make sure that all of the guests are satisfied or your employment will be terminated. I’m a guest and I expect to leave satisfied.”

You are petrified, mortified, stunned; you don’t know what to do. Before you can decide your next action, she is back exploring your mouth with her tongue, her hands are squeezing your breasts through the corset, pulling you close. You’re caught up in the moment and momentarily relish the lust she is showing you. You come to your senses and begin to push her off you, but suddenly, you’re unable to push, He is behind you and has grabbed your arms forcibly, pulling them together behind your back, pushing your breasts forward into her greedy hands.

“I thought I made clear to you my expectations, I guess you don’t want to finish your education.”

“Sir, I do very much, but….” His hand clamped down over your mouth.

“There are no qualifiers, this is a yes or no question. Do you want my assistance to complete your education?” By this time, her hands were running up and down your long legs, she had popped your lovely breasts from the corset and was devouring your hard aching nipples, licking , sucking and biting. The pleasure was beginning to overwhelm you, making it hard to concentrate on His proposition.

You gasp as her fingers begin to trace your panties, feeling your engorged lips, “Whatever her answer, her body is saying ‘Yes.” Your hot sweet juices are beginning to soak the panties. You feel them slowly trickle down your firm toned thighs to the tops of the stockings. He is holding you from behind and she is ravaging you with her hands and mouth. Instinctively, your legs spread to open yourself to greet her exploring fingers. Just as suddenly as she began to take you, she stops “I believe you were asked a question young lady, and I expect an answer right now.” He spoke, the sternness of His tone was unmistakable. She was kneeling down, caressing your calves, kissing your thighs.

“God please don’t stop,” you beg before you can stop the words from leaving your lips.

She looks up at you and grins ear to ear.

“Answer the questions.” He repeats once more as He swats your beautiful ass with a hard SLAP.

“Please don’t make me say this.” you plead as you come to your senses and try to wiggle free.

“Answer me, NOW.” He bellows as once again His hand squarely SMACKS your tight little ass.

“Yes,” you meekly whisper.

“Yes what?” He repeats, “Do not make me ask again, you’ll regret it.”

“Yes sir, I want to continue my education,” you reply, your eyes welling with tears, understanding you’ve been broken.

“Excellent MY maid, your instructions for the evening remain the same, ensure my guests are completely satisfied. Begin by eating her juicy little pussy.”

You’d been so concerned with your situation that you hadn’t noticed that she had slipped onto the counter top, skirt bunched around her waist, long sexy legs spread wide, her juicy pussy oozing its juices right before your eyes. He grabs the back of your head and shoves it into her waiting snatch.

“Eat maid, make her cum all over your face, clean up that mess between her legs,” He commands with a slight laugh.

You have no choice but to follow His orders as He shoves your head into her silky smooth folds while she is thrusting her hips to meet your advance. You’ve always been a little timid to even taste your own juices when fingering yourself, but now you find your face buried deep into a strange woman’s hot tight pussy, sucking, licking like there’s not tomorrow. It’s hard to breathe with pressure being exerted on your head from both His strong hand and her vice like thighs not letting your mouth move even slightly away from her ravenous sex, with the only air reaching your lungs being the scent of her sweet hot tight pussy. You’ve been so intent on following His instructions that you don’t immediately recognize the new waves of heat and wetness fighting for release from those silk panties of yours.

In the meantime, His free hand is groping your tight young body. He has cuffed your hands behind your back and since she freed your breasts from the confining corset, the cool air is hardening your nipples even more than your lust, if that’s possible. His nimble fingers are twisting, pulling and pinching your hard nipples, causing you to moan in an incredible mix of pain and pleasure, making it even more difficult for you to draw a breathe. His hand has now moved from your aching breasts to your not much longer to be virgin asshole. His fingers are teasing the entrance as your juices are streaming down your slender thighs. You’re able to break concentration on the juicy pussy in your mouth enough to feel the sensation of your legs being spread wider, then something being tightened around your ankles, and it becomes quite clear that you’re going to be unable to close those long, long legs of yours any time soon. This is when it dawns on you that there is still the strong pressure pushing the back of your head. You are able wiggle your head free just enough to see that the rest of the party guests have joined you in the kitchen. They are in various states of undress, some watching the entertainment, some beginning to join in. There are two mouths firmly clamped on her beautiful breasts, sucking, licking and biting. There is a cock pumping in and out of her mouth as she screams from the pleasure you’re giving to her. There is a couple involved in a 69 on the kitchen table. This is all you’re able to take in of the scene before your eyes are forced to roll back in your head as all at once, there are mouths on both of your breasts, a hand is reaching inside of your soaking panties, ripping them from your flesh, fingers pumping furiously in and out of your aching soaking little pussy, then the final attack as your virgin ass is invaded by a huge hard cock, pumping in and out, pounding you, harder and harder, spanking you as you’re used.

The intensity of the fucking, fingering, spanking and sucking you’re receiving is too much and your long legs are unable to support you any longer. Your pussy convulses, sending shudders up and down your spine, soaking the hand pumping your pussy, you begin to collapse from your nonending orgasm, but those using you hold you up so their entertainment will not end. At that moment, she finally explodes in orgasm after quaking orgasm, squirting her hot juices into your mouth and down your throat. You drink them up, anything to give you energy to withstand the abuse your body is taking. Your cumming caused your ass to clamp down hard on the cock pumping your ass, milking it hard until you feel jets of hot cum into your ass. The cock keeps pumping in and out and as it pulls out, you feel the hot cum running down your used ass, only to have your ass filled with cock again. This continues until you feel the cock stop spurting into you.

Finally those luscious thighs release you from their grasp. She sits up, licks her lips, grabs your face and kisses you passionately, ramming her tongue deep into your mouth, tasting her juices on your lips.

“For a straight girl, you eat pussy pretty well.” She lowers herself, kissing and licking down your neck, pausing to play with your tits and beginning to lick the combination of your juices and cum from your thighs. She slowly works her way around to your ass and begins to probe it with her tongue. My god, she is sucking the cum from your ass, you begin to shake. As you moan, the wet cock that had been in your ass is forced into your mouth, you taste the cum and your ass as you lick and suck it clean. As you clean the cock that just fucked your ass, she continues to lick your ass and another tongue is in your pussy. You’re going insane, there is no break from the use of your holes, you can’t stop cumming, and they won’t let you. Your entire body is shaking, quivering from the intensity of what they are doing to you, how they are using you, how you are so, so enjoying the use. Just thinking about how you’re being used is almost as exciting to you as the stimulation of the mouths, fingers and cocks exploring every inch of your sexy little body.

One orgasm runs into the next, every time you cum, there is a rotation, a new cock or pussy in your mouth and a different cock, tongue or set of fingers plundering your spent pussy and abused little ass. You’re lost as you can no longer comprehend what is happening, you can only focus on the intensity of the feelings surging through out your entire body, never ending. You can no longer see anything that’s going on, you’re flying as your mind has been so overwhelmed by stimulation that you’re only option is to let the ecstasy flow. You hear moans and screams but you have been so carried away that you are unable to determine if they are coming from the others in the room or from the depths of your mind. The only reality is the intensity of feeling, you’re not even sure what you’re feeling, just that it’s never ending and that it’s wonderful.

You awake from your blackout, groggy, unsure of the time, or even the day. You look down, you’re covered with your juices, the men’s cum and the women’s juices. The only clothing remaining on your used body are the fishnet stockings, bunched around your ankles. Your hands are still bound behind your back, but your legs are free. You try to stand, but before you can get to your knees, He is there. He reaches down and fastens a leash to the steel loop on your choker. He cups your face in His hands and runs His hands through your mat of hair. He strokes your back as He unlocks your hands. He turns and begins to walk away, tugging on the leash. You gather your strength to crawl on all fours behind Him. He leads you up the stairs to a room.

“Well maid, you’ve done an adequate job satisfying my guests. I’ve decided that you’re going to be my live in maid from now on. You are only allowed to leave the house to go to class or to accompany me. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir,” as you bow your head and slump your shoulders.

“You’ve satisfied my guests, now it’s time for you to satisfy Me.” as He unzips His pants and strokes His hard, rigid cock.

As you move towards Him to take His cock into your mouth, you think to yourself “I think I’m really going to like this job.” You close your eyes as you taste the first drops of His precum “It’s not every day where the help is expected to be the life of the party.”

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