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My Fantasy

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While driving back from the mall my thoughts went to my boyfriend Will and how close he and I had become. For so long I had been looking for someone that I felt comfortable telling all of my fantasies to and not have them run scared in the other direction. He and I had explored so many new avenues together but there was the one that we had yet to journey to.

I wanted so much to experience the total abandonment of being with two men but my fantasy had a strange twist to it. I wanted both of the men to be bisexual so that we could all enjoy ourselves.

I knew that Will was bisexual and he had been searching for the perfect person for our threesome. Since it would be a new experience for the two of us he wanted to find the right person. I pulled into the driveway and noticed Will’s car home with a truck parked behind it. I had never seen the truck before and took it that it was one of Will’s friends that I had never met.

I walked into the house and could hear laughter from the living room and it was unmistakably male. When I waked into the living-room Will immediately got up from the sofa and came towards me and wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug and whispered into my ear,” Don’t be nervous baby but I think I have found the right one for our three-some.”

Will then released me and I walked over to the sofa and introduced myself to the very handsome gentleman that sat there. Alex shook my hand softly and I noticed him eye me up and down and I did the same. He was a very well built gentleman that took pride in his body and it was easier to tell once he stood up. His broad shoulders tapered down to a narrow waist. His jet-black hair framed a face that had sparkling blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. I turned from Alex back to Will and asked Will if he would please order some food from the Chinese place down the road and have them deliver it. Will smiled and said, “of course”. I looked at the two very sensual men before me and said.” Would you two please excuse me while I get comfy and freshen up a bit.” Will got up from the sofa and placed a gentle kiss on my cheek and said for me to take my time that they would wait for me.

I quickly stripped and got into the shower and noticed that my pulse was racing. Was this going to be the night? Was Alex going to be the one? Just thinking about it made me tingle all over and my nipples began to harden. As I washed the smooth lips of my bare pussy I realized how slick with juices I had become just thinking about it. I let my fingers slide in between the moist lips and let them glide over my clit a few times. If I continued it would not take me long to have a wonderful orgasm. I quickly drew my hand away and rinsed myself off and got out the shower. I wrapped a towel around my head and dried off and generously applied my favorite perfume on and slid into my robe. Pulling the towel off of my hair I quickly fluffed it the best that I could and headed out the door.

As I approached the living room I stopped for a brief moment and took in the site before my eyes.

The food had been delivered and was sitting on the table. The site that held me was the one of Alex and Will on the sofa locked in a passionate embrace and kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. I noticed that there was a movie on the TV and in it the two guys were well into a hot and steamy lovemaking session. I quietly walked up behind the sofa and just watched Alex and Will. The vision of them making out had my nipples rock hard and pressing against my satin robe. My nipple rings quite evident. Looking down I saw Will’s hand caressing Alex’s crotch, the bulge betraying a very nice cock. I never noticed my own hand come up and start to rub my nipples until I released a soft moan.

Both Alex and Will looked up and back at the same time and found me staring at them. Neither seemed surprised and Will just smiled. He reached one hand back and loosened the tie on my robe allowing it to slide open and reveal the hardened tips of my luscious breasts. He looked at Alex and said, ” See how beautiful they are, “Didn’t I tell you that they were a treasure to behold.” Alex smiled and agreed.

I smiled sweetly as I walked away from the sofa belting my robe along the way. Taking plates and utensils out of the kitchen I heard Will and Alex talking but could not understand what they were saying.

When I put the plates on the table they approached me, neither had on shirts. My mouth started watering…not at the food we were about to eat but at the two gorgeous hunks before me. I sat down and they quickly followed suit and we ate in silence. I am guessing that we were all wondering just where this night was going to take us. My thoughts were drifting towards a night of extreme passion and exploration.

Going to places that we had never been, but have always dreamed of being there. The guys finished eating and Will came over and whispered in my ear…”Alex and I are going to hit the shower, the next move is yours babe.” I felt my heart start to race and my breathing stop all in one instant. Tonight was going to be the night. My fantasy was going to come true.

As Will and Alex headed to the bathroom I cleared off the table and heard the water start to run in the shower. My curiosity was getting the best of me, I had to see what was going on. I slowly walked to the bathroom and I could hear my heart beating. I opened the door and the sight before me almost brought me to my knees. Alex was leaning back against the shower wall, his eyes closed in ecstasy. The cause of his ecstasy was quite evident; Will was on his knees in the shower and had Alex’s hard cock deep in his mouth. I knew how talented Will’s mouth was and could only imagine what Alex was feeling at this moment. As the water rained down upon their bodies I went and stand in the corner and just watched.

Alex’s hands found Will’s head and he began to thrust his cock in and out of Will’s mouth. The moaning coming from both of them was sending me further and further into a deep state of arousal. Alex started groaning louder and I knew he was close, close to releasing his hot load of cum into Will’s mouth. I started to become jealous and remembered that I would have my turn later. I saw Will swallowing quickly as Alex filled his mouth with that sweet yet salty load. Will then stood up and kissed him, letting Alex taste himself. The passion of the kiss was quite evident. I chose this moment to leave quietly and unnoticed and go to the bedroom.

I started lighting candles in the bedroom and turned some soft music on the stereo. I felt Will come up behind me and wrap his arms around me, his hands cupping my breasts. He started whispering in my ear, ” Kiss me, kiss me and taste Alex.” I turned around and started kissing him deeply. The lingering taste of Alex’s cum still there in his mouth on driving me further over the edge. When the kiss broke Alex was standing next to us, I knew there was no going back. I reached a hand up and softly touched his check, willing him to press his lips to mine. As his head came towards mine, I held my breath. My eyes closed as our lips met, the softness of his lips amazed me, I wanted to taste more. I extended my tongue out, softly running it over his lips, teasing. His tongue met mine and they danced together, the fires starting to grow ever hotter. I broke the kiss and looked at Will, ” Please baby, I want to watch Alex make love to you.” The smile on both of their faces told me I would get what I wanted.

Alex walked to the bed and laid down on his side, he motioned for Will to join him and I went to the foot of the bed and sat down. Will slid onto the bed with Alex and wrapped his strong arms around him.

As they started kissing I let my robe fall open and began to play with my nipple rings, adding to the excitement already going through my body. They were both stroking each other’s cocks. Long slow deliberate strokes. Alex leaned his head down to Will’s nipples and began to nibble and lick, making turning them into small hard pebbles. As he worked his way down Will’s stomach, Will rolled to his back, spreading his legs. Alex climbed between Will’s legs and continued to stroke his cock as he kissed his way down. At the moment that took Will’s cock into his mouth Will released a deep moan. “Oh god yessssssssssssssss,” was the only thing that he could say. I watched as Alex started to suck Will’s throbbing cock, his mouth making little slurping noises. His hand moved to Will’s balls to caress them, feeling the weight of the sweet treasure waiting there. Will’s head was moving from side to side, the groans coming from him spoke of the pleasure he was receiving. Alex’s mouth came off of Will’s cock and slid to his balls, licking, sucking, and teasing. Will spread his legs further apart and I knew what Alex’s next target would be.

Will love to have his ass licked, something that I loved to do for him. It drove me wild to watch another man do this to him, give him the pleasure that I was so used to giving him. I watched Alex’s tongue dart out and tease his tight hole. I could no longer control myself. I took my robe off and went to the nightstand and got a bottle of lube and a leather cock ring. I went back to the bed and lay down, my head near Will’s cock. I reached up and caressed his cock and at the same time bringing my other hand with the cock ring and placing it around his balls and wrapping it around his cock. I knew how long he could last with this on, having used it many times before. Wills hips were moving up and down, riding Alex’s tongue on his ass. I watched as Alex’s tongue drove him wild, darting in, teasing, and penetrating that tight ass.

Alex stopped licking and looked up at me, he saw the lube lying on the bed. “Do you want me to fuck Will, is that what you want to see?” he said to me. I could not answer him, my voice totally gone. I nodded my head and Alex smiled and got up to his knees. His cock was hard and jutting out from his sculptured body and just seeing it made my mouth water. “Lick it baby, help get it ready.” I needed no more encouragement; I leaned down and took it into my mouth. I don’t know if it was the thrill of sucking a different cock or the thrill of Will watching me, but I licked Alex’s cock like there was no tomorrow. After only a short while he stopped me, I turned and looked at Will who had been watching me. “Baby his cock looked so good in your mouth,” Will spoke softly. “But it is going to look great sliding into your ass”, I said to Will. Will handed Alex a condom at the same time that I opened the lube. Alex took his time rolling the condom over his cock, covering the entire shaft ever so slowly. Will slowly rolled to his side and Alex lay behind him. “Lube us both baby, get my ass ready for his cock. Make his cock slick for my ass.” Will’s words hit me hard. My hands were trembling as I poured lube into one, the intense passion making my whole body shiver. I brought my hand to Alex’s cock, generously applying the lube. Will’s ass was next. I took the bottle opened it and poured it right onto his ass, making sure enough was there.

Will’s top leg went back to rest on Alex’s, giving Alex a very willing and ready target. “Put my cock in his ass babe, lead me to it.” Alex’s voice was mesmerizing, I had to do what he told me too. Reaching down I gently grasped that throbbing hard cock and put it against Will’s ass. I saw Will take a deep breath and I knew he was ready. As Alex pushed forward, Will pushed back and I watched as it happened. “Oh god, it’s in” was all I could say. Will’s deep moan told the same story. I watched as Alex started to move his hips back and forth, going deeper into Will’s ass with each stroke. Both of them had their eyes closed, the pleasure written all over their faces. I could not stop myself and I lay down, placing my mouth next to Will’s cock. I opened my mouth and leaned forward taking Will’s throbbing shaft into my mouth. I felt it swelling in my mouth and tasted the pre-cum. I knew that he would not take long to cum. I could feel the power of Alex’s thrusts, each time he drove into Will’s ass it drove Will’s cock deeper into my mouth and I willingly took it. The tempo we established was a slow but hard one. One that assured that every stroke, every sensation that was there was felt. Will’s body started to jerk slightly and I knew he was close. Alex’s groaning betrayed his quick approach also. I reached up and unsnapped the cock ring and will half screamed, half groaned as his cum started to pour out of his cock and into my mouth. I quickly swallowed as Alex grabbed Will’s hips and buried himself deep into his ass. ” Ohhhhhhhhhh dayum.” Was all that Alex could mutter. His orgasm raced through his body. As they both relaxed all I could do was smile and lick my lips. So decadent yet so wonderful, I knew that we were not through yet.

As I lie there and looked at Will and Alex resting, I wondered what would happen next, which way would this journey of exploration take us. Will reached down and took my hand in his and pulled me up to lay face to face to him. As he started to kiss me I knew that he could taste his cum on my lips. I also knew that he savored it as much as I did. Before I could react Will pulled me on top of him and quickly placed me in between him and Alex. My breathing quickened as I looked at the men on either side of me, such sensual creatures, and they were both for me tonight. Both Will and Alex lay on their sides facing me flat on my back, I was surrounded by such delectable flesh.

I looked at Will and smiled. He knew how special this was for me. When I turned to Alex he smiled and then leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. The kiss was soft and gentle. I felt his tongue slide into my mouth and begin to explore. I let my tongue dance with his, tasting him, savoring his essence. I felt hands on both of my breasts, caressing, massaging, and teasing. I broke the kiss with Alex and looked down to see Will leaning his head toward my breast, the anticipation taking me ever higher. Alex followed Will’s move and went to the other breast. The moment that Alex’s mouth connected with my nipple lightening shot through my body. His tongue teased and tugged on my nipple ring, driving me wild.

I closed my eyes and pushed my head back into the pillow, so many sensations coursing through me, I felt as if I was on fire. I could feel a hand parting my legs but had no idea whose it was, I really didn’t care.

I parting my thighs willingly and let the hand slide in. My smooth bare pussy was slick with my juices, flowing heavier than ever before. Fingers began to dance over my clit, teasing, making it hard and throbbing. A warm sensation started to overcome me, my body trembling and I knew my orgasm was close. I let it overtake me, hot pulses of pleasure washed over me as my orgasm roared through my body, juices flowed. Both Alex and Will stopped at the same time, letting me catch my breath. Will then leaned towards my head and whispered to me, “Now is the time, no turning back, are you sure that you want this?” I looked at him and nodded my head, ” More than ever I know that I want it.”

We moved around on the bed and Alex lie on his back, his cock was semi-hard and we were about to change that. Both Will and I headed toward Alex’s cock, our mouths meeting there. Alex inhaled quickly as our tongues started to dance over his cock. Our tongues teased that throbbing shaft and teasing each other. I stopped and reached for a condom and took my time rolling it down Alex’s cock, stroking it ever so gently. I looked at Alex and smiled as I climbed over him, positioning myself over that waiting hardness, wanting to feel what Will had felt earlier. I took a deep breath and lowered myself slowly letting him fill me, his thickness stretching me ever so sweetly. I felt Will behind me massaging my buttocks, the sureness of his touch not unfamiliar to me. I started to grind against Alex and then felt the sharp sting as Will slapped my ass. “Slow down woman, you are too greedy,” he said playfully. I could only smile and leaned more over Alex, letting my breasts rub against his chest. His hands came up to caress them, his touch ever so sure of the pleasure it was causing. I felt something cool against my ass and knew immediately what it was, the lube. I knew at this point there was no turning back. Will grabbed my hips and told me to stop moving, ” Take a deep breath and relax baby, just let yourself float away.” As I took a deep breath Alex pulled my head down to his and just before he kissed me he said something to Will that shocked me. “Take her Will. Lets give her what she wants…you know how much she wants it.”

The moment his lips met mine I felt Will’s cock against my ass, I was scared yet excited. Finally to be filled with two hard throbbing cocks, stretched out beyond my belief. Alex kissed me harder as I felt Will enter my ass, the pain and the pleasure combined into a mind blowing combination. I wanted to scream out but could not because of Alex’s passionate kiss. I broke the kiss with Alex and pushed my head back and felt Will push the rest of his length into me, leaning forward and pressing his chest to my back. He whispered into my ear, “How is this baby, is it what you imagined, do you like it?” I moaned loudly and let out a hissing ” yesssssssssssssssssssss.” I felt the 2 cocks start to move in me, both Alex and Will stroking with a rhythm that would quickly drive me over the edge.

The feeling of being so filled stretched as much as possible, was earth shattering and a dream come true. My body trembled and shuddered from the intense passion and desire. I started to moan louder, almost screaming. Will knew that I was close and picked up his tempo. Alex read off of Will and did the same. I let go of a primal scream as my body jerked and shuddered, my orgasm strong and intense. This only made Alex and Will drive into me harder and faster, filling me over and over and over. One orgasm rolled into another, my body beyond my control. I heard Will groan and then grab my hips tight and drive his cock into me hard one last time, his orgasm rocking his body. No sooner than he came Alex pushed up hard and hissed as his orgasm overtook him. We all lie there for a moment. Exhausted yet so alive from the experience. Will slid off of me and helped me off of Alex. As we all lie there I was at a loss for words.

My fantasy had come true…

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