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Stuck Up Cheerleader

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Greg waved goodbye to his wife, Susan, as she backed her Camry out of the driveway. Before she was even out of the driveway he started planning his weekend. He couldn’t remember the last time he had the house to himself for an hour, much less a whole weekend. But he figured it might happen more often.

His daughter was a senior in High School now and his son was away at college spending way too much money and probably partying his ass off.

Greg laughed as he remembered his college days. He had really thought his life would continue to be one great party after school. It didn’t turn out that way though. It never did.

Greg quickly dismissed those thoughts. He didn’t want to dwell on the fact that he was about to turn forty and his life wasn’t what he had expected it to be. It all seemed so… so, damn depressing. It was going by way too fast.

What to do first, he thought to himself. And so it went like this. He got his stash out of the back of his closet and stoked up the bong. Then it was leftovers for lunch and he topped it off with chocolate pudding.

As he watched a funny movie he had the impulse to hide his stash and bong since it was almost four pm and Angela usually got home about now when she didn’t have cheerleading practice. But then he remembered that she was probably boarding the bus to cheerleader camp right now, so he didn’t have to worry about it.

He pulled himself up from the couch and decided to actually accomplish something productive. He opened the garage and started to pull his car out to wash it in the driveway, but as he started to back up a red Mustang pulled in, blocking his way.

Frustrated, Greg put the car in park and jumped out of his car. As he turned to the car behind him he recognized his daughter’s best friend and head of the cheerleaders, Janie Williams. In the 2 seconds it took him to step to the driver door, he had several thoughts.

First was the time he went out back to the clean the pool and found Angela and Janie sunbathing. He actually stopped in his tracks when he saw Janie in a skimpy bikini.

He remembered years ago, when his daughter was a little kid, wondering if he would even be attracted to her friends when she grew up. Over the years he worried less and less about it. Sure, some of her friends were real babes, but he never stared, leered, or made a nuisance of himself around her friends; until now.

Before he could collect himself, Janie had turned and saw him. In that instant he knew he was busted. He quickly looked over her shoulder as if he was looking for something. Then he walked to the shed to get the pool net. As he came back around the corner he heard Janie telling Angela that she was kinda weirded out by her dad. Greg blushed and kept his head down as he headed to the far end of the pool. He was so embarrassed and to make matters worse, he was getting a hard on and his shorts did little to hide it.

Since that day he was always surprised when he saw Janie. His heart skipped a beat and his palms started to sweat whenever she was around. He tried to ignore her like he did Angela’s other friends, but he couldn’t help stealing looks whenever he thought it was safe. Janie was just too fucking hot to ignore.

The next thought Greg had as he leaned down towards the driver window, was why would Janie be here? Why would she be here without Angela? Why wasn’t she on the bus going to cheerleader camp?

Janie looked up at him but didn’t open the window or door. Instead she tried to say something, but was crying too hard.

Greg pulled the door open and was surprised to find his hand all sticky from the handle. Janie was still crying as Greg tried to ask her what happened. All he could understand from her blubbering was something about two assholes from the football team. Greg wondered for a split second what she was talking about, then he noticed her hands. She kept them on the steering wheel and they were glossy. In fact, she was glossy all over. Then he understood that someone had drenched her in this sticky stuff.

Greg had seen and heard enough. He said, “Don’t worry. I’ll call your parents and…”

Janie stopped him, “No! Please don’t call them. I’ll be grounded forever and I’ll miss the prom. Please, please, please don’t call them. I just need to get unstuck. Will you help me Mr. Smith? Please?”

Greg held his hands out and asked, “OK, what do you want me to do?”

Janie started crying again. She sobbed and then stifled another one. She looked at Greg with her best puppy dog eyes and said, “Will you please help me get unstuck? I just need to get cleaned up and go home. Please, I didn’t have anywhere else to go and it’s almost impossible to turn the car with my hands stuck.”

Greg held up his hands and told her, “OK, OK. Let’s see what we have here?”

After confirming that her hands were truly stuck to the steering wheel he leaned in and shifted the car into park and turned it off. Then he had to wash his hands to get the sticky stuff off.

Janie explained how Jake and Tim from the football team had ambushed her from behind the bleachers. They ran up from opposite directions and each one threw a bucket of this stuff at her. She would have cleaned up at school, but they chased her with bags of confetti. She quickly jumped in her car and took off. A minute later she discovered hr hands were stuck to the wheel. Then she figured out she was stuck to the seat and the sticky stuff was drying fast. Since Angela’s house was on the way from school she stopped here.

Greg put some lotion on his hands and then tried again to help Janie pull her hands from the steering wheel. They wouldn’t budge without pulling her flesh off. Greg figured it was some kind of glue and it was good glue at that.

He went inside and looked for nail polish remover. He found some rags under the kitchen sink. Then he found some solvent in the garage that he had used as paint thinner.

He took everything to the car. When he opened the door he noticed Janie was sweating. It was pretty warm out and with the car off, there was no ventilation in the car.

He quickly told Janie what he found. She asked, “What will that do to my hands?”

Greg replied, “I don’t know. I used it last summer and had to wear gloves. It’s pretty strong stuff. I would’ve liked to have used nail polish remover, but Angela must have taken it with her.”

They agreed to just try unsticking her back. Greg dripped a liberal dose behind her neck, careful not to put it directly on her skin. He slowly soaked the back of her cheerleading uniform. After a few minutes they were only able to pull the fabric away from her skin, but the shirt was stuck to the seat.

By now it was suffocating in the car. The smell of the solvent did not help things at all so Greg rolled the windows down and had the driver side door open wide, but it did little to abate the heat. Janie asked for a drink and Greg went inside.

As he went inside he was a little pissed off that his one weekend to himself was already ruined. He grabbed a cold bottle of water from the fridge and eyed a beer on the lower shelf. He grabbed the beer for himself and left.

Janie smiled when she saw the beer. Greg noticed she was eyeing the brew so he offered her some. He only held it out for a second when she laughed and said, “Thanks, but, I’m kind of helpless here. Could you open it for me?”

Greg laughed and opened the beer. He carefully lifted it to her lips and she drank greedily. As she gulped and some dribbled down her chin he was overwhelmed by her natural beauty. She giggled as the some of the beer dribbled down her chin and onto her cleavage. Greg sat the beer down and tried to help free her from the back of the seat.

He said, “Ya know, the material is coming away from you better than from the seat.”

She laughed, “I know. I think I’ll have to rip this shirt to get out of here.”

Greg seriously said, “But you’d still be stuck to the front of the shirt.”

Janie agreed and Greg poured a little more solvent down her back. They waited a few more minutes and it was too hot. Greg rolled down the back windows to get a little more air in the car.

Then they tried to pull her back from the seat. This time they were only able to get about a quarter of an inch free before Janie yelped in pain. Pulling on her back was like pulling the skin right off.

They waited and tried over and over. After making little progress and causing Janie plenty of pain, Greg suggested they try from the front. He explained, “It looks like you have less glue in the front and there’s no seat stuck to it. So if we can get your front separated from your shirt then we can work towards the back on both sides at once.”

Janie was a little nervous, but her back was so sore now so she agreed. She felt like she was going to have to spend the rest of her life in this hot car. Besides, she had to pee now. She asked, “So how do we do this?”

Greg chuckled, “We? I think I’ll have to do the work while you just sit there.”

Janie laughed a little and said, “Oh yeah. That’s what I meant.”

Greg went on, “OK, here’s the plan. I’m going to soak the front of your uniform and then, if it comes free, we can cut your shirt down the middle and across the shoulders. Sound good?”

Janie nodded nervously. When she came here she thought someone could just help pull her free. She hadn’t known Mr. Smith would be the only one home, although she knew Janie wasn’t there. Now he was going to be cutting her clothes off of her.

Greg dripped solvent over her chest and shoulders. He offered her the water while they waited. The beer was long gone now.

Janie took a couple swallows from the bottle as Greg held it. Then she cursed herself as she felt her bladder expand even more and then Mr. Smith went inside, no doubt to use the restroom himself.

When he returned he had a pair of scissors in his hand, and she thought she noticed a slight smile on his face.

Greg leaned in and pried the neck of her shirt up. Then he slowly pulled the shirt out as far as it would go. Next he put the scissors to the bottom of her v-neck and started cutting down the middle.

As he cut, he had to pull the material to each side and his hands were pretty much all over her chest. He suppressed a wicked grin, but couldn’t help his penis from getting uncomfortably stiff in the process.

After cutting all the way to the bottom, he slowly peeled her shirt from the middle towards him. Janie was surprised at how easy the front was coming off compared to the back. Maybe Mr. Smith knew what he was doing. She hoped so, because she was going to soak her seat with pee very soon otherwise.

After getting the left side free he cut from the neck of her shirt, down her sleeve and started the slow process of peeling it all away from her. Then he cut from the armpit down to the bottom of the shirt and tried to pull the rest of that section off, but it was still stuck. It was stuck from the front of her breast, all along the side to the back. In fact, it was as if her sports bra was fused to the shirt.

Greg said, “Damn it! This was going so good.”

“Hey, you tried. I thought it was going to work.”

“Well, it seems like the solvent only works between your skin and the fabric. Any suggestions?”

Janie looked at him blankly. She could only think of one thing to do, but was loath to say it.

Greg really wanted to cut her bra off of her. Seeing her like this was almost too much already, but he saw his opportunity and he was going to play this just right. In fact, he hadn’t really pulled that hard to separate the fabric from her bra.

After a tense couple of seconds Greg said, “OK, this is ridiculous. I’m going to call the fire department. They’ll know what to do.”

Janie instantly shouted, “No. You can’t do that. I’ll get in so much trouble. Please don’t call anyone.”

Greg just shrugged his shoulders and said, “What else can we do?”

Janie looked down at her ruined uniform. Perhaps the fumes were getting to her, but she blurted out, “Cut it off. Cut my bra off and then you can work on the other side and then the back. Please try it at least. It’s my only hope of going to prom. Please?”

Greg let out an exasperated sigh and shrugged his shoulders. Janie pleaded more and finally he acquiesced. He said, “OK, but let me get some more of this solvent. This one is almost gone.”

He went to the back of the garage and found what he was looking for. This was a more caustic solution that warned against exposing to bare skin.

He returned to the car and dribbled the new solution over the left side of her bra. As he soaked the material he saw that her nipples were poking out against the thin fabric.

Then he picked up the scissors and started cutting. He cut down the middle, exposing some very interesting cleavage. Then he snipped the shoulders and the left side. Now was the moment of truth.

He reached up to the top of the bra and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Uh huh”

“Ok, here we go.” And Greg pulled down, peeling the material away and popping her tit out. It was like ripping duct tape off her.

She let out a yelp. Then, “Slow down! That hurts. Please, go slow.”

Greg stopped and said, “Sorry, I thought it would be better to get it over with.”

Now the fabric was separated down to her nipple. Greg happily lifted her breast with his right hand end carefully peeled at the bra with his left. Now that he was going slow, he had the perfect excuse to fondle every part of her breast. And he was being more thorough than a doctor giving a breast exam.

He had to pinch her nipple between his fingers and pull it up to separate the fabric. Finally, he was able to remove that section of her uniform, leaving her left breast completely exposed. It was about this time that Janie noticed a burning sensation.

“Ouch, that’s burning.”


“It feels like my chest is on fire. Quick! Do something! Ouch. Ahhhhh!”

Greg quickly ran into the house and then returned with a bottle of baby oil. He quickly squirted it on her left breast and then gently massaged it into her skin. “Is that better?”

Janie had been moaning in pain, but now the moaning changed. It seemed to change for the better, so Greg kept rubbing the oil into her skin. It was a task he could do all day long.

Janie felt the burning give way to something else. It felt better. As Mr. Smith rubbed her chest it really felt better. As he pulled and tweaked her nipple it felt very good. She didn’t want him to stop. “That’s uh, that’s helping. Rub some more around my nipple, it still burns.”

Greg put more baby oil in his hand and rubbed it in good, focusing on her distended nipple. He could tell she was getting excited by her rapid breathing. When she was really into it, he stopped and asked if it still burned at all.

Janie nodded yes, afraid that her voice would show her excitement.

Greg said, “OK, I need to get that solvent off of your sensitive tissue. I could use a towel, but that might be too abrasive. I wish I had a vacuum out here. Suction would work perfect.”

Janie just wanted more rubbing on her breast and it did still burn, although only a minor sensation to the excitement she was feeling in her chest.

“I’ll go get some cold water. Maybe that will help.”

Janie stopped him, “No wait. Maybe you could suck the oil off?”

Greg looked shocked. His mouth hung open.

Janie realized she had crossed a line and said, “I’m sorry Mr. Smith. Never mind.”

Greg slowly dropped to his knees and replied, “No, you’re right. I’ll do it.”

Then he gently took her nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. Then he licked up and down and then went to work on exciting her nipple. He squeezed her firm breast in his hand to make the nipple protrude even more while he slurped noisily on it.

Janie was surprised at herself. She had dated several guys in school and even let a couple of them feel her up, but she had never gotten this excited before. She felt like she was going to explode. She had no idea her nipples were so sensitive. It was like they were directly connected to her pussy.

She was even more shocked at her own actions. Why did she want this old pervert to feel her up and suck on her nipple. It felt so wrong, but that made it feel so good. She felt like she had somehow tricked him into sucking on her breast. She realized that was ridiculous because he was probably dying to do it anyways. But the idea of an old pervert using her body while she was helpless to stop it excited her to no end. In fact, she felt that somewhat familiar sensation building between her legs.

Finally, when it felt like her orgasm ready to crest, he stopped and asked if it was better. She knew there was no way to continue with any sense of self respect. She was almost out of breath as she replied, “Yes Sir. Thank you.”

Greg stood for a moment and stretched his legs. “well, I guess we better work on the other side.”

Janie was still excited, but had a more urgent need at the moment. “Mr. Smith?”

Greg chuckled and then stated firmly, “Janie, I think you can call me Greg now. After all, I just sucked on your tit until you almost orgasmed.”

Janie blushed. She hadn’t realized she was so transparent. Like this wasn’t embarrassing enough, her best friends pervert dad had licked and sucked her breast and she liked it. She had to admit she liked it, because she had lied to get him to do it some more and now she hoped he would do it to her other breast.

The humility of the situation made it difficult to ask, but she really had to pee. Janie half mumbled, “I’m sorry Mr. ah.. I mean, Greg, but do you think you could work on my ah, um… Could you do my legs and butt next? I really have to pee so bad.”

Greg shrugged and said, “You might as well just pee your pants. It’s gonna take too long to get you unstuck.”

“Please Greg. I haven’t peed my pants since I was five. Isn’t there anything you can do?”

Greg thought it over for a couple seconds and then said, “OK, I’ll give it a try.”

He tried to lift her short skirt, but it was glued to her legs, so he took the scissors and cut right up the front between her legs, removing an upside down U shaped section of her skirt. He examined his work and grinned. Janie had beautiful legs, and the view of her semi transparent panties was priceless. That’s when he had an evil thought.

“Janie, I think this will work, but I’m getting kind of nervous. This is all so… intimate, and I don’t want to get in any trouble.”

Janie tried to reassure him, “Greg, you’re my best friends Dad. Besides, I asked you to help me. I’m not going to get you in trouble. I don’t plan on telling anyone about this ever.”

“Look, I know you say that now, but I’m going to have to touch you in some very, um, private places. I don’t want you to feel like I’ve taken advantage of you in any way. I really think I should just call an ambulance or something and they can probably get you out of this mess a lot faster, and I wont …”

Janie cut him off abruptly. She sobbed, “Please Greg. I can’t go through all that. You’ve already seen me, why does anyone else have to? I promise I wont get you in trouble. I promise, no matter what happens. Please don’t call anyone. I’d be mortified.”

“Well, your right about that. The news cameras would probably be here in fifteen minutes and I’m sure you’d be the lead story on every local channel. Hell, it might even make the national news.”

Janie started sobbing openly. Greg tried to calm her down and finally succeeded when he said, “OK, OK, look, I’ve got an idea. If it’s OK with you then I wont have to call anyone, but I need your permission,”

Between sobs, “Yes. What, what is it? Anything. I don’t care, just don’t call anyone, please?”

Greg continued, “If you let me video everything and take some photos to prove that you wanted my help and to prove I didn’t do anything wrong. Then I can finish helping you.”

Janie really didn’t want any pictures of this. Especially knowing what it would take to finish unsticking her, but she knew he was right about the press and then everyone would see it. She was stuck in more ways than one and she knew it, so she agreed.

Greg returned a minute later with a digital camcorder, a Polaroid camera, a digital camera and then he came back with a large canister vacuum. He took a couple digital photos and then a Polaroid and then told Janie what to say before turning on the camcorder.

Greg turned it on and said, “About an hour ago Janie pulled into my driveway and asked for my help. Tell us what happened Janie.”

Janie was blushing now that the video camera was recording her awkward situation. She was very aware of her hardening nipple and bare breast exposed to the camera. “Jake Desmond and Tim Jenson threw glue on me and chased me with confetti. I took off in my car and now I’m stuck to the seat and my hands are stuck to the steering wheel.

Mr. Smith agreed to help unstick me so I wouldn’t be embarrassed by having a mob of complete strangers see me like this. He had to cut my clothes off to get me unstuck. I asked him to do it even though he didn’t want to. He hasn’t done anything inappropriate at all. He’s been a perfect gentlemen.”

Greg turned the camera off and went back to work on Janie. He put the weak solvent on her legs where her skirt was still stuck. He put a mixture of the solvents on the top of her skirt and dribbled it over her crotch.

He coated his hands with the weak solvent and started rubbing up and down her thighs. He explained that he might as well try to remove as much of the glue as possible while they waited for her clothes to come unstuck.

Janie didn’t mind. His hands felt good and it calmed her a little. At least until he started rubbing her inner legs near her crotch. Then she started feeling tingles all over.

After a very thorough leg rubbing, Greg started pulling Janie’s skirt away from her lower abdomen. It was still sticking a little, so he had to peel it away until he could get the scissors in to cut the waist band right down the front. Now he was able to peel the skirt off to each side.

Next, he pushed her front seat all the way back to give himself a little more room. Then he set the camcorder on the dash using a mini tripod. He adjusted the camera so it showed everything from her knees to her face.

With the camera rolling he dribbled a little more solvent on the front of her panties. Janie looked down and saw that her panties were almost completely transparent and shuddered at her exposure to the camera, but she knew it was only going to get worse.

Greg coated his hands in the weak solvent and started to gently rub it in to Janie’s crotch. He knew this didn’t look too innocent on the camera, but he figured it would all look bad anyways and the only way to make sure Janie didn’t tell anyone was to have it all be too embarrassing for her to risk it.

Janie let out a moan and then explained, “I can’t hold it much longer. I have to pee.”

Greg said, “Don’t worry. I have just the thing.” He took a small pair of scissors from his pocket and carefully clipped a slit in the front of her panties. He peeled the fabric back a little on both sides so he could see from above her pussy to below. From what he could see, she was well trimmed.

He attached a thin 2 inch by 1/2 inch nozzle to a canister vacuum cleaner he got from the back of the garage and explained that it was the type of vacuum that can be used to clean up water. Then he turned on the vacuum and pushed the nozzle right on top of her clitoris and the small pee slit beneath it.

Janie felt the suction on her most private parts and was overwhelmed by the sensation. It took her only a second to release the floodgates. She peed and peed for what seemed like ten minutes. Finally she felt her bladder return to normal size and she squeezed the last drops out. She nodded and said she was done.

Greg started moving the nozzle in small circles as if he was cleaning up the last drops, but Janie immediately knew what he was doing. The suction coupled with the motion was driving her crazy.

A few seconds later she tossed her head back in blissful agony as she felt the most powerful orgasm ever. It swept through her body like a giant wave washing over a rock. There was no denying it. She tried to stifle a scream, but couldn’t hold it back. Once she started screaming she couldn’t stop until the orgasm finally subsided.

As soon as she stopped screaming, Greg turned the vacuum off and said, “My God! Janie, I’m shocked. I had no idea you were so turned on by this.”

Janie looked Greg in the eyes and then at the camera before she dropped her head in shame. “I’m so sorry Mr. Smith. I don’t know what happened to me. It just happened.”

Greg calmly explained, “Hey, don’t worry about it. It’ll just be our little secret. OK?”

Janie looked at the camcorder that was still on and then back to Greg.

Greg laughed, “Oh don’t worry about that. I’ll never show it to anyone. I promise. Unless, of course, I need it to show what really happened. But I won’t have to, will I?”

Janie was too stunned to speak. She just nodded.

Greg got in the passenger seat next to Janie and turned the camcorder off. He worked diligently to remove the rest of her top. Minutes later he had her down to her bra on that side. He dribbled the strong solvent over the breast and then slowly peeled her bra away to expose her protruding nipple. Then he peeled the bra off all the way to the side, cutting it off with the rest of the front of the shirt.

As it did before, Janie noticed the burning on her right breast. She told Greg that it was starting to burn and he was right there with the baby oil. After fondling her boob for a couple minutes he put baby oil on the other one as well. “To make sure it’s all right now.” He told her.

And without question or any forewarning, he lowered his head to lick and suck on her nipple. After a while he was going back and forth between them. He stopped to explain, “I think they’re going to need this treatment repeated regularly to make sure they don’t get inflamed.”

By now Janie was starting to enjoy the sensations again. She could feel the excitement rousing between her legs. Greg was pinching and pulling as he licked, nibbled and sucked her nipples. She couldn’t decide if this was the worst rescue or the sweetest torture, but she soon gave up the debate and began moaning.

Greg noticed her moaning and stopped his ministrations, explaining that he would get back to them later.

He went back to dribbling the weak solution down her back and proceeded to extricate her from the remains of her shirt and bra. Her uniform shirt was really just a half shirt that showed her abdomen and cute belly button. The section of her back that was not covered by the shirt had stuck too well to the seat. It took some work, but they finally were able to pull her back free.

Greg could see that her back was red and a little swollen in that area. He knew she was very sore there so he rubbed a little oil over her back to sooth it.

Janie was surprised at how thorough and thoughtful Greg was being. Most guys would have just yanked her with half the seat out of the car. She was very thankful that Greg knew what he was doing.

Next, he went to work on her legs and ass. He used his hands to rub the weak solution all over them and was gradually able to get his hands between her clothes and her ass. He then moved to the front. Working from the legs up.

Janie noticed the lewd grin on Greg’s face as he caressed and fondled her. At first she felt a little used, but she knew he didn’t get her into this mess. She was also thankful that he hadn’t called anyone to help. Now she knew why. She was used to getting what she wanted due to her good looks. So it was easy to realize how fair it was for Greg to enjoy her body while helping her out of the biggest mess in her life. This wasn’t her fault either, and now she had no choice but to let Greg enjoy himself. She leaned her head back and relaxed as his hands roamed closer to her panties.

Greg glanced up at Janie’s face as he worked between her legs. It was true that his weekend plans were ruined, but he knew an opportunity when he saw one. This luscious beauty was his plaything. He never could have imagined that he would get his hands on her firm supple body. But now that he did, he was in heaven.

He finished working on her legs, rubbing his hands across her panties whenever he could. After a while he stood up and stretched. “Well, all that’s left is your panties. Any suggestions?”

Janie replied, “And my hands too.”

Greg nodded, “Yup, we’ll need something gentler for your hands than this stuff.” He said, holding the aluminum can.

“Let me see if I can get up.” She lifted her legs one at a time and then placed her feet firmly on the floor. Pulling herself up she raised herself about a quarter of an inch, yelped and then quickly sat back down.

Janie said, “You’re gonna have to cut my panties off. Oh my God! I can’t believe this is happening.”

Greg tried to sooth her, “Don’t worry Janie, I’ll get you out of there. But it won’t be easy. Oh, and I think I should record this part.”

Janie’s eyes got big and she asked, “Why?”

“Because I’m going to have to touch you in a very intimate place. I really don’t want to get in trouble for any of this.”

Janie started to argue, but Greg pointed out that he could just call an ambulance and be done with this mess. Janie realized again that she really had no choice so she told him to go ahead and turn the camera back on. He did just that.

He picked up the scissors, and got down between her legs as best he could. The steering wheel forced him to crouch down low so his face was a mere inches from her crotch.

With careful precision Greg slowly worked from the top down. Her panties were glued to her pubic hair so he had to snip it off with the scissors. He found that the panties were stuck directly to her outer lips and the protruding flesh around them as well. He used the strong solvent to loosen the glue in this area.

A few minutes later and her pussy was completely exposed and Janie could feel the burning sensation start to build. She hoped it wouldn’t be too bad, but finally had to tell Greg. ” Oh shit. It’s Hot! It’s burning.”

Greg looked up in mock surprise.

Janie was getting frantic. “Hurry! Do something!”

Greg reached out and grabbed the bottle of baby oil from the driveway. He squirted it right onto her pussy and eagerly rubbed it all around.

Janie felt the burning subside a little and said, “Oh yeah. It’s working. Keep doing that.”

Greg smiled as he rubbed her most private area. He added a little more oil to his fingers and focused on her clit. He rubbed all around it and then up and down over it.

Janie was once again shocked by the sensations she felt. It was as if the pain amplified the pleasure. She started moaning and then realized it when Greg looked up at her. He had that wicked grin. She decided to pretend the moaning was from the pain. “It’s still burning. Please do something.”

Greg reached for the vacuum nozzle and held it up questioningly.

Janie said, “No way! That will hurt too much.”

Greg dropped the vacuum and then picked up some paper towels. He ripped off a couple sheets and dabbed her pussy all over. He could have been gentler and Janie jumped a little when he got too rough.

Greg said, “Oh, sorry. Here, this will be better.” With that he tossed the paper towel and started to lick her pussy all over.

Janie was even more startled. She said with indignation and shock, “Mr. Smith, what are you doing?”

Greg ignored her. He rolled his tongue around her clit and then sucked on it. Janie tensed and then moaned loudly. All of her irritation was replaced by the pleasure between her legs.

Greg expertly plied her pussy with his oral ministrations. Janie’s breath became frenetic with passion as he alternated between licking and sucking. After a couple minutes he could tell she was on the verge of her orgasm. He reached up and started pulling and pinching her nipples.

Janie was on a wild ride to a huge explosion. She felt the damn start to burst just as her nipples were pinched. It felt like a lightening bolt from her nipples to her pussy. It was so powerful she had to thrust her hips back and forth. On the first thrust her body lifted from the seat and yanked hard on several hairs as well as the flesh on the bottom of her ass that was still glued to the seat. The pain mixed with the pleasure in the rest of her body and she screamed.

After Janie settled down Greg extricated himself from between her legs and stood up, stretching. He said, “I guess we just have to unstick your hands and we’re done. Why don’t we move your car so I can get mine out and I’ll go to the store and get some milder solvent. Maybe some fingernail polish remover.”

Janie agreed, so from the passenger seat he turned the ignition and the car started. Then he put it in reverse. Janie released the brake and pulled out of the drive way, turning on the road to park on the side. He noticed how well Janie was able to turn the wheel even with both hands glued to it.

Janie saw a couple teenage boys walking toward them on the sidewalk. She realized they would see her and frantically said, “Oh my God! They’re going to see me. Do something. Quick!”

Greg didn’t know what to do for a second, then he jumped into action. First he put the car in park and turned it off. Then he ducked his head under her right arm and came up facing her. He pressed his body over hers and started kissing her.

Janie was shocked. She was relived that she was somewhat covered as she heard the boys coming very close. She felt Greg put his hand over her right breast and squeeze it gently. He slipped his tongue into her mouth. He had soft lips and his tongue played across her teeth.

She was sure the boys were past them now, but she kept on kissing Greg. She knew it had to look convincing, in case the boys stopped to look closely.

Greg was so into kissing Janie that he had forgotten all about the boys. He kissed her deeply and played with her breasts until she pulled her head back for a breath and said the boys were gone.

Greg looked both ways and said he’d be right back. He climbed out and ran to the garage. It was starting to get dark now, so he wasn’t too worried about anyone else seeing Janie. But the thought of it happening kind of excited him.

He jumped in his car and pulled the anti-theft security chip out from under the front edge of the dash. Then he put the key in the ignition and tried to turn it over. It made a loud clicking noise as if the battery was dead. He tried several times and then ran back to Janie’s car.

He jumped into the passenger seat and said, “I can’t believe it. My battery is dead. I think I left the door open this whole time and the dome light drained it.”

Janie said, “What are we going to do now?”

“Well, we could use the solvent we have, but it might burn your hands, or we could call for help.”

Janie thought about it for a couple seconds. She didn’t want anyone else involved in this fiasco. She also didn’t want her hands chemically burned. Then she got an idea. “I guess I could drive to the store and you can just run in and get it?”

Greg was so happy she came up with it on her own. He was even more pleased that she didn’t think to ask for anything to cover herself with. He said, “OK, lets go to that drugstore down by the high school. It’s pretty close and they should have something there that will do the trick.”

He started the car and put it in drive. Janie drove around the block and down the street towards the drug store, but when she got there she just drove on by it.

Greg asked her where she was going. She told him, “There were too many people there. Someone I know might see me.”

Greg wasn’t surprised. He thought a moment and suggested a convenience store. He rationalized that he could be in and out faster. Janie didn’t like the idea but couldn’t come up with a better one.

They drove a long way to get out of their neighborhood. Finally Greg pointed one out and Janie pulled in. The parking lot was empty so she picked a spot on the far end, away from the entrance. Greg pulled a towel out that he had grabbed from the garage. He carefully positioned it across her chest. Then he put the car in park and took the keys.

Now Janie was really nervous. She was thankful that Greg had thought to bring a towel, although she wondered why he waited until they got here to put it over her.

The seconds ticked by like hours. Even though Greg had just gone in, she felt like it was taking forever.

Greg had quickly found what he was looking for, paid for it and then stood in front of an arcade game so he could look past it to see Janie sitting in the parking lot almost right in front of him.

He had hoped for more traffic, but the only shoppers in the store were the two teenage boys playing the video game next to the one he was in front of. Then he had an evil idea.

Greg turned to the boys and said, “Hey! Wanna talk to a hot naked chick?”

They looked at him like he was stoned. He continued, “I’m not shitting you. Look for yourself.”

One of the boys looked out the window he was pointing to and said to his buddy, “Yo Larry, He’s straight up man. Look at that bitch. I’d hit it.”

Greg went on. “This is a little game we play. It gets her excited. You see, if she takes her hands off the steering wheel for any reason, she loses a very big bet. She already lost one bet tonight and she’s naked under that towel.”

The two boys looked excited now. They wanted to know what to do.

Greg planned it out, “Here’s what ya do. Pretend you’re going to walk by and then stop to ask her something. Then pull the towel off her and see if she drops her hands or tries to cover up. If she doesn’t, then have a little fun. I’ll give you five minutes. Go!”

Janie saw the two guys walk out and turn towards her car. They were going to walk right in front of her and she just prayed they would keep going. She kept her head down, but noticed them stop and come towards her. She tensed up and hoped that Greg would walk out right now.

The tall blonde boy said, “Hey pretty lady. What are you doing here?”

Janie cringed but looked up as the boy bent towards the open window. She stuttered, “My, my uh, my boyfriend went in for something. He’ll be right out!”

But the boys weren’t easily dissuaded. The shorter Hispanic boy spoke up, “No problem. We’ll just keep you company until he comes back. Hey, nice towel. Are you wearing a sexy bikini under that?”

Janie said, “Look, he’ll be really mad if he sees me talking to you, so just go away please.”

Blondie chuckled, “Yeah, I bet she has a hot bikini on and wants us to see it. Don’t you sexy?”

He reached for the towel and Janie’s mind raced. She could only get out a loud, “NO,” before the towel was snatched from her chest.

Now both boys were very excited. Blondie said, “Holy shit. Look at them puppies!” The other one added, “Yeah, and look, she’s not even trying to cover up.”

Blondie stuck his head in the window and looked up and down her body. He immediately yelled to his friend, “Holy Fuck, this bitch is naked!”

The short guy tried to get a look and quickly ran around to the passenger side. Janie said, “Stop. Get out of here!” But Shorty opened the door and slid right in. Both boys grabbed at her breasts and then Shorty slipped a hand between her legs.

Janie was about to scream when a police car pulled up two empty spaces away. Blondie noticed it and said, “Fuck this, let’s get out of here.”

Janie realized what would happen if the cops got involved. She said, “Wait! Stay here and pretend we’re just talking. Please, I don’t want them to arrest me.”

Shorty and Blondie almost shit a brick when she said this, but they stayed. Blondie picked up the towel from the ground and laid it over her chest. Then he just leaned against the side of the car.

The cops rolled down there window and asked, “You OK miss? Are these boys bothering you?”

Blondie stepped away from the window and Janie said, “I’m fine Sir. These are just some friends of mine. We’re waiting for my dad to come out.”

Shorty now had two fingers slowly pushing in and out of her pussy. Janie smiled at the officers as they rolled their window up and spoke to each other. A long couple minutes later they pulled away.

Blondie turned back towards the window and saw Shorty sucking on her right titty. He opened the door so he could get some too and threw the towel to the ground.

Greg watched the whole thing from the window with the clerk. Luckily the clerk was a middle aged pervert that didn’t mind watching a hot young girl getting molested in the parking lot.

Janie was now being fondled by both boys. They had their hands and mouths all over her tits and were taking turns finger fucking her pussy.

Blondie stood up and unzipped his baggy jeans. He pulled his hard six inch dick out and pushed it in Janie’s face saying, “I think you owe us for keeping you out of jail bitch.” Janie was about to tell him to fuck off and opened her mouth when Shorty bit her nipple and she screamed “Ouch…”

Blondie took the opportunity to push his cock into her mouth. When Greg saw this he decided it had gone far enough. He turned to leave and the clerk said he was going to get a camera.

Greg ran out yelling, “Hey, get the fuck out of here.” By the time he made it to the car the two boys were running in the other direction. He closed the driver door and then jumped in the passenger side. He started the car and put it in reverse. Janie backed out and Greg put the car in drive and they took off.

On the drive back to his house Greg explained that when he went in the store he really had to pee and used the men’s room in the back of the store. While he was in the restroom some one had locked him in from the outside. He said he finally kicked the door open and came running out.

Janie was almost hyperventilating, but slowly regained control. She heard Greg apologizing and she shook her head saying, “No, it wasn’t your fault. Don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault.”

She went on to explain everything the boys did and Greg apologized again. Janie laughed and told him, “Don’t be silly. Look, just forget it. This is my mess and I just dragged you into it. Besides, it was …”

Greg said, “What? It was what?”

Janie continued, “I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it was exciting.” She laughed and looked at Greg, who looked confused. She thought about the weirdness of the situation. Of driving through town naked while comforting her best friends dad. She felt the need to explain so she went on, “OK, I never would have signed up for this, but it’s the most… I don’t know. It’s the wildest thing I’ve ever done and it was exciting. You see, I would never let a guy feel me up, play with me down there or put his thing in my mouth, but I had no choice. I couldn’t do anything about it, so I don’t feel guilty.”

A few tense moments passed and she blurted out, “Look, I’m more surprised than anyone, but I have to honestly say it kind of turned me on. Besides, you ran out and rescued me. I don’t think any man has ever done anything so brave for me before.”

Greg smiled as he noticed that the digital camcorder was still propped on the dash and had captured everything. He was now so glad he had bought the top of the line model with extended memory.

When they reached his house, Greg had Janie pull up to the curb while he rolled his car out of the driveway and parked it across the street. Then he helped her pull into the garage.

With the garage closed they could turn on the light and work in privacy. Greg, out of Janie’s line of sight, poured the nail polish into another container and then filled the nail polish remover bottle with the strong solvent.

Greg climbed into the passenger seat with the nail polish remover bottle and some paper towels. He quickly soaked her hands with the solution. Janie was complaining that her arms and hands were now mostly numb and didn’t feel any pain at all as she peeled her hands from the steering wheel. So she was shocked to see that she had left tiny bits of skin on the wheel.

Greg noticed and checked her hands. They were bleeding slightly in a couple places so he said, “Let’s get you inside and I’ll clean your hands and wrap them up, OK?”

Janie was almost in tears. Her hands didn’t hurt much from where they bled, but it scared her a little. She nodded and Greg ran to the driver’s side and helped her up out of the seat. As she attempted to stand upright she doubled over in pain. Some of her pubic hairs, as well as skin, were still glued together down between her legs.

Somehow Greg managed to help her into the house, although she had to walk stooped over. Before she got to the kitchen her hands started to burn, so Greg ran out to the garage to fetch the baby oil.

Greg returned and gently applied the oil to her hands, then cleaned them thoroughly with soap and water. Janie was still doubled over so he threw a couple blankets over the kitchen table so she could lean across it comfortably. Next he put some ointment on the palms of her hands to disinfect them and help them heal faster. Then he wrapped them in so much gauze that it looked like a pair of white mittens.

Janie thanked him for everything. She was touched by how gentle he was with her and she couldn’t imagine what she would have done without his help.

Greg asked if she was thirsty or hungry. She replied, “Actually both.” He offered her a beer or a bottle of water. She chose the beer. So he opened one for each of them and then he ordered a pizza to be delivered. Janie had a little difficulty holding the bottle of beer, but she didn’t spill it.

A few minutes later and Greg had brought all the stuff in that he needed. As he sat down he explained that he needed to take a couple photos just to document the extent of her situation and so he could defend himself if anyone ever found out what he had done for her.

Janie really didn’t like the idea of more pictures being taken, but she knew Greg would probably be in more trouble than she would if they ever got out. Besides, she needed his help and he already had plenty of video of her already, so she agreed.

Greg took a few Polaroids of her pussy with hair matted and glued in a few places. He even pulled each pussy lip apart for a couple shots. He explained that she had some traces of glue there. Then he got some of her whole ass and then he stepped back and got a picture of her exposed ass with her turning to look at him with her pretty face showing.

Satisfied that he now had so much embarrassing evidence that she wouldn’t ever tell a soul, he put the camera down and started removing all traces of the glue from her nether regions.

It was tedious work for a while, but he was certainly enjoying himself, nonetheless. He had to clip some hair with scissors and he even plucked a few just to see her jump and to make sure her crotch wouldn’t soon forget what it had been through.

Janie finished the beer as Greg worked on her down there. She felt every tug, pull and rub. He seemed to work over every square inch of her crotch and all the attention was driving her crazy. She was getting hot down there and could feel her pussy getting all wet. Soon it was leaking and she could even smell it. She knew Greg could probably see it as well, and it only embarrassed her more. The embarrassment of it was so intensifying that it made her more excited. Soon, every touch was amplified and her pussy was almost gushing.

He used the weakest solvent to remove some glue from where her legs met her ass. When he was pretty much done removing all the glue he pretended to remove some from her little puckered anus. While he did this he poured a little beer onto the front of his shorts and moved the bowl of solvent he was using right behind her right leg that was now pulled up so her knee was on the table.

Janie felt his fingers touching her butt and then her little butt hole. He told her she had a little glue there. This was almost too embarrassing. Then as Greg rubbed some solvent on her she felt the now familiar burn start and then she felt the cool baby oil soothing it. She mentioned, “It still burns a little.”

Greg explained that some solvent must have seeped inside a little and the next thing she knew, she felt an oiled finger push into her anus. She let out a gasp as this was a completely knew experience for her.

As Greg moved his finger in and out she felt tingles throughout her body and instinctively thrust her ass back at him as he pushed his finger in deeper.

Greg could see how aroused she was so he started rubbing her pussy with his other hand. Janie reacted immediately and started humping his hand. He purposely rubbed across her clit ever few strokes and was now finger fucking her ass in earnest.

Janie was again shocked by her own animal lust. She was now driven to a new level. She felt Greg’s finger start to push into her virgin pussy that was now dripping her own juices all over the table. It felt so good that she wanted more. She pulled her right leg up even further to invite more fingers, or tongue or even his cock. She didn’t care, she just had to have anything she could get.

Greg switched to two fingers in her pussy and tuned his hand so he could rub her clit with his thumb. She started bucking so he decided it was time for two fingers in her ass. He pulled his finger out and then quickly forced two fingers deep into her ass.

Janie suddenly felt a sharp pain as if her butt was being ripped in two. She jumped and yelped. Her right leg came back and hit the bowl of solvent that Greg had placed there. It went all over her and Greg jumped back saying, “Oh shit. I’m soaked now. Are you OK?”

Janie could care less about the spilled chemicals right now. She pulled her right leg up and moaned, “Oh my God!”

Greg put his hands back on her. He rubbed her pussy and she thrust back to meet him, so he pushed a finger back in each hole and started playing her like some kind of musical finger toy.

Janie was moaning and humping him back. He stayed away from her clitoris, but could tell she was close to cumming, so when she started to get a little more frantic he pulled both hands away.

Janie was still dry humping the empty air, wondering why all the wonderful friction went when she heard Greg shout, “Oh shit. It’s burning. Oh my God!”

Greg hopped around to the other side of the table and Janie could see his shorts were wet. She also noticed his hard dick straining against the material. She immediately knew what had happened. The solvent must have spilled on him and now it was burning his crotch.

Greg hesitated only a moment before he yanked his shorts and underwear down, kicking them off with his tennis shoes. His hard cock sprang up and bounced as he danced around saying how much it burned.

Janie said, “Put some baby oil on it. Quick!”

Greg grabbed the bottle and squirted the last of the bottle onto his hand. Then he expertly rubbed it in, jacking his cock like a pro in front of Janie. After a moment he doubled over and said, “Oh God. That helps, but it still burns. It won’t stop.”

He grabbed a towel and washed his cock with water in the sink came back to Janie, wiping it with the towel. His cock never softened and he stood in front of her looking at it.

She asked, “Does it still burn?”

Greg replied, “Fuck yeah. It won’t stop. Shit what should I do Janie? What made it stop burning for you?”

Janie quickly said, “Come here. You did it for me and it worked.” She motioned for him to come closer.

Greg stepped up to the table, putting his cock in her face and she started licking his penis like it was a lollipop. It felt incredible to Greg as her wet tongue covered every part of his seven inch cock. After a minute he said, “It still burns. Can you suck on it?”

Janie nodded and took the head of his dick into her mouth. Greg almost came from the sight of it. Her pretty mouth stretched around his hard cock was almost too much for him.

She started bobbing her head up and down. He helped by thrusting his hips to get more into her mouth. Soon, she had about five inches in her mouth and it was hitting the back of her throat. She almost gagged, but concentrated on sucking as much as she could.

Greg placed his hands on each side of her head and helped steady her for his thrusts. She was doing an expert job on his cock and he was ready to unload. He stopped and said, “It still burns around the base of my dick. Can you get more in your mouth? Please, it burns so bad there.”

Janie didn’t think she could get more in, but Greg held her head and forced it into her mouth. She started to gag, but he didn’t let up. He said, “Swallow it. Just relax your throat and swallow it.”

She tried, but it wasn’t like she had a choice. She relaxed and he thrusted and it went down. She tilted her head back to get the right angle and Greg pulled out and pushed it back down. On the next pull out, she took a deep breath before he pushed back in.

Greg finally had his dick all the way in her mouth. After a couple thrusts she seemed to get into the rhythm of it and she started sucking on him again. It was wonderful and he knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. He tensed up and pushed his dick as deep into her throat as possible.

Janie felt his cock throb deep in her throat. She suddenly knew what was happening and braced herself. She felt the first spurt blast through his cock and into her throat. It was so deep she didn’t have to swallow but she could taste it. Then he pulled out and the second blast was just inside her lips.

She quickly tried to swallow it but couldn’t get it all as he thrust back into her throat. He emptied the rest there and then finally pulled his still hard cock from her lips. She was surprised by her first taste of semen. It was a little salty, but not at all bitter like her girlfriends all complained about. It was kind of sweet or tangy.

Janie proceeded to lick the remaining cum from Greg’s now softening dick. She did an expert job cleaning him up and even licked his balls. The lower she licked on his balls, the more it tasted like salty nickels. She loved it and kept licking lower until she had her tongue in the crack of his ass. She licked his asshole a little and then the doorbell rang.

Greg grabbed his shorts and pulled them on as he ran to the front door. He opened the door and it was their usual delivery guy, Buddy. Greg invited him into the front hallway and Buddy told him it would be $28.96 for the pizza. He pulled his wallet out and said, “I have to get some cash from my desk. I’ll be right back. Just wait here.” Then he ran through the kitchen.

He told Janie on the way past her, “I’ll be right back. I have to get some money to pay for the pizza.” Then he slipped past her and out the other side of the kitchen to go to his office.

Buddy, being used to bringing the pizza into the kitchen and putting it on the counter, proceeded through the doorway. He was about to place the pizza on the counter and yell to Mr. Smith, but he noticed something unusual. There was a very beautiful and very naked girl bent over the kitchen table with her gorgeous back to him.

Greg was just coming into the kitchen when he heard Janie scream and saw Buddy drop the pizza on the counter and run the other way. Greg chased after him, but couldn’t catch him before he ran out the front door and sped off.

Greg returned to the kitchen and calmed Janie down. He got a couple beers out and then put slices of pizza on two plates. When he sat down to eat Janie held her bandaged hands up. He picked up her slice and held it out for her to eat it. She alternated between the pizza and the beer. She finished the slice and Greg started to eat his slice.

Janie asked, “Do you feel better now?”

Greg almost did a double take. He thought she was referring to his need to cum after fondling a beautiful girl all day, but then he realized that he was supposed to have a burning penis. He chastised himself for almost getting caught in a simple deception. Then he smiled and said, “Oh Yeah, I feel a lot better. How about you?” Then he took a long swig of his beer.

Janie gave him a devilish smile and said, “I’m still horny as hell, I didn’t get an orgasm before the pizza guy showed up.”

Greg was caught completely off guard. He spit his beer across the table and looked at her dumbfounded. She laughed at him and he just said, “What was that?”

She couldn’t stop laughing for a couple minutes and Greg started laughing too. He finished his beer and Janie stood up, explaining that her butt cheeks were still a little sore. Greg stood up and got another slice. He decided to eat it over the sink, just in case he had to spit it out quickly.

As they stood drinking their beers in the kitchen he looked her over. He was a little surprised she hadn’t asked for some clothes to wear. She stood leaning against the counter as natural as ever. He noticed her tan lines and also how both of her breasts were red as if sunburned, but knew they were irritated from the caustic chemicals.

After downing her beer, Janie excused herself to use the restroom, so Greg retrieved the digital camcorder. He went to his office and started downloading the movie from the camcorder to his computer. As soon as he got it all started he heard Janie yell for help.

He went to the bathroom and found her sitting on the toilet holding her hands up. She explained with frustration in her voice, “I can’t get the toilet paper off the roll and even if I could, I don’t think I could wipe myself.”

Greg understood her situation, but couldn’t suppress a chuckle. He said, “Hey, don’t worry. I can take care of this for you.”

He kneeled in front of her and took some paper from the roll. Then she parted her legs and half stood, half squatted while he wiped her crotch gently from the front to the back and then deposited the paper in the toilet. He said, “There you go. You’re all set.”

Janie kissed him on the cheek and thanked him, flushed the toilet with her toes and followed him back to the kitchen. She felt so helpless and so thankful for Greg. After everything they went through she felt close to him. He was like a knight in shining armor, rescuing her from a fate worse than death.

Greg put the left-over pizza away and asked Janie what she wanted to do. She just shrugged and looked at him. He realized that he was still calling the shots. Maybe this had all been a little traumatizing for her after all.

He suggested, “It’s getting pretty late. Why don’t I make sure you don’t have anymore glue in your hair and then you can take a shower and get all cleaned up?”

Janie smiled and agreed. She hadn’t been so well taken care of since she was a little kid. It felt so nice, and comforting to have someone like Greg taking care of her.

So Janie sat on a bar stool by the counter while Greg slowly went through her hair. Fortunately, her hair had been in a pony tail, and hadn’t gotten much glue in it. He still had to cut a few strands and then he was finally able to work a brush through it.

As he brushed her hair with his fingers, he couldn’t help being in awe with her natural beauty. It was part youth and part perfection. She hummed a moan of approval as he massaged her scalp. Then he worked his fingers down her neck and massaged her shoulders.

When she was completely relaxed and enjoying his attention he found himself pulled towards her. While still working on her shoulders and upper back he nuzzled her neck and then started planting soft tender kisses from the base of her delicious neck to the sensitive spot behind her left ear.

She was now purring and he felt the urge to make gentle love to this sweet beauty. He hadn’t planned on seducing her, but she was irresistible. He was falling into a very happy lust indeed.

Sensing the chance to take control or loose it, he stopped. Janie was visibly surprised and disappointed.

Assuming a more avuncular attitude, Greg suggested Janie use the bathroom off the master bedroom to shower. She followed him into the bathroom and he provided clean towels and turned the water on, adjusting it to a favorable temperature.

He turned to leave and Janie asked him to stay. The confusion was obvious on his face so she held up her bandaged hands and said, “I need your help washing my hair, and, um, everything else.

Greg looked at her with her hair down and those pleading eyes. He couldn’t have refused her if he wanted to. He had even forgotten that this was part of his plan and he smiled, “Of course I’ll help you. We’ve come this far together, right?”

Janie agreed and stepped into the warm shower while Greg slipped out of his cloths. Then Greg joined her.

Janie had to hold both hands up to keep them from getting wet, so Greg gently washed her hair. Then it was on to more exciting parts to wash.

He eagerly lathered up her back and worked his way down to her curvy ass. Every part of her was perfect. She turned and he was rewarded with a wet lingering kiss.

Knowing she wanted him as much as he needed her, he soaped up her breasts and played with her nipples.

Janie was moaning and she leaned her back against the shower wall, letting the warm water cascade over their bodies. Greg pressed close against her and she held her hands up above the shower head.

He moaned now as he lowered himself to wash between her legs while he sucked and nibbled on her wet breasts. Janie opened her legs to allow him more room to soap up her pussy. He carefully washed between the wet folds of her pussy and it drove Janie crazy. She was humping his fingers now.

Greg couldn’t hold out any longer. He positioned his hard cock between her legs and slowly pushed the head into her pussy. Janie screamed, “Do it,” and thrust her hips forward, pushing him all the way into her hot cunt.

They kissed passionately as he ground his pelvis into hers. To get a better angle he picked her up and fucked her against the wall. She had her legs wrapped around his ass and her arms around his neck.

He was really pounding in and out of her now and it was the best pussy he ever had. It felt like the hottest, wettest, and tightest pussy ever. But mostly, she was just the hottest girl he ever nailed and the whole time he fucked her he couldn’t believe it.

Janie had never had sex before. She had always feared the pain of losing her virginity, but she worried needlessly since her hymen had broken long ago while she was doing gymnastics. Now she finally had a real man to make love to her and the passion was more intense than she ever felt while making out with her few boyfriends.

Greg lowered her slightly so that his cock was rubbing over her clit on each stoke. He used a measured pace now, not hammering into her with desperation, but purposely fucking her with every stroke.

Janie was so into making love that her orgasm took her completely by surprise. She arched her back and felt the initial wave spread through her body like an explosion that kept amplifying. The pleasure was so intense it literally curled her toes.

Greg felt her tense up and lean back. He felt her pussy contract on his penis so hard he had to stop pushing in for a moment. Then he continued fucking as hard as he could. Hearing her scream in pleasure sent him over the edge. His legs almost buckled, but he kept pumping as each spurt sent his semen deep into her.

They kissed gently for a minute before he lowered her and she put her feet down. Greg proceeded to wash the rest of her body. Then he washed his own hair.

After drying off, Greg had to redo the bandages on her hands. Somehow they had gotten wet in the shower.

Then, without getting dressed, they sat in the living room and watched a movie on cable. Sitting on the couch, Janie cuddled up to Greg and he fed her popcorn and then they shared a joint.

Greg felt like a teenage kid again and Janie felt like a real woman for the first time. They laughed at the movie and talked about what kind of movies they liked. Then they talked about books and then music.

It was nearly midnight when Greg paused and then said, “Janie, I can’t believe this all happened. You are an amazing woman.”

Janie beamed and smiled as she said, “Oh Greg. I don’t know what you did to me, but I’m sure glad you did it. I mean, I uh. I never made love to anyone before.”

He asked her, “You mean I was your first time?”

She smiled again and said yes.

Greg was a little surprised at that and he knew that she felt a bond between them now. Hell, he even felt it, but just figured it was wishful thinking. The way she was looking at him was wonderful and he hesitated because this was all too complicated.

He went on, “This is wonderful, but it’s so, um, complicated.”

She took his hand between her bandaged hands and looked down, deep in thought. He half expected her to start crying or something, but she looked up at him and squinted her eyes a little in a way that made her nose even more cute and said, “Yeah. But it doesn’t have to be complicated between us. I know you’re married and I would never do anything to mess up your family. What we have is just between us. Nobody else ever has to know about it, OK?”

Greg kissed her and led her to the bedroom. They fell to sleep with Janie spooning Greg.

The next morning Janie woke up with Greg’s arms around her and she felt warm, loved, and safe.

Greg woke up to the most pleasant feeling he could remember waking up to. Janie had slipped under the blankets and was licking and sucking on his morning erection. He let out a moan and Janie pulled the blankets off them. She had an evil grin as she climbed over Greg’s cock and lowered her self onto it.

Greg thrust up to meet her as she rode him. Her full firm breasts bounced enticingly and he played with them, pulling and twisting her nipples. This drove her wild and she climaxed, releasing a flood of juices all over his pelvis.

Greg rolled her over and finished making love to her. When they were done they showered together playfully and then Greg made breakfast.

The rest of the weekend was a long wonderful blur of making love and getting to know each other. By Sunday evening, Greg had hidden all the photos and other evidence. Janie was able to manage now without the bandages on her right hand. They had set her up in the guest bedroom and she was wearing some of his daughter’s clothes.

When Angela got home, they told her about Janie getting glued and a PG version of how Greg saved the day and took care of her over the weekend. Janie was shocked, but accepted the story without question. The girls talked for awhile and Greg went to his office, trying to look disinterested and make things seem more normal.

He did a little paperwork and then decrypted a hard drive and pulled up the digital pictures of Janie. He still couldn’t believe his luck and now he had to keep it all a secret when he felt like screaming to the world that a beautiful girl loved him.

Angela walked in and he had to scramble to clear his computer screen before she got far enough into the room to see it. Somehow he managed to do it just in time and without drawing too much attention to his actions.

Angela had been surprised her Dad had been willing to spend his whole weekend helping one of her friends. It was a new side of him that surprised her because he was always so distant from her friends before and he didn’t usually have much time for his own family. She gave him a big hug and thanked him for taking good care of Janie.

Greg tried to sound normal and replied, “I’m not sure how good it was. Your friend was a royal pain in my ass the whole weekend, but she’s your best friend and she really needed help.”

“Oh Daddy. I’ll make it up to you somehow. I know it ruined your weekend.”

“Don’t worry about it baby. I just did what needed to be done. I wanted to call the fire department, but she was too embarrassed and made a big fuss about it.”

“Thank you Dad. I really owe you a big one for this.”

Just then they heard Susan come in and they all went to greet her and explain what had happened. Everyone seemed to accept the story at face value. There was no way to omit the fact that Greg had to cut Janie’s clothes off, but they both just passed it off as extremely embarrassing. Janie praised him for being so clinical about it.

Janie stayed the night in Angela’s room and the next day everything got back to normal. Greg felt a pang of loss now, but at least he had his pictures and video to remember it all by.

As the days rolled by, Greg saw Janie regularly when she was over with his daughter. He heard all about how they got even with Jake and Tim. Several guys from the football team stripped them naked and duct-taped them to the goal posts. What made it worst was they were facing each other with their arms taped around each other and it all took place less than half an hour before the big game.

Greg knew they deserved it, but couldn’t help being thankful for what they had done to Janie.

Janie finally had sex with her boyfriend and was completely disappointed. He was so inexperienced that it was over in three thrusts and he didn’t even try to do anything for her. The next day she called him a fag and dumped him.

Greg tried to put her out of his mind. He paid extra attention to his wife every night, but every day he went back to his pictures and video of Janie.

Janie and two other friends came to spend the night with Angela. They were having fun in the game room upstairs and Janie waited until one of them used the bathroom upstairs so she had an excuse to use the guest bathroom downstairs.

Greg was in his office when Janie knocked on the open door. He stood up and looked at her. She ran into his arms and they kissed for a minute before Greg shut and locked his office door. Then they made out and Janie let him know how she felt. He admitted he felt the same way.

Later that night, after everyone was asleep, Greg got out of bed and went to the garage. He only had to wait a few minutes for Janie. They got in his car and drove. He didn’t know where to go, but Janie soon had his hard cock free from his pants and into her warm mouth.

By the time he was shooting his load into her mouth, they were sitting in the parking lot of the same convenience store they had visited just over a month ago. Janie squealed with delight when she sat up and recognized it.

Greg stuffed his semi hard dick into his pants and zipped up. He said, “I’ll get a couple of beers. You just wait here.” And with that, he jumped out of the car and went into the store.

Janie got a wicked idea as she waited in the car. She scrambled quickly to make sure she was ready for Greg.

Greg bought some beers and made his way out of the store. He nearly dropped the bag when he stepped out the door and saw Janie sitting in the drivers seat wearing nothing but a smile.

Janie shrieked with delight as Greg jumped in the passenger seat and handed her the keys. They both knew this was going to be a wild night.

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