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Storms and Silence

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She knew she shouldn’t be out. It was late, nearly midnight already. The full moon glowed high in the sky, illuminating the path in front of her in the hazy shades of silver and blue~fae light she’d always heard it called. She sighed and moved gracefully along the path. She knew it so well now, traveled it as often as she could, as often as nature allowed.

Her bare feet found the path well worn and softened by the freshly fallen autumn leaves. She walked with purpose, feeling the tension in the air increasing by the moment. She’d always been fascinated by storms, even as a child, now she had a very adult reason to be entranced by them. She wanted to be there before the storms struck~ to see if HE would be there again.

She shivered at the thoughts of HIM. She didn’t know his name. Had never had a real conversation with him, only glimpsed him amongst his natural element, The Storm Master; that was how she thought of him now. The first time she’d met him had been terrifying, and exhilarating. She knew she’d never be free of the images of that first meeting. That first experience of holding a storm inside her body….

It had been nearly half a year ago, a powerful spring storm had drawn her. She knew the place, she’d come here often during the years to sit in the relative solace on the large rocks looking up through the clearing and watching the lightning play in the sky far away from the rest of the world. Tonight seemed somehow different. The air was charged. She could feel the energy flowing in thick waves all around her. The wind tumbling her long hair around her in a whirlwind, she could tell the rain was close. She tasted the moisture in the air, could feel it on her skin like a gentle caress in the night. It caused heat to pool in the deepest recesses of her body. Her skin reacted, the nerves alive, singing with electricity.

She stepped over to the large rock and sat down. Reclining she sighed, the storms had been brought on by an unusually warm spring; that warmth lingered in the large rock at her back. She closed her eyes and let the moment take her, the thunder boomed in the background and she felt it in her soul.

Her diaphanous silk robe clung to her in the humid air; she never wore much to storm watch. It seemed redundant to her when she was simply going to either get soaking wet or take it off all together. Sighing, she pulled one leg up to rest on the rock, the other on the ground her body enjoying the way her back stretched and curved around hugging of the surface of the stone, it made her feel almost decadent to be here like this. Her family had warned her not to come here like this but in all the years she had done this, she’d never met another soul. And she believed that Nature protected its own here, she always felt at home on her rock. Just as she was relaxing she heard a noise, something out of place for her solitary wood, a footfall! She leaned up on her elbows, her long hair flowing over the edge of the rock, trying to see into the dim light, looking for whom she shared the wood with.

Fear rushing over her for the first time, she didn’t know whether to run or stay very still. Her eyes searched the semi darkness around her. The lightning cast shadows, dancing amongst the trees in the wind; she searched for something real and solid. Then she found it. Her breath caught in her throat and she slid back on the rock. Eyes wide, mouth slightly open grasping at the front of her robe; she stared at a very large, very REAL man.

He laughed, actually laughed as she blinked.

“What do we have here? A wood sprite, a nymph perhaps; have you brought this wondrous storm? Then lets not waste your efforts shall we?”

He had a deeply accented voice that she couldn’t quite place. She shivered as he stepped toward her. He reached out and placed his hand, warm and solid, on her cheek, she felt like she’d been struck by lightning. She wasn’t sure if he was real or simply a figment of her imagination. She only knew he felt like the storm, raw, electric, powerful and all around her.

He leaned in and kissed her on the top of her head, winked at her and turned back to the night sky. When he spoke his voice rumbled through the air like thunder. It caused her to shiver and tremble. She was still unsure if she should run or tell him to leave, though she didn’t see him as one to take orders from a slip of a girl in a nightgown.

“Storms are amazing things. The energy held there is erotic is it not?” He glanced back over his shoulder at her. “Ever made love in the rain Nymph, with the thunder at your back?”

She closed her eyes and shivered. How could this stranger know of her darkest fantasies, her deepest secrets? When she opened her eyes again he was directly above her, one knee on the rock by her hip, the other on the ground, effectively pinning her in place; so much for running. He leaned in and ran his tongue over her slightly trembling lips, his voice rumbled against her body, rolling over her like the thunder again.

“I wont hurt you too much my Nymph, but you don’t seem afraid. What do you say? Harness the storm with me?”

He ran his hand up her chest to her shoulder gently sliding under her robe pushing it down to expose her. Her breath caught in her throat but she did not stop his hands from traveling over her skin, and around to cup her breast. The moonlight cast her skin in a soft glow. She was entranced. She knew she should leave, but for the life of her, she couldn’t. His touch was electricity and her body a perfect conductor. She licked her lips and looked up into his eyes. His silhouette lit at that very moment by a large flash of blue white lightning. She gasped and jumped, closing the distance between their bodies in the process. He pressed her back onto the rock and leaned onto her, taking her hands in his and extending them above her head.

He kissed her. The kiss was excruciating in its sweetness she felt it in her core, deep in her womb, where nothing had stirred her before. She whimpered softly, He chuckled and ran his hands down over her body in a slow sweep, removing the thin silk robe with the magic of a single touch. She swam in sensation. He stood and glanced down, smiling as he removed what little he wore. He rejoined her on the rock. His body warm and hard, yet she shivered at his touch. He kissed her lips again, and started moving. He trailed kisses down her face and neck, stopping to nibble at the collarbone. She closed her eyes and threw her head back gasping for air that seemed to thick to breathe. She felt the first drop of rain on her face. He growled, the sound vibrating through her, and then bit down sharply on her nipple causing her to cry out. She arched into him. He placed a firm hand on her hip and held her in place as he moved to the other nipple, chuckling as he swirled a hot tongue around it watched it tighten in the wind to a hard peak before closing his teeth swiftly over it and rolling it firmly between them.

Her entire body melted, dissolved into the mists of the night and remade itself as something entirely new. She whimpered and felt the heat pooling between her legs.

He pressed himself against her, grinding slightly. The rough stone at her back sensitizing her skin even more as he trailed his tongue lower over her navel and across the hollows of her hips. Stopping on each hip to nibble and bite. She clenched in anticipation. The rain fell faster and the lightning played above them. He knelt at the end of the rock running his hands up her thighs. Her legs opened willingly, her body shivering from the loss of his hard warmth above her. He moved closer. Hovered just above her, she could feel his warmth and his breath. The heat caused a shiver of a different kind as he blew across her body. Like the wind in the air.

“What treasures do you hide Nymph. Shall we see?” He bent his head and at the first touch of his tongue she fractured. Her cry echoed through the wood on the top of the howling wind. The storm increased as he flicked and licked and traced circles inside her until she was writhing in need. He raised himself above her suddenly and with a growl of satisfaction, thrust forward between her hips. Sliding in deep as the thunder reverberated through the ground, shaking the ground and the rock.

Her whole body clenched as he entered her. Her back came off the rock. Her hips held tight in his hands. She cried out. The rain chose that moment to come in heavy sheets.

Wisps of steam rose created by the cold rain landing on passion heated bodies, glowing in the silvery light of the full moon.

With every crash of thunder he thrust harder, deeper, until he was inside her soul. Matching the ferocity of the storm with their lovemaking, the wind whipping her hair around them wet now. Hitting their skin soft in some places, cracking over them like a whip in others. He threw his head back and yelled as the lightning flashed and hit a not to distant tree, thunder cracked overhead and her world tilted askew! He fell forward over her, his large hands cradling her head as he placed a gentle kiss on her hair.

Smiling down he kissed her lips and stood. Never looking away, he pulled his clothes back on and handed her the now soaked robe. She pulled it on, leaned back on the rock and felt the magic slipping fast from the air. She closed her eyes and wondered again at what had just happened. When she opened them, he was standing looking down at her.

“Nymph, I believe I will enjoy a good thunderstorm from now on!” He chuckled and offered a hand to her. She stood and looked at him. “Do you need an arm to walk home on wood sprite?”

She still hadn’t spoken to him; she thought it best as she didn’t trust words at the moment. She simply shook her head and turned to go. She looked back over her shoulder to see him watching. He smiled and winked at her.

“Till the next storm, lovely one.” She heard him chuckling all the way home…

She finally made the clearing. Shaking her head from her reverie, she looked around and started toward the rock. Her breath caught in her throat as she heard the low chuckle rolling in with the newest round of thunder. “Hello again my little Storm Nymph, are you ready for the evening?” She smiled and went silently to his side.

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