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Not Your Usual Family Sunday

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We were all in the lounge – me, my wife Carol, our 22 year old daughter Zoe and our 19 year old son, Tom, with various bits of the Sunday paper and its numerous supplements spread around us. I was in my usual armchair, Tom was sitting opposite me, Zoe was sprawled on the sofa and my wife was lying face down on the floor.

“Why are these magazines always so full of nothing?” she sighed, tossing her supplement aside and rolling onto her back.

I looked up to see her raise her knees slightly, causing her skirt to slip down her thighs. I raised my eyes further to see my son staring, mouth slightly open, towards his mother. I guessed he had a good view between her thighs and, remembering what underwear she had put on this morning, I knew it was a view worth looking at. Carol squirmed slightly, making her skirt slide even further up her thighs and her knees eased even further apart. I grinned as I watched my son, clearly torn between the wonderful sight before him and the fact that it was his mother he was ogling.

“Going to the toilet.” he mumbled and rose out of his chair, slightly bent forward as he tried, and failed, to hide his obvious erection.

As he shut the door behind him, Zoe giggled. “I think you almost made him cum in his pants, Mum”

“Zoe!” I glared at her. “What sort of talk is that?”

“Well, it’s made me horny” said Carol, “So I expect it had a similar effect on Tom.” She laughed as she rolled back onto her stomach and smiled up at me.”Fancy helping out with my horniness?” she asked.

“What, now?” I said.

“Yes, please” she almost purred.

“Ok” I stood and turned to Zoe. “Your mother and I are going for a lie-down” I smiled, using the excuse we’d used when the children were younger.

“Not fair” Zoe cried. “Do it here. I want to watch”

“Here?!” I looked aghast at my daughter then down at my wife.

“Mmmm, an audience. Sounds like fun.” Carol said, rolling onto her back and sliding her hands up her thighs. I watched amazed as she slid her knickers down her legs and pulled them off, dropping them on to the floor beside her. “Come on, big boy. I’m all ready for you.”

“We can’t, not in front of Zoe” I spluttered.

“Oh, of course we can.” She span around so her feet were towards me then she spread her thighs, giving me an uninterrupted view of her gorgeous pussy. The blood rushed from my brain to my cock and I was sliding onto my knees in front of her, fumbling with my zip, before I had time or the sense to think what I was doing. Carol sat up and helped me ease my rock hard cock out of my trousers.

“Nice cock, Dad.” Zoe said, leaning forward on the sofa to make sure she had a good view.

“Well, we better hide it away before she gets any ideas.” Carol giggled and pulled me down towards her. My palms slapped against the floor as my wife guided me into her soaking wet pussy. All thoughts of my daughter watching this display evaporated as my whole brain focused on the pleasure of fucking my wife. I began to pump in and out as Carol slid her hands up under my T-shirt and raked her nails across my back.

“Fuck me, you monster, fuck me.” she laughed, thrusting her hips up to meet mine. Her mouth was close to my ear as she whispered “Fuck me while your daughter watches”. She paused then added “And it looks like she’s enjoying it.”

I turned my head to see Zoe had drawn her knees up and had one hand inside her knickers while the other massaged her breasts. The whole situation was getting out of hand and getting too much for me to bear. I managed about another ten thrusts before I knew it was game over.

“I’m coming, honey, I’m coming.” I groaned as my orgasm hit and my wife’s eager pussy walls squeezed my cock. There was almost a ringing in my ears and my sight went blurry briefly as I had one of the most intense orgasms in ages. As it eventually began to subside, I slumped forward slightly over Carol and she gave a contented sigh in my ear.

“Nice, David, very nice.” she said.

“Oooh, I’m coming too.” Zoe yelped. I looked across to see she’d undressed and I watched in amazement as my daughter rubbed franticly at her pussy while pulling on her nipples. “Oh, god yes..” she groaned and shuddered as she slid a finger into her pussy then removed it and slipped it into her mouth to suck it clean.

“Wow, Zoe, that was pretty hot.” Carol said, smiling up at her daughter. “And I think your father enjoyed it nearly as much as you did!”

Zoe says “Thanks Mum, watching you two fuck really helped.” She placed her feet on the floor and sat forward, as I rolled off my wife and sat back against the armchair.

“Do you need cleaning up?” Zoe asked.

“That would be nice.” Carol said. I didn’t understand what Zoe meant until she slid off the sofa onto the floor between her mother’s legs. Carol slid her skirt further up and I watched in disbelief as my daughter leant forward and began to lick the cum oozing from her mother’s pussy. Carol ran her hands up Zoe’s arms and into her hair as she pushed up to meet Zoe’s eager tongue. From the way they both reacted, I had the sneaking suspicion this wasn’t the first time they’d done this. It then occurred to me that maybe the two of them had planned the whole thing.

Carol wiggled around as she struggled to get her blouse off so I knelt beside her and helped her remove it and then her bra. I quickly undressed myself then leant down and took one of her nipples into my mouth.

“God, you two, that feels amazing.” she moaned “Not your average threesome, though.” she laughed. “Oh, that’s it honey, right there. Oooooooooh.” she moaned loudly as she came, gripping my hand tightly.

Once Carol stopped shaking, Zoe lifted her head from her mother’s pussy, her lips and chin glistening with juices. She leaned over to kiss her mother full on the lips then they both opened their mouths, tongues darting in and out. That convinced me it wasn’t the first time mother and daughter had indulged in lesbian incest. Zoe broke off the kiss then turned to me.

“Now, it’s time to clean you up, Daddy.” she said and pushed me back against the armchair. My cock was already starting to get hard again and was fully hard within seconds of Zoe taking my cock into her mouth. She eased my cock out of her mouth then licked it from bottom to top, like an ice lolly before taking the whole thing back into her mouth again. I gave a contented grunt, leant back and closed my eyes.

My eyes flew open again as I heard the sound of the lounge door opening and my son Tom saying “What the……”

“Oh, good Tom, you’re back.” said Carol as she stood and walked across the room towards him, her hips swaying. “We didn’t want you to miss out on all the fun and I hope you’ve got something left for me”

“I didn’t…I haven’t..I mean I….oh shit.” he groaned as Carol pulled down his jogging bottoms to reveal his stiff young cock. She knelt in front of him and rubbed his cock over her face before taking it into her mouth.

Zoe stopped sucking me and sat up beside me. She put her hand around my cock and began to stroke me as she watched her mother sucking her Tom’s cock. Like me, it was all a bit too much too soon for Tom and he gasped and bucked his hips, almost fucking his mother’s mouth as he came. He grabbed the edge of the door, his knees clearly turning to jelly.

“Oh, Mum that was……” he tailed off as Carol released his cock and smiled up at him before turning to Zoe and me with a definite look of the cat that got the cream.

“Well” said Zoe, squeezing my cock, “I think every Sunday morning needs to be like this from now on”

“We’ll see” I said. “And before we go any further I think you two wicked females have got some explaining to do.”

“I thought you might say that.” Carol said. “Do you want to do that now or should we get dressed first, so we don’t all get carried away again?” she smiled sweetly.

Zoe squeezed my cock again “Well, I’m not letting go of this any time soon so me and Dad aren’t getting dressed just yet.” She giggled.

“Save me from wanton women.” I groaned and rolled me eyes.

To be continued…

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