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Birthday Bash

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For my birthday, my husband Will agreed to fulfill one of my naughtier fantasies. I’d always wanted to be sandwiched between two men, but more than that, I’d wanted a woman involved for me to dominate while everything was going on. It’s funny, I tend to be more submissive when it comes to men, but introduce a female into the picture and I go dominant all over. It’ll be interesting to see how everything falls into place with that kind of power structure.

At only 25 years old, I’m really too young to be having a sexual crises, it just happens that my husband of 3 years happens to be one of the best husbands in the world and doesn’t mind at all that I’m a kinky little freaky. I don’t know why he should mind anyway cuz after three years of marriage he’s got the best sex life of all his buddies – many of whom are still single. Well, apparently one of them is going to find out tonight why my husband is so darn faithful to me! They always wondered why he never felt the need to date other people after meeting me… it’s easy enough to understand though, I’m kinkier than most people who are trying to give their sex life a boost! I hate to think of what trouble we’re going to be getting into when one of us starts feeling that our sex life is getting boring… it’s probably going to be some really great stuff.

Anyway. In preparation for tonight I was now sitting in front of my mirror, arranging my shoulder length brown curls, I wanted them down but out of my face. My makeup was perfect, heavy eyeliner and mascara traced my almond eyes, no eyeshadow to get all smudged though, and my lips were bright red with this great lipstick that never rubs off. Perky 34D boobs were propped up with a corset that left them free to play with, and my nipples were already hard and were lightly clamped, guaranteeing that the pretty pink nubs would stay erect. The corset had garters which were attached to my lacy stockings. I wasn’t wearing any underwear of course, and my newly shaved mound was pretty pink and glistening already. Sliding on my high heels, I examined myself in the mirror.

I looked like a kinky hooker.

Moving over to the dresser I grabbed the last two parts of my ensemble and bent over my bed after lubing up the buttplug. Slowly, I took the little apparatus and pushed it into my asshole, panting slightly as my tight little hole stretched to take the rubber toy. It wasn’t too big, only about 2″ around, much smaller than my husband (one of the reasons I love him so much is his huge cock, it’s 3″ around and about 10″ long.). I didn’t want to overstretch myself, but I didn’t want to be unprepared either. He’d promised me that one of his friends had a dick even bigger than his, and I couldn’t wait to experience that kind of monster inside me.

The last part of my ensemble was the rather large strap-on. My husband said that he’d found a bi-curious girl for me, just 20 years old, not a virgin, but pretty innocent. I didn’t want to hurt her so the dildo was only about 9″ long and about 2″ around… not too bad, but for someone who hasn’t been stretched out too much it would probably cause a little pain and discomfort at first. Especially exciting was that she was apparently an anal virgin, and had agreed to let me bust her cherry, so to speak. Everything about tonight was going to fill one of my fantasies that I’d always thought would have to go unrelieved after I’d married Will. I’m so lucky that he’s so open-minded about these kind of these. Of course, I’m sure it helps that I really want to watch him fuck this girl while another man does me from behind.

I could hear the front door open and people coming inside, talking. There was Will’s voice, some high-pitched girl’s voice and… well, surprise surprise! His friend that he’d brought was Chuck, the big black former line-backer whose muscles I’d always admired… guess that what they say about Black guy’s and their cocks is true if he’s bigger than my Will! Although having sex with a black guy wasn’t exactly a fantasy of mine, it was definitely something I’d always wondered about. Grabbing the lube on my way out the door, I made my way into the living room.

There was my Will of course, short brown hair, 6’2″ (I like it when I feel little and petite next to a man) with good muscles. Just a little bit of flab. Chuck was the same height as him, but his broad shoulders and chest made it seem as if he took up so much more room. Looking me over, he gave me a huge grin. I’d heard the boys talking about me during a drunken poker night, and he’d been the only one to say that he could understand why Will would be so faithful to me, I’d definitely be rewarding him for that tonight!

The girl was perfect. Shorter than me, only about 5 feet tall, the two men completely dwarfed her. I stepped forward, circling her, the guys just let me do things my way for now. I’d told Will that I wanted to get the part started by playing with the girl first. Long blonde hair, she was very slender, small, pert breasts underneath a very tight and low-cut top. Had nothing on me in curves, but she was perfect. Looked to be about my age. Her eyes were flickering from my exposed chest, especially the clamps on my nipples, down to the pink protruding plastic cock between my legs. Well, she’d be getting to try out both tonight.

“This is Angie, babe. Angie, this is my wife Jade.” I gave the nervous blonde a smile, “Jade, you remember Chuck.” Chuck got a grin and a wink, then, the introductions over with, I stepped forward and aggressively lowered my mouth to Angie’s.

She started back for a moment, startled, by my hands were already around her waist, pushing her groin towards me, rubbing the rubber cock against her body. After a moment she began kissing me back, sweetly and softly. Such an innocent. Our tongues intertwined and I began pulling her shirt over her head, slowly revealing her small tits to the men, since she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were already hard as little diamonds, and they were longer than mine, sticking out like little pencil eraser tips. I lowered my head to chew on the nubbins, making her moan and gasp and I both sucked and bit down, bringing pleasure and pain. When I finally lifted my head again her nipples were raw and red looking, standing at the utmost attention as she panted and whimpered.

Looking over at the men, I saw that they both had their dicks out and were stroking them, watching us. Chuck’s cock really was bigger than Will’s, the damn thing had to be at least 12″ long and as thick as a soda can… I couldn’t believe it. He looked more massive than some of the guys I’d seen in pornos and online. That monster cock was going to hurt me wonderfully.

But back to the things at hand. I circled behind Angie, lifting her blonde hair to one side and began biting down her neck, moving my hands over her breasts and stroking them along with her sides and stomach. The men had a clear view at her face and her reactions to my fondlings. Pulling hard on one of her nipples, like I was milking her, I used my other hand to undo the button on her jeans, and then began working those down her legs. No underwear either. This innocent little thing must actually be a bit of a slut; her juices were running freely down her thighs, and like me her mound was completely shaved. Her pussy looked pink and tiny, I was really going to be stretching it open.

Lustfully, I pushed her onto her knees, and then turned her so that the men could get a good view of both of us as I pushed my strap-on into her mouth. A few strokes into her mouth, just to really establish my dominance over her, and I pushed her onto her back, spreading her legs wide in the air. Kissing down her thighs, I licked at her pussy, tasting the sweetness that was flowing there. As I moved my tongue around her lips and clit, she was bucking and moaning, playing with her own breasts. A moment later and a large black hand covered one of her breasts, Chuck had moved down with us. The contrast of his dark hand over her pale white flesh was beautiful; another moment and Will was on the other side of her, kneading and pulling at her other tit. Grinning, I positioned the strap-on at the entrance to her soaking pussy and began pushing in.

“Oh… oh!! OH!!!” I could tell I was stretching her further than she’d ever really been stretched, it was slow going even with her copious natural lubrication. The men were really pulling on her tits now, squeezing the flesh and pinching her nipples. Finally, I was all the way into her wet pussy, and I began pumping vigorously, entranced by the men playing with her breasts. To my pleasure and surprise, Chuck reached out and pushed the clamps on my nipples a little bit tighter, and then took hold of the chain that connected them and began pulling on it, controlling my movements in and out of the little blonde beneath me. Will had two fingers in Angie’s mouth now, and she sucked on them for all she was worth, as his bright lust filled eyes were riveted to Chuck’s manipulation of my body, and my heaving bouncing breasts.

I slowed my stroke’s in and out of Angie’s pussy, and then gave each of her leg’s to the men on either side of her. Pulling my rubber cock out, I had them push her legs back, completely opening her up to me. The tip of the cock looked huge compared to her tiny puckered asshole, but it was well lubricated from all her juices, which had been free flowing. I nudged the tip of the cock into her ass, and watched her tiny hole slowly start stretching to admit the thick head.

“Oh please,” the head was in and her ass looked impossibly stretched and tight, “Oh please, you’re tearing me apart,” Angie was begging in a high-pitched girlish voice that was just turning me on more, “Slower, please slower, it’s too big!” Heaving and bucking, she was trying to adjust to the rubber cock.

“Hush, hush,” I soothed, “It’s not that big… just wait till the men get into your ass, you’ll be glad I stretched it out for your first.” Chuck and Will grinned at each other over Angie’s body.

Taking Chuck’s earlier lead, Will grabbed the chain between my breasts and pulled, stretching my boobs and my nipples out, forcing me to push forward into Angie’s ass. Whimpering, she was taking it, slowly adjusting to the size of the cock in her ass. Even though I was all the way in, Will kept pulling, making me moan as little darts of pain shot through my nipples, making me moan. Finally, he released the chain, and I began pumping in and out of Angie’s ass in earnest, really wanting to take her for a ride. Chuck reached down and pushed two of his big black fingers into her open and gaping pussy, using his thumb to rub her clit.

With all of us paying attention to her body, it didn’t take long for Angie to start coming, even with the discomfort of the large cock up her ass. She thrashed and moaned as she came, spilling juices around Chuck’s fingers that seeped down around her stretched asshole; Will tugged more roughly on her nipples, really pinching and twisting as she came. When she finally came down from her orgasmic high, undid the strap-on, leaving it buried in her ass, and nodded to Will, then pulled Chuck towards me.

Chuck and I watched for a moment as Will buried himself in Angie’s pussy, stretching her little twat even more than my cock had – it probably felt huge considering that the cock in her ass would be taking up an awful lot of room. Will was moaning about how tight she was, and she was writhing beneath him, her hands pulling at his shoulders and back as she gasped at the intrusion.

Chuckling, Chuck began undoing the corset around my body, “I like being able to see a woman completely open.” I nodded silently, obliging. He pulled the clamps from my nipples as well, making me moan at the pain of the sudden rush of blood back into them, and then moan again as he lowered his mouth to them, sucking and nibbling. Then he pushed me down to my knees in front of him and I began to work that huge dick into my mouth, enthralled by the strangeness of its dark color and the monstrous proportions of its size. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Will still vigorously pumping into Angie’s pussy, she was cumming again, so much stimulation made her very sensitive. I could tell Will wasn’t going to last long. Chuck gave me a light slap on my cheek to remind me what I was supposed to be doing.

With all my skills at swallowing Will’s dick, I could get all of Chuck’s down my throat, it was just too wide and long, but I stuffed as much as I could into my mouth. Eventually, he pulled me off of it, at about the time Will was cumming in Angie’s pussy, and I realized that he wanted Will to be able to watch as his friend fucked his wife. Chuck laid me back as Will sat down on the couch, with Angie between his legs, and she began cleaning his limp dick with her mouth, as he continued playing with her tits and nipples. They had to be really sore by now.

Chuck grabbed my breasts in each hand, squeezing and making me moan; he pinched my nipples, and then lined his dick up with my pussy, tired of waiting. It hurt a little, as he stretched me out, my pussy was definitely being forced wider than it had ever been before. I panted and gasped as he worked inch after inch into my pussy, I could see Will watching us, he’d begun holding Angie’s hair, which meant that he was hard again; hard at watching his wife submitting to his friend’s big black cock. I began moaning as Chuck started pumping rhythmically in and out of my pussy, stretching and battering it; it felt like a baseball bat had been shoved into me, a baseball bat with veins and texture. It felt incredible.

A cry from Angie caused me to look over at her and Will again, he had her facing us so she could watch the show, and was forcing her to take his dick up her ass. Since he was larger than the strap-on I used I’m sure that it felt like her virginity was being taken all over again. Chuck began grinding his body against mine, rubbing my clit, I moaned and clutched at him. Suddenly, he lifted me up and laid back, putting me in position on top of him. I threw back my head as his cock drove even deeper into me with the new position. Slowly, I began moving up and down that beautiful cock, my small white hands placed on his muscled black stomach; his hands were full of my breasts, the tender white flesh spilling through his fingers. I rode him as best I was able, it was hard with such a huge dick filling me, it felt like I could lift myself up away from him forever and still be impaled on his cock. I came at least twice, and he just stayed hard in me, filling me completely. It was heaven and it was hell as I became oversensitized, and he used my breasts to pull me up and down on his dick, even though my pussy was overstretched and sore from cumming twice so recently. It looked as though Angie felt the same way, Will was now using his hands on her waist to lift her up and down on his dick, I could see her ass where he was entering it, it looked swollen and red, and yet, as soon as he slammed her down hard and began cumming in her ass, he reached around to pull on her little clit, and she immediately began cumming again too, crying out her pleasure as he filled her ass with her seed.

Will hurried to the bathroom to clean the residue of Angie’s ass off his dick, and then returned to us, Chuck was still moving me up and down his large pole as I cried out in pleasure and discomfort. Will came over and I opened my mouth to accept his soft dick, sucking gently on it, behind me, Angie knelt and Chuck moved his hands to my waist, allowing Angie’s soft touch to caress my breasts and nipples. Now I knew something how she had felt earlier, as everyone’s attention came to me. With Will’s dick slowly hardening in my mouth, I came again, and this time the pulsing in my pussy finally brought off Chuck, and he slammed me down one last time; I could feel him shooting spurt after spurt deep within my pussy, it seemed to go on forever.

I released Will’s partially hard dick from my mouth, and carefully pulled myself off Chuck’s slowly softening dick. It came out with a slight pop, moving down on my hands and knees, I bent my head to begin cleaning our combined juices from his cock and balls. With my ass up in the air, apparently Angie felt the need to taste our juices too, and I could feel her soft tongue licking at my pussy and ass, cleaning me. Will’s eyes were glowing, and he was getting harder much faster, watching the three of us. Chuck too, was still partially hard in my mouth, and slowly getting harder again. Angie’s tongue was soothing to my stretched and abused pussy, and I found myself wanting to return the favor; so I turned my Chuck once he was fairly clean, and Angie and I kissed again.

Moving slowly, we caressed each other’s bodies, nibbling and licking at nipples, and then finally turning over in a 69 position, licking at each other’s pussies. Hers was pink and soft, and only a little stretched out, I pushed three of my fingers in, and sucked her clit gently into my mouth. For her part, her tongue was licking around my lips and bringing tingling sensations all through my lower body. Carefully, I licked down her slit a few times, and then lowered myself to her asshole; it looked swollen shut, pink and abused after the double assault, from myself and my husband. She moaned as I rimmed her ass, licking up the cum there and soothing the hurt it had taken.

Chuck came in front of me, his cock was already almost completely hard again, he shoved it into my mouth, “Make sure you wet it nice, it’s going into your ass next.” I shuddered at the pleasant and daunting thought of taking this monster into my ass, and made sure to liberally coat it with my saliva. He moaned, and I moaned as Angie began rimming my ass, wetting it for the event that was coming, she began using her fingers to transfer juices from my pussy to my ass, lubricating me even more.

Then Chuck left my mouth and went around behind me, and Will took his place in front of me, shoving his dick into my mouth. I moaned around it as Chuck began wedging his dick into my ass. It hurt so wonderfully as he stretched me wide open, and I could feel Angie licking at my clit, alleviating some of the pain. Slowly, the dick was worked in and out of my ass, a little deeper each time, then suddenly Chuck slammed the last 4 or 5 inches home and I screamed around Will’s dick in surprise and pain. A few tears leaked from my eyes, and Angie frantically sucked on my clit as my body shook at the sudden invasion. Apparently screaming around a dick felt pretty good to the owner though, Will’s knees almost buckled when I did it.

Now Chuck was moving in and out of my ass at a bruising pace, slapping into my cheeks; moaning and sucking I was lost somewhere in pleasurable pain. Angie helped a lot, slipping her fingers into my pussy as she licked at me. I wondered what it looked like from her view, only inches away from the huge black dick that had stretched out my own asshole. It was making me horny just thinking about it. The pain was quickly receding and pleasure started taking over completely, the pleasure of having Will in my mouth, Angie in my pussy and Chuck pumping slickly in and out of my ass. Still, this wasn’t the finale.

Eventually, Chuck lifted me up, his cock still embedded in my ass. He stood, holding my legs spread towards the ceiling, so that most of my weight was on the cock in my ass, and my pussy was spread wide in front of me. Quickly, Will stepped forward and wedged his dick into my pussy. It was hard going with such a big cock in my ass, but sooner than I would have though I was stuffed full of cock, sandwiched on either side. It felt amazing, all my weight was on my holes, which were completely full of man meat. They began pumping in and out of me, establishing a rhythm, and I flopped like a rag doll between them, since they were so much taller than me my feet didn’t even touch the floor. Instead I wrapped my legs around Will, although not too securely, the feeling of their invading cocks being my fulcrum and center was too intoxicating to give up.

As they used me for their pleasure, I began cumming, wonderfully stuffed full of their dicks; I was barely aware of poor exhausted Angie watching us with big eyes, playing with herself. They sent me higher and higher on my orgasm, until I was crying, tears streaming down my face at the intensity of the pleasure that was coursing through my body, my pussy, my clit, even my ass felt like it was cumming; everything was pulsing and spasming.

At that point I must have passed out, when I awoke, a few hours later, I was in bed with Will. Wrapped up in his arms, I could feel the soreness of my pussy and ass, and the cum that was leaking out of both; I looked up and saw that he was asleep. It had been the best birthday present ever.

In the next room over, the guestroom, I could hear the low groans of Chuck and Angie’s high-pitched squeals. Lucky girl, but not quite as lucky as me. Snuggling close into Will’s arms, I fell back asleep, completely content.

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