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Reaming Robyn

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“Come on, baby, put that big cock in my ass,” she cooed.

I watched in disbelief as my helmet pushed against her puckered opening. I took a deep breath as her labored breathing gasped and she let out a low toned moan as I pressed against her backdoor and slowly forced my solid mass into Robyn’s taboo pipe.

It was barely nine o’clock in the evening on a Wednesday, of all days.

I had stayed to work a bit later than usual when I heard her approach me cautiously but seductively at the same time. I looked up and smiled brightly as her ice blue eyes caught hold of mine and locked me into a trance.

Robyn was by far one of the finest women I have seen. She stands at around five feet, five inches tall and she is one tall drink of beauty. She knows it too, far too well. Even though she is gorgeous, she knows how to use it and work it to her advantage. Of the honored few, I was the recipient of her tempting beauty in many more ways than just a casual glance; even a sustained stare.

We first met across a conference room table about two months ago. Robyn was a transplant from a competitive business group. We work in the telecom industry: digital cellular communications, specifically. I’ll never forget the first time I saw her and instantly, I knew that there was some shared energy between us. I sat down in my usual spot amongst the management team. I looked up as I sipped on my coffee and our eyes met and I was instantly transfixed. Robyn has the most haunting, ice blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Ironically, they take you in with their coldness, only to electrocute and burn you simultaneously.

Her hair is straight and jet black; shining with perfect health. Robyn’s face is that of an angel, glowing with elegant beauty. Her tanned skin made her smile and the whites of her eyes glow with ghost-like qualities. Adding to the model-like qualities of her face and figure, was her high-set cheek bones, fierce, cat-like eye brows and devilish wide smile. I practically spit out my coffee after locking glances with her. I felt as if I were in a vacuum as time stood still. The only sound I heard was that of my surprised breath and a lone voice that seemed to echo internally.

“Have you met our newest marketing director, Ms. Robyn Reynolds?”

I placed my coffee cup on the glass table and stood quickly and outstretched my hand towards the goddess of vanity herself.

Robyn offered her delicate hand in receipt, but her grip was delightfully deceiving as she took hold of my hand and gripped firmly.

“It’s very nice to meet you, sir,” she smirked, winking at me.

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Reynolds; I’m Steve Roberts.”

“Please, Steve, call me ‘Robyn.'”

“No problem,” I winked back at her, smiled and returned to my seat.

Throughout the meeting and presentations, I could not seem to take my glance off her. My eyes walked all over her, memorizing her every feature. I felt as if I was back in high school again, acting like a kid in a candy store, looking at a work of art intently and completely transfixed on the energy draw that she had on me, taking me in like a high-powered magnet. I’m not sure if anyone else in the room sensed the connection that was obviously taking place between us, but I didn’t really care. My eyes locked on hers just like a high-precision targeting system locking on a threatening bogey aircraft. Her eyes took to mine as her eye brows cocked and her eyes subtly sneered as she quick glances turned to sustained intent glares. My throat grew thick as I struggled to swallow the enlarging lump. My vision took her physical characteristics in deeply as my intake moved down her chiseled face to her slender neck line and below to her high-set nicely round firm breasts. From the looks of her, she had the strong resemblance of Cassia Riley, a well-known porn star with remarkable beauty and poise. Robyn seemed to be built the same way: tall, slender, thin, and an hour-glass figure to boot. If her measurements were close, they’d have to be 36-24-34. She was just perfect. I couldn’t wait to see her stand to verify my hopes of her thin, long legs and tight waist line.

Soon, the morning meeting came to an end and the conference room lights were illuminated. We all stood and I kept severe watch of Robyn’s figure as she rose. Just as my imagination had worked to secure and complete my fantasy, her body was exactly as I had envisioned. She leaned forward as she stood to gather her collection of hand-outs on the desk. I watched in awe as her deep cleavage presented itself to me through the casual opening of her blouse. Her firm tits were nestled perfectly in her bra, holding them close in line to her chest. As Robyn’s figure straightened, our eyes met and locked briefly again. She smiled disarmingly, as she acknowledged the weight of my stare. Her torso was long and slender, giving way to a superior set of hips, tightly wrapped with her business skirt. Even though she was tastefully dressed, her tight-fitting clothing allowed her hidden beauty to be forcefully exposed and exploited. Robyn’s skirt barely covered her thighs and ran to just above her knees. Her waist was thin and looked very grab-friendly, as her curves followed suit perfectly down the slender line of her torso and down to her long toned legs. Black stockings and matching high heels completed the perfect scene as she took a few steps and turned to pick up her briefcase below her seat. Not wanting to miss a thing, I watched with wide eyes as she leaned over, exposing one hell of a nice, tight-looking backside. Shivers ran down my spine as I gawked. Robyn then stood up, clutching her nylon computer case. She placed her papers into one of the bag’s pockets and walked around the long side of the conference table. I smiled widely at her as she approached and offered her hand.

“It was nice to meet you, Steve,” she whispered slyly, “I look forward to working with you.”

“Likewise,” I smiled and gulped, watching her fine rear end shift elegantly as she walked away and out of the room.

My transfixion was abruptly interrupted as Jim; the director of new accounts cornered me with a raised eyebrow. I’ve known Jim for about six years. We started with the company around the same time. I’ve always trusted Jim’s judgment, as he seems to have the pulse of the industry. He also has an uncanny knack of reading people and is an excellent judge of character.

“What do you think you’re doing there, buddy?” Jim sternly asked, as the room emptied noisily.

“What are you talking about?”

“You know damn well,” Jim whispered. “Don’t mix business with pleasure.”

I felt my ears burn with embarrassment.

“Do you think anyone knows?” I asked nervously.

“Maybe; you two certainly weren’t being too discreet.”

“Oh, well,” I laughed, trying to tone down the situation.

“Yeah, but it won’t be just, ‘oh well,’ if some one gets in trouble.”

“Don’t worry, Jim, I got it all under control.”

Jim smirked and left the room, leaving me alone.


In the weeks following, it seemed that Robyn and I were in many meetings together. Most of which were casual excuses for us to play flirtatious mind games with one another. I never minded. Crossing paths with her was one of the few things that I looked forward to while being at the office. It seemed that each of our meetings consisted of me checking her out full course. I was never disappointed. Robyn always seemed to wear stunning clothes that showed off her delectable figure like a god damn high-end showroom automobile. Every inch of her appeared flawless. Her body was damn tight and she knew exactly how to command attention. She had mine, at least and it was difficult to not stand at attention consistently, if you know what I mean. I figured her for a 32-24-34 measurement. Her figure was absolutely perfect. Her height was right on cue and the way she carried herself: sure, strong and confident. I love the way she moved and commanded attention. Her stance was stable, her presence firm and the form of her line begged…demanded one-hundred percent focus. When she walked, she alternated one firm, slender, long leg in front of another, almost as if she was walking on an invisible tight rope. When she moved, her hips swayed from side to side, as if she was slow dancing for a private audience. She kept herself in shape and it was obvious. I was thinking that her breasts were natural, but in the grand scheme of things, that detail didn’t matter much to me whatsoever. I simply enjoyed the sight of her, her long thin legs, curvaceous hips, tight ass, long torso, ample tits, firm shoulders, slender neck, long flowing black hair, and bright wide smile. Her looks alone could weaken the knees of the most confident, polished men.

During the last meeting after flirting with her with wild looks and winks, I couldn’t stand it any longer and knew that I wanted to fuck Robyn badly. Just the simple sight of her sent me reeling and her scent, my God, simply amazing – intoxicating, undeniably sexy. I decided to go to my trusty interoffice contact. Her name is Cheryl. She works in the trenches of the marketing department. If anyone’s in the know, it is definitely her. I’ve known Cheryl for just about the same amount of time that I’ve known Jim. Both are valiant friends and excellent folks to have in your corner, so I knew that I wouldn’t be steered wrong by either one. Jim is a good guy to turn to for the male perspective and Cheryl, of course, gives it to me straight from a female persuasion. Both are invaluable. I caught up with Cheryl the following afternoon while she was filing some documents in the hall cabinets.

“Hey Cher,” I cheerfully greeted her.

“Well, hey there, stranger!” she beamed.

“What’s new?”

“Oh, the usual, just another day.”

“Your job treating you all right?”

“Yeah, no complaints there.”

“Hey, listen, I got a question for you,” I motioned with my head towards the copy room adjacent to us, so she would get the hint that it was of a personal nature. As usual, smarty Cheryl understood exactly what I was getting at and immediately shut the drawer to the cabinet and walked over to the copy room. I followed immediately behind her. She shut the door behind us.

“What’s up?” she asked with concern.

“You know the new girl…err, woman, I mean?”

“Who…Oh, wait, you mean Robyn?!” she said with a gleam in her eye.


“Oh, what about…oh, I get it. You want to fuck her, don’t you?” Her eye brow rose with a look of sly interest.

Again, I felt my ears burn and tingle with embarrassment.

“Well, yeah,” I admitted.

“Hey, no harm, no foul. Hell, if I were a guy, I’d want to do her too. She’s got a nice ass and a hell of a figure.”

I laughed out loud, “I knew you’d understand, Cheryl.”

“Of course, babe. I’m just one of the guys when it comes to shit like this.”


“So, you want me to hook you up?”

“Well, sort of, but I don’t want this to turn into some sort of high school cat and mouse game either. Can you play detective for me first?”

“For you, honey, absolutely. And, it certainly means that mum’s the word until I get some goods for you.”

“You’re the best, Cher!”

“I know, I know,” she smiled, “But just you wait until you get my bill.”

I laughed in response, “This will be great.”

“Yeah, it will and since it’s you, I’m all about getting you laid. Not that you need it or anything, but you know…it’s because I like you and all.”

“Thanks again, Cher. Let me know what you find out.”

“No problem. I’ll keep you informed.”

We exchanged a quick friendly hug and parted ways. The rest of the day droned on as normal. Lots of paperwork, phone calls…the usual. As the afternoon dragged into the early evening, around 4:30, I got a phone call from my trusty mole, Cheryl.

“Hey, I got some information for you.”


“Yeah. Can I call you on your cell?”

“Give me about forty-five minutes, and I’ll call you, if that’s okay?”

“Yep, okay by me.”


“You bet.”

When I was in my car, headed back to my condo, I gave Cheryl a ring as promised. She, apparently, was on her way home too.”


“Hey, Cher.”

“Hey there, daddio!”

“So, whaddya got?”

“Well, lots of stuff, really.”


“Well, she’s single and she loves to party. If you’re expecting to settle down with her, forget it. But, if you’re willing to play, she’s game. Here’s the catch though, if you’re still interested, you have to play according to her rules.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, it means that she calls the shots. She’s a bit of a control freak. She likes to be in command.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Yeah, so, she likes the chase game too. But, she’s the one who wins. Put her in the wrong spot and you can kiss your chances hasta la-bye, bye.”

“Uh, huh.”

“You want my recommendation?”


“Continue to flirt with her like you have been. Apparently, she’s totally into that, and then, when it comes to the next level, let her make the move. When you get the invitation, believe me, you’ll know. Then, accept it immediately and be agreeable to whatever she wants. I think you’ll be golden at that point.”

“Ah, very cool.”

“Sounds like a worthwhile chance; especially if you’re looking for fun.”

“You know me, Cher. I’m all about the fun.”

She laughed on the line, “Yeah, so I’ve heard.”

“So, where did you get all of this info on our gal?”

“Come on, Steve, you know I can’t reveal my sources. However, if you must know, some of it was received by my intuition and the other, just by knowing her type a bit.”

“All right, thanks. Now, she doesn’t suspect anything, does she?”

“Steve, honestly, don’t you trust me?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then, let it go.”


“But keep your eyes open. I believe you’re in for an invitation shortly.”


“Yeah, don’t anticipate it too much, but don’t be blind to it when it comes your way.”

“Okay, thanks again, Cher.”

“Anytime, babe. You know I’d always help you out.”

“I know, I know. And, if there’s anything I can do for you, you let me know.”

“Thanks, you’re a sweetheart.”

“So are you!”


“See you later, Cher.”


The following week brought an interesting turn of events, just as Cheryl had predicted. Much to my surprise, I did get that invitation from Robyn. It could not have come any sooner.

We were in another management team meeting and Robyn was asked to present key figures for an upcoming direct mail campaign. To no surprise, she looked ravishing in her form-fitting business skirt and matching jacket. Wow, what an amazing-looking woman, stripped right from the cover of one of the popular glossy supermarket check out lanes – absolutely incredible. And, just like clockwork, I flirted with her throughout her presentation. Some of the instances caused her some serious distraction, which I would have been to blame for entirely, had we been busted. Every time she looked my way, I gave her the eye and it was not difficult to have her completely undressed in my mind either; especially given the hot look she was sporting. After she wrapped up her presentation and we had a quick question and answer session, the meeting broke up and folks left the room.

“Oh, Steve, please wait a minute. I’d like to discuss a few things with you.”

“Sure,” I smiled, watching my colleagues exit.

As soon as they were out of the room, Robyn smiled at me, flashing her brilliant white smile. I watched Robyn like a school child as she approached me with an evil-looking smirk on her face. She was certainly up to no good. She turned the corner, rounding the wide conference room table and sauntered towards me, her hands on her slender hips in a power stance. Looking down at me, she flipped her hair and pulled it back around one ear. Then, she side-stepped and lifted herself and took a seat on the edge of the table, immediately to my right. My heart skipped a beat and I swallowed hard. Leaning over, she maintained a strong visual lock on my eyes as her torso leaned forward towards me. Her low-cut blouse pulled against her firm breasts, holding them tightly in place. My eyes wandered down to her lovely cleavage, presenting itself obviously. I got the vibe that she liked me checking her out, so I decided it would be safe to overtly look at her. Her dark cleavage line was wonderful, dividing her round breasts perfectly down the middle, separating her globes with elegance and style. If we were alone (outside of the office, that is), I’m sure that I would be given the green light to cop a feel. Her subtle breathing brought me back to the present as I turned my focus back to her.

“So, tell me, Steve, did you like the presentation?” her eyes batted.

“Then, or now?” I joked.

She let out a disarming giggle. I winked at her and smiled.

Smirking back and licking her dark red lips she replied, “I see…both then?”

“Both presentations were outstanding.”

“Thank you.”

“Certainly, but maybe I should be the one thanking you?”

Robyn let out another chuckle, followed by a quick smirk, “Well, that remains to be seen.”

“Uh, huh.”

“Well, I’ll say that you definitely owe me one.”

“I’m sorry, for what?”

“For practically getting us busted in the last few team meetings.”

“Oh, that?”

“Yes, that!”

“Okay, I’ll bite.”

“Well, I certainly hope you do,” she winked.

I laughed a little, “So you like it rough?”

“Sometimes, but it depends with who.”

“I see,” I smirked, knowing that I had a shoe in, “So, Robyn, what can I do to make it up to you?”

“Well, how about dinner at my place this weekend?”

“I’d love to.”

“Okay, let’s say seven o’clock on Friday?”

“Sounds great.”

“It sure does,” she licked her lips again; “I’ll email you directions.”

“I’m getting hungry already.”

“I bet you are,” she smiled.

With one fast motion, she was off the table and onto the floor, walking over to collect her presentation materials. I picked up my legal pad, PDA and coffee and I was out the door myself, making a bee line back to my office to await her email.

The minutes seemed to crawl at a snail’s pace as I pined my time. My adrenaline was pulsing through my veins all day, so I was able to get all of my calls made and correspondences written in record time. Before lunch, all of my needed work was completed, far ahead of schedule. Speaking of schedules, I double-checked mine and saw that the rest of the day was wide open, so I decided to take the afternoon off and go decompress a bit. No sooner had I communicated to my assistant that I was out for the remainder of the day, Robyn’s email came through. It read: “7:00 PM, Friday. Bring yourself and your appetite; nothing more. Don’t be late.” Following the note were directions to her place, as promised. I was in. Grinning, I said goodbye to my assistant and was out the door. The rest of the afternoon, I enjoyed hanging out at a local coffee shop and walked around the local forest preserve. I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about it; the weather was especially pleasant for the mid-September date. It was certainly a nice break from the routine and it was good to be alone with my thoughts of what the weekend rendezvous with Robyn might be like. My pulse raced and my dick grew firm as my imagination painted some brilliant snapshots.


Friday quickly came and ended. It was an especially busy day with work, as most Fridays are. Everyone seems to wait to the last minute to file their requests. I had multiple proposals to review and check requisitions to sign. I guess it’s just human nature to wait for the last minute like this, as annoying as it is, I can’t fault folks for behaving this way, when I do the same many times as well. Regardless, the important thing was that Friday was over and it was time for me to get going over to Robyn’s place. I raced home, took a quick shower and picked up some flowers from the local supermarket. Like a man on a desperate cocaine run, I was on my way. Her directions were perfect and I arrived just before seven, as agreed. Nervously, I rang the doorbell. Moments later, she opened the door and greeted me with an anticipatory, but genuine smile.

“Hello, gorgeous,” I offered.

“Hi there!”

I offered her the flowers…mixed carnations with three red roses.

“You’re so sweet, Steve.”

“No problem,” I blushed.

“Come in.”

I followed her into the foyer and closed the door behind me. She looked incredible, just as I envisioned. She was wearing a black dress cocktail dress with matching silk stockings and high heels. Wow, was she ever gorgeous. Her hair was down, pulled seductively over one side. Her long, dark locks shimmered in the warm glow of the well-lit foyer. Robyn’s make-up was perfect – just the right amount, not too much, and not too little. Her cheeks were dusted in a soft bronze color, accentuating her high cheek bones, while same color was used as eye shadow, framing her bright blue eyes, causing them to shine like sapphires. To top it all off, her lipstick was a dark sepia tone, finishing off her face like a model’s best photo shoot. And that body, well, wow, what a piece of art. Her dress hugged every single curve of her feminine form, as it snuggly fit against her round tits, taught mid drift and sexy behind. The hem line of her low-cut dress stopped above her knees, giving me visual pleasure of her shapely long legs. Man, oh, man, was she a looker. My eyes trailed over her, flowing up and down her incredible figure as my brain tried desperately to take her sights all in. I was in a trance; her body had me sucked in like a fool. She offered to take my coat. I surrendered it without hesitation, as I continued to gawk; not taking a single eye off of her motions. Robyn giggled as she realized my state of mind. Then, when she turned around, my jaw must have dropped to the floor. Her tight upright rear end was just a peach of a sight and her tight dress barely left any room against her as it covered her seat just perfectly. When she walked, her cheeks alternated in perfect rhythm against the shapely form of her skirt. I was in heaven.

“So, did you have any trouble finding the place?” as she looked behind her and caught me zoned in on her fine ass. She smiled devilishly as my dick jumped to life.

“Oh, no, none whatsoever.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear that.”

She put my jacket into the coat closet and stood with one hand on her hip and spoke to me out of the corner of her fine mouth.

“So, I was wondering…”


“How hungry are you?” she whispered.

“It depends on what’s being served.”

“Funny you should mention that…”


“I was hoping to skip right to dessert,” she smiled.

“I’m good with that.”

“Are you?”


“Good, meet me upstairs in the bedroom, that is, of course, if you’re still interested in dessert.”

“Oh, my God, yes!”


As she walked up the stairs, I watched her climb, she seductively stuck her hind out as she progressed, smiling and licking her sumptuous lips with each step. Her motions were driving me crazy as my eyes followed her up the stairs. When she reached the top, she spread her legs a bit, showing me the fine divide of her elegant toned legs and thighs as she revealed herself to me. I stood like a helpless child at the base of the stairs, watching with greed as she snapped her legs together, smiled eagerly and turned to walk down the hall and into her room. She watched over her shoulder and winked. Smiling with a naughty grin, she signaled me to follow with a summoning index finger. I didn’t need a second sign and skipped up the stairs to shadow her into the room.

When I entered into her dimly lit bedroom, she was sitting on the edge of her bed, awaiting my entry. She sat cross-legged, with her skirt hiked up to the middle of her sumptuous thigh. Eagerly, I started towards her and then stopped short as she began to move seductively on the bed. She flashed a brilliant white smile and rolled over to her side. Robyn then silently, tugged against the seat of her skirt, pulling the hem up, revealing more of her creamy tan thigh. The tops of her hosiery revealed themselves, dressed in black laced finishing, held in place by taught garter straps alongside her long delicate inviting legs. I ogled without remorse at her seeming never-ending beauty. Her silky legs, toned dark by her stockings shimmered subtly, creating a sexual charge in the air as I watched, dumbfounded. Robyn was enjoying her toying with me as she moved, cupping her breast, slipping her hands over her midsection and finally sticking them in between her parted legs. My spine twitched as my palms started to sweat. I swallowed as she glided her torso upright again, tucking her legs back, she pulled them towards her, allowing more of her thighs to be exposed still. She smiled as I looked down and around her. I silently prayed that she was not wearing any underwear. For whatever reason, stockings, a garter belt and no underwear always turned me on to no end. I swallowed again as my mouth began to water with the sight of her sprawling in front of me. Robyn turned onto her knees and I just about fainted. Her ass was absolutely phenomenal. She smirked and leaned forward, pressing her firm tits into the mattress as her rear end lurched outward and upward towards me. As Robyn arched her back, bringing her hind quarters even higher into the air, the hem on her skimpy dress pulled back and stretched against her fine figure. She noted my intense interest and pulled up on her skirt and laid it to rest just covering the bottom cleft of her ass cheeks. I was in complete awe. Robyn looked back towards me and smiled widely again.

“My God, you have the most inc…”

Her hush set me quiet as she put her index finger to her lips and let out a soft, “Shhh.” Smiling radiantly, she returned to the show she was performing in detail for me.

Robyn began crawling now, on her hands and knees, mindful of showing me her tight end as she retreated to the center of the bed. When she reached the middle of the king size mattress, she paused and parted her legs. Then, she yanked her skirt up and over her hips, flashing her supple ass. Duly noted, she was not wearing any underwear, so I received a nice glance of her neatly trimmed pussy mound from behind. Wow, was she ever formed well. The teasing continued for quite some time as she bared her pussy and perfect tits to me, rubbing her erogenous zones with each display. My cock was throbbing in time in my pants and I wanted nothing more than to plant it deep into her readied cavern. Robyn, acute to my desire, sensed my intention and want and milked her display for all its worth. Of course, she drove me absolutely crazy during the interlude. However, it was well worth the torture as her body was put on display for me to examine every inch and angle. What a dream come true as she continued to play with me. Now, she had her blouse off and her skirt was long gone. The only things that separated me from her were her lace-drawn bra and her willingness for me to tackle her and go to town. I awaited my green light. She was on her back now, pulling her legs up before me, splaying them every now and then to give me a long glance at her trimmed pussy.

Robyn slowly unclasped her brassiere as she lay submissively in front of me. I stood over her like a hungry animal waiting to devour its prey. She smiled with glee as I watched and remained patient. She instinctively shed her bra, slinging it over one shoulder after slowly removing it, jostling her well-formed breasts as she moved. Her breasts were natural, well proportioned, firmly hung and her nipples, we well-defined, poised upwards on her firmness. They looked like dark, rich cherries placed deliberately on a bed of milky fresh ice cream. She massaged them both with her hands as I watched her nipples grow even firmer and erect with excitement. She lifted her right breast towards her face and stretched her tongue out to meet the receptive tit. My jaw dropped. Just then, one of her hands came down and arched its way in between her sculpted legs and she began swirling around her clit. Faster and faster her progressions became until she subsided and threw her head back in pleasure. Robyn then inserted a finger into her moist hole and stirred it around while pulling it out and pushing it back in. Having had enough of being teased to death, I tore off my clothes and fell to my knees in front of her. My dick was absolutely throbbing in mid air now as I bit my lip and hoped to get my green light soon.

Robyn looked up at me and flashed a deviant glance at me.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?”


“Tell me. Tell me you want to fuck me.”

“I want to fuck you.”


“I want to fuck you!”

“Good,” she smiled with satisfaction.

“I’m going to fucking nail you!”

Robyn let go with an approving giggle.

“It sounds wonderful, lover boy, but first, I want you to listen to every instruction I give you, okay?”


“If you don’t listen, I’m going to ask you to leave, all right?”

“I understand.”

“Good, now come over here and get me nice and ready.”

Without hesitation, I was immediately in front of her and I plunged my head into the void of her legs. Pressing my face into her crotch, I instantly began licking and stroking her labia with my tongue. Her sap tasted like musky flowers as I probed into her moist folds. Sucking on her outer lips, I heard Robyn call out as I tugged it away from her body and pulled it into the confines of my mouth. This woman had experience and although given her history, I was determined to make history with her as she yelped with my oral exploration. Round and round my tongue swirled, I mopped her engorged slit with each hungry pass. Slurping and sucking, I brought mouthful upon mouthful of her natural honey. Swallowing eagerly, I ingested as much of her flavor as I could. Robyn’s folds slipped eagerly in and out of my mouth as I undulated around her, sucking her goodness and eating her nectar. Her legs spread wide before me, allowing me deeper access as I continued swarming around her labia, slurping against her primitive opening. Her soft anatomy became like melted butter as she succumbed to my oral stimulation with ease. Robyn’s labia melted in my mouth as I sucked each delicate flower petal into my mouth and licked it of its goodness. Robyn’s body shook and vibrated as I licked deeper inside her. She moaned in pleasure as I worked on her privates with mission-like devotion.

“Aw, fuck yeah! That feels so fucking good!”

Her continual barrage of yelps and audible agreement encouraged me to continue on without pause. She helped me by parting her labia with her fingers and I took the notion to forge even deeper and lick her inside walls as firmly as I could. Her minor lips tasted so good, so sweet as her salty liquid filled my mouth. My tongue washed over her innards as I pushed beyond her inner lips and lapped her vaginal walls. Her ribbed anatomy felt incredible against my tongue as I stroked up against her. As I maneuvered inside and around her glory hole, my nose brushed up against her clit, sending Robyn onto another level of ecstasy as her pelvis bounced, lunging towards my eager face. My hands went to work on her supple breasts as my oral motions continued. With each hand, I grabbed intently onto her breasts and manipulated them briskly. As I moved back, I caught greedy hold of her hard tits and squeezed them between my fingers. When I applied pressure on her erect nipples, her whimpering became even more audible as I licked. Her breasts felt like well-formed gelatin in my hands as her mammary glands bucked with vivacious movement by Robyn’s gyrations. Her tits mushroomed out towards me, filling my grasping hands with her soft volume. I pushed against them more, kneading her breasts like hand-milled dough. Her body arced and her nipples pressed firmly against my palms. I responded by again tweaking her pencil-eraser-like protrusions with my fumbling fingers. She cried in response. When I brought her glands together, pushing them into one another, she quaked, and when I flicked against her tight nipple ends, she moaned in elevated pleasure. Her restrained breasts blossomed beyond my grasp as I pushed against them. Her natural form felt like divine pillows against my groping motions. Simultaneously, I returned my attention to her steaming slit and continued licking up and down her precious engorged opening. Robyn pulled her lips back further than ever as I admired her tight harbored opening. Her lips were enflamed in a dark blush color as the inner flesh of her pink folds glistened in liquid effect. She gasped and sighed as I probed further with my tongue. Lapping her juices sent my imagination to work as I saw myself inserting my hard dick deep into her, pushing her floral petals apart with each thrust.

Desperately attempting to not work myself up too much, I licked against her sopping wet pussy and licked her gash from end to end. Starting at her lovely taint, I slowly scraped my tongue up against her, moving slightly higher, beyond her urethra and towards the base of her lovely point of divergence. Her lips came into full view as my lips passed over them, pushing them out of the way and opened her canyon to receive my lashing tongue. In and out I progressed, pushing her labia apart to allow for the casual insertion of my tongue. Robyn’s folds were wetter and slipperier than ever now as I paused to witness the effect I’ve had on her so far.

I looked up at her and gazed into her eyes. They were burning with lustful desire and want as I searched her for entry permission. It came sooner than I expected, as she opened her gateway.

“Fuck me,” came the command, as the filthy but lust-filled words rolled with ease off her tongue.

I stood at the edge of the bed and worked my erection up again as I moved towards her. She watched me with anticipation as I knelt in front of her soaked pelvis. The motion was almost automatic as Robyn pulled her legs back towards her, retracting them to accommodate my torso. Her legs arced and then spread like a well-oiled machine, jetting outwards as if controlled by hydraulics. Robyn placed two hands against the slippery entry point of her being and pulled back on her labia, revealing a hell of a nice pink colored wet hole. I pushed myself in between her legs and took hold of the base of my hard penis. Pushing down now, I guided the head of my dick to the entry point of her tight vagina and watched as I pushed into her. My mushroom cap immediately dove into her abyss and I loved how the velvet wet feel of her warm receiving well felt against my firm member. More so, her pussy stretched and accommodated for my exact size as I slide further inside. Her walls retracted and formed against my mass as I moved deeper. When I reached maximum insertion, I pulled back and relished in the wet film that her juices engulfed me with. I looked at Robyn’s ice blue eyes and she glared at me with increased lust.

“Fuck me hard,” she commanded.

Putting my hips into overdrive, I obeyed her wish and slammed into her and pulled back just as fiercely, watching my cock hammer into her and out of her like a well-oiled piston. My balls slapped up against her ass as I moved. Grunting like a wild animal, I heaved and plundered, working my tool in and out of her wet hole like a madman. Robyn moaned and shifted below me as I hammered away at her pinned body. When I moved my hands under her and gripped her ass cheeks, she loved it and wailed back against me, thrashing her hips back to meet my retracting action. Her left hand went to work on her clit as she whirled around it with increasing speed as I kept up my thundering penetrations. In and out of her I worked, building sweat with each thrust. Robyn sighed in pleasure.

“Tell me when you’re about to cum!”

I nodded and returned to my pelvic driving. Her pussy looked so ravaged and vulnerable as my tool worked deep into her well and then retracted so quickly. Juices from her inner cavern were now oozing with ease out of her, soaking the bedding under us as we moved. The corn-chowder smell of sex filled the air, its sweet, musky smell creating an environment of wild, primal-like consummation. Taking my mind off of the present moment to postpone my impending orgasm, I wondered if this was really happening. Was I really fucking this hot babe? Could I remove myself from the action enough, similar to that of an out-of-body experience, just to prevent a premature climax? I desperately tried to take myself out of the equation to allow for the best, longest, hardest ride that I’ve ever been for anybody…all to no avail. I simply could not seem to distance myself from the gorgeous woman under me. My hips were on auto pilot as my pelvis ground into her frail body. My balls slammed against her taint violently now as my rocketing motions kicked into high gear and remained constant. I knew it was only a matter of moments before I’d need to announce myself and spurt wherever she wanted the cum bath to reside.

Robyn’s pussy gripped me and held to me like a constricting blood vessel. Her inner walls rebelled against my exiting and parted hungrily with each reinsertion. Fucking her was like sticking my cock into a vat of smooth melting butter. Her pussy was warm, wet and incredibly soft and tight. Since Robyn had quite the reputation, I was wondering how she maintained such a narrow clenched shaft. Regardless, it didn’t really matter as I flattened her receiving body with each stroke. In and out I plunged, keeping my penetrations alternating between fast and shallow to slow and deliberate. I was mindful to insert myself the entire way and make full contact with the base of her hardened clitoris. Whenever I pushed deep into her and my pelvis brushed onto the top of her mound, making contact with her clit, she yelped in pleasure. Robyn’s breathing became fierce as she huffed through her mouth, like a wild animal in heat. Her sounds made me want to dive headlong into her and ride her to the ends of the earth. My balls began to heave as I rode her. My strokes became labored as I slowed in pace, building for what I imagined would be the strongest climax of my life.

“Are you…ready…to cum?” she moaned between penetrations.

“Yeah,” I whispered, the wind leaving my sails.

“Pull out.”

Gauging her drift, I figured she wanted me to cum over her, or maybe she was going to finish me off in her mouth, I didn’t know. Obeying her wish, I stopped my humping motions and placed my weight back on my knees. Simultaneously, I watched as my elongated penis arched upwards as I pulled out. The head of my cock flipped against the top of her vaginal canal and slipped against the delta of her opening. The rubber-like qualities of her constricted pussy held on to my helmet strongly as I pulled back, snapping it out of her grasp. It stretched upwards towards her as I presented myself to her.

“Where do you want it?” I asked as I stroked my engorged purple member.

“Hold on to it,” she replied, “starves off your need to cum,” she purred.

“What?” eager to dump my load.

“You heard me,” she hissed, “Remember, my rules.”

I understood very quickly that this was going to be a long night. I gripped my shaft and squeezed it tightly to prevent my ejaculation and grunted at the feeling my impending cum being held off. A case of blue balls would be experienced for sure. When I gazed down at the look of the brown-haired beauty below me, my anxious nature soared at the realization that I would not yet be permitted to dump my load on her or in her. Fuck, this sucked! As my erection slowly diminished as my testicles held onto the unwilling load, I looked at her with desperation.

“Good, now come eat my pussy again,” she remarked.

“Only if I can lick you from behind,” I retorted.

“Oooh, that sounds tasty,” she beamed as she rolled over and presented her backside to me.

“Yeah, show me that nice ass of yours. I wanna get my face wrapped around your tight fucking can!”

Her ass was something out of a magazine as she pointed it to me. Firm, round…solid. Her derriere had all the markings of what a “nice ass” was all about. Her model-like qualities added tremendously to the scenery that displayed right before me. Robyn’s curves were precisely placed, as if her form was computer designed. Every inch and curve of her was dramatically proportioned, perfect in balance, weight and measure. She had all the makings of a porn star as I looked her over, starting at the base of her neck, trailing down her mid-section to her incredibly blossomed rear end, billowing out and then tucking back to her smooth hips and thighs. Her ass was mine I thought as I lowered my face to taste her peach-like form. Instinctively, Robyn rolled her ass cheeks apart as I slid further towards her, my mouth watering at the thought of making contact with her privates once more. Her juicy ass was engulfed within seconds as my lips wrapped around her tightly spun rosebud, sucking and pulling at her taboo flesh. I tugged at her backdoor entry, pulling the muscles of her exit hole away and into my wet mouth. Robyn gasped at my talent as I sucked and licked her button hole, eager to tease her for not allowing me to cum the first time.

“Oh, my…” she gasped, “So, you’re into my ass…huh?”

“Yes!” I slithered, returning to my duty.

I helped Robyn push her cheeks out further, exposing her tight rosebud even more so as her orchid-tinted skin folds released and spread widely. I sucked on her puckered button and listened to her cries of passion as I washed over her bottom, rolling my tongue against her gash time and time again. Giving way to her pussy from time to time, I sucked and swallowed her suckle and greedily lapped her taint. She loved it, crying with unrestrained delight. Her ass tasted so good, like a warm pizza dough on a hot summer day. She was on fire now as her juices flowed like water down and around my unforgiving mouth. Her wetness dribbled off my chin and collected along side my neck as I worked on her, licking and sucking…I couldn’t swallow fast enough, as soon as her excretions rolled, my mouthfuls of saliva could not keep up with her drenching pace. Oh, but she tasted so good. Eagerly, I tried desperately to ingest what I could of her liquid goodness.

“Keep sucking me, you’re going to make me cum!” she hollered.

I put my mouth into another gear and twisted my tongue all around and inside her folds, pressing into her pussy and then into her asshole. When I slid back into her vagina, my nose pressed against her ass button, really driving her nuts from the sounds of her wails. I knew that it would be close. Soon I would have her on the edge and I would be back planted inside of her, riding her for all my worth. No sooner had the thought entered my mind when I felt her move, gyrating her hips down towards me, rubbing the outer opening of her pussy against my chin. She was heaving now, trying to get herself to cum, I imagined. But I wanted to be inside her when she came, so I pushed against her, tugging her to spin around. She got my drift and within seconds, I was under her and she was straddling my head. I felt her warm mouth surround my semi-hard cock as she took him in; she sucked like a vacuum cleaner, tugging him back to life. I didn’t want to cum too fast, so I instructed Robyn to hold him in place between her precious tits. She did so and cupped my member inside her cleavage; I pushed my hips towards her, feeling my dick take nicely to the supple home that she created for him between her glands. Fucking her tits was nice, but I knew that he really wanted to be back inside of her, riding her roughly from behind. Keeping that thought in mind, I slurped on her soft pussy, pulling her labia wide open and tugging it with my pursed lips. Robyn screamed out in pleasured response.

“Fuck me now!” she moaned.

In no time, I was back positioned behind her as she leaned forward and splayed her ass, pushing her hips back as her backside rose up to meet me. I knelt behind her, grabbed onto her sturdy hips and slipped my erect staff back into her welcoming wet hole. Slowly I rode her, pulling on her hips as I implanted my tool well into her deep valley. Robyn moaned and hissed with each impaling stroke I made. I then slipped my hands around her ass and held her cheeks apart so I could watch my dick glide in and out of her tight box. The scene looked remarkable as I watched my member get swallowed by her sopping wet cavern. Then, I reached for her tits and caught them jostling mid-air as I began to hump her faster and harder. Her nipples were standing at strong attention as I felt their hardness in my palms, my hands massaging her soft breasts while I hammered her. Robyn loved it as I rotated her breasts in my hands, tweaking her nipples as I moved. I released them so I could focus more on my nailing action and took hold of her neck. Raising her back, she arched her back towards me, reeling from my firm hold of her.

“Now I’m really going to fucking nail you!” I barked.

With that, I released her neck and moved back to grab her slender sides. And I pummeled into her, fucking nailing her as I hard as fast I possibly could. My cock rocketed in and out of her at lightning speed. She twitched and moved below me, not sure where to put her hands. One of them grabbed hold of one of my ass cheeks as I slammed my cock into her. Robyn fucking loved it as I tore into her. She started swearing and yelling all kinds of shit as I motioned into her depths. Her breathing came as labored huffs as I concentrated on plowing her frail body.

“Rub your clit!” I yelled as my fast strokes subsided a bit.

I switched my tempo from hard and fast to long and slow as she motioned around her mound, stimulating her clitoris as I suggested. Robyn continued stroking herself as I pulled out completely and got between her globes again and licked her a few times. Then, returning to her doggy-bent pose, I pushed my cock back into her harbor and stroked a few times. This teasing was getting the best of her I noticed. I was sweating now, drips of my heated fluid were beginning to fall and drip onto Robyn’s back. The room did feel hot and steamy as the smell of raw sex permeated the room. The smell was a strong mixture of the fish-like scent of chowder, mixed with steaming hot muffins – fantastic. Robyn moaned and wailed now; I alternated between slipping my tongue into her and slipping my aching cock into her. I planted myself deep into her cavern and pushed delightfully into her realm. She bucked her hips back and told me to ride her faster again. Listening to her accelerated gasps of breath, I wrapped my legs around hers and positioned my knees on the outside of hers. I took a handful of her hair and pulled back on it as I roughly slapped my pelvis up against her ass. Her ribbed vaginal walls took hold of my long member and slipped briefly over and around my length, tickling the sides of my member with each motion. My cock slipped unrestrained into her and my balls fell harshly against her mound as I heaved inside her. Fucking her from behind was like riding a wild stallion as I held briskly onto her hair, tugging at it as if it were a mane every now and then. She looked back at me and sneered, burning me once again with the passion that was stored up inside her ice blue eyes. As she breathed through her mouth, her desperate breaths fell short and hot as she gritted her teeth and grunted like the wild animal she was portraying so easily. Her mucus-filled hollowed pussy flexed violently against me as she quivered. I knew her orgasm would be close. But just soon as it escalated, it subsided and she was looking back at me with determination as I returned her glance with a look of surprise.

“Are you…going…to cum…soon?” she breathed.

“In a little while I think,” I replied.

“Good…because, even though I love the way you fuck me, it ain’t cuttin’ it.”

“Really?” I slowed my penetrations.


“Okay…” I completely stopped inside of her.

“So, I want you to fuck my ass,” she grinned, looking back at me. She raised her eye brow in a devilish way, eager to witness my response and hear my reply.

I was pretty much dumbfounded.

“What do you think?” she toyed.

“Uh, yeah…hell yeah!”

I pulled my cock back out of Robyn’s tight depths and relished at the fact that I’d be putting my dick into her other, presumably even tighter hole.

“Have you ever fucked anyone’s ass?” her eyes batted.

“Uh, no, always wanted to, but no,” I stammered, looking down.

“Oh, you’ll like it, I’m sure,” she winked.

She pushed her ass higher in the air again as I maneuvered back behind her, my mouth eager to please once more. I forced my tongue into her winking hole and worked it around a bit as I listened to Robyn calling out as I rotated around her rosebud. Her hand never left her pussy as she continued to work against her clit. Desperate to please her, I felt my cock pulse and reach critical mass again. I really wanted to dump my load now as my balls tingled, preparing to allow for my massive cum explosion. I concentrated on Robyn’s tight anatomy, however, paying close attention to the reddening blush of her rear end’s fleshy make-up. I figured that it would take some time to work her tight ass open, large enough to fit my cock into. So, I licked and slurped her asshole a bit more and watched as her muscles tensed and relaxed, preparing for my insertion. I was gearing myself to spending quite some time behind Robyn getting her ass readied, but to my surprise, Robyn announced that she had other plans.

“Work a finger or two into me and I’ll let you know when you can put your cock in.”

Without hesitating, I had a finger buried into her dirt box and was working it in and out. I licked around her tight hole a few more times and pressed another finger into her. She twitched and howled loudly.

“Sorry,” I muttered.

“No, I love it!” she corrected me, “Now, fucking spit on it and get it a bit wet, I wanna feel your cock in my ass!”

I spit loudly onto her ass crack and watched my saliva drip down her crevice and collect in a small pool by my entrenched fingers. Moving my fingers in and out of Robyn’s back door, I forced the wetness of my spit to encase her ass’s opening. Then, spitting a few more times, I worked more saliva into her brown hole. Robyn was gasping heavily now, as I pulled my fingers out.

“Don’t you want me to work you open some more?” I offered.

“No,” she moaned, “I like it rough. Shove your cock in now!” She parted her ass cheeks as she knelt in front of me, awaiting my grand entrance.

I moved up behind her again and pressed my knob against her puckered hole. She was still tight and her asshole didn’t look like it budged at all. But, promising to listen to Robyn’s rules, I shook off my thoughts and held my member firmly in place against the clenched muscle of Robyn’s doorway.

“Get that fucker in there!” Robyn pleaded.

I pushed and felt her asshole reject my pressure. But she liked it rough, I reminded myself, so I pushed harder. My helmet barely made progress as I felt her hot skin hold against me. I anchored my hips, grabbed her hip with one hand and held tightly onto the base of my penis with the other. Grunting, I pushed further and felt her asshole give a fraction. Robyn was howling now as I continued forcing my way into her backside. I’ve been told that it feels like your ass is being set on fire if you don’t work it open well enough before trying to implant a fully erect cock into it, so I had somewhat of a clue that Robyn was probably in intense pain. This is what she wanted, I reminded myself as I pressed on.

“You okay?” I offered.

“Yeah, just…keep…pushing!” she commanded, “Rip…me…a new…one!”

That’s about all the directive I needed as I ignored the sound of her yelps and slid further into her. I spit a few more times and watched the trail of saliva collect on top of my invading dick. Robyn loved the sound of my spitting and moaned when she felt it work into her ass with my poker. I pushed even harder now, as my cock was about half way into her. Robyn’s ass muscles gripped against me roughly, making it near to impossible to move. I just kept barreling into her though, watching her ass take more and more of my length with each micro push.

“Force it…all…the…way in,” she grimaced.

“I’m trying,” I stammered.

“Good…then…fucking…nail me!”

This is not where my cock belonged for sure, burrowing into the exit door of a fine woman’s tight rear end, that was for sure. But what else was for sure is that it felt real tight, tighter than any pussy I had ever fucked. The other thing for sure was that even though Robyn was in a lot of pain, she seemed to really like getting her ass reamed. So I hunkered down and pushed into her again, watching more of my hard length disappear inside her. I took her thighs and spread them apart a bit as I worked another fraction into her. Robyn’s ass felt tighter than a vice and drier than a drum as I heaved. Her outer ring seemed to be more relaxed as she continually worked on her clit. It was at this point that I probably wouldn’t have minded some lube so I could slide into her a bit easier. Instead, I dropped another mouthful of saliva onto her ass and paused as my spit ran down her ass cleft and collected near the entry point. When my dick received some of the make-shift lube, I stroked into Robyn’s tightness again. She looked back at me with clenched teeth, but managed a quick smile as I thrust my hips towards her once more. Robyn signed and moaned in painful-pleasure. I spread her cheeks again and noticed that her ring was bright red, totally inflamed. Even though I didn’t want to hurt her, I did want to please her and the sight of her ass being split open was incredibly lewd and exciting at the same time. I pushed again, gaining another fractional insertion. This action continued as I planted my cock further and further into her tightly closed back door, quite literally forcing my way inside. And as our impatience grew, I pushed harder and deeper. Robyn kept looking back behind her, trying to check on my progress. I knew she wanted me to begin stroking in and out of her, so I gritted my teeth and forced another segment of my thick tool into her constricted tail. Fucking Robyn’s ass was one tight squeeze, but I didn’t know that it would be this incredibly tight. But I was determined to get my entire length buried in her. I jammed again, putting more cock into Robyn’s tightness as she moaned very loudly. Her tight little hole reluctantly accepted my intrusion and seemed to loosen up a bit with each thrust. I looked at Robyn now, as she turned and glanced at me, lust-laid fire filled her eyes behind her tears. She was ready for more. I spit on her ass cleft once more. As it slid between her split cheeks, she hissed with pleasure. Holding onto Robyn’s slender hips, I heaved once more into her. She gasped as my dick gained some more depth. Not pausing, I grunted and pulled her towards me as I forced my way in even more. Her ass caved and gave way as my length slipped further inside. Looking down, I was almost all the way in, with only a couple of fingers distance from being completely submerged inside her. I thrust one last time for good measure and my dick muscled its way all the way in. We both sighed simultaneously.

“Fuck my ass hard, it’ll make me cum,” Robyn whispered.

Nervously, I pulled back and felt my dick struggle to get out. I pulled out half way or so and then slammed it back towards her. Robyn’s body shuddered, but took the surprise impalement like a trooper. My rhythm increased and soon I was planting her ass like a pro, slipping in and out of her tight ass as her muscles fully relaxed and accepted my dick more freely with each passing motion. Soon, I was rocketing into her like I had been fucking her pussy…lightning speed. It didn’t take long as my balls prepared once more to unload the heavy cream that had been brewing deep inside my sack for what seemed like an eternity. Just before I announced my inevitable spray of semen, Robyn called out in similar and her body shook and twitched like I’ve never seen a woman do. She moaned and yelled as her orgasm completely overtook her. Mine followed suit in very short order as I watched my cum spurt out of my penis and land all over her back. My sperm doused her body like a water hose, spraying bright pearly white all over her back and onto her ass. Robyn just knelt in silence as I barked and hollered with my violent orgasm. She smiled and looked back at me, as I looked at her and returned the smile.

“You know you can’t stay,” Robyn admitted.


“But I wouldn’t mind if you want regroup and nail me again before you go.”

“I’ll think about it,” I teased.

We both laughed out loud, as I smeared my cum over her with my dick and my hands.

“Before that, it looks like you need a bath,” I joked.

“Well, another bath in your cum is definitely what I’m looking forward to,” Robyn sighed.

The two of us laughed again.

“Well, since we started with dessert first, I guess we’ll be moving on to the main course next?”

The sound of hearty laughter filled the already sex-filled room.

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