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Stepping a Little Further

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It had been more than a week since I had seduced — no, Taken — my boss Rick. The entire episode had been unplanned and fully out of character for both of us. Rick was a tall, muscular, dominant man. I was short with a few extra pounds, and had the reputation for being a bit of a nurturer, a friendly port amidst work-related storms. Certainly I had found Rick attractive right from the day I first met him.

He had a certain something that drew me in and made me feel, for lack of a better word, Thirsty. But his mood swings, his habit of barging into my office and expecting me to drop everything for his latest crisis, and his tendency to raise his voice whenever he felt strongly about anything left me drained at the end of each day. Until recently, Rick was eye candy that came with a big emotional price tag and I had no intention of doing anything other than staying away and doing my job.

But that had changed. Although I felt a bit awkward about having dominated my employer, my sexual self felt quite content to finally be expressed, a fact which shocked me. When had I become dominant sexually? When had I ever been dominant in my entire life? It was heady, powerful, and I craved more. I couldn’t deny that the idea of Rick on his knees before me, waiting to know what I had planned for him, left me excited and tingling, barely able to focus on my work. But I also knew that further activity at the office was going to turn out badly for both of us. The next time — and there would be a next time, I would make sure there was — had to be more discreet.

My opportunity presented itself easily enough toward the end of the second week. Rick had a meeting with the company CA, and as the controller it was my job to accompany him. For once I was glad he had hired a high end accountant with an office a full two hour drive away in Toronto. With my briefcase filled with documentation and a few other “necessities”, I climbed into the passenger side of Rick’s car and prepared to enjoy the ride.

I waited until we were well on our way, half an hour down the highway. Leaning over, I placed my hand proprietarily on Rick’s leg, my fingers easily sliding into the crevice between his legs. While his eyes on the road never faltered, I instantly became aware of a change in my employer’s breathing as a red flush began to creep up his neck and across his face. Gently I stroked the inside of his thigh, taking special care not to touch the growing bulge in his dress pants. Periodically I would stop what I was doing and move my hand away from Rick. I enjoyed seeing the subtle disappointment cross his features as he struggled to maintain control of himself, of the situation. Moments would pass and I would return my hand to its original position. As we neared the downtown core of the city where our CA kept his office, I moved my hand in toward Rick’s crotch and dragged my index finger neatly over his balls. He yelped involuntarily and I leaned close before issuing my command.

“As soon as this meeting ends, drive us to the motel we passed 10 minutes ago down the highway. It’s time for your next lesson.” Rick’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed, his throat suddenly dry. I felt my nipples grow hard as we left the car and headed to our appointment.

Nearly 3 hours later we were back on the road and pulling into the parking lot of the small, family run motel we had passed on our way into the city. I handled the check in procedure, as much for the power it afforded me as for the discretion, Rick being a somewhat well known businessman. Entering our room, I put down my briefcase and instructed Rick to take a shower while I “made arrangements”.

“Don’t even think of touching your cock,” I warned. “I want you nice and hard when you come back out.”

In spite of his obvious trepidation, Rick smiled and quietly responded, “Yes Ma’am.” Then he turned and practically trotted into the bathroom to bathe as instructed.

I reminded myself to breathe once Rick had turned on the shower and I was assured he couldn’t hear me nearly gasping from my own excitement and nervousness. I quickly stripped off my own clothes and slipped into my favourite black silk robe and then unpacked the carefully hidden items still in my briefcase: a medium sized dildo, and a silk scarf (I always knew my scarf collection would come in handy one day). Making myself comfortable on the bed, I placed my hand between my legs and reveled in my wetness. I pulled my hand back up to my face and inhaled my own scent. My God, I loved how I smelled. Licking the remaining moisture from my fingers, I glanced up to find Rick standing before me, towel in hand, frozen and staring at my glistening pussy.

I smiled and placed my hand back between my legs, inserting my fingers into my wetness and rubbing the lube around my clit. Rick made motion to put his hand around his cock, which I quickly stopped him from doing. “No. You watch me. That’s all. Don’t. Move.”

My arousal level rose so sharply at being watched that I gasped the next time I plunged my fingers into my cunt. The sounds of my wetness filled the room as I rubbed my clit in a desperate bid to find some relief. Reaching over to the bedside stand I grasped the dildo I had brought and plunged it hard inside me with a very unfeminine grunt. Pulling my own legs up high I fucked myself vigorously and cried out as I spurted liquid only a moment later. Breathing hard I opened my eyes and smiled at Rick, who had not moved since being instructed to be still. The head of his cock was so purple it seemed nearly black, and I wondered if he would explode if I dragged a fingertip along the tip.

“It’s your turn.” I stood up from the bed and ushered Rick over to its edge, sitting him down and instructing him to place his hands over his head, wrists together. His face registered surprise, yet he seemed eager to please me and did as I asked without hesitation. Taking one silk scarf I tied his wrists together, leaving him to lay back with his hands neatly tucked under his head as if reclining. I stood up, stretched with a languor I didn’t feel, and abruptly leaned back over and flicked Rick’s balls with my thumb and index finger. His entire body jerked and as he cried out. I straightened, dropping my robe to the floor. “Imagine how much more I could do to you if you make me unhappy this afternoon.”

Was it just my imagination, or did Rick’s rod grow visibly longer and thicker when threatened like that?

I crawled up on the bed, between Rick’s legs that were now spread wide. I nuzzled his taut testicles with my cheeks, enjoying the almost painful anticipation with which he awaited my next move. Slowly I traced the line on the underside of his cock with my tongue, stopping as the tip found the opening at the head of Rick’s tool and I sucked, gently, barely there at all. Rick moaned audibly.

“You want me to swallow your cock, don’t you?” I teased. I traced my tongue over and around the purple head which seemed to dance in front of me to meet my tongue as Rick tried unsuccessful to quell his squirming. “You want to push my head down and shove the head of your prick right down my throat, don’t you?” I began to lick in earnest now, long, hard tongue dragging up and down Rick’s thickness. I wanted to bury his cock in my tonsils at that very moment, but that wasn’t going to happen…today. “Big man, making people do whatever you want them to do. You like ordering me around don’t you?” Looking up, I could see how Rick’s eyes nearly bulged with hunger, and below that, something else? Rage? Shame perhaps? I couldn’t resist pushing him to the brink. I slowly lowered my head over his pulsating meat, allowing my mouth to water as I sucked slowly and descended, then stopped halfway. “Go ahead Rick. Tell me what to do. Try to throw your weight around now.”

Nearly hoarse with need Rick muttered, “You’re a fucking bitch.”

“Yes I am Rick,” I responded with near glee. “I am a bitch. And I’m going to fuck you. Now.”

His eyes widened as I reached over to where the still sticky dildo lay on the bed. “But first, you need to taste me.”

“No. No fucking way. There’s no fu—“… I cut Rick’s protest short, squeezing his jaw with one hand (as he had no doubt done to countless lovers himself over the years) and forcing the rubber dildo into his mouth. I paused only long enough for Rick to compose himself after gagging, then continued on until I felt resistance. I pulled the rubber cock out until only the head was pressed between Rick’s lips, then I pushed down again. In spite of the look of pure hate in Rick’s eyes, I could see his cock was once again pulsing, as if growing bigger with each plunge into his virgin throat.

“That’s a good pussy,” I cooed, tormenting him with his helplessness. I was torn. I was enraptured with the sound of Rick’s sucking, wet, gagging sounds as he struggled to accommodate the fake dick in his mouth. But I wanted the real thing inside me, desperately. Perhaps I could have it both ways? I slid down Rick’s body until the purple head of his cock was positioned below my dripping cunt. As I plunged the dildo forward yet again — Rick now beginning to willingly suck on it with each thrust — I pushed downward onto Rick’s dick and filled my own pussy to capacity. With a strangled cry, Rick began thrusting. He was surprisingly strong and coordinated for a man partially tied up with a dick down his throat, and I cried out in my own pleasure as I struggled to hold on and continue to face fuck my novice Sub.

With a great gush my own orgasm overtook me and I stopped plunging from both ends as I heard Rick scream with his own release. Quickly I dismounted and left him laying there, gasping, as I took a shower. When I returned, I asked Rick if he was ready to be untied.

His only response was a smile and “Yes Ma’am”.

I began to think my boss was learning some manners.

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