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What’s Another Week?

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She was nestled up next to him tightly when he woke up. She enjoyed his warm embrace while she slept, but it was pure torture for him. His cock was harder than ever and ready to cum. He fought off the urge to hump her as she slept. He knew better. With every breath he took in the scent of her. He struggled desperately as his pent up sexuality fought for control and, of course, release. He knew she was a light sleeper and she expected him to be there when she woke up on his days off. He wondered how many hours he would have to lay here aching and struggling with his urges. Getting hard, going soft and then getting hard again. Over and over.

He had only himself to blame for his predicament. It was almost two years ago that he broached the topic of orgasm denial to her, which she thought was a ludicrous idea. He tried in vain to make it as palatable as possible to incorporate it into their very vanilla life. Six months to a year after that he was still testing the waters with her; with little progress. He actually started making headway when after she came during sex he would not. Simply stating that it enjoyed watching her orgasm more than getting his own. He then tried to show her how much more helpful around the house he could be the hornier he got. However, he soon derailed his own efforts by getting too aggressive in bed and almost insisting on having sex, then not cumming. She would stroke him and tease him right up until the edge and then let him cum, but that wasn’t good enough for him. She finally had enough and was tired of him keeping her awake every night. She told him no more games and that was that for the time being.

It would be another six months before he took her temperature again. This time instead of hoping she would just simply latch on to his desire for T&D, he would pick a quiet evening where she was in the right mood and just the two of them could talk. Over the course of a nice evening by the fireplace, after the kids were in bed he ever so carefully stepped into the minefield that he had sown. He subtly and methodically pleaded his case and took the time not only to apologize for his past behavior, but also explained to her how she could prevent it. It pained him to get into great detail about it all, but in the end she’d seemed to understand. By the time the fire was dying down she asked him flatly “When are you allowed to cum?”

“Only when you make me.” he replied.

“And what happens when you get annoying or don’t listen?”

“The game is over.”


“I can never ask you again.”

“Good. Lets go to bed.”

He felt his cock twitching just thinking of that night.

She moved ever so slightly against him. He froze in a panic; afraid he had woke her up somehow. His cock swelled at the prospect of her playful domination of him. Although it was pitch black he shut his eyes tight. Attempting to fight off the thoughts of her teasing him. However, that was all he could think of. She did not spend a lot of time teasing his cock. She did spend a lot of time teasing his mind. Telling him about his denial and her control over his orgasms, but all the while cruelly denying him direct physical stimulation.

That’s not to say she didn’t have sex. She had trained him rather well in the art of satisfying her. He was even allowed inside of her until about four weeks ago. She had banned him from any penetration as punishment for interrupting her during sex. “You need to control yourself when I am pleasuring myself on you.” she told him. “I don’t like to be bothered with your inability to hold back your cum and since you’ve ruined a pleasant evening for me I think it’s only fair to add an unknown amount of time to your denial period.”

He thought of the past four weeks as the minutes ticked away. The teasing. Her playful mind games. And, of course, her using him for her own carnal pleasures with little regard for his. It was everything he asked for; and more than he could have ever dreamed of. His shaft was harder than ever; nestled between their two bodies. He choked off a whimper as he fought his urge to hump her.

“How long have you been awake?”

Her voice startled him as he had no idea she was awake. “Awhile.” he stammered.

“You’re exceptionally hard this morning. I think I would like you inside of me. Would you like that?” she paused, but before he could answer she continued. “I bet you would after almost a month.” She reached her arm around and caressed his shaft.

“P. . .P. . .Please.” was all he could get out.

She giggled softly as she rolled on her back. “You poor boy. Waiting so patiently for me to release your load. It might have happened already had you not ruined my evening back then. You wont do that this morning will you?” She flipped off the covers and spread her legs wide and then pulling him by his shaft to her already damp womanhood.

“I promise.” he said meekly as he positioned himself between her legs. His arms were locked out straight and he could just barely make her out in the darkness.

“Good. Now don’t move. At all! If you move; we stop and you’ll have to wait some more.” Before he could respond she started rubbing her clit with his cock. Up and down. Circling. “Mmm. So good.” She pushed it down enough so the head just pushed into the folds of her.”

He stifled a moan as he hoped she would let him fuck her soon, but back out it came. She rubbed it round and round again. “Oh, oh yes. Your cock feels so good.” He bit his lip as she continued to pleasure herself with his shaft. He wanted to cry out to her, but he knew that she would only push him off her and make him wait even longer to get this close to her again.

Again she worked him inside of her, but this time she wiggled herself lower inch by agonizing inch until she had completely engulfed his shaft. His mind was a blur as he fought the quivers of frustration that racked his body and his body’s own impulse to just start humping away at her as she slowly impaled herself on him. Then she paused.

And waited.

And waited.

“How does that feel?”

“So good. Oh, so good.”

“Do you like being inside of me?”

“Yes Baby. Yes!”

“Of course you do. Now you just stay right there until I’m done.”

‘What? Done with what?’ he thought.

He felt her fumble around underneath him as he felt the strain build in his arms.

Then he heard the distinct buzzing sound of vibrators. It took him by surprise since she didn’t own any or ever used any that he knew of. He knew he couldn’t ask. Not now at least.

She slid her hands down between them. Smiling. She had the slight advantage in that his face was partially illuminated by the digital clock on the other nightstand and hers was not. The look on his contorted face was made worse by the odd lighting. She let out a soft moan as the vibrators attached to her index fingers found their mark. “Oh , oh! That feels so much better.”

He bit his lip as she flexed her vaginal muscles around is hard shaft. He felt her fingers buzzing against him as she pleasured herself underneath him. His breathing growing more and more erratic and his frustration grew as he listened to and felt her masturbating. He struggled to keep from thrusting or even moving. He wanted to cry out and beg for relief, but he knew it would fall on deaf ears.

He thought she was almost oblivious to him as she worked her magic on herself, until she started talking while her buzzing fingers found their mark. “You’re so hard. . . I miss your cock inside of me. . . Do you like your cock inside of me? . . I bet you can’t wait to cum. . . I bet it’s hard to just stay in one spot while I pleasure myself. . . I bet it’s even harder when I do this!” She started to wriggle her hips as her vibrating fingers found the base of his cock.

He stifled a moan as his quivering arms fought to hold his body up. She moved her fingers back to their primary task. Her orgasm. In and out of her folds she moved them, pulsing and buzzing all the while. His cock rigid and filling. “Yes, so good. Your cock feels so good. Oh, I know you want to shoot your load. Shoot it deep inside of me. So desperate to cum. I want you to cum inside of me dear. Fill me with your cum.”

He couldn’t believe his ears.


He stopped breathing.

“You can’t move.” she purred as she spoke. “Can you do it? I know if you were truly desperate you could.”

Her voice cut through him as he strained to control himself. He listened to her moans of passion grow stronger and louder. Her voice echoed in his head; teasing him even more. He was ready to explode at a moments notice.

She felt her climax build within her and her moaning and groaning grew into cries of passion. Her body flexed and tensed around his as her orgasm consumed her. Her spasms were just enough to drive him to the edge, but not over the top. He prayed that she would let him cum tonight. He knew he’d asked for this, but he needed relief in the worst way. By now his whole body was quivering and shaking. His muscles ached and his cum burned inside his balls like a volcano. His whimpers fell on deaf ears as she lay beneath him in a state of bliss.

“Roll off.” she half whispered to him and he responded with out hesitation. Half out of obedience and half out of fatigue. He lay out flat his burning arms were all but jelly by now. She rolled onto her side and began running her nails up and down his torso. Always stopping just short of his leaking shaft.

“Decision time Honey.” her sultry voice breathing into his ear. “You can jack off right now or you can wait until next week and see how much more desperate you are.”

He wanted to cry. He knew what that meant. He made a promise to her that night in front of the fire that she was the only one who could make him cum and if he ever broke his promise then she could lock him in a cage for a year.

“You want to cum don’t you? . . So. . . So. . . Bad. I know you’re aching for release. Go ahead. You deserve it.” Her nails circling his manhood but never touching it.

“I’ll wait.” he croaked out.

“Mmmm. Are you sure? You seemed pretty horny. Your cock leaking all the time, getting hard at the slightest hint of. . .” She ran her nails up his shaft and he tensed as if dumped into ice water. “Well, if that’s what you want then it’s fine with me.”

“It is.” But he knew it was the last thing he wanted. However, he knew a year in a cage would be even worse.

She rolled away from him. “Anyway, what’s another week? Right?”

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