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Luscious Lactating Lady

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I knocked on Kris’s door and heard her soft “Come in, Jan.” I opened the door and went in. She lay on the couch holding her young daughter on her chest. The baby was nursing, her small head bobbing softly, her little cheeks hollowing as she sucked. My clit actually twitched at the sight. I could see only a small portion of Kris’s soft, blue-veined breast, but the thought of her nipple being sucked really made my pussy tingle.

Kris is a young mother in her late teens, a beautiful girl with long reddish hair down past her shoulders. I looked at her straight nose, strong chin, and thought that she is a truly lovely young lady. Long lashes set off her beautiful blue eyes. She wears little makeup and her classic features needed little embellishment. Her long legs were stretched out on the sofa. She had on a blouse and skirt that didn’t quite reach to her shapely knees. Her rather thin dress hollowed at the junction of her thighs, and I could just make out her Mount of Venus.

We had been friends for a few months since she and her husband had moved into the neighborhood. We had become acquainted as I was a nurse and she was pregnant. I told her anytime she needed me to feel free to call on me. I had done a stint in the OBGYN section of the hospital and volunteered to help her through her pregnancy.

She didn’t need much help, but the fact that I was there if she needed me comforted her. I helped her with her exercises and we took long walks together. We came to know one another quite well. She was very shy and very religious. I soon learned that her husband was not all that good a lover. Not that she complained, but from talking with her, and about sex, she seemed very naive. Just the slightest off color joke made her blush. By subtle questions, I found out she was a virgin on her wedding night. Sex was for procreation, not recreation or fun.

She grew to like me and lean on me for advice, and I grew to really like her. Like? I grew to lust for her. She needed to learn about life and how good sex could be. I put that in the back of my mind, as I knew her religious beliefs would not let her enjoy sex for sex’s sake. Or so I thought. I was to be proved delightfully wrong on that account.

She made such a lovely picture lying there, that I wanted to lean over and kiss her soft luscious looking lips. I would have probably scared her half to death. She has always been the shy one, blushing at a ribald joke. As I said, she was a virgin when she got married, and I would have wagered no one had ever laid a finger on her pussy.

I sat down and we talked quietly as I watched the baby nurse. I crossed my legs and unobtrusively squeezed my thigh muscles. I can sometimes reach a climax that way. I tried to maintain an outward calm as I squeezed my pussy rhythmically watching the two in front of me. I could feel my pussy lubricate as it does when I get very sexually excited.

I am bisexual, if you want a label for me. I have a boyfriend, and a girlfriend also, and both know of the other. I have had strong leanings toward women since I was small and my best girlfriend and I found out we liked kissing each other. Being young and experimental, it became naughty fun to kiss each other. We heard of, and tried French kissing! Wow, what a revelation that was, tongues rubbing and probing. We soon became quite adept at it.

We watched movies of men and women kissing for pointers, and tried it with each other. We went further as we began to develop sexually till we were kissing and caressing nude when we spent the night together. One fateful evening we went further and explored each other’s budding sexual virgin pussies. We decided to see if kissing them was as much fun as French kissing each other’s mouths. It quickly went from there till we were enjoying cunnilingus, or a 69 at every opportunity. The smell and wonderful taste of a female vagina was, and still, is a powerful aphrodisiac to me.

Neither of us ever looked back. We made love to each other whenever the opportunity presented itself, or we very often made the opportunity happen. We came very close to being discovered many times. I truly think my Mom knew, but didn’t object. She’s quite a liberal lady where love comes in. I have seen subtle signs that strongly suggest she has lady lovers also – but that’s another story.

I sat, thighs squeezing my dripping pussy slowly, teasing myself, as I didn’t want to climax right then. I don’t think I could have kept my orgasm a secret from Kris, as it’s usually massive when the stimulus is this intense. I watched her baby suckle, and wistfully wished I could try sucking on her breast to taste her flowing milk. That thought made me even hotter! I looked at Kris’s face and noticed that she seemed to be having trouble hiding her emotions. Was it my fantasy coloring my perception, or was she really getting off on the baby’s sucking? I had heard of this happening.

I am an RN – Registered Nurse, and when we had classes in child rearing, one of the subjects was nursing mothers, and how it affected them. I remembered hearing that some of the mothers had reported feeling a strong sexual stimulation as their babies sucking lips stimulated their nipples. Several had reported a near climax when having their breasts sucked by the baby, and others said they cut the breast feeding short, as they thought it was morally wrong to become sexually excited by their own babies. That opened my eyes!

At the time I laughed inwardly and thought if it got me sexually excited, I would certainly go with it! Several other nurse trainees said the same thing – outside class! We though it would be wonderful to feel that sexual excitement. Of course we were horny young nurses with hormones flowing strongly in our veins! My roommate and I were lovers and sucked on each other’s breasts wondering how it would feel if we were lactating. It gave us a fantastic scenario that led to several massive climaxes. We couldn’t look at a lady with a baby in her arms without a giggle and a knowing glance at each other for months after those classes.

Watching the two in front of me brought those discussions, and our breast sucking, back to my memory. Kris closed her eyes and got a dreamy look on her face. I looked down at her thighs and saw that she was squeezing her thighs together and her hips were thrusting upward just slightly. I would have missed it if I hadn’t been looking for it. Damn, she was getting hot too.

With her eyes closed I concentrated on her partly revealed breast and squeezed my thighs harder. Close, close, then with a long sigh, my climax shot through my body. I bit my bottom lip hard and suppressed a cry of ecstasy as my pussy exploded, and bolts of joy shot through my body. My nipples seemed on fire, and I knew my pussy was drenched. My head went down as my climax ended. Damn, that felt fantastic! When I finally opened my eyes, I found that Kris’s eyes were on me. Had she seem me? Damn!

“You OK?” She asked. She was flushed and breathing a little hard also.

“Yes, just had a shooting pain in my head.” I said, still a little weak from the climax. ‘Pain my ass, I just had a wonderful cum!’ I thought, ‘I wonder if you did too?’

She looked at me a little funny, as if she didn’t believe me. Shit! Oh well. I wondered if she’d climaxed too. She took the baby from her breast, as it was now asleep. When she moved it away, I got a close look at her nipple.

Her areola was chocolate brown; the gleaming wet nipple was long and erect from the sucking. But my eyes went wide as there was a drop of delicious looking white milk hanging on the tip of her elongated nipple. My mouth watered at the sight. I licked my lips thinking I would give anything to try a taste of her milk. She saw me staring and hastily pulled her nursing bra closed, shutting off my view of it. Well damn!

She put the baby down for her nap.

“Do you put cream on your breasts?” I asked her when she came back into the room. “If you don’t it will make your nipples sore and they may crack.” I said, hoping she didn’t.

“Usually. I’ll do it later.” She said reddening just a little.

“Well, Nurse Jan says you should do it right after nursing, otherwise your nipples will dry out and get sore, and you can get an infection too. That’s what they taught us in Nursing School.” I said with a grin, teasing her a little.

“Oh, OK. I am just a little embarrassed by this. I know you are a Nurse, but I’m still a little new to this.” She said dropping her eyes.

“Get your cream and I’ll help you, no charge for a house call.” I laughed, my mind soaring. Hot damn! My kind of day had begun! Sexy thoughts ran through my wicked mind.

She got the cream and opened her bra and began to rub it in.

“Don’t you wash your breasts first?” I asked. She shook her head. “You need to wash them with soap and water afterward. Your skin has bacteria on it; the milk on your skin will feed the bacteria. Also as the nipple may leak, it makes a perfect wet place for germs to breed. Come on, let Nurse Jan help you out. I don’t want to you get an infection.” She hesitated. “Come on, I’m a professional at this, just think of it as your friendly family pediatrician talking.”

“Well, alright, if you think it’s really necessary. I’m just a little timid, that’s all.” She said rather reluctantly, as she got up and we headed for the bathroom.

“Take off your blouse and bra.” I said in a tone that broached no resistance on her part. She dutifully slipped her blouse off and unfastened the front clasps on her nursing bra. She slid it off a little self-consciously, and I almost gasped.

Her breasts were absolutely beautiful. Swollen by the nursing, they were full rounded globes, white with pale blue veins beneath the skin. The areolas were chocolate brown, large and dome shaped – what I have heard called ‘puffy’ nipples. The nipples themselves were long and the left one very erect from the baby’s sucking on it. Both were about as big around and as long as the first joint of my little finger. They made my clit tingle and my lips want to suck on them. I swallowed.

Without a word, I turned the water on, took a washcloth and when the water was warm, wet and soaped it. Without asking Kris, I put one hand under her breast. She shuddered as my hand touched her hot soft flesh. I lifted her breast just a little and almost felt faint it felt so good in my hand. I tried to hide my lust as I took the cloth and washed her breast softly and gently. I cleaned it thoroughly, then washed her other beautiful breast. Gleaming wet, tiny iridescent bubbles clinging to her skin, they looked even more erotic.

I could tell this was having an effect on her. Her eyes closed and she caught her breath several times while I washed her perfect breasts. My hand under her breast seemed to have a mind of it’s own, lifting and stroking her soft full mound. God, it was getting me so hot. I squeezed her breast just a little and a droplet of milk slipped out of her nipple and ran down her breast. I had to use all my willpower to keep from leaning over and licking it off as it ran down her soft white skin. I wiped it off with the washrag. Wasting it! Damn. I realized I was salivating like Pavlov’s dog!

I spent a lot longer than was really needed washing her beautiful breasts. She didn’t object, and finally looked down watching as I rinsed them carefully. I took a soft towel and patted them dry. Then without asking I reached over and got the cream and began to slowly rub it in. The lotion on my fingers felt so sensual rubbing it over her skin. She didn’t seem to mind, so I put more in my hand, rubbed them together getting it all over my palms and fingers and stroking it over her firm mounds. My pussy was so wet, and my nipples were standing up. I wonder if she noticed my nipples tenting the cloth, as I didn’t have a bra on.

I almost came it felt so good to be massaging her breasts. I stroked, more than rubbed, and I could tell it was having an effect on her. I was getting her hot. Hell, it was getting me hot too! I kneaded her breasts gently, sensually, rubbing the cream in.

I put a little more on my fingertips and rubbed it into the firm nipples. She gasped as I rolled her nipple softly between my fingers and pulled it gently rubbing the cream into her nipple. I avoided pulling too hard and expelling milk. Despite this, a drop formed at the end. I took the towel and blotted it off. She watched silently, but I could tell she was sexually excited by it. I put still more on my fingertips and rubbed it in. Finally I ran out of excuses to keep rubbing the lotion in, and told her that that should do her, and to always repeat that after every feeding and she shouldn’t have any problems.

She started to put her bra back on and I told her she should get a fresh one. She turned and walked out of the bathroom. My knees went weak as I watched her full breasts bob and bounce as she walked. A picture of beauty, they bounced slightly up and down, and moved from side to side a little too. I followed her into the bedroom watching as she leaned over to take a bra from her dresser drawer. Her lovely breasts swayed as she bent over, elongating slightly to two beautiful long ovals. God they were magnificent. My salivary glands kicked into high gear and I actually felt my pussy lubricate too.

I watched as she slipped her bra on, and then reached to tuck her breasts in.

“Is that bra comfortable?” I asked.

“Not really all that comfortable.” She sighed.

“Take it off and let me show you something a friend showed me, the way she puts her bra on. She’s a DD and showed me a trick you might be able to use.” I said suppressing a wicked smile.

She handed me the bra. “Lean over. Let your breasts settle into the bra instead of pushing them into it.” I said. She bent forward. I took the bra and slipped the straps over her arms, put it in front of her and using my hands lifted it till the cups slid over her perfect breasts. I slid my hands along the sides letting her breasts nestle down into the cups.

“Now straighten up. Isn’t that better?” I asked standing close to her. We were almost touching. I fastened the bra clasps and leaned over and gave her a little kiss on her lips. Soft, innocent, but it made me feel a lot better. I stepped back.

She colored a little, but thanked me and said the bra felt a lot better. I squeezed her arm and left.

I almost floated home, but I was on fire. I ran into the bedroom, and almost ripped my clothes off. My panties were a mess, the crotch soaked from my climax, and the excitement. I lay on the bed, and I spread my thighs wide. When my fingers found my hot slit it was drenched. I closed my eyes and slowly ran my fingers up and down my pussy softly, teasing myself. I moaned out loud, it felt so good. I ran my fingers upward till I found my swollen and aching clit. I stroked it over and over. I pictured Kris’s lovely breasts, the soft hot flesh, the blue veins just under the alabaster surface, and the feel of her soft firm flesh under my hands.

I pulled at one nipple rolling it between my fingers, remembering how hers felt between my fingers. My fingers rolled my clit faster, harder, around in circles, I though of her beautiful nipple, seeing the drop of white, warm milk gleaming on the tip. In my mind’s eye, I leaned over and licked it off with my tongue, tasting her hot fluid as it flowed over my taste buds.

My fingers flew faster and faster. I pulled my nipple harder, rubbed it, squeezed it till it hurt deliciously, the pain going to my clit like a bolt of electricity. I screamed out as my climax neared. My hips came off the bed, thrusting upward.

I took my fingers from my nipple and thrust two deep inside my pussy, hard, deep, plunging into my depths in one fluid motion. I was so wet and slick, they slid inward with no resistance. I curved them and found my g-spot and rubbed it. I came almost immediately and my cries of passion rang throughout the house. My head jerked down as I came, and in the slow motion of a climax I saw a spurt of my pussy juices shoot out, hanging gleaming in the air, silvery gleaming globules of my passion juices shooting outward. Then, another and another, spurted out till I screamed one more time and fell back spent.

I must have drifted off to sleep for when I awoke it was almost dark. I sat up, my fingers sticky with my passion juices on them. I looked down and I could still see the small damp circles on the sheet where I had shot out my pussy juices. They were just past my knees.

I grinned at the memory of Kris’s body, and my climax, triggered by the thought of it. I wondered if I would ever get to try her breast, suck her nipple, and taste her sweet milk. Perhaps! I licked my fingers, tasting my salty juices. I slid into the shower and ran my fingers up and down my pussy gently. My pussy felt so wonderful. I resisted another cum; I wanted to tell Amy, my girlfriend, about it. I knew it would get her hot, and we’d wind up making passionate love together. I picked up the phone.

It was three days later before I got back to see Kris again. Yes, Amy and I did make very passionate love talking about Kris and her sweet lactating breasts. I told Amy every juicy detail of my visit, and how I had washed and almost caressed Kris’s beautiful breasts. We sucked each other’s breasts while we talked of sipping the hot milk from them, pretending we were lactating. A fantasy that made us both very hot, and we came explosively.

I knew what time Kris usually nursed and timed my visit to coincide with her nursing schedule. She came to the door and invited me in when I knocked, and at first I was disappointed as I thought she had finished already, but she said she was about to nurse and I could stay and watch if I wanted to. I told her I would keep her company. She seemed a little nervous for some reason. I wondered if she had actually seen me climax while I watched her nurse. If she had seen me, and it bothered her, why was she asking me in? My mind turned the possibilities over.

She got the baby and this time she pulled her blouse open wider. She opened her bra up instead of dropping the nursing panel in it, exposing one beautiful breast to my avid gaze. I was delighted. She hesitated a long moment before she put the baby to her nipple giving me a clit hardening view of her swollen, milk-filled breast. It was so full, when she grasped it to direct her nipple to her baby’s mouth; a small stream of white milk ran down her alabaster skin. I almost fainted I was so excited by it. She blushed slightly, something she seemed to always be doing. The baby found the nipple and began to suck on it. I pulled a chair up close to Kris, so I could have a good view. I crossed my legs and squeezed my thighs gently as I watched. I was really enjoying this.

I watched her face and she seemed to be enjoying the sensation. Her face was flushed, and I could see her squeeze her thighs together slightly. All this was exciting her too.

She looked over at me and I grinned at her. “You two make a beautiful pair. I love to watch you nurse her.” I said quietly so as not to disturb the baby.

“Thank you. May I ask you a question? A Nurse kind of question? I don’t want you to think, well, I, I don’t know how to ask this. I’m sorry, I’m almost embarrassed to ask.” Her discomfort was obvious.

“Kris, go ahead, please ask. I don’t mind. I get all kinds of personal questions from friends. It’s OK.” I said reaching out and stroking her cheek. She smiled and touched my hand softly.

“Well, do other, uh, do women – do other nursing mothers feel a kind of, well, you know, sexual pleasure from nursing their babies?” She finally managed to get out, and this time really blushed, I saw her skin flush clear down her chest.

I suppressed a laugh, and bit my lip to keep from smiling. This was very serious to her and I didn’t want her to think I was making fun of her. I kept a straight face. “Yes Hon, in our nursing classes when we were learning about new mothers and their nursing habits, it was brought up that some mothers felt a great deal of sexual pleasure from the stimulation of their nipples from the babies. There’s nothing wrong with that.

“Remember, the nipple plays a big part in sex foreplay. I have a nurse friend who says she can hardly stand to have her nipple sucked till she is almost ready to climax. It really sets her off. Are your nipples very sensitive?” I asked.

She grinned sheepishly, “Yes, I think I’m like your friend. They are so sensitive sometimes I can hardly stand my husband kissing or sucking on them.” She looked down at the baby’s little mouth sucking away. “Very sensitive.”

“I guessed that the other day when I watched you. I could tell it made you hot, sexually hot. I could see the signs, they weren’t that apparent, but I noticed.” I said.

“I was trying to hide it, not show you that it got me hot.” She paused for a long time. “Watching me, it, it -“, she stumbled over her words, “did it get you hot watching me?”

I thought she knew the answer and I wasn’t going to sidestep it. It might be the opening I was looking for. “Yes, it did. Watching the baby suck your nipple got me thinking about it, and it did make me hot. You have beautiful breasts, very sexy and very lovely.” I said smiling at her, holding eye contact.

Her eyes dropped. “I thought so, I thought you had a climax. I saw you squeezing your thighs together, like I was. Your face gave you away.” She stopped and there was a long silence, I didn’t interrupt. “When I saw you climax, I did too. I knew you were making yourself cum, and I did too. I squeezed my thighs together and had a wonderful climax. The baby’s mouth made me so hot, and watching you, knowing it was getting you hot too, got me even hotter.” She said raising her eyes to meet mine.

“Thank you.” She continued after a long pause. “I have never talked this way to another person about sex, even my husband. I have always been so shy and a little afraid to talk about it. My parents were very strict, and sex was a taboo subject around our house. I was a virgin when we got married and if the girls hadn’t told me what to expect, I would have been lost. Can you imagine a virgin at 18?” She laughed nervously.

We sat and talked for a few minutes. I watched the baby suck gently, knowing she knew I liked watching her, I moved a little closer. She smiled at me. A few minutes later she took the baby from her breast. She opened her blouse wide, pulled the bra aside, exposing her other breast and placed the baby on it. On an impulse I reached out and took her hot breast and guided the nipple to her small mouth. She shivered when I touched her, but didn’t draw away. The baby’s little mouth found the nipple and she began sucking on it.

“You – you can look at my other breast if you want to. Does it excite you to see it?” She asked a little mischievous gleam in her eye. Talking about it had given her new courage.

“Yes it does, I won’t deny it. It is beautiful, so full and rounded, the nipple erect and hard. Your areolas look like a delicious chocolate treat. I love the white alabaster skin, with the light blue veins just underneath the skin. Beautiful.” I said with true admiration in my voice. I meant every word.

She let the baby suck for a few minutes before she replied. “No one has ever told me my breasts were beautiful. Not even my husband. Thank you for that Jan.” Another long pause. “Do you like girls – women? You seem so interested in me. Tell me if I’m out of line. I don’t want to be nosey.” She hurried to add.

“Yes, I have a wonderful lady friend. We are very close.” I left it there seeing if she would follow up on it.

“Are you, uh, you know, intimate? Oh damn, I shouldn’t have asked that. I’m so sorry. That is none of my business. I’m sorry, but with the baby sucking, you watching me, – our talking about it, it has gotten me hot again. I’m way out of line. Please forgive me?” She said in an anguished tone.

I reached over and stroked her cheek. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. I wanted to kiss her lips but thought better of it at this stage. She smiled up at me, her blue eyes bright.

“That’s OK. I don’t mind. Yes, we are intimate. I have liked girls since I was small. I had a good friend and we experimented, and found we liked to make love to each other. I have liked girls and women ever since. That is why it got me so excited to watch you nursing. I could think of nothing but the baby sucking on your nipple. I almost climaxed just seeing it after she had finished it. A drop of your milk was on the end of the nipple and I wanted to lick it off. I thought I would go crazy.”

“Is that why you washed my breasts so carefully, put the lotion on my breasts and nipples for such a very long time? You almost drove me crazy doing that.” She said catching my hand and squeezing it.

“Yes, I wanted to keep caressing your breasts. I rushed home and masturbated the minute I was in the house. I had a fantastic climax while I thought about you and your sweet breasts. I exploded.” I admitted unashamedly.

Her face lit up and she giggled. “I did too! The minute you were out the door, I pulled my panties off, lay on the sofa and masturbated too. It only took a moment of time till I exploded. It was the most fantastic climax I have had in a long time.” She giggled. “I have never done this with anyone else. I have never told anyone intimate things about me like this, not even my husband. He wouldn’t understand. He’s somewhat of a prude.” She giggled again. “I was too, till we started this conversation. I’ve opened up to you like I have never done to anyone else in my life! ”

I held her hand, stroked it softly then kissed it. She looked at me and shook her head slowly. “I’m glad though, I don’t have many friends. None I can talk to, not intimately like this. I appreciate this.”

I sat looking at her naked breast. A small droplet of milk formed on the nipple. My eyes were riveted to it. She saw me staring at her nipple raptly. She reached over and touched her finger to it, lifting the drop. It hung gleaming on the tip of her finger, a white droplet – her milk!

Then she did something I had hoped for, longed for, she moved it to my lips and as I opened my mouth her finger touched my tongue. The milk transferred to my tongue and I tasted her milk. I closed my lips around her finger, wrapped my hand around hers, and held her finger trapped inside my mouth. The single drop seemed to flow over my taste buds, rich and sweet. So unlike a cow’s milk, unique, a woman’s milk, a mother’s milk, Kris’s milk. Fantastic! I ran my tongue around, over her finger, tasting her finger, sucking it softly. She moaned.

I looked down and her thighs were moving as she tightened her thigh muscles together. I pulled her finger in and out of my mouth, fucking my mouth with her finger, my tongue flicking her finger. She cried out and her hand went to her pussy and she rubbed it through her thin dress. I reached out and took her breast and squeezed it gently pulling upward. The baby hadn’t emptied it and several jets of milk shot out of her nipple and flew up into the air. I took her finger from my mouth, stood up, and without a pause leaned over and took her hard, erect, elongated nipple between my lips and sucked.

I moaned out loud as her delicious milk spewed into my mouth, rich, wonderful, hot, fantastic tasting milk – Kris’s milk – slid over my tongue. I didn’t care; I spread my legs apart, my hand shot under my dress, under my panties and found my clit, hard and swollen. I rubbed it while her milk flowed into my mouth. I ran my tongue over and over her swollen nipple, sucking all the time.

I heard her gasp softly as she came. Her body went rigid, and she cried out as she came. My climax seemed to go on and on as my fingers flew over my clit. My body seemed to turn inside out as I came over and over. I kept sucking her nipple, twirling my tongue around and around her hard, long, erect tip while it gave up its hot milk to me. I had never known it could be so fantastic, so erotic to suck another woman’s breast and have it flow milk into my mouth. Finally my climax ended and I stood weak-kneed beside her. I fell back into the chair and sat panting. She was flushed too. There was a wet spot on the front of her dress where she had pressed the cloth against her pussy, and her juices had wet her panties and the cloth too.

The baby seemed unaffected by all this and nursed on, eyes closed. I chuckled softly and she joined me after a moment. She saw the humor of it. When I had regained my strength I stood up and leaned over and softly kissed her sweet lips. She didn’t respond for a moment then her lips opened slightly as I slid my tongue along her wet lips. Her hand came up and went behind my head and pulled me down against her a little harder and her tongue joined mine, dancing with it, playing over it.

We kissed for a long while till I had to pull back and catch my breath. I reached over and stroked her hot breast gently, just running my hand lightly over it, feeling its warmth. Heavenly! I took the nipple gently between my fingers and just felt it, it’s wonderful firmness. I pulled gently on it. She thrust her chest up just a little letting me know she enjoyed it.

“I never knew having a woman’s lips on my breast, my nipple, could feel so wonderful. God, that was fantastic. I had no idea.” She said shaking her head, a beautiful smile on her face.

The baby lay still and quiet, asleep. I put a towel over my shoulder. I bent, took the baby gently and put her on my shoulder patting her little back till she burped softly. Kris led the way into the baby’s room and I laid her down gently. She snuffled and lay still, breathing softly, eyes closed, a satisfied grin on her cherubic face.

I led Kris by the hand to the bathroom and took her blouse and bra off. I washed her breasts gently, this time using my hands. My soapy fingers played over her rounded mounds. I caressed the beautiful mounds as much as I washed them. She stood still, smiling.

“I like this better than the washcloth. It feels so much nicer.” She admitted.

This time when a droplet of milk flowed out of the nipple I bent forward and licked it off with my tongue. I felt her shiver.

I bathed her breasts and then took the cream and put it all over her breasts. I played with her nipples more this time and she was now able to show her enjoyment of my caresses. When I was through I took her hand and led her into her bedroom. She questioned me with her eyes but I leaned over and kissed her sweet lips and put my finger against her lips. I bent forward, slid her skirt downward leaving her in her plain cotton panties. I grinned for the crotch was sodden.

I bent forward and kissed her stomach as I pulled them down too. I let them slide down her legs. She stepped out of them and stood naked before me. I admired her body. She had slimmed down after the baby, but still needed a few more pounds off of her waist and hips. Her pubic hair was growing back. Soft reddish tendrils adorned her pubic mound. Her pussy groove was a darker indention. Her outer lips pouted petulantly. Delicious looking!

I stood up, quickly slipped out of my clothes and stood naked before her, letting her see me nude. Her eyes went up and down my body.

“Jan, you are beautiful. You have a beautiful body. I – I don’t know what to do. I have never been with a woman before. I have no idea what they do together.” She said softly, her eyes taking in my slender body.

I keep in shape and my body is tall and trim. I keep my pussy hair cropped close and shaved at the bottom so my pussy lips are bare. Her eyes dwelled at the juncture of my thighs. I spread my legs a little wider so she could see my pussy better. I knew she could see my inner pussy lips peeping out just a little, and the grove of my pussy. I took her hand and placed it on my mound, and rubbed it up and down slowly. I knew her fingers could feel the slick wetness of my excited pussy.

“Pretend it’s your pussy. Stroke it the way you do yours. It’s that simple.” I said standing still.

She hesitated then began to gently, slowly move her fingers up and down. I watched her face go from a frown of concentration to one of shy discovery, to a wide-eyed grin of pleasure.

“Yes, it is like rubbing my own pussy. It feels so weird to be doing it to you though. I never thought I would be rubbing another woman’s pussy. I like it, I think!” She said with a shy grin. I reached out and stroked her body, gently encouraging her. I ran my hands over her soft warm body. I felt her sweet full breasts, sculpting them in my hands, then over her chest and down her slender waist to her hips and around to her pert ass. I pulled her to me, gently trapping her hand against my pussy. Her fingers continued to explore. I kissed her softly, slipping my tongue into her mouth to explore its hot depths. We both moaned at the same time.

I gasped into her mouth as her fingers found my hard clit and she rubbed it gently in circles. This young lady was either a quick study, or she was stroking my clit the way she enjoyed rubbing her own. I caressed her smooth ass, and slid a finger down between the rounded mounds to find her tiny rosebud. She jumped slightly at the touch. I imagined I was the first person ever to touch her there. I would explore it further later, more intimately. I didn’t want to scare the poor girl. I just gently ran my finger over her nether hole and felt it pucker slightly under my touch. She enjoyed it.

I pulled back a little. “Does your husband kiss your pussy?” I asked almost guessing the answer. She just shook her head, her lovely reddish hair dancing in the light. “It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to have your pussy kissed and tongued.” I kissed her softly. “Would you like me to kiss you there? Lick your sweet pussy, suck your clit and make you cum like you have never dreamed of cumming?”

I felt her hand actually tremble against my pussy. No one had ever kissed or probably even touched her there till her wedding night. I slid my tongue against her lips and licked from side to side, lightly caressing her lips. Her fingers moved over my clit again, a little firmer this time. I felt heavenly. She was certainly stoking my passion with her fingers. My mind raced, thinking ahead to making love to this fantastic body, and the most erotic thought of all for me, sucking the hot milk from her swollen breasts!

“Think how that tongue would feel running up and down your sweet slit instead of these delicious lips.” I said pulling back a moment then kissing her lips again just as sensuously. Her lips tasted so sweet. I could feel the tension in her body as the thought went through her lovely head. I stroked her long reddish hair, then moved my hand slowly down her body to cup her pert ass again.

“God, you are killing me. No one has ever gotten me this hot before. My husband doesn’t really know how to make love to me. No one has ever made me feel this way. The sexy way you talk about my body, you are tearing me up inside! I was always taught that sex is bad, wicked, nasty. How can anything this wonderful be bad? To hell with them all!” She gasped and thrust her body against mine, her tongue probing my mouth, her fingers rubbing harder against my clit, around and around.

We stood kissing and her fingers playing with my clit till I exploded. I don’t ever remember having someone bring me to a climax quite like that. Her fingers on my clit stroking, her hot body against me, breasts pressing against mine. I reached up and took one in my hand and squeezed it as my climax started. I didn’t squeeze hard, but when I did, her breast shot out several small streams of her hot milk against my skin. It sent my passion soaring. I tilted my head back and cried out as I came. Her milk ran in a rivulet down my body, feeling so hot it felt as if it were scalding. Her fingers rubbed and stroked my clit harder and faster as this seemingly innocent young woman drove me to an earth-shattering climax. My universe turned inside out and my body dissolved into a pool of ecstasy. I literally saw stars.

Finally, when I came down to earth again, my knees were weak and I was shaking I was so spent. I felt a warm wetness run down my thigh from my pussy juices. Something I didn’t ever remember happening before, but I don’t ever remember having such a fantastic climax while standing. She held me steady till I regained a little of my strength, and kissed my face gently.

I hugged her to me and kissed her back. She was straddling one of my thighs and her pussy was pressing rhythmically against my leg. She had to be hot after bringing me off and my kissing and feeling her up too. I slipped my tongue into her hot mouth, caressed her body and soon had her panting with desire.

Stepping back, I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her to me. This put her beautiful breasts level with my lips, my intention! I kissed her breasts softly all over, working my way to the puffy tips. God, they were magnificent. The long erect nipples were so erotic looking.

“God, Kris, you have the most beautiful, desirable breasts I have ever seen in my life, and I have seen quite a few. They are so full and rounded; I love the chocolate ‘puffy’ areola, and those long nipples. No wonder the baby loves to suck on them. I want to really taste them. Magnificent!” I sighed as I kissed her nipple and ran my tongue around and around the swollen areola. I tasted a little of her milk that had run down earlier when I squeezed it.

I teased her, and myself, sucking softly, not enough to draw milk, but just so it would tantalize her. I licked and kissed her breast while I stroked the hot, velvet soft smoothness. I ran my fingers back and forth across her hard nipple, making it harder yet as it bounced against my fingers.

“Ohhhh, God, don’t tease me, Jan. Please suck me, suck my nipples. I’m dying to have you make love to my breasts. Make love to me, please!” She sobbed out.

I obliged her, as I was almost crazy too, wanting to drink from her sweet hard nipples. I put my lips around her nipple and gently sucked. At first nothing came out, so I sucked a little harder. I moaned around her nipple as her hot milk spurted into my mouth. It flowed over my taste buds and it was the most wonderfully delicious thing to taste her milk straight from her full firm breasts. I slid one hand up to stroke her breast, the other I moved downward to run up and down her inner thigh.

She spread them apart for me, giving me room. I cupped her mound and kneaded it gently then slid my finger along her groove to find her hot wetness. She cried out as my finger slipped easily between her very wet lips and found the entrance to her body. I sucked harder, my senses on fire as I fingered her wet sex while my mouth drank from her body.

It was totally unlike any experience I had ever had with a woman. I had only dreamed, fantasized, about this – in my wildest sex fantasy. Now I finally, actually, had this beautiful young woman before me, my hand on her breast, my lips sucking her hot mother’s milk out, and my finger slipping up and down her drenched pussy. It was a fantasy come true for me; perhaps for her too, I would have to ask her – later – much later!

My finger slid up into her hot sex cave. Her pussy felt fantastic around my finger. Her hips pressed forward wanting more. I let my finger move as far inside her as possible, my hand was wet with her sweet juices. I used my thumb to find and gently rub her firm clit. She gasped and thrust her hips forward, wanting my finger deeper still.

My lips pulled and sucked, and her milk flowed onto my mouth. I swirled my tongue around and around her hard nipple making it even harder and longer. I began to pull back sucking slightly harder on her nipple, elongating it, pulling on it, making it swell even more. I nipped it gently with my teeth and she cried out, not in pain, but from the unexpected wonderful slight hurt of it. I knew her nipples would be sensitive and just a touch of pain seemed to go directly to her pussy. I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my finger. I slid my finger out and she moaned her disapproval, but it turned to a soft sigh of delight when a second finger joined the first.

Years ago I had read what is called the “Sex Pistol,” the fingers are crossed and slid in and out. The two together, crossed, gives a unique feel as they slide in and out, much more stimulating than just two fingers moved in a straight line. I had also learned to rotate my wrist as I pumped them into a woman’s body. It stimulates the whole vaginal entrance and makes the woman hotter, and gaves her more pleasure – a lot more pleasure. The knuckles of the ring and little fingers are pressed against the pussy slit and work their magic there too.

It seemed to be working well on Kris as her body was thrusting against my hand, and her hands were entwined in my hair, her fingernails biting deliciously into my scalp. I loved the slight pain she was giving me. I love a little pain also, and the knowledge that I was making her so passionate spurred me onward. I sucked harder, my fingers pumped faster into her pussy and I could feel her pussy sphincter muscles clamp around my fingers. With a cry of passion, her body went rigid and her hips thrust hard against me. I sucked her nipple as hard as I could and a veritable river of her sweet delicious milk flooded my mouth. Her pussy clamped down on my fingers as she climaxed. Her cries filled the room and I hoped she wouldn’t wake the baby and spoil the mood of the moment.

She jerked and then pushed my hand away from her pussy rather roughly. I gentled my sucking of her sweet delicious breast and held her to me. Her hot milk flowed into my thirsty mouth. I felt her knees begin to buckle and I leaned back onto the bed pulling her on top of me. We fell into a delicious heap, her hot body atop mine, panting heavily. I held her and rocked her on top of me as she caught her breath. She wiggled up a little and we kissed slowly, in the afterglow of her passion.

“Ohhh, I had no idea that making love to a woman could be like this.” She murmured, still trying to catch her breath. “If I had, I would have tried it years ago. God this is fabulous. You are a wonder woman, Jan, Darling. That was fantastic, you fingering me and sucking my breasts too. It was so much better then masturbating myself.”

Her body wiggled against mine sensuously. I loved the feel of her body pressing down on mine. I spread my thighs apart and her body fitted between my thighs. I put my feet on her pert butt and pressed her down against me while I pushed my hips upward. Her pussy mound pressed down against my spread pussy. She felt delicious there.

“No regrets? I know it’s a big step to decide to make love to another woman. I don’t want you to ever regret it. We can still be friends, good friends if you want. No regrets?” I asked again, wanting to really know how she truly felt.

“Oh, Jan, how could there be? It was so wonderful. I don’t care what anyone else says, it can’t be wrong, or bad to make love like this. It sent me into orbit and I loved it. I don’t think it can get any better than this, do you?” She said very seriously.

“Kris Darling, we have just reached the first stage. I finger fucked you while I sucked your delicious breasts. That makes you hot having them sucked, I know it got you off, but there are more wonderful ways to make love.” I kissed her lips and played my tongue over her sweet lips from side to side, gently and softly. She kissed me back with great passion, sucking on my exploring tongue. Finally we pulled back to catch our breaths.

“You liked that, I take it, now think how that tongue will feel sliding along your sweet pussy lips, playing over your clit, slipping inside you. It gets more wonderful each time you try it.” I murmured against her lips. She hugged me hard against her.

“I have heard of it of course, but my husband isn’t into oral sex at all, your mentioning it a few minutes ago got me so hot just thinking about it. You actually want to kiss my pussy, lick it, put your tongue inside me? Really?” She asked incredulously. This lady was really naive where sex was concerned. I thought I could/should remedy that!

“Honey, you liked my kissing your lips didn’t you, French kissing? Well, there is no comparison. Your pussy is a lot more sensitive than your mouth. Wait till I get my lips and tongue working on your clit. You know how sensitive that is, well, I absolutely love to make love to a woman’s sweet pussy. Just relax and let Nurse Jan take care of this needy patient.” I said kissing her and holding her close while I rolled us over on the bed.

I laid her back, positioned her in the middle of the bed and began my lovemaking. I kissed her sweet lips while I fondled her breasts and stroked her body. I purposefully avoided her pussy and it worked, as she was soon hunching her hips up toward my hand every time it got near her aroused sex.

I kissed her, taking my time. I laved her neck, kissed and licked behind her ears till I had her softly moaning. I slowly kissed my way down to her breasts again. I moved from breast to breast, kissing her soft skin gently, licking the warm soft skin while I caressed them at the same time. When I finally put my lips to her nipple and sucked she was so excited she almost came. I sucked first one nipple and then the other.

I almost climaxed it was so wonderful to suck a woman’s breasts that I was making love to, and have her sweet rich milk flow into my mouth. It was unlike anything I had ever done with another woman. I pulled on her nipples with my lips, sucking hard on them, pulling back and letting the nipple slip out from between my lips from time to time with a little audible pop. I nipped the tip, making sure I was doing it very gently. She was moaning and her hands went to her pussy rubbing her wet slit till I made her quit. I wanted her to be in a state of frenzy when I finally got to that sweet indention.

I sucked her breasts for the longest time, revelling in the taste of her milk. Her nipples were elongated from my sucking and stood up firm and hard. I thought that later I would love to straddle her chest and put a hard nipple against my spread pussy and ride it till I exploded. I had never made love to a woman who had such long hard nipples before. I could imagine riding them and having that hard nipple against my clit, perhaps drops of milk oozing out as I fucked down on them. The thought was almost enough to make me cum.

I must have spent at least a half hour kissing and caressing her before I finally moved down to slip between her spread thighs. I kissed her stomach, thighs and legs while I caressed them with my hands and let my fingers stoke her soft skin.

I looked at her sparse reddish pussy hair and ran my fingers through it. She sighed and spread her thighs wider for me. Later I might bring up the idea of trimming her pussy hair and shaving it around her lower pussy. I love the feel of bare skin there; it seems so much more intimate. It also feels so much more sensitive to the touch when the skin is bare and lips and a tongue slides over the flesh next to the pussy.

I licked her thighs moving slowly closer to her red slit. She had a beautiful pussy. Her childbearing had not diminished the beauty of her sweet pussy. I put my fingers on each side and pulled outward opening her vagina up to my gaze and my tongue.

Kris put her fingers on my head and pressed it downward. I admonished her, “Easy sweet lady. Let me do this in my own time. Don’t rush it. Let it happen. I promise you that you will have one of the most memorable climaxes of your life, a series of them, unless I miss my guess!”

She relaxed and moved her hands to her breasts and pulled and rolled her hard nipples. I grinned. She was ready. I leaned close and breathed my hot breath on her pussy and felt her body tense. I slowly slid my tongue out and moved it to the back of her pussy and slipped it between her wet lips. She cried out. I slid it along her pussy from bottom to top tasting her salty-sweet juices. She was very wet. I ran my tongue lightly up and down till she was begging me to put it into her. I just teased her, pulling her lips wider letting my tongue slide along the slick outer opening.

I nibbled on her pouting inner lips, and she almost went wild. I looked at the apex of her sex and saw her pink clit peeping out. I caught her engorged inner pussy lips and pulled them wide, firmly, letting her feel me stretching them, just a hint of hurt there. She cried out and her hips thrust upward telling me she loved it. I pulled upward and her pink wet clit slid out, firm and swollen. It was about the size and shape of a bean and I loved the look of it. So many women’s clits are so small as to be very hard, if not impossible, to locate. Hers stood out waiting for my lips and tongue. It was a beautiful pale pink in color.

I slid my tongue into her tasty slit, sliding it as far in as I could, my nose hit her clit lightly and she pressed her hips forward trying to get more contact. I licked slowly upward letting my tongue slide along her delicious wet flesh. She tasted divine. God, I love to taste a woman’s most intimate flesh. I sucked lightly on her urethra, her pee hole, and flicked my tongue against it. It is a sensitive spot and she groaned. I sucked it hard before I moved up to let my lips find and suck on her firm little knob. She screamed her ecstasy. I knew I was the first person to ever have my lips around her pink clit. It made my own clit harden and swell more. It burned for a touch, but I made myself concentrate on her swollen bud. I flicked it with my tongue and she cried out again. I sucked and licked it over and over, letting my tongue slide over it, flicking it from side to side, and top to bottom over and over.

Kris wailed out loud and her finger nails bit into my scalp as she climaxed. I slid one then two crossed fingers up inside her, pumping them in and out while rotating my wrist. She screamed out her passion over and over, her body bowed upward her hips thrusting up toward my mouth. I had a hard time keeping my lips on her clit she was thrashing so hard. I managed to stay with her and sucked and licked her clit while I finger fucked her. She came down for a moment, and then rode the next wave upward again when I was unrelenting in my sensual assault on her sweet pussy.

Her juices flowed over my thrusting hand; I licked downward from time to time to taste her sweet, flowing sex juices. Salty-sweet, delicious! First her hot milk, now her sex juices, both flowing from her sensual body, her juices, from deep within her sensuous young body. They seemed to flow over my tongue. The wonderful odor of her excited sex stimulated my olfactory nerves and I was about to explode I was so excited by her fantastic young body. My clit cried out for a touch. I willed myself not to cum. My body didn’t want to obey.

Fortunately her thrashing body distracted me. I managed to stay with her, sucking her clit, pumping my fingers deep inside her velvet cave. I loved it. I could have made love to her soft sensual body all day, but finally she cried out, almost a cry of anguish for me to stop. I quit my sucking of her clit and slid my fingers out of her reddened pussy. As I pulled them out, I slid my tongue as far as I could into her closing depths, covering her passion-swollen opening with my lips. I sucked gently and was rewarded with her sweet salty pussy juices, so absolutely delicious.

When I could suck no more of her scrumptious juices out, I pulled back slightly. I licked her pussy slowly, gently, softly, avoiding her still sensitive clit. Her hands stroked my hair. I let her recover her breath before I moved up to hold her close and cradle her in my arms. We kissed gently for a while till her heart stopped racing and her breathing was back to normal. I caressed her body slowly and gently while we nuzzled each other till she had calmed down.

“You were right.” She chuckled finally. “That was fantastic. Beyond anything I had ever experienced or imagined. Love with a man will never be the same again. I have had climaxes with my husband, but never one anywhere close to being this intense,” she said shaking her head. “This one was earth shattering. The most soul-shaking climax I have ever had. Thank you; I don’t know how I can express it. Words fail me. You are a sex Goddess. Thank you, Jan Darling. Think of what I have missed all these years. I had a girlfriend try to talk me into making love in high school but I wanted no part of it. She must have known something I didn’t. If only I had known, I might have become a Lesbian.”

“I am so glad I could introduce you to it. No, you probably wouldn’t have become a lesbian. I’m bi, I love women, but I like men too. They are two sides of a coin, both have their good points.” I laughed. “It’s like comparing apples and oranges. I like both, and each is delicious in its own way. Men and women are like that.”

“Delicious? I like that description. Would you let me make love to you? I think I’d love to repay you for opening my eyes – and my pussy too!” She giggled. “You seemed to delight in making love to my pussy. I want to see if I will like it. I have heard derogatory remarks about men doing it to women, but I have overheard some women who said it was absolutely fantastic. I’d like to try it and see if I like it. Would you mind?” She said seriously.

“I would love it, but instead of you simply making love to me, how would you like to try something really wicked, nasty, godawful sexy, and more fun even than me just making love to you?” I asked.

“Simply?” She cocked her head slightly head. Her eyes sparkled. “Something kinky?”

“No, not really kinky, just more fun than anything else I can think of.” I said kissing her sweet lips softly and slipping my tongue along her lips, back and forth, teasing them.

Her tongue played with mine, softly, gently. Her kisses, and her cupping my breast, squeezing it, answered my question. Her hips thrust forward and she straddled my leg and rubbed her wet pussy against it. This little gal was getting into the swing of things.

“You’ve heard of a 69 haven’t you?” She nodded. “You said your husband had never gone down on you, so you obviously haven’t tried it yet?”

She shook her head, a naughty smile starting. Her eyes opened wide, showing off her expressive blue eyes. I could see the wheels spinning in her head. “You and I? Kissing each other’s sex – pussies – at the same time?” It was my turn to nod and smile my naughty smile.

I kissed her lips again as I stroked her hot breast. “It’s one of the most wonderful, fantastic, most sensual, sexual thing two people can do together. It’s even better than good sex between men and women. Two woman together, making love in the most intimate kiss there is, kissing, licking, sucking each other’s sweet dripping wide-spread pussies at the same time.” I said watching her excitement rise still further, thinking of the possibilities.

“You like French kissing with me, a 69 is so much more intimate.” I continued. “It feels so much better than anything you have ever tried. In it, the more you give, the more you receive. You try to make the other person feel as wonderful as you are feeling. It’s a fantastic tailspin. The most erotically wonderful feeling in the world, giving ecstasy at the same time you are receiving it.” I kissed her and we moved our bodies against each other slowly. I knew she was going to find this the most fantastic sexual experience of her life. I know my first time with my girlfriend was, and now I was going to initiate her into the unbelievable joys of a 69.

We took our times kissing and caressing. I moved back a little and turned in the bed. We kissed and moved downward. I pulled her on top of me and she got on her hands and knees and began to kiss and lick my breasts. That put her magnificent breasts over my eager lips. I took a nipple between my lips and sucked on it. Her rich milk flowed into my mouth. I put my hands on either side of her breast and kneaded it while I sucked on it. It seemed to make her milk flow faster into my mouth.

I changed sides when she moved to kiss my other breast. Her teeth nipped lightly on my nipples while she sucked and licked my nipple. She knew how she liked her own breast made love to and was doing the same to mine. I nipped hers very gently as I knew her nipples were sensitive from the baby sucking on them. I sucked on the long hard tip and it flowed its sweet milk into my eager mouth. Damn, I could get addicted to this.

I had a thought; I sucked till I had a lot of milk in my mouth then pulled away. I took her head and pulled it back to mine. She kissed me again and her tongue slid into my mouth. When she did she tasted her own milk there. She gave a little squeal of delight and sucked on my mouth. I fed her her own milk from my mouth. It was one of the most sensual things I have ever done with another woman except letting a wonderful female lover taste her own pussy juices from my mouth. Kris’s tongue probed my mouth and she sucked my tongue into her mouth, getting the last of her milk from me.

“God, I almost climaxed then.” She gasped. “That was fantastic, Darling. Thank you!”

‘Darling!’ I liked hearing that from my brand new lover!

She moved back down and wiggled her breasts a little settling one over my lips. I sucked it, drinking from her fantastic fountain again. I cupped her breasts and stroked them. She seemed to enjoy this. Later I took one hand off of her breast and slid it down to the juncture of her thighs and slid it through her soft pussy hair. She mashed her breast down against my mouth. I sucked harder till her breast was empty of its hot mother’s milk. God, it was delicious. Before I could move to the other breast, she slid downward. She kissed downward over my stomach. I licked and kissed her softly rounded belly. Her skin tasted wonderful. I had to almost pinch myself to remind myself that I had just drained her sweet breast and we both were headed downward to feast on each other’s pussies.

She kissed my stomach and nuzzled my pubic hair. I heard her sigh softly. I imagined she could smell my excitement. I could certainly smell hers, the wonderful odor of a woman’s sexual excitement filled my nostrils. I strained my head upward reaching for her wide spread, open, wet sex, almost dripping, waiting, yearning for my touch, my tongue. I wanted to hurry, but this was her initiation, her time to go at her own pace, to try a 69 for the very first time. I knew her feelings, her yearnings, as I had been there too, years ago when I first slid down my girl friend’s body to taste her eager pussy as her lips kissed near my center of need. Now Kris was going to taste her first pussy while I feasted on her sweet pussy again.

Kris’s hand moved to spread my pussy wide. Her fingers pulled my pussy lips open for her eyes to gaze on my pink, moist intimate opening for the first time. “It’s beautiful!” She murmured softly as she looked down at my wet open pussy. I moved my hands from her body and spread my pussy wider for her, freeing up her hand. I slid a finger inside my dripping hole and slid it up and down the length, wetting it still more. I used one hand to push my lips apart, and the other to pull upward at the top letting my throbbing, aching clit slip out of it’s sheath. I heard her catch her breath. I knew my clit was pink, hard and swollen. It throbbed almost painfully, needing her touch, her lips.

“Oh, I never knew a pussy could be so beautiful, so pink. It’s lovely. God, I never knew! It looks delicious too. I wonder why my husband never wants to kiss me there. It’s so —“, her voice faded out. She took a finger and slid it up and down my pussy gently, softly, once, twice, then it probed and found my center. She pushed it inside me, deeper and deeper. I thrust my hips upward wanting her whole hand inside me, if possible. Her finger pulled back and I groaned, I wanted it there, two, three fingers deep in me, thrusting.

She gasped, tasting my pussy juices – her first ever! “Oh, you taste heavenly. God, Jan, your pussy is delicious. Now I want to taste it for real!” She said as she moved further down my body.

I felt her breath on my spread pussy and leaned my head upward toward her pussy above me. I sighed as I felt her tongue touch me tentatively, then it moved downward and slid against my wet flesh. She licked from bottom to top once, then twice.

“Ohh, damn you taste so good. So sweet, so delicious so -” her words cut off suddenly as she probed with her tongue into my pussy. I felt her tongue slid inside me, her lips came down to cover my pussy. I felt her teeth touch me, as she pressed downward a little too hard. Her tongue slithered and probed. God, it was wonderful. What she lacked in finesse, she more than made up for in enthusiasm. I put my hands on her cute round ass and pulled it down to me. She shifted slightly and lowered her hips to my mouth. I parted her furry opening with my tongue and slid it inside her once again. She tasted divine, salty-sweet, dripping with her juices.

I slid my tongue deep inside her and sucked her woman’s juices out, exactly as she was doing to me. I burrowed my lips, chin, nose, face into her wet flesh, reveling in the feel of her hot pussy flesh against my face. I loved it. She caught the spirit and did the same to me, burrowing into my pussy. For I don’t know how long we just lay with her atop me, her hot body pressing down into mine, faces moving from side to side, faces wet, pressing our faces into each other’s pussies, almost trying to enter the other’s bodies, impossible, but we seemed to be trying nevertheless.

I sucked and moved upward to find her hard small clit, distinct, and surrounded it with my lips and sucked in and out, over and over. She cried out, her voice muffled by my pussy against her own lips. I slid a finger into her hot wetness and then slid it back a little. I probed and found her small neat asshole and pressed inward. She cried out. I can’t describe her cry – surprise, astonishment, joy? But whatever it was, she loved the hell out of it, and thrust her ass backwards, burying my finger deeper into her hot bowels. I pumped it in and out in time with my sucks on her clit, which I found again after she had pulled it from between my voracious lips. I tongued her hard clit, making my tongue vibrate across its firm head. Her hips thrust against my mouth while her ass gave a little dance around my finger. God, I would have loved to have caught that motion on a video camera.

My tongue, my finger buried in her ass, set her off and she screamed out against my pussy, burying her face harder against me, sucking, thrusting her tongue inside me in a frenzy of passion. It set me off too, and I climaxed explosively along with her, a rare thing, a person new to a 69 and I both cumming at the same time. We writhed and thrashed on the bed, licking, sucking, tongue fucking each other, one climax following another so close it seemed like one long fantastic frenzy of a climax. Her sex juices seemed to flow from her body as I sucked them from her depths. My climax was so intense I almost passed out. My head was in a spin and the world roared and lights flashed in my brain. I can seldom ever remember such an intense climax.

Finally, an eon later, we were spent. She collapsed on top of me, dead weight. I licked her pussy slowly, softly. I slid my finger out of her delectable virgin ass and she rolled onto her side. We were both panting, our chests heaving. I turned in the bed and pulled her into my arms and just held her, kissing her cheek.

“Oh, God, you were so right! It was like nothing I have ever experienced or even imagined could happen to me. It was so much more intense than the other climax. No way I can describe it. I thought I would die it was so intense. It felt like my body had turned inside out. And I wanted to give you exactly the same fantastic feelings I had! How can anything feel so – so – fantastic, wonderful, earth shattering, superb? There are just not enough words to describe it!” She gushed. I knew exactly how she felt.

She looked a little puzzled. “When you climaxed I tasted your juices. They literally shot out into my mouth. I loved them. They tasted so delicious, slightly salty and very nice. Did I do that too?”

“Yes, but they didn’t spurt out, they kind of flowed out. Next time I will stimulate your G-spot. It usually makes a woman ejaculate if she is going to. Not every woman does, but it’s wonderful when they do. I have to really be sexually excited – and I really and truly was just then. Making love to you has been fantastic. I think, no, I know drinking your milk was what really got me so very hot. It was a sex fantasy come true. Thank you!”

“My God, I never in the world knew sex could be this totally earth shattering. Is it always that wonderful with a woman?” Kris asked, her blue eyes sparkled and were wide with wonder.

“No. Not always!” I said kissing her lightly. “Sometimes it can be better!” I said giving her delectable ass a slight swat.

She doubled up with laughter and hit at me in mock anger. We kissed and stroked each other for a while, two new lovers learning about each other’s likes and dislikes.

We got up finally; she looked in on the baby and found her still fast asleep. We went in and took a shower together. She had never taken an intimate shower with anyone before, not even her husband, and found that the feel of a soapy-slick wet body against her made her horny again – very quickly. I slid down in the shower, parted her legs and had her put one leg over my shoulder, while she leaned back and held onto the towel rack. I ate her to a screaming climax.

Dressed, we sat in the kitchen as she poured us cups of coffee.

“Jan, that was the most astounding thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I was brought up to think sex was bad, that the only reason for sex is for procreation. My husband just kisses me a few times, thinks I’m hot and ready for him. He puts it in and fucks me till he cums, then pulls out and goes to sleep.” She giggled. “I have never used that kind of language in my life. See what you do to me? Sometimes with my husband, I am not even sexually excited, other times I am so frustrated, I go into the bathroom, lock the door and sit on the toilet and masturbate guiltily till I climax. Even then it’s not all that great.

“I would feel so guilty about doing it I couldn’t enjoy it, I was taught you aren’t supposed to masturbate at all. You showed me what a climax is all about. There is going to be a change around here. He and I are going to a sex therapist. I want to climax, have a climax like I just had. I don’t care what I have to tell him, but I am going to have a normal sex relationship with my husband. I’ve read about it in the magazines. I want a normal sex life.” She said her chin coming up and a look in her eye that said she damn well would get it too.

I laughed till my stomach hurt. She seemed wounded at first by my laughter, then realized I was laughing with her, not at her. We wound up laughing so hard we woke the baby. Kris got her and we sat while she rocked the baby till she was cooing and gurgling happily.

We talked for a long time. She asked me if I had made love with other women and I told her I had, with a limited number of them, and that I had a wonderful girlfriend, Amy. She asked all kinds of questions about Amy, what we did, what we liked to do together. She wasn’t jealous; she simply wanted to know what two women did together.

I told her that Amy and I had always wanted to find a third woman to join us, that we had both enjoyed a fantastic threesome in times past, but hadn’t found anyone lately who we could ask to join us. She asked a lot of questions about a threesome. I told her how wonderful it was to have two lovers making love to you at the same time.

Her eyes lit up and she said she would love to join us, if we would have her. I kissed her and told her we would welcome her with open arms. She squealed and said she really wanted to be with us for a threesome if it was anything like the wonderful sex she and I had enjoyed.

I promised to ask Amy, but told her I was absolutely sure she would agree. I had already told Amy about wanting to make love to her and how hot it got me thinking about sucking her breasts and drinking her sweet milk. How Amy and I had sucked on each other’s breasts and talked about how we would love to suck our lover’s breasts and have hot, wonderful mother’s milk flow into our mouths. That got her excited and we talked more about Amy joining us.

As her husband was due, we kissed long and deeply inside before I left. Kris grinned at me as I started out the door. “I have already tried the baby on a formula twice this week. When we get together with Amy, I plan on giving her only the formula that day. That way I will have plenty of my hot milk for you two sexy ladies. Think you two can handle that?” She said with a mischievous grin as I turned and started down the walk.

This shy young lady had come a long way. Could we handle it? I was positive we could!

The End

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