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Steamed Submission

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Instinct took over. Silas Oswald dropped to his knees, taking cover behind the waist high bar that extended along the length of the Tesla-Coil Tavern. The movement was futile; Mistress Lavinia had already seen him and wasn’t likely to forgive his disobedience anytime in the near future.

Cursing under his breath, Silas rose reluctantly to his feet and sent a sheepish look across the room. Mistress Lavinia sat in her regular booth with the club’s highest-ranking Dom, Master Ambrose. Neither of them looked happy and Silas’ heart raced in anticipation. Mistress looked as if she was ready to throw Silas across her knee and spank him until his arse turned bright red.

Silas flushed. There was something incredibly exciting about working for a woman used to getting her way. Silas was pretty sure that no one ever told Mistress ‘no’ unless it was a mouthy sub who was fishing around for extra punishment.

Silas knew this because he was usually the one fishing around. In general though, he didn’t make a habit of mouthing off to the Mistress. She had something Silas had never sought in a Dom — a vagina.


Silas’ cock leapt to attention. An order from his Mistress may have sent him scrambling for cover, but a mere word from Master Ambrose had him panting with need. Silas caught Master’s eye across the room. The highly trained Dom pointed to the floor by his feet and Silas hurried across the room, falling to his knees beside the Master.

“Five strikes for your disobedience,” Master said the second Silas’ knees were against the wooden floorboards. “Mistress Lavinia holds just as much power here as I do. I expect better from you.”

Silas nodded, his bottom lip caught between his teeth. He was grateful for Master’s attention, even if it was for his disobedience. It had been so long since he had been spanked, punished, and helpless under a Master’s hand. “Yes, Master Ambrose,” he whispered.

“Your punishment will not be carried out by me; Mistress Lavinia will punish you.”

Silas’ cock wilted but he nodded. “Yes, Master. Thank you.”

“Good boy.”

Master Ambrose turned his attention away from Silas without giving him the order to leave. “Any word on the fleet’s arrival?”

The fleet. The famous fleet, Silas had heard of nothing else for weeks. The Siobhan was the name of the Zeppelin that Captain Ivan Erasmus piloted. The second that the immense airship was spotted on the smoky London horizon, word had reached the Tesla-Coil Tavern. Silas didn’t have much patience for gossip, nor was he allowed to eavesdrop on the Tavern’s patrons, but even he couldn’t resist extending an ear whenever word turned to the ship’s notorious Captain.

Captain Ivan Erasmus was the type of man whose reputation preceded him everywhere he went. Unfortunately, his feats in battle were not on the grapevine at the Tesla-Coil; instead the Captain’s sexual preferences were in heated debate.

“They say he likes to dominate.”

“What, hurt women?”

The man had snorted. “Oh, you wish. It’s only men that he plays with and he doesn’t hurt them, he plays with them.”

Silas shivered. He knew exactly that that meant, the Captain was a Dom, and if the rumours were correct, he was highly trained and well respected within the scene.

“They landed just this afternoon,” Mistress Lavinia replied. She flicked open her elaborate pocket watch and checked the time. “I am expecting the Captain any time now. His presence will be marvelous for business. We’ll need to focus on catering to his every need if we wish to secure his membership.” Her eyes moved to Silas. “Perhaps you may have had the honor of serving the Captain if you were more obedient.”

Silas couldn’t help it; his head snapped up. He stared at Mistress Lavinia in surprise. “Mistress?”

Mistress smiled smugly, her eyes glinting in the tavern’s low light. “Unfortunately, you are serving your punishment with me tonight.”

Silas gaped. “Please Mistress, let me serve the Captain. It’s been so long since I’ve served.”

“You serve me on a daily basis.”

Silas nodded. “Yes Mistress, I do and I want to please. But I’m never allowed to service the patrons.”

“That is because you can be a handful,” Mistress Lavinia sighed. “I’ll make you a deal, Silas. If you impress the Captain and he requests your company, then you may serve him for the duration of the evening. If not, you will undertake your punishment with me. Is that understood?”

Silas nodded his head jerkily. “Yes, Mistress. Thank you. I understand.”

“Good. I suggest you kneel by the door and wait for the Captain and his crew to arrive.”

Silas waited until Master Ambrose had nodded before jumping to his feet and hurrying across the room. He tried not to run, but he was thrilled with Mistress’ proposition.

The Tesla-Coil Tavern was quiet. Silas preferred it that way. He took up his usual place in the far corner of the room and knelt. The floor was rough and worn under his knees, but he rested quietly without complaint, awaiting his fate for the rest of the evening.

It had been a very long time since he had spent the evening with a Dom. Most of his work at the Tesla-Coil Tavern required him to make drinks behind the bar and embark on the odd cleaning job. Mistress Lavinia hired trained subs whose sole purpose was to serve guests in the privacy of their rooms. Silas was never granted that honor, although he desired it immensely.

Silas lowered his eyes and focused on his breathing. He used all his training to calm his body and mind, straightening his spine and relaxing into position the way he had been taught.

Master Ambrose used to tell him he looked beautiful in the Present position. He used to make Silas kneel until he was so deep within himself that no one but a Master could retrieve him. But Silas hadn’t spent an evening with his ex-Master for a very long time.

Silas had been purchased by Mistress Lavinia when he was just a boy. Brought into her service as a slave, she had passed him along to Master Ambrose when he began showing signs of submission. Five years under the tutelage of the Master and Silas was more than ready to submit to any Dom that walked into the Tavern primed to play. The Mistress, however, was insistent that Silas was far too naughty to be given to any but the highest-trained Dom. Silas knew this wasn’t necessarily true because he had once overheard Master telling Mistress that Silas ‘didn’t know his limits’ and ‘would do anything a Dom asked him to’. Silas didn’t really know what that meant, but he did know it meant he had to wait until Mistress approved of a Dom for him. In one of the smaller BDSM establishments in London, those Doms were few and far between.


It was as the afternoon rush dwindled to a sporadic trickle that a series of loud, joking, teasing, and laughing voices erupted from the other side of the Tavern doors. Silas barely registered the noise, he was so deep in sub-space that everything else faded into the background.

An icy-cold wind blasted through the open doorway, spilling the heavy scents of steam and metal into the interior. The door hung open on its hinges as a man stepped over the threshold. Silas’ heart stopped beating for a split second and then sped up as a burst of adrenaline shot through him when he recognised the tall, lean figure.

Captain Ivan Erasmus.

He was unmistakable. Silas had seen him, time and time again, in the London newspapers that reported his progress across the skies almost daily. Silas almost blacked out and as an afterthought remembered to breathe. He drew in oxygen and then slowly released it in an attempt to steady his nerves. Silas’ vision cleared.

“Captain Erasmus,” Mistress Lavinia greeted happily, “what an honor.”

She strolled across the room, her presence penetrating the very walls of the establishment. She held out a hand to the Captain. “Welcome to the Tesla-Coil Tavern. Will your crew be joining us this evening?”

“They will turn up eventually. This is the first time we’ve made port in several weeks. I imagine they will wander in after all other options have been exhausted.”

Silas lifted his eyes ever so slightly and looked at the Captain from underneath his eyelashes. If Silas thought that the Mistress exuded presence, it was nothing when compared to the Captain. He wasn’t handsome. That was too calm a word. He was intensely masculine. He was sexual. He was magnetic. There was an exoticness about him. In his dark eyes, in his long dread-locked hair, and in the way he stood. He was the kind of man that demanded respect and obedience, and immediately received it, with nothing more than an expectant look.

Silas shivered. He was magnificent.

Brown leather boots stepped up beside Silas and Master Ambrose squeezed his shoulder. “I want to see you on your best behavior, Silas. Captain Erasmus is a very good Dom. Impress him and he will return consistently to the Tavern with his crew and whoever else is traveling with him at the time. You understand how important this is for Mistress Lavinia?”

Silas nodded, his eyes trained on the Captain. “Yes, sir. I understand.”


Master Ambrose held out his hand to the Captain. “Ivan, good to see you again, old friend.”

“And you. It has been a very long time, has it not?”

“Over a year I’m afraid. Keeping well, I see?”

“The usual.”

Silas felt heated eyes against his skin, the knowledge that the Captain was looking at him sent shivers down his spine.

“Who is your boy?”

Master Ambrose stroked his hair, petting softly. “This is Silas. Say hello to the Captain, Silas.”

“Good afternoon, Captain Erasmus, sir.” Silas was desperate to look up, to see what the Captain thought of him, but he kept his eyes respectfully lowered, presenting in the way he’d been taught with his knees apart, and hands linked behind his back.

“Stand up, boy. Let the Captain get a good look at you.”

Silas stood gracefully, taking great care to keep his spine straight. He may have wanted to impress the Captain, but his training also reflected on Master Ambrose and Silas had never grown past the desire to impress his first Master.

“Whose collar does he wear?” Captain Erasmus asked. “He exudes your training.”

Master smiled. “Silas completed his training with me many years ago. He belongs to no one except the Tavern. Mistress Lavinia doesn’t give him to the guests.”

“Why is that?”

“Perhaps you would like to play with him for the evening. You will find out.”

“Is he a good boy?”

The Master smiled. “He is.”

Captain Erasmus nodded. “Very well, I accept your offer, old friend.”

Silas’ heart leapt and immediately started racing so fast and loud that he was sure everyone could hear it. He stepped forward and dropped to his knees at the Captain’s feet.


They say the devil rides a white horse. They lied; Captain Erasmus rode into town in a magnificent airship named Siobhan.

Silas followed Captain Erasmus to his room. He’d heard about the type of company the Captain preferred when he was in the city. As his eyes moved over the cuffs and toys laid out across a dresser, he remembered the rumour-mill flying of how Erasmus liked to dominate. Although there had never been any word of him hurting any of them, he certainly enjoyed playing with them.

Luckily, Silas enjoyed being played with.

The centerpiece of the Captain’s room, situated on the upper floors of the Tavern, was a gleaming mahogany desk with elaborate brass trim on all sides. Silas couldn’t see all its sides, but reason dictated that each would be decorated with the same scrolls and exotic figures that graced the front. The master of the desk vacated the room to use the bathroom, leaving Silas behind.

Aside from the majestic desk, there was one other item in the room that caught Silas’ attention, a large photographic print behind the desk showed an immense airship docked on the outskirts of a foggy steam-filled city. The airship was huge. Silas had never seen anything quite like it. It was land-borne in the centre of a vast field and Silas could just see the tiny black dots that must have been its crew-members scurrying over the expanse of the oblong blimp and on the deck underneath.


Silas was still staring at the beautiful image when Captain Erasmus stepped back into the room.

“Her name is Siobhan,” Erasmus told Silas. These were the first words he had spoken since entering the office.

“She is beautiful, Sir,” Silas whispered in awe.

“That she is. Have you had the privilege of walking up to a docked airship?”

Silas shook his head. “I have only seen them in the sky, Sir.”

Captain Erasmus smiled softly, his eyes sparkling with passion. “It is a sight to behold.” He gazed at the photograph for a moment as though in memory. “Right. Strip for me, Silas.”

“Yes, Sir.”

With slightly shaking hands, Silas removed his tunic and carried it across the room to hang neatly on the wall hooks. When he turned from the wall, Captain Erasmus said, “Crawl.”

Dropping to his hands and knees, Silas crawled towards him, eyes lowered respectfully until he was kneeling at his master’s feet.

“Good,” Captain said. “Although, you may be a little overeager. Stand up.”

When he was on his feet, the Captain circled him slowly, reaching out and touching Silas lightly to correct his posture and stance until he rested in a position that satisfied the Captain.

“How old are you, Silas?”

“Twenty-one, Sir.”

“Master Ambrose trained you, correct?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Have you ever been with another Dom?”

“Only a couple, Sir.”

“Did you enjoy your experiences?”

To Silas, that was an odd question, one he didn’t quite know how to answer. “I believe that they enjoyed themselves.”

Captain Erasmus smiled softly. “I am sure they did, but did you enjoy the experience?”

Again, a strange question. “Master Ambrose always taught me that my Master’s pleasure is my only concern.”

“How interesting,” the Captain whispered. He stepped forward and pushed Silas’ hair out of his eyes. “Tomorrow I want you to go to Mistress Lavinia and tell her I said you need a haircut.”

Silas nodded.

“Say yes, so I know you understand.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good.” Erasmus unbuckled Silas’ collar and placed it on the arm of the chair.

Silas’ mouth opened to protest, he had never taken his collar off, ever. “Master—” Silas began quietly. “Permission to speak, Sir?”

“I will return your collar at the end of the evening,” Captain said, correctly assessing Silas’s fears. “For tonight, you will wear my collar.”

Despite himself, Silas looked up curiously to see Erasmus pull a second collar from his trunk. The collar was crafted from tan leather and was inlayed with a variety of studs, links and other intricate mechanical workings. Biting his lip, Silas lowered his head and allowed the Captain to buckle the collar around his throat. It was cool and light against his skin.

“Now.” Erasmus’s long, thick fingers closed over Silas’ cock in a tight grip that had Silas sucking in his breath. “Do you know what I’ll do to you if you come without permission, boy?”

“No, Sir.”

“If you come without my permission, I’ll throw you outside without your clothes, and you’ll spend the rest of the evening at the mercy of my crew.”

Silas’ eyes opened wide in fear. He knew Erasmus meant every word he said. He had heard rumours of what he was capable of.

“You are wearing my collar; whilst you wear it, you belong to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. For tonight, you shall address me as Captain. Not Master. Not Sir. Or any other variety of the title. Captain.”

“Yes, Captain.”

He nodded. “Stand up.”

Silas rose.

“On the bed. Hands and knees.”

Silas moved a little too slow. The Captain gave him a sharp slap on an arse cheek. “Now.”

Silas all but leapt onto the bed and scrambled to lie on his stomach. He propped himself up on hands and knees.

Captain nudged Silas’ legs apart, moved in-between them and sat back, resting on his heels. He pulled Silas toward him by the hips until Silas was open for him.

He ran his hands over Silas’ arse, caressing it. His hand stroked Silas’ shaft, brushing his thumb over the tip. The Captain leaned down, gave one cheek a gentle bite and then kissed it. He did the same for the other one. Then he probed Silas’ puckered opening with his tongue for good measure. The contact made Silas buck his hips, but Captain held him in place.

He smeared lube on his fingers and started working on Silas’ hole. He inserted one, then two and finally three fingers, until Silas’ ring of muscle at his entrance had relaxed and he’d started moaning.

Captain picked up a butt-plug from the dresser and covered it generously with lube before resting it against Silas’ slick entrance. Silas buried his head into the pillow and waited. He muffled his groan against the pillow when Captain pushed the plug in all the way, until it was seated.

Captain pulled the plug out a little, gave it a twist and pushed it back in. He did this a few more times until Silas started pushing back against his hand.

“I want you to wear this while you are serving me tonight,” Captain murmured, smacking Silas’ butt cheeks and squeezing them. “I want you to remember that I put it there. I want you to know that for tonight this arse belongs to me.”

“Yes, Captain,” Silas moaned.

The nip of the flogger cut through his thoughts, and he grunted in surprise. It hadn’t been that hard, but he’d not been expecting it. His arse heated as the sting wore off. The second time the strike landed, he was a little more prepared and kept quiet. His cock stirred to life as heat radiated from the marks. The third strike was harder than the previous two, and he fisted his hands against the sheets. It was good, very good. Captain knew exactly how to use the flogger, never striking the same spot twice.

Slap, slap, slap. Erasmus found a rhythm with the strikes. Lower back, arse, thigh. Slap, slap, slap. Other thigh, side, arse.

Silas threw his head back and moaned as his cock throbbed, seeking release that wouldn’t come without express permission.

“More?” Captain asked in that deep baritone.

“Yes, Captain,” Silas whispered.

Slap, slap, slap.

It continued on and on until Silas was squirming on the bed, sure that Captain would have to restrain him if he wanted to continue.

But Captain stopped, running his fingers over Silas’ reddened arse.

Panting for breath, Silas squirmed until he managed to look over his shoulder and down his body to his reddened arse. He mewed when he saw the flaming skin. Captain’s palm stroked across it, pulling a purr from Silas as he helplessly writhed for him again.

With a gentleness that contradicted the whipping, Captain manipulated the plug, his other hand holding Silas’ hips steady. “Such a good boy,” Captain praised. “You’re being so good for me. You’re going to make me proud tonight, aren’t you?”

Silas thrust back at his words, moaning. “Thank you, Captain,” he said, his voice hoarse. “I want to please.”

Captain picked the flogger back up and started slapping Silas’ thighs again. Silas’ moans became yells and shouts almost immediately, and then begging words. He was begging Captain to hit him harder, to stop hitting him and fuck him. “Please, Captain,” he moaned. “Please, let me suck you, let me show you how much I want to please you.”

“It’s not up to you,” Captain said, his voice deep. “It’s when I’m ready that matters.”

Silas nodded frantically, his hands squeezing the sheets. “Yes, sir. When you want me.” He arched his back and swayed his hips moving as he sought the feel of Captain’s flogger.

“No more.” Captain placed his flogger aside and got off the bed. “Come,” he smirked. “You will serve me at dinner. I want to watch you serve me with that beautiful pink arse of yours.”



There lives a second, less than a second, a mere shimmer of time when the mind is without a home, no body to call its own.

Silas re-donned his tunic and hurried down to the kitchens to arrange for the Captain’s dinner to be brought up to his rooms. He was to be dining with his Second in Command, Officer Dante, and Silas was eager to impress them both.


Stepping out of the kitchens, Silas hurried across the main room of the Tavern, he kept his eyes low, not making eye contact with any of the patrons as he had been trained as a boy. Silas ascended the main staircase and walked down the hall to where another staircase led to the largest room in the Tavern. He looked down the hallway to where Mistress stood with her hands on her hips. “Yes, Mistress?”

“Where are you going, Silas?”

“I’m organising dinner for the Captain.”

“And where is the Captain this evening?” Mistress Lavinia asked, the brass bracelets on her wrists jangling together as she closed the distance to Silas.

“He’s dining with Officer Dante in the Officer’s rooms.”

“Do I need to send some serving girls?”

Silas shook his head. “No, Mistress. I will be serving this evening.”

“Good.” Mistress Lavinia stroked his hair gently. “Show the Captain a good evening, won’t you?”

Silas nodded. “Yes, I will.”

“Off you go then.”


Officer Dante was a formal looking man. He clearly lived and breathed for the skies; he dressed in his full air uniform and still wore his brass goggles, pushed casually up onto his head, keeping his long brown hair away from his face as he ate.

Captain didn’t eat much. He sat back in his chair and chatted to the officer about things Silas did not understand. When he wasn’t talking, he was following Silas around the room with his dark eyes.

His gaze was almost tangible. Silas’ cock was hard under his tunic, merely from serving under the Captain’s watchful eyes.

Silas had just finished topping off the water goblets when he felt the Captain’s hand land on his arse, pushing the plug he had inserted earlier into Silas just a little more.

Silas froze and his breath puffed out in a huff, his sphincter muscles tightened around the plug and as he spread his legs a little, hoping that the Captain would continue his games. He did.

“Please, sir,” Silas begged.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Do you want to show Officer Dante how responsive you are?”

Silas groaned, so turned on by the idea. “Yes, Captain.”

Captain pushed him down over the table, pulling his hips back until his butt was pushed out. The movement knocked over one of the water goblets and Silas watched helplessly as the liquid spread across the table cloth. “Captain, I’m sorry, I—”

“Spread your legs.” Spilt water was clearly the last thing on the Captain’s mind.

Silas quickly spread his legs.

“Oh, you have a nice arse,” Captain murmured as he rubbed a hand over Silas’ tight cheeks. “It was one of the first things I noticed about you. How pretty your little arse is. Doesn’t he have a nice arse, Dante?”

“Very nice, yes. I see you’ve had your way with it before dinner.”

“I couldn’t resist playing a little.”

Captain wiggled the plug and then his hand came down on Silas’ arse, hard, stimulating his already raw skin. Silas clenched his hands and bit back a moan of sheer pleasure. Captain spanked him again and again, and every time his large hand landed, it shoved the plug deeper into his arse.

Captain stopped spanking and wiggled the plug around. Silas whimpered. His cock was pressed against the table, leaking against the wood.

“You like that, boy?” Captain whispered close to his ear.

Silas moaned his ascent. The spanks jiggled his arse, vibrating straight to his cock. Each hit burned a little more as his cheeks became red and inflamed. The Captain didn’t hold back, his big, strong hand came down on the fleshiest part of his arse with little reprieve between each smack.

When his finger dragged along the seam of Silas’ arse, he felt the tingles dance along his skin, warming his blood.

“Does that feel good?”

“Yes, Captain.”

Erasmus spread Silas’ cheeks and blew against his puckered hole. His finger came next, trailing lightly along the rim of his anus. Silas breathed hard and fast, eager. He couldn’t stop a whine when Captain gently manipulated the plug, pulling it out and pushing it back in his willing hole.

Silas moaned as his balls drew up tight. Teetering on the edge of an orgasm, he took several deep breaths to stop himself from going over. It didn’t help that Captain continued to spank his arse.

“Good boy,” Captain praised him when he didn’t come, gently rubbing his arse.

Silas swallowed. He was still breathing hard when Captain smacked him one last time. The Captain was going to be the death of him.

“He marks very well, Ivan.”

“Yes, he does,” Captain said. “Such a pretty red colour. Come here, Silas. I want you to face Dante and straddle my lap.”

Silas sat and faced the second man as directed. He wasn’t surprised by the look of utter lust on Dante’s face. Silas had heard it in his voice.

“Spread your legs over mine.”

Silas spread his legs until they hung on the outside of Captain’s. His immense erection pressed against him right on the tip of the butt plug. The pressure pushed the plug further in, massaging Silas’ prostate.

“Lean back and close your eyes,” Captain ordered. “I want your hands around my neck.”

Silas took one last look at the navigator watching him from the other side of the table then leaned back against Captain’s chest and closed his eyes. He lifted his arms and looped them around Captain’s neck. Captain’s arms immediately came around him. Long fingers wrapped around Silas’ cock.

“No coming, Silas, understand?” Captain said softly.

“Yes, Captain,” Silas groaned as Captain stroked him. His heart beat rapidly. His breath moved quickly in and out of his lungs. He ran his tongue over his dry lips to moisten them. Captain continued manipulating Silas’ cock, taking him just to the edge then easing off. A thumb moved across his tip, pressing down on the small slit. Other fingers moved to caress Silas’ tight little sac causing him to whimper.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” Dante murmured.

Silas opened his eyes just enough to see through his lashes. Dante had his pants undone and his cock in his hand, stroking himself as he watched Captain stroking Silas.

The sight kicked Silas’ arousal up several notches. A tingling at the base of his spine signaled his impending orgasm. Silas tried to hold it off. He didn’t want to disappoint Captain, especially with his second in command watching.

Silas clutched Captain’s neck. He didn’t think he could go another moment without spilling. The tingle in his spine radiated outward, expanding his pleasure until every nerve ending burned.

“Captain,” Silas begged. “Captain, please.” He thrust his cock into Captain’s hand. He couldn’t stop. He had to come. Just as Silas was about to blow, Captain’s hand squeezed the base of his cock, halting the orgasm in its tracks.

Silas moaned loudly, the pleasure and pain almost too much to bear. He was almost mindless with the sheer onslaught.

Captain sucked the lobe of Silas’ ear into his mouth. “Let’s go to my room, pet. Say goodnight to Officer Dante.”

Panting, Silas climbed off Captain’s lap and knelt to the Officer. “Goodnight, Officer Dante. Is there anything I can send for?”

Dante waved a hand. “Get out of here, both of you. You’re giving me a fine case of blue balls.”

Captain smirked at his second in command. “I’m sure you’ll find someone to tend to your slight problem. Come Silas, we’re leaving.”



A true Master is so invested in his sub that he is actually in a way a slave himself. He is a slave to his overwhelming desire to protect his property at all costs.

“Take your tunic off.”

They were barely back in the Captain’s room, but Silas was already moving. Pulling his tunic over his head and hanging it neatly back on the hook.

“Undress me.”

Silas bit his lip and approached the Captain. He wore so much clothing, so many layers. Breeches tucked into his boots. Three belts with various implements dangling from the buckles. A waistcoat over a long-sleeved shirt and that didn’t even count the long trench coat or whatever else lay underneath the navy blue fabric.

Silas was sure that the leather clasps and waistcoat would have taken Captain seconds to shed if he were by himself. With Silas’ help, it took forever. Silas was fascinated with the fabric; the texture, the scent, the taste of it. Determined to get the full leather experience, he nuzzled and licked at the clothing as it came off Captain’s skin.

On his knees, Silas leant forward and nuzzled at Captain through the soft worn fabric of his breeches, rubbing his cheek against the line his cock created in his trousers, eager to show him what enthusiastic submission looked like.

Captain’s hands tangled lightly in Silas’ hair, and he spread his legs apart as Silas leaned in, mouthing at Captain’s dick through his pants. Captain’s cock twitched through it, as if waiting for his touch. Silas licked the fabric, dampening it before closing his mouth around the bulge and sucking it, material and all, into his mouth. Captain growled, his hands tugging Silas closer, his hips thrusting forward. Silas’ cheeks hollowed as he sucked, the thin fabric wet enough to allow Captain’s covered cock to slide in further.

Captain groaned harshly before his hands yanked Silas’s head back. Silas sat back on his heels and bit his lip, he hesitated. “May I serve you, Captain?”

For a horrible moment, Silas thought Captain would say no. For some reason he didn’t really understand, the idea that he didn’t want his submission terrified him.

“Suck it,” Captain answered.

Silas pressed a kiss to the material that covered the head before sitting back on his heels and undoing the buttons. The second Captain’s cock was free, Silas reached up and wrapped a hand around the base. It was thick and hot and hard as granite. He peeled back the foreskin and leaned over to lick the head. Then moved further forward and slipped his lips over the tip, swirling his tongue around, tasting the sinfully sweet saltiness of the Captain.

“I said suck it, not play with it,” Captain said.

Keen to avoid further punishment, Silas sucked the tip of the older man’s cock into his mouth. Sealing his lips around the thick shaft, he began to dip his head lower over Captain’s cock, taking him deeper with each movement.

Pulling back, Silas allowed the tip of Captain’s cock to slip from between his lips for a moment. Licking his way down the shaft, he reached the other man’s balls. Placing a kiss against them, he slowly started to explore them with his lips and tongue, sucking them into his mouth in turn and swirling his tongue around them, lapping up every trace of the Captain’s taste he could find among the hairs.

Captain grunted and laid a hand on Silas’ head, grabbing a handful of hair.

Silas returned to his cock and sucked him hard, deep, bobbing his head again and again, letting Captain’s dick bump the back of his throat repeatedly. With his free hand, Silas reached up and cupped Captain’s balls, lightly rolling and tugging them. In the soft gas lanterns, Captain’s skin looked warm and tanned next to Silas’ pale flesh. The contact only added to Silas’ arousal and he grew more aggressive with the blowjob. He skimmed his teeth along the length of the Captain’s cock, and then took him as deep as he could and swallowed several times. He tongued the slit and ridge, savoring the little moans coming from his Captain. His Captain — yes, it felt right.

“Enough.” Using Silas’ hair, Captain dragged his mouth away. “Stand up.”

Silas whimpered his protest, but stood. As soon he was on his feet, the Captain lifted Silas and carried him over to the bed. The Captain was strong, Silas loved that. Knowing he could be overpowered against his will. He shivered.

On the mattress, Captain snapped one handcuff to Silas’ wrist, then raising it over his head and threading the chain through the headboard, he quickly snapped the other into position.

“Spread your legs,” Erasmus ordered as he crawled onto the bed. “Lift your hips. Show me how hard you are.”

Silas’ cock stiffened even more. He moaned, wrists straining against his cuffs as he lifted his hips wantonly for Erasmus’s pleasure. His tongue darted over his lips.

A hand crept over his stomach, up to his chest. Fingers played with his nipple, then pinched it. “Do you like that?”

“Yes, Captain.”

Captain bent down, his tongue licking over Silas’ nipple, then biting, one hand carelessly moving over Silas’ aching cock, just enough to taunt.

Then Captain’s hands were everywhere. He stroked Silas’ cock that was hard against his belly, and ran his other hand over Silas’ back and sides. He moved his hands in circles, squeezing and kneading, before un-cuffing one of Silas’ hands and urging him onto his stomach.

Watching over his shoulder, Silas saw Captain spread lube on his fingers. Working half on instinct and half on voyeurism, Silas arched his back a little, offering his backside to the Captain to use as he pleased.

Captain chuckled and eased the butt-plug out of Silas’ hole, replacing it with a finger. “Eager boy.”

Silas panted and arched even further against the intrusion. A spark of delight rushed through his body as the tip of his cock brushed against the mattress. Another wave of adrenaline chased after it, apparently inspired by nothing more than acting so shameless.

Strong fingers slid against his hole, smearing slickness against him. Dropping his head, Silas panted and concentrated on the peaks and swirls of pleasure shooting through him. The touch was firm and strong, circling the tight ring of muscle again and again, with increasing pressure behind each revolution.

Silas’ hands clenched at the bedspread, arching his back farther as another finger slipped into his hole and found something that made Silas pant out a groan as sudden, unexpected bliss shot through him, harsh and almost painful in its perfection.

Silas’ stomach muscles contracted when suddenly Captain gave Silas’ butt cheek a hard slap. When he slapped the other cheek, Silas sighed with pleasure. Captain was neither hard nor soft with his ministrations; just right, just enough to arouse. He gave a few more slaps, and then teased his fingers back around Silas’ anus.

Suddenly the fingers disappeared, and when Silas felt the spongy head of Captain’s cock pressing in his head fell back. He moaned softly, rocking his arse up against Captain’s cock.

“Do you want it? Do you want my cock, Silas?”

“Yes. Yes, Captain, please.” Silas closed his eyes and relaxed every muscle of his body, letting himself be pushed down onto his stomach and trapped beneath his Captain’s body.

Erasmus rocked his hips, slowly at first, as if determined to make sure Silas felt every single inch of the shaft buried inside him. Then faster, making him desperate for more friction, more speed, more everything. The bedding rubbed against his cock as he rocked in time with Captain’s thrusts.

Silas pushed back against the larger man’s body, trying to compliment his movements, eager to offer his Captain anything and everything he could. Silas squeezed his muscles around that big cock and experienced a surge of delight when Captain sucked in his breath.

Silas did it again and Captain slapped his arse.

Silas wailed in pleasure as Captain continued to thrust into him. Hard hands gripped his hips, holding him in place as Captain pounded into his tight sheath over and over again.

Silas groaned and thrust back against Captain, grinding his arse against the big man’s pelvis. Sweat dripped down his face, dampened his hair, and made his grip on the bed covers precarious. Silas barely noticed any of it. His balls ached, his dick pulsed, and every nerve ending in his body sizzled from the onslaught of pleasure he was receiving.

Just when he thought that he couldn’t take anymore, Captain stopped. Silas whimpered his protest but didn’t actually try to stop him when he moved away.

“Roll over and sit up,” he ordered. “I want to see your face as I fuck you.”

Silas rushed into position, aroused to distraction and burning with curiosity for what other new sensations the Captain might wring from him. He leaned back against the pillows, and the Captain put another one under his hips, pushing his bent legs wide and his ankles back as far as they’d go. Silas flushed, the heat in his lower belly rising all the way to the roots of his hair. He felt so exposed this way, so vulnerable and open. He loved it.

Captain chuckled and re-slicked his cock, pushing in slowly and brushing over his prostate. Silas moaned in reply. He reached to touch his aching cock but stopped himself before he could. Captain Erasmus had not told him he could touch himself.

“Please, Captain!” he cried as Erasmus began to thrust harder with his hips.

Captain shoved his cock in one more time before pulling out and moving to straddle Silas’ chest. “Open your mouth,” he grunted.

Within seconds, he came. Semen landed on Silas’ tongue and he parted his lips further as Captain stroked his cock, pumping hard and fast.

Salty liquid landed on Silas’ tongue again. Some missed and fell on his lips. Silas left it there as he tilted his head back and let his Captain fill his mouth. His cock was the barest fraction of an inch from his lips. The tip brushed against his mouth as Captain’s hips thrust forward, as if he wanted his cock buried inside his mouth just as much as Silas did.

Captain’s hand worked ferociously along his length, jacking his erection as it spilt into Silas’ mouth. Silas didn’t know where to look—at the hand working so frantically to feed him or at the pleasure on Captain’s face.

As the hand slowed, Silas stared up at his Captain’s expression.

Spent, Captain collapsed back, releasing his grip on his cock. Silas closed his mouth, swallowing what he’d been given. He licked at his lips, where Captain’s aim had been off. His tongue couldn’t quite reach it all. He lifted his hand but Captain pushed it aside.

The Captain swiped some come up with his fingertips and offered it to Silas’ lips. He slid his fingers into Silas’ mouth and left them there while Silas rubbed his tongue across them, making sure they were clean.

He didn’t get all of it. Silas was pretty sure that was because he wanted to go back for seconds. He was right. Captain repeated the process. Silas knew without a doubt that there was nothing on his fingers the last three times, but he cleaned them diligently anyway—pleased to please his master.

When Captain stopped feeding him and left the bed, walking across the room to the bathroom and disappearing from sight. Silas dropped his gaze. His breath was heaving in his chest; his cock still so hard it was almost painful.

He swallowed thickly and slid off the bed. His movements were stiff as he straightened the sheets with a couple of deft tugs and then knelt on the floor awaiting his next order. He was desperate to come; the need was so strong his hands were itching to wrap around his cock.

Footsteps announced the Captain’s return to the main room. Silas nibbled at his lower lip, preparing himself for the possibility that the Captain could send him away without any relief.

“Do you want to come?”

Silas moaned and panted, almost mindless with the need, struggling to hold back from the edge, desperate to come. “Captain,” he pleaded, “please Captain… please… may I…”

Captain flashed a feral grin. “Stand up.”

Silas did so while the Captain’s hand wrapped around his shaft and gave a few rough pumps.

“You did well tonight,” he whispered in Silas’ ear. “Now come for me.”

As if on cue, Silas threw his head back and thrust himself into Captain’s tight grasp. “Captain,” he cried out loudly as he came, coating Captain’s hand with his release. Captain continued to stroke until Silas whimpered and collapsed forward against the Captain’s strong body.

“You did good, boy. You made me very proud.”

The words were barely a whisper. Silas wasn’t even sure he’d have heard them if they hadn’t vibrated through the other man’s chest directly into his ear. He closed his eyes a little tighter. His Captain was pleased with him.

Calloused fingers fluttered across Silas’ neck and it took a moment for Silas to realise that the Captain was unbuckling his collar. Silas couldn’t help it, his body tensed and a soft whimper of protest escaped his lips.

The Captain chuckled. “You are not mine, Silas. You do not belong to me. I shall speak to Mistress Lavinia about my membership here and we will see what we can do about organising another night together. Would you like that?”

Silas could not think of anything he desired more. He pressed closer to the Captain and closed his eyes, content and satisfied for the first time in a very long time.

“Yes, Captain.”


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