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Alternative Therapy

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Alternative Medicine

Tanya Winters stared at the red light and then glanced at her watch. She was running late and was angry with herself, since it was her own fault. She was usually very punctual and, even with two kids, managed to get them both to wherever they needed to be on time. Band camp, football practice, recitals, swimming, school, boy scouts, she put more mileage on her minivan in the first year than the total that its five-year warranty allowed.

She was almost never late, but here she was; still three miles from the dentist’s office and already five minutes late.

She couldn’t help it. She absolutely hated the dentist. She had a low tolerance for pain and dental work had scared her since she was a young child. The fear was unreasonable but unrelenting, and probably explained why this was her first visit in five years. Nothing short of the excruciating pain that her abscessed tooth was causing would have ever driven her to willingly go to a dentist. Even with the pain, she was dragging her feet.

She had chosen the dentist at random from the yellow pages. Dr. Kelly Taylor, DMD. Tanya had been drawn to the small ad with the words ‘guaranteed pain-free dentistry’. She didn’t believe it, but, then again, she didn’t have anything to lose.

Dr. Taylor’s office was located in a small complex in the old section of downtown. Tanya remembered reading somewhere that, since the renovation project had been approved, some politician or other had started a ruckus because the new area was being taken over by gays, but it seemed nice enough. As Tanya pulled into the parking lot, she noticed the variety of shops that made the strip mall: a tattoo parlor, a health food store, an adult bookstore, an ice-cream parlor.

She steeled herself and marched into the small office, fighting at every step the powerful inclination to just leave.

The reception area and waiting room were painted in a soothing pink, and the wood furniture was complemented by deep maroon upholstery. In the corner, a large television was quietly playing one of her favorite soaps. The receptionist was a dark-haired girl, whose body, despite her conservative attire, was shown off provocatively. Her brown eyes were what caught Tanya’s attention, though, huge and expressive as a deer’s.

“May I help you?” she inquired in a soft voice.

“Yes. Winters, a three o’clock appointment, I think?”

The girl opened the appointment book, and then went back to the bookcase filled with neatly stacked colored folders. Tanya noticed how short her skirt was, and when the girl bent over and her white lace stocking tops and the pretty pink garter clasps were revealed, she couldn’t help but blushing. She wasn’t in the habit of ‘checking out’ girls, but lately she had found herself appreciating feminine beauty more than in years past. The girl had some quality about her that was captivating.

“Is this your first visit?” she called over her shoulder.

“Yes,” Tanya replied. The pain in her mouth flared up and she cradled her jaw in her hand.

“I’m sorry. You must be in real pain, but I need you to fill out these forms,” she said, passing the redhead a clipboard. Tanya’s hair was actually brown, but the summer sun had brought out so many highlights that it looked red. She pulled several stray strands back out of her face, and examined the clipboard.

They looked very much like standard fare, listing prior medical history and release forms. One thing did catch her eye, though: along with questions such as height, weight, etc., they had added a field for sexual orientation. She shrugged, finished the forms, and took them back to the window. The girl told her to have a seat and that the doctor would be right with her.

After a very short wait, she heard her name being called. She turned to the door behind her to find herself staring at a remarkable woman.

Dr. Kelly Taylor was tall and lean. Her lab coat was open, and she wore a blue, button-down men’s oxford shirt and khaki slacks. Her face was chiseled and angular, but, behind her elegant glasses, the large blue eyes were soft and managed to give her a dreamy expression, framed by her blonde hair, pulled back in a ponytail.

“Right this way, please,” she said, holding the door for Tanya.

Tanya had her face in her hand, and stumbled when she reached the threshold. The doctor immediately understood the urgency of the situation, and before the redhead knew it, she had a firm arm around her small waist and guided her into an examination room. Tanya practically collapsed into the dental couch as the dentist reached for a package of instruments.

“Open,” she commanded, but Tanya was petrified and didn’t respond.

The dentist’s face was set and she looked ready to scold her, but then the expression dissolved into one of almost motherly concern.

“Is it hurting that bad? Or are you just scared of dentists?” she asked softly.

“It’s killing me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t,” Tanya whimpered.

“It’s all right, baby. I’m not going to do anything to hurt you, but you are going to have to open up and let me look,” she said in a soothing tone.

Tanya didn’t even resent the overly informal address; it was actually very comforting. Despite being Super-Mom, she really wanted nothing more than to be babied when she was in pain. Dr. Taylor seemed to know that instinctively.

The doctor held up a long, gleaming steel instrument. Tanya involuntarily cringed.

“It’s just a dental mirror, baby, not an instrument of torture. I won’t even touch your tooth; I’ll just hold the mirror behind it so I can see all around. Now, be a good girl and open wide for me,” she said in a soft, soothing tone.

Tanya opened her mouth as wide as she could, and closed her eyes. She felt the cold steel brush across her upper lip, but nothing touched her sore tooth. After a few seconds, the doctor removed the implement and reassuringly squeezed her shoulder.

“You can close now, baby. Momma’s done,” she said as she placed the mirror back on the tray and pulled a prescription pad from her breast pocket.

Tanya laid there with her eyes closed, steeling herself for the torment she just knew was coming.

“You’ve got a nasty abscess,” the dentist began, her voice strong and professional again.

“Is it going to have to come out?” Tanya asked, tears welling in her eyes.

“No, but I’ll have to do a root canal on it,” the dentist replied.

Root canal. At the mention of the dreaded words, Tanya broke into a cold sweat and cringed.

“Don’t worry. Dental science has come a long way, and it isn’t as painful as you have always heard,” the tall dentist said, her voice once again soothing.

“I can’t,” Tanya whispered.

“Yes you can. In fact, you don’t have a choice. If you let it go much longer it’ll require dental surgery, and that is far more painful to recover from. Now, I am giving you a prescription for a heavy-duty antibiotic. You’ll need to take them all and schedule an appointment in two weeks.”

“You mean you aren’t going to do anything to it now?” Tanya asked in confusion.

“Of course not, silly. All the lidocaine I have wouldn’t be enough to deaden it right now. I do my best not to cause any pain to my patients. Once the infection is controlled and the pain is gone, we’ll fix it. But I warn you, don’t think that because the pain is gone, it’s fine and skip your appointment, or it’ll be back, and far worse.”

“Can you give me something for the pain?” Tanya begged.

“Of course. Twelve Percocet tabs should be plenty,” the dentist said as she scrawled another prescription.

“But it will be fourteen days before I come back!” the distraught woman exclaimed.

The dentist gave her a long, measuring look.

“You won’t even need all twelve. You’ll be out of pain by the end of the first week. You seem to be really terrified of pain.”

“I am. I’ve been scared of coming to the dentist since I was a small child. I had to have an extraction done, and the dentist, Dr. Groves, promised me it wouldn’t hurt. But it did. Terribly. He said the novocaine he had used doesn’t work on me, but I’ve never trusted dentists again.”

“Well, you’re going to have to trust me,” Dr. Taylor said contemplatively. She examined Tanya carefully, and then started to speak, but stopped herself.

“What?” Tanya asked, feeling her fear rising again.

“Well, I practice a very radical technique in pain management. It’s not AMA-approved by any stretch of the imagination, at least not yet, but it’s scientifically valid, and I have had a one hundred percent success rate with it so far. Let me be clear, that is one hundred percent pain-free dentistry reported by each of my patients who have tried it. Like all pilot programs, it requires a lot of release forms and waivers. I don’t want to be sued. After checking your medical history, and… other facts, I hadn’t considered you a candidate, but if your phobia of dentistry is as severe as it seems, I might be persuaded to give you one of the timeslots for it. You failed to mention here you don’t respond to regular anesthetics,” she said, tapping the clipboard on the counter and scrawling a note on the forms.

“Please, let me try it. I never think to mention that, there’s no slot for it on the medical thingies,” Tanya responded instantly.

“Well, before you volunteer… It’s more expensive than a regular root canal, because it requires more hygienists, and since it’s experimental, your insurance won’t cover it. But if you agree to allow me to use you as a case study, and to print the results when the experiment is done, I’ll waive the cost above and beyond a regular root canal. That’s going to mean regular visits and follow-ups for two years afterward, and taped interviews, as well as a lot of paperwork to be filled out.”

“I’ll try anything, if you only promise me it won’t hurt.”

The tall doctor’s face softened again, making her seem more like a concerned mother than a medical professional.

“I can’t promise you that, honey. Every person is different, and you are already outside the parameters of my preferred test subjects. I can promise you that no one has had any pain thus far. And you have my word: if you experience even a tiny bit, I will stop immediately, and we will go with some lab work to find an anesthetic that works for you,” Kelly said soothingly.

“Sign me up,” Tanya said after only a moment’s hesitation.

“All right. Come on back to my office, there are a lot of forms you need to sign. Just take a seat, while I give these scripts to Mandy to call in… What’s your preferred pharmacy?”

“Taggert’s, on East Main,” Tanya replied.

Kelly watched her walk back into her office, admiring the housewife’s shapely behind. She stepped into the reception area, handed Mandy the scripts, and hastily scrawled out one more. The doe-eyed girl gave the dentist a look and arched an eyebrow.

“You sure about that?” she asked.

“Mandy, she’s perfect. Doesn’t react to regular anesthetics, and is absolutely terrified of pain,” Kelly gushed.

“Yeah, but she isn’t a lesbian.”

“I know, I know, and I promised to keep it strictly to gay women during the first phase, but damn, you know I planned to move to het patients, and eventually even to men.”

“And you agreed to keep it to our gay clients until we had the data to present a monograph to the American Journal of Medicine. If she goes nutso and reports it to the authorities, it could ruin everything. Why take that risk?”

“Because we’ll never find one like this again. A straight woman who is so afraid of pain she won’t complain about anything if it keeps her pain-free. I saw her face, lover. She’s terrified. If we can present the endorsement of even one straight woman, it will mean the world to us in getting it published. I think the risk is worth it.”

“You’re the doctor and I’m just the receptionist, but I don’t like it.”

Kelly glanced out the glass window to see the waiting room was empty, then slipped her arms around Mandy, and gently cupped her breasts. She leaned over and began to nibble on the girl’s ear.

“No fair!” Mandy giggled, while leaning back into Kelly’s body.

“Mmm-hmm, totally fair,” Kelly growled in her ear as she roughly pinched the girl’s suddenly stiff nipples. She glanced at the appointment book and saw Tanya was the last patient for the day, and then pulled the girl to her feet and kissed her deeply.

“Now be a good little girl and call those scripts in. As soon as Mrs. Winter’s leaves, close up and come back to my office for some dictation.”

“Fucking me isn’t gonna make me shut up about this you know?” the girl said in a breathy whisper.

“I know, that’s why I keep the ball-gag in my desk, next to the strap-on. Now, get to it,” Kelly said, slapping Mandy hard on the ass.

* * *

Tanya felt like she was losing her mind. Form after form had been stuck in front of her, until she was signing on autopilot.

“I know it’s a lot,” Kelly said sympathetically. “Just a couple more. This one is an agreement by you not to have sex until after the operation. That includes masturbation,” Kelly said in a businesslike manner as she passed the form to Tanya.

“Why?” Tanya asked in alarm. She and Richard enjoyed an active sex life, and two weeks without seemed a strange thing to require.

“Sex releases endorphins,” Kelly replied easily. “These are the body’s natural response to pain. In order for the procedure to work, we like to have the patient’s stock of these natural painkillers at maximum efficiency. It takes about two weeks, on average, for a woman’s body to reach her peak.”

“Oh,” Tanya said, unsure, as she signed the waiver.

“That’s it hun. Mandy called in your scripts. Oh, by the way, I added a pill for you. It’s a once-a-day hormonal formula that should help you to sleep. You may experience an increase in libido – some women do – but please refrain from having sex. The procedure is scheduled for two weeks from Friday, nine o’clock sharp, and it’s about a four hour procedure, so please be prompt. If the swelling doesn’t go down by next Friday, or if you are still experiencing pain, please call me. Also, just because the pain stops, don’t stop taking the antibiotic,” Kelly lectured as she guided Tanya back to the waiting room. Mandy handed her a card with her appointment written neatly on the back.

She stopped at Taggert’s to pick up her prescriptions on the way home. The pharmacist and owner, a kindly old gentleman, assisted her.

“Hello Tanya. Looks like a mule kicked you,” he said by way of greeting.

“Yeah, nice to see you too, Fred,” she responded, but managed a smile.

“You look awful, child. Let me give you the quick rundown, and you can sign off that I’ve explained these as I do. Be careful with the Percocet. It’s a strong narcotic. No driving or drinking when you are on it. The amoxicillin may cause your stomach to be upset, so I suggest you pick up something for diarrhea just in case while you are here. This one,” he said holding up the third bottle, “is bad about causing cramps and headaches in the first week or two. Any other questions?”

“What’s it for?”

“It’s a hormonal blend. Women take it who are having low sex drive or low energy. Some doc’s give it because it helps people sleep. Rare to see dentists prescribe it, but with your face swollen like it is and all your drug allergies…”

Tanya thanked him, picked up a few odds and ends, since she wouldn’t be able to drive on the Percocet, and called her friend Nancy on the cell as she was driving home. She arranged for Bryant to ride with Jimmy to swimming practice for the next week and Nancy was happy to bring him home. Her friend Clara said it would be no problem to get Dana to recital, and Richard volunteered to take care of the after-hours activities, like scouts and football camp, for her. By the time she got home, Tanya had all the arrangements made, took one of the Percocet tabs and one of the other pills, and was asleep within half an hour.

* * *

Tanya pulled into the parking lot and killed the engine. She sat for a while, trying to work through the whirlwind of emotions. There was fear, cold and clutching at her heart. Panic, urging her to turn the car around, seductively reminding her that she was no longer in pain, and promising it was all going to be fine. Embarrassment, at the way her nipples were poking out, and at the constant itch between her legs that had demanded attention more stridently each day over the past two weeks. Trepidation at what was to come, balanced by hope that it really would be pain-free.

Sighing heavily, she got out of the car and walked to the door. Each step seemed harder to take, and by the time she was at the door, she felt like she was moving in slow motion, fighting against an unseen force that was urging her back. She bit her lower lip and jerked the door open, then forced herself to walk in and up to the window.

The same girl sat there, and the big doe eyes twinkled.

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Winters. Thank you for being punctual. I’ll ring Sonja and let her know you are here.”


“Yes, Sonja Wilmont. She’s one of the hygienists who will be assisting Dr. Taylor today.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“She’ll be right with you.”

Sonja turned out to be a short girl with dark hair, dark eyes and a dusky complexion. She was strikingly beautiful, with a very lush body and soft features.

“Please come with me,” she said in a pleasant voice with a strong Indian accent, looking over her shoulder. The green scrubs did little to hide her figure, and her ass swayed seductively as Tanya followed her down the hall.

They stepped into a round room in the back of the building, with a very strange-looking chair in the center. It looked more like a barber’s chair than a dentist’s. Set on a pedestal, it was upholstered in soft pink leather and had metal manacles fixed to the arms and legs. It was vaguely ominous, but Tanya convinced herself that she was just letting her imagination get the better of her.

“Please be seated,” the girl said.

Tanya sat down and the hygienist depressed a button, making the chair tilt back until Tanya was nearly lying down. From a dental tray, the hygienist took a large syringe, filled with a translucent blue liquid.

“Roll up your shirt sleeve, please,” she said and smiled encouragingly as Tanya eyed the needle.

“What’s that?”

“It’s an injection,” she said and giggled.

“What’s in it?” Tanya asked as she undid the button at her wrist and rolled her blouse sleeve up.

“It’s an antianxiety drug. Very similar to… Valium? Is that how you say it?” she asked as she pricked Tanya’s arm and depressed the plunger.

“Yes,” Tanya responded, and the girl smiled and nodded, apparently pleased with herself.

“Anyway, it will just relax you. Just close your eyes and listen to the music. Dr. Taylor will be with you shortly,” she said, hitting a switch on the wall as she exited.

The lights dimmed, and soft classical music was piped in from hidden speakers. Despite her fear and nervousness, Tanya felt the tension drain from her body. Her eyelids drooped, and her limbs became very heavy. She was floating along, humming to herself, when Dr. Taylor breezed in, followed by four hygienists.

“Hello, Tanya. How are you feeling?” the tall dentist asked.

“Hmm? Oh, I feel fine,” she said drowsily.

“Very good. Let me introduce you to your hygienists. You’ve already met Sonja,” she said, nodding to the cute Indian girl.

“The tall blonde is Gretchen,” she said, indicating a girl with creamy skin who must have been over six feet tall. She had deep blue eyes and smiled prettily.

“The redhead over by the tray is Cheryl, and this is Sotina,” she said, touching a very short and stout black girl with an open smile and perfect teeth.

“Now, just relax while we get everything set up,” Kelly said in a soothing voice.

Tanya nodded and closed her eyes, letting the music ease her back into a state of semiconsciousness. She felt soft hands on her arm an opened her eyes. The redhead was smiling at her, undoing the button at her cuff. She watched in an almost disinterested way as the girl placed her hand in a metal cuff lined with satin, and secured it to the arm of the chair. She pulled against it idly, but her hand was held fast. On the other side, the tall blonde was securing her other hand in an identical cuff.

“Wha…?” she managed.

“Shhh, relax baby,” the redhead said in a soft French accent. “It’s only to keep you from moving quickly and hurting yourself.”

As Tanya watched, the black girl secured her left ankle to a similar cuff at the foot of the chair while Sonja did the same with her right. The redhead locked a metal collar around her neck and Tanya felt the first real misgivings. She and Richard played bondage games in the bedroom, but she rarely let him secure her this soundly.


“Relax, Tanya. The restraints are for your own protection. I’m going to be working in your mouth with sharp instruments. If you jump, I could cause serious damage. Now, take a very deep breath and open wide.”

Tanya opened her mouth, and Dr. Taylor slid a clear plastic device into her mouth, and then buckled it behind the housewife’s head.


She tried to respond, but the device held her mouth open and her tongue down. The dentist fixed a mask over her nose, and Tanya heard the hiss as the lean doctor opened a valve.

“Just nod or shake your head,” Kelly said as she opened her instruments. “Good.”

The four women stood around, staring at Tanya’s lush body with hungry looks. Kelly glanced up and gave an almost imperceptible nod.

“Now, you just relax. I need to go see another patient, but the girls will take good care of you,” Kelly said and breezed out of the room.

Tanya closed her eyes and tried to relax, just absorbing the soft music and the leaden feelings in her limbs. She felt vaguely euphoric, and each breath seemed to remove her further from reality.

She was only vaguely aware of movement and pressure at her feet. It took a great deal of effort to rouse herself and open her eyes. The tall blonde was pulling her left shoe off, and Sonja was peeling her ankle sock off her right foot. The redhead had Tanya’s right sleeve rolled up and was gently stroking her inner arm with her long finger nails. Sotina was also stroking her inner arm, but using the soft pads of her fingers, rather than the nails.

Delicious ripples of sensation impressed themselves upon her consciousness, and she was vaguely surprised to hear a soft moan escape around the plastic thing in her mouth. Tanya felt the blood rush to her cheeks. How on earth could she be moaning in this situation? What would the hygienists think of her? She knew two weeks of celibacy would be bad, but she couldn’t believe she was so horny that she was getting aroused here, of all places.

Her mind snapped to attention when she felt a soft, warm tongue on the sole of her foot. Her eyes shot open and her head came up, stopped suddenly by the collar. Gretchen smiled at her and continued to gently tongue her toes.

Sonja was massaging her other foot, working deeply into the muscles in her arch. Tanya started to speak, but was having trouble forming words around the dilator. Her unintelligible mumbling was cut off with a gasp, as she felt a tongue glide over the crease of her inner arm.

This is insane, she thought as she watched helplessly Sotina caught two of her fingers in one hand, her thumb in the other, and slowly sucked Tanya’s extended middle finger into her mouth. The sensation of that soft, warm mouth on her finger seemed to cause a reaction, not in her hand but in her suddenly awakened pussy.

Four soft tongues on her body at once was a new and utterly strange sensation. Eight hands, gently caressing, deeply massaging, teasingly flicking over her body were providing an influx of stimuli she was unaccustomed to. She strained unconsciously at her bonds, shifting her weight, and testing each of the manacles that imprisoned her. If her tormentors noticed, they gave no sign.

The tall blonde was lovingly bathing her foot, pushing her tongue between Tanya’s toes, and occasionally sucking them into her warm mouth. Tanya had never thought of her feet as an erogenous zone, but the ripples of pleasure the girl’s tongue was producing were undeniable.

Sonja continued giving her a light massage, now using mostly her nails.

Sotina sucked Tanya’s finger, treating it like a miniature cock, rolling her tongue over and around the stiffened digit. Cheryl licked her upper arm, gliding back to the crease in her inner elbow occasionally, and caressed the skin of her forearm.

The whole situation was surreal, but the influx of pleasure was so powerful she couldn’t doubt it. Her mouth was dry, and she had trouble swallowing, but that minor discomfort was less than a nuisance, compared to the ripples and jolts she was feeling.

She jumped again, when she felt a delicate finger trace along her collarbone and down her chest to the valley between her now heaving breasts. Cheryl smiled impishly at her, and deftly undid the top button on Tanya’s blouse. Her hand retreated, tracing along the top of her breast, and back to her upper arm. Tanya was watching that finger so intently that she didn’t notice Sotina’s hand until a second button was opened.

She looked down to see that her black satin bra had been revealed where the cups came together and exposed some of her creamy skin. She tried to speak again, to stop this, but her mouth was so dry that she couldn’t even get the words to begin to form.

Tanya let her head fall back, and stared up at the large dome light that hovered above her head. She felt more buttons on her blouse being undone, but was helpless to do anything about it. The thing that was more disturbing, though, was that she was actually having a hard time convincing herself she wanted to do something about.

She felt the coolness of the room on her tummy and breasts as her blouse was pulled all the way open. Hands seemed to be everywhere, caressing her arms, legs, tummy and sides. Tanya gasped when a hand cupped her left breast, and then gently squeezed. The pure sensation was overwhelming and she felt a deep desire to just let go and give herself to it.

Tanya felt fingers dig into the tight waist of her jeans, and opened her eyes just in time to see Sonja pull the button open. The Indian girl smiled at her and teasingly pulled the zipper down. Her view was blocked when Sotina moved from her place near Tanya’s arm to bend and sensuously lick the redhead’s bottom lip. Cheryl moved her hands to Tanya’s full breasts and began to gently knead them, brushing her palms over the sensitive and now painfully stiff nipples.

Sotina’s pink tongue made a slow circuit of Tanya’s lips, and she felt a tremor run from her lips to the small of her back, causing her to arch slightly. This motion thrust her breasts up against Cheryl’s hands, strengthening the already powerful pleasure coming from them.

She felt her jeans being tugged down her legs, along with her panties. The shock of cool air on her moist pussy seemed to snap her out of the trance she was in, but before she could understand what was happening, her pants and panties were off and her ankles were securely back in the manacles.

Sotina moved to her ear, and began to worry the lobe with the tip of her tongue, growling softly. Goose pimples rose on Tanya’s body as the girl’s long tongue moved down her jaw line to her neck. She could see down her body again, past her well-trimmed pubes and the angry red lips of her pussy, as the tall blonde touched the controls on a box in her hand.

There was a slight hissing sound, and Tanya jumped in alarm. The chair slowly opened, drawing her legs open and at the same time pulling her body down. When the blonde put the control box down, Tanya found her legs widely splayed, her pussy exposed, and her ass hanging slightly off the chair.

Her chin was now held firmly against the foam rubber lip of the collar, and she could hardly see any of what was being done to her.

Sonja and Gretchen knelt, and Tanya closed her eyes. Even expecting it, the shock of their warm lips and tongues on her ankles caused her to moan loudly.

Sotina moved back to her ear, alternately licking and nipping the sensitive skin.

“You just relax, sugah. Let yoself go,” she whispered in a deep, but pleasant voice.

In one of those strange clarion moments of lucidity amidst arousal, she wanted desperately to say, ‘as if I have a choice!’, but before she could even think it, the haze of lust shrouded her brain again.

Tanya had always been a bit submissive, but this put her most lustful and decadent of fantasies to shame. A beautiful girl, tonguing her ear. Another beauty giving her breasts a gentle, but through kneading. And not one, but two girls, licking up her inner legs, apparently planning on meeting at her now well lubricated pussy.

Both tongues on the skin of her legs were leaving trails of fire that seemed to add to the heat in her pussy. When they both crossed her knees and made contact with her inner thighs, the housewife and mother of two was rocked by a shock so powerful it resembled an orgasm. The girls continued their progress, licking, kissing and nuzzling as they moved towards her now molten cunt. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to gain control of her undulating hips.

“Don’t fight it, baby girl. This is only the beginning,” Sotina whispered in her ear.

Tanya felt her anus rhythmically contracting and her hips bucking. She felt a tinge at the small of her back that seemed to be a focal point for the tension building in her body. She felt the girl next to her head move, and opened her eyes. Sotina was staring at her, her deep brown eyes locked with Tanya’s and held her gaze for a moment. The next instant, the black girl pushed two fingers between Tanya’s slick lips.

That contact triggered a violent contraction deep within her pussy, followed by several more. A sphere of pure bliss seemed to expand from her center, radiating through her arms, legs and breasts. No sound issued from her throat, but it hardly mattered: inside, she was screaming.

This wasn’t just a big orgasm. It was a monster orgasm, the kind that usually came only after three of four smaller ones had her body primed.

Sotina continued to press inward, against the slippery flesh surrounding the redhead’s clit, and those two tongues never missed a beat, each closing on her pussy. Cheryl’s hands never stopped working her now outrageously sensitive tits.

As the blasts of pleasure faded to ripples and the spasmodic jerking faded to occasional tremors, the black girl withdrew her fingers. The orgasm, for all its intensity, had done nothing to assuage the need Tanya felt. If anything, it had only heightened her desire for release.

Still reeling, she felt the two women between her legs meet. She opened her eyes in time to, just out of the corner of her eye, see them kiss and then dive into her pussy.

Nothing in her previous experience had prepared her for that. Two soft tongues, licking her lips, parting them, lashing her clit, wiggling into her tight passage, occasionally giving her a brief respite from the pleasure as they crossed each other and paused for a kiss. She cried out when two fingers, side by side, slipped into her.

They took up an opposing rhythm, one sliding in as the other slid out. The soft tongues and lips still licked, kissed or nibbled. She felt like a soda bottle being shaken until the contents were under so much pressure something had to give. Tanya groaned and gasped as her lower body came unglued. Her hips bucked frantically, and spasms of bliss tore at her sanity. Only the restraints kept her from bouncing out of the chair, and, being immobilized, helpless, only added to the almost unendurable pleasure.

Gretchen stood, suddenly, and left Tanya’s sensitized pussy to Sonja. The Indian girl wasted no time in adjusting her position and trying to bring Tanya to her third orgasm. She used two fingers to pry the housewife’s sticky lips apart, and then sucked her now erect clit into her mouth. Using the flat of her tongue, she began to wildly lap at the erect bud as she applied a gentle suction.

Tanya gulped air, and tried desperately to speak. It was too intense, the pleasure almost unbearable. The sensations were ragged, blurring the lines between agony and bliss. Just when she thought she couldn’t stand it anymore, that it must cease or she would go insane, she felt the muscles in her body knot. The tension was so great she felt as if her skin would be ripped off. The burst of pleasure when they released was epic.

Her mind seemed fragmented, blasting off in a thousand different directions at once as wave after wave of nerve twisting pleasure tore at her consciousness. Individual sensations stood out, in stark relief, against the swirling maelstrom that engulfed her. Cheryl’s fingers teasing her nipple through the satin of her bra, a single lick as Sonja’s madly dancing tongue made contact with her clit, the warmth of Sotina’s breath on her ear. Individual straws in a hurricane. Frozen moments in time. Single drops in a flood.

She was panting and twitching as she came down off the high. Cheryl pulled her bra beneath her breasts, and began to suck and tongue one of her large nipples, while Sotina did the same to the other. Gretchen had removed her lab coat to reveal her naked body beneath it, perfect, soft and sensuous. Her long legs were highlighted by a soft blonde pubic triangle, her breasts were full and firm.

Gretchen was buckling on a strap-on harness with Sonja’s help. When it was on, Sonja moved to the same side as Sotina. Gretchen smiled brilliantly as she stepped between Tanya’s spread thighs and stroked the imposing red jelly dong. Sonja leaned over her body and pried her lips apart, while the blonde stroked the head of the cock up and down Tanya’s slit. She was dying to be filled, and could only watch as the tall girl found her entrance and the big cock slammed into her.

She was well lubricated, and it met little resistance, going deep into her pussy. Before she could even grasp the new sensations, Sonja leaned over and began to lash her clit with her talented tongue.

Time seemed to lose all meaning, as the blonde mercilessly pounded into Tanya’s yielding body. The tongue on her clit while she was getting fucked triggered yet another orgasm, or perhaps it was the soft mouths so lovingly teasing her sensitive nipples that sent her over. Her mind fled from blissful peak to even more unbearably lofty peak, as orgasm came upon orgasm.

They overlapped, mixed, mingled, and pulled against each other, sensation blending into sensation, until it felt like she had been cumming for hours on end.

She didn’t notice Dr. Taylor return to the room, nor did it register when the chair tilted back fully. The sound of the drill was lost in the rushing sound that filled her ears, mingled with the moans of the girls and Gretchen’s grunts of effort. The doctor was doing something in her mouth, but it was a mere irritation in the back of her mind. In a disinterested way, she noticed the Bunsen burner go on. In the same disjointed manner, she saw the white-hot probe enter her mouth, and saw the smoke. The smell of aroused pussy was so cloying in her nostrils that she never smelt the burning odor.

She was still having trouble making her mind work, when all the girls stopped. The manacles were undone, and Cheryl helped her get dressed while the others left.

She was dazed, and her legs felt like rubber when Cheryl half led, half carried her to Dr. Taylor’s office. The tall doctor was sitting in her chair when Cheryl helped Tanya sit. Before leaving, the redhead gave Tanya a deep kiss and comforting pat on the shoulder.

After a few moments of silence, the tall doctor handed her a prescription, which she took automatically, still in shock.

“That’s a prescription for ten more Percocet. You really shouldn’t need them, but just in case.”

Tanya, finally found her voice.

“What the hell? You practically rape me and now you are dispensing medicine like nothing happened in there!”

Kelly removed her glasses and caught Tanya’s eyes. She held them for a long time before she finally spoke.

“Did you experience any pain?”

Tanya’s moth flew open, but no words came. A puzzled expression crossed her face and her brow knit.

“No… No, I didn’t,” she said, her confusion evident in her voice.

Dr. Taylor stood up and turned to look out the window, clasping her hands behind her back.

“The human mind is a wondrous thing, and highly efficient,” she began, “but it has limits.”

“What’s that got to do with… this?” Tanya retorted.

“Have you ever cum so hard that you bit your lip? Or dug your fingernails into your palms and didn’t notice until much later?” the doctor asked quietly.

“Of course,” Tanya replied, again thrown off her indignation by the tall dentist’s soft and reasonable voice.

“Pain is a thought. Pleasure too. In fact, every bit of stimuli you receive can be broken down to a thought. A single electrochemical reaction in your brain. Synapses fire. Chemicals are released and up-taken. Current flows. It’s an incredibly engineered system, but it has a limit. What happens when you surpass that limit, Tanya? What happens when there is too much incoming stimuli?”

“I don’t know. I guess some of it gets ignored?” she said in confusion.

“Precisely. We are learning now that people who are in extreme pain can be distracted during therapy, with virtual realities that work better than medication. So, why not dentistry, the most feared and painful of all routine medical fields? Two years ago, I decided to find out. I applied for a research grant and got it. My first patient was a good friend and very butch lesbian. The technique was crude, then. Basically, my receptionist volunteered to have sex with her. When they were both at the peak of their orgasms, Candice rolled onto her back and opened her mouth, while Mandy continued to ride her. It worked,” Dr. Taylor said, sitting back down.

“Your mind can only handle so much stimuli. If you are experiencing strong pleasure, minor pain will get ignored. If you are experiencing enough pleasure, even major pain will get ignored. Pain-free dentistry, not because you are out cold, but because you are experiencing such pleasure that you just can’t process the pain.”

“But… why women? I mean… Why not four cute guys?”

“Have you ever met a man who could keep his mind on pleasing someone else for four hours and hold off his own pleasure?” she asked arching an eyebrow.

Tanya was silent for a long moment, but then her lips curled into a smile. The tall dentist smiled with her.

“Me either. One reason I’m glad I’m gay.”

“But, I’m not,” Tanya half protested.

“You would have a hard time convincing anyone who saw you during the procedure of that,” Kelly said.

“Well,” Tanya hesitated, “I have to admit. I’ve never cum like that before.”

“While you’re remembering that,” the tall dentist said with a saucy grin, “I suppose now would be a good time to tell you that you are going to need at least four more canals done.”

“I can’t wait,” Tanya said, surprising even herself when she realized that she meant it.


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