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It was late, just after 2am, and my wife Lynn and I were finally getting around to going to bed. She hates to go to bed alone, so when I have work to catch up on, she’ll normally stay up with me as late as is necessary, surfing the web, playing Solitaire on the computer, or reading until I’m done. Sometimes when she gets interested in something she finds online, I end up waiting for her instead.

I finally finished the chore that had been nagging me all evening and we headed off to our cozy, quiet bedroom. I’d not been sleeping well for a couple of weeks due to a severe cold, and when I can’t sleep well, it tends to disturb Lynn’s sleep as well, so both of us had been very tired of late. It had only been in the last couple of nights that we’d both finally started to get some good sleep again and feel rested.

When I actually made it to bed, she had already been there for ten minutes or so, reading a book while I was in the bathroom. I slipped under the covers and stretched out, savoring the feel of the crisp, clean new sheet set she’d put on the bed earlier in the day.

I fluffed the stack of pillows on my side of the bed, arranged them to suit my preference, and looked over at Lynn. Her chestnut hair hung on either side of her beautiful face, drawn back into a loose ponytail. She was engrossed in the huge novel that she’d bought at our local bookstore a few days before — a fantasy novel involving transdimensional travel and warfare to save the universe from certain destruction — you know, the usual. I watched quietly as her brown eyes scanned each page.

After several minutes, I spoke quietly: “Are you all right?”

“Mmhmm,” she responded without taking her eyes off the book.

“Okay,” I replied. “Just making sure. You’ve been really quiet all day long.”

“Just tired, honey,” she said.

I agreed with her. “I know what you mean. My sleep’s been screwed up for weeks, and when I can’t sleep, I know you can’t sleep…”

She nodded and continued to read, but I could see her eyelids were starting to get heavy. After a few more minutes, she put her book down on the bedside table, and I clicked off the lamp.

I rolled over and snuggled my body against hers. Being naturally warm-natured, I tend to sleep only in a pair of gym shorts, and in the warmer months I find that running the air conditioning, or at the very least, using a fan to keep the air stirred up is a must.

Lynn, on the other hand, tends to be chilly. She prefers the room relatively warm. I’m sure you can see where this can sometimes cause a difference of opinion on our environmental settings.

On this particular evening, though her sleepwear of choice wasn’t quite as warm as it sometimes is — sweats are not unheard of for her, even in the summer months — but tonight she was bundled up under three layers of thin blankets that definitely made for a cozy and comfortable bed.

When I slipped my arms around her under the covers, I found that she was wearing a red tee shirt style top that was made of a wavy rayon fabric, and a pair of blue sleep shorts. She rarely ever wears a bra — her beautiful 36B breasts don’t really require that sort of support — and tonight was no exception.

I knew she was just starting to get back to being rested after the long stretch of me-induced insomnia. I whispered in her ear, “I love you, honey. Is it OK if I hold you a while?”

Her voice murmured out of the darkness, “Mmhmm.” It had a pleasant lilt to it.

I kissed her softly and snuggled closer. My hand slipped underneath the hem of her shirt and skimmed across the soft skin of her belly. “Mmmm,” I smiled. “I love the feel of your skin under my hand.” She sighed pleasantly. “Touching you makes me happy.” She made the contented sigh sound again. “Do you want to go to sleep, or are you enjoying this?”

“I’m enjoying it, very much,” came the whisper in the dark. I smiled to myself and pulled her closer, letting my hand wander farther north. My hand found her right breast and gently began to knead it, rolling the tender nipple between my fingertips. “Ooooooh,” I heard her moan, soft and low.

“I have this incredible desire to describe what I want to do to you,” I said. “Are you interested?”

“Yes,” came the whisper again, “please tell me.”

“I want to pull every stitch of your clothing off,” I replied. “I want to get you totally naked and put my hands all over your body. I want to put my fingers inside you, and my tongue, and my cock, in your pussy,” I hissed, “and your ass…” I muttered the words into her ear as I was kissing and nibbling it. I found her waiting mouth and kissed her hard, our tongues dancing together, swirling like twin whirlpools.

My hand slid down her body and beneath the waistband of her shorts. “It’s been too goddamn long since I’ve made love to you,” I groaned. She moaned wordlessly in return as my fingers began to probe between her legs. Though it was dark, in my mind I could see the pink wetness that I loved there. “Does that feel good?” I asked her.

“Ooooh… you make me such a dirty girl,” she replied. I felt a surge of lust and slipped two fingers deeper into her. It was then that I found the wetness I sought. I stroked my fingers deep inside her, covering them in her wetness, and brought the fingertips up across the button of her clit, with amazing results. She let out a long, low moan, the like of which I hadn’t heard in weeks.

“You like that, baby? You like being my dirty girl?” I growled into her ear. She nodded wordlessly and pulled the hem of her shirt up to her neck, exposing her tan breasts and the hard nipples that I loved. I bent my head and sucked her right nipple into my mouth roughly, and swirled my tongue around it as I plunged two fingers into her as far as I could.

I could feel the hard protuberance of her cervix deep inside her as I finger-fucked her. Her juices were really flowing now, and as always I was amazed that my ministrations could affect her like they do. Her hips were bucking now, and when I slipped one well lubricated finger into her ass, she took it up a notch, with a nonstop stream of pleasurable moans and groans coming from her mouth.

“I fucking love it when you’re my dirty girl,” I hissed into her ear, while I continued to fuck both of her holes with my rough fingers, rubbing her perineum between my fingers from inside her. “Ohhhh!” she moaned, and I felt her cunt drip more of the sweet nectar I loved.

I took hold of her shoulders and began to move her, urging her up off her back into a kneeling position, and then turning her so that she faced the massive wood-and-metal headboard of our queen size bed.

A fantasy flashed through my mind of cuffing her wrists to the top of the headboard, but as she and I have never been into bondage all that much, I had no handcuffs available. As it was, I guided her to grasp the top of the headboard, which stood a foot or more above her face. As she knelt there with her legs parted, her beautiful ass and sweet pussy exposed, waiting to see what I’d do next, I leaned over and turned the bedside lamp back on, eager to be able to see what I was doing to her body.

She raised her arms to the ceiling momentarily as I pulled her shirt the rest of the way off and cast it aside, then lowered myself to the bed so that my face was directly behind her, at ass level. I buried my face between her cheeks and voraciously began to lick her from behind. She squealed and her legs began to shake as she clung to the headboard. I ran my tongue down the crack of her gorgeous ass and scooped up some of the delicious wetness from her vaginal lips, moving back up and plunging my tongue into her tight asshole and listening to her now-animalistic growling.

I was hard as steel now, and without hesitation I grasped her waist and raised up so I was kneeling directly behind her. I figured the time for foreplay had come and gone, and shoved my thick cock directly into her wet, open cunt, drilling for the molten center. She screamed with pleasure and I knew I had struck gold. My massive testicles pressed against her clit, slapping against it with every thrust of my hips as she wailed mindlessly, now in the throes of a seemingly endless stream of multiple orgasms.

With each explosion, I could feel her tight, coral-colored pussy tightening and slackening around my meat. After ten or twelve thrusts I was seriously in danger of ending this much too soon, my own orgasm threatening to explode as I teetered on the brink of ecstasy.

Suddenly, I knew where I wanted to finish up.

I withdrew my rod from her sloppy, dripping wet cunt and positioned it at the back door of her pleasure house. Her asshole was already well lubricated from the earlier ass play, and I wasn’t worried much at all that I might hurt her.

I pressed the head of my cock against her asshole and heard her gasp for air. “Does it hurt?” I said.

“Noooooooooo,” she squealed, “put it in me, honey — I need it now!”

I slid one finger down the crack of her ass and dilated her asshole very slightly, first with the one and then a second finger, and then felt with satisfaction the swollen head of my cock begin to slide in unresisted. I didn’t hold back. We were both ready. I shoved forward, burying myself in her tight ass, and was rewarded with the sound of her cumming yet again. She had run out of words; her vocabulary was lost in a hurricane of pleasure, and the dozen or more orgasms she’d had already left her nearly cataonic, but begging for still more. I intended for her to get there a few more times before I stopped.

I knew this was almost over. I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer, not at this rate. I felt my own pleasure boiling up, ready to explode into her like a volcano.

“Are you ready for it?” I gasped. All the energy in my body was focused in one spot, not to mention all the blood in my body pretty much having collected in my cock. I was barely able to form the words.

“Oh, yes, honey. Give me your goddamn cum! I need it!” she moaned, “Nowwwww!”

That was good enough for me. I surrendered to the storm and let myself cum, the tsunami that was my orgasm ripping through me, blowing away what was left of my mind, erupting into her tight little back door like Mount Saint Helens. She screamed with pleasure as I filled her ass with scalding hot, white jets of my cream. Three, four, five times I squirted my seed into her rectum, the millions of sperm off like sprinters at the starting gun, not knowing they were on the wrong racetrack. I pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her.

Lynn looked over at me with a dreamy look in her eyes. She smiled and kissed me, putting her arms around me and snuggling against me, her still-hard nipples grazing my chest. “Mmm,” she moaned, repeating the movement several times, looking into my eyes.

Without warning she turned and moved her head down my body, licking the traces of cum from my softening cock and pubic hair. I lazily reached between her legs, gently fondling her vulva, smiling as I saw the sticky white liquid oozing from her ass and dripping down onto her cunt, running down the insides of her thighs.

The sight was inspiring. I took her hips in my strong hands and lifted her bodily, placing her on top of me in a 69 position and buried my face in her wetness, running my tongue over her swollen clit, tasting the salty flavor of my seed.

I felt her take my balls in her tiny hand and swirl her tongue around my cock, awakening it once again, sucking the still-swollen head into her mouth. I ran my tongue up and down her moist labia and felt her squirm against me. My cock popped out of her mouth as I heard her cry out, “Oh, god — stop, please, it’s too much!”

I smiled to myself and said, “One more, baby. I want to give you one more.” I sucked hard on her clit and was rewarded as she cried out in ecstasy, cumming yet again. I stole still one more explosion of her pleasure before I finally agreed to let her rest.

“You bastard,” she grinned weakly, “you said one more.”

I had depleted her strength at last, it seemed, because she was lying on me now as limply as a rag doll, her face lying against my cock, unmoving. I would have worried whether I’d killed her except for the fact that I could feel her gentle breathing as she lay on me.

I reached down and helped her crawl up next to me, taking her nude form in my arms. “You OK?” I asked. She smiled weakly and whispered, “Ohhh, yes.”

I kissed her deeply, still tasting my own cum, and we closed our eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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