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Sore Loser

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“I wish I could’ve seen the look on his smug face when the verdict came down.”

“Yeah, girl, that must’ve been so nice. I mean, you won, but you also beat that douchebag.”

Sarah snickered as she sipped her drink. Around the table with her were her three best friends, Amy, Lisa, and Chloe, the quartet celebrating her recent victory in court.

“How does it feel?” Amy asked.

“Well, it always feel good to win,” she answered, “no matter who I beat.”

“But doesn’t it feel extra special,” Chloe pressed, “knowing that Drew is home crying right now?”

She shrugged, trying not to smirk.

“Oh, come on, Sarah,” Lisa cut in, “don’t hide it. It’s okay to be a little petty, you won.”

“Okay, yes, it does feel better than usual.”

“There we go,” Chloe said, throwing her arms up in vindication, “I knew it.”

“So are you going to do anything special to celebrate?” Amy asked.

She shook her head.

“The only thing special about it is that I beat Drew, and I can do that any day of the week.”

“Oooh, somebody’s confident,” Chloe cooed.

“Besides,” Lisa murmured, glancing over to the bar, “I think it’s more who Sarah is going to do than what.”

The other three women followed her gaze. A few men were gathered at the bar, but one was checking them out.

“He’s fine,” commented Chloe.

“Damn right,” agreed Lisa.

“Go talk to him,” urged Amy. “Blow off some steam, have some fun.”

“What about our night out?” she asked.

“I think we all knew how it was going to end,” Chloe said, grinning. “Each one of us going our separate ways with a different guy.”

“True,” Lisa agreed.

“Alright,” Sarah relented, draining the rest of her drink, standing to walk over.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t,” she heard Amy say.

Sarah stepped into her apartment, closing the door behind her, slipping her pumps off.

Ricky had been attractive indeed, but he had been a horrid conversationalist. Luckily, that had not mattered much, and after a short conversation, they had headed to the dance floor. One by one, her friends had found a guy of their own, joining her in alcohol-assisted revelry.

No doubt, Ricky had expected something more than dancing, but she had disappointed him, not even indulging in some mindless make-out. Her friends, when she had left, had been in the middle of locking lips with their chosen man.

But she had somewhere to be.

The interior of her apartment was cool and dark, but she knew the layout by heart.

A pang of hunger tickled her belly, so she padded towards the kitchen.

Just inside the door, somebody grabbed her from behind, yanking her backwards. She squealed as she was spun and pushed face-first against the wall, a strong weight pinning her. A hand snaked underneath her skirt, daring to stroke along her panties.

She squirmed, gasping helplessly as her mound was tested through the fabric. It took very little time for her juices to flow.

Just as roughly, she was spun back around, and shoved unceremoniously down to her knees.

Her eyes had begun to adjust to the smothering shadows; she caught sight of a straining prick, inches from her face. A hand came down to grasp it by the base. As if in slow motion, she watched it lift the hefty length, and bring it down on her cheek.

The slap echoed out in the silent apartment, a blush arising on her face at the treatment. More slaps followed, blows landing dismissively, the broad meat whacking insistently. Her blush deepened as her pussy streamed more juices. The arrogance and dominance oozing from this shadowy man was arousing her so much.

After the next slap, the prick slathered along her face. Pre-cum had begun to trickle from the head, smearing now across her cheeks, chin, and nose, messing up her make-up. She purred softly as a line of the tangy fluid slipped across her lips. Her tongue darted out unconsciously to gather it up, welcoming the slightly bitter taste.

The throbbing member continued its disrespectful journey. She trembled as its solid heat drummed against her cheek, inch after inch dominating her eyesight.

As the shaft slid up over her face, a musk reached her nostrils, strong and singular. It made her quiver, made her pussy clutch in anticipation. The owner of this musk grunted as he nudged his balls against her lips, his cock resting against her face. At the same moment she dutifully opened her mouth, one of her hands slid into her skirt, diving past her panties to pat at her mound.

His strained groans filled the hallway as she slurped on his sweaty flesh. The musk was stronger straight from the source, searing on her tongue, making her eyes water. Her body was reacting quickly; streams of juice were already slicking her fingers, and her nipples were like pebbles in her bra. She could not help but moan shamelessly as she sucked fervently. Drool began to collect at the corners of her lips, running down her chin, adding to the slick mess on her face.

The mystery man wound a hand into her hair. She squirmed, the wood floor hard on her knees but the heat of the moment keeping the discomfort far from her mind. Her fingers caressed at her wet slit, slipping inside to tickle her channel. Obscenely slick suckling sounds drummed in her ears, the auditory evidence of her own immediate submission, the wet smack of her lips on the crinkled sacks.

She broke off his balls, lines of spit connecting her mouth to them, and lapped away. Her tongue slathered along, collecting her own saliva, underlined heavily by that potent musk. Each breathe drew in more of that scent.

Her fingers worked steadily, driving up her arousal. The taste of those testicles was incredible to her. She gazed up at the mystery man, seeing those lustful eyes bearing down on her through the shadows, wondering if she looked as slutty as she felt.

“Your balls taste so good,” she gasped out, rubbing harder at her pussy.

He grunted dismissively, using his grip in her hair to force her back onto them. The dominance made her squeal around the mouthful. She slobbered onto the round orbs, massaging them with her tongue, feeling her lower lips clutch harder, the pleasure mounting higher.

An orgasm washed over her soon, making her mewl softly, trembling in the dark hallway of her apartment. Slick fluids trickled from her quivering mound out onto her fingers.

The mystery man yanked her from her prizes. They were glistening with saliva, the crinkled flesh marked here and there with her pink lipstick. Sarah barely had time to moan before he plunged his cock deep into her mouth. The length of throbbing meat rocketed over her tongue; she gagged as it struck into her throat. Her breath was cut off, but she did not care, gurgling with gusto onto that prick as the base mashed into her lips.

Patience was not this man’s forte, so he began to fuck right away. His balls slapped harshly against her chin, his hand tight in her hair, keeping her in place for his use. Her hand returned to her pussy, where she resumed her frantic stroking, driving up her lust yet again.

He pumped away in her throat, savoring the way it massaged him, the way she choked around his surging length. It only spurred him on to greater roughness. Her body was jostled, caught between the wall and his animalistic thrusting. Despite the helplessness, or rather, because of it, she was in sexual heaven, her channel clutching again in the throes of ecstasy.

She came several more times before the man pulled out. His saliva-slick cock slapped again at her face, making her shudder as he defiled her features.

And then he yanked her to her feet.

His fingers dug into the crease of her blouse, and he pulled hard, tearing it open, buttons clattering to the floor. She was too far gone to care.

He took a firm hold of her breasts, crushing the flesh between his fingers, the assertiveness and aggressiveness of his grip making her squirm, her nipples pressing into his palms. His mouth descended on her neck, sucking and nipping; she tilted her head, giving him access to more of the light brown skin.

One of his hands moved down, sneaking under her skirt to slip into her panties. She cooed, bucking her hips the moment she felt the contact against her mound, the slick wetness smearing across his fingers. Two of his fingers crooked into her channel, rubbing against the sensitive flesh, shivers running up and down her spine.

The mystery man spent several minutes enjoying the feel of her breasts, his mouth trailing down to suck a hard nipple in between his lips. As he patted at her slit, driving her lust higher, his teeth came into play here and there, mixing in pain with the pleasurable sensations. She groaned, pinned against the wall by his weight, feeling his cock brushing along her bare thigh, leaving a trail of pre-cum over it. His fingers worked steadily in her pussy, slipping deeper, inciting gasps to spill from her mouth. He trapped a nipple between his teeth, shoving more pain into her nerves, her soft flesh at his mercy. An orgasm rolled over her quickly, her womanly nectar trickling out to stain his fingers.

He pulled them out and presented them to her.

She purred, seeing her liquid glistening on the digits, and sucked one eagerly into her mouth. Her own flavor assaulted her taste buds; her eyes rolled back in their sockets, and she licked greedily along his offered fingers. Amusement glinted in his eyes, seeing how lewdly she dragged her tongue up the length of a finger, collecting her own dew on her tongue, swallowing it with a loud and satisfied gulp. Her eyes locked on his, reveling in the attention, feeling sluttier now as he watched her indulge. Even when his fingers were clean of her nectar, she kept licking. His free hand continued to maul at her breasts, squeezing roughly, the abundant flesh firmly in his grip.

Although he enjoyed her obedience, he wanted her degradation again, so he rudely shoved her back down to her knees.

He lifted his meaty shaft, showing off his balls.

“Open your mouth,” he ordered gruffly.

She cooed, obeying immediately.

“Good slut,” he growled, shoving those swollen sacks between her lips.

The musky taste was back on her tongue as she slurped enthusiastically, touching herself again. Her saliva flowed freely, trickling down her chin to drip off, coating his balls until they shone in the low light. Panting like a bitch in heat, she nuzzled against the warm sacks, her tongue darting out to lick eagerly, collecting more muskiness. Another orgasm washed over her, her submissiveness quite the aphrodisiac for her. When she felt more of her cream settle on her fingers, she broke off his testicles, strands of saliva connecting her mouth to them, and slathered her orgasmic fluid over the crinkled flesh, making it that much more appetizing.

It was a heady mix of flavors, feminine tang combining with masculine sourness. She loved it, slobbering messily on his testicles, breaking off to nuzzle her nose into the cleft between the sacks to get a strong whiff of the combined smell. This far into their rendezvous, she was drunk on lust and submission; the scent of her ecstasy, mixed with his essence, made her spiral further downward into wild wantonness. Her hair flew about her as she gurgled happily, making the swollen orbs drip with saliva, marked even more with her pink lipstick, by now more on his flesh than her lips.

When she glanced up to him, hoping to see the lust coalescing in his eyes, she noticed that he was steadily stroking his prick, his hand wrapped tightly around it. It made her moan onto his balls, spurring him on in her mind. The promise of a hot, thick load was foremost on her mind, pushing her into another orgasm as she imagined where he would put it. The last time they had fucked, it had been in the middle of the day, and he had used her discarded panties as a makeshift cum rag, spurting his thick load straight into the cloth. When they had parted ways, his last words had been a command to wear them for the rest of the day without cleaning them. The feeling of that cooling spunk pressed to her mound had made it hard for her to focus for the day, daydreaming about more debauchery during meetings and imagining more sordid rendezvouses while she should have been working.

She stayed fixed on his testicles, still lapping away at them, shuddering as another climax tore into her. A puddle of her nectar had begun to grow below her, dripping from her cunt to the floor. He grunted, a wet sound issuing out right above her head, his hand sliding up and down on his slick shaft. Wanting to encourage him along, she sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing from the effort, bathing his flesh in her spit.

Sarah Rosales was a young attorney, seen as intelligent and ambitious, having graduated at the top of her class at Brown and later very near the top at Harvard Law. The partners at the firm where she was working had told her early on that they thought she would have a bright future.

If they could see her now, they would have been shocked at how submissive and sluttish she was for this man, on her knees with her face shoved in between his legs, mouth locked onto his testicles, sucking like her life depended on it. Part of her quivered as she imagined her co-workers watching the scene, aghast but secretly very aroused. Another part of her shuddered as she pictured her girlfriends spying on her, disgusted but discretely rubbing their mounds. She could not help but giggle around a mouthful of sweaty flesh.

The mystery man yanked her off his testicles, growling as his hand sped up, stroking furiously along his length. With his grip on the back of her head, he held her face just underneath his straining manhood, aiming to spray her pretty features down with his hot cum.

“Please,” she begged, “please, do it, please, blow your fucking load all over my face, please!”

One of her hands squeezed at his muscular thigh, the other still at her cunt, stroking faster now.

“Please, fuck, please, fucking do it, please…”

He growled, eyes flashing with lust as his orgasm struck him.

She gazed up adoringly at him as the first blast rocketed out, splattering violently over her forehead. The force behind it, plus the feeling of that hot liquid sizzling onto her flesh, propelled her into another climax, her pussy seizing around her fingers, bathing them in her own cream. She cried out in time for the second blast to arc onto her tongue, her eyes rolling back in their sockets at the taste, the bitterly sweet flavor of his essence. The third blast sprayed over her right eye, plastering it shut, and then the subsequent blasts followed with no time in between, seeming more like one continuous blast than numerous. He groaned, teeth bared as the ecstasy reigned over him, her face taking blast after blast until her features were coated in a sheen of it. Several more climaxes tore into her as she was treated to a mask of creamy spunk. The last few blasts had enough time between them for her to appreciate where they went, landing on her chin and her heaving breasts.

His hand left her head, letting her moan and quiver with his load on her face.

“Smile, slut.”

She obeyed, opening her mouth in a wide grin, her tongue darting out mindlessly to lick up the streams of spunk sliding sluggishly down her face.

Several flashes lighted up in the dark apartment; her hand stroked again at her slit as she imagined him looking at the pictures later.

“Can I eat your cum?” she asked, squirming, hands ready to collect a warm, creamy treat.


She whimpered, wanting so badly to taste his load.


“I said no.”

His heavy footsteps sounded on the floor. She smelled his musk moments before his testicles were shoved against her cum-slicked lips.

Instinctively, she opened her mouth and drew the swollen sacks back inside, worshipping them with gusto. Some of the cum on her face dripped off to splash onto her breasts.

He let out a deep sigh from above her, enjoying the warm wetness of her mouth.

Thankfully for her, he needed a little bit of time to recover, which meant that she had that much time to suck his balls, delighting in the feel and taste, lapping away at them. Even more orgasms washed over her, the ecstasy sending her ever downwards into bestial lust. Her mind was blank, no thoughts there beyond submission and sexual slavishness. All that comprised her were desires and sensations, a purely physical existence.

The flavor of his musk was so strong that she found herself wondering if it would be imprinted on her taste buds after tonight. A large part of her wanted that, to be forever reminded of this singular flavor, to have his domination of her extend to that.

He yanked her back to her feet, interrupting her train of thought. His hands tore off her blouse and bra, leaving her top half naked. His other hand tore her skirt off, leaving only her panties. She moaned, already rubbing one of her palms over her panties, feeling how utterly soaked they were.

Having left her near naked, he shoved her back down to her knees. His hand took a fistful of her hair, and he began to stride off down the hall, dragging her behind him. She whimpered, crawling after him, cum dripping off her face. There was an ache at her temples from his firm grip, but it made her cunt clutch harder, the violence and roughness an essential ingredient in this erotic cocktail. Her hands scrabbled at the floorboards as she fought to keep up with him.

They reached her home office. With a grunt, he hauled her roughly to her feet and shoved her through the door.

She whacked into her desk; a second later, he was on her. His hand resumed its rough hold on her hair, and he used it to push her down onto the desk, her hands reaching out to take a firm grip on the edge of the desk.

“Hands behind your back,” he snarled.

Mewling whorishly, she obeyed. A metallic jangling sounded from behind her. He forced her wrists tighter together, and snapped a pair of handcuffs around them. She turned her head, resting her cheek on the cool wood, smearing his cum all over it.

Insistent fingers found her panties and tore them off, tossing them to the floor. She squirmed, waiting impatiently as he aligned his cock to her slit.

His dominance and roughness had aroused her incredibly.

So she was incredibly wet, wet enough to take him all the way in one go, from the head to the base.

Sarah cried out joyously at the feeling of all that hard meat barreling into her pussy, forcing her lower lips apart to accommodate the length of rigid flesh. An orgasm struck her at his second thrust, the cries trailing into pathetic whimpers as he showed no subtlety or restraint, hammering into her soaked channel from the get-go. The persistent pumping of his prick made it harder for her to come down from her peak; almost as soon as the first had ended, another took its place, her pussy gushing again, bathing that conquering length in womanly juices. His hands tightened on her hips, squeezing roughly as he fucked harder, pounding steadily into her drenched sex. All she could do was sob as climax after climax tore through her body, her legs kicking up helplessly, the smooth flesh of her thighs trembling and bouncing from the impacts of his fierce thrusts.

“Oh fuck yes, that feels so good, baby, fuck me hard…”

He only gave a few more thrusts, before pulling out. His hands immediately went to her ass, spreading her cheeks wide, revealing the tight asshole in between.

His intentions were suddenly clear to her. She groaned shamelessly, squirming on her desk, her mound drooling juices.

A hot pressure nudged against her sphincter. Sarah gasped, trying to glance back over her shoulder, barely able to catch sight of the lustful look on his face. The naked desire etched there was deliciously erotic.

Just a bit of pressure forced the hole to splay. Every invading inch was gleaming with her cream, well lubricated, enough to ease the passage. Her ass was no stranger to this cock, which also helped, as there was a familiarity, her insides having fit this length numerous times before.

His hands squeezed at her hips. The feeling of just that head forcing her asshole open was delightful, the promise of more to come.

The mystery man pushed, more inches slipping through the ring of flesh. She groaned, hard meat steadily packing her bowels. There was strength and power behind the intent, her asshole spreading wide to take what he gave her, her cunt clutching again and again as its neighbor was claimed. Sarah groaned again, a pressure rising deep in her belly as those thick inches stimulated her guts, forcing her to focus on its presence.

“Oh god,” she mewled, quivering with need.

After maybe a minute, she had taken almost all of him. A few inches remained outside, still glistening with her juices.

His hands snaked up from her hips to her shoulders, squeezing just as hard, denting the soft flesh.

A sudden thrust caught her by surprise. Sarah squealed, her body jostled as he thrust again. A third shove hilted his cock, every last inch buried inside her ass, dominating her focus. Her sex was streaming juices, slicking the desk and both of their thighs.

“Fuck me,” she begged breathlessly.

Instead of thrusting, he began to rotate his hips, stirring up her guts. Her mouth dropped open, tongue running over her lips, her helpless sputtering making him chuckle. That fat cock put her anus to the test, stretching it with incessant movement. The sensations scrambled her brain; Sarah panted mindlessly, drool puddling underneath her chin. An orgasm quickly overcame her, her sex caught up in spasms from the thick meat currently taking up residence in her belly. The rotation of that formidable length felt like torturous ecstasy, an uncomfortable sensation underlying a thorough pleasure.

After several minutes of agonizing delight, of that fat prick mixing up her insides, he pulled back. Sarah had gone through countless climaxes, her eyes fluttering, her mouth wide open, letting out pitiful grunts at each peak. There was a veritable waterfall of fragrant juices trickling down from her slit.

When she registered his member retreating, she whimpered, wanting every inch back inside her.

Thankfully, he was in a gracious mood, or at least wanted his pleasure quickly.

He thrust hard, sinking his entire shaft back into her guts. The length of veined flesh squished through her bowels, packing them full. Sarah cried out, the tremulous sound replaced by another scream at another thrust.

And then he was off, fucking hard into her ass. His grip was painfully tight on her shoulders, using it as leverage to ram himself deep on every thrust. Sarah loved it, squalling and squealing, her womanhood quickly seizing, issuing streams of sticky fluid. Her body juddered and shuddered, her cheek sliding slightly, leaving a residue of his cum on the desk.

“Oh god yes, fuck my ass, fuck it hard, please, babe, please, oh fuck yes…”

He grunted and growled, the force of his impacts rocking the desk, several items clattering off. Her orgasms came harder and fiercer, burning through her body; her ecstatic cries went unheeded by him. All he cared about was wrecking her, breaking her with his carnal fury, leaving her a quivering mess in her own home office.

“Fuck, babe, yes, fuck, fuck, yes, oh fuck yes!”

His cock mastered her, driving easily through her abused anus again and again. The weight of his thrusts forced her body tight against the desk, leaving her already sensitive slit squashed into the edge. When he threw his leg up on the desk, increasing his pace and force with more leverage, it made her scream, eyes rolling back in their sockets, her orgasm spiking agonizingly high.

Her loud squalling only served to annoy him.

She barely registered his movement behind her. A moment or so later, something wet was pressed to her lips. With no conscious thought, she opened her mouth. As the fabric slid over her tongue, she realized that her panties had been turned into a makeshift gag. She mewled, sucking eagerly, tasting her own juices on the gusset. His pace did not diminish, the hard whap of his balls on her mound incessant, the rough screwing of his prick exquisite in its brutality.

With her cries muffled, the office was quieter. The sounds still were prevalent, a lewd symphony to proclaim her whorishness. She sucked still at her panties, loving how drenched they were, how the liquid trickled across her tongue. Her body bucked and bounced from his fierce pace, helpless under the onslaught, more orgasms erupting over her.

His hands slid from her shoulders. One took a firm hold of her hair; he yanked back, her cry muffled by the panties hanging from her mouth. The other hand alighted on her hip, squeezing hard as he fucked still, ramming mercilessly into her insides, delighting viciously in the tightness and warmth there, in how her sphincter clenched around him, broken to his sexual will, much as she herself was.

Before long, he tore the panties from her mouth, apparently missing the auditory evidence of her complete submission.

“Fuck, babe, you fuck me so good, so good, do me harder, please, harder, please!”

He growled, tugging harshly on her hair. The roughness made her gasp, made her womanhood clutch desirously, made her proclaim his dominance yet again.

“Yes, babe, you own me, you own my ass, fuck it harder, please, please, make me scream, fuck, please!”

His fingers curled in her hair, and he shoved her back down, her cum-coated face smearing along the tabletop. The other hand moved from her hip to her handcuffed wrists, squeezing hard. The smack of his flesh on hers was constant.

“Fuck, babe, yes, yes, wreck my slutty ass, it’s all fucking yours babe, please, wreck me, please!”

Her throat was hoarse, and her body ached all over, but the pleasure still reigned supreme, mingling with the pain to make it minute. She squirmed, taking his fucking with glee, panting breathlessly.

“Fuck me harder, please, harder, I need it, please, please!”

Yet another peak washed over her subjugated body. Her exultantly submissive cries quieted to a pitiful whimper, her body trembling uncontrollably, her womanly nectar gushing out. Through this delirious tumult, he refused to stop, seeking his own pleasure with a savage fury. His cock pounded relentlessly, driving deep into her belly, her asshole clenching around him, massaging his shaft.

He yanked back again, snarling in her ear, the animalistic sound drawing a soft mewl from her, like a bitch responding to its alpha. Her thighs and his were by now drenched in her orgasmic juices. She was helpless, completely under his control, her body trapped between him and the desk. His pace had not slowed in a while; her smooth skin rippled from the constant impacts, her round breasts bouncing to the beat. The hand on her handcuffed wrists snuck around to those breasts, cruelly crushing the soft flesh of one. Sarah gasped, the sudden pain easily outmatched by the swell of pleasure, by the way shivers broke up and down her spine, by the way her cunt bathed his balls in her juices, from the feeling of his mauling hands assaulting her tender chest.

Several more orgasms rolled over her. Through them, he continued to fuck her, and continued to squeeze at her breasts, roughly massaging the pert flesh. Her gasps came shallower, breath hard to come by, sweat trickling down her body.

“I’m close,” he grunted, tearing her from an ecstatic fog, those words heralding further debasement.

“Oh god,” she moaned shamelessly, “do it, babe, blow your load in my ass, do it, please, please, oh please, do it, fucking fill me with your cum, please…”

He shoved her back down on the desk again. His thrusts upped in savagery, her body barely able to take it; he grunted harshly, throwing his leg up on the desk again, hammering into her ass, desperate to finally find his peak.

Sarah was just as desperate as he was; as he huffed and panted towards his finish, she urged him on, begging and pleading, craving his hot seed, needing it deep inside her.

The thrusts quickly got more frantic, the previously smooth rhythm breaking down into erratic pumping.

“Fuck!” she screamed, “do it, please, fucking cum in me, please!”

Those screams quickly became wordless cries, her throat aching and burning.

Finally, his thrusts stopped, one last shove sending his length deep inside her, his balls twitching against her pussy as a hot load raced along towards its destination. She gasped, knowing that her desire was so close, seconds from arriving.

The first spurt sent her headlong into an orgasm. She moaned whorishly, squirming on the desk as jet after jet fired out, quickly clogging her guts, painting them white with copious cream. His cock pulsed in her ass as it unloaded more thick semen, turning her bowels into his personal dumping ground for fresh cum. She could feel a mounting warmth in her belly from his payload, the waves of spunk sloshing through her insides. The heated blasts trailed off, slowly but surely; by the last one, her ass was overflowing, trickles of wasted seed streaming down her trembling thighs. She gasped and groaned, twitching from her own climaxes, her cunt gushing out onto his balls again.

With a grunt, he tore himself from her ass, stepping back. She mewled softly, feeling all too acutely his rapid departure, her asshole clutching fruitlessly to keep it inside her.

His footsteps trailed away, deeper into her apartment. The office was left silent, save for her own breathing. The furious ecstasy had become a pleasant afterglow; her body unwound slowly, leaving her slumped on the desk, the coolness of the wood a soothing sensation.

A minute later, he came back in. His hand squeezed at her ass, and the other pushed something at her gaping asshole. It slid inside easily, locking in the rest of his load; she cooed softly, clenching her anus around the butt plug. Some of the load had already trickled forth, but she could still feel the majority of it sloshing gently in her belly.

He left her again. After a few minutes, she heard the fizzle of an opened beer and the crackling of her television.

This part of the process was just as important as the dominant debasement that he had so savagely unleashed. He would fuck her roughly, and then go off to watch television and have a beer, before coming back soon after for one more round. It was meant to impress upon her both how helpless she was, still handcuffed and bent over her desk, and how disposable she was, that he could just fuck her and then leave her to her own devices. The knowledge of those two facts made the fucking retroactively hotter.

Earlier in the day, in the courtroom, the second the verdict had been handed down, Sarah had known that it would lead to this. She had smiled, those around her thinking it was entirely because of her victory; in fact, her mind had immediately fast-forwarded to what he would do to her later.

On a normal day, Drew could be dismissively dominant, eager to debase her, energetically putting her through her paces.

But losing a case, and to her to boot, had brought out a vicious passion, a desire to lower her even further, to degrade her even more. That vicious passion only made it more pleasurable for her, only made her body burn hotter, only made her cunt gush more.

Perhaps because of that desire to debase her, he came back sooner than usual.

She heard him walk into the office, but he did not move for a few moments, probably appreciating how she looked, still bent over the desk.

His hand curled into her hair, and he yanked her roughly off the desk, dumping her onto her knees.

Before her was his cock, back to full erectness, demanding her attention.

She leaned forward, pressing her tongue to the broad head, sliding it down along the length towards the base. Once that journey was completed, she slid her tongue back up, starting a languid rhythm, lapping in long, wet strokes. It was certainly not lost on her that she was tasting herself on his cock. The mix of his flesh and her insides provided a scandalously delicious flavor, one that made her lap harder, cleaning it off just as she gorged. His intense gaze was fixed on her; she looked back up at him as she switched up her tactics, sucking the head into her mouth, slurping on it like candy, to get to the flavor of the deepest part of her, where that broad weapon had pierced. That flavor made her womanhood seize, made her ass clench around the butt plug.

Her mouth dropped deeper onto his shaft. He grunted at the feeling of her soft lips suckling obediently, wrapped tightly around him. His hand tightened in her hair.

Still meeting his gaze, she pushed forward, slowly but surely swallowing every inch that he had to offer. The thick meat slid over her tongue, that inimitable flavor making her cunt twitch, wetness already gathering. He gritted his teeth, a low growl spilling forth as she impaled her own throat on his pulsing length.

Before long, her chin was pressed into his balls, a stream of saliva dripping past the swollen orbs. His thickness twitched in her throat, the sensation provoking a muffled moan from her. Her tongue peeked from her mouth to run along the underside of his balls, collecting a divine flavor that was his sweat mixed with her own nectar.

His cock began to withdraw. She mewled, appealing with wild eyes for him to stay lodged in her throat, but he did not show mercy. The departure was torturously slow, each inch teasing her.

Once the last inch left, she sucked down a large breath. There were strands of saliva connecting her lips to his length and testicles, strands that broke when he brought that length down onto her face, a wet splat ringing out in the office. The corners of his mouth quirked into a slight smile at her needy groan, how she tilted her face back, expecting and wanting more of that treatment.

Instead of debasing her face again, he lifted his shaft, showing off his testicles. Sarah whimpered as she opened her mouth, waiting for him to place them there.

He took a moment to chuckle at her lustfulness, before dropping the cum-laden sacks into her mouth. Her lips closed around them, her tongue writhing wildly on the crinkled flesh, her eyes fluttering as she tasted more of that heavenly mixture that coated him. The office was filled with the lewd noises of her obeisance, the slick sound of her eager slurping, her lips and tongue worshipping those fat sacks that provided her with so much cum.

Once again, he deprived her of indulgence, slipping his testicles back out. They shone with her spit, a trickle of it running down the cleft between them.

With his grip in her hair, he yanked her back to her feet, and shoved her back down onto the desk.

But instead of fucking her like that again, he shoved her further onto the desk, and then spun her around, until her head was dangling off the edge.

Sarah panted loudly, her mouth wide open, tongue waggling; his cock was inches away from her, teasing her.

One rough shove, and his balls were suddenly resting on the bridge of her nose. She squealed, quivering, her cunt clutching at air.

He gave her no time to adjust, quickly drawing halfway back and plunging back to the hilt. Another thrust was followed by another, and he was off, fucking hard into her mouth, his surging cock driving deep into her gullet. She moaned around the oral onslaught, her tongue going wild, doing its best to lap at the pumping length. The force behind his thrusts increased, his ferocity unleashed again; her body bounced and rippled, her breasts attracting his attention, his hands reaching down to squeeze at them, using them like handholds with which to better fuck her face. Grunting harshly, he threw a leg up onto the desk, upping the pace again, pounding steadily into her mouth. She sputtered loudly, trickles of saliva and pre-cum streaming sluggishly down her face.

Her head spun from the vicious treatment. It made her body sing, an orgasm quickly washing over her, trickles of ambrosia flowing from her slit, streaming down along her taint, coating the butt plug and her thighs below. She kept her eyes closed, his balls constantly whapping against her nose, sending splatters of bodily fluids over her eyelids and forehead, adding to the mess already there.

His cock stilled, deep in her gullet. He let out a low growl as he began to lazily grind his hips against her mouth. That fat length of flesh pulsed as it filled out her throat. She groaned, the sound muffled, her cunt letting loose with more trickles of nectar as another orgasm overwhelmed her. As always, he was taking liberties with her body, taking pleasure from her without a thought to hers. And as always, she was loving it, sparks of ecstasy blinding her to rationality and logic.

After a few minutes, he returned to his fierce pace, pumping roughly into her throat. Sarah squealed loudly, choking wetly around the fat shaft. His grip had not let up on her breasts, still holding onto them, his cruel fingers digging into the soft flesh, that sweet pain only making the pleasure rise.

His animalistic growls sounded in her ears, accompanied by the wet slap of his balls against her face, and her own pathetic mewling. There was by now a sloppy residue along her eyelids and forehead, thick trickles of mixed saliva and pre-cum reaching down into her dark hair. The combination of bodily fluids produced quite the scent, one that helped to hammer home her whorishness and submissiveness, one that delighted her to no end. She squealed and moaned as he continued to sloppily fuck her throat. Her back arched unconsciously as her cunt gushed out juices again, another furious climax tearing through her, leaving her body wracked with tremors, her legs kicking up frantically at the surging sensations.

Sarah gurgled helplessly, lost in the swirling storm of sensations and stimulations. Halfway through yet another harsh climax, she registered another pause in his thrusting, his cock again buried down her throat. He growled, the sound low and extended, the slightest twitch in his balls alerting her to the oncoming load. That promise made her mewl around the mass of meat filling her gullet.

That length of flesh swelled imperceptibly as the load raced along towards its target.

Another grunt sounded from above when his orgasm struck. The first thick spurt blasted into her stomach, making her squeal and squirm, her cunt gushing, another peak reached thanks just to the knowledge that her body was being put to good use in taking his cum. More of it fired out, flowing down her throat to fill her belly. She choked loudly around his fat shaft, massaging it with wetness and warmth, milking yet more spurts out. He squeezed harder at her sore breasts as he dumped more hot seed into her.

For the last few blasts, he pulled back quickly, leaving her sputtering and gasping, gazing at his cock just in time for the next jet to splatter against her face. She moaned, loving how it settled on her cheek, staining the flesh, adding to the coating of cum still glazing her face from before. Another jet arced onto her chin, the next rocketing onto her other cheek, the penultimate splashing onto her forehead, the last dribbling onto the bridge of her nose as he shook out the dregs of his load, the slick shaft slapping loudly onto her flesh.

Sarah quivered, cooing softly.

His footsteps sounded, headed back into the living room. She shivered, the afterglow settling over her, accompanied by an exhaustion, one that was usually brought on by these sessions.

He walked back in a few minutes later, now dressed. His hands alighted on her sides, and he turned her over onto her stomach. A jangling sound reached her ears as he unlocked the handcuffs, letting her stretch her arms out. Her eyes drooped, but she managed to push herself to her feet, swaying shakily before padding out into the expanse of her apartment.

“See you around,” she chirped at him as she headed for her bedroom, a noncommittal grunt his only response.

Her bed beckoned.

As she settled underneath her blanket, utterly fucked-out and satisfied, she heard the front door close. The butt plug shifted slightly as she curled up, the warm load settled in her stomach. Her last thoughts before she dropped off to sleep were about their next encounter.

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