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Cradle Snatchers

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I didn’t think too much about it the first time I saw Merrill and David together. After all, one wouldn’t make a connection would one: she, an almost-thirty-three, high-flying tax lawyer and he a high school student? They sat chatting in the late afternoon sunshine on the low stone wall that separates my garden and that of David’s parents. They weren’t even facing each other; more shoulder-near-shoulder, facing in opposite directions, with their feet in their respective gardens.

It was the clear peal of Merrill’s laughter that attracted my attention, or I probably wouldn’t have noticed them at all.

“Hi Dad!” she called cheerfully and waved, and at then turned her attention back to the boy.

I waved back and finished paying-off the taxi, then hurried into the house, anxious to have a refreshing shower and a long cool beer after a tedious, crowded flight from Florida.

Merrill appeared as I, now refreshed and relaxed, was opening my second ice-cold bottle. She stole it from my hand and took a long gurgling swallow. Planting a cool wet kiss on my cheek, she asked, “And how was Miami?” She smelled of sunshine and looked in the very best of spirits.

“Hot and sticky as usual at this time of year…I think they may get their first hurricane of the season soon.”

Merrill pulled a face, “Bad as that, huh? You must have hated it.” Taking another swig of beer she handed back the bottle, “I’m going to take a shower. I’ll start dinner after.”

“Ok.” I downed what was left of the beer and opened another bottle on my way to catch the latest news on CNN.

I saw them again a few days later from my car, from behind, walking along the sidewalk towards our house. He was toting his school books. From a distance I could have sworn they were holding hands, but as I drew closer I saw that I was mistaken. I made a mental note to call my optometrist for an overdue appointment to get my eyes checked. Merrill joined me on the driveway as I was getting my briefcase out of the car. She was positively glowing. I looked around for David, but he was nowhere in sight.

“Unusual to see you on foot, young lady…” I grinned, “Especially at this time of day.” This was an allusion to the facts that my daughter was seldom seen out of her car, plus she should normally be very much at work at this time in the afternoon.

“That damned clunker of mine had to go into the workshop,” she shrugged. “I decided to go for a walk around the block after the mechanic dropped me off here…”

‘That damned clunker’ was a Porsche 911 given to Merrill by her firm as part of her salary package…

“They still can’t fix that friggin’ oil leak.”

I made sympathetic noises and made another mental note, this time not to buy a fancy European sports car if I ever decide to trade my safely reliable, but stodgy Lexus.

“I guess you must have met David on his way home from school?”

“Yes, at the corner.”

They were together again the next day. This time I did pay attention. I was just pulling into the driveway when I saw David leaping over the wall into his own garden. Shortly afterwards, Merrill appeared from behind our house. She was barefoot, and wearing the shortest of short shorts I have ever seen her in and a loose cotton shirt. It certainly was a warm afternoon, but why was she so rosy-cheeked? And what was she doing at home again so early in the day?

I asked her…

“My boss…because the weather is so good he said I should take some time off to make up for all the late nights I worked earlier this year. I’ll be working hard enough later on.”

This was true. At tax time Merrill had often worked until midnight and two in the morning. So much so, I had begun to think that she and Alan were having an affaire. Until finally I met him and saw what a desiccated little weed he is!

“So what’s this with David then? Are you coaching him for his SATs or something?”

“Coaching him?” She flushed. “I guess you could say that…but I don’t think SATs are…”

She looped her arm through mine and snuggled against me. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I felt an urgent stirring in my groin. Lust for my own daughter! Shocking, but I hadn’t had sex in a couple of years since my wife, Merrill’s mother, died of cervical cancer.

“You look tired. Would you like a beer, Daddy?”

“Er…Um….Y-yes, I guess…”

My urgently hardening manhood sparked by the warm, firm-soft pressure on my arm was making me flustered.

“Well, you go around to the love-seat and I’ll bring you one.”

I made my way to the back of the house willing my erection to subside. It wasn’t easy. Especially when after passing over the moisture beaded bottle, Merrill sat down beside me, turned sideways on, with her feet up on the seat and her hands clasping her knees. Those short shorts molded themselves tightly to the plump hillock of her pubic mound, and revealed every crease between her legs in sharp relief. At the same time, she exposed much of the bare flesh of her taut, rounded buttocks. When I was finally able to tear my eyes away, it was only to be trapped by the sight of her hard jutting nipples making small tents in the thin cloth of her shirt. I had completely forgotten what a stunning woman my daughter is.

Merrill grinned at me mischievously, fully aware of my discomfiture. But she made no attempt to hide away her charms. My erection finally died of its own accord when we started discussing mundane things like work needed around the garden and our household budget.

I discovered exactly what sort of coaching my daughter was giving young David the very next afternoon…

Put yourself in my shoes. Imagine arriving home earlier than usual. You’ve cancelled two late appointments with customers to make room to exorcise your nagging suspicions. You know your daughter is at home when you arrive, because her car is in the garage. You walk around the outside of the house to check, but in your heart you are not surprised when you find she is not in the garden. You step indoors. The house is quiet. Perhaps she is not here after all? Then you hear a soft sound from the direction of her room. It makes no difference that she is a grown, adult woman; she is till your daughter! With your heart pounding, you make your way quietly upstairs and along the passage; hoping against hope that you will not find what you are sure you are going to find. Her bedroom door is wide open. God! Did she leave it like that deliberately for you to find them? Trembling with anxiety you step into the room…

Animal smells and muted sounds fill the air. The boy is laid out flat on his back, naked, his eyes closed, with his legs spread wide apart. Even at this moment, you take note of how strongly built he is. Your daughter is knelt between his feet, naked also apart from a tiny pair of bikini pants. Her full, hard-nippled breasts dangle like luscious melons beneath her. Her hair, usually so neat and tidy, is a tangled disarray. She has her hand secreted beneath the boy’s balls as she avidly sucks his long hard cock into her yawning mouth. Is her finger in his anus? The boy thrusts his abdomen up at her face, striving to bury his member deeper into her willing throat.

That is what I found…

Merrill senses my entrance and, detaches from the fleshy pole, turning to look at me with heavy-lidded, lust-laden eyes. Without shame, she holds the boy’s cock, upright in her fingers. It gleams over its entire length with her saliva…

“Hello Daddy,” she murmurs huskily.

The sound of her voice makes David finally realise that something unexpected is happening. He stops thrusting his belly and opens his eyes to find me standing there. His facial expression instantly changes from one of sexual ecstasy to one of sheer terror.

I have known for years that Merrill is no pure angel. She had more than one relationship when she herself was at High School; and there were other lovers at University. And since then she has certainly been no nun! None of her partners last very long though; all of them unable to cope with her single-minded determination to succeed in a field largely dominated by men. But why did she pick on David? Why this boy at least sixteen or seventeen years younger than herself?

My predetermined intention to lay down the law disappears as if in a puff of smoke. I find myself struck by indecision. Employees who walk in fear of me at the factory would laugh their butts off to see me now.

And I am hard! Painfully hard!

“I…er…um..I’m…um…” I flap my hands ineffectually. “I…um…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to intrude…”

“That’s Ok…”

Without taking her eyes from my face, Merrill extends her tongue and licks the tip of the boy’s cock lasciviously.

“We won’t be long…”

Then she turns and swallows him entirely, not caring that I can see she is deep-throating him. I spin on my heel and leave them to their orgy, my own erection preceding me like a flagpole inside my pants.

A few minutes later, my curiosity overcomes me. I return to her doorway and peer around the frame. David is riding her from behind, her tits overfill his palms, his belly slaps against her perfect ass with every deep lunge. Merrill, her mouth hanging open, lets out a huff of air at each inward thrust. If they are aware that I am watching, which I doubt, they ignore my presence. Once again I leave them to their own devices.

Waiting in the lounge for them to finish, I eventually hear a high wail of pleasure. For all his lack of years, the boy has succeeded in making Merrill cum. Perhaps his youth is part of her excitement? They join me some ten minutes later. David is fully cleaned up and dressed. Merrill is in her bathrobe.

The boy can hardly contain himself…

“Please, sir, please don’t tell my parents!”

“Why shouldn’t I? What you’re doing with Merrill isn’t right.””

“Please sir, they’ll ground me forever, I know they will!”

My daughter shushes him, telling him, “I’ll handle this.” She kisses him warmly on the cheek and gently squeezes his butt; “You go on home now. I’ll see you tomorrow, darling. Come early, it’s Saturday.”

When the boy left, Merrill takes the armchair opposite me. She is careless in the way she sits with her feet tucked up under her. Her robe fails to cover her private parts; her sex-bruised labia; the dark, sperm-and-vaginal-slime matted hairs; the wet, pink entrance to her cave. Her top gapes open exposing most of a breast. She ignores it. If she were anybody else but my own flesh and blood I would free my rampant cock and ram it in her; in among the boy’s sticky deposit; and make her writhe and squirm and shudder from my assault!

Merrill is unrepentant…

“David’s old enough, you know…legal…if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Yes, but he’s…”

“Just a kid…?”

“So much younger than you…”

“Fifteen years…but that doesn’t make it ‘not right’ like you told him.”

“You know what I mean!”

“Oh, come on Dad! Applying a double standard here, aren’t we?”

“What d’you mean?”

“You’re not about to tell me that if some sweet chick around David’s age offered to have sex with you, you’d turn her down? Right?”

Merrill has a point there, but I can’t let her get away with it…

“A fine chance of that happening!”

“Hey, you’re not ready for a Zimmer Frame yet! Besides, you look pretty good for your age…”

She’s trying to twist me around with flattery! I guess four games of racket ball a week, a couple of rounds of golf, and regular jogging keeps me pretty trim, but the salt-and-pepper hair and the first signs of wrinkles on the backs of my hands are a dead giveaway.

“Look Dad, David and I aren’t kidding ourselves that we’re in love. It’s only sex. I get what I need and in return I teach him how to be a real hot stud when he gets to college next term – a perfect win-win situation.”

“But, honey, you’re a lovely, grown-up woman. Surely there’s plenty of guys more…”

“More my own age…? Sure there is, Dad, but they always want to take control of my life. I’m not ready for that, not by a long way! David and I just give each other pleasure…no strings…no hang-ups.”

“I guess I can’t argue with that, but I still can’t get over the difference in your ages…”

A scheming look flashes briefly in Merrill’s eyes…

“Perhaps, with David’s help, I can do something about that…”

“What d’you mean?”

“Never you mind…I’ll work on it.”

“When…how did all this start anyway?”

“Oh, not so long ago…”

The wandering fingers of Merrill’s right hand appear at the curly-crowned apex of her sex. She must have slid her hand into a gap in her robe. They leisurely caress; spread; delve; circle; dip; and enter whilst my daughter reminisces. She is totally unaware that I can see every slippery caress; unless, of course, this is a ploy to distract me!

I try not to stare too pointedly as I listen…

“I was down at the shopping mall about a month ago wanting to buy some new lingerie when we ran into each other. David had been with some buddies from school, but they got split up and he couldn’t find them again. So, we went through the usual ‘How are you? What have you been up to?’ routine until he asked me if I wanted a soda. I guess that was really the start of it. Strangely enough, I felt quite honoured that a kid his age wanted to spend time with a tired old crone like me. We talked for a long time about school – remember, I went to the same school and, would you believe, some of the teachers are still there – and we laughed a lot. David can be very funny when he describes the way people behave. I have to confess I really began to feel like I was a teenager again…

“I made him come into the lingerie store with me. His face was a picture! All flushed red with embarrassment at all that frilly female stuff around! He didn’t know where to turn his eyes next! I really teased him – held skimpy little bras and panties up against myself and asked him how he thought I’d look in them, that kind of thing. It soon became pretty obvious that more than just his face was getting “flushed”! So I pretended to ask him to go into the fitting room with me, but I shut him out at the last second!”

“That was kinda mean!”

“I know, but it was only a game! To cut a long story short, the first time was in my car on our way back here. Perhaps I should say times…?”

Merrill suddenly clenches her thighs around her hand and falls silent. A mini-orgasm? After a few long moments, she relaxes again and continues her narrative, and her lazy exploration of her sexual parts…

“By now, David had forgotten all about his buddies. When I offered him a ride home, he was so eager he was almost sat in the Porsche before I was! I let him see lots of leg as I drove, but not everything – I didn’t have my skirt so high he could see my panties. But he still tried to look! I left my bra off when I was finished in the fitting room and my nipples were sticking out under my top like organ stops. David didn’t know whether to look at my legs or my boobs first! He was so intent on me that he didn’t notice I was taking the long way around…

“It was clear from the way David kept squirming in his seat that that boner inside his pants was causing him lots of grief. And, to be honest, I was feeling so horny my pussy was almost chewing my leg off!”

Merrill shoots a look at me to gauge my reaction to her frank admission. I nod for her to continue…

“So, I asked him if he would like to go somewhere…somewhere quiet…just the two of us.

“We parked up at a quiet spot overlooking the lake. I was so eager I went straight for him. The poor dear blew his wad the instant I started on his zipper. He was mortified, of course; it was his first experience with a woman and he wanted it to be just like he’d read in some hot stories he picked up on the Internet. He thought that he would naturally be able to have sex for hours and make me cum about ten times before he had to – just like in the stories. I reassured him that it wasn’t his fault, everybody has to start somewhere, and I didn’t mind at all that he’d cum straight away. Then I finished undressing him. Wow, he was really sticky inside his underpants! A little bit of sperm goes a long way and it looked like he’d let go of a whole lot! So I pulled his pants and underwear right off and laid them out over the front hood to dry in the sunshine.

“When I got back into the car, David was hiding his genitals away with both hands. I asked him, “What’s the matter?” and he went bright beetroot and said something about me laughing at him because his dick was so small. So I pried his hands apart and took a look. Oh, he was shriveled alright, just like any guy who has just dropped a load, but otherwise he was quite normal. He was mightily relieved when I told him so!

“His cock sprang to attention again right away when I asked him if he’d like to help me get my shirt off. I stroked him with my fingertips while he fumbled with my buttons and it seemed like it was only seconds until he was squirting his warm stuff all over my hand. He was very quick the third and fourth times as well, but he was beginning to last longer between each ejaculation. And he did get to see and touch my breasts along the way, which really blew his mind! Of course, cumming so quickly every time led to more apologies from David, and the need for a lot more reassurance from me!

“The fifth time was when I told him his cock was very pretty and leaned down and kissed it right on the tip. He almost flinched and tried to pull away, but he got so hard so quickly he just slid straight between my lips. What else could I do but suck him off? Gently, no pressure! He lasted about a minute and a half, maybe two full minutes. His cum tasted so sweet, but there wasn’t a lot of it by now!”

I shift in my seat, wondering what Merrill would do if I got my aching cock out of my pants and started to jack off. Instead I asked: “How long did this little orgy go on for?”

“Well, by that time we’d been there for getting on for an hour and I was beginning to think I ought to take David home. But my pussy was throbbing with need. And I knew I was sitting in a big wet patch that had soaked right through my skirt and into the leather car seat!

“I don’t quite know how we managed it with the Porsche’s low roofline, but I slid down in my seat so that he could kneel up and over my face. I licked him erect again, which didn’t take much at all! And then I asked him to fuck my mouth. David was amazed I wanted him to do that, but he didn’t need much persuading, even if he wasn’t all that sure how far and how hard he could go. He was a bit clumsy at first, but with a little help he soon got the idea; and learned that I could swallow every inch he could give me!

“While he fucked me, I tickled him behind his balls – they felt so neat bumping softly on my chin – and around his butt-hole. And with my other hand, I brought myself off. I was so wet! I didn’t know if he knew what I was doing, and I didn’t care because I needed to cum so badly!

“David lasted about ten minutes this time, which was really neat, but when he came there was almost nothing there. I think, because it was pretty much a dry cum, it was very intense for him, because he didn’t stop spasming for a long time. I know my own orgasm left stars behind my eyelids!”

“So you wore the poor little bugger out!”

Merrill laughs, “Well, not quite! When we got home here, I ran the car straight into the garage and closed the door so that nobody would see David was with me. Just as he was about to get out of the car, I leaned across to kiss him on the cheek and invited him over here the next afternoon – you were going to be away in Chicago – and at the same I gave his crotch a friendly little squeeze…encouragement for him to say yes I guess. Would you believe it? He grew in my hand again! I suppose it was quite a long way home from the lake! And I guess the fact that I hadn’t done my shirt up again, so he would have caught glimpses of my boobs while I was driving, which must have turned him on! Anyway, I couldn’t let that lovely hard-on get away, so I unzipped him and got him out into the open. His cock looked a bit red and sore, but he was ready to go! So I stroked it and kissed it for nearly ten minutes until he shot a little fountain of white stuff in the air, which I caught in my palm. He really was done for this time!”

“What went down the next day, when I was in Chicago?”

“I was all ready for him, with nothing on under this same robe as I am wearing now. I wanted to show him absolutely everything! It was fairly late when he got here. I was beginning to think I had frightened him off, but the nice big bulge in his shorts when he finally arrived reassured me!

“I sat him down in the chair where you are sitting now and then got one of the dining room chairs and sat right in front of him. I’m sure he was wondering what exactly was going on! Then I put my foot up on the seat beside him. My robe fell wide open, of course and he could see right up between my legs, my pussy, everything!

“He really looked stunned when I fished a nail file from my pocket and took hold of his hand, resting it on my bare knee, which made him sweat a bit, and started to tidy-up his fingernails. When I was done with his other hand, I asked him, “Do you like what you see?” I was referring to my pussy of course. All I got for an answer was a kind of gurgle, but it sounded something like a “yes”. Then I asked him if he had figured out why I had trimmed his nails. Once again, he had no answer for me. Meanwhile, he couldn’t take his eyes off my pussy; I’m sure he could see how wet I was by then.

“I licked his fingertips. “Well, my dear,” I told him, “whenever you want to put your fingers in a girl like this…” I dragged his hand down and slid his middle finger deep into my pussy. God! I was so ready for him! “You should always make sure your fingernails are short and smooth so that you don’t hurt her!” The expression on that boy’s face at that moment was a perfect picture!

“I put my other foot up on the chair and spread my legs wide. I showed David everything; my pubic mound, my inner and outer labia, my hood, my clit and, of course, my vagina. And I also showed him my anus, and told him it was exciting to be touched and entered there as well – as long as he didn’t put the same fingers back inside my pussy afterwards without thoroughly washing them first. And then I showed him how to caress my clit and make me cum. It was so erotic being so exposed to his eyes while he did that! My orgasm was so hard I flooded his hand with my juices!”

Merrill stills then shakes silently again, her thighs once more clamped tightly around her hand. This time, when she relaxes, she covers herself, hiding her swollen pussy lips from my gaze.

“Then I got to my knees and undressed him. His underpants were soaked with his pre-cum, but he hadn’t shot a load yet. It didn’t take long though, only seconds after I took him in my mouth. I just kept sucking him until he got hard again. This time he lasted a lot longer. After that I took him to my room and showed him how to make love properly. He was an A-Plus student!”


“Yes Daddy, I’ve showed David everything I know. And we’ve tried a few new things as well. His favourite position is doggy-style – he loves to squeeze my breasts while he takes me. Mine is me on top if you really must know! He also loves to go down on me while I suck his cock. The sex is so good! He can still cum lots of times in a session and he lasts a long time every time now – except when we do anal, that still over-excites him.”

Merrill uncoils from her chair, walks over to me and bends to plant a kiss on my forehead. The top of her robe hangs open, affording me a complete view of her lovely breasts. David, I think, what a lucky young bastard you are!

“So, Daddy,” she murmurs, seemingly unfazed that I am staring avidly at her body, “that’s how it all came about. Do you really, really want to interfere with something that honest and wonderful?”


“I thought not.” She kisses me again, and then stands erect, pulling her robe close around her. “I need to clean up. How about we go out to dinner later? Your favourite Italian?”

My daughter knows when she has me beaten!

I went out and left the pair of them to their own devices the next day. In fact, I didn’t see Merrill and David together for almost two weeks. That was when I returned home from a fifteen mile run to find them standing in our driveway, leaning against Merrill’s car, talking with a high-breasted, young, pony-tailed blonde girl with long, tanned, tennis-player legs that were only barely covered at the top by a soft denim micro-mini-skirt. Merrill had her arm around the girl’s shoulders and was murmuring earnestly in her ear. As I puffed closer, the young blonde buried her face in her hands and shook her head. I distinctly heard her laughing apologetically and saying “No! I really couldn’t!”

I stagger to a halt, sweating profusely – it has turned out to be a very much warmer morning than I had anticipated when I set out and I am shattered!

Merrill introduces me to Young Long-legged Blonde: “This is Becky, Dad…”

Rushing thoughts: Becky? Aha! David’s sister! About a year older than he is? My, you’ve certainly grown up young miss!

“Becky’s David’s sister. She’s been away at college, but is home on vacation for a few weeks.”

I hadn’t realised the school summer break was upon us. I duck my head in the girl’s direction. I would like to shake hands, to get just one fleeting touch of her, but I am covered in sweat. “Hi Becky, nice to see you again…”

“Mr Miller…”

“Don’t be silly” Merrill interjects, “his name’s Brendan…”

The girl smiles revealing perfect teeth, “Brendan…” Her violet eyes pierce me like lasers, “You look hot…”

“I’m boiled…excuse me, I have to go and cool down under the shower…”

As I turn away to go into the house, I hear Becky say, “Ok…” but I don’t realise the significance of that single word at that moment, or the fact it isn’t directed at me.

Later that afternoon, I am in the lounge reviewing some reports from the plant when Merrill and David come in through the French doors from the garden. They are holding hands…

“We’re going upstairs, d’you mind?” Merrill’s “question” is just a statement of fact. She is merely being polite.

“No, you two go ahead…” Then I totally stun myself. “Have fun…”

“Oh we will, Daddy, we will!”

Yeah, I bet you will, I think resignedly.

“Thank you, sir,” David says earnestly.

It is hard to carry on working, knowing what is going on upstairs, but I stick to my task manfully, resisting the temptation to go up and peek, until…

“Hello Mr Miller…Brendan…”

A slight waft of light perfume pre-warns me that I am not alone, but Becky’s voice still startles me. She is still wearing that impossibly short skirt, but now she has on a cut-off halter top that shows off her lithe belly to perfection. Her legs are truly amazing. I resist the urge to slide down further in my seat to see how much more of them I can view…

“Oh, hi there, Becky…if you’re looking for Merrill and David…”

The Devil takes over my tongue…

“They’re upstairs in her room…having sex…”

The girl flushes. I swear she shivers and presses her thighs tight together.

“How do you feel about that?” I demand. “What do you think of a much older person having a sexual relationship with a young person?”

“Well, I’m not sure that’s…”

I don’t give the girl the chance to finish. Mr Devil is now completely in charge…

“You don’t believe me do you! Come with me, I’ll show you…”

I get to my feet, scattering papers everywhere. Grasping her by the wrist, I lead Becky up the stairs to where I knew Merrill’s door will be wide open. She doesn’t offer any resistance, not even when I push her in front of me in the doorway so that she can see everything that is happening inside. Becky gasps and falls back against me. I hold her by the shoulders, keeping her there….

David is knelt astride my naked daughter’s head, his long cock pointing straight down for Merrill to lick and suck, which she is doing enthusiastically. Her long middle finger is buried deep in his ass, lunging rhythmically in time with her the movements of her mouth. Meanwhile, David is eating out her pussy. He too is fingering her anally, with at least two fingers spreading and stretching her sphincter, while the fingers of his other hand explore her pussy. They are so utterly absorbed in each other and their pleasure that they are unaware Becky and I are watching. In any case, I doubt they would care if they did know.

Becky trembles, staring at the scene before us, the tight rounds of her buns pressing back against my solid erection. She shows no inclination to leave now. In fact, yes! She is pushing back even more, making tiny circles with her ass-crack over my hard cock. I release her shoulders, running my palms down the warm skin of her arms, down until I grip her hips. She moans softly under her breath, humping my cock with increased purpose.

Mr Devil takes total control of me…

My right hand leaves her hip, sliding quickly down the outside of her skirt until my fingers meet the smoothness of her leg. Giving Becky no chance to protest, I climb rapidly back up underneath, grasping and kneading the firm globe of her buttock, and, from the rear, slipping the merest tips of my fingers beneath the constraining elastic into the warm, damp humidity between anus and vagina.

Becky gasps and grinds back on me once more. I ran my hand up over her hip, around to her heaving belly and fully into her panties, delving down towards the ultimate prize: the slippery wet slit between her thighs. Becky softly whispers: “No! Not here!” and quickly grips my hand to stop me from reaching my goal, holding it flat on her belly with the tip of my little finger buried in her lush pubic hair.

But, Mr Devil is not about to take no for an answer…

With my free hand, I push her mini up to her waist at the back and her panties down. Freeing myself quickly, I press my throbbing cock into gap at the tops of her thighs, rasping the ridged head along her pussy lips. It slides easily; she is very wet.

Becky’s knees sag. I have to grasp her around the chest to stop her from collapsing to the floor. My hand finds a firm, pliant breast; grasps it; kneads its unfettered resilience beneath her top. Becky moans again, but this time there is no “No!” just a muttered “Oh my God!”

She straightens and resumes her humping back at me, sliding her ever-moistening slash back and forth over the hot prong between her thighs. Her breath rasps raggedly in her throat. My fingers focus on the hard nubbin of her nipple, pinching; rolling; lightly tugging. She mewls “Please” and releases the hand she has held pressed to her belly.

I need no second bidding. I push my fingers down and under, over the plump, springy-topped mound and into the slippery wetness. I find my cock and press it harder into her cleft, harder against the hot clit sliding over it.

Becky rewards me with a second desperate “Please!”

I ease back until the head of my cock reaches the slick gateway to her body. Becky arches her spine, knees trembling, offering her womanhood expectantly for my taking.

Mr Devil decides that I should tease her…

I grasp my cock in my fingers. I twirl the bulging head over and around her entrance, dipping in just a millimeter or two and then withdrawing. Becky pushes back; tries to capture my cock with her wet nether mouth, but I keep my distance. Twirling…dipping…teasing…teasing…

And all the time Merrill and David feast on each other, still seemingly totally oblivious to Becky and me in the doorway, and our little sexual dance…

I whisper softly in Becky’s ear, pressing my cock just a little further into her wet cleft, “If you really want this I’ll be in my room, two doors along the passage…don’t be long.”

Becky nods, biting her lower lip, her breasts heaving. Despite the things we have been doing, she still stares wide-eyed at her brother and my daughter and what they are up to. I leave her to prepare myself; mentally in anguish that I have not broken the spell the promise of my cock has cast over her. Besides, I had to leave. I am too close to cumming and it is too early for that yet.

I need not have worried…

I am sat on the edge of my bed, naked beneath my bathrobe, waiting for her when she enters the room. She has kicked her shoes off somewhere along the way. There are high spots of colour in her cheeks and her nipples are stuck out hard under her thin halter top. And those legs! I have never wanted anyone more in my entire life!

“They ended up having anal sex,’ she says, quietly pushing the door shut behind her, ‘it was beautiful…”

I motion her to come to me, parting my thighs so that she can stand between them. My robe falls open at my waist, revealing the hard pole standing up from my groin. With her eyes fixed on my sex, Becky positions herself where I indicate. I place the flats of my palms on the outsides of her legs at knee level…

It seems strange asking at this point, but I still feel I have to. Perhaps it is an affirmation of the sexual charge that has built up between us: “Is this Ok with you?”

She nods…

I slide my hands further up the smooth warm skin to just under the hem of her skirt…

“And this?”

Becky nods again. I notice she has a light sheen of sweat on her upper lip…

Up further under her skirt…not asking permission now…grasping the waistband of her panties…pulling them down…down her thighs …down over her shapely calves…down to her ankles. Becky rests a hand on my shoulder to steady herself while she delicately steps out of them. They were once pristine white, but now they are stained with her excitement.

I look her in the eyes. Once again, I am astonished at the bright candour of her gaze…

“I can’t wait any longer…can you?”

Becky shakes her head, “I was ready back there…”

“Come here then…”

I help her to kneel astride me. I kiss her hard nipples through her top and she pulls it up and off and offers me her young, jutting breasts. I kiss and nibble at her bare teats. With a little cry, she crushes them to my face…

Urgency overtakes us now. Becky reaches down, undoes the tie, pulls my robe fully apart and thrusts it off my shoulders and arms to complete my nakedness. I push her mini right up to her waist. She quickly undoes a button and a short zip, and then pulls it up and over her head. I marvel at her youth, her tight body, the exquisite curves and planes of her, her firm little breasts, her taut belly, the springy golden tuft that only partially hides the stretched-apart beginning of her vaginal cleft.

Together we grasp my cock. The touch of her fingers sends a powerful jolt through me. Together we lead the throbbing head, slick with precum, down and under into the slippery, damp heat…

Becky gasps when my cock-head slides over her clit. She lowers herself onto me. Entry at last! A sharp squeak of pain tells me I am her first. Tight, hot wetness surrounds me. Living silk! Becky takes me deeper, pushing herself down over my hard heat. “Oh My!” she breathes, and buries her face into the side of my neck, clinging tightly with her arms around my back…

We are soon fully joined…breast to breast, belly to belly, pubis to pubis. Her sheath clasps me tightly, like a big warm hand. I can feel her every heartbeat through my cock! We begin to move…raising and lowering…shuddering breaths…soft, deep moans…wet sucking noises…the rising scent of female musk. Our tempo heightens…we reach a crescendo…my climax pulses through me without warning, shooting my warm sperm deep inside. Becky shudders violently. Her fingernails claw my back. She mewls sharply in my ear and then pulls tightly to me. I can feel the tumult happening in her vagina.

Slowly we return to earth; it is a luxurious homecoming. I notice that my bedroom door has been pushed open. Merrill and David, still naked, are standing in the entrance with their arms around each other. How long they have been watching Becky and I, I have no idea. They disengage from each other and clap their congratulations softly. I wave them away, anxious to take care of the warm, wonderful creature that still clings so tightly to me.

My cock softens and reluctantly slides from her body. Becky stirs and looks earnestly into my face. No laser beams now, just dewy softness…

“I guess I think older person-younger person relationships aren’t at all nasty after all…”

I cup a delicate young breast in my palm and rub the ball of my thumb across its pink tip. It responds instantly…

“Come, let’s lie down on the bed,” I tell her, “this older person is by no means finished with you yet!”

“Ooooo, good!” she smiles, climbing out of my lap and racing to the middle of the bed on her hands and knees to lie down, legs akimbo and hands behind her head. What a vision!

I stand up to get rid of my robe. Becky looks me over appraisingly…

“You have a nice body…”

“Yours is amazing!” I reply.

“I really meant it this morning when I said you were hot.”

“And I thought you meant I was sweaty!”

“That too…I think hot sweaty men are sexy…”

I crawl across the bed towards her. I can already feel my cock stirring back to life again. She pats the sheet, inviting me to lie down beside her. Becky doesn’t have to beg!

I release her hair from her ponytail. Long, golden, silky hair spills across the pillow…

“D’you like it?” she asks.

I twirl it around my fingers, “It’s beautiful.”

“I once had this kinky boyfriend when I was a junior at high school who liked to wrap it around his cock and masturbate.”

“How did you feel about that?”

“It was weird, but it kept him from trying to go too with me…I was far too young for intercourse…well, so I thought then.”

I let her hair flow through my fingers, “Damn! I wanted to be the first to do that!”

“You can’t be first at everything Mr Miller…Brendan! I have fooled around with guys quite a bit. But you have been first for one very important thing…the first one…and I hope there’s more to come…”

“Did it hurt bad?”

“Not as much as I thought it would…just a sharp sting…and then you made that go away pretty good!”

“If it’s still sore, I’d like to kiss it better.”

Becky spreads her legs wider apart, “Ummmmm! I think I’d like that very much!”

I kiss her ears…her eyelids…the tip of her nose. Becky pulls me down to kiss her mouth, something I am uncertain that she would want; after all, although she is a teenager, I am not. I kiss her chin…her throat…the tip of each perky little breast…her navel…all around her firm belly…down…twirling among her pubic hairs…down into the female fragrance…the salty-honey wetness…the quivering responses…the writhing orgasm…

Afterwards, I spread her wide…push her knees up to her chest and enter her…thrusting deep…possessing her utterly…driving us both to another shattering climax.

Later, after we have rested a short while, Becky takes me with her mouth, wrapping her silky golden hair around my cock and stroking my shaft with it until she sucks the sperm from me.

I want to have her again, but she protests that now she is indeed too sore. But then she makes my body and thoughts sing with her gravely spoken, “I am home for five more weeks…I want you to teach me everything you know…for us to have each other in every possible way we can…”

We shower quickly together. I invade Merrill’s sanctuary and find a clean pair of her panties – Becky’s are too wet for her to put on now that she is clean…I have them still, in an airtight plastic bag that I open occasionally to remind myself of her. And then we go down to the lounge to join Merrill and David. My wonderful daughter has tidied up the papers I left strewn all over….


Her look is a challenge. I raise my arms in surrender.

Becky and David stay to dinner. Simple pleasures…pizza…wine…laughter. Merrill and David disappear for a while before he and Becky have to head home. His sister and I get cozy in my big armchair until they have “done their thing”…like an hour later!

I escort my young lover through the darkness to the wall between our gardens. Merrill and David are right behind us. Before we say goodbye, Becky takes my hand and guides it up under her skirt to cup her pussy. The once dry pair of Merrill’s panties are now damp at their crotch. Reaching up and kissing the base of my throat, she murmurs, “I promise won’t be too sore tomorrow. Nite, nite, Lovely Older Person. Everything so far has been perfect. I hope you’re not too worn out.”

I pick her up and deposit her on the other side of the wall. “There’s plenty enough left for you, Young Baggage!”

Her “We’ll see about that!” comes with a cheeky grin and a quick squeeze of my groin. The hardness she finds elicits a sexy, “Ooooo, I hope that’s still around tomorrow!”

Merrill loops her arm through mine as we make our way back to our house. Strangely, even after today’s hot romp with Becky, the pressure of her breast on my elbow still has a sexual charge…

“Don’t get too fond of her, Dad…it’s only sex…”

I shrug ruefully, “Yeah, I know that in my heart of hearts. It’s going to be tough when the next five weeks are over, but I do know the score.”

My daughter squeezes my arm to her breast again, “It may not even last five weeks…young girls are notoriously fickle when it comes to relationships…”

But we did last the full five weeks. And true to Becky’s desires we tried everything I knew, and much more. When it came to our last “Goodbye” it was with passion and no regrets…and no tears. We still see each other occasionally, still friends, but the sex is finished between us.

What of Merrill and David? Well, things turned out somewhat differently for them. He is a qualified engineer now. He and Merrill have one child, a grandson for me, and she is carrying their second. Now that David is done with university they plan to get married…

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