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Devaro’s Lessons Ch. 02

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She wasn’t much to look at to most, with her brownish hair as it fell from the handkerchief over her head, and her raggedy apron that hid every curve Devaro knew was there. He could see potential beauty that was his to uncover as he watched her clean the floors of the brothel house. He had asked her name earlier. It was Jenna, he had asked knowing she was not one of the service girls, it didn’t matter; he wanted her name anyways.

He thought to give the young girl’s body more thought, but that would have to wait for now. He was currently occupied with the Madame. Madame was an older woman with curly blonde locks, one of Devaro’s personal favorites, and he was rather certain that he was one of her favorites.

Madame was famous for enjoying younger men, and he was one of these, but unlike many men who entered her brothel he liked to give pleasure as much as he liked to receive, and he willingly gave it to Madame now, right in the entrance on the cold wooden floor.

His beautiful naked body against her half dressed older figure, he let her run her hands down his muscular limbs as he suckled at her long nipples, listening to her moan. He had his hand under her skirt, rested between her thighs as he teased the open lips of her pussy, pushing two fingers inside her as her body began to flush pink alongside his.

It never took much to please Madame, and although his dick stood heavily erect against the soft skin of her thighs he had no intention of using it. No, he had other plans for his dick tonight as he saw young Jenna gaze into the scene he was creating. The simple way she blushed from watching excited him. He even managed to catch her eyes before she quickly turned and went to find another room to clean.

Devaro felt Madame’s breathing grow heavy against him and he suddenly left her nipples unattended as she moaned in protest. She always liked a man who knew how to give proper attention to her mature and sensitive nipples.

“Sorry Madame, but I have other places to be.” He smiled with his handsome white teeth, “But don’t worry, I wouldn’t dare leave you unsatisfied.”

She smiled as he lifted her knees and spread her legs wide over her head, taking in the sight of her opened and aching pussy before he brought his hand into her again, letting her juices coat his fingers before he urgently brought his mouth over her clit, suckling and teasing until he drew the ever important moans from her.

On her joyous commands he plunged his tongue into her depths, pulling her clit into his mouth and repeating the process until her body arched, her hips lifting to meet him and she exploded over him with a satisfied scream. As always he took the time to clean her before he left her. Now he went hurriedly, even as she offered to relieve the throbbing erection between his legs. No, he wouldn’t have her do that, he definitely had other plans.

Devaro knew exactly what he was waiting for as he waited in the dark night outside the brothel, and as he saw the shadow of Jenna’s small figure leave the brothel for the night he smiled to himself as he put on the mask that covered his eyes, the one he liked to wear when he worked.

He climbed onto the horse he led and slowly followed her as she walked through the streets, never expecting he was there. He knew she lived with her aunt, an old bitter woman he didn’t much care for, and he knew that he would have to get to her before she reached home, there was no need for an audience, not that he ever minded one.

Devaro waited until she came to an empty alley, by now he was closer, letting his horse take long strides. She was looking over her shoulder every once in a while towards his figure in the darkness. He teased her, picking up his pace and then slowing down whenever she did. He imagined her heart was racing by now, just the way he wanted it. He was getting closer to her, and noticed she was trying to look brave, walking ahead of him, acting as if she had somewhere to go.

He saw the end of the alley and decided he had given her enough time to attempt escape, and with a kick to his horse he was over her, she looked up with wide eyes and her mouth dropped, but he knew she was too frightened to scream by now, and all that escaped her was a small whimper as he lifted her onto the horse in front of him and held her tight, pressing his long knife into her chest as he spun the horse. He gave a quick warning.

“Don’t scream Jenna, I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

He made certain she saw and felt the knife, and she did as tears swelled in her big brown eyes. It didn’t take much to make this one cry, then again, most of them cried. He paid no attention to the tears or silent pleas coming from her as he found her breast through her robes and made sure he got a good feel. As he suspected, she was hiding treasures, her breast was round and heavy through her gown and he laughed against her ear when he felt her nipple harden against his hand.

Jenna continued to sob, loosing all sense of direction, she was bouncing against the horse and she could feel his erection hard against her back while he openly held her breast, just as naturally as one would hold a hand. The assault caused her mind to go somewhere else, anywhere else, but Devaro knew that, and he would eventually bring her back to him.

It was his neighbor’s barn he brought her to. He had prepared it especially for her, already lit with torches, the animals had been cleared out and a soft quilt had been placed over some hay, but he knew it would take a while to get there. He put his knife away before he suddenly shoved her from the horse, letting her take a good fall to help get some of the shock out. It seemed to work as she let out a small cry and crawled to her knees, taking a good look around before she looked up at him, sitting above her on the horse.

She could hardly see him, even in the torchlight; he just looked like a shadow towering above her, but she could see the flash of his deep eyes behind the mask and they brought fright into her, as if looking into them kept her frozen there on her shaky knees. She watched him pull his shirt open and remove it, revealing the masculine and intimidating chest and she suddenly leered back again, looking for a way out, she would have to pass him to get to the door. She ran for it.

Devaro laughed at her efforts and even let her reach the door before he was behind her, grabbing her and pulling her back into his arm, closing the door with the other.

“Please!” She cried.

“Why Jenna, there’s no need to beg.” He chuckled, pushing her back into the door where she began to struggle, pounding at his bare chest with her small fists.

They always fought back at first, and sometimes these futile attempts seemed annoying to Devaro. He withdrew his knife again and showed it to her. The knife always seemed to work, as it did now. He took hold of her slender neck and held her back against the wall, watching as she frantically shook her head in protest. He just smiled.

She closed her eyes tightly as he lifted the bottom of her skirt with his blade, taking a look at her long stocking-covered legs.

He suddenly released her neck and giving her no time to react he used his knife to cut directly up her robes, letting them fall open, her round breasts and darker nipples popped out and bounced in front of him and he took a moment to admire before her wits returned and she quickly crossed her arms, but in her attempt to cover what was hers she only pressed her breasts together in a provocative way and it brought another chuckle from Devaro’s mouth.

He quickly pulled the rag from her head and let her hair fall from under her covering before he stood back and crossed his arms, waiting for her to open her eyes as she stood shaking in front of him. He imagined that she thought that not seeing him would make him go away, she really should have known better.

“Jenna.” He said gently, “Be a good girl and turn around.”

She stood frozen, eyes clenched and arms crossed; she felt something with force fly by her hair and the pounding as something hit the door near her head with enough force to cause her eyes to snap open. Just near her face was the long knife, imbedded in the wood. He had thrown it and the thought of it being so close brought her to tears again, her fear giving her no time to react as he grabbed her bare shoulders and forced her to turn her back.

He held her against the cold door and she felt his fingers in the back of her leggings above the smooth curve of her ass. She screamed as he tore the leggings from her body in one yank and her pleas started all over again when his hands came down over her ass, cupping her but cheeks, she felt nice and firm and he couldn’t resist giving her a hearty slap before he spun her around again, meeting her eyes.

There was something more in her teary eyes now, it was that undeniable look of fear and anger he knew would come, and when she tried to lift her knee in an attack he simply grabbed her leg and forced it up, tripping her until her naked body fell to the floor beneath him in the most compromising position, her legs spread to give him a nice look at the small pink pussy between her legs.

Devaro stood above her shaking his head mockingly as she caught her breath and looked up. She began to close her legs but he was over her again, grabbing her hair as she whined in protest. He brought her to her feet and before she could figure out what was happening she was under a round wooden beam and he was securing one of her arms in the ropes hanging down. She began to struggle again but he quickly secured the other arm in the same way and stepped back to look over his work as she hung from the beam, her body jolting against the ropes, her round breasts dancing for his enjoyment.

He waited until she began to wear herself out, her head hung in shame as her body became still, swaying against the ropes, only her tattered old shoes swayed against the ground.

“Good girl.” Was all he offered while he casually walked to where he had placed the blanket.

Jenna glanced up in time to see her captor dig out a bottle of wine from the pile of hay, and she quickly lowered her eyes again when he looked her way, removing the cork from the bottle with his teeth and taking a drink. He brought the bottle to her and lifted her head, catching her eyes as he brought the bottle to her lips and forced her head back, letting the sweet liquid pour into her mouth as she choked. The red wine ran from her mouth down her neck and over her breasts and he took a moment to lick it from her salty skin as she swayed in the ropes, trying to avoid his wandering tongue.

Devaro placed the bottle at his feet and suddenly grabbed her curvy hips, pulling her body against him so she could feel the hardness hidden in his pants. She began to sob again and her head swayed tiredly against his shoulder for a moment as he held her there.

“Please don’t do this to me.” She begged.

“Shh.” He insisted.

He pushed her hips back again and brought his wet tongue over her neck, down her chest and over her nipple where he suckled her for a moment, waiting for her nipple to become hard with his teasing.

She gasped at the sensation and he took his time before he moved to the second nipple, giving it the same caring attention. He stepped back to look at his work, her nipples erect and her blushing cheeks as he looked over her.

He tweaked her nipples in his fingers before he moved one arm around her, grabbing a healthy piece of her ass in his hand, and with his other hand, he ran his fingers down her smooth naval and toyed with the dark curls over her pussy.

“Don’t.” She shook her head. “Don’t please.”


He ventured lower, finding the lips of her pussy and teasing her with his knowing fingers before he pushed further, rubbing along the damp path between her folds. He watched her body grow tense against her restraints as she swayed in attempts to avoid his hand. He took pleasure in watching her milky skin flush around him and watched as she bit her lip to suppress a moan as her pussy continued to grow wet against his touch.

Devaro continued on with his teasing until he could hear the slurp of her juices and she was wriggling against his hand, ready for more. He smiled to himself and softly kissed her neck, traveling with his lust-ridden clenching mouth down over each breast and then down her naval until he reached to soft curls where he tilted his head, allowing his wandering fingers to guide his tongue as he peered up at her through his mask.

He caught her eyes and her flushed face began to cringe as she shook her head again.

“Don’t.” She pleaded.

“Don’t stop?” He smiled, “I don’t intend to.”

“No!” She squealed as he lifted her legs, spreading them open as he pulled the slender limbs over his shoulders and plunged his tongue into her readied pussy, slowly drawing out her clit and listening as her objections turned into moans of pleasure.

He could feel her body tighten, her thighs in their attempt to strangle him. He could make her cum right now if he wished it, but her excitement brought him to stop abruptly and he carefully brought her shaking legs from his shoulders to hang again and he watched as she hopelessly wriggled her hips together searching for some type of release.

He caught her eyes again and he smiled seductively as she watched him lift the wine bottle and take a small drink, running his tongue over the bottle’s ring as if to torture her in the most dirtiest of ways. She was nearly horrified when a moan escaped her just from watching him.

What happened next had her crying out in plea again but he simply ignored her objections as he brought the bottle along the folds of her pussy, teasing her for a moment before he began to push the head of the bottle upwards, into her chasm, feeling his way into her depths until her body arched and her feet came from the ground, her thighs opening as he gently rotated the intrusion inside of her before he gently withdrew it and waited for her eyes to meet his again.

She watched him bring the bottle to his mouth, it was bathed in her juices as he slowly took in the length of the bottleneck, licking them all off as he drank.

She stared in awe as he teased her like this, but her entire hanging frame jolted when he suddenly dropped the bottle and came up against her, grabbing her hips and pulling her against him again. He gently searched out her mouth with his lips, pressing against her in a soft kiss as she whined in protest before she eventually submitted to his probing tongue in her mouth.

His hands stretched around her, pulling at the cheeks of her ass from both sides, spreading her from behind. She could to longer object because of the depth of his kiss, and when his prying fingers found the tiny hole of her bottom all she could do was shift against him as he gently rubbed at it, carefully pushing the tip of his finger around until the arousal came over her and she was shifting her pussy against his hip the best she could.

There was then her sudden cry through his kiss as the finger in her ass was met by something else, and in one motion he had pushed the cork from the wine bottle through her tiny hole.

Devaro smiled and stepped away from her as she struggled to fight the cork from her ass but all of her squirming only brought it in further, and he let it happen until her arms tired and she fell limp again, head sagging as she waited. When she finally lifted her gaze again she realized his pants were off, and he was naked in front of her, with the torchlight swimming over his body, her eyes could only rest on the long feature erect between his legs, shining against the dull light and staring at her directly. She froze in her fears as he neared; she couldn’t bring any sound from her own lips as he pulled her body close again, letting her feel his hardness against her hip.

He ran his hands down the curve of her bottom, reaching for the back of her knees as he brought one of her erect nipples into his mouth, tugging at it as he lifted her knees, pulling her legs around his waist until she understood where he wanted her and locked her feet together behind him.

He grabbed her waist firmly in his hands and in a gentle thrust he pushed his length into her tight, moist depths, mounting her on his organ as she strained against the ropes. Her head fell back and she moaned as he began to thrust into her, bringing one hand to her breast and his mouth to hers, kissing her with a distinct authority as his second hand moved around her, his fingers searching for the cork he had inserted in her ass and he gently pushed it deeper.

She jolted against him as her body heated, his thrusts became faster and she began to buckle her hips, making a good attempt to keep up with his actions.

A groan escaped Devaro as her pussy clenched around his organ and he quickly slowed and then drew out, stepping back as her legs fell and she hung helpless in the brink of orgasm. She met his gaze tiredly as she whimpered, not at all understanding why he refused to give her release.

He took a moment to catch his breath and made his way to the door, retrieving his knife before he went back to her and held it in the least threatening way possible. He even found her lips with is mouth again, kissing her in a reassuring way, even though afterwards her head dropped again in her attempt to hide. He lifted her chin with his thumb and flashed his white teeth at her.

“Are you ready for more Jenna?” He asked.

She whimpered pathetically as he drew her to his chest with one arm, crushing her breasts as he reached and used the blade to cut the ropes. She fell limply into his arms with shallow attempts of struggle, her arms to limp to throw her small punches and her legs to shaky to keep her balance.

He held her there for a moment waiting until she was able to find some of her strength and catch her balance. She was able to move away from him and he let her for a moment, until she reached back blindly for the plug in her ass. He did not charge after her but simply showed her the knife.

“Do not make me tie you up again Jenna.” He stated.

She stopped and glared at him, her juices dripping down her thighs and her pussy clenching at the opened space he had abandoned. He moved towards her and she flinched, but before she thought to run he lifted her small figure over his shoulder, ass in the air and just as quickly he had dropped her on the quilt and moved over her, dropping the knife just out of her reach.

She gasped as his hand moved between her thighs again, two fingers easily sliding into her wetness. She reached up and dug her nails into his shoulders, leaning her head back so his mouth could explore her long neck.

His hot male appendage tickled her naval as he arched over her before his hips dipped and he pushed his organ into her depths again, riding her slowly before he abruptly took hold of her hips and rolled her over him, mounting her over his dick and pulling her down the entire length of it as she moaned.

She stopped and stared at him, her captor completely relaxed as he brought his hands behind his head and gazed up at her through the eyes of his mask. It was like he could see through her, believing she wouldn’t run or attack.

“Go ahead Jenna.” He said, “Take what you need.”

She could feel his erection deep inside her, filling her as her body disobediently sucked the cork further into her ass. She couldn’t dismount him now if she wanted to. She needed some type of relief and she began to ride him, first slowly and then more rapidly, her slender hands finding the hardness of his chest and clinging to him as her needy pussy searched for what she wanted.

She felt something more between her thighs and realized his hand had moved to assist her, she began to moan against the intense pressure, her body clenching his appendage once again, her eyes widened and she gasped, ready for the explosion to come. But once again she was thwarted as his strong hands lifted her hips and forced her to leave him, her pussy still clenching the air where is dick was supposed to be.

She pouted and whimpered as she fell on her back and watched tearfully as he gently came over her again, wiping a tear from her face as she pleaded with his eyes. She felt completely at his will when he lifted her, turning her onto her belly as his hand ran over her ass.

She gripped at the quilt and the hay as he elevated her hips and there was a gasp as he removed the cork wedged tightly into her hole. She suddenly realized the predicament she was in and she tried to arch her back, lowering her ass to escape him, but instead her pussy fell over his fingers, mounting them as he teased her thighs open.

“Wait!” she pleaded, “You can’t…”


The head of his dick slid over the soft crack of her ass and she shrieked as it poked into the small hole and he slowly pushed into her. She heard him moan against her ear as the pain subsided and his fingers mercilessly prodded her clit, her juices running down her opened thighs, his sounds of pleasure in her ears sending a throbbing throughout her body and her cries began to echo his and suddenly she wasn’t ready to cum, she wanted it to last longer, just a little longer…

His seed filled her rectum and she screamed as her orgasm came, shaking her until she fell and he collapsed over her, taking a moment before carefully rolling off and pulling her against his chest.

Devaro kissed the forehead of his captive as she relaxed in his arms, still shaking from her own pleasure. She met his eyes and opened her mouth to speak but he placed a finger at her lips.

“Shh.” He insisted.

She did as she was told and they fell asleep within the barn. In the morning Jenna was alone, a new gown with a low neck laying over her naked body, and in her hand, a note. She felt her face flush as she lifted the thin paper, wondering what her captor had to say.

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