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Booted Encounter

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Peter was dozing on the London bound train. It was 8.30 on Friday evening. He had had a busy week’s work, and as he had nothing planned for the weekend, he had decided at the last minute to head into London in search of some fun.

Aged 25, tall, good-looking with shortish, dark hair, he had little problem in pulling girls when he had the mind for it, but had no interest at present in a long term relationship.

He was wearing his favourite casual gear – black t shirt, black leather jeans, and expensive looking, black cowboy boots.

He became aware that the train was pulling out of a station – the last stop before Paddington, and that several girls had joined the previously empty carriage and had sat down close around him – one each side and two opposite. They were clearly friends. Aged early twenties, he guessed, and they were laughing and chatting away to each other; he decided to take a look and listen in without letting them know that he was now awake.

Keeping his eyes almost shut, he glanced first at the girl on his left, and did a quick double take. Not only was she drop-dead gorgeous but her clothes and footwear were amazing. A speedy scan of the others showed that he had really hit the jackpot – All four were fantastic looking, and really dressed to thrill, he thought to himself.

The dark-haired beauty on his left was wearing an outfit made of antique-look grey/brown leather. Her short, tight, leather crop-top had cross-lacing down the front, and lacing across the gap about an inch wide down each side. Matching leather hipster hot pants had similar cross-lacing at the fly front and gap lacing at the sides. Below that he could see about three inches of trim flesh above the tops of her high, pull-on style thigh boots which were in the same colour. They had high but walkable heels – about 3 inches, he guessed.

The size of the train seats meant they all had to sit close, and he could feel the side lacing of her hotpants against his hips.

Now it has to be said that among Peter’s principal fetishes were leather clothing and boots, particularly of the thigh or crotch high variety; this girl was wearing one of the most erotic outfits he had ever seen, and he was starting to feel turned on just by the sight of her; he was rather relieved that he had a newspaper on his lap to conceal his embarassment.

He moved his eyes slowly and carefully to the girl on his right. An attractive, long haired blonde, she did not disappoint him either. She was wearing tight dark red leather jeans with a broad black belt. The jeans were tucked into high black leather pirate thigh boots, with Cuban heels and turnover tops. A shortie red denim shirt with a short, black waistcoat over it left her midriff bare and showed off her pierced belly button and the gold ring through it.

He could feel the leather to leather contact between his jeans and hers, as they sat beside each other.

Opposite him, one of the other girls, slightly shorter than the others, had curly dark red hair and was wearing a skin-tight, black, glove-leather catsuit with one of those long zips that continued from the high neck right down until it disappeared into her crotch, ending, he guessed, at the top of her ass crack. She had her legs slightly apart and he could make out the shape of her labia under the leather each side of the zip.

No panties there, he thought to himself, aware of his cock swelling and stiffening into a full erection. Under the newspaper he carefully adjusted the position of his cock within his leather jeans so that it was comfortable – full length up the line of his zip.

The girl’s catsuit was tucked into long, overknee boots in dark red, with a zip up to calf height and high stiletto heels – they had a split at the top back with loose lacing.

The last girl, a tall slim attractive blonde with a stylish short hair cut was wearing ultra tight grey denim jeans with several ‘designer’ rips, tucked into knee length cowboy boots with long, pointed, slightly chisel toes, and medium heels. They were chunky, in tough, mid-tan matt hide, with contrasting darker stitched-on leather decoration, and straight tops with pull-on loops at the sides, and they were a loose fit around the jeans tucked into them. She wore a dark grey, coarse cotton shirt, unbuttoned enough to give a glimpse of her breasts, and a pale grey “fake fur” sleeveless gilet.

Peter started to tune in to their conversation. He picked up their names – Jackie on his left in the hotpants outfit, Sue on his right with the red leather jeans and pirate thigh boots, catsuited Louise and blonde Emma in the jeans, cowboy boots and fur gilet.

They were a group of friends, all passionate about leather and boots and on their way to a drinks and dance party at a London house, where they would be meeting up with more like-minded friends of both sexes; from the distinctly crude girl talk it was very clear that they were not planning a chaste temperance evening.

They were also all eyeing Peter up, and from the way they were talking and discussing him and estimating the probable dimensions of his cock, they clearly believed he was still asleep.

“Let’s see if we can sex him up, and get him a really nice strong hard-on, without him realising what we are up to,” said Jackie, the hotpants girl on Peter’s left.

“Nice one,” laughed Sue on his right. “We can use the jolting of the train to hide what we are doing as he wakes up”.

Two can play at that game, thought Peter.

Gradually he became aware that each time the train swayed, so the girls either side of him were subtly and gently touching, and then pressing, the full length of their thigh boots against his leather-clad legs and his boots.

The pressure was not continuous so that it appeared to be caused by the motion of the train, – if he had not known better. He felt an almost electric tingling thrill as the leather of their thigh boots came into intermittent contact with his outer thighs and boots, and from knowing that this was deliberate on the girls’ part.

He had always enjoyed this sort of contact and had been known on occasion to use exactly the same tactic, if an attractive girl in boots was sitting next to him on the train. For his own part he ensured that when the pressure was being applied he gently applied opposite pressure himself, increasing the contact and the sensation.

By now the conversation of the girls had turned to the number of different orgasms and positions they were hoping to enjoy that evening. This ‘dirty’ talk, coupled with the pressure of these thigh boots against him, the sight of these lovely girls and the mixed aroma of their scent and sexual charge all worked together to give Peter a massive erection.

Something had to happen, and by chance a jolt of the train made his newspaper fall off his lap. The girls immediately saw the great bulge in his tight leather jeans, and at the same time realised he was fully awake.

“What a whopper! How long have you been awake? And what have you heard?” joked Jackie.

“Not long,” lied Peter. “And I just love all your boots and leather gear.”

“So we see! How about this, then?”

Jackie lifted her right thigh boot and hung it over Peter’s left thigh. Sue followed suit on his right.

“Now let’s have a feel,” said Sue, licking her lips, and without waiting for Peter’s OK she moved her left hand to his cock, gently feeling it from the outside of his leather jeans, and rubbing it slowly and sensuously. “That sure is big.”

Sue at the same time put her left hand on Peter’s leg beside her boot, and through his leather jeans he could feel her fingers moving gently over his thigh.

For Peter the sensations were exquisite, but the pleasure had only just begun. Jackie took Peter’s left hand, and placed it on the top of her own right thigh boot, by touch inviting him to feel her boots, then her exposed few inches of thigh and on to her leather hot pants. He saw her push her long middle finger down through the front lacing of her leather hot pants and wriggle it around.

“Have a sniff of my lovely cunty scent while you feel me up,” she said withdrawing the finger and holding it under Peter’s nose.

The finger was covered in shiny slimy secretion, and that familiar delicious smell of female cunt juice almost made Peter cum in his pants. Jackie took care to leave a little smear under Peter’s nose so the perfume would linger in his nostrils.

By this time he had also started feeling Sue’s soft leather boot top and massaging her inner thigh through her leather jeans. As he felt on up towards her cunt he was amazed to find that below the zip the crotch had been unstitched, allowing his fingers easy access to her juicy holes. She was wearing only the tiniest of thongs, which proved no obstruction to his probing fingers.

“That’s another custom of our group,” laughed Sue, as she gently stroked up and down with her finger tips over the front of his leather jeans. “No unnecessary obstructions to prevent access for fingers, or for that matter pricks or dildos! Now just take a look over there.”

The sexually charged atmosphere had clearly also had its impact on Emma and Louise opposite. Emma had opened her legs and Peter could see that her tight grey denim jeans had a similar unstitched open crotch below the zip, which was one of those that could be separated completely at the bottom. Emma’s zip was now wide open and gaping and she was vigorously rubbing her own pussy and clit with two fingers in a circular motion.

At the same time Louise had lifted her ass slightly off the seat so that Emma could reach behind her and undo her catsuit zip from the back. Louise had a glazed look in her eyes, as she lay back with her legs wide apart, her catsuit now open up to the top of her pubes; Emma’s cowboy-booted leg hung over Louise’s own thigh boot, and Emma, using the hand that was not already fingering her own pussy, was slowly and gently pushing her left index finger in and out of Louise’s cunt. At the same time they started gently to probe each other’s mouths with their tongues.

“They’re actually not les,” joked Jackie, “but we all enjoy a bit of bi now and again, particularly if there’s a man shortage”.

I do hope at least one of them is really hairy and unshaven, Peter had been thinking to himself.

The next moment his left hand fingers wormed their way in through the cross lacing at the front of Jackie’s hotpants, which he found extended down much further than a normal fly opening. He discovered the answer to his prayer; he could feel that she had a really hairy bush and that there was hair all around her labia, now wet and slippery with her cunt juices.

“Hope you don’t mind hairy!” Jackie appeared to be reading his mind.

“Certainly not. It really turns me on,” said Peter, revealing his third (but not last!) fetish.

“That’s good because most of us prefer natural, and some of us are pretty hairy. Men rarely seem to object, and quite a lot of them love it. We find it sexy. It also holds the smells.”

Meantime his exploring right fingers had found Sue’s little piercing near her clit. Her juices too were flowing nicely, and she moaned softly as Peter’s finger circled wetly round her clit and its little gold ring.

Peter was becoming worried that the train was nearing London and that this incredible and brilliant experience would be over before it had really got under way.

He need not have worried.

He was trying to work out tactics to get phone numbers and keep in touch, when Jackie, who appeared to be the leader and spokesperson of the group, said “Seems you and we have a lot of interests in common. We’re having a party tonight, and we’d like to see and feel a bit more of your lovely great cock. Any chance of you joining us?”

Peter did not hesitate “Love to come,” he said “and cum,” he added. “By the way I’m Peter.”

“That’s settled then. But I think we have just time to give you a nice bj before the train gets in.”

So saying Jackie pulled down Peter’s zip and liberated his engorged prick. It sprang out of the leather, big, hard and fully erect.

“What a beauty – and I see you don’t wear pants.”

“Only a leather posing pouch and thong occasionally for atmosphere. I like the feel of leather next to my skin,” he said. “I hope bareback is OK with you?”

Fine for us” answered Jackie “though we do occasionally like a laced leather condom for the feel.”

With that she moved her head down to his cock and started running her tongue up and down it, lapping over and round the purplish helmet and flicking lightly with her tongue at his frenum, making Peter tense up. She licked off the little bubble of precum at the tip, and gently gripped around the head with her lips, pushing up and down more strongly and sensing that Peter was already having difficulty holding back. By now Sue was also licking round Peter’s balls and the bottom part of his prick.

At the same time the girls made it clear with their hand pressure that they wanted Peter to continue frigging their clits gently with his fingers. They were enjoying the sensations, as he knew what he was about, but they were content to save their orgasms for later.

“OK then, Emma and Louise’s turn, I suppose” said Jackie reluctantly, and she and Sue swapped places with them.

Emma immediately got on her knees in front of Peter and started to deep throat him, at the same time tickling his balls and the bottom end of his prick with the bottom of her furry gilet. Peter sniffed his fingers with the lovely juicy slime of Emma and Louise on them, and licked them one by one.

Louise could see that she was not going to get near Peter’s cock for a time, and decided on alternative action. She pushed Peter sideways and down onto the seat and crouched over him, with her juicy cunt lips projecting through the opening in her catsuit just in front of Peter’s mouth. She gripped Peter’s head gently between her leather catsuited thighs. Peter reached out and gripped her around her thighboots, enjoying the feel of the leather.

He could now see that Louise had a dark red bush which extended down either side of her labia. He reached out his tongue and started licking around and into her cunt. Louise started to move her body slightly up and down against the movements of his tongue and he could feel the leather of her catsuit gently rubbing the sides of his face. She moved her body higher so his tongue automatically started to probe downwards. He guessed what she had in mind.

“Now lick my ass, please,” she whispered in his ear, moaning softly in time with his tongue thrusts.

He had no reluctance to comply with this request. He let his tongue roam on down and started to probe up and down Louise’s asscrack, finding to his delight that she was quite hairy in this area too. He savoured the mixed scents of pussy juice that had dribbled down out of her cunt mingling with the sweety acidy aroma of pee and the stronger headier asshole scent, that exotic combination that had been held in by the tight leather and which was capable of driving men wild.

God, this is far better than sniffing used panties, he thought, as he started to rim round her delicate, puckered, tight little asshole with his tongue. He felt it contract involuntarily from the pushing of his tongue and could hear her grunting with enjoyment. His lips and mouth area up to his nose were slimy with Louise’s scents and juices.

At the same time he could feel himself close to climaxing as Emma ran a finger under his balls, and up his asscrack. He could feel that she must have lubricated her finger, with spit or from her own cunt, before she gently pushed it a little way into his asshole and then slowly in and out in time with her sucking up and down on his cock.

He started to thrust urgently up against the down movements of Emma’s mouth. She felt him about to cum and started to grip even harder and push with longer, faster strokes. Louise reluctantly moved off Peter and to one side, giving him a playful kiss on the tip of his nose as she did so.

“I’m just cumming,” he shouted, to give Emma time to pull away if she wanted, but she didn’t.

He spurted into her mouth, and as he did so he felt her swallow. She opened her mouth a little and some of his come ran down the side of his cock. She quickly rolled her tongue round licked it up and swallowed again.

“Lovely,” she said. “Now give us a kiss and let me taste those lovely juices of Louise’s too”.

Emma sniffed the scents on his lips and gave him a deep tongue kiss. She licked enthusiastically round his lips.

“Hey, leave some for me to enjoy!” said Peter.

“Right, girls and boy, time I’m afraid! We’re just about to arrive”, said Jackie.

“One of us already has,” smiled Peter, and they all laughed. “That was fantastic”

“You weren’t so bad yourself,” joked Louise. “Some unfinished business I think, but plenty of time to sort that out later!”

They all quickly separated, wiped themselves and the seats with tissues, and managed to do up their various zips and lacing just as the train pulled into Paddington.

“We’ll get a taxi,” said Jackie and they all piled in.

Peter was now being treated as an old friend, He looked forward with eager anticipation to the rest of the evening, hoping to repay with interest the pleasure he had just had, and thinking of all those lovely boots, all that leather, all those juicy hairy cunts, all those exquisite aromas…

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