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Sometimes the First Time Is the Charm

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First kiss, first fuck, first this, first that. They say you never forget your first time. Firsts create memorable imprints that often remain with us forever. Whether you lull in the warm glow of your embellished memory of that first time, like I’m doing here, or cringe in embarrassment at the fiasco is not the point.

Either way these experiences can have a profound effect in formulating our adult psyches. This was the case with my first real spanking experience.

I’m not talking about those sexy swats we have all delivered to our lover’s ass during foreplay. You walk in the room and she is bending over in a perfect position, bending over the couch looking for the remote, or he is just out of the shower, naked and facing away, and his ass is just too tempting-when the situation arises sometimes we just can’t resist landing a good resounding slap. Those times are great but I’m talking about that first time you are facing a beautifully proffered ass for the sole purpose of spanking. The air you’re breathing seems thin, you feel your heart beat in your head, and the only thing on your mind is, how did I get here, how do I begin?

It was about thirty years ago when I realized I had gotten obsessed with D/s and particularly OTK-over-the-knee spanking. My attempts at bringing this fetish into our bedroom bombed miserably. My wife gave it one attempt before deciding it was not for her. She said it seemed abusive and demeaning to women. I didn’t want to have an affair. This was about something else that I didn’t really understand. I tried to find someone willing to stretch herself over my lap for an erotic spanking for a few years with no luck. Finally, I stumbled on a post by a woman who said she was a pro sub into spanking. Strange as that seemed—I had seen numerous adds by “professional doms and dominas ready to dish out everything from loving domination to strict disciplinary spankings-I promptly responded. I told her I was new to spanking, but really wanting to learn about it.

She was so nice on the phone, leading me through the conversation she asked me about my expectations, answered my questions, and told me about her fee and about her limits. She was specific; there would be no intercourse. She discussed scenarios and role-play and told me to think about something I might like and to give her as a brief set-up of the scene before I got there. When I arrived at her upscale hotel in Boston I called the number she had given me from the lobby as instructed and she gave me her room number. I was both relieved and surprised when she opened her door and invited me in. She was about 5’6”, light blond, fair with sparkling blue eyes and she had a really nice welcoming smile and manner. She was very pretty, thin but quite shapely, (yes that means mid sized bust, narrow waist, nicely toned legs, and a round, well defined ass.) We talked for a few minutes then she said why don’t we start.

I felt so awkward. I asked her if I could go out and knock on her door again. She smiled and said she liked that. I went out in the hall, knocked lightly and she let me in. So funny, I began my intro, flubbed my beginning and asked her if I could start over. She giggled at my awkwardness and gave me a little reassuring kiss on the cheek and said, “sure you can.” Can you imagine this? It was priceless…well actually it was pretty expensive. I went back out in the hall and knocked again.

Take 2

I knocked on the door to her apartment. I was here to talk with Miss Partridge about her three-month review with our firm. This was going to be difficult because she was not doing well and, as department manager, I was the one who had to tell her we would be letting her go. She flung her door open interrupting my preparation.

“Hello Mr. Reins, I’m so glad you could come to talk with me. I know it’s unusual to visit a new employee at her home but…well, you are just so sweet to come by.

“Well, thank you for inviting…” she cut me off with her continued hospitality.

“OH, don’t stand there in the hall, Mr. Reins, come in. Let me take your coat. Sit Down. Can I get you a drink?”

“No Thank you, Miss Partridge”, I said. Then I cleared my throat and went on.

“Miss Partridge, This is unusual and a bit uncomfortable for me.” I shifted in my seat on her large overstuffed couch. Her apartment was nice; furnished well, colorful with a hint of the “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy” designer look.

“Why do you feel uncomfortable, Mr. Reins? Is there a problem?”

I eyed her warily. Could she actually be this naive, this unaware of the problems she was causing in the office.

“Miss Partridge, I’m afraid there is a problem. Your performance these past three months has been adequate but you have been causing such distractions that the whole rate of production in the office has fallen off since your arrival. I’m afraid I am here to tell you we will be letting you go.”

“But I don’t understand why the whole office’s bad performance would be my fault,” she said in a distressed tone.

“You have been quite a distraction to the men and even the women on our floor since you arrived.” This was going to be much harder than I thought.

I don’t understand…” she said. The tears in the corners or her eyes made her look so vulnerable. Sue Partridge was very attractive. With her straight blond hair, clear blue eyes and trim but shapely figure She looked like Heather Graham. The problem was that she flirted with anyone in pants-male or female- she dressed much too provocatively and she shamelessly showed off her body and teased everyone with her every movement.

“But, Mr. Reins, I thought I was doing a good job and that everyone liked me.”

“I do…I mean we all do but Miss, Partridge, but you have been driving all the men and even some of the women totally to distraction with your short skirts, and your low cut blouses. It’s as if your every movement in the office is designed to tease or show off your body.”

I drifted off the end of my sentence as she eyed me warily. I thought I even saw a hint of a smile at the corner of here mouth but she quickly pursed here lips and furrowed her brow into of look of put-on worry. I tried to pick it back up, “No One is getting anything done. When you go to the water cooler three guys get up and follow you. There have been more pencils dropped in front of your desk in the past ninety days than since I came to this company nine years ago. And when you grab a stack of files to replace in the cabinets why does it always seem that they have to go in the bottom drawers? Really Miss Partridge, men are practically hanging around you like puppy dogs.”

“But that’s not my fault. I can’t help it if they like me. Mr. Reins, I can’t lose this job…I just cant.” Tears began to flow and I had to stern myself and stay on task.

“I am sorry Miss …”

She looked in my eyes and said, “Please call me Lori, Mr. Reins,” she said as she shifted closer to me. In a lowered voice she asked, ” Is there anything I can do to keep my job? I promise to stop flirting with the guys. I’ll wear long skirts and dress like a spinster even. I’ll focus on my job. You’ll see; I’ll do better”

“I’m sorry Lori, I don’t think you could do anything to hide your assets…and It would be a pity if you tried to do that.”

“huh?” she looked up at me. Then she proceeded more carefully. “Do you…I mean is there something I could do to save my job. I mean…”

“Well, Lori, I really don’t think it would be possible to hide your looks or change your behavior at this point. I do think that I could probably arrange to keep you on but I’d move your desk to a less public spot. My typist is leaving. Perhaps I could move you to my outer office.” I hesitated then added, “But, of course there would have to be some discipline or reprimand for your failure in this first review.” Lori smiled and looked straight ahead.

“And …what would you have in mind, Mr. Reins…”

“Lori, you can call me Lewis. It’s only fair if I can call you Lori while I’m spanking you that you should call me Lewis.” I paused for effect. My knees were shaking a bit but I maintained my poker face and stared at her profile as she turned to meet my gaze. She began to play her protest card.

“Excuse me, Mr. …Lewis but what did you just say?”

“Miss Lori, I said, that the way for you to keep you job …the only way is for you to lay across my lap and take an old fashioned bare bottom spanking for your failure in your review. Do you understand me?”

She met my gaze with a soft pout then slid closer to me and before bending forward she whispered, “Yes, Lewis, I understand you.” Then she stretched out across my lap so her round behind was over my right thigh. I placed my left hand on the small of her back and slide my right over the contour of her very shapely ass.

“yes, I thought you would see it my way.”

My Temp Worker secretary slid across my lap like a cat stretching to her full length. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears above the roar of my anxiety. She locked her knees out straight behind her. This lifted and tightened the muscles of her calves and thighs accentuating the shape of her ass. Her position with her weight supported by her elbows on the couch and her legs locked lifted her tummy slightly off my thighs. I placed my hands on her body. She was wearing a thin silky pale yellow print dress-casual but so thin I could feel the outline of her panties beneath the thin fabric. I slid my left arm over the small of her back and around her waist so that I could caress her soft tummy. I explored the shape of her ass with my right hand.

Lori coached me along, “How many spanks will I get Mr. Reins?”

“Ten, Lori.” I choked out my reply.

“OH, that’s not bad.” She said.

“On each cheek!” I blurted out a little too quickly and loudly.

Lori giggled at my nervousness. I caressed her curves for a bit then finally took that first swat at Lori’s lusciously spankable ass.

“Ouch!” She cried out probably more in surprise than in discomfort.

“Do you want me to count them for you Sir?” she asked and I told her to count the strokes and to say thank you after each one.

So that is how my first spanking began. I knew there was not going to be any sex because we had talked about that on the first phone call. I got into it after that first spank. When I thought I had warmed her behind I lifted her dress over the small of her back and peeled her panties down to her knees. This was something I enjoyed so much I did it several more times that night in different positions. After her over the knee spanking I asked her to stand up. She straightened her skirt and stood before me.

“Lori, why is it that whenever you have to re-file client folders you seem to always have the ones that go in the bottom row of drawers?? Do you save the W,X,Y,Z clients to file when the men are all at there desks watching you?

“noooo Mr. Reins. It just seems to work out that way.” She delivered every line as if she had rehearsed my silly script all in advance.

“…And WHY do you always bend at the waist with your legs spread and locked. You look like a stripper on stage, Miss Lori.” I actually raised my voice. I was getting into it. “Didn’t you ever see the way the Playboy Bunnies where taught to bend at the knees to pick up a dropped napkin? It was called the Bunny Dip.”

“I don’t understand what you mean, Mr. Reins. Can you show me?”

“I will show you but first show me how you would put this folder in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet.” I handed her a magazine and pointed to the bottom drawer of the dresser.

“OK,” she said and proceeded to bend to a ninety-degree right angle with her feet apart and her legs locked to perfection. She really was stunningly beautiful in that farm girl in the city kind of way.

She turned her pretty face back to look at me and said, “This is how I do my filing, Mr. Reins. Is this what you talking about?” She tick-tocked her ass in sync to her last few words for effect.

“Stay that way, Lori,” I groaned in a horse whisper. I came up behind her and slid my hands around her waist—she pressed back against me—and down the outsides of her thighs before jockeying up to her side for a second bout of spanking. We dropped the number counting at that point and I fell so completely into her spell that I followed my role without thinking. I spanked her and caressed her behind for a while before lifting her skirt over her back and pulling her panties down for the second time of the night.

After a spell in this position I asked her if she would kneel on the bed. Once again she did as I asked. She was completely accommodating to my every instruction. Sometimes I thought she could read my mind. I was in someone’s hands that really knew what she was doing. It felt as if Lori wanted to teach me or give me a real experience. Of course she could read my mind; I was transparent. She knew me inside out. Lori slipped out of her dress and panties and kneeled on the bed. I spanked her harder than any of the time before. When I was afraid I might be spanking too hard-I was probably getting worn out too-I stopped and slid my hand between her thighs she was very wet. She didn’t stop me as my fingers parted her lips and slipped inside her. I leaned in closer to her face and kisspered…

“Is there anything that you really like?”

She eyed me cautiously as if to decide if she could trust me, then she said,

“I like the strap.”

“The strap?” I asked tentatively.

“Yeah, sometimes I like to be beat with a leather strap… kind of hard.” Her eyes met mine and didn’t flinch or blink. Her expression was soft and open.

“Would you like to try that?” I smiled and said, “Yes, Lori.”

And so she handed me a broad three inches wide leather belt. Lori then lay naked on the bed and presented her self to me. I strapped her tentatively at first but then harder and harder. My focus was trancelike on her cherry red ass. I was being as carefully as I could to not turn the belt and catch her with an edge or strike her in the wrong place. I watched her reactions for any sign of protest. I strapped her harder than I have ever spanked, paddled, or strapped anyone since. When she had enough she raised her hand up behind her to signal me to stop. Lori stood up, took a deep breath, and turned to me with a flushed look on her face. I took her in my arms and held her a long time. After a while she kissed me like she might someone with whom she had just shared an intense experience. We talked as she slipped back into her panties and her sheer yellow dress. I don’t remember what we spoke about but just before we left I asked her how I did as a first time spanker.

“You did just fine, Mr. Reins.” Her smile was as warm and as bright as when I first walked in her door—nothing dark and depressive. I think I fell in love with her.

After it was over I thought about her many times. I emailed her and thanked her and told her I would come and see her again but for some reason I don’t quite understand I never did.

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