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It Started in January

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Christmas then January and Ted’s four weeks annual leave and he just couldn’t wait to get to the shack. We had bought the place a year after we got married. That was about eight years ago and we had spent every Christmas and January plus other times at the place since then.

We had got the place cheap as it was so run down. It hadn’t been too bad at first because we spent most of the time putting it in order, you know, repairs, painting, that sort of thing.

That had been fun, but now all that had been done a long time ago and I must admit that the novelty of owning the shack was long over for me and I found it somewhat boring.

It was okay for Ted because he’s a mad keen fisherman, a pastime I don’t share. He’s got a boat and he goes out in it almost every day while we are there, leaving me alone in the shack. To be fair he does keep us supplied with fish, and because we freeze a lot of them it lasts the year round.

I’m not complaining about the shack itself, it’s very nice since our work on it, but ridiculously big for a just two people. It’s really two shacks. You see the people who owned it before us had bought the place like us when they first got married. That would have been about fifty years before we bought it. Then it had two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and shower. As their children came along they expanded and virtually doubled the size of the place adding two more bedrooms another kitchen/dining room and shower room.

Ted and I intended to have children. In fact we’d been trying to have them for a long time with no success. At the time in question Ted was thirty four and I was thirty and it was getting close to the time when we might have to have tests to find out if anything was wrong.

You see, the problem with the shack as far as I was concerned was its isolation. It is about three hundred kilometres from the State capital, Adelaide, and forty five kilometres from the nearest town if you needed to do some shopping.

The place itself wasn’t all that salubrious with nowhere much to walk. You could walk along the beach one way or the other way, and inland there was really nowhere to walk that was of interest.

We had invited friends, usually married couples, to come and spend time with us at the shack. The general idea was that I would have some female company while the men went off fishing. That worked fine for a while but eventually our invitations were rejected with excuses like, “Oh, we’ve made plans to take an overseas trip,” things like that. I had little doubt that they, or at least the women, found it as tedious as I did.

By now you must be thinking that I’m just a complaining bitch, but when we weren’t at the shack I had my part time job at the local pharmacy, some work for the church and a couple of volunteer jobs. So you see I was normally quite busy.

Now alongside all that negativity let me put a positive. Ted was a manager with “The Company.” It was a rather stressful job and going to the shack relaxed him. The more he relaxed the randier he got, and the randier he got the happier I was.

You must understand I am a very eager lady where sex is concerned. Depending on your point of view I am one of those fortunate women who come very quickly and frequently. During one coupling with Ted I often have three orgasms one after the other. It’s bloody agonising and wonderful.

Once down at the shack Ted takes me at least once a day and often twice, and if I get lucky three times in a day. I don’t think I’m a nymphomaniac or anything like that; it’s just that I enjoy sex, and I can’t recall a time when Ted approached me when I wasn’t ready for him.

As I’ve said, I wanted children and I held to the view that the more times Ted made love with me the more chance there was of getting pregnant. That’s a bit illogical I suppose since it only takes one of those little spermatozoa to do the job.

That’s enough about all that, so on to the time in question.

On Christmas Eve of all times we took off for the shack. Pulling a bloody great trailer with Ted’s boat on it, and the car packed to the brim with food, clothing and other paraphernalia, we headed out of our suburb.

It seemed as if everyone else was heading somewhere as well, and the roads were jammed with traffic. After what seemed like endless red traffic lights we finally got onto the main road. Pulling the boat trailer meant that our speed was limited, and one could almost feel the impatient fury of those behind us waiting to make the suicide dive past us.

After about eighty kilometres we came to a town that seems to consist largely of petrol stations and eating places. Beyond the town roads began to branch off, and taking a left hand turn we were on a relatively clear road.

Through wheat and barley country with some scattered towns we drove, and after about three hours we were on the last leg of the journey. Then at last we turned onto the track that led to the shack.

We unloaded and stowed away, and Ted unhitched the boat trailer and re-hitched it to an old tractor he uses to pull it down to the beach.

“I’ll bet he’ll be out there fishing as soon as he can,” I sighed to myself.

I was wrong.

I was in the kitchen reaching up to a high cupboard to put something away when I heard him come in. The next thing I knew he was cupping my breasts with his hands and saying, “You’ve got beautiful tits, Kate.”

Since he’d obviously handled them and sucked on my nipples many times, it might seem odd that he made that comment, but it was one of his standard approaches when he was going to fuck me.

In all modesty I must say that I had always thought of my breasts as one of my most alluring features. They are large, firm with nice pink nipples, and certainly Ted, and a couple of boyfriends I had before Ted, appreciated them. Ted would often spend ages just fondling my breasts and suckling me, and frequently went to sleep after we’d made love still holding one of them.

He started to undo the buttons of my shirt and since I was not wearing a bra he soon had my naked breasts in his hands. God I love the way he fondles them, so gentle yet so sensuous. My breasts are about the only thing about me that is big, the rest of me is quite small, including my vaginal tunnel, and that makes for an added thrill when Ted penetrates.

Ted picked me up and carried me into the old dining room that we now use as a lounge area. There we have a huge divan on which we often make love, and now he laid me on it; off came my shirt, jeans and panties, and then Ted stripped himself.

My God he had a massive erection. I could see his blood engorged shaft that appeared to be throbbing in time with his heart beat. I looked at his testicles and they seemed to be swollen with semen. You might have gathered that Ted is very well hung – very well indeed.

He came down beside me and took a breast into his hand whispering, “I’m going to fuck you to death, you beautiful slut”; another common expression with him when he’s really worked up. If I’m going to die I can’t think of a better way to go.

I pulled his head down to mine and deep kissed him, raking the inside of his mouth with my tongue. That got him even more worked up and he was pressing his body to mine and then started to suck on one of my nipples. Then when he pushed a couple of fingers into my vagina, he had me writhing and in no time I was having an orgasm – I told you I come quickly.

I must have been flooded with my female juice, but Ted swung me round, knelt on the floor in front of me and parting my legs began to give me oral sex. A minute of that and he had me going again. I was clutching at his head and yelling blue murder, screaming for him not to stop.

As soon as I’d calmed down a bit he was on top of me and probing for my opening. He knows his way in, but I like to take his penis in my hand and guide him; I suppose it’s a way of bidding him welcome.

I yelled at him, “Fuck me hard you horny bastard, make me pregnant.” He loves that; I think it’s the idea of getting me pregnant. There seems to be something special about making love when you are trying to get pregnant. It seems to add extra zest to the coupling.

I knew Ted was right on the edge and he wouldn’t last long, so I was glad I’d had the two orgasms. I clamped my vaginal muscle round his shaft, trying to suck the sperm out of him. I needn’t have bothered. He gave a loud groan and then fired into me like a cannon going off. In seconds he had me clutching at him and howling as I felt him filling me up with his sperm. I was just aware of his final grunt as he ejected the last of his baby making juice into me, but I was still going.

There are many good things about Ted that make me love him, but one stands out supreme. He never pulls out of me until he’s sure I’m finished; not like the two guys had before he came along.

Even when I have finished he’ll sometimes just lays there looking into my eyes, telling me he loves me. I hope all you ladies have the same experience because it’s so beautiful. It makes you feel really good and female and loving.

That’s how it was this time. He lay there on top of me, fondling a breast and I pulled his head down to mine and planted nice wet kisses over his face. Sometimes that would get him going again and he’d shoot another load into me. It didn’t happen like that on this occasion, but he said the most wonderful and loving things to me, telling me how beautiful I am.

Now I don’t think that it’s strictly true that I’m beautiful. I know it’s hard to be objective about your own looks, and as the Bard said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” or something like that, but apart from my breasts I wouldn’t put myself high up in the physical attraction stakes.

Perhaps pleasant best describes it. I’ve got quite nice auburn hair that I wear just to my shoulders and it does have a good natural wave in it. My face tends to be a bit long and my chin a little pointy. Green eyes, a nose a bit longer than is fashionable and it tilts up slightly at the end. My mouth is quite wide with full lips, and that’s another feature Ted tends to concentrate on, especially when I wrap them round his shaft.

As for the rest of me, well, I’m rather slim but my hips do swell in appropriate female fashion, and I often feel that that part of me is very well designed for baby making. My legs are okay but nothing special, but then again, Ted loves it when I wrap them round him.

When all is said and done, who am I to complain? If Ted loves me and thinks I’m beautiful, what the hell does it matter if others see me as ordinary? As long as he makes love with me often, I rest content, and as far as I know Ted rests content as well.

There is one thing that did disconcert me about Ted’s love making. When he’s getting steamed up to ejaculate he often says…but no, that’s to get too far ahead of myself in this account of what happened.

Ted finally withdrew from me with a sigh of contentment, but went on hugging me for a while. That’s another nice thing about him.

If he’d wanted to take me all over again I wouldn’t have objected and I’d have played the yielding female. He loves that, I think, because it makes him feel all manly and masterful, and I love it too because it makes me feel all female and giving. But on this occasion he didn’t take me again…well, not until we went to bed that night.

We were to be on our own until New Years Day, when one of Ted’s friends from work would be joining us for a week. I had never met the guy and the two of them were to go off fishing together so there wouldn’t be much company for me.

On Christmas Day Ted and I drove the forty five kilometres to the nearest town and joined the local revellers in the pub for lunch. It should have been a happy occasion, but seeing families there, husbands and wives with their children, it made me a bit sad at our own lack of offspring.

I spoke to some of the children as they told me what Father Christmas had brought them and played a few games with them until it was time for the drive back.

Ted had taken on board a few too many, and since I hadn’t drunk much I drove the car back to the shack.

Ted continued his celebrating at the shack, and that night I didn’t get a special “Christmas bonus” because Ted went straight off to sleep. I confess I did a little self relieving to quell the passions as Ted snored beside me in the bed.

Next morning Ted had a hangover so there was no “good morning” mating. He made up for it later that day when he took me on our favourite place, the divan. Really, that piece of furniture was just made for sexual intercourse.

What was notable about that day was that Ted did not go out in the boat, contenting himself with doing a few odd jobs round the shack and fucking me three times. In the days that followed Ted did go out in the boat, but not as often or as long as he usually did.

I didn’t know what had come over him, but this normally ardent and frequent lover had become even more ardent and frequent. We made love in nearly every possible way – except anally since after trying that a couple of times we decided we didn’t like it. Mind you, if Ted had liked it I would have agreed to it, and I’m sure if I’d wanted it Ted would have complied. It was like that with us; anything we wanted the other to do, we did.

With all this love making I felt as if I was in heaven. I mean, Ted always made it so exquisite for me, and I hoped I did the same for him. Let’s just say that neither of us had grounds for complaint. No…that’s not quite true. I never said anything to Ted, but it was hard to be so often filled with his baby making juice, and no baby made.

New Years Day and I heard a vehicle coming up the track. Ted was outside doing something to the boat, and after the car stopped I heard the rumble of male voices and Ted and our guest came into the kitchen where I was working.

“Kate, this is my friend Michael,” Ted said. We shook hands and I bade him welcome and then asked, “Would you like something to eat or drink, Michael?”

He was a nice looking guy, a bit shorter than Ted, but perhaps a bit broader. He had nice wavy brown and eyes coloured to match. As he smiled at me I saw a row of beautiful even teeth. To cut a long description short, he was a well set up man of about twenty eight or nine.

“I stopped for something to eat on the way,” he replied, “but I could do with a cup of tea.”

“Right,” I said, “Ted, show Michael where he’ll be sleeping and help get his things in while I make the tea.”

They went out with Ted talking about fishing. “Wow, I thought, “Michael looks as if he’ll be good to have around.” That hopeful thought was somewhat dashed for the next couple of days. The two men went off fishing straight after breakfast each day, and didn’t come back until late afternoon.

Michael’s arrival had one rather annoying aspect to it; Ted wasn’t around to make love with, and even if he had been we could hardly have copulated in Michael’s presence. True, Ted was as eager as ever at night and first thing in the morning, but it wasn’t quite the same as it had been over the previous days.

Like I said, I’m a very eager lady and the more I get the more I want. Having got used to a goodly supply of what was wanted, the shortening of the rations came a bit hard.

It was after breakfast on the third day of Michael’s stay with us that something occurred that had me a bit surprised. Ted said to me, “Why don’t you give Michael a thrill and put “The Thing” on?”

Now how to explain “The Thing”? Well first, it was a very expensive gift from Ted. It might be easier to say what it is not rather than what it is, but here goes.

It’s an item of clothing, the purpose of which is somewhat indeterminate. I mean, you couldn’t swim in it; its not something I would care to – or rather dare to – wear on social occasions. It’s not for working round the house in, and to tell the truth I don’t really know what it might be for except to expose more than it covers.

Its really two strips of thin yellow cloth tied at the back of my neck, then passing over my breasts and meeting at my groin, then as one narrow piece of cloth it passes over my vulva and my anus, then becomes two pieces of cloth again and comes round the front of me to tie low on my hips to the pieces of cloth that come down the front of me.

My breasts being so full the cloth does little more than cover my nipples, and where it passes over my vulva the cloth is so narrow and presses into my outer lips, I had to have my pubic hair removed.

As far as Ted is concerned it is not so much seeing me in The Thing as removing it that interests him. I reserve it for special occasions and Ted only needs to see me in it to get horny and start the removing process. In addition, just to wear The Thing gets me so randy I’m near to raping Ted.

So Ted’s suggestion that I wear The Thing just so as to give Michael a thrill came as a bit of surprise to say the least.

“I couldn’t do that, darling,” I said. “Michael might think I’m disgusting.”

“Of course he wouldn’t,” Ted replied, “and besides, I want him to see what a beautiful wife I’ve got. Come on do it just for me…be a sport.”

“Oh, all right, just to please you.”

I went to the bedroom and got into The Thing. It had the usual effect on me and I was a bit concerned in case my love juice started to soak the cloth under my groin.

I left the bedroom and entering the lounge area I found the two guys standing there talking. The affect on them was electric. They were both clad only in shorts, and in seconds I could see large lumps pressing against the cloth.

I suppose it did my female ego good to see the effect I was having, but it was a bit embarrassing as well. After pausing a moment I went on into the kitchen. I was regretting wearing The Thing because I was so worked up myself and saw little chance of getting relief short of doing the job myself.

I was shaking all over and tried to distract myself by clearing up the breakfast things. I felt I could hardly masturbate with the two men still hanging around, so it was a relief when I heard the tractor engine start and then move off down the track. “Thank God they’ve gone fishing,” I thought.

I waited until the sound of the engine faded, and giving them another ten minutes to get the boat launched and moving, I then made my way to the lounge. I wanted to use my favourite sex place, the divan, to deal with my now urgent problem.

Entering the lounge I got a shock. Michael was sitting there. He jumped up as I entered and I could see that he was still suffering from the effects of The Thing. In fact he was so stirred up I could see the tip of his penis just showing above the waistband of his low slung shorts.

He tried to speak, but it seemed that something was choking him.

“You didn’t go fishing,” I gasped.

“I…ah…er…didn’t feel…er…didn’t go.”

I could see he was shaking as much as I was and didn’t quite know how to go on.

I was struggling to breathe but managed to pant out, “Why…aren’t you feeling…er…well?”

Michael is a strong looking man and in his shorts and with his sun tanned body it seemed almost ludicrous to see him looking so fragile and overwrought. His legs seemed hardly able to support him and I must admit I was in no better condition.

We were in that ludicrous situation where two people, sexually aroused, are confronting each other, neither knowing what move to make next. I felt as if I was performing in some stage play farce.

I could see Michael making a tremendous effort, then out it came.

“K-K-Kate…y-y-you’re…s-s-so b-b-bloody g-g-gorgeous.”

Having got that out he seemed to become deflated and looked as if he might flee out of the room.

The Thing gave me no defence, and if he had reasonable eyesight he must have seen my love juice wetting the cloth and starting to soak my inner thighs and my nipples standing out like ripe cherries. As I said, the cloth barely covered more than my nipples and in my agitation I hadn’t noticed until that moment that one breast had slipped out completely.

I don’t know if he was aware I could see the tip of his penis but it was clearly oozing silvery pre-cum. I was beside myself with raging lust. Ted wasn’t there to help me, but Michael was. The mad craving I was feeling was making me dizzy, and as if it was someone else and at a great distance, I heard my self cry out, “For God’s sake, fuck me Michael.”

I seemed to be in a dream world. I felt The Thing ripped off me and hands were fondling my breasts as I was urged down onto the divan. I could hear Michael’s voice; “Kate…oh Kate…I want you so badly,” and my own voice responding, “Fuck me Michael…please fuck me deep.”

I’m not sure now whether I opened my legs to receive him of whether he parted them, but the next thing he was over me struggling to enter. I remember taking hold of his penis and guiding him in, and the loud groan as he felt himself slide into me.

“Kate…Kate…you’re so tight…so warm and wet…”

“Don’t hold back Michael…don’t hold…aaaah…oh my God…”

I was coming as he beat into me ever more urgently; shock waves went through me, jerking my body as I wrapped my legs round him and with his hands pulling on my buttocks, we fought to get him deep into me.

I felt the force of his semen burst into me and I was screaming, “Deeper…deeper.”

I only had one orgasm instead of the usual two or three, but what an orgasm! It shook me in violent and agonisingly delicious waves. I think I was pleading with him not to stop, but suddenly he gave a tremendous thrust as he made his final ejection.

I clung onto him crying out, “Don’t leave me, don’t leave me,” and he stayed while I went through the racking aftershocks following my climax. I eventually cooled down and was lying there with Michael still in me and fondling my breasts when I got another shock.

A voice said, “That was fantastic.”

I was horrified; it was Ted. I now saw him standing there looking at us, but Michael seemed to be strangely unperturbed. I tried to get him out of me, but he hung on to me.

I tried to speak but words would not come, and then at last Michael pulled out of me and sat up.

Ted spoke again, “That was one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen.”

I found my voice. “Ted…I…I was so…and you weren’t…”

Michael spoke, “Was that all right, Ted?”

“All right!” laughed Ted, “It was bloody fantastic mate…better than I’d ever hoped.”

I was utterly disorientated. Ted had seen me betraying him with another man and he was laughing and seemed to be in no way troubled.

“Ted…what are you saying?…I…”

Then it hit me like another shock wave; the thing he had often said when we were making love. “God I’d like to see you being fucked by someone.”

I had thought those words were only a fantasy inspired by the fever of the moment, but now I began to realise that he had really meant them. He had wanted to see me being taken by another man; had wanted to see another man having the pleasure of my body.

I sat up and said very quietly, “Ted, you set this up didn’t you?” He knew that my quiet voice usually preceded an outburst and he said, “Now don’t get angry sweetheart; you enjoyed it didn’t you? I could see you did.”

He had me there; I had certainly enjoyed it and I knew damned well that if Ted hadn’t turned up and Michael was willing and able, I’d have enjoyed some more of it with him. I tried to remain the injured self-righteous betrayed little wife, but it didn’t work. I almost whimpered, “You won’t want me after this.”

To my amazement both the men laughed and Ted said, “That’s what you think, Kate, I only hope you’ve got the energy to cope with two sex maniacs for the rest of this week. Move over Michael, it’s my turn.

Michael got off the divan and flopped down, still naked, in an armchair. Ted came over to me and pushed me down on the divan, and this time there was no doubt about who was doing what. He tore off his shorts to reveal an erection that if anything was more urgent than Michael’s had been. He pulled my legs apart and as I lay unresisting he came over me and entered.

There must have been a real melange of sperm and lubricant in me, but it didn’t seem to bother Ted. “I could fuck you stupid,” he murmured, but having watched Michael and I fucking he was so worked up he couldn’t hold back. I had another orgasm as he pounded into me, filling my already flooded vagina with his semen until it was flowing out of me.

If I thought the morning’s shocks and revelations were over, I was wrong. Unusually for him Ted did not stay with me while I climbed down from my orgasm, but withdrew, and before I knew it Michael was in me again. Clearly they were both sparking off each other and I was getting the electric shocks.

By now I was unable to do anything but submit – not unwilling – to what they were doing to me, but when Michael finished and Ted took over again I was beginning to wonder if this shuttle service would go on all day.

Perhaps fortunately, when Ted finished and this time hung on to see me through an orgasm the two men seemed to be temporarily sated. I and the divan were in a terrible mess, with sperm and lubricant all over the place. It was time for some talking.

“Look at the bloody mess you guys have got me into, and Ted, what the hell is going on? I’m not just some street slut you’ve picked up, I’m your wife. You’ve always said you love me, so why are you doing this?”

“Kate, Kate, I’ve already asked you, did you enjoy it?”

He bloody well knew I’d enjoyed it but I still tried to play the injured party.

“Why…why have you done this, and done it such a sneaky way? If Michael had wanted sex with…”

“You’d have agreed, Kate? I don’t think so, not even if I’d asked you to. And as to why, well, all right, say I’m warped, but I’ve always wanted to see you being fucked by someone else…wanted to see what it looked like. It was almost like seeing myself fucking you…enjoying you.”

I wasn’t at all sure I’d have enjoyed it if the situation had been reversed and I’d watched Ted fuck some other woman, but one thing was for sure, watching Michael and I had certainly worked Ted up, and then in turn Michael watching Ted and I had got him raging hot again.

“You said something about me coping with the two of you for the rest of the week, did you mean that seriously?”

“Of course, if you’re agreeable. We could have some wonderful times.”

I looked aver at Michael and asked, “And you go along with this?”

“If you want me too, Kate,” he replied.

I looked at Ted again and he was gazing at me eagerly.

“All right,” I said, “just for the week.”

Michael made a move towards me and I could see he was ready and willing again, so I protested, “Not right now; we’re going to clean up first, and then we’ll see.”

The two of them must have been eager because they helped scrub the divan; have you got any idea how difficult it is to remove a mixture of sperm and vaginal fluid from a well soaked divan?

Having done our best and placed a sheet over the offending wet patch, we headed for the shower. Since we had two showers we could have split up, but the guys weren’t having that. They crowded into the shower recess with me and we started to wash each other. Michael made great play of washing the sperm out of my vagina while Ted concentrated on my breasts – always a great favourite with him. Meanwhile I washed their penises and in the midst of this Michael decided he couldn’t wait, and with Ted helping to support me he took me in the shower.

That was followed by more washing out of semen and penis cleansing.

I thought that an interval might now take place, but no; between them I was carried back to the divan.

There now took place what might be described as a division of labour. Michael started by concentrating on the bottom half of me and Ted took over the top half. I felt Michael open my legs and then his tongue was licking my vagina. Ted alternated between deep kissing me and fondling my breasts and sucking my nipples.

I was out in space again and responding to their stimulating by having two orgasms before either of them had penetrated me. After a while Ted and Michael changed places and Michael began kissing me, and I could taste and smell myself on his face. Then Michael brought his penis up to my mouth and I took in his shaft, licking and sucking it.

I was in the middle of my second orgasm when he came. I was so busy with my own agonies I couldn’t focus enough to swallow and his sperm was filling my mouth and flowing out.

Once Michael had finished he flopped down beside me and Ted came over me and penetrated. I couldn’t remember a time when he had fucked me so deep and hard before, struggling to get every last millimetre into me. I swear he nearly got his testicles in as well.

I was yelling and screaming with another orgasm as he filled me up, groaning and moaning as he fired into me. If my theory about there being more chance of getting pregnant if sexual intercourse was frequent was right, I should have been due for quintuplets given the amount of sperm those two had pumped into me that morning.

As usual Ted hung on until I had finished, then withdrew and dropped down on the other side of me. That was it for the time being. All three of us were exhausted by our activities, but even then Ted was still fondling a breast and Michael was moving his finger in my flooded sex organ.

After a while Michael got up and staggered to his bedroom and presumably went to sleep. Ted said to me, “Come on sweetheart, have another shower and I’ll clean you up.”

Actually Ted has always cleared out the sperm from my vagina rather tenderly, if anything more tenderly and carefully than Michael. It was lovely feeling him gently massaging the cocktail of juices out of me, and I’ve always enjoyed washing his penis, partly because it would often get him going again and I’d get a another fucking.

Not this time though – or at least, not immediately. We went off to bed and I dropped off to sleep curled into Ted like a child, with as usual, his hand holding my breast.

I don’t know how long I slept for, but I was awakened by Ted. I now had my back to him and his penis was between my legs and probing for my vaginal entrance. He slipped in and began to slowly move up and down in me. I just lay there enjoying him being in me. We stayed together for a very long time.

I had a couple of orgasms, but they were those very quiet ones you get when, the wilder passions having been abated, you get those orgasms that just drag a gentle whimper out of you.

Ted too, when he finally came, did not thrust up and down in me, but pulled me tight to him, just letting his sperm pump into me as he lay still. It was lovely and we went off to sleep again still with his penis in my vagina.

When I next woke up Ted was still asleep so I left the bed quietly and not wanting to shower again I simply removed his sperm at the wash basin. I then went into the kitchen to make myself a drink, and in the midst of this Michael came in.

We were both still naked and I could see he was ready for another coupling. Nothing was said, and he lifted me up onto the corner of the kitchen bench and with my legs wide open he entered me. For some time he just let his shaft stay still in me as he fondled my breasts and we looked into each other’s eyes.

I began to feel that it was quite possible for me to not only lust for, but also to love two men. Michael clinched this when he said, “Kate, I’m falling in love with you and I don’t know how I’ll be able to keep away from you now.”

I kissed him and said, “Don’t worry, you may not have to do without me, so just enjoy me now.”

He began a gentle rocking motion, moving his penis only travelling a short distance up and down my tunnel. I continued to kiss him and stroke his face and hair as his hand caressed my breasts and pressed my nipples.

Suddenly he gave a sort of grunting sigh, pushed in deep, and released his sperm into me. It was a very serene ejaculation and wonderful. In that moment I knew I wanted both of them, two lovers. I felt secure in Ted, but dreaded the thought of losing Michael.

Michael gave another sigh, stayed in me for a while, and then withdrew. I had not had an orgasm, but I felt marvellously at peace; I was loved and desired by two fervent men.

Not surprisingly the session with Michael ended the action for that day. I could have taken more, but the men must have run out of seminal supplies and even these two lusty hunks couldn’t replace it that quickly.

Once more I cleaned a batch of male love juice out of my vagina and actually managed to make some tea and since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and it was now late in the afternoon I put together a somewhat scrappy meal.

Ted came out to the kitchen and we sat at the table to eat. Given the situation I was puzzled about domestic arrangements for the remainder of Michael’s stay with us. For the rest of the week it seems that Michael was to be accepted as my lover with Ted’s approval. Supposing Michael wanted to spend the night with me or me with him?

If I did spend a night with Michael, would that change Ted’s attitude? On the other hand, it had been Ted who set this whole thing up, so it would serve him right if he was made jealous or felt deprived.

As we ate I sat mulling over the problem and decided that Ted, as my husband, should be the sole occupier of my nightly bed and my vagina at night. If Michael and Ted wanted me during the day it would be open country. I said nothing and waited to see how things turned out.

When we went to bed that night, not unexpectedly, Ted didn’t approach me for sex. He did, however, go to sleep as usual pulled up against me with one hand on a breast. Next morning it was different. His sperm count must have been rejuvenated during the night because he was all over me as soon as I woke up.

He’d no sooner finished, and having given me a couple of orgasms, and I’d had a shower, than Michael came on the scene. There was no mistaking the fact that he had woken up horny as well.

After breakfast Ted considerately announced that he just had to get the boat ready for the day’s fishing and left Michael I me alone. It was the divan again with Michael taking me twice in quick succession.

Ted came in at the start of the second penetration and sat watching us. After the events of the previous day I was not in the least disconcerted by his presence, and in fact it seemed to make me even more receptive to Michael’s activity.

When we had finished Ted once more expressed his delight as seeing us copulating, saying it was beautiful. He made no attempt to take me, and simply announced that he was ready to go fishing.

Michael said he would just need a few minutes to clean himself up, meaning of course his penis. When he’d finished both men kissed me and left for their fishing; it was another vagina cleansing for me. I must say, the sex was wonderful, but the vagina washing was becoming tedious.

I set about some domestic tasks and unusually for me, I went about them singing. I was feeling wonderfully female and desirable. I wondered for how long the novelty of the situation would go on.

Ted had gained his wish to see my being fucked and it had certainly stirred him up. To Michael I was a new female and that was inspiring him to perform mightily. But I’m not a naïve romantic. I knew that the present rate of copulating would not go on indefinitely. I calculated that Michael might last the rest of the week, but when he departed at the end of the week, would Ted still be so fired up. Again it was a wait and see situation.

When the two of them returned in the early afternoon there was fish to be scaled, cleaned and packed away in a freezer. This was followed by a shower and then Ted making the first approach with his familiar caressing of my breasts.

Quickly I was spread eagled on the divan with Ted filling me up with his baby making seed and me writhing with orgasmic agony and ecstasy. He was no sooner finished than Michael took over. Another shower and genital cleaning and then we were wrestling around on the divan in such a tangle I wasn’t sure who was doing what to whom. What I do know is I had four orgasms and another vagina full of sperm.

I somehow managed, with the aid of the men, to put together a substantial meal that evening, and there was no further copulating until Ted took me in bed that night. I was out of bed before he woke the next morning, and after showering I was met by a ready and willing Michael who spent several minutes giving me oral sex.

Ted entered the room in the midst of this and said, “Hey, save some for me, I want a taste too.” I made sure he got his share, and then they both took me, Michael first then Ted. I was beginning to try and calculate how many litres of sperm they had put into me since we began the troika.

The rest of the week went on in much the same fashion, with Ted copulating and sleeping with me at night; a morning session with Michael on the divan, sometimes followed by Ted, and then an afternoon orgy after they returned from fishing.

A couple of times, while they were showering after cleaning the days catch, I gave them an extra treat and put on The Thing. This had the same effect on Michael as it did on Ted, and if there was any conflict between them, it was who would get to me first to rip it off. It’s strange the effect an item of clothing can have, but I’m sure if I’d put on an old hessian bag they wouldn’t have been much less stirred up.

It was in bed the night before Michael was due to leave that Ted, after fucking me, said, “Kate, Michael wants to stay on, how do you feel about that?”

How did I feel? Bloody marvellous! Any of you ladies who have had the joy of being desired by two men – men who have plenty of sexual get up and go, will understand how I felt. I suppose the week with Michael present had got me considerably oversexed and I was wondering how I would cope once he had gone.

I played it cool and said, “He’d be very welcome to stay on if you’re happy about it Ted.”

He was clearly very happy about it.

I must now move on fairly quickly. It ended up with Michael staying with us for the whole time we were at the shack. We got so used to each other and were so happy in the relationships we had with each other, it became impossible to imagine what it would be like when the three of us were no longer together.

That little problem was solved when Michael came to live with us back in the city. This came about not so much because of the need the three of us felt for frequent copulating, but another event.

Before the end of our time at the shack I got the first intimation of pregnancy. When I told the men there was considerable confusion; “Who is daddy?” was the question that predominated. In fact that question has never been completely resolved, nor do I want it to be, but given Ted’s track record of trying to get me pregnant, I suspect the answer is “Michael.”

In addition when our daughter was born, she looked a bit like Michael, and as she’s grown she looks even more like him. Michael didn’t actually claim responsibility, but he did suggest that since he’d had his share of me (not his way of putting it but mine) he ought to take his share of the responsibility.

This led to Ted suggesting he move in with us, which he did with considerable alacrity. That was three pregnancies ago since I am now carrying our third child – whoever’s it is. I think I’ll make this the last and go on the pill when the baby emerges into the light of day.

The boys are still very keen on regularly bonding with me but of course, not with the same frequency as when it all began at the shack, but still enough to keep me happy.

When the shack holiday was over the men had to go back to work, so that cut out a lot of the daytime copulating. We did toy with the idea of getting a huge bed for the three of us to sleep in – well, not only sleep – but abandoned the idea in favour of two double beds. It then became a question of how I shared myself around.

This has never quite been resolved, but since Michael tends to be a night man and Ted a morning man, I sometimes go to bed with Michael, and when we’ve finished I go and sleep with Ted who then takes me in the morning.

For other occasions we bought a divan even bigger than the one at the shack on which we sometimes have orgies, or they’ll take it in turns to fuck me, one watching while the other one fucks me.

Of course, there are many variations on the theme and one thing I discovered was that Michael was rather given to anal sex. After a few times with him up my anus I got to quite like it. Ted is still not keen, but it serves a useful purpose when lying on my side I can have Michael coming up behind while Ted deals with the front.

As I write we are at the shack again and I think I can hear the tractor coming up the track. I know they’ll come in hungry, but not for the usual food if you know what I mean, and since I’m still not far enough into my pregnancy to have to withhold from sexual intercourse, I can expect a rather wonderful time once they’ve showered.

By the way, The Thing is still reserved for special occasions.

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