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My Sissy Roommate Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: I enjoy writing these stories, both for your entertainment and mine. This story involves, gay sex, non-consensual sex and bi-racial sex. If this offends you, read no further. Like most writers, I do appreciate your comments and votes. Thank you.

Mark glared at me angrily while I tried to scramble away from him. As I cowered to the back of my closet, absolutely nowhere to escape, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me out. My little cock was still hard and swinging, protruding from my unzipped jeans as I feebly struggled against his powerful hands.

He drug me out, exposing me in my embarrassed state of arousal. Mathew jumped to his feet and his eyes just popped wide open when he saw me. Both of them looked very startled and surprised as we all three stood there with erections, but Mark looked mad.

Up close, Mark was much taller and much more muscularly built than I had imagined from a distance. Standing so close to him, as he held me by my wrist, I realized how big and powerful he really was. He just glared at me while he twisted my wrist, trying to force me into a kneeling position in front of him.

When, I finally gave in from the pressure on my wrists, I suddenly felt really awkward and embarrassed kneeling so close to his hard black cock swaying just inches from my face.

“You punk ass motherfucker. I ought to kick your ass. Hiding in that closet and spying on me,” Mark hissed at me.

I was scared, afraid I was going to get beaten up. I was ashamed, my blatant erection obviously exposing my arousal from what I had just witnessed. My dignity was quickly disappearing as my eyes, wide open, just stared at Mark’s hard cock. My head was spinning as I pondered my fate.

Nobody spoke for a moment. The room became eerie silent for a minute as we all wondered what to do now.

Finally I got up the courage to speak, and in a crackled breaking voice, almost begging said, “I won’t tell anyone, I swear I won’t. Please, please just let me go.”

“Fuck you bitch. You’re not going anywhere, I never did trust your faggot looking ass,” Mark spit the words out.

Finally Mathew spoke, in an almost motherly protecting way, “Don’t hurt him sweetie, can’t you tell he likes this.”

Mark turned his glaring eyes to Mathew and said, “I told you not to call me that God dammit, and I ought to kick his scrawny white ass.”

“Mark, look at him, his little cock is as stiff as a pencil. Obviously you turn him on immensely. Maybe you should include him instead of going berserk,” Mathew almost pleaded for me.

I think Mark quickly rationalized that if I were involved physically with them, then my willingness to blab was greatly diminished. It was like a lightbulb went off in his head.

Suddenly he smiled and said, “Get undressed and suck my dick bitch. Right now, undress and suck my black dick you little faggot!”

Mark tightened his grip on my wrist and without even thinking, because I was so scared, I obediently shed my clothes. Once undressed, he tried to pull me closer to his 12 inch hard black cock. I resisted and twisted my neck, as I was pulling my head back at the same time.

“I’m not playing, suck my dick you punk ass bitch or I’m going to kick your ass all over this dorm room and tell everybody you two faggots came on to me,” Mark threatened me.

“He’s not going to hurt you Anthony, just do what he says. You know you want to. Don’t tell me that watching us didn’t turn you on. Go on, just put it in your mouth,” Mathew pleaded with me.

I knelt there frozen in front of Mark’s hard sculpted body while he still gripped my wrist. It was true, watching them had turned me on, but participating was different. This was a world that I’m not sure I wanted to enter, there was no backing out once I started, but there seemed to be no way out of this even now.

Mathew dropped to his knees and crawled over to us. Without another word said, he moved his face in between Mark’s cock and my face. Disregarding any reservation of my presence, he locked his mouth on that big hard swollen piece of black flesh. Mathew payed a worshipful homage to Mark’s cock while I knelt within a distance of about a foot from them, unable to look away and not really wanting to.

Mathew acted like I wasn’t even present. He quickly got lost again in a trance with that big black cock in his mouth in 30 seconds. As Mark still held a grip on my wrist, I watched for a couple of minutes, my still hard cock starting to throb again. Mathew just slobbered away, pleasing that huge stiff cock as he rubbed his own erect cock.

Suddenly I realized, that I had began touching myself again unconsciously. Mathew noticed me touching myself and stopped sucking Mark’s cock.

“Come on Anthony, I’ll help you, it’s fun, really. Come on, just try it for a second,” Mathew pleaded with me.

Before I knew what I was doing, Mathew gently guided my face to Mark’s cock and I found my my lips were on the tip. It felt strange, heavy and hard like steel, but the tip was spongy, firm and plump. The shaft was strong and stiff, but the skin felt like velvet or silk on my lips. I was intoxicated in barely a moment of having it in my mouth, I knew I had to have more.

“Nice and slow at first, just suck on the tip. Come on, he’s not going to hurt you,” Mathew instructed me.

A hunger swept over me, and I eagerly without guidance from either of them, started going deeper on that big hard piece of black flesh in my mouth. Mark released his grip on my wrist, and Mathew just moved out of my way. I was no longer being goaded into this, I was no longer being forced into this, I was doing this because I wanted to feel this massive piece of flesh in all its virility in my mouth. It took less than one minute of his cock in my mouth before I realized that I loved it.

I now greedily forced more into my tiny mouth, wanting to taste this imposing piece of flesh. I was jealous of what was in my mouth, wishing that I possessed it for myself, but so eager to savor and deliberately take my time with it for him. Flashes of perfection in men ran through my head. This must be as close to a flawless specimen as existed in this world, and it was mine if I wanted it.

I closed my eyes and relished in my task. As these feeling washed over me, I realized that I was like Mathew when he sucked Mark’s beautiful cock, I was lost in my own dark submissiveness to please this manly piece of magnificent hard flesh.

Slowly I slurped inch by inch of that black cock deeper, almost forgetting that Mathew’s face was only inches from mine, watching and scrutinizing my every effort. I was oblivious to Mark’s powerful imposing presence as I worshiped his thick 12 inches with abandonment. I just kept my eyes closed and basked in an unashamed attempt to please this man by doing justice to his prize winning piece of meat. Deeper I went until Mark’s thick cock head had now just touched the beginning of my throat and I knew he had at least 6 or 7 inches left. It was then that I wished I was adept as Mathew and could swallow the entirety of it.

Finally breaking the silence, Mathew gleefully congratulated me, “He’s a natural born cocksucker. Look at him go, that’s my roommate. Suck that cock like the little queer you always wanted to be.”

He knew I was loving it, he knew how I felt, he knew that the feeling of pleasing a superior cock had completely taken over my inhibitions. With no shame, I let them both watch as I performed a labor of love over this gorgeous piece of flesh.

Just then, Mathew moved in towards the cock in my mouth and pressed his lips into the part of the exposed shaft that I couldn’t handle. He slid his mouth up and down that steely shaft, sometimes our lips briefly brushing onto each others for just a second. I held at least 4, maybe 5 inches locked into my greedy mouth while Mathew slobbered all over that hefty shaft.

Back and forth, Mathew’s mouth polished the girth of the exposed shaft while I greedily held onto Mark’s bulbous tip, almost afraid Mathew would try to take it away from me. Pushing his lips and cheeks harder against mine we seemed to be battling for the tip. Over and over he would press his lips against mine trying to steal the tip of that swollen cock from my mouth. Our cheeks now pressed tight to each others, our lips now openly competing in combat, I finally relinquished and shared the tip with him.

We slobbered and drooled all over that fat swollen head together, fighting to encompass it in our own mouths. Our lips battled in lust, overlapping and entwining with each others to possess the trophy in our mouths. I wouldn’t back off, I couldn’t back off, I held my ground as our lips fought for the prize. Finally Mathew pulled off and I gulped it back down, savoring the victory.

“Why you’re a selfish little slut. Share that thing with me girl, please,” he giggled.

I finally opened my eyes and looked at him. His face, lips and cheeks were covered in drool, he looked nasty and vulgar, but in a very sexy exciting way. The evidence of all his work on that 12 inch cock was showing on his chin and face. It was then that I became aware of the wetness of my own face, cheeks and lips, realizing I must look the same to him.

I pulled my mouth off Mark’s cock and it just stood there proudly, begging to be attended to, commanding to be attended to. Mark stared at us with a crazed lust in his eyes, anxious to be sucked more.

“Share that thing with me baby. You take one side of the shaft and I’ll take the other,” Mathew instructed me.

I was ashamed of my selfishness. I was embarrassed of my gluttony. Tentatively, I scooted over to Mark’s side and put my lips against the side of his shaft. Mathew locked in on the opposite side of his shaft in the exact same spot as me. We had that big black cock shaft sandwiched between our four wet lips tightly. I followed his lead as we slowly traced our lips from the root to the tip always holding the shaft tightly between our mouths.

“That’s how you do it girls. I got enough for both of you hungry cocksuckers. Work Daddy’s cock up and down real slow. Start at the base and work to the head. When you get to the end, try to kiss each other while the head of my cock is still between your lips,” Mark instructed us.

As instructed, Mathew and me moved our mouths in unison to the base of his cock. Wrapping our lips around the root of each side of Mark’s cock, Mathew began to munch obscenely on his pelvic bone and pubic hair. Not sure what to do, I followed Mathew’s lead.

“Yea, do that. Do what Mathew does, copy him exactly, let him teach you how to please a cock,” Mark said to me.

I ground my mouth into his pelvis and sucked the hairy flesh into my mouth just like Mathew did. Mark grunted and thrust his hips forward. We slobbered all over the root and I followed Mathew’s lead again, as he opened his mouth wide and sucked a large piece of Mark’s torso into his mouth. Mark groaned again as his fat cock just throbbed and jutted straight out from his stomach from between our hungry mouths.

We moved our mouths back to the root of Mark’s cock and with our lips touching we slid forward slowly. Mathew took one of my hands and placed it with one of his hands on Mark’s full heavy balls. Softly and gently, we both caressed a ball each while we slowly slid our mouths towards the head of his cock. Mathew took my other hand and placed it firmly on his own stiff 9 inch cock. This was so hot for me, 12 inches in my mouth and 9 inches in my hand. Tracing our lips in unison up Mark’s shaft, Mathew squeezed my cock while I stroked his cock.

As we reached Mark’s engorged head, our lips pressed together slobbering to give attention to his cock. We worked that plum between our lips feverishly, and while sucking a cock was a new passion to me, I seemed to also have no reservations about my lips touching another mans.

Mathew pressed his lips into mine, pushing me off Mark’s tip for a second, kissing me fully and deeply into my mouth. His soft full lips felt just like a woman’s lips. His tongue was soft and he snaked it into my mouth as we squeezed each other’s cocks. The kiss may have lasted only 10 seconds and I’m sure it excited me, but Mark was impatient, grabbing us by the hair and pulling our faces apart.

“You two faggots can do that queer kissing later when I’m gone. Get those mouths back on my cock now,” Mark hissed at us.

For the next 10 minutes we slid our lips back and forth from the head of his cock to the root. It was so thick and so vein filled, so hard and so unyielding, I never wanted it to end. His large cock commanded our attention and like dutiful slaves, we adorned and lavished it. Finally Mathew pulled off and looked at Mark.

“You promised me something and I’m ready for it,” Mathew almost pleaded.

I had heard the promise from the closet. I knew what Mathew wanted. This I had to see.

Mark picked me up off the floor from under my arms like a rag doll. He had me sit with my back against the wall facing out on a piece of our milk carton furniture. He then shoved Mathew around roughly so he stood in front of me and leaned him forward bending over somewhat until his hands were against the wall like he was being frisked. His thick 9 inch pink cock was pointed directly at my face. It swayed and throbbed in anticipation of what he needed.

“Suck your roomies cock for him, and suck it good, he’s going to need some help relaxing,” Mark instructed me.

I leaned forward and took Mathew’s hard cock between my lips. It was so beautiful, so pink, so straight and so thick. I could see little blue and purple veins that raced from the base in intricate patterns disappearing just under that mass of nerve endings beneath the tip on the shaft. His full balls were drawn up tight, the scrotal sack holding and slightly separating them perfectly. His cock throbbed and pulsed while I pushed 5 inches immediately into my mouth.

Mathew groaned and said, “I’m going to teach you how to deep throat my whole cock and you’re going to love it. There is nothing in the world like having a cock bigger than yours stuffing your throat, except for one bigger than yours stuffing your ass.”

Mark grabbed a small bottle of lubricant from inside his shorts on the floor and started massaging it into his 12 inch cock while I nursed on Mathew’s cock. That big black pole glistened with oil as he stroked his cock back and forth before taking his place behind Mathew. I really couldn’t see what was happening as Mark’s immense body dwarfed over my petite roommate, but as Mark leaned into him, I felt Mathew tense up and knew the penetration was just beginning.

As Mathew groaned and struggled to accommodate the entry of that huge black cock up his ass, he stepped closer to me and jammed forward deeper into my mouth. I backed away, but he kept advancing with Mark pushing him forward. They kept jostling and shifting forward until I was pressing the back of my head against the wall. I began to choke on his cock from his jerking forward and going so deep into my mouth. Mathew just kept jabbing forward, trying to adjust to the anal entry and this was forcing me to gag over and over on his thick cock.

While I tried to accommodate his deep thrusts, Mark reached his long muscular arms around Mathew’s waist and held my face and head firmly. He steadied my face from moving so Mathew could just pound away as deep as he needed. Mathew groaned as Mark’s cock ground deeper into his tight ass and continued his own assault in my mouth. I tried to turn my face to adjust to his depth, but Mark wouldn’t let me. He just held my mouth in line with Mathew’s plunging 9 inch cock and forced me to satisfy him.

Mathew moaned and panted as Mark’s magnificent black cock had its way with his tight white ass. I reached up and felt behind Mathew’s balls, wondering how deep Mark was in him. Their balls were slapping against each other and Mark was buried to the hilt on his down thrusts. Mathew puffed and panted every time Mark bottomed out. He winced and twitched in spasms as he handled the length and girth of that giant cock. He had successfully taken all 12 inches up his tight ass but was struggling as Mark was relentlessly brutal in his assault.

All through this, I waged my own battle to accommodate Mathew’s cock in my mouth. It wasn’t anymore so much that he was thrusting forward on his own, it was Mark’s pounding on his ass cheeks that was pushing him deeper into my throat. I choked and sputtered as tears came to my eyes, struggling to breathe. Mathew’s 9 inch cock had just punched into my throat as I tried to twist my face free from Mark’s grip. Mark was just too strong and I was being force fed more than I could handle. I scrambled for breathes of air, getting little and struggling to endure.

Mathew’s legs began to shake as he began to moan and cry aloud. He actually sobbed from the viscous assault on his tiny asshole. Mark now pounded him as hard as he could, which forced Mathew to slam his balls into my chin. Tears poured from my eyes as my throat stretched open to occupy his cock. I couldn’t move an inch as Mark’s large strong hands pressed on both sides of my face, holding me firm in place for Mathew’s impalement.

Mark started ramming Mathew’s ass as fast as he could now. Every slam forward caused Mathew’s cock to ram as deep as it could down my throat. I wasn’t sucking his cock anymore, he was just fucking my face. Suddenly Mark pressed his cock all the way into Mathew’s ass and just grunted. While Mark still held my face, this forced Mathew’s cock to be buried and lodged deep in my throat. I couldn’t breathe at all, I couldn’t move at all. Mathew’s pelvis was being ground into my nose and his balls pressed into my chin. It was all the way down my throat, every single centimeter.

“I’m cumming bitch, take that load deep up your ass,” Mark screamed.

Just as Mark began spraying his load, Mathew’s legs trembled and he began to spew into my throat. Large, thick squirts coated my throat. Mark wouldn’t let me go, he held my face and made me swallow jerk after jerk of Mathew’s cum down my throat. I felt each contraction of Mathew’s cock in my throat as he unloaded his salty sweet deposit. I was forced to swallow every single drop from his thick cock as Mark slowed his anal attack to a steady grind.

As Mark released my face and pulled out from Mathew’s ass, I shoved against my roommate’s thighs while trying to grasp for air. Mathew backed off a few inches, just leaving about half of his cock still in my mouth. Even though I had resisted the deep assault from earlier, I just didn’t want this to end yet. I still wanted to feel the hardness of that flesh in my mouth. I still wanted to feel the power of his erection at my command. Mathew’s cock was still as hard as ever, while I nursed on the tip and coaxed the remaining drips from it. Mark sat on the edge of the bed and just watched us, slowly rubbing his fat cock and milking out the last few drops.

To be continued……

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