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Sometimes Good Deeds Are Rewarded

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Shirley was a call girl. I was head of security in the high rise luxury apartment complex where she lived. I originally got my job after I was assigned by the security company I worked for to rid the place of hookers that they had failed to screen out. The primary means of getting them out was to force an incident with either the hookers or their pimps that would then justify eviction. I cleaned the place out in six months and the management offered me a permanent job with them as their head of security. Not only was it more money but it included a free 2 bedroom apartment.

But I never bothered Shirley because she didn’t have a pimp and she never brought customers to the building. She had a girlfriend who lived in the building too but she also was high class and didn’t cause any trouble. I knew what they did for a living because I worked all kinds of shifts and came to know their comings and goings.

I first met Shirley when she came in at 4 AM one night and had forgotten her key. I sure as hell had noticed her long before then. It was hard not to notice Shirley. She was about 5’6″ tall and I guess weighed 100 lbs. soaking wet. Her black hair was shaped in a page boy cut around a stunningly beautiful face. Dark eyes complemented her full lips. Shirley almost always wore clothes that accentuated her small breasts and lithe figure. She was one of those women who oozed sex.

So one quiet morning she approached me at the security desk and asked if I could let her into her apartment. I knew who she was but I asked for ID just to prolong the contact. It was a sheer joy to watch her slinky walk as we headed down the hall to the elevator. I pressed the button for her floor and the elevator door closed.

“So I hear you are a tough guy.” She suddenly said to me.

I wasn’t expecting the question so I waited a minute and then replied, “I’m not sure that’s an accurate description. I like to think of it as I’m a guy who just won’t be fucked with.”

Shirley smiled at my answer and the elevator arrived at her floor. Again I enjoyed watching her walk down the hall. We arrived at her door and I opened it with the master key. Shirley thanked me and started to enter the door and I stopped her. “Besides, even if I am some kind of tough guy….. you wouldn’t ever have to worry about that.”

Shirley smiled and shut the door. I heard her softly say “I’ll remember that.” The door closed and she was gone and I was back to the lobby.

After that night Shirley would stop by the security desk, usually in the wee hours, and we would chat before she would head in. We often got a bit flirty with each other but I never imagined that I would ever get any of that.

About a month later she introduced me to her friend Peggy who also lived in the building and was also a call girl Peggy was also a stunning looking woman but very different from Shirley. Peggy was at least 6 foot tall. She had a head full of light brown curly hair and laughing green eyes. Peggy had probably the best body I’ve ever seen on a woman. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her but at least D-Cup tits and a set of curves that would make you dizzy just looking at them. She was also less serious and had one of the sexiest voices I ever heard.

“Peggy, this is our head of security Alex.” Shirley introduced us. “I wasn’t sure about him at first but he’s alright.”

The ladies lingered for a few minutes making small talk and then headed to their apartments. So now I’d see them either together or alone in the wee hours often and talk. They seemed to appreciate someone to talk to until they could wind down enough to go up and go to bed. Once I asked Shirley how she met Peggy. She smiled and said “At an orgy.” Her eyes laughed, she giggled and then walked away.

After this had been going on for several months things changed dramatically. One night just before I got off of my shift, Peggy came down to the lobby looking upset. She came over and said that she didn’t know who else to turn to. Shirley had gotten a phone call telling her that her musician boyfriend had been murdered on tour in Germany. I was a little surprised at the news that Shirley had a boyfriend but asked what I could do.

“I’m not sure,’ said Peggy, “But she’s threatening to kill herself and I can’t stay with her all night because I have an appointment.”

I told her not to worry that I would be off duty in about 10 minutes and would come up to Shirley’s apartment just as soon as I could. Peggy thanked me and headed back upstairs.

When my relief came I hurried up to Shirley’s apartment. I knocked on the door and Peggy answered and hurried me in. Shirley was on the sofa just weeping and looked uncharacteristically a mess. Peggy explained that she had to go but that I should keep a close eye on Shirley and she’d be back in the morning. I told her not to worry that I would stay with her until then.

I went to the sofa and sat next to Shirley and just put a hand on her shoulder. I told her that I was there for her and to let me know if I could get her anything.

Basically I spent all night with her listening to her grief and comforting her. I made her tell me if there were any drugs in the house and then confiscated her stash of sleeping pills. I made her some tea and let her have 2 of the pills when she was apparently exhausted. When she started to nod off I picked her up from the sofa and carried her into her bedroom. I pulled the covers down and slid her into the bed. Then I took off my shoes and climbed in next to her.

I was tempted, believe me, I was very tempted to touch her while she lay in my arms that night. But I resisted the urge and just held her close and comforted her when she did stir during the night. I heard the knock on her door about 10:00 the next morning. I extricated myself from Shirley’s sleeping arms and answered to find Peggy at the door.

I gave Peggy a run down of the evening’s events. She told me to go ahead and leave and she would watch over Peggy. I retrieved my shoes and left with the bottle of sleeping pills in my pocket. I barely made my class that day and had an even harder time staying awake.

Over the next several weeks I would check in on Shirley every night. I even made her dinner a few times and dispensed the sleeping pills as needed. Slowly I began to feel that she was getting a grip on things and stopped worrying so much.

As might be expected Shirley paid my kindness back with sex but, never with her. A few months after the event she came by the lobby one day and invited me to come to a little party she was having with a few friends on Saturday afternoon. I had the day off so I accepted her invitation.

Saturday about 1:00 in the afternoon I made my way to Shirley’s door and Peggy answered the door. I was a little taken back because Peggy was dressed only in a bikini bottom when she let me in. Her magnificent boobs looked incredibly firm for their size and the large nipples bounced in front of my eyes. She led me into the apartment and to my amazement I was the only male at the party. In addition to Shirley there were four other women and they were all standing around with only bikini bottoms on!

Shirley popped out of the kitchen and brought me some kind of frozen drink and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I had never seen her naked before and couldn’t resist a peak at her firm A-Cup sized tits with their perky nipples.

“I thought that you might enjoy hanging out with my friends and I today.” she explained, “We’ve been sunning topless on the deck and drinking for about an hour.”

She walked me around the apartment and introduced me to all of her friends. Although they had differences in size, shape and looks they were all beautiful and all topless.

Anita was only about 5’4″ tall and thin but had a beautiful set of C-Cup tits. Her black curly hair fell around her face and I suspected she had some Latino blood because of her darker complexion. Her smile lit up her face as we were introduced and her dark eyes welcomed me to the party.

Mary was also on the short side and of Portuguese lineage. I learned later that she was not in the call girl business but was a childhood friend of Anita’s that was just visiting for the weekend. She had an incredibly beautiful face with short black hair and I appreciated her B-Cup tits as we were introduced.

Susan was the only blond in the bunch. She looked very preppy and her B-cup tits sat perky on her chest. Her blue eyes smiled as we were introduced and her hand was warm on my shoulder.

Lisa was the token redhead. Actually her hair was more auburn in color and she had a very pale complexion. Green eyed she seemed to be very proud of her C-cups as they bounced on her chest with the shaking of my hand.

I spent several hours mixing with the girls and drinking frozen drinks. We talked pretty candidly about our lives and shared jokes and stories. It seemed like a dream come true. As the afternoon wound down several of the women had to leave and finally there was only Shirley, Mary, Peggy and I left. Mary was telling me that she lived about an hour away with her long term boyfriend. He was a fisherman and she liked to get away and party every now and then. As she was telling me this I felt a hand start caressing my butt.

I was delighted to find that it was Peggy! She nuzzled my ear and I felt her tongue on my ear lobe and a soft bite. One of her awesome breasts was pressing against my arm and it felt heavenly.

Shirley spoke out “Hey, hey, you two! If you are going to start doing that you’ll need to go to your own place!”

I looked at Peggy and asked if she wanted to go to my apartment or hers. She giggled and said that mine was fine. She left my side to go find her bikini top. As she was returning and putting her top on I saw Mary whisper in her ear. Peggy gave me a smile and then asked if it was OK for Mary to come too. I was actually too tongue tied to reply but Peggy told Mary to get her top and come with us.

I had enjoyed a few drinks that afternoon and was feeling a little giddy as I made my way to my apartment on the first floor accompanied by these two bikini clad babes. I wasn’t quite sure if it was a good or a bad thing that we didn’t see any other tenants on the way but soon I had them in my apartment, the three of us parked on the couch.

Peggy wondered if I had any reefer which I promptly got from my bedroom and then I let her roll a joint as I headed to the kitchen to fetch some white wine for the girls and a beer for me. When I returned to my living room they had both removed their tops again and were giggling as Peggy lit the joint and took a hit and then passed it to Mary. As she breathed in a big hit I sat between the two of them and got my turn. While we smoked each of the girls snuggled closer and when one was smoking the other was kissing me.

By the time we had finished the joint I had been stripped of my shirt and Peggy was digging my cock out of my pants. Mary and I were kissing hotly and I finally had a chance to fondle those firm tits. Her swollen nipples were brown but with a red tint as my fingers caressed them. I gasped out loud when I felt Peggy’s lips cover my cock and I glanced down to see her head bobbing in my lap.

Mary just smiled as she watched Peggy suck on my cock. I continued to play with her tits with my left hand but slipped my right hand down to grasp one of Peggy’s big breasts as she sucked at me. Almost immediately her big nipple bloomed in my hand and I was amazed at the size of it and the heat that it generated. After a few minutes Mary rearranged herself and bent over me to share my cock with Peggy. I lay back and told myself how unbelievably lucky I was to have two beautiful women at the same time.

I watched fascinated as the two women alternated kissing each other and sucking at my cock head. One of Mary’s hands had slipped around my shaft and was pumping it slowly while Peggy’s hand cupped my balls. I let them enjoy themselves for a while and then pulled them back up.

“I like to give head too!” I said and then grinning, stood up and finished removing my jeans. Turning back around, I slipped between Peggy’s legs and reached to the sides of her bikini bottom and pulled them down her legs. She settled into the sofa as I moved my face in to sample her beautiful pussy. Her mound was trimmed and I could see that her lips were swollen and pink. I could smell the musky scent of her as I parted her pubic hair with my fingers. Her clit stood free of its hood and was quite large and bright pink. With gusto I slipped my face down and started to explore her tasty cunt. I reached up to fondle her breast and found that Mary had beaten me to the punch. She and Peggy were in a deep sloppy kiss as they played with each other’s tits.

I returned my attention to Peggy’s pussy and slipped a finger between her cunt lips and deep inside her pussy. She was plenty wet and I met no resistance. I slowly finger fucked her as I made little circles around her stiff clit. I sensed movement and saw that Mary was removing her bikini bottoms and that the women never broke their kiss during the process.

I didn’t want to make Peggy cum too soon so I indulged myself in a leisurely cunt eating session. I replaced my finger with my tongue and shoved it as deep inside her cunt as I could. It was a stronger taste but still delicious and I probed the walls and sucked her juices. I glanced up to see that the women had stopped kissing and were watching me between Peggy’s legs. They were still caressing each other’s tits and I realized that Peggy’s hand had found its way to Mary’s pussy.

I ate Peggy as they watched me, getting faster and applying more pressure. Three fingers were now sawing in and out of her. I sensed that she was starting to get close to orgasm so I backed off to deny her. Peggy made a groaning sound but I just smiled as I freed my soaked fingers from her pussy and moved right so that I could be between Mary’s legs

Her pussy hair was just slightly trimmed and was curly black. Peggy’s hand was rubbing her slit so I could see the pink wetness easily. Gently I moved Peggy’s hand out of the way and then licked Mary’s beautiful cunt from the bottom to the top, careful not to touch her clit. Agonizingly slow I explored her folds and tasted the inside of her. She was even sweeter than Peggy. As I got closer to her clit with my licking, her ass came up off of the sofa seeking the contact. Finally I honed in on that sweet little target and softly licked around it. I slipped two fingers into her soaking cunt and started to finger fuck her while I licked at her clit. She was tighter than Peggy and I felt the slippery walls grab at my fingers. She was much quicker in reaching the point of orgasm so I was a little surprised but stopped my attentions just in time to keep her from going over the edge.

Mary was so annoyed at my interruption that she playfully slapped the side of my head. I just smiled and move back between Peggy’s legs. Peggy smiled down at me as I settled between her legs. “Oh yeah baby, eat me like that again!” she whispered.

I was happy to oblige her and felt her hands sink into my hair. She gently grabbed hands full and guided my head back to her cunt. No preliminaries this time. I slipped three fingers into her pussy and zoned right in on her clit. Licking, slurping, gentle sucking and general mouth worship of her swollen button got her where she wanted in no time.

“Geez, Oh my God!” she hissed. Her butt came up off of the sofa and the waves of orgasm washed over her. I kept my licking up until I was sure that she was over the hump and then just slipped down lower and sunk my tongue into her pussy as far as it would go. I could feel the slick walls of her pussy grasping and shuddering against my tongue and her juice gushed into my mouth. When her ass settled back on the sofa I moved away and back to Mary.

Mary watched as I settled between her legs again and started to tease her pussy. As my finger slipped inside her I marveled at how tight her pussy was but she was so wet that I slipped in easily. Finger fucking her, I resumed my tongue attentions to her clit. It was standing up erect and red as I lashed and sucked at it. I felt movement and glanced at Peggy sliding off of the sofa and gasped as her mouth captured my hard cock. Peggy sucked at me while I ate Mary’s pussy. I could see Mary watching Peggy sucking my cock and then shifting her eyes to watch me eating her sweet cunt. This time I didn’t pull away when I sensed that she was getting ready to cum.

Mary started moaning and pushing her pussy against my mouth and then her pussy exploded with even more cunt juice as the waves of her orgasm swept through her body. She jerk and spasmed as the orgasm took hold of her movements and then she settled back down and lay with her legs spread enjoying the after glow.

Having given the ladies their orgasm first and being hard as a rock from Peggy’s suck job I decided I wanted to fuck Mary’s pussy. I extricated myself from Peggy’s mouth and moved up between Mary’s legs. Her whole groin was covered in her pussy juice so I just pushed forward all the way into her juicy hot pussy. I fucked her with long slow strokes as she lay on the sofa, enjoying how tight and slippery she was. Again I sensed movement from Peggy and then watched as she moved up on the sofa and straddled Mary’s head and began to sink down.

Mary pushed up on Peggy’s thighs to stop her descent. “I’ve never done that before!” she said in a somewhat panicky whisper.

Peggy just laughed and pushed down with more force, “Well there’s a first time for everything girl!” Peggy’s back was turned to me so I had a perfect view of her lowering her pussy onto Mary’s face. I picked up my pace a bit as I saw Mary’s tongue tentatively reach out and start flicking at Peggy’s slit.

Peggy began to rock back and forth slowly rubbing her cunt against the other girls face. “Lick me you bitch!” she hissed, “Yeah just like that!”

I just leisurely fucked Mary’s pussy watching her lick at Peggy’s pussy. She was definitely having an effect because I could see the sheen of Peggy’s cunt juice all over her face. Watching I decided that I wanted to try Peggy’s pussy and slipped out of Mary. I squatted up on the couch, at the same time straddling Mary’s body. I moved up behind Peggy and tried to slide my cock into her pussy. She was still rocking back and forth over Mary’s mouth though and it was proving to be a frustrating effort. I felt a hand grab my cock and glancing down I saw Mary’s hand wrapped around me. She pulled me forward and guided me into Peggy’s pussy.

“Oh yeah, Fuck me!” hissed Peggy. She began to fuck me back and I felt Mary’s head between our legs licking at whatever she could get her tongue on. It slipped and licked at where my cock entered Peggy’s cunt. It licked at Peggy’s clit and my balls. We were fucking so urgently now that my cock slipped out of Peggy’s pussy and I felt Mary’s mouth bathe me and then her hand guide me back in. Our fucking assumed even more frantic motion. I could look down and see my cock sliding in and out of Peggy’s cunt and marveled at how her fabulous ass quivered when I banged myself harder into her.

Peggy started to cum and I felt her cunt get wetter and tighter around my cock. I felt the sperm rising through my cock and groaned “I’m cumming!” Mary must have heard me as I felt her hand on me again. She slipped me out of Peggy’s cunt. I was momentarily frustrated because I wasn’t quite there yet but then I felt Mary’s hot mouth sucking at me and got me right back on track. Within moments I was pumping a load of sperm into that hot sucking mouth. Peggy lay motionless across the back of the sofa enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm.

It took a few minutes for me to recover enough strength to move myself off of Mary and find a seat on the sofa beside the women. Peggy too moved off of Mary’s face and sat beside her. We all just lay there feeling the glow.

The three of us spent the night fucking and sucking every way that we could think of. I learned that Peggy was as good at eating pussy as she was at sucking cock. Mary overcame her shyness and seemed able to coax an orgasm out of Peggy’s cunt with the slightest of efforts. I came three times that night and the last one felt like my balls were coming out through the tip of my cock.

In the morning the women left after a few fitful hours of sleep.

Over the next several months I got to bed them many times again. When Mary visited it was assumed she would spend the night at my place. One time I was deathly ill with the flu when she showed up at my door. I tried to shoo her away but she insisted on coming in. As I lay on my bed she crawled up between my legs and sucked me to hardness. The she removed her clothes, climbed up on top of me and just fucked me until we both came. Then she fixed me some chicken soup and served me in bed. Just before she left she sucked me off and then let me go back to sleep.

Peggy would come by and hang out at my place quite often. I never pressured her for sex but welcomed it when she decided she wanted it. I really enjoyed her company and would have been friends with her even if we never had sex.

I also bedded Anita, Susan and Lisa over time. Usually they would appear with Peggy on one of her visits and they’d end up both jumping me. Shirley never mentioned a thing but I knew that she was pulling strings in her own way to thank me for helping her when she needed it most. While these ladies were all wonderful and totally fun and uninhibited the best was yet to come.

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