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Something Too Far

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Do I have issues with my wife? No. Do I love my wife? Of course I do. We have been married for awhile and together way longer than that. So as always happens we had become accustomed to a certain way of living. Not that it was bad, but it was predictable. Work all week, me wanting sex during the week and the wife just too tired. Scheduled love time on the weekend.

We have had an interesting sex life. We did plenty of experimenting together being that we met in high school. This allowed us to grow and experiment together. So we had some pretty interesting experiences together. A few years back we tried a little rope play. Real simple, tied hands to bed, and see what happens. Wow, both of us liked it. I especially liked it. I became obsessed. I loved the whole concept of bondage, and domination. Books on rope bondage and specialty porn became hobbies of mine. We even casually created a “safe word” just in case. So one special occasion I made a trip to the sex shop and got a few new toys for us. One included a small cat of nine tales. A bunch of little leather straps with a handle. This became, for a while, a constant visitor to our love making, but as we kept growing up, getting married, having kids, it became a less frequent visitor and became more of a once or twice a year old friend. Our sex life has taken on a religious overtone, read missionary almost all the time.

Even with our routine, my cravings for these beyond normal encounters never diminished. In fact, with our routine it began to creep into my head at the wrong time. Long ago I affixed the cuffs to the bed but alas, they have been hanging there unused for just as long. I began to think my sex life was going to stay this way. Until tonight, something was different. Something was different with me.

We were laying in bed, spooning like we do every night, one arm under her pillow, one rubbing her side. She sleeps a lot of the time with her arms above her head which makes it easy to caress her sides. This also puts both hands readily in my one hand. Tonight, this was perfect. She was almost asleep. Being denied tonight compounded everything else I had built up just seemed to push me too far. Grabbing her hands I pulled them back and down towards my body. Waking up suddenly and surprised she is stunned for a moment. I whisper in her ear, “Don’t say a word!” Sternly but so that she knows it is me and not some intruder.

A slight whimper escapes her mouth as I get up on my knees on the bed never letting go of her wrists. I pull her up and start getting off the bed. I pull her to the end of the bed and grab her underwear and yank them down to her ankles. She starts to protest. A light slap stops the protest more from the surprise of it than the pain. I have no idea what has come over me. I feel strong, I feel amazing, like I haven’t in a long time, but also, I don’t feel like me. I pull her shirt over her head and toss it aside and grab her wrists again. She begins yet again to say something but I tug her wrists which brings her body bumping into mine ceasing the protest again. I am so close to her face I can feel the little bit of air knocked from her. I say to her in a stern but calm voice. “The only thing you will say to me now is yes, master.” The look of surprise in her eyes is one I have not seen before, but she is not pulling away. She is not saying anything, just looking at me.

Her mouth opens and I see her lips move, but cannot hear what she has said. Wondering if she is continuing to fight I lean my head and ask her in a quiet yet firm tone to repeat what she has just said. Slightly louder this time, I hear slowly, “yes master.” I push her to the floor and tell her to look straight down and not move. She does it, hesitantly, she does do it.

Opening the drawer of our toy collection I pull out the never used door jamb cuffs. Interesting little devices, weave strap connects to hollow tub that goes on one side of the door, close the door, and instant cuffs. I open our bedroom door and secure the cuffs and close again. Locking the door and turning to my new found “toy” kneeling ever so beautifully on the floor at the foot of our bed. I call to her to stand. She saw what I set up and the look of doubt shows on her face. We have not done much outside of the bed so this standing experience is new and disconcerting to her. This was not something she was used to, and definitely not something I was used to either, but I was beyond the point of no return. Pulling her wrists up to be secured in the cuffs at the top of the door she doesn’t resist. I secure her to the door facing away from me. I see my loving wife, mother of my children hand cuffed to our bedroom door. Stretching to reach, her wonderful tan lines providing a beautiful contrast on her lovely back. Enjoying the curves of her body I almost forget what I am doing until I hear a small sound. It sounds almost like a faint crying. I step behind her, I ask, “Are you scared?”

“Yes master.”

“I am not doing this to hurt you my love. I am doing this in hopes of freeing both you and me.” Where were these words coming from? Has all my pent up emotions forced this other person to emerge? Have I always been like this? I hear the whimper again. “Do you trust me?”

Slowly but firmly she responds, “yes master.”

Reaching back into the drawer I removed our old friend the whip. Looking at the leather whip in my hand I wondered if I had in fact snapped. I felt different, but I felt good. I was going to hurt her. This was the purpose of this instrument I held in my hand, but this was not pain given in anger, or rage, this was something so different I couldn’t explain it. Drawing my hand back, I swing the whip heading straight for the curve of her wonderful backside. Not too hard but enough that it brings a quick gasp, but no spoken word. Another swing, much harder this time, a gasp and a move, but no words. Seeing the small patch of pink flesh drives me to a place I do not recall ever going. I need to continue this. This has to happen.

I bring the whip back again, this time directing to the curve of her shoulder blades. Swing after swing. I start directing the blows to the wonderful curve of her rib cage. The leather straps licking at the sides of her breasts now constantly rubbing against the rough texture of the door. Gasp after gasp, but still no words. I have to see her face. I have to see the beautiful agony I have created. I walk slowly up behind her. I can hear the rushed air of her breathing and the quiet sobbing. She hasn’t forgotten how to make this stop has she? No, she wouldn’t. She was letting this continue. Did she need this as much as I? Turning her around and re-securing the cuffs I can now see the wonderful agony in her face. Her hair is hanging down around her face. A few strands of her hair wet and stuck to her face from her tears. How absolutely wonder she looks.

Using the end of the whip I raise her face to look at me. The look in her eyes shows she now understands. I cannot believe what is going on, but this new me takes over. Letting her drop her head back down, I step back. Raising the whip again I bring it down upon her thighs, a slight swift movement and the now common gasp. I bring the whip again to her flesh. To Her stomach, her sides, now a swift strike of the whip to her left breast. A gasp and she bites her lip. A sudden realization of how sensitive her nipples must be from the constant rubbing against the door indicates my next move. I bring the whip to her other nipple causing again a gasp to escape her lips. I begin moving back and forth from breast to breast. She is crying now, but still not saying anything.

So few words have been exchanged in this moment between us so I begin to speak, but I did not expect to say what I do. “Spread your legs, wide! I want to see you. All of you.” Still crying, she says “yes master.” She spreads her legs. I can now see her completely. I can see moisture between her legs glistening from the top of her thighs. She is enjoying this. Can she really be? I ask her. “Doesn’t this hurt my love?”

“Yes master.”

“Do you want me to continue?”

“Yes master.”

I spin the whip backwards and suddenly bringing it close to her, the ends of the whip slapping fast and hard against the soft tender wet flesh of her sex. She twists slightly, but immediately she spreads her legs again. Again I bring the whip to her sex. Over and over I continue. I can see her lips are beginning to have a nice reddish color to them. The whip is now covered with her moisture. Gasping and crying she writhes while looking down.

I lift her face and kiss her. Without saying anything I slowly remove the cuffs from her wrists. She drops quickly to the floor. I let her rest for a moment, but my urges are still there. I must go on.

I bring her over to the bed. I tell her. “On your knees,” I command, “facing the mirror.” A full length mirror stands leaning against the wall, very close to our bed, having been put there to be out of the way. I reach under the bed and bring out the shoe box with the large sex toy that was ordered without realizing its size. This toy has never been used but is always close by. I set it in front of her. Its large head reaches her belly button while she is sitting back on her heels. I reach for the warming lube that sitting on the bedside table. Applying some to my fingers I climb behind my wonderful wife and reach around and touch her pussy. I can feel the heat from the whipping she has taken. I slowly rub the warming oil into her skin. Making sure to rub in large circles and avoid her clit. I must drive her to the point of exploding. Her hands are behind her back. She begins to rub down her own hips, caressing her tight ass. She reaches up and rubs her breasts. She winces as her breasts and nipples are so sensitive from the whipping they received, but my rubbing of her sex is overpowering this. She slowly pinches her nipples and pulls on them slightly.

Finally being too much she reaches down and grabs my hand now completely covered in the lube and pushes my fingers towards her opening. All 4 fingers slide into her sex at once. She grabs my wrist and holds me still. Not withdrawing my fingers, but holding me in place. Reaching around with my other hand a quick pinch of her nipple reminds her that I have a task to complete. She lets go of my wrist but I leave my fingers inside her. I slowly slide out and then back in. She lets a moan out that sounds like pure primal pleasure. She is ready. I remove my fingers to a disappointed sound. I get off the bed. She immediately looks at the large toy in front of her. I can only imagine what is going through her head right now. I step in front of her, holding a leather collar with the word “slut” in metal letters.

“Spread your pussy. I want to see you.” Both hands immediately go to her sex, no hesitation this time, her fingers delicately pulling her lips apart.

“Yes master.”

I am stunned by this wonderful creature in front of me. “Pleasure yourself.” I say as I squeeze some more lube onto her fingers. “Yes master.”

She begins rubbing herself with one hand and sliding 2 fingers in with her other hand. I can now hear the soft moans as she is beginning to drift off into the wonderful place just before your orgasm brings you crashing back. More fingers join the 2. 2 from each hand now sliding over her lips into her and spreading her lips as they come back out. She must be close. I reach up and stop her. “Hands behind your back,” I tell her.

Reluctantly she replies “Yes master,” as her hands slowly come away from her sex and connect at her back. I remember the collar in my hand and snap it in place. “Can you see yourself in the mirror? Do you like your collar? Does it suit you?”

“Yes master.”

I step back. She suddenly remembers the toy standing so large in front of her. She looks at it then quickly away. Hoping I have forgotten it as well. I have not. I squeeze some of the lube onto the top of it. “Scoot forward!”

Up onto her knees she slowly scoots forward, the head of the toy just below her pussy. Without being told she slowly starts to lower on to it. The moment it touches her pussy she lets a moan escape. Not a moan of pleasure but a moan of reluctance. Can she do this? Is it too big?

“Go on,” I tell her. Her hands release from behind her back. They reach towards the lips of her sex, spreading apart as she starts rubbing back and forth on the large toy, spreading the lube on the toy and from her sex all over the head.

“Go on,” I say again. I see her slide forward, the toy now resting right at the opening of her sex. She pauses slightly, but not enough for me to have to say anything. She very, very slowly starts letting her weight press down onto this toy. Her eyes are closed. Her lip caught quite firmly in her teeth as her sex starts to open wide to accept the toy. The toy is just starting to penetrate but she is already backing off, only to begin pressing down slowly again. She continues this on and off for a few moments.

Almost struggling for air she pushes down and it begins to slide in further. It is now in just a few short inches. But the massive size is more than stretching her to her limits. She knows it. I am in complete awe as I can see it, but she has not stopped this game. Sitting perfectly still to keep the large intruder from moving she begins to breath more fluid now.

A sudden strike of the whip to her breast forces a sudden move. I can see in her face the sensation of the sudden strike mixed with the movement of the large dildo now forced so tightly into her. Again I swing the whip. She tries not to move but is unable to keep her body from its natural reaction of escaping this torment. I let her have a break. She sits there catching her breath. Then slowly with one hand, reaches down to her clit and very slowly starts rubbing in circles.

I climb up onto the bed behind her. I can see her reflection in the mirror over her shoulder. She is beautiful. Small red marks decorate her breasts and stomach from the whipping. The black leather slut collar fixed tightly to her neck. A large dildo fit tightly in her sex all the while she is still rubbing to give herself what pleasure she can draw from this torture.

I reach around her with both arms. I begin to rub and knead her breasts. Her moans are becoming more audible now. I notice she has her eyes closed again. No, she must see. “Open your eyes. You must look. I want you to see the beauty I see.” She opens her eyes and looks straight forward to the mirror. “Do you see?”

“Yes… master”

“Your collar says you are a slut. Are you my slut?”

“Yes master”

“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

At that moment I can feel her body begin to shudder. She begins to collapse. I grab a hold of her and keep her steady. I help her slowly remove the large toy from her sex and lay her down. I lie beside her and reach for her collar to unsnap it and drop it on the floor. She reached up suddenly and grabbed my hand. “No… Please leave it on…”

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