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You’re Getting Very Sleepy Ch. 05

Category: Incest
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“Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice,” Albert hypnotizes Emma to strip naked and give him sex.

Continued from chapter four…

“When I snap my fingers, you will awaken refresh and rested. When you hear the word Beetlejuice, you will immediately become very horny. When you hear the word Beetlejuice, your nipples will harden and become fully erect. When you hear the word Beetlejuice your pussy will become sopping wet with sexual lust for me. With all of this happening immediately when you hear the word Beetlejuice, you will be ready to have sex with me, your brother.”

He snapped his fingers and as soon as he did, Emma looked down at herself and covered herself with her arms and hands. Then, looking over at her brother, she stared down at his erection.

“You sick fuck. Oh, my god,” she said covering her nakedness with her hands and forearms. “What is wrong with you Albert? What did you do to me? How could you do this to me, your own sister? Why am I naked? Why are you naked?” Looking from his eyes down to his cock and back up at his face again, she looked at him with anger before looking at him with embarrassed shame. “Did you have sex with me? How dare you have sex with your sister? Wait until Mom gets home, I’m telling her that you had incestuous sex with me,” she said getting louder and angrier.

“It’s okay Emma. Relax,” he said motioning her to relax with his hands. “Calm down and I’ll explain,” he said in a calming voice. “It’s no big deal. You’re over reacting.”

“Over reacting? You stripped me naked, probably had sexual intercourse with me, and probably forced me to blow you,” she said.

“I didn’t have sex with you,” he said not telling her that he will soon be having sex with her naked body.

“I’m telling Mom that you stripped me naked. I’m telling her that you exposed your cock to me,” she said staring down at his exposed prick again. “I’m telling her that you had sex with me, your own sister. How could you do that to me? God, you’re such an incestuous pervert.”

“Stop Emma. Calm yourself,” he said. “Take a breath and just relax?”

“Calm myself? Take a breath? Relax? I’m calling the cops,” she said squatting down to conceal her nakedness from him while screaming at him.

“Stop. I didn’t do anything. All I did was hypnotize you and you undressed on your own,” he said deciding to stick with that story.

“I’m reporting you to the police. I’ll be pressing criminal charges against your incestuous ass for stripping me naked and God only knows what else you did to my naked body. You’ll be going to jail for what you’ve done to me,” she said looking as if she was about to cry.

* * * * *

There was just no turning back now. What other choice did he have? Gone beyond the point of no return, he’s already played his hand and showed his cards to his sexy sister. She knows that he wants her now and will go through great extents to have sex with her. It was all up to him now.

Needing to know when to fold them and when to walk away, either he’d take his winnings or leave it on the table. Deciding it was better to sample the sweet fruits of his labor than to leave it and have it go bad in his future regretful thoughts about her and in her future angry thoughts about him, he was all in. Just as it was before it was now. With nothing else to do and with the only way out of this jam being to go deeper figuratively and deeper literally into his sister and into his hypnotic dream of a sexual fantasy nightmare, he said the one word that would shut his sister the fuck up.

“Beetlejuice,” he said watching his sister stand with her arms by her side. “Beetlejuice,” he said immediately seeing her nipples grow bigger and harder while her pussy glistened its wetness under his bedroom light. “Beetlejuice,” he said as she walked to him to take his big, hard cock in her soft, little hand.

* * * * *

Obviously, by the deadpan look on her face, she appeared as if she was drugged or sleepwalking. With him uttering just the one, single keyword, Beetlejuice, and with her already under his previous hypnotic suggestion, Emma was immediately hypnotized again. She said she couldn’t be hypnotized. Bullshit. She said that no one could hypnotize her. Bullshit. Yet, here she is standing before him not only hypnotized but naked and ready for sex.

“Albert, you can’t hypnotize me. I’m one of those people who can’t be hypnotized. People have tried to hypnotize me before and they can’t,” she said. “Why do you think I’m still a virgin? Every party I’ve been to, there’s been some pervert who’s tried to hypnotize me in hopes of getting in my panties.”

She was always acting better than him. She was always acting holier than thou. As if daring him to hypnotize her, daring him to strip her naked, and daring him to have sex with her, he couldn’t wait to hypnotize his sexy sister. The only thing wrong with him hypnotizing her and having her strip herself naked so that he could have sex with her was that he was her brother. They were blood related and what he was doing with her now was incest. Okay, even if they weren’t blood related, theoretically, it’s not cool to hypnotize women to strip naked for sex but seriously who would know? If no one knows a crime was committed except for the criminal who committed the crime, then theoretically a crime was never committed. Right? Makes sense.

With him not having much experience in hypnotism and with him just a novice student of the art of hypnotism, he wondered if the women had a memory of being hypnotized. He wondered if they knew they were stripping themselves naked. Perhaps they knew they were stripping naked but couldn’t stop themselves from stripping naked. As in the case of his mother, he wondered if she remembered having sex with her son in the way that he remembered having sex with her and in the way that he was about to have sex with her daughter. The only way he’d find out if they had a memory of being hypnotized is to have someone hypnotize him. In the meantime, more focused on what happens now, he’ll just play this out and not worry about the repercussions of his actions today, tomorrow.

Yet, even if he knew that the women he hypnotized for sex had a memory of him taking sexual advantage of them, especially now with Emma standing before him naked as the ultimate temptation, there was no way that he wasn’t going to have sex with her. There was no way that he wasn’t going to push her back on his bed, mount her, pound her pussy, and fuck her hard. There was no way that he wasn’t going to give her a hypnotic suggestion to suck his cock so that he could finally know what it feels like to cum in his sister’s mouth. Now that he had gone this far and now that she was naked, there was no way that he wasn’t going through with having sex with his sister even if he knew there would be consequences and she’d remember it all.

After she was just in a rage yelling at him and ready to physically assault him as she did before by slapping him, her lifeless and expressionless eyes were devoid of any emotion. Did she know she was now hypnotized? Was she aware that she had no conscious control of what she did and, moreover, what he was about to do with her body? Did she know she was standing before him, her brother, naked? Did she know that he was standing before her, his sister, naked? Did she know that he was about to have sex with her? Or was she just in a semi-awake, semi-conscious trance with her conscious mind in a state of flux while obediently obeying by her sub-conscience to allow him to do anything sexual to his naked sister?

A new practitioner to hypnotism and hypnotic suggestion, he was learning something new every day. Before he hypnotized her, being that she wouldn’t have sex with him unless she wanted to have sex with him, she’s already made it crystal clear that she’s not sexually attracted to him. She’s never shown him as much as her bra strap in a down blouse and he’s never seen her panty in an up skirt. Always the modest, reserved sister, being that he never saw any part of her sexy body is probably why he yearned to see her sexy body, and now here she is in all of her naked glory.

Yet, like mother like daughter, if she was anything like her mother, with his mother all over him and his cock, he knew that his sister would give him hot, incestuous sex too. Two peas in a pod, she was just like her mother. Interesting that for her to strip naked in front of him told him that she’s always sexually wanted him. Perhaps, she wants him as much as he wants her. Perhaps, now that she’s not a virgin, that part of her has released her to be more the slutty sister than he needs her to be.

* * * * *

Now totally and submissively under his spell, he had complete control of her naked body. When she walked to him to take his big cock in her small hand, even after all of the sexual fantasies that he’s had of Emma masturbating him, the feel of his cock in her soft hand was like nothing he had ever imagined. This was real. This was it. This wasn’t a sexual fantasy. Finally, he was about to have sex with his sister.

He stared down at her holding his erect prick while she stared up at him fondling the head of his cock with her manicured fingertips. Not forcing her and not commanding her, he couldn’t believe that his sister willingly walked to him and took his cock in her hand. Every time she looked down at his stiff prick, he became even more sexually excited that he was so nakedly exposed to his sister. Every time she looked up at him, he wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her, really kiss her, French kiss her. Only, he feared that if he so much as touched her that he’d awaken her from her deep sleep.

As if she was a seven course meal, mostly dessert, and he was a starving man, unable to control himself any longer, going for broke, Albert took his sister in his arms and kissed her, really kissed her. He passionately kissed her in the way that he’d dreamt of passionately kissing her in his sexy dreams a thousand times. The first time kissing his sexy albeit bitch of a sister other than on her cheek, on her forehead, or on the top of her head, her kiss was all that he had imagined. Her lips were so sweet and so soft and she smelled like peaches. Indeed, with her so soft, sweet, and vulnerable, yet still sexy, he liked her so much better this way.

Something he figured he’d have to do, even with her hypnotized, he didn’t have to force his tongue between her lips to part them for her to French kiss him. Surprising him, ready for him to French kiss her, she opened her mouth when kissing him. Shocking him, she freely and willingly complied with his brotherly passion with her sisterly passion and French kissed him. Seemingly so sexually ready to have sex with him, she acted as if she wanted to kiss him as much as he wanted to kiss her.

In the way that she took control of his kiss with her lips and with her tongue, she kissed him with even more passion than he kissed her. An amazing kiss and a kiss that he’ll remember the rest of his life, suddenly, putty in her sisterly hands, he felt that he was the one hypnotized. He felt that he was her victim and she was the predator ready to have her wicked, sexual way with his naked body when, indeed, it was the other way around. In the way that she returned his kiss with such intense passion, he felt like the vulnerable one. With him so lustfully ready to have sex with his sister, even with him hypnotizing her, he felt as if she was the one now in control of him.

Wow what a kiss! What an incredible kiss. An even better kisser than his mother, never has anyone kissed him like that. Unable to get enough of her soft, sweet lips, kissing and kissing her, he couldn’t stop kissing his sister. Kissing and kissing him, she returned all of his kisses with as much passion as he kissed her. Kissing and kissing her, he never thought kissing his bitchy sister would be this sexually exciting.

A kiss that no naked brother should ever give his naked sister and that no sister should ever return, their first kiss was a long, wet passionate one. Kissing and kissing her, their kisses continued with him reaching down and behind her to feel her sweet, firm, naked ass with one hand before reaching up to feel her abundant, firm breast with his other hand while fingering her emerging nipple. Curious to know if she was as wet as he was hard, he reached his hand between her legs to finger her pussy. Sliding his finger along her pussy slit, teasing open her closed clam lips, he inserted his finger inside of her to the delight of her gasp.

Between him kissing her and him fingering her pussy, she swooned. She was swooning. His sister was swooning over him and over all that he was doing to her. Never did he ever think that his sister would ever swoon over his touches and his kisses. She was wet alright and already wet enough for him to enter her, penetrate her, and to pound her pussy. Using one finger to rub her clit while continuing to kiss her, he penetrated her deeper with his other finger as if he was fucking her with his cock.

Wanting to know what it would look like and needing to know what it would feel like, he couldn’t wait for her to fall to her knees to take him in her mouth and suck him. With his hand around his cock stroking himself, whenever he sexually fantasized about his sister while masturbating, he always imagined her sucking his cock while he fondled her big, C cup breasts and fingered her nipples. As if he was her whole world and as if she wanted to suck him as much as he wanted her to suck him, he couldn’t wait to watch her looking up at him with her big, brown eyes with his cock buried deep in her nearly virginal mouth. With his hard, hairy prick buried in her soft, sweet mouth, he imagined putting a gentle hand behind her head and caressing her long, black hair while staring down at her pretty face while she sucked and stroked him.

Engulfing him while enthralling him, he couldn’t wait to see her sweet lips stretched around his fat cock. Lipstick on his dipstick, he couldn’t wait to have his sister’s red lipstick tattoo his prick. Despoiling his nearly virginal sister, he couldn’t wait to unload a volume of warm, oozy cum in her mouth and down her throat. While watching her eyes to know what she was feeling, he couldn’t wait to watch her reaction to him cumming in her mouth.

Perhaps, that incestuous dastardly deed would be enough to awaken her from her hypnotic trance. Hoping that it wouldn’t, how awkward would that be for his sister to awaken with his cock still buried in her mouth after just having ejaculated a load of his warm cum in her beautiful mouth? Knowing the bitch that she is, she’d probably bite down and bite off his cock. Taking a chance by risking it all, while hoping that she didn’t awaken, he couldn’t wait to feel what Brad felt when Emma blew him in his car after he said the secret word, Beetlejuice. Before she sucked him and before he ejaculated in her mouth, wanting his cock to be has hard as he wanted it to be, he needed to fuck his sister first.

* * * * *

Considerably more than he’s had of making love to his MILF of a mother, he couldn’t even count the number of sexual fantasies he’s had of making love to Emma. Having lusted over her for so long, he needed to know what it felt like to be on top of her and in between her legs while humping her and kissing her as his cock slid deeper in her tight, warm, wet pussy. He couldn’t wait to hear the sounds she made when making love. He couldn’t wait to hear her cum. He couldn’t wait to reach his hands beneath her to cup both of her beautiful ass cheeks in his hands while pulling her up to him as he fucked her harder, longer, and deeper. He needed to know what it felt like for her to be on top of him bouncing her tits up and down and side to side while his cock was buried in his 19-year-old sister’s cunt.

Harnessing her big tits with his big hands, as if his horny hands were her big bra, he couldn’t wait to finger her nipples while fucking her and while she returned his humps. He needed to see the look of sexual excitement on his sister’s face when she had an orgasm from his fingers, tongue, and cock. What would she say? More importantly, what would she do? With her being so sexy, he needed to know how it felt to be inside of her. A strong willed woman, with her being so opinionated, he needed to know what it would feel like to have that kind of sexual control over his bitchy sister.

Then, taking him by surprise, without him even having to put a heavy hand to her shoulder to give her a not so subtle hint as to what he wanted her to do next, as if she could read his mind, she fell to her knees. She took him in her hand again while staring up at him. An image his had so very many times of his sister on her knees in front of him while holding his cock and ready to take it in her mouth, he couldn’t believe this was really happening.

She fondled the head of his cock with her fingertips while staring down at his cock. A sexual fantasy come true, he couldn’t believe his sexy sister was willingly complying with him and was about to give him oral sex. He watched her slowly stroke his cock while staring up at him. Teasing him by returning her focus to his engorged prick, he watched his sexy sister kissing his cock before licking his cock while looking up to give him a sexy smile.

She was so beautiful. She was so sexy. She was so ready to give him sex. He’ll remember her kneeling there before him for the rest of his life. Recording everything she did to his prick and every sexy look she gave him, this was one memory that he always wanted to remember and never wanted to forget.

Enjoying the moment before she took him in her mouth, he couldn’t stop staring at her while waiting with great sexual anticipation for her to suck him. With her long, black, lush, straight hair, her big brown eyes, and her shapely naked body, she was so unbelievably hot. He wanted this image of Emma burned in his memory so that years from now, he could still recall this memory and masturbate over her being naked, on her knees, and sucking him. He couldn’t wait for her to take him in her mouth.

“Do you want me to suck you, Albert?”

Oh my God. Her voice was magical. A simple question, yet a rhetorical one, there was so much sexual erotica behind what she so asked him. He imagined her asking the same question of Brad.

“Do you want me to suck you, Brad?”

He imagined her asking the same question of her future boyfriends, whomever they may be. He imagined her asking the same question of her future husband, whomever he may be. Years later, he imagined her asking the same question of every man she had sex with behind her husband’s back or with her husband’s expressed consent. Only, now, she was asking him, her brother, the question he’s fantasized of her asking him and the question that he’s been lustfully longing to hear.

“God yes, Emma. Suck me,” he said in a whisper. “Please suck my cock. I need to feel what it’s like to have my cock in your beautiful mouth.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” She asked him another seemingly rhetorical question while staring up at him with those big, beautiful brown eyes. “You’d like for me to suck your cock while you fondle my breasts and finger my nipples, wouldn’t you?”

“More than anything,” he said. “If you suck me, I’ll lick you. Then, after you cum, I’ll make sweet love to you. I need to know what it feels like to cum in your mouth,” he said.

“It wouldn’t be much of a blowjob Albert if you didn’t cum in my mouth,” she said.

“Oh, my God,” he said weak kneed and breathlessly.

Unbeknownst to his little sister, more than having her suck his prick and more than allowing him to cum in her mouth, he’d love to give her a cum bath. He’d love to shoot cum not only in his sister’s mouth but all over her beautiful face and sexy body. There’s just something about having his wicked sexual way with a woman who’s been as bitchy to him as his sister has been. There’s just something about controlling her in the way that she’s never allowed any man to control her by cumming all over her.

He only wished he could have watched her having sex with Brad. He only wished that he was the first one to break her virginal cherry instead of some guy that she dated for the first time. He couldn’t help but imagine her staring up at him with her face covered and dripping with his cum. Then, shocking him again, as if she could read his mind, she said what he was thinking.

“After I suck your cock Albert, after you lick my pussy and make me cum, and after you make brotherly love to me, will you give me my sexual fantasy?”

Batting her long eyelashes while smiling up at him, he’d give her anything she asked.

“Yes, whatever your sexual fantasy is, I will gladly give that to you,” he said gently touching the top of her head as if he was a priest and she was one of his parishioners kneeling in front of him. “What’s your sexual fantasy?”

“I want you to give me a cum bath,” she said. “I want to be covered with your cum. I want you to make me your bitch. I want to be your sexual slave.”

What has he done? Who has he created? He couldn’t believe that sweet, innocent Emma not only willingly wanted to suck his cock and would allow him to cum in her mouth but she also wanted him to give her a cum bath too? With him giving her a cum bath his sexual fantasy, he was surprised that him giving her a cum bath was his sister’s sexual fantasy too.

She wanted to be covered in his cum. She wanted him to make her his bitch. She wanted him to make her his sexual slave. Nothing could possibly top this. Being the good brother that he is, he’d be happy to comply with his sister’s fantasy and give her a cum bath. He’d love nothing more than to make her happy by making her his bitch and his sexual slave.

To be continued…

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