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Looking Is Free

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I had to chuckle when I heard the door open behind me seconds after I had sidled up to the trough-like urinal that ran along the wall of the men’s room of the bar I had been killing time in. Maybe it comes with age, but for some reason I knew that I was going to have company, and I really didn’t need to look to see who my bathroom companion was.

It was the guy working back bar, not the bartender but the guy that did all the dirty work like lugging cases of beer and transporting ice, and the way he had been looking at me left no doubt as to his interest.

Like a love starved puppy, it seemed, and given the competition at the tavern attached to the motel I was staying at, it wasn’t surprising. Not that I’m all that good looking, but for my age (55) I’m not all that bad. I look a little like Patrick Stewart from Star Trek, so maybe the kid was a Trekkie or something.

I knew he had to be 18 to work behind a bar, but he couldn’t be much older than that. He had long curly blond hair that would look really good if he got it cut by a stylist with eyesight, and at about 6′ tall he was only about 3″ shorter than me, although at about 220 pounds I was easily 70 pounds heavier than the wisp of a lad who settled in at the other end of the urinal.

There was a mirror above the trough, and when I glanced at it and saw the guy staring at me I shook my head. I mean, the bathroom scene is not exactly something I was ever into even at my young friend’s age, but I’ll admit to giving a quick glance at another guy if he looks interesting.

This kid though, well let’s just say he had a lot to learn. Standing there hiding his goodies, either because he was ashamed or just trying to hide the fact that he didn’t really have to go, he was gawking at my cock like it was the seventh wonder of the world.

Hey, I’m a big guy, and my cock is proportional with the rest of me. Add in that the little game this kid was playing got me a bit aroused, and also the fact that I had given myself a couple of pulls when the door had opened, so what he was staring at was a pretty impressive package. Still and all, leering like this kid was doing is a good way to get your ass kicked if the person getting examined didn’t go that way.

“In one hole and out the other,” I announced as I started to try and wear a hole in the blue tablet down near the drain that was doing a lousy job of keeping the bathroom minty-fresh.

“Hew heh,” the bar back chirped nervously while watching me piss away the three Captain and Cokes I had consumed.

I sighed as the kid kept staring at me, and after my stream had been reduced to a trickle, I made a big point of shaking my cock a lot more than the three times you’re permitted. Finally, I just swiveled and faced the kid with my cock hanging out of the fly of my trousers.

“Looking is free, kid,” I announced, hoping like hell that nobody else chose this moment to enter the bathroom and see this silliness.

The kid jumped and looked away for a second, and it occurred to me that this guy might very well have been jerking off while looking at my stuff. Despite him looking away briefly, his eyes returned to the prize.

“If you want to do more than look at it, I’m in room 7,” I informed my fan before tucking away my member and washing up.


Back at the bar, I settled back into my chair and the bar and ordered another drink. My fan club came out of the bathroom and went back to work without the bartender noticing him, and after the barkeep delivered my drink he went back to the other end of the bar, where he went back to debating some black dude about the merits of a horse running at Aqueduct the next day.

Approaching me like I was radioactive, my young friend acted like he was delivering state secrets as he tried to act like he wasn’t really coming over to talk.

“Um – I get out at midnight,” he mumbled, glancing at the clock that read 10:45 and then at his boss.

“Room 7,” I said with a nod as I squinted to read the little gold name badge he wore. “Kevin.”

He nodded briskly, his Adam’s Apple bobbing up and down fast before slithering away as subtly as he had arrived. I finished my drink and threw some bills at the bar before heading to my room, where a shower awaited.


After a refreshing shower I dried off and looked over my body in the bathroom mirror, which along with the bright lights showed off the results of living 55 years. My bald skull shined under the fluorescent after I buffed it with the towel while I hummed some old Bee Gees song.

I think that the kid was responsible for that, since he seemed to resemble one of the Bee Gees circa 1965. I was ten years old in 1965, and the kid who was hopefully going to show up soon not only wasn’t born then, his parents probably weren’t either.

I grabbed another of the dreadfully small and thin bath towels and tried to dry the salt and pepper mat of hair that covered my chest. Considering how hairy the rest of me was, it was cruel that I had gone bald so rapidly that I had finally given up a few years ago and kept my skull smooth from then on.

The fur hid the fact that I had begun to get just a tiny bit of a belly on me, and when I looked down I decided to do a little gardening down below. With a great deal of caution, I removed the hair around the base of my cock. It wasn’t like the kid’s mouth was going to get down that far, but it did make for a more impressive visual effect when there was no fur hiding any of it.

Just then, I heard a knock at the door. Since it was only 11:30, I covered myself up as best I could and went to peek through the peephole to see who it was.

“Hello Kevin,” I said as I swung the door open and let my young friend in. “You’re early.”

“Uh – it was quiet so they let me out,” Kevin said, still acting all fidgety and spastic as he walked past me.

Kevin said something that was so mumbled and stutter-filled that I had no idea what he had said, but I loved the way I was staring at my still damp body, naked except for the precariously knotted towel I had wrapped around my midsection.

“It did seem a bit quiet in there,” I opined. “Is that what it is always like in Syracuse on Friday nights?”

“Um – Manlius,” Kevin said, correctly noting that we were just outside of Syracuse. “Kinda.”

“Would you like a drink?” I said, offering the young man a brew out of the ice bucket that was serving as a little cooler.

“Can I?” Kevin asked, and I tossed him a Bud which he managed to catch.

“You are 18, right?” I asked.

“18? No,” Kevin said, and I almost dropped a load when he said that.

“You aren’t 18?” I almost screamed, preparing to throw him out the door on his ass.

“No, I’m 19. Gonna be 20 next week,” Kevin said, and it would have been funny if he was trying to be humorous instead of just being – Kevin I guess.

“Don’t do that to me,” I said with a laugh. “Happy birthday in advance if I don’t see you.”

“Thanks,” Kevin said, and promptly downed about half the can in one swallow. “Drinking age is 21.”

“Shit. I forgot. It was 18 back in my day,” I said, and while I was tempted to take the brew away from him, I figured that he was entitled.

“I drink in the basement sometimes,” Kevin informed me as he peeked at me over the rim of the beer can.

“I don’t blame you,” I agreed.

“Um – I don’t know what to do,” Kevin said after finishing the beer and burping.

“About what?” I asked.

“About you. With a man I mean,” Kevin replied. “Only been with one guy before. He died.”

“Oh. Sorry to hear that,” I told him, trying to think what would kill a kid his age. “Drugs?”

“No, thank you.”

“No,” I said, managing to laugh despite the situation. “I mean the guy. Your lover. Did he die of an overdose? Car accident?”

“Heart attack.”

“Really? How old was he?”

“65,” Kevin said, and before I could ask him how he ended up with a senior citizen Kevin clarified things.

“He was my grandfather,” Kevin said without blinking, and I shrugged and nodded, not wanting to know any more than I had to about that

“Well, what you can do is get comfortable,” I suggested. “Do you want to take a shower?”

“I don’t stink, do I?” Kevin wondered aloud, but I assured him that he didn’t, since he seemed to be quite fresh with a hint of Axe around him.

“So get comfortable,” I repeated as I removed the damp towel from around me. “Unless you want me to help you, that is.”

Kevin shook his head so hard that he must have given himself a headache, and as he unbuttoned his shirt his eyes never left my crotch. It was so crazy that I had to say something.

“Got a thing for guys with big cocks?” I asked while giving my flaccid hose a long and slow pull that seemed to tongue-tie my young fan.

“Grandpa. He had a big one,” Kevin said as his Adam’s Apple did that up and down thing. “Not as big as yours though. Not nearly that big. Mine isn’t very big at all. Kinda small.”

“Let me give you a scoop. Outside of the visual effect, the size thing doesn’t matter all that much,” I said. “As long as it works – that’s the main thing.”

Kevin had managed to get his shirt off, exposing a pale and hairless chest that was every bit as scrawny as I suspected, and as he stripped down at first I thought that he was hairless.

As I stepped closer to him I saw that he had body hair, but it was so blond that it was almost invisible. I welcomed the sight of the wisps of blond fluff in the deep hollows of his armpits and the bun of blond curls above his dick, which Kevin had hidden behind his cupped hand.

“You know, Kevin,” I said with a smile enjoying his shyness that was so erotic to me. “I’m going to see you soon enough anyway.”

“Nervous,” Kevin said as he pulled on himself a couple of times before giving up and letting go.

“Very nice,” I assured Kevin as I stepped over to him, my eyes devouring his dick, which was very slender but was actually longer than I had expected.

“Mmm,” I purred as I wrapped my hand around his limp dick, and Kevin’s knees buckled a little as I began to pull on him gently. “Very nice indeed.”

As I held his hot tool tightly in my grasp, I could feel his nervousness fade as his cock got longer and longer with every stroke, and when I looked down I was delighted to see that Kevin’s self-appraisal was way off.

“Look at you,” I said as I saw I was holding what was probably 6″ of very hard manhood. “You aren’t small at all.”

Indeed, because while Kevin’s cock might have been quite slender, the length was quite impressive and looked nice attached the the owner’s body, which was very similarly built.

“Gonna make me cum,” Kevin moaned as my stroking got a little carried away.

“Can’t have that,” I said, reluctantly letting go of the long slender prong.

“You’re really hairy,” Kevin said, putting his hand on my chest very tentatively and letting his fingers lightly rake the thick pelt of fur that covered my chest.

“Is that a good thing?” I asked, and Kevin nodded like a puppy before sheepishly leaning down and finding my nipple with his mouth.

Kevin sucked on my nub while continuing to glance at me as if looking for approval or something, so I put my hand on the back of his head and caressed his scalp while he sucked away.

“Nice,” I cooed while enjoying his eager oral technique, his enthusiasm more than making up for any lack of skill. “You’re doing fine.”

“Is this good?” Kevin asked, taking his mouth off my nipple long enough to speak.

“Oh yes,” I assured Kevin. “Do anything you want to me.”

“Really?” Kevin asked, his eyes going over to my armpit, exposed with my hand on the back of his head, and when I nodded is face moved over.

“Ooh!” I moaned, lifting my arm as Kevin buried his face in the thick tuft of hair that filled the hollow, making me glad I had just come out of the shower, and after realizing I was enjoying it, lost any inhibition as he licked and chewed my armpit while grinding his cock into my hip.

“Nasty boy,” I sighed after his reddened face emerged from under my arm. “I like your style.”

“Can I suck your cock?” Kevin asked eagerly, and I chuckled when after I nodded, he dropped to his knees like he was shot.

“Oh man!” Kevin said as he lifted my flaccid member up to his mouth. “This is awesome.”

I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but awesome was a new one for me. Kevin’s boyish enthusiasm was cute, and when his mouth opened to take in my cock, I soon discovered that while he may only have been with one guy before, he must have done a lot of practicing on that old geezer.

“Ooh!” I sighed as Kevin’s mouth slid almost all the way down my cock.

My sigh made Kevin look up, and when he saw me looking down at him with new found respect. Not only was Kevin a deep throat wizard, he knew what he was doing. Soon I was hard, and Kevin’s lips were sliding up and down well over half the length of my cock while his hand kneaded my balls.

I cradled Kevin’s head in my hands, running my hands through his golden locks while he began down on me without using his hands, which were now running up and down my legs and over my ass. He would look up at me every few seconds, his fawning eyes making sure I was liking what he was doing.

“You like to swallow?” I asked when I felt my orgasm on the horizon.

“Yeah!” Kevin said, pulling his mouth off of my cock long enough to reply, and then he brought his hands around to the front, his left hand working over my balls while the right hand milked the part of the shaft his mouth couldn’t reach.

“Cumming,” I grunted, unable to hold back under the effect of Kevin churning my nuts and milking my cock.

Kevin barely blinked as I coated his throat with what felt like quite a load, and he kept sucking after I stopped cumming, with some of my seed trickling out of the corners of his mouth and rolling down his chin.

“Damn,” I said as I reached down and grabbed Kevin under his arms and lifted him to his feet. “You’re really something.”

I brought Kevin over to the bed and put him on his back, my eyes on the long slim dick that was curled back onto his smooth stomach. I lifted the prong to a upright position, running my fingers through the tuft of curls above his dick as I bowed my head down.

Like sucking a thumb, I thought to myself as my lips slid down the wiry tool. A really long thumb though, and I surprised when I wasn’t quite able to take all of him in. His balls were nice too, cute little orbs hanging in a long hairless sac, and they rolled nicely in my palm.

Kevin was writhing around as I took my time with him, trying to make him squirm and wait while I gobbled his beautiful instrument. I savored the sweetness of his pre-cum as it oozed out of the tip of his gumdrop glans, my tongue flicking rapidly at the tender opening.

Kevin’s hand was running all over me, stroking my back, grabbing my ass cheeks and sliding down to the ridge between my ass and balls. I maneuvered my kneeling position so he could get at me better while I kept sucking, and Kevin responded by sliding under me so that my balls were rolling on his chin.

I tried to lean forward so I could drop my spent dick into the eager lad’s mouth so he could suck on it, but he was going in the other direction. Kevin’s tongue lapped at the underside of my nut sac on the way to the ridge between my balls and anus.

While I was surprised when I felt his tongue poking at the furry ring, I didn’t complain, and when I felt his hands prying apart my ass cheeks I eased downward.

Kevin squealed as he buried his tongue inside my anus, the sounds garbled as he seemed to be trying to stick his whole head inside me. I felt his cock twitch in my mouth just before he came, squirting his load into my throat, and I kept sucking him until he went limp.

Underneath me, Kevin was still licking away at my ass, and my cock was starting to come alive again. After squirming on his face a bit, I leaned back down and grabbed his bony hips, raising them up as I pulled him backwards.

My eyes went down past the pale limp dick and spent balls, down to the crack of his ass where between those cheeks sat the tiniest little pink puckered ring imaginable. Had Kevin’s grandfather fucked him in the ass? Did he want me to?

The answer to both of those questions was yes, resoundingly so. When I told him I wanted to, I could feel his entire body shake as he let me spread his ass open, and I told him to get me hard again and I would.

His tongue worked inside of me like a snake while his hand came around and began pulling on my semi-turgid member. I moved my face in between his buttocks and slid my tongue around his anus, savoring the tartness before poking inside, feeling Kevin’s body jerk in response as we ate each other’s asses like animals.

My cock was now hard again, so I scrambled over to the night stand and dug the lube out of my bag. Kevin was already assuming the position as I spread the gel over my erection while he watched, and then I was climbing behind him, sticking first one and then a second finger into his willing orifice.

“I won’t hurt you,” I said after I though he had asked me to be gentle, but that wasn’t what he had said after all.

“Hard,” Kevin said as he ground his ass into my probing fingers. “I like it rough.”

“That so?” I said as I pulled my fingers out of him and brought my cock to his balloon knot. “Your Grandpa give it to you hard?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I can take it.”

“You asked for it,” I sneered, playing along with the lad, and while I had no problem getting a little rough I had no intention of hurting him.

I pushed the knob of my member into Kevin, making him groan in response, and as I impaled him I grabbed a fist full of his blond locks and jerked his head backwards.

“Like this?” I growled as my cock went deeper into his bowels.

“Yeah!” Kevin said. “Fuck! That’s big!”

“Had enough?” I asked, and he shook his head no so violently I had to struggle to keep hold of his scalp.

“Then take it all,” I snarled as I pushed myself into Kevin right to the balls, and his response was to push back into me.

Five minutes later, I was actually feeling three times Kevin’s age for the first time. The kid was resilient, and I couldn’t be too rough to suit him. His back was covered with sweat, the pale skin drenched with my perspiration which rained down on him with each thrust, and I leaned on him while trying to save my energy.

“Feels nice,” Kevin said, apparently relishing the feel of my sweaty hairy chest on his back and I wrapped my arms around him, and when my fingers found his nipples I learned that they reveled in rough handling as well. “Twist them. Yeah! So good.”

“Gotta cum soon,” I grunted, my back becoming just as anxious as my cock for me to finish.

“Want to see you,” Kevin said, and suddenly he was getting onto his back and putting a pillow under himself.

This wouldn’t take long, I realized as I climbed between his skinny thighs, his lithe body simply too erotic to look at for long. After I pushed my cock back into Kevin, his hand came up and started to grab his stiff cock from his belly so he could play with himself, but I pushed it away because I wanted to do it for him.

“Oh yeah!” Kevin moaned as I took the arching prong in hand and started to stroke him slowly, delighting in watching him writhing into the bedding. “Jack me harder. Harder!”

My gentle stroking of his slender manhood got harder and faster at his insistence, until it seemed like he wanted me to yank his cock right off with my fist before he finally cried out, “Cumming!”

I felt his cock surge a second before he started to ejaculate, and as I watched his dick begin to spurt wildly, sending jet after jet of his seed onto his stomach, chest, and even onto his face, I was barely able to hold back my own orgasm long enough to milk him dry before letting out a roar of my own, not caring whether anybody was in room 6 or 8 or not.

“Yeah!” I vaguely remember Kevin screaming as he twisted my nipples while my cock erupted into his bowels, and after I was spent I remained inside of him for as long as I could until my limp dick finally slithered out of Kevin.

“That was so good – at least it was for me,” Kevin said after I eased down beside him. “Was I okay?”

“If you have to ask, you must not have been paying attention,” I managed to say as my young lover cuddled up next to me.

We chatted for quite awhile, and I learned that Kevin was just working at the bar part-time, and was a student at Syracuse. That made me happy, and I told him how important is was for him to get a good education so he didn’t end up like me, forced to spent most of my life going from city to city and from motel to motel selling my company’s products.

“That sounds like fun though,” Kevin said. “Get to see a lot of places and meet a lot of people.”

“Most of them aren’t nearly as interesting as you,” I told him.

“Do you come around here regularly?” Kevin asked, and I told him that I was usually around Manilus every three months or so.

“And I’ll make a point of staying here when I do,” I assured him when he started to say what I suspected he was going to ask. “If you’re around…”

“I’ll give you my number,” Kevin said. “So if I’m not working I can still come by, if you want.”

We took a shower together eventually, and after Kevin and I had washed each other throughly I noticed that one of us was very hard. Sadly it wasn’t me, but I couldn’t leave the boy like that so with the help of the support bar on the side of the tub I managed to get down on my knees and get Kevin off.

I relished the feel of Kevin’s hands rubbing my bald skull as I sucked his cock while the shower sprayed us down, and after I drained him he was kind enough to help me to my feet.

“You’ve got such an awesome body,” Kevin said as we dried each other as best we could with the crummy towels, and while the mirror told me differently, for whatever reason Kevin seemed to think that was the case so who was I to argue.

Kevin had to get going, since the sun was going to be rising pretty soon, so we hugged before I walked him out to his car, promising that the next time I was around here, we would be seeing each other.

Luckily there was another bed, I thought while surveying the scene in the room, and after a couple of fitiful hours of sleep I managed to get on the road again, my back reminding me that I was 55 all the way to Buffalo.


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