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Snowed In

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It’d been storming outside for what seemed like days. Thankfully, my Dom and I had been well prepared — we knew what was coming, so we stocked up on movies and groceries. Personally, I love nights like this, when the snow is falling and the world outside looks crystallized and beautiful. I love it even more when I can stay inside with friends or family and spend time together, warm and snug inside away from the chill.

Last night was night one of being snowed in, and we spent the evening curled up on the couch, rather low key. Today we both had felt a bit of cabin fever, so I’m not sure how long the peaceful, calm atmosphere will last. I know my fidgeting increased the longer I’d been inside, and my Dom was probably ready to either smack me or tie me down…things that we both enjoy.

I was in the kitchen just finishing cleaning up from dinner when Sir came into the room and proceeded to quite literally drag me to the bedroom. He whipped out a pair of handcuffs, and before I knew it I was attached to the bed. With a curiously evil grin, Sir told me to rest up and sleep, because I’d need the energy for later. I *love* that look — it makes me squirmy.

Part of me wanted to stay up, out of some stubborn resistance to being put to bed…but I surrendered to the submissive side of myself and curled up on my Dom’s pillow and passed out.

Several hours later, I awoke to my Dom gently kissing my neck. When I stretched awake, shuddering from his attentions, he moved and passionately kissed me on lips. I couldn’t help but shudder again, my arousal being stirred from the combination of his talented tongue, wandering hands, and the helplessness from being handcuffed to the bed. I could feel my hips seeking out his, and cursed myself for how easily he could get me hot and bothered.

I felt Sir pull away, and suddenly my world went black as he tied a blindfold around my head. I could feel him pulling off my jeans and panties, and then he uncuffed me. “Don’t move,” he softly commanded (as if I’d want to, with my sexy Dom undressing me).

Once I was entirely undressed, he threw me for a loop, and I could feel him putting socks on. He recuffed my hands behind my back, this time using constable cuffs. I started to get a tad nervous — usually the constable cuffs were for when there would be protesting involved, as they made it easier for him to control me. Sir pulled me to my feet, and then led me out of the bedroom; I couldn’t really tell where we were going. I heard some rustling, and then Sir sat me down on something.

I started to figure it out when I could feel my winter boots being pulled on. Now, I start to question him, but he quickly cuts me off with another passionate kiss. Before I had a chance to say anything else, Sir pushes a ball gag gently into my mouth. “Wouldn’t want the neighbors to hear, would we?” he murmurs into my ear as he pulls mittens onto my hands.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the ball gag. On the one hand, it makes me feel deliciously helpless. I also sort of hate how it makes me drool, and how humiliating the experience can be. But, I enjoy being able to make noise without worrying about being too loud.

At this point, I started getting really nervous. I know it is late in the evening, probably the middle of the night, and no one will be outside. Even so, we don’t have that much privacy in our yard. More than that, it’s cold. Very cold. And I know that I’m probably not going to be getting any more clothes than what I have on, which leaves much to be desired.

Sir pulls off the blindfold and looks in my eyes; he still has this mischievous glint in them that is unbearably sexy, but it doesn’t quite calm my unease about the cold. “Do you trust me?” he asks. I nod, because I do trust him. I know he won’t let me get frostbite or push me too far. He reaches down and pulls on my nipples roughly, making them stand hard at attention. I can’t help but moan slightly through the gag, my arousal heating up yet again.

The time has come, and Sir grabs hold of my cuffs and pulls me with him as he steps outside. I flinch back, and try to stay near the warmth, but I quickly lose hope when he twists the cuffs, digging the metal deep into my wrists. I wince and step closer to my Dom, already shivering. I do appreciate the thought that he put into this, though. The lights are off so we aren’t illuminated to the neighbors, the snow has stopped falling and the evening is clear, and I can see a small basket near one of the trees in the yard, showing how well prepared he is for this adventure.

Sir steps behind me, so that I’m cradled into his warmth. He takes a second to bite my neck, first gently then rather roughly until I’m trembling again from the combination of desire and cold. While I’m distracted, he walks us over to his prepared tree. He places me with my back against the bark. In a highly efficient and rather impressive move, he kicks apart my ankles and has them tied to the tree so my legs are spread widely within just a minute. He uncuffs my wrists, and then ties them similarly so that they are wrapped around the tree, behind my back.

The cold harshness of the tree bark scratches against my back as I squirm, testing the bonds. As usual, Sir has me tied tightly, barely able to move at all. The helplessness renews my arousal again, and I moan softly around the gag. I can feel the first bit of drool trickle down my chin, making me move my head and whimper again at how little control I have right now. I’m entirely at my Dom’s mercy, a cold, shivering, drooling mess of arousal. My nipples are rock hard, and I can feel warm wetness between my legs. Sir is just standing there, grinning at my predicament. I’m jealous of his warm winter coat, and his self-satisfied grin grates on my nerves, making me struggle again.

This is a battle I’m familiar with. My innate stubbornness always gets me in trouble. When I told to do something in a tone that sounds just a tad too cocky, my feathers get ruffled and I want to fight back. I want to protest, to win back some of my control just to take that look off his smug face. The feeling usually doesn’t last long. My Dom is stronger than me, and he always wins. He knows me weaknesses, how to make it so I can’t win — this is why he was smug in the first place. My submissive side nearly always wins over, and my arousal ratchets up a few more notches having been reassured of his complete control.

In this situation, my struggle is even briefer. The bark is scratchy, the bindings tight, and in a masochistic, truly submissive way, the entire situation is arousing as hell and I’m anticipating my Dom’s next move. Sir waits for me to bring my eyes to his, patiently knowing that I’ll give in to his control. In fact, as always, I’m reveling in it.

Sir steps closer, and reaches down to grab a handful of snow. He packs the snow into a tight ball, and my nerves spike again and he moves even closer. He moves in and nibbles on my neck, then moves down and takes a stiff nipple into his mouth. Simultaneously, he starts rubbing the snow against the other nipple. The juxtaposition of warm and cold quickly has me squirming, this time in pleasure. Suddenly, Sir bites the nipple in his mouth hard while thrusting the half-melted snowball against my clit. I let out a stifled shriek through the gag, and I can feel Sir’s grin. After another fast nip, he steps back again.

I watch him deliberate for a second, and then he reaches down into his basket of torment and steps closer again. I can’t see what is in his hand, but before long I feel it. Sir slowly but surely pushes one of larger vibrators into my pussy, and twists the bottom so that it is pulsating steadily inside me. He rubs my clit gently, making me moan and twist against my bonds again, and then he steps away again. This time, he walks outside my vision, and comes back holding a menacing icicle.

He spends several minutes teasing me with the frozen icicle, alternating between a light tracing and a rough scratching. Even though I can feel that I’m dripping arousal, I still can’t help shivering almost constantly from the cold. Knowing that it’s almost too much, Sir throws the icicle away and steps close to me, rubbing his hands up and down my arms. He turns the vibrator up a notch, and moves so that we’re touching head to toe. I can feel his arousal against my stomach, and after a few minutes I can’t help but try to move so that our hips are touching. Sir gives me a sexy look and steps away, ready to resume his evil torment.

This time when he reaches into his basket, he doesn’t hide what he brings towards me. With a contradictory, tender touch, he attaches clover clamps to my pebbled nipples, evoking another set of stifled moans. Even though my nipples are almost numb from the cool air, the clamps bring waves of fresh pain. Sir moves down and before I have time to wonder what comes next, I feel him take my clit into his warm mouth. Immediately, I am whimpering, on the edge of climax. My Dom nibbles gently, swirls his tongue, and pulls away before I have the chance to cum. I sob gently, and he switches down the vibrator, laughing quietly to himself. “Not yet, pet. It’s still early,” he says quietly.

I can tell he is deliberating which route to take next. I watch him pull out a candle and a lighter, and then move down and form a loose snowball in the other hand. He moves so he’s standing a few yards away, and then holds both up in front of me, measuring my fear of each. “Hmm…you make such a lovely target, all strung up for me,” he jokes. He moves in again, dropping the candle into his pocket. He trails a finger through the drool on my chin, making me hang my head in embarrassment. He moves and nibbles my neck, grinding his cock against my hip to reinforce that my helplessness is pleasing to him.

He moves one hand to trace up and down my side with the still frozen snowball, and then moves his warmer hand to roughly fondle my clit. When I’m thrusting my hips, he starts to gently fuck me with the still humming vibrator until I’m once again on the edge of climax. I start to beg through the gag, pleading for release. Sir deftly keeps screwing the vibrator in and out, in and out, with his thumb occasionally caressing my clit, while reaching down with the other hand. I’m half out of my mind, and at this point am totally unaware of his actions beyond what he’s doing between my legs. He bites the chain between my clamped nipples, sending a fresh wave of pain through my body, then pistons the vibrator even harder.

Tears are running down my face as I try to hold back, knowing I’m not allowed climax without permission. Sir steps back and shoves a hard snowball between my legs, and I scream at the bitter cold’s harsh cutoff of my climax. He moves back against my body, warming my body up once again, and making us less obtrusive as he waits to see if my cries awoke our neighbors. Once he can feel my body warm again and he can tell the moment of alarm has passed, he removes the clamps, and quickly engulfs my engorged, stressed nipples into his mouth. Once they are warm but hard in his mouth, he pulls away.

I meet his eyes, and my Dom can tell that I’ll reach my limit soon. He smiles gently, and gently pushes the hair away from my face. He stays close to my body, but reaches down and forms several snowballs. My anticipation rises again as I watch him pull the candle back out, lighting it then guarding it from the occasional breeze. He gently rubs my clit again, pulling it between his fingers to keep my arousal high as the wax gathers. After a minute or two (time is lost to me now), he grabs a snowball, and while he torments my right breast with a snowball, he pours wax onto my left nipple. I can’t help but gasp and moan, and try to move away from the contrasting feelings.

Sir just steps closer, trapping me even further until I’m entirely unable to escape his sadistic desires. As my helplessness is reiterated, my arousal rises again. The pain and pleasure combination, the contrast of burning hot and bitter cold, bring me to the edge yet again. He switches hands, and repeats his treatment to the alternate breasts. As I’m whimpering with arousal, Sir pinches my clit and pulls the vibrator out. I moan a protest, but before I can do much more, Sir removes my bindings. He moves us quickly to a blanket next to the tree that I hadn’t even noticed before (I told you, isn’t he well prepared?) and shucks his pants. He pins me down and dons a condom, then thrusts hard into my waiting, wet pussy as he simultaneously bites my neck.

I raise my hips and wrap my cold legs around his hips, throwing my mittened hands around his neck, and neither of us can hold back. On each upstroke, Sir’s hard cock rubs against my engorged clit, and I’m straining to hold back until he reaches his satisfaction. I’m glad for the gag at this point — there is no way I could voluntarily be silent. I can feel the cold ground underneath us, and I shiver, tightening even further around Sir’s cock. With a muffled growl, Sir commands me to cum, and I hide my head in his neck as I scream out my long-awaited climax. I feel him pulsating strongly inside me as he cums hard, then he collapses on top of me, rolling over so I’m cradled into his side.

Despite my exhaustion, I still have a little bit of energy left, and I’m ready for my revenge. I discreetly start making a snowball as Sir lies next to me, entirely satisfied. I plan out my escape and then move quickly, pulling his jeans into my arms and throwing my snowballs in quick succession at his crotch and chest. I run away fast, knowing I’m fighting a losing battle — my only hope is he will be significantly tired from our endeavors that I’ll have an edge.

I make it to the porch before I feel him catch me, and he pulls us inside. I forgot the handcuffs were still next to him, and before I know it I’m cuffed again. He undoes my gag and passionately kisses me, then looks at me with a half laughing, angry look and sternly tells me to kneel by the couch and await my punishment as he cleans up outside. I watch him depart with a smile, exhausted and unable to fidget even a little bit. Playing in the snow can be fun, even for adults.

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