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Smoothing Uncle

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I was brushing my hair in the small dressing room of a unisex bathroom when my new father-in-law’s brother walked in and strode up to the facilities behind me. A commode and a bit further away a urinal were attached to the wall. He stood in front of the commode.

An impossibly loud …Z-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-P… echoed in my ears as he opened his fly. This couldn’t be happening.

He hadn’t noticed me standing in front of the mirror in the small room to his immediate left and he casually begin to urinate heavily. I instantly froze and blushed, but I just couldn’t resist glancing down in the mirror I faced.

Even flaccid he was amazingly large — long AND thick – and very wrinkled; I was a bit mesmerized by his size and beauty as well as the powerful stream that gushed forth from the equally large glans. He continued to loudly expel his thick stream as he gently hefted his sizable scrotum through the opening in the front of his slacks and peeled his ample foreskin further back exposing even more of the huge head. His testicles were huge and surprisingly smooth and devoid of hair. My face flushed hotly and I forced my eyes back to my face in the mirror only to begin blushing even more intensely as my gazed locked with the bright blue eyes of my new father-in-law’s brother. My new husband’s Uncle.

“You should see it when the wrinkles are completely smoothed out.” He commented with a somewhat shy grin on his face. He was still a handsome man at 55 and I found myself quickly glancing down at his great genitals hanging through the front of his tuxedo.

Quickly checking for sounds on the other side of the bathroom door he turned slightly in my direction and gently cradled and stroked his big log. He took a step sideways through the doorway of the anteroom and stood directly in front of me now. He dropped his hand giving me a better look at his large slab of meat hanging between us. It swung slightly and it began to swell menacingly.

“Do you want to see it without any wrinkles?” He asked easing forward a bit.

I could feel the excitement rising in pelvis and my large nipples jolting to erection. My new husband and I had been celibate for the last month prior to out wedding and this encounter was affecting me far more than I ever imagined possible. I involuntarily licked my lips as I nervously glanced up into his eyes. I couldn’t refrain from slightly, slowly, shyly nodding my head.

“Touch it then.” He ordered and stepped closer as his long, thick meat swung slowly and came to a stop hanging heavily within easy reach.

“Touch it!!” he said again more firmly.

I complied.

From the corner of my eye I glimpsed my right arm swing forward in the mirror. It seemed as though I was watching someone in a movie as I grasped his warm, thick shaft in an underhand grip. His throbbing meat lay in my petite palm and I could not wrap my fingers even halfway round his massive girth. It was soft and smooth to the touch and grew and hardened against my hand. I could feel the hot blood filing the tremendous tube as it pulsed against my flesh.

“Uunngghh!” he grunted through clenched teeth as I gently pulled the loose, thick flesh on his shaft an inch or so toward me. I pushed his full, heavy foreskin back up his meat as the big slab continued to jolt toward full erection. A huge, milky drop of pre-cum formed at the large orifice in his gorgeous, huge glans in response to my manipulations. I’d never experienced anything like these sensations as I stroked his hardening cock. My labia flushed wetly and I nearly came as I stroked him up and back…again and again …up and back…again and again…

…..bump…click… The quiet closing and locking of the anteroom seemed deafening! I tore my gaze away from the thick, throbbing organ in my hand and looked up into his face.

“Kneel.” He said.

I quivered and trembled as the meat in my hand throbbed.

“Kneel!” He repeated with more authority.

I couldn’t restrain myself. I complied.

Reluctantly releasing his powerful meat I pulled the long, lacy skirt of my white wedding dress safely out of the way and bent at the knees. As my knees settled into the deep pile carpet, I assumed a comfortable position setting on my calves. As I fully establish a correct posture and straightened my back my head raised and my face turned slightly upward. His magnificent meat nearly filled my vision and a jelly-bean sized balloon of pre-cum hung in the opening of his glans just above the frenulum. I glanced into the mirror and saw that his cock had continued to grow and was now fully erect. He was easily a very thick 9 inches or more long and the wrinkles had been completely smoothed from every inch of his flesh. His thick foreskin rested loosely where the glans topped his shaft.

I reflexively licked my lips and looked up into his face. He stepped closer and the aroma of his excitement reached me. Involuntarily…almost spasmodically my tongue flicked out and lathed his huge head from frenulum to orifice. The intoxicating taste and texture of his pre-cum coating my taste buds sent a shiver through my entire body.

“… Aaahhhh…” He expelled a long low guttural breath as his body shivered.

“Good Girl.” He almost whispered as he looked down into my face. “Now the testicles,” He instructed.

His orbs were huge and smooth, hanging down noticeably. I leaned forward and gently held his left testicle on my tongue before softly sucking it between my lips. It filled my mouth. I’d never experienced any thing like this; I was truly intoxicated. I began to lick and nurse his beautiful sack as his long, thick log rested on my left shoulder. I could feel his hot meat throbbing.

A firm, gentle hand grasped each side of my face and his log slid along my shoulder. He guided me slightly backward into a more upright kneeling position as his beautiful cock trailed a thick stream of pre-cum across the ample flesh exposed above the low cut neck line of my wedding dress. He allowed his turgid glistening glans to rest momentarily in my deep cleavage before he rocked forward and ran the huge head of his cock to the notch in my throat. His heavy shaft nestled warmly and deeply in my cleavage. I involuntarily raised both hands and palmed his huge orbs resting on my large bosom. Gently massaging his sack a soft reflexive moan escaped my lips as voices suddenly came from the other side of the door.

“Ssshhh.” He breathed looking down into my face as he took my head in his hand and interlaced his fingers behind my head. He then straightened slightly, lifting the mass from my cleavage and the monstrous meat again filled my vision bobbing and swaying a scant inch away from my face. We were frozen!

“She’s gorgeous, busty and sexy, but she won’t take it in her mouth. I know she never has!” I heard my new husband sigh as the sound of two zippers going down filled my hears from the room next door.

“Too bad,” my new brother-in-law laughed “I’ve always wanted my women on their knees!”

“Yeah, me too, Bro” my new husband replied, “but gorgeous, F-Cupped gals like her just don’t suck!”

My stomach churned with anxiety as I realized my new husband and his younger brother were just a foot away on the other side of the thin door.

I was still glancing wide-eyed at the door to my right when the hot, slimy flesh of a huge glans began to slowly spread my lips apart as my new husband’s uncle pulled my face gently but firmly onto his meat. My jaw was being gradually, almost grotesquely, splayed widely by the thick, hot, fleshy tube. The throbbing, pulsing glans rested on my tongue leaking and oozing copious amounts of warm, slippery liquid. My throat bulged and my larynx bobbed as I reflexively swallowed his pre-cum. He eased forward just a bit and smiled broadly down at me kneeling before him as my whole body trembled.

My new husband and brother-in-law could be heard talking and laughing about the women they’d been with and the kind of sex they’d always wanted. I could hear their streams of piss splashing loudly against the porcelain only inches from my head. My body shivered and my tight vaginal vault began to ooze and heat. The cock seemed to fill my entire being.

My head was then pulled gingerly forward as my new father-in-law’s brother gradually levered his hips towards me and pushed more of his thick cock into my mouth. He slowly and gently, but firmly, guided my face up and down 4 or 5 inches of his shaft…up…down…in and out…then more of the flash impaled my head and the mass came on and on deeply spreading my face …further into the back of my oral cavity it came, and then, finally, just when I thought my jaw would be dislocated he ever so slowly began to pull back giving me a brief respite…but the hot flesh never left my mouth. My new husband’s uncle stood over me pumping his hips just slightly and rocking the huge, turgid head back and forth on my flattened tongue. I knelt before him breathing heavily through my nostrils with his monstrous glans wedged and pulsing against the roof of my mouth.

As my husband and new brother-in-law zipped up and stepped to the door my new uncle-in-law began to gradually pump his hips forward and backward in time with the movement of my face. I was now taking 6 or 7 inches of his monster at a moderate pace. My big breast began to sway and bob in rhythm with his movements. My jaw ached, my head swam, and my body tingled and trembled. The pace quickened as I heard my new husband close the door behind him. The huge, hot slab sawed faster, further and deeper into my skull. The power of his pumping increased as the wood hard crown of his cock pummeled the back of my throat.

I tried to accommodate to the girth and depth that repeatedly invaded my head again and again…harder and harder…deeper and deeper…faster and faster. The pounding continued. After what seemed an eternity his stroking into my head slowly became imperceptible slower and shallower…then a littler slower and even shallower still, and he gradually slowed his pace…then slower still as the massive log came to a stop. He pulled his hips slowly rearward dragging his meat along my tongue. Just when I thought relief was there he stopped and I could feel his bloated cock head again flattening my tongue as my lips stretched tightly around the shaft at the base of the head. The blood coursed heavily through the veins of his cock and my lips tingled as the blood heated them. I could now readily feel…and taste…the river of pre-cum that flowed into my face and down my throat.

He stood over me with his chest slightly heaving and his cock buried in my mouth. He looked down into my face impaled on his grossly throbbing meat that oozed and oozed and ooze… He breathed deeply as I looked up into his. I swallowed again. He smiled down at me. I swallowed again.

“You’re a natural, Baby,” he whispered as he released his grip on the back of my head.

“Suck! Nurse it!” he quietly instructed and I began to apply suction and pressure to the turgid meat in my mouth. I lathed the fleshly frenulum with my tongue and massaged the hot spasm-ing tissue with my cheeks and lips.

“Yeah, a natural!” he hissed as he instructed “Keep sucking, Girl, keep nursing!”

More men entered the room. One stood at the commode right next to the thin wall between us and began to piss noisily. The other began to relieve himself in the urinal. Other men waited at the door laughing and joking about the busty bride as they complained about the restroom being full.

‘If only they knew how full some places were.’ I thought as my entire face was distorted by the huge slab of meat that fully occupied it.

“Bob on it.” He whispered. And I slid my lips down his shaft and back up a bare inch or so…down and up…down and up…a bit more cock refilled my head…2 then 3 inches as my jaw splayed further…down and up…I started to pick up a pace…a rhythm…

“A little faster, Baby, faster!” he instructed in a whisper.

“Deeper now, take it deeper!! Get my meat back in your head again good!” he directed firmly.

I complied. Faster, firmer, deeper!

More men came and went from the toilet. There was more laughing and joking about the wedding, the bride, the groom and the sex to come. I continued to bob on the monster impaling my face. I bobbed firmer. I bobbed faster. I bobbed deeper. …5…now 6 inches or more, but it felt like a baseball bat… The huge head of his cock occasionally slammed into the opening to my throat causing a slight spasm. My large breasts bounced fully in my low cut wedding gown. My deep cleavage was widened even more by the movement of my full, fleshy orbs. My large areolas were nearly exposed. I continued to bob with a good pace and firm contact.

“You’re really built, Girl,” he said “F cups, at least.”

I continued to bob on his cock as I looked up into his face. He gazed down at me smiling and caressed my cheek as I bobbed on his flesh. He placed a steadying hand on my shoulder while our eyes locked and I continued to bob with my lips stretched tightly around his tube…deeper and deeper yet…faster and firmer…

As he gazed into my deep cleavage he took my head in his hands and gradually slowed my pace and restricted the depth of my oral ministrations…slower…then shallower…really slow…really, really slow…barely moving…nearly imperceptible movement…and very shallow…just between my thick lips…slower yet… until he brought my bobbing head to a full stop and held my head completely still. The spongy, turgid glans lay seizing on my tongue and my lips were wrapped firmly around his shaft at the base of his cock head. I breathed deeply through my nostrils as I immersed myself in the sensation of the hot, throbbing meat engorging my face. I nursed!

“Suck harder, Sweetie!” He said and I applied greater pressure to the big head with my cheeks and tongue.

A woman came and used the facilities. Then two woman; they snickered as they talked about how they had heard that about the groom’s well-hung father and uncle as they left the room. More men came and went. I remained on me knees before my husband’s uncle with my hands on my thighs nursing his massive meat.

Then it started!

The huge mass of flesh that was his glans began a firm, more rapid descent into my head as he heaved his hips forward. The meat flattened my tongue completely as it went. My airway was sealed as his glans lodged in the opening to my throat. I gagged and began to choke but he just held me in place and looked down into my upturned face as my eyes began to mist. I struggled to accommodate him fully. I could feel my throat stretching around his flesh and spasming against the intrusion. My chest heaved for air that did not come; my bust quivered and the contraction of my throat made him tense and push against my face even harder.

He began to withdraw slightly and then push back in. Each pump was slightly longer and harder as he was clearly enjoying ferociously pumping my face in such close proximity of other men who came and went. My big chest was now bouncing wildly. I managed to gasp air each time he withdrew keeping as quiet as I could as I now was beginning to cope just a bit with the depth and breadth of his penetration. He again picked up his pace and pressure. His sack clapped my chin several times as he began to keep my throat fully filled, stretched and impaled for 5 or 6 strokes in a row before he allowed me to breath…then 7 or 8 strokes in a row…then 10 or 15 strokes or more… then…????

He had unreal staying power.

…thwap…Thwap…THWAP… the sound of his big testicles slapping my chin grew.

“…uunngghh…UuNnGgHh…UUNNGGHH…a natural!!!!” he grunted audibly in time with his pummeling.

My husband’s uncle suddenly froze in mid-stroke. Was he finally done? His long, thick cock was buried fully in my head. His sack rested on my chin and my nose was nestled into his thin, soft pubic hair. My throat spasmed around his meat again and again. He breathed heavily, but very quietly as he withdrew his meat from face very, very slowly until the head just rested on my lower lip and throbbed mightily…

“Keep n-u-r-s-i-n-g!!” He whispered down to me.

…click…bump…Click…Bump… I heard it then…it must be the reason he had stopped.

“It’s locked,” came my new husband’s slurred voice just inches to my left.

“The facilities are this way, Bro,” my new brother-in-law replied. “Come on and sit down before you fall down!” I could hear my new husband retching a bit from too much party and my new brother-in-law urinating loudly.

I inhaled deeply and slowly through my nose as the big slab of flesh spasmed in my mouth. And I could hear my new husband’s ragged breathing immediately on the other side of the thin door. My entire body shivered and trembled as I looked up at my uncle-in-law’s face. His face had become very red and his breathing ragged as he silently hissed slowly and deeply staring frozen at the door.

As I looked up at him I involuntarily began licking and firmly nursing and sucking his hugely engorged, purple glans. He looked down into my eyes and smiled as he pulled almost completely back out again just between my lips and then he hammered himself home. His pubic bone began bruising my top lip… repeatedly …repeatedly …repeatedly… And then his huge nut sack began swinging, slapping and slamming against my lower lip and chin. A soft sloshing and slurping issued from my mouth as I applied as much suction as my exhausted mouth and jaw could muster. The face pummeling by his monster meat continued. He gazed down into the deep gorge that developed between my swaying, bouncing melons.

He approached the point of no return as the veins in his neck and forehead bulged to near bursting. He heaved himself fully into my head and the first thick, powerful rope of his ejaculate slammed into the back of my gullet.

..slumpf… My new husband had collapsed to the floor against the other side of the door as the omnipotent organ in my face continued to explode. The big sack repeatedly unloaded and a river of seed was pumped into my skull.

With my face impaled on the wildly flexing man meat I could hear my new brother-in-law continuing to piss mightily in the next room. His unusually large and powerful stream was no match for the stream of fluid his uncle continuously hosed in into my head. The younger man’s stream was no match in volume, no match in velocity, no match in the least in any way.

My uncle-in-law continued to firmly rock his groin into my face as rope after rope after rope of warm, slimy thick semen was pumped into me. I swallowed repeatedly and barely kept up with the tidal wave of cum. I cuddled his hot, swaying, seizing sack as I gulped his load. As inhaled down my 5th or 6th huge swallow of his eggs I felt his cock slide back a bit and then start back down as he started to pound in and out of my mouth again and again and again as the deluge of the thick, viscous solution continued. I couldn’t keep up and a slight ooze escaped from each corner of my mouth and a large pool formed at the back of my tongue and slowly filled my oral cavity. I savored the juice as I shivered and quivered.

“Come on, Bro,” my brother-in-law’s voice echoed loudly in my ears, “I’ll get you up.”

Shaken — and shaking — I looked up into my new uncle-in-law’s face as he withdrew his huge pole of flesh from face. We could both hear the thumping and rustling of his two son’s movements just 6 inches away. The cock gradually retreated from my face and I looked up as my husband’s father caressed my cheek.

“Open…wide…” he mouthed silently as he touched my chin.

As I held my mouth wide open he finished milking the remnants of the immense content of his scrotum down his thick tube and between my waiting lips. He drained himself repeatedly onto my tongue with long, slow strokes of his shaft. His gaze flickered back and forth from my eyes to my tongue to my cleavage. The cum seemed to stream and dribble forever as I had to splay my jaw wider and wider, tilt my head and adjust my tongue position three or four times to avoid spilling his voluminous load of warm, salty cream down my chin and on to my exposed cleavage.

As I kneeled there before him with my mouth agape and brimming full with cum I could hear the shuffling and moving of my new husband in the next room as a couple of his friends came to help. I glanced quickly at the door and back at my father-in-law’s face as he bent forward; caressing my cheek he took my throat in an underhanded grip with his right hand.

He silently mouthed “Leave your mouth open…and swallow!”

My eyes grew larger as the pungent taste of his hot syrupy liquid overwhelmed my tasted buds.

“Swallow…NOW!” He whispered again!

I complied!

I could feel my Adam’s Apple spasm against his palm on my throat as the huge bolus of sperm passed through my gullet and into my stomach. I thought my throat would rupture the volume semen was so great. I licked my lips several times and swallowed the remnants. The huge pool of liquid warmed my entire being.

The door to the bathroom closed loudly next door.

My father-in-law’s brother straightened up, caressed my cheeks with both hands and stepped forward with his massive shaft lying against my cheek and the glans resting on my lips at the corner of my mouth. His cock began to soften and the wrinkles reappear. I licked it and kissed it. I sucked it in deep to remove all traces of his thick semen. I mouthed his big nuts gently and then licked and nuzzled his sack. He stood there over me smiling down into my face and let me nurse his meat for the full 10 minutes it took the beautiful member to shrink to full flaccidity.

“You’re a natural, Gorgeous!” he said as he carefully, gingerly, gently tucked his softened but still tremendously impressive prize back into his trousers and zipped up. He glanced at himself in the mirror and then turned and helped me to my feet. I looked in the mirror and made some minor arrangements to my gown as my husband’s uncle traced his fingertips down my bare spine to stop at my far lower back. I shivered.

He placed a hand on each side of my small waist and pressed himself against me from the back. I could feel his huge meat try to harden a bit as he placed it between the lace covered cheeks of my rump. He leaned and kissed the side of my neck and I shivered. His slab lay against me menacingly as he whispered…

“Just you wait, Sweetie,” There was a smile in his voice as he said it. “your tiny, tight tunnel will really spasm as my monster REALLY unloads into the mouth of your cervix next time …bareback!”

My entire being shivered as he leaned into me and his big log lay in the crease between my cheeks…and then suddenly he released me.

“Follow me out of here, Baby,” he instructed “I think you’re going to enjoy being part of the family!”

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