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Sister Mary

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Over the next few weeks I thought so much about the old priests. I wasn’t proud of myself and I found myself confessing to my husband about my secret thoughts and excitements.

Derek was helpless. I knew it embarrassed him and in a way also humiliated him but I couldn’t help that.

He was a very placid man and hadn’t been able to get an arousal for quite a number of years, and yet he seemed fascinated when I described the events. It was inexplicable.

It took a little while for me to realise, but it suddenly clicked. My confessions about the old men excited him. He couldn’t come out and openly admit it to me but gradually I just knew. What was more, Derek knew that I aware.

I started to tell him everything and even exaggerated some things. When I told him of my dirty conversations to Father John and Father Peter about peeing, the embarrassed excitement on my husbands face was so obvious.

He didn’t openly condone my behaviour but he couldn’t help asking for more and more detail. I had mentioned what the priests had said about their housekeeper Sister Mary.

Derek could hardly believe it. To be honest neither could I. It seemed so unlikely that the jolly middle aged Nun would ever behave in a lewd manner and certainly not talk in the way that Father John had suggested.

The last time Derek and I had met Sister Mary was in the Church House when we had asked for some advice on a small Parish matter that had arisen. I remember she had looked so nice and respectable in her white blouse and modest black skirt, which hung well below her knees.

About once a month after Sunday Mass, most of the congregation would go over to the Parish Hall for an hour to have a cup of tea and some fairy cakes in a sort of Social. It was very pleasant and everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

The two old priests would be laughing and joking making everyone feel at home. Sister Mary would be a sort of happy Mistress of Ceremonies encouraging everyone to join in the banter. She was a chubby lady, always smiling and everyone admired her.

On this occasion even the men had a good time although I could see Derek was a bit nervous when he looked at the old men. It didn’t take Sister Mary long to notice this and she immediately brought my husband a fresh cup of tea and a cake and in a few minutes had him joining in and laughing.

I had hoped Father John would take me back to the Church House to be alone with me but he seemed so busy with all the other young wives. Father Peter seemed equally occupied.

Just looking at them I could feel my breathing getting heavier. Derek noticed and whispered sympathetically “Have they spoken to you yet Lucy.”

I shook my head. They had obviously spoken to me in open conversation and Derek had been present but I knew he didn’t mean that sort of conversation. I whispered to him “Perhaps they will want to take me back to the Church House afterwards.”

He gasped “Will Sister Mary be there?”

I wasn’t sure. The thought made me nervous, but I just told him “I honestly don’t know.”

I could see him looking at me strangely and it suddenly dawned on me and whispered “Derek, if they take me back to the house, do you want to come as well?”

Derek visibly shivered and almost imperceptibly nodded in the affirmative.

I had to be careful what I said “If you are allowed to come back, you wont be allowed to interfere.”

He was getting a bit braver now and said “I understand that Lucy.”

I made sure he understood and said sternly “I wont be Mrs Marlow then.”

I carried on “They will make me their Juicy Lucy.” He just looked at his feet.

About 15 minutes later I found myself talking to Father John. I was so desperate I almost asked him point blank if I could come over to the Church House.

He smiled “Well anything is possible Mrs Marlow, but you must know that Father Peter and Sister Mary will be there as well.”

I nodded. I could see Derek a few yards away looking at me in a pleading manner. I took a deep breath “Will my husband be allowed to come as well Father.”

Father John looked a little surprised and murmured “Mr Marlow?”

I was unsure of Derek myself but felt bound to add “He wont make a nuisance of himself Father.”

Father John chuckled “I am quite certain of that Mrs Marlow. Sister Mary wouldn’t allow him to be a nuisance.”

He looked at his watch and said “Sister Mary will want us back in the Church House shortly Mrs Marlow. If you are quite certain your husband and yourself wish to join us then follow us over in ten minutes.”

As he spoke Mrs Wilson the organist came over and asked him about the music arrangements for a forthcoming wedding. As he discussed various hymns I drifted back to Derek to explain the situation.

We were both nervous and didn’t really know what would happen. Strangely we were both grateful at being allowed to visit the house.

In a very short while the two priests and the Nun left the hall. After about ten minutes had passed Derek and I made our way slowly across the lawn to the Church House.

We knocked cautiously and Sister Mary let us in with a broad welcoming smile and announced with a chuckle “Mr and Mrs Marlow have come over for a few minutes Fathers.”

She led us into the lounge and ushered me to one of the comfortable easy chairs. I noticed that Derek was left standing in the middle of the room for a few minutes before she told him to sit on on a low stool between the other chairs.

Father Peter went into the kitchen and came back with a silver tray with a glass of wine for each of us. We each sipped at our wine although I think Derek and I gulped a bit more than the others due to our nervousness.

Sister Mary laughed “It is nice wine isn’t it Mrs Marlow. I will get another couple of glasses for you and your husband.” I nodded in gratitude although I was worried with the rather formal reference to me as Mrs Marlow. I wished she could be a little more friendly.

As Derek and I had our second glass Sister Mary sat on the chair opposite. She wasn’t wearing her normal Nun’s habit but had a very nice floral pattern cotton dress.

It was a knee length dress but with all her movements in fetching the wine and serving it her dress moved up a few inches above her knees. She was also very relaxed and confident and it didn’t seem to bother her as she parted her knees a little.

Although it didn’t bother Sister Mary I could see that Derek almost went goggle eyed as he couldn’t help looking up the Nuns dress. It certainly bothered him.

Sister Mary could see the effect and simply chuckled. After the wine I felt a bit giggly too and allowed my knees to part as well. Sister Mary smiled at me and murmured “Good Girl, Lucy.”

I took some more wine and felt more confident. The old men looked pleased and I felt that I knew what was required of me.

I could see that Sister Mary had parted her knees a little more and Derek was breathing very heavily. He wasn’t a big man but I could see a slight bulge in his trousers. This was unusual as he hadn’t been able to get a full erection for a number of years.

Sister Mary wasn’t small woman and even I could see the strength in her big calves. It was the same with her thighs. She was a big powerful woman.

I knew that Derek had always been intimidated by such women. I felt he was really intimidated now and yet his little bulge was more obvious now.

The two old priests were staying quiet although I was still letting them look up my skirt. I wasn’t sure if they could see my panties yet but in any event they knew it wouldn’t be long now.

The mood in the room was different in some way. It was more subdued and more intense. Neither Derek nor I dared to speak. Somehow we knew it was not our place.

Sister Mary spoke softly in a husky tone to my husband “Have you been a naughty little boy Derek?”

Two things were immediately obvious. He was no longer being addressed as Mr Marlow. And the other thing was the soft reference to ‘naughty little boy’. It was so diminutive.

Derek mumbled “I am not sure Sister.”

She chuckled “If you’ve been a naughty boy Derek, you will have your bottom smacked.”

She added “You should try to be more like your wife. Little Lucy is a good little girl.”

Derek gasped and so did I. Derek was afraid but the reference to Little Lucy made me feel really flowy. I couldn’t understand it, but it was wonderful.

She turned to me “Don’t you agree with me Lucy. Don’t you think he is a naughty little boy and should have his bottom smacked?”

I was sorry for my husband but I didn’t want to upset Sister Mary and nodded “Yes Sister, he should have his bottom smacked.”

“Good girl Lucy. We will see to you in a moment. We would like you to be nice and juicy for us.”

I panted.

I watched as Sister Mary made my husband stand up and then say “Take your trousers off Derek.”

I held my breath as he hesitated but then undid his belt and dropped his trousers to his ankles revealing himself in light blue underpants.

Sister Mary tutted as she turned to me “Next time Lucy, fetch a pair of your panties for him. We cant have him looking like this. We want him to be pretty, don’t we?”

I nodded “Yes Sister.”

She turned back to my husband “Get your trousers right off Derek as well as your underpants.”

This time he didn’t hesitate but did it automatically. I was surprised as his little thing was quite stiff. I heard the other men chuckle but Sister Mary said nothing and simply pulled Derek over her lap and gave his bottom a couple of smacks.

I could see Derek wincing a little but there were no objections.

Things were settling down now and the two old men had started to squeeze themselves rather obviously.

Sister Mary was still smacking and fondling my husband. She smiled at me and said “I know you don’t want to be called Mrs Marlow, Lucy.”

I murmured “No Sister.”

We were moving on and she said intimately “When you are with us you can be our secret Juicy Lucy.”

I had my legs open now and showing my panty gusset to them all and confessed “I want to be Juicy Lucy, Sister.”

She chuckled and looked at the two priests and smiled quizzically “Well, Father John?”

Father John was panting “I want to fuck her. Can I fuck her, Sister Mary?”

Sister Mary laughed. She had wormed her hand around my husbands penis and answered at the same time “Of course you can fuck her Father.”

Father Peter sounded a bit pathetic “I want to fuck her as well, Sister.”

Sister Mary was so much in charge “Of course you can fuck her, Father Peter. You can both fuck her. The doors are locked and we have all afternoon.”

She squeezed Derek up and down a few times and asked “That’s right isn’t it Derek. You don’t mind them fucking your wife,do you?”

Derek groaned “No, Sister.”

As I listened to these conversations it was all so surreal. It was all like a dream.

I heard Sister Mary tell me to stand up and then said “I would like you to pull your knickers down, Lucy.”

In a daze I reached up under my skirt and caught the elastic waistband of my panties and drew them down to my knees. They held there for a few seconds and dropped to my ankles.

The men gasped and Sister Mary laughed “I think they want you to pull your skirt up now Lucy.”

I knew what I had to do and drew my skirt right up over my hips. Before they could ask I made sure that I was standing astride with my feet well apart. I knew they were looking at my pussy.

Father Peter muttered a little crudely “I like her cunt.”

Father John answered “So do I. Its a nice hairy cunt and it looks wet.”

Sister Mary smiled at me “It looks as if you have two old admirers there Lucy. They certainly like your cunt.”

It was embarrassing but I was so aroused as I muttered “Yes Sister.”

She told me “We may as well give the old men a little treat Lucy. Use both your hands and open your cunt for them.”

This was like a bizarre fairy tale. I dropped my hands between my legs and used my fingers to separate the folds. I was very wet.

Father John now had his penis right out and was rubbing it up and down. I saw Father Peter look at Sister Mary to see if she was going to object.

With no objection coming from the middle aged nun, he undid his own trousers and pulled his cock out and rubbed it in the same manner.

Even in these strange circumstances I realised how ridiculous the situation was.

Here I was, a married woman standing with my legs open and my panties around my ankles showing two old men my vagina. My husband didn’t have his trousers on and was being spanked by a middle aged Nun and the two priests were masturbating in front of us.

It was all very quiet. It was so hushed that it felt it was almost like being in church. I almost giggled when I realised that is exactly where we were.

Then Sister Mary spoke “Do you like her, Father Peter?”

He murmured “Yes Sister. I like the cheeky little folds in her cunt.”

She smiled “You are doing well Lucy. Open your cunt more so that they can see right up it.”

I loved her calling me Lucy and used my fingers to really show them.

I must have been doing it right as Father John gasped “I like the pinky bits right up her slit. It makes me want to do something.”

Sister Mary chuckled “Then I think you should tell us Father. Don’t be shy.”

He was panting as he said “I want to fuck her now.”

Sister Mary smiled and said to my husband “Did you hear that Derek. Father John wants to fuck your wife now.”

Even as she spoke I could see her enveloping Derek’s hard little penis and giving it an intimate squeeze. Derek groaned. For all his embarrassment he was in ecstasy.

Sister Mary persisted. She kept on squeezing him as she asked him “I think we should let him fuck her now. Don’t you agree?”

I could see he had no chance of Derek making any problems. He just agreed “Yes, Sister.”

Father Peter was also making excited little noises and looking at the old Nun.

She laughed out loud saying “And I suppose you want to fuck her as well, Father Peter?”

He nodded vigorously “Will it be OK Sister?”

She replied “I don’t see why not Father. You may as well fuck her as well.”

This time she hadn’t even asked my husband.

It was also noticeable that no one asked me. They just assumed I was available. I suppose I was in a way.

Again it went quiet and then she said to me “I assume you don’t want to be Mrs Marlow for a while, Lucy?”

It was humiliating but I nodded my head in agreement.

She chuckled “I hope you feel nice and juicy, Lucy?”

I knew we had passed all the barriers and I nodded as she beckoned me to stand nearer. My panties were still around my ankles.

She told me “Slip your panties off Lucy and let me have them. I expect they are a bit dirty now and are a little stinky.”

I knew they were and couldn’t look in her face as she took them off me.

She smiled and took the little screwed up bundle of cloth and pressed it gently in Derek’s face saying “You had better smell your wife’s underwear Derek. You like her panties don’t you?”

He had always seemed so under sexed to me and I was surprised how deeply he inhaled. It was almost as if Sister Mary knew more about his weaknesses than I did.

She smiled at my look of surprise explaining “A lot of men are like your husband Lucy. They can’t manage the real thing but they so excited of a woman’s dirty underwear.”

Derek was still inhaling as she whispered loudly “Can you smell her dirty wet cunt Derek. All those brown hairs stuck in the cotton material?”

Derek moaned “Oh yes Sister.”

I was amazed. I had never seen my husband in this state. It made my own guilty feelings vanish. It was so exciting.

Sister Mary knew it was exciting me and teased him even more for my benefit “She’s a fucking dirty cunt Derek. The two old men will be up her cunt in a few minutes.”

He moaned “Yes Sister.”

She was fully masturbating him now as she pressed my panties into his face and urged him on “What is she Derek. What is your wife?”

Derek gasped in excitement “She’s a fucking dirty cunt Sister.”

She eased off for a minute and then told me “Pull your skirt up Lucy and lie on the carpet and open your legs for Father John.”

I did as I was told and then watched Father John lower himself between my legs and then felt his huge penis rub against my thighs and then push a bit into my crotch. I expected some awkwardness but I must have been so wet that it just slid up my vagina so easily.

The next few minutes were heaven as he gently rocked up and down my pussy. I could see that Sister Mary was just squeezing Derek in a sort of delaying action as she explained “Not too fast Derek. We have to wait for Father Peter to fuck her as well.”

Father Peter was standing between us all with his penis in his hand waiting for Father John to cum.

Even during this period I could feel myself cumming at least twice.

Father John came with huge pulsing gushes. By then I had orgasmed 3 times but aching for more. Father Peter made sure I didn’t have to wait too long. As one priest dismounted so the other one replaced him. It was so smooth it could have been the same old man. But we all knew it was two.

Father Peter was as good as Father John but I must have tired a little as I only came twice this time.

As he dismounted I was in a bit of a mess but Sister Mary was ready with 3 large men’s handkerchiefs.

She gave me one and then one each for the old priests. As we cleaned ourselves up I could see Derek going through his final pulses and Sister Mary had a dainty ladies handkerchief ready which was quite sufficient.

For the last few minutes no one had spoken.

Then Sister Mary handed my knickers to Derek saying “Put them on. They are much prettier than your old blue ones.

We all watched him putting my underwear on and then pulling up his trousers. By now the priests had sorted themselves out and I was sitting more respectably except that I didn’t have any panties on.

Sister Mary made a cup of tea and we chatted for a few moments about Church subjects until it was obviously time for Derek and I to leave.

I could see that Derek was looking a little agitated and in the hallway he managed to whisper a few things to me. It wasn’t a surprise as I was feeling the same way.

Just at the doorway I blurted out to Sister Mary “Derek and I wondered if we could come and see you again Sister?”

She looked a little doubtful but said a little hesitantly “I suppose so Mrs Marlowe, but we would have to do things properly next time.”

I had no idea what ‘properly’ meant but this was no time to ask. I just said “Yes of course Sister. We will do things properly.”

Derek nodded. He didn’t know what he was talking about but he nodded vigorously “We want to do things properly.”

She seemed satisfied “Alright Mrs Marlow. When you come next time fetch some nice underclothes for Mr Marlow and a nice dress and a little make up.”

I felt stunned but muttered “Yes Sister.”

Derek was also in shock but also murmured “Yes Sister.”

As Derek drove me home that evening we didn’t talk a lot. We both had a lot on our minds.

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