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Brooke Gets Taught a Lesson

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Brooke was home from summer vacation and already had way too much time on her hands as it was, but this summer was different she was home from her sophomore year of college and she was undecidedly single. Brooke was short, and thin. She had large breast, and a nice round ass. At 19, her dark skin, and long hair made her a vixen that she was proud of being. She walked around with very little to cover her voluptuous body, but that didn’t matter she loved being looked at. She loved the thought of people getting turned on by looking at her.

Her boyfriend that had been with her since her senior year of high school came to visit her while she was at college, and it just happened to be a not so happy reunion.

It all had happened 2 months ago Troy had come up to visit as a surprise to his girlfriend of last 2 and half years. He had told Brooke that she was the most important person in his life, and that he loved her from the moment she decided to make their flirty friendship into an actual relationship. He had started his drive up early morning to make sure he would be able to see Brooke, at the end of her day of classes, around noon. He had been to her room when she moved into the dorm, and knew that it was a co-ed building, with the guys on the floor above her.

He walked up to her door, and heard what sounded like moaning, so he waited thinking that it was Brooke’s roommate having a bit of fun in the afternoon, and he was going to wait for his love to return. A few minutes passed, by then he heard her voice mixed in the moans.

“Oh yeah, Aleen, lick my sweet pussy yeah!!!!” Brooke’s voice was saying from the door.

Troy tried the door, and it opened without any problem, he walked in and saw laying face up on her bed and her eyes closed, Brooke. With her roommate Aleen between her legs eating her out. Troy’s jaw dropped, as he felt his shock turn into anger.

“What the fuck Brooke, oh my god, what the hell are you doing?” Troy had yelled.

Shocked out of what she was doing Aleen hopped up from where she was, leaving Brooke laying on the bed spread eagle. She didn’t cover up and didn’t look embarrassed or ashamed at what she was caught doing.

She looked up at her boyfriend and said, “Well baby, I was about to orgasm from that talented slut’s mouth, but since that’s not going to happen, you want to finish me off?” Looking at Troy with her most alluring and seductive expression she could think of.

“The hell I will, when the hell did you turn into a carpet munching whore?” Troy said fuming, his face turning red.

“I have always liked women, just been a bit more free to be with them here at college. Sorry if that upsets you, but either you can join in or get the hell out of here.” She said to Troy, still wanting to orgasm she felt her juices leaking down her ass on the bed and wanted the pretty little brunette, Aleen back to licking at her. “Aleen baby, come over here and keep going. I will make it up to you.”

Just as Troy thought he couldn’t take anymore, he saw Aleen, go back over to the bed like nothing had happened, crawl between the legs of his girlfriend and continue what she was doing. Troy had stormed out at that moment. He sent an email to Brooke when he got home telling her that it was over, and that he couldn’t be with someone that would keep anything from him especially the fact that she was bi-sexual.

Brooke remembered everything that happened that day like it was yesterday and still had no problem getting rid of Troy. The only downside has been was that she was now without steady dick in her life. She was also without her girlfriend, since Aleen was now back at home as well with her family in a different state. She didn’t mind turning people on with her body but really wanted something steady so that she didn’t have to point people in the right direction all the time about how to get her off.

Strange sex was exciting and new every time but that was the problem. She knew her skills at sucking dick and eating pussy was up to par to make anyone cum in her mouth, but not everyone could make her cum which was a problem. The new people didn’t know the buttons to push on her.

She had been home for a couple weeks and her long time friend Lisa had been by everyday since Brooke had come back for vacation. Lisa had been a lesbian for a while, and had brought Brooke to a couple lesbian and gay bars on the weekends. She didn’t want to cross the line of friendship with her, but had always thought about it in the back of her head.

It just so happened one night out on the town, Lisa and Brooke, ran into Troy in between bar hopping with fake ID’s. Troy had been outside of an under 21 club that they passed by while walking. Brooke didn’t notice him, but it didn’t faze her when he grabbed her arm mid-strut. She was wearing one of her many sexy shirts that was completely see through except for a strip of black that cover her breasts. She didn’t wear a bra under most of her revealing clothes, her breasts were perky and large, but she didn’t see a need in covering up what she wanted seen. She was also wearing a short skirt that swayed with her hips, and barely covered her ass. The well-toned roundness of her ass was apparent under the skirt, since the hem of the skirt ended just at the bottom of the cheeks of her ass.

Troy turned her around and looked her up and down, “You haven’t changed a bit, walking around in that sluttish outfit.”

Looking up into his eyes with loathing she said, “Why your cock getting hard looking at me? Good, now let go of me and go fuck yourself.” She yanked her arm out of his grasp and kept walking down the street as if nothing happened.

The rest of the night was uneventful. The next club they went to many guys and girls hit on her but she didn’t find any of them that attractive. She went home with Lisa and they fell asleep in the same bed as always.

A few days later she was at home alone during the day, her parents had went on their own vacation, leaving Brooke home alone, with the rules of:

“No parties, and no fucking in our bed, we know you aren’t sweet and wholesome and not a virgin just be safe and we will see you in a couple weeks” her stepfather had said.

Most fathers liked to think that their daughters were sweet and innocent, Brooke’s step-dad knew better. He had seen the clothes that she wore, and even tried to keep her from getting to too much trouble with boys by buying her a vibrator to stash in her room. Her step-dad was cool in that way and always reminded her to be safe, but have fun while she was young.

Brooke was just about to make herself lunch when she heard a knock at the front door. She closed the refrigerator door, and walked to the front door. She opened the door and to her surprise standing in the doorway was Troy. Even though she was still mad at him for the way he treated her at her dorm and then while she was out with her best friend, she couldn’t help to love what she was seeing right then.

“Hi Brooke,” He had said looking her up and down and smiling. He always thought she was beautiful and extremely sexy.

She hadn’t changed out of her night clothes yet, she had been walking around the house in a form fitting nightie that had a very low v-neck that showed off her perky cleavage, her caramel colored skin showed through the nightie, that was lace, and you could see her shaven pussy, and the crack of her bubble ass through the nightie very easily. The rings of her pierced nipples pressed against the material showing that her nipples were getting hard from the breeze that came in from the open door.

“Hi Troy, what do you want?” she said while putting her right hand on her hip. Knowing that he was staring at her body barely covered by the nightie, she felt the afternoon breeze coming in from outside, and she felt herself getting wet from being stared at by Troy.

“I wanted to talk to you. Can I come in?” He was never the dominating force in their relationship, and she knew that.

“No, whatever you have to say you can say right here and now.” Never moving from the door or her stance. As soon as she said that she saw a change come over Troy, a dark look she had never seen, there was a glimmer of what was in his face last night but it wasn’t as dangerous looking as it was now.

He pushed himself inside the door all of sudden and pushed her back. He slammed the door and locked it quickly. He had been pushed around and pretty much led around in their relationship like a puppy always doing what she asked, and never disagreeing, but now that they weren’t together anymore he wanted to take what he wanted. He felt hurt, and use, and most of all pissed off at being betrayed by the one person he had loved more than anyone else.

Brooke didn’t try to run she just stood there. Thinking that she was going to hear him bitch and moan more, and then he would leave. She didn’t realize he had other things planned.

He grabbed her forcefully and brought her into the living room that was just off the entryway of her parent’s house. He pushed her over the side of the overstuffed micro fiber suede couch. She finally got the hint that this wasn’t going to be about talking.

She looked over her shoulder and yelled at him, “What the fuck Troy, now you are going to get aggressive? Do you really think I’m going to lay here and take it without a fight?”

He smirked slapping her ass hard, “Yes, you are, and if you don’t it will just hurt that much more. Anyway, I don’t think your mom and step-dad will like to know that their daughter has been at college fucking the teachers to make sure she passes, let alone fucking her roommate. Now, would they.”

She didn’t know how he knew about her teachers, but she had gone pale thinking of what that would do to her parents. They knew she wasn’t sweet and innocent, but she didn’t want them to know she was a bi-sexual slut that would fuck her teachers for better grades.

“Let alone, the fact that your psychology teacher has a couple of very nice photos, and a video of you sucking his 50 year old dick right in the middle of his office.” Troy told her confidently while rubbing on her ass with his left hand and pressing down on her back keeping her from fighting too much with his right hand.

Brooke squirmed under his forceful hand without much luck, “What do you want? Want me to be your girlfriend again? Fine, just tell me what you want.”

She couldn’t say that Troy never turned her on; he had the build of Brad Pitt from the movie “Snatch” the dark chocolate skin and eyes of Tyrese. Just all around beautiful, but he was a bit of a wimp and push over when it came to her. That was the one turn off, and this new side of him was turning her on more than anything else.

He was grinding his hips up against her ass, while holding her down. Actually loving the feel of her squiring against him. He was already getting hard pressed against her ass. He never let her up even when she said exactly what he wanted.

Troy leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Yes, I want you to be my girlfriend again, but mostly I want you to be my slut. I want to see you with other girls, watching you go down on them since you like that so much. I want to be able to fuck you whenever and however I want with no complaints from you. I know how you like it and if I tell you to suck or fuck someone else you will without hesitation or complaining. Do all of that and I won’t share all the lovely emails I got from your roommate and your teachers.”

She didn’t realize that her roommate and girlfriend Aleen would be one to betray her. Brooke had been a bit of a slut at school, and didn’t think that it was going to get her into the jam she was in now. She felt herself stop squirming as Troy was telling her everything that she would have to do. She didn’t fight anymore, she wanted someone that could dominate her and make her do things that she wouldn’t normally do. True, she loved sex, and all forms, with women and with men. She loved going down on her lovers, to feel them cum in her mouth, but there were things she was afraid to try. BDSM was one of them.

Brooke was relaxing a bit against the pressure holding her down turned her head to look at Troy, “Fine, so you are blackmailing me into being your slave. If you were this forceful in our relationship you wouldn’t have lost me in the first place.”

Troy pulled her up and turned her around so that she was now facing him. He gripped her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. It was long, thick, and the veins were very visible pressing against this skin of his cock. He slapped the head of his cock up against her cheeks several times.

He pulled her hair back so that she was looking up at him, with her mouth gaped open and said, “You are going to suck my cock until I say stop, and for your disobedience, you will get this cock in your ass when your done. If you play with yourself while sucking on my cock, I will blister your ass. Now get to sucking bitch!”

She had never been slapped with a cock on her cheeks; it was a bit humiliating, although she wanted to be a slave, she didn’t think it was going to be like this. She thought it was all about being tied down, and caressed, teased, and her own pleasure would be sated but that’s not what she was getting from this.

She licked on the head of his cock, licking all the way down it like he liked it. She had been with him long enough to know how to get him off without much effort on her part, but she always managed to get off too with fingering herself while sucking on him. Her lips parted and she sucked him into her mouth. She worked slow and lovingly on his cock. Loving the feeling of his veiny member sliding into her mouth over her lips. She pulled back licking on the head of his dick while the head was still in her mouth.

Without warning he pushed his cock hard into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. The sudden movement made her eyes water. She looked up at him with his cock impaled in her mouth, with pleading eyes.

“I told you to suck on it, not be loving. If you can’t suck long and hard on my cock, I will just fuck your mouth. If you start to gag, I will just push it down your throat further.” He pulled back so that the head of his cock rested on her lips. And slammed his cock hard into her mouth. He could feel the tip of press on the back of her throat.

He moved his hips back and forth moving his cock in and out of her mouth. Holding tight on her hair at the back of her head. He felt her lips close around his dick, and start sucking on him. She worked her mouth in a rhythm to his fucking motions. He slammed his cock harder into her mouth feeling her throat give to the girth of his cock. He thought, she must have had been deep-throating guys at college for a while to be able to take his 9 in cock so easily in her throat.

She squeezed the muscles of her throat around his meaty cock, by making a swallowing movement with her throat. She was used to sucking long cocks into her mouth, what made her eyes water was the sudden movement he made, she wasn’t used to men taking control over the movements of her mouth. She normally took time to let her throat used to the intrusion but this was forceful. Being taken over, by the cock being forced down her throat in that way turned her on.

He was making animalistic grunting and moaning sounds while he pounded he mouth and throat. He felt his balls tighten up as they began to push cum up his cock. He made his thrusts longer and with more force; looking down at Brooke he saw his cock slide effortlessly in and out of her mouth. Her brown fluid looking eyes were filled with lust; the tears that had dripped down her face had dried. Though what he saw her doing pissed him off. She was in fact trying to finger herself without him knowing. He slammed his hips one final time as cum erupted forcefully into the back of her throat. He held his cock in her mouth, just enough to let her breath.

“Did you cum at least from fingering yourself?” He said with authority looking down at her with his cock still impaled in her mouth. She had stopped playing with herself when he had came knowing he saw her playing. She didn’t want to get spanked for her disobeying him.

She pulled her hand away from her pussy and shook her head no. She couldn’t talk because he still had his cock in her mouth. It wasn’t going limp like it normally did. It stayed hard while in her. He pulled back letting his cock slip from her lips.

“I can tell that you are wet from your juices on your fingers. Lick them clean for me, I know you like the taste of pussy so licking your fingers clean of your juices won’t matter much.” He said.

He was standing over her with a commanding presence exuding from him. She put her fingers up to her mouth, and licked all the juices off of her fingers, all the way down to her knuckles. He pulled her up off her knees, and pushed her over the side of the couch again. Her long flowing black hair flew up and covered her vision. He pushed the fabric up off her ass and around her waist baring the round globes of her ass.

He rubbed on her ass lovingly squeezing each cheek with his hands, massaging the flesh that was soon to be tender, red, and swollen.

“I told you not to play with yourself or you were going to get your hind end blistered. You didn’t listen to me.” He said. He pulled back his right hand, holding it over his head, and came down with crashing force that made her yelp from the stinging handprint that was left behind. She had shot to standing and brought her hands back to cover her ass.

The action had flared up Troy’s aggression again, “Take your hands away from your ass or you will be tied down.”

She moved her hands out of the way, and was pushed back into the position she was in over the arm of the couch. He reared his hand back again landing several more well place spanks to her ass making it shine red.

Even though it was only 10 swats to her ass they were well placed and not a one didn’t land with a resounding slapping sound. Troy thought to himself that her ass was very spankable and it might be the way he always punished her from now on.

“Are you going to disobey me again?” He said, still holding her down.

“No, sir. I won’t disobey again.” She whimpered under his forceful hand.

Troy reached down between her legs and pressed a finger in between the lips of her pussy, feeling the wetness cover it. He ran the juice from her pussy up to her ass, lubing it up for her next punishment. She had liked the few times that she had anal, but she also knew that she had been fingered in the taboo back hole prior to getting a dick rammed into her. He didn’t put a finger in his asshole, he just lubed up the outside with her pussy juices. Still hard he moved his cock up to her ass that was displayed lewdly for him. He moved his cock over her pussy letting her juices coat his member.

He moved his cock up to the opening of her ass, and pressed forward just enough to feel resistance. “You have to relax slut, or it’s going to hurt even more. Clench down as much as you want, it will just tear the skin around your precious little asshole.”

Knowing he was right she tried to relax as much as she could, feeling the heat radiate from her ass from her spanking it was hard to do.

He pressed into her ass popping the head past the ring of muscle right at the opening. Pushing deep into her ass, he held loving the tightness and warmth from her ass. They had sex before they broke up prior to this, but never tried anal. He had always wanted to fuck her ass, and if he had anything to say about it, which he did now, he would fuck her ass more than her pussy. He felt her ass muscles relax around his dick; he began to pump into her.

He moved back and forth fucking her ass with as much force as her mouth. He slammed his cock deep into her ass, with long hard strokes. He loved the sight of his thick cock disappearing into her ass, the cheeks of her ass glowing red, wrapped around his cock tightly. With every stroke there was a slapping sound as his hips met her ass. He pulled her up till she was standing, squeezing her breasts pushing her down onto his cock.

Breathing hard into her ear he said, “You want to walk around in clothes that make you look like a slut, I will treat you like one. I will make you beg for me to fuck you like this.”

She was moaning from the onslaught on her body, loving the feeling of being used. She groaned, and said, “Yes, fuck my ass!! Squeeze my tits harder.”

Squeezing her tits harder to the point the pressure almost left bruises, he bit the base of her neck, slamming his dick harder into her round ass. He moved one of his hands down to her pussy, and began to play with her clit roughly. He felt her juices leaking from her hole down to his balls that were slapping against her vaginal opening.

With the clit stimulation she started her own orgasm, feeling the familiar tingling in her legs, making them weak. Her body shuddering from the force of the orgasmic waves crashing down on her one after another, she pushed her ass back on the cock impaling her, her push being met by the hips of her new Master.

He felt the pulsating squeezing coming from her ass around his cock, without hearing her moans he knew that she was cumming hard from his efforts. He made his strokes faster, and shorter, but with the same force, Feeling the need to cum again. He pulled out of her ass when she was finished cumming, and pushed her down to her knees again.

“Open up, I want to cum in your mouth, again.” He said. Holding his cock out for her to suck on.

She opened her mouth obediently knowing she didn’t want another spanking, He pushed his cock into her mouth. She tasted her own juices on him and sucked hard on his cock till she felt his cum shoot out of the head again. She swallowed down each spurt of spunk that came from him. He held his cock in her mouth again, this time he started to go flaccid. He pulled out of her mouth finally and wiped the head off on her cheek.

Troy looked down at Brooke, still kneeling in front of him. Her long hair was in a mop on top of her head. She had a well-used look to her.

He pulled her up so that she was standing in front of him. “I hope you like the new side of me, cause I have been holding back, I thought you wanted a passive guy. You just wanted someone that could overpower your own aggressive side. Good, cause I’m going to use you oh so well. And you will get your lovely roommate, or whoever else I please to join in with you and I. I just might let you be a little slut for some of my friends. Is that clear.”

“Yes sir.” She bowed her head to him, feeling a bit ashamed at the fact she felt even more aroused at being ordered around. She did like his new side, and didn’t know he had it in him to overpower her.

It was clear to her at that moment that she was in for some interesting times. She was a cum-loving cock sucking bi slut that he was going to do all the things that she never thought of doing. He bent down and kissed her lips softly. Which surprised her.

When he pulled back he said, “Not every time is going to be that forceful, but you will listen to me, or there will be a punishment. Got it?”

She nodded in agreement. “What are we going to do now then?”

He slapped her still bare ass playfully, “Well, I’m going home, I just couldn’t stay away from that sexy ass anymore. Now that I had my fun, you can start calling up your girlfriends, and tell them your mine, and that if they don’t want you to get into trouble with me, they will come play while your parents are away.”

She thought of her best friend Lisa, and her roommate were at the top her list of people to call. She knew her roommate lived out of state, but there was no reason she couldn’t come to visit during their summer vacation. She agreed with him as he pulled his pants back on to leave. As she closed the door she knew she was in for more pleasure than she could handle and that was fine by her.

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