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Show and Tell

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“Do all you can to instill discipline in the class, Mr. Gibson. I have to warn you, these girls can be very mischievous,” Principal Blake warned me at our early morning meeting. I was assigned to be a substitute teacher in an all-girls high school and was told by the principal how the girls in senior high often misbehaved, especially with substitutes

At 8am, as I was approaching the classroom I heard the girls giggling and laughing. So I quickly opened the door, entered the room and slammed it shut, hoping to catch what the fuss was all about. As everyone fell silent, I caught one girl slowly walking to her seat from the white board in front of the room.

Determined to keep the students under control, I introduced myself without any hint of a smile “Good morning ladies, I’m Mr. Tim Stone and I’ll be your substitute teacher for Ms. Kesler’s biology class. As you all know, Miss Jill Kesler is on leave because she pre-maturely gave birth to her first baby. Her baby’s fine and you should send her some flowers.”

I heard the girls’ sighs and whispers and got the feeling they were happy for their teacher. As I scanned the room, I couldn’t believe how pretty the students in this particular class are. Is being cute and pretty a qualification required in this school?

Having been informed in such a short notice about the class, I asked them what topic they were supposed to discuss for the day. One of the girls, the type who always seemed to volunteer in class, eagerly raised her hand. With her hands raised up, I couldn’t help but notice her ample breasts getting squeezed in her tight white uniform. And before the other girls noticed my staring at her tits, I pointed at her and said “yes, miss…?”

“Good morning Mr. Gibson. We’re supposed to continue our discussion on the human reproductive system. We just finished the male anatomy yesterday, and I guess we’re going to study the female counterpart today,” the young lass answered.

I noticed a slight movement in my pants as she was speaking. Aside from the subject matter, I realized I was still unconsciously staring at her perky young mounds. She was about 5’4″ tall, with 34C breasts, and she looked so cute with the white clips holding her silky black hair to the sides of pretty face The school required that everything the girls wore should be white, except for the pleated blue skirt, which should be about an inch below the knees.

As she was fixing her schoolgirl skirt and getting ready to take her seat, I said, “Thank you. and you’re miss…?” asking for her name.

She lifted her head and looked at me with a sweet innocent smile “Oh, I’m Sharlyn…sir.” She then took her seat.

This is just great. I’ll be talking to these 18-year old girls about the female reproductive system – about their pussy! Thinking about how to start the lesson, I turned towards the white board to erase all that’s written on it, probably from the previous day’s class. As I reached for the eraser, I heard the students giggling again and realized they had something written and drawn on the board.

In bold letters, someone wrote “1. PENIS = DICK 2. BREASTS = ______ 3. VAGINA = ______ 4. INTERCOURSE = _________.” And there were even crude illustrations of the male and female genital areas.

Remembering Principal Blakes’ advice, I turned around and spoke in a firm voice “Alright ladies, who did this?!”

I thought it was the cute girl I caught walking to her seat as I entered the room, but I had to be sure. The girls fell silent, their eyes trying to look away from mine, although some were still trying very hard to stop from giggling. So I scanned the room again waiting for an answer. I briefly lost my train of thought as realized that these pretty school girls were waiting for me to teach them a lesson about sex! No time to waste, I thought.

“Ok, Miss Sharlyn, can you tell me who did it?”

The young nubile froze as I called her name. Her eagerness to answer earlier was replaced by her unwillingness to tell on her friends. She slowly stood up, her skirt slightly clinging to her butt before she pulled on the hem to fix it. “Umm, Mr. Gibson…I…um…I don’t know, I wasn’t looking…I…I was actually reading my book before you came in.”

Obviously not telling the truth, I said “alright, if that’s how you want it. If you don’t tell me who it was, then we will not be having any discussions for today. Instead, I’ll be giving you an exam, and I can promise you this, it will be very difficult you’d wish you’ve given me a name. And it will be all your fault, Sharlyn!”

“But Mr. Gibson…I didn’t…” Sharlyn protested.

“A name, Miss Sharlyn!” I raised my voice.

After some hesitation, “Maryanne.” Sharlyn whispered.

“Excuse me? I think you said something?” I said softly as I came near her, feeling that she was a bit trembling. How easy to make these girls tremble, I thought.

“It was Maryanne…sir” she said, almost whispering to my ear.

“Thank you, Miss Sharlyn.” As I lightly touched her shoulder, indicating she can take her seat, and accidentally feeling her bra strap through her blouse.

“Maryanne, will you stand up please?” I said with a commanding tone.

Slowly, with a pissed look on her face, the girl I caught earlier stood up on the opposite side of the room. I didn’t notice before, but this girl has boobs too big for her small frame. Maryanne’s about 5’2″ has dark brown Spanish eyes, and her dark brown hair was pulled back by a white ribbon on the back. Although a tad shorter than Sharlyn, she definitely has fuller tits – 35C at the least.

Maryanne slowly bowed her head and stared at the floor as I came closer.

“And what did you think you were doing, young miss? Didn’t you know this school has policies regarding such vulgar language?”

“I…I’m sorry sir, Mr. Gibson. I was just…” she confessed, almost teary-eyed. “I thought it was funny.”

“Oh, funny?” I said, a smile escaping with my words. Actually, I really thought it would be funny to be teaching these girls those kinds of lessons. But of course, I know I shouldn’t.

Maryanne raised her head and continued to explain “well, I actually thought we should also learn the language boys use outside the school. I mean, guys these days talk about stuff that we girls don’t get. And we’re like, duh! Well, you’re a guy, sir, maybe you can teach us what we actually need to learn.” As she was talking, she was looking straight into my eyes, leaning forward, slightly touching my arm with her chest.

Some of the girls were starting to giggle again. “Alright…” I said as I pressed my arm harder against Maryanne’s body, trying to keep her distance. “I think that’s a good idea! Maybe you can help the class learn, Miss Maryanne.”

Breaking away from her warm body, I held her by the arm and led her to the table up front. I didn’t feel any hesitation from her, as if she was too willing to participate. “Would you please sit on my desk, please” She gamely put her hands on the tabletop, and I touched her hip to help her up. There was a hint of a smile and excitement as she sat on my desk and dangled her smooth legs. Her white socks were in stark contrast with the dark blue skirt which was now a little bit hiked up above her knees.

“OK, Maryanne, since you’re the one who started this, can you fill in the blanks on the board?” I told her. “You sure got the first one right. Can you give me the answer for number 2: BREASTS = ____?” I asked with a quick glance on her full chest.

I faced the class and said “now this is a serious lesson pertaining to your sexuality. I don’t want to hear any girlish giggles as we go on, or else…Do you understand?” I warned.

In unison, the girls replied “yes sir.”

“ummm…boo…boobies, Mr. Gibson?” Maryanne said softly.

“Louder Maryanne, for everyone’s information.” I demanded.

“BOOBIES, Mr. Gibson…sir.” she said proudly. I heard some of the girls taking in their breaths as Maryanne spoke.

Then I walked behind her, put my lips very close behind her ear and said, “Very good, Maryanne! You seem to have done your home work. Now , for the benefit of the other girls, can you show us your…boobies?”

“Excuse me?!” Maryanne protested.

“Its ‘show ‘n tell’ Maryanne, I presume you’re familiar with the concept?” I said with a slight grin.” Or would you rather have me call on the principal and show him your work?” I asked, pointing at her drawings.

After what seemed like forever, Maryanne started to untie the blue ribbon on top of her blouse. Then, she slowly unbuttoned her white blouse, starting from the top. As her white lacy bra was exposed, she stopped unbuttoning her top. I could see the white creamy tops of her tits, standing behind her with my head above her shoulder.” Go on…” I said. “You’re all girls here, it’s nothing they haven’t seen before.”

Maryanne then turned her face towards mine, our lips almost touched. As if by instinct, I moved away. She whispered, “can you unhook my bra, Mr. Gibson?”

Good thing I was standing behind her because my dick was standing in full attention, trying to get out of my pants. As I slid my hands inside the back of her blouse trying to feel for her bra strap, I could smell her citrus perfume which made me even harder. “Thank you, sir.” Maryanne said with a smile, now being more comfortable with her little show and tell. As she faced the class again to take off the cups from her breasts, I looked down her chest and realized my dick wasn’t the only one getting excited with this biology class. Her pink nipples were hard as pebbles surrounded by a darker areola. Her tits jiggled as she removed the cups of her bra, exposing her breasts in front of some 25 other teen-aged school girls.

Since Maryanne didn’t unbutton her blouse completely, I had to pull open the top of her uniform to completely show her tits. The girls on the last row stood up, trying to have a better look. And to my surprise, there was no more giggling. Everyone seemed to be in full attention, as if seeing something for the first time.

“These, ladies, are perfect examples of breasts, or boobies. Some may call them tits,” I explained. Then I lightly touched her right breast to feel her soft skin. Her tits were so white, pink veins appeared like tiny flows of lava coming from the peak of a volcano. I then circled my index finger around her areolas and pinched her nipples explaining to the girls that they normally get hard when excited. As I was doing this, I noticed Maryanne opening her lips and closing her eyes, as if on the verge of an orgasm. So I quickly stopped and she opened her eyes as if she was begging for more.

Thinking I was done with her, Maryanne started pulling her bra to her chest when I siad “Hold it Maryanne, we’re not done yet.”

“What’s the answer to number 3. VAGINA = _____?” I looked at her again.

“Is it pussy?” Maryanne said soflty. “Louder Miss Maryanne.” I quickly replied.

“PUSSY, Mr. Gibson.”

“Will you show us your…pussy? Miss Maryanne?” I asked, but with a commanding tone.

After a few seconds of deliberation, she slowly opened up her creamy white legs and inch by inch, pulled the hem of her pleated skirt. From where I was standing, I could see her tits, then her skirt slowly inching up to her thighs. As I was about to see the bottom of her panties covering her cunt, she stopped. Then all the girls started giggling again. I got my book to cover my hard-on, then came on the side of the desk and said “I don’t think this is funny girls. You should all appreciate what Maryanne is doing for you…and…” As I scanned the class, I noticed everyone was looking in just one direction….Maryanne’s pussy. As I followed their sight, I was stunned to see Maryanne’s hairless pussy staring back at me. I almost came in my pants with the sight of her newly shaved panty-less cunt with her schoolgirl skirt still around her waist. Her inner lips were too small, they only peeked a bit through her smooth outer lips.

“Why aren’t you wearing any panties to school, Maryanne?!” I asked in surprise.

“Well, I really, really had to go while on my way to school, but the stupid school bus was too slow and we had to pick the other girls and…so I…I kinda….wet my panties. So I took them off when I got here.” Maryanne replied. She was biting her bottom lip, slightly embarrassed.

“And where are they now…your panties?” I asked.

“Umm…they’re in my bag?….you can check if you want.” Maryanne said. I quickly obliged, curious to see and smell her wet panties. As I opened her bag, I saw the usual girly stuff – mirror, powder, hair brush, cell phone, a napkin, and at the bottom of the heap, neatly folded inside a clear plastic bag, were her underwear. I pulled it out and as I opened the bag, I got the scent I was expecting. Sweeeet! I thought. Her lacy panties matched the design of her bra, but there was only on problem…they were PINK!

“Miss Maryanne, you seem to have violated another school policy here!” I told her as I raised her panties for everyone to see.

“What? Always were panties to school? I told you, I got them wet…and…”

“Nope, young miss, besides getting caught without panties on…it’s because they’re…pink!” I said. “Everything that goes with the school uniform must be white. Everything…including underwear!….which reminds me. The principal asked me to give this class a surprise uniform check! Maryanne, just stay there and I’ll get back to you.”

“Principal’s orders. Now let me see…” I whispered as I opened my notebook, scanning the checklist. “IDs, blue pleated skirt, 1 inch below the knees. White blouse with blue ribbon. White hair clips or hair bands. White socks and black shoes. No rings and necklaces….and white underwear.”

At first I went around the room checking each girl for their skirt, blouse, socks and shoes. Everyone complied with the standard uniform. “OK very good girls, now for the last item, I have to check if you’re wearing white underwear.” I announced. I expected protests and walk-outs, but I only heard whispers and some giggles. So I first checked for their white bras by letting them hold up their blouses and peeking from below. Some girls volunteered to open up some buttons. I was surprised how much different these girls’ tits were. Some were very ripe, while others were just starting to pop out.

Again, everyone was wearing white bras. “It’s good to know everyone is following the rules regarding underwear…” I said with a little disappointment in my voice.

“…Oops, but before I forget, the panties…they must be white too. Everyone, lift up your skirts, please? Or you may sit down if that’s what makes you comfortable.” As I walked up to start at the front, some girls remained standing with their skirts hiked up to their hips, while others sat, still trying to cover themselves.

“OK Miss Sharlyn, you may take your seat..” after I lifted her skirt a little higher and saw white lace panties similar to Maryanne’s. I tried hard not to grab her pussy which was just inches away from my fingers. Sharlyn smiled at me, proud that she has complied with the school rules and regulations. I was amazed by how exciting this job can get…the girls had all sorts of design for their panties…some had flowers embroidered just above where their clits should be, some were very revealing, some were almost transparent I could see their pubic hair through.

And then I came to this girl who was sitting on the last row with her skirt still down. I checked her ID and saw her name was Kate. She was the tallest among the girls, had long straight hair, and cute perky boobs that seemed to have just popped out of her chest.

“May I check your panties please…Kate?” I requested, pulling the bottom of her skirt up. Since she was sitting, I could hardly see her panties, so I asked her to lift her butt from the chair so I could get a better look. I asked her to hold her skirt up with both hands and I realized why she was pale and seemed a bit nervous. PINK!

“Oh no….they’re not white are they?” I asked, trying not to scare her.

“Uh, no sir, um…they’re pink?…very light pink…almost white actually…with WHITE teddy bears…and…” Kate explained.

“I’m so sorry Kate, but rules are rules. I’m gonna have to confiscate those.” I said. “Could you take them off please, or would you need a hand with that?” Without waiting for her reply, I kneeled down in front of her and put my hand on her waist, pulling her panties off to her knees with one quick stroke.

I was surprised she didn’t let go of her skirt, which was still held up to her chest. Complementing her small nubile breasts, I saw that the pubic hair on her mound was rather thin . Light wisps of hair were on her mound, but I was curious if her pussy lips were as bare. Her legs were tightly held together as I was pulling her panties off. Since she was still wearing her shoes, I had to lift her legs up higher to take them off completely. Kate was almost lying on her back with her feet over my shoulders – and she still has her skirt up covering her face.

Then I saw what I was looking for…her pussy lips were shaved with soft curly hair growing on its sides. This is just too much! Her panties were on her ankles and just inches in front of my face, and I could smell the aroma of her sweet juices that clinged on her underwear. I let my right hand hold the panties on her ankles tying her feet together, and with a sudden movement, I lightly brushed a finger over her pussy lips. Her hips jerked a bit and I saw some wetness ooze out from between her pink nubile lips. She didn’t seem to think that it wasn’t accidental, so I did it again in the opposite direction, pretending I was having difficulty taking off her panties. With this second touch, I seem to have scooped some of her wetness into my index finger. Shortly after my finger touched her moist lips, her panties came off her ankles and her feet dropped to the floor, so she probably didn’t notice my fingers were playing with her.

I took a long hard look at my index finger as a walked back to the front. It was still moist with Kate’s wetness and I had to put it to my nose to verify it was really her cunt juices in my hand. It was, and I licked it off my finger before turning around and facing the class again. Sweet schoolgirl wetness!

Realizing Kate’s panties was still in my right hand, I announced “this, class, is a bad example. You must understand that you should always follow our rules and regulations, whether someone can see it or not. That is why we have these unannounced underwear checks. To see to it that everyone complies with the rules. And as a consequence of your violation, Kate, I would have to check that you’re wearing white panties for the next five days, in the faculty room after classes. Is that clear?” Still feeling the wetness on Kates panties, I placed it on the desk beside Maryanne.

“Now, where were we, Maryanne?” as I put my hand softly on her left thigh.

Seeming a bit bored even with her legs wide open in front of her classmates, Maryanne replied, “I think you were about to talk about my pussy?”

“Ah, yes, your pussy. And we are lucky today, since Maryanne seemed to have shaved this morning, we can see more and understand fully, the parts of the female reproductive system.” With a sudden movement, I put two fingers on either side of Maryanne’s pussy lips to separate them. Maryanne inhaled in surprise.

“Now these are her interior lips, everyone’s pussy is different. As you can see, Maryanne’s are a bit small. They barely peek out of her outer lips when I let go with my fingers….see?” I looked at Maryanne’s face and her expression seemed to say she was disappointed I took my fingers off her pussy.

So I reached and opened her lips again and explained “Now if we look closely, into her pussy, there’s a little button at the upper ends of her interior lips, where they meet. There’s usually a hood that covers that nub, which is actually called her clitoris, or clit.” As I rubbed it with my other index finger, Maryanne let out an audible moan, and the other girls giggled. “As you probably already know, this is a very sensitive part, and it’s usually better to have your fingers wet when you touch it.” I licked my finger and put it back to Maryanne’s clit.

“Her pussy is now showing some obvious signs that she’s getting ready for intercourse,” I explained. “Can anyone tell me what it is?”

“She’s getting wet! ” a few of the girls volunteered to answer.

“Very good! In addition to her pussy juices, you can also see that her breathing is getting deeper, and her nipples are even harder.” As I played with her hard pink nipples and increased the pressure on her clit, Maryanne jerked and screamed “Uhhhhh….jeeeez Mr. Gibson….ahhhh…..don’t stop…..uhhmmm…I’m cumming…ooooh” Then she froze, as the whole class froze in silence, as if time has stopped.

“That, girls, was an orgasm, or what Maryanne meant when she said…”

“…I’m cumming.” the girls said in unison.

“Very good! Now why do I get the feeling you girls know more about this than I do?” I said with a naughty grin.

“Now let’s continue….:” as I opened up Maryanne’s lips again. She must have recovered very quickly as she spread her legs wider as I started to explain. “At the bottom of the vulva, is her vaginal orifice” as I lightly touched the opening. I spread Maryanne’s pussy wider and said “and just at the opening of her pussy, as you may call it, is her hymen.” I searched for the thin sheath of skin that should’ve been covering her entrance. I probably kept fondling her pussy for a few minutes when finally, Maryanne whispered “I think I’ve lost it Mr. Gibson.” I was shocked and very disappointed with her statement.

I whispered to her the consequence of this discovery “Didn’t you know you could get expelled if the school knew you had sex with your boyfriend?”

Maryanne whispered back to my ear “I don’t have a boyfriend and I haven’t done it with anybody yet. I just…you know….use my fingers….sometimes….and a zucchini…..I think that’s when I lost it, Mr. Gibson.”

I let go of her pussy and faced the class to announced “Ok, it seems that something’s happened and we can’t show you what a hymen looks like. So we’ll just have to skip…”

Then Maryanne interrupted, tugging my shirt from behind, “I think Sharlyn can show us what a hymen looks like, Mr. Gibson! Right Shar?”

Sharlyn’s eyes widened in shock at Maryanne’s suggestion. There was a huge grin on Maryanne’s face as Sharlyn reluctantly went to the front. “You didn’t think you could get away that easily, did you Shar?” Maryanne whispered.

I asked Maryanne to move to her left so Sharlyn can sit beside her. Although Sharlyn was wearing a frown on her face and seemed to be reluctant to be a part of this, she was actually hiking up her skirt without even any instruction from me. She then dropped her shoes to the floor and took her white panties off in one fluid motion. She placed it over Kate’s pink underwear.

“Would you open your legs, Miss Sharlyn so we can see your…um hymen?” I asked.

She sat there still, as if not hearing a thing and staring straight to the back of the room. So I gently laid my hands on her thighs, and slowly parted her legs, revealing a moist pink pussy with soft curly hair that formed a triangle on her mound. I lifted and bent her knees so her feet rested on the desk, which really exposed her virgin pussy to the whole class. My hands were a bit shaking as I was about to further open her inner lips and reveal her hymen.

“Oh my gosh!” I accidentally said aloud. It was actually the first virgin pussy I’ve ever touched and seen up close.

Clearing my throat, I told the class “Um…see the pink sheath of skin covering her vagina? That’s Sharlyn’s hymen. Amazing, isn’t it? It’s the best gift you can give a guy…ever. So I would advice that you take good care of it.”

“How do I know if I still have it?” Kate asked from the back.

“Well, you can squat and put a mirror on the floor, or you can ask a friend to check it for you.” I replied.

Lin-Ay asked to my surprise, “Would you check if mine’s still there, Mr. Gibson?”

“I’d be glad to Miss Kate. Maybe tomorrow after I check on your panties.” I replied.

“What’s it for?” Sharlyn asked, as she was trying hard to look at her own pussy.

Not really knowing the answer to her question, I said “It just tells guys that you haven’t done it before, unless you played with toys or vegetables like Maryanne has.”

“Why do guys call it cherry?” Maryanne inquired.

I forgot my dick was as hard as a rock and has now set up a tent inside my pants. “Maryanne, it’s because girls usually bleed when their cherries, or hymens are broken the first time they get a dick inside it.”

“So that’s for number four?!” Maryanne exclaimed.

I was confused. What the fuck is number four? Then I looked back on the board and remembered: “4. INTERCOURSE = ____.”

“Ah yes, that’s number four. The first time you get to fuck a guy, you would bleed a little. And the pinkish bleeding is what we call cherry. And I have to warn you, it might hurt a bit, but it will be gone pretty soon.” I told the other girls.

“Can you take Shar’s cherry?” Kate said as she and the other girls surrounded the table.

“I can’t do that girls, I’d be in big trouble.” I half-heartedly explained.

“I really think you can, Mr. Gibson. And it seems obvious you want to!” Maryanne exclaimed as she rubbed her hand against my raging hard-on.

The other girls then started unzipping my pants and in no time, I was standing there with my pants off surrounded by 25 curious schoolgirls, two of them with their legs wide open waiting for me to make my move.

“Put inside Shar, Mr. Gibson. Let’s see Shar’s cherry get popped.” Kate cooed.

I looked at the door and saw it was locked. “My dick is just too dry, it would really hurt Miss Sharlyn,” trying to convince the girls to stop.

With that, Maryanne jumped off my desk and squatted on the floor. Grabbing my throbbing hard-on, she put the whole thing inside her mouth. I didn’t even have time to react. Sliding forwards and backwards, I could feel Maryanne’s tongue gliding under my shaft. In and out, in and out, Maryanne bobbed her head over my dick, while her hand reached down her pussy and rubbed her clit.

Maryanne looked up into my eyes and I was about to cum inside her mouth but she suddenly took my dick out of her full lips , stood up and said ” there Mr. Gibson, I don’t think that would hurt Shar too much.”

Guiding my hips from behind, Kate led me to where Sharlyn was sitting, still with her legs open. With her white blouse still buttoned to her neck and her blue skirt hiked up to her waist, Sharlyn moved forward to meet my dick. I lightly rubbed my shaft up and down her moist slit, trying to get as much of her wetness into my dick. “Are you sure about this Miss Sharlyn?” giving her one last chance to say no.

“Deflower me, Mr. Gibson.”

With her words, I slowly guided the head of my dick into her moist pussy and stopped when it was met with the expected barrier. She was looking straight into my eyes as I slowly pushed my shaft all the way into her tunnel.

“ahhh….” Sharlyn squirmed with her hips, as I broke through her hymen. I felt some additional moisture and warmth as my dick sank deeper into her. We stayed motionless for a couple of seconds, letting her to get used to my shaft shoved to the hilt deep inside her hot pussy, without breaking eye-contact. For a while, I forgot all the other girls staring around us, and it felt like we were all alone.

Then, as if by instinct, I pulled out until I could feel the head of my dick almost at the outside of her cunt lips, then pushed back as deep as the first stroke. I did this for a couple of minutes slowly at first, increasing my pace with shorter strokes. I could see in Sharlyn’s face that her cheeks were turning pink and her moaning was getting louder and louder. A trickle of sweat started to run down her right temple. A girl next to her held her hand, as if wanting to share in her moment of ecstasy. “oooooh, ummmm, uuh” Sharlyn moaned.

“Do you like that Shar? Do you like my dick sliding in and out of your pussy?” I said.

Sharlyn didn’t reply for a while, then suddenly, “YESSS, YESSS! Ah right there! fuck me Mr. Gibson…fuck my tight pussy. Yeah, cum inside me. oh please don’t stop…”

I really wanted to pull out, but her legs were already wrapped around my hips. “oh shit! No shit! Ahhh.” I screamed as I released and sprayed the insides of her pussy with my white hot cum.

“I’m cumming Mr. Gibson…I’m cumming …ooohhh this feels soooo good… ahhhh” Sharlyn whispered in my ear as I collapsed on top of her. We laid still on the desk, and all the girls were quiet, stunned with what they just saw.

As my semi-hard dick slipped out of Sharlyn’s newlt deflowered pussy, I noticed some pinkish fluid mixed with my own cum dripping out of her exhausted pussy lips.

Maryanne held my dick to wipe off our juices. She then looked at Sharlyn’s dripping pussy, scooped some of the dripping cum with her finger, and licked it clean with her tongue.

“ummmmm….creampie! OK, my turn Mr. Gibson!” Maryanne said with a smile.

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