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Shopping for a Dirty Old Man

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I have always been attracted to older men. It was clear to me that they enjoyed watching me and I suspected they often dreamed about what it would be like to play with me. I’m not talking about board games or cards I mean really playing with me.

I was a very well endowed girl. Knowing that men, especially older man, liked to look at my breasts was very exciting. It was easy for me to accidently brush up against them and sense them quiver with excitement when they felt my nipples, hard and stiff resting within inches of their hands.

I made a game of teasing them, knowing if I made the choice to play with one of them they would have a hard time ignoring me.

Many times I’d be in the supermarket shopping for some fruit and when an older man was obviously following me with his eyes I would purposely catch his gaze and fondle apples, oranges and my favorite cantaloupes.

If you imagined a firm ripe melon the size of my breasts it would be easy to see why they would blush as my hands moved over the globes of fruit in a sensual erotic fashion. I was telling them in no uncertain terms “These melons are so full, just like my firm young tits. I know you want to run your fingers around my melons and feel my nipples harden in the palms of your hands.”

I would smile, lick my lips, and make them wet knowing I was driving them wild. What they couldn’t know, is that my little acts of seduction were making my pussy wet.

When I got home I would fantasize about letting them know I was willing to let them meet me in private and touch me. I had no way of knowing my fantasy was about to become a reality.

On more than one occasion I noticed a man following me around the store. He was older, maybe in his late sixties I thought. I’d make it a point to smile at him every chance I had. He was always in the store on Friday afternoon. It was wicked of me I know, but I made it there Friday’s just to tease him.

As luck would have it today was Friday, I was home and had nothing else to do so a trip to the supermarket sounded like fun. What he didn’t know and couldn’t imagine was that today I was going to talk to him. Maybe I would even let him “Accidently” touch me. Men were always wanting to put their hands on me, amongst others things. Wouldn’t it be something if I could talk him into something fun and naughty?

I wanted to wear something special for him. If he could see what I had to offer it might entice him to play with me. I couldn’t be sure but I was thinking he lived alone.

It’s marvelous what one can learn about a person by what’s in their grocery basket. My old man never bought very much. He would get one apple, one orange maybe two bananas and a small of everything. This told me he lived alone and didn’t have anyone else but himself to worry about. All these little things added up to a good chance at seducing my old man and having some fun.

I decided to wear a short skirt, so if I bent over in front of him he’d have no choice but to look at my panties. I picked a pretty pair of white lace panties that really showed my firm cheeks. They were slightly snug around my sweet mound and that too could prove very sexy. Just in case I was able to convince him to take me home I wanted a pretty bra showing off my generous and firm young breasts. The sweater I picked out was thin and after I put it on my excitement was showing. My tender nubbins were very visible thru the lace and the sweater.

I sprayed a light spicy perfume over my body and finished with some baby pink lip gloss to give my lips a full pouty look. The final tease was to pull my dark auburn hair back off my face into a ponytail. With my light green sweater and short plaid skirt I just needed some little white socks and I was ready. Catching myself in the mirror I had to look twice. The image was an innocent young girl, just what I wanted.

The transformation from nineteen year old adult to sweet young girl was complete. I added a short jacket that I could cover my breasts with and yet open and give him all the time he needed to think about what he could do with little old me.

As I walked out the door I was feeling a subtle anticipation beginning to fill me. Would I have the chance to make my fantasy a reality? I was playing with fire, and I was already feeling the warmth growing all over me.

Fridays at the market were usually busy, but not around lunchtime. A quick turn around the store and he wasn’t here. I grabbed a cart and slowly began searching the isles for him. I had completely covered the entire store and he was nowhere to be found. To say I was disappointed was putting it mildly. Maybe I got here too late and he had already been here and gone. Could it be he was just later than usual? I thought about waiting for a while but decided against it, the last thing I wanted was to bring attention to myself from any of the store employees.

I was pushing an empty cart around and that would surely raise a red flag. To take the chance of ruining my chance in the future I thought it better to leave.

I walked the cart back to the store entrance when I saw him walking to the door. I quickly took the cart and walked down the isle closest to the front of the market. I hoped he would go directly to the produce department. I could easily walk an empty cart there and no one would give me a second thought.

I kept him in my sight and he did turn and go straight to fruits and vegetables. If I was ever going to carry out my plan it was time to act. I took a deep breath and off I went.

My old man was standing in front of the apples and oranges, searching for that one delectable piece he would choose as his. I walked up to the opposite side and I began picking up the cantaloupes, holding one in each hand and making a gesture as if I was trying to decide which one was a heavier sweet melon.

I looked up slowly and he was staring at me. When I caught his eyes with my own he quickly looked away. It was now or never.

“Hi. I wonder if you could help me.”

He didn’t answer or acknowledge my question. I needed to get his attention.

“I’m sorry to bother you but I really need an experienced shopper to help me decide which of these melons is ready to eat.”

I picked them up and held them level with my breasts. This time he looked at me. I was waiting for his response and finally it came.

“I’m not that good at that myself. I think it has something to do with how heavy they feel.”

“Do you think you’d be willing to feel them and see which one is best?”

I smiled and licked my lips as I lowered the melons to right below my breasts. I was aroused and my nipples were a dead giveaway. If he looked at the fruit he couldn’t help but see my stiff nubbins staring straight at him. Rather than taking the chance that he wouldn’t come to me I went to him.

I stood maybe a foot from him and I placed one of the round orbs under the very tip of my breast and lifted it slightly upwards. This gentle movement caused my now erect nipple to actually sit on the cantaloupe as almost an offering to him to enjoy. He looked around nervously and when he reached for the fruit I moved towards him and his hand was forced to feel my breast instead of the melon.

I giggled and smiled at him, batting my eyes I heard myself say “Oh my, that’s okay.” I moved back a step allowing his hand to fall away.

I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen, I was reaching for the fruit and you moved before I could move my hand”

“It’s okay, things like that happen to me all the time, I guess you can’t help but notice I’m pretty well developed.”

My God, could I have been any more obvious?

“Well would you mind helping me; I really want to make sure I get the sweetest fullest melon I can.”

He reached out and I put the melons in his hands, but not before feeling his fingers as they took the balls of fruit from my hands. He wasted no time juggling the balls in his palms,and as he was making a judgment I began to speak.

“Hi my name is Desiree; my mom says it means desire in French. Mom told me with a name that means desire I’ll always get what I want, one way or another. Anyway, I’ve seen you here before; do you live in the area?

“Yes, I live not far from here, I’ve noticed you also. Shouldn’t you be in school, its Friday, I didn’t think school was closed today.”

“Oh, you think I’m still in school, no I’ve been out of school for over a year. I graduated when I was almost eighteen; I’m actually nineteen, legal and all.”

His eyes opened a little wider and he seemed to be a little uneasy. I knew I had to keep him talking so I asked him what his name was and what he did for work. Guardedly he said his name was Mike, and he was a free lance writer, retired.

“Wow, I’ve never met a writer before, this is exciting. I bet you write sexy love stories for men’s magazines. I’ve read some of those stories, they really are pretty explicit and they don’t leave much to the imagination.”

He looked at me strangely and for a minute I thought he was deciding what to say. I couldn’t help but notice a little bit of sweat on his lip. I was making progress and didn’t want to lose my chance.

“I would love to read your stories, maybe I could come over to your house and you could show me some of things you write. I won’t stay long, I’m just so amazed that I’m standing here talking to a real writer. I’ve written some stories myself, I could have you look at them and give me some advice.”

I was getting somewhere; he needed a gentle push in my direction. Before he could answer I dropped my purse on the floor and taking few steps forward I bent over at my waist and gave him a wide unencumbered look at my pretty lace panties covering a firm ass and a sweet budding mound.

As I reached for my purposefully dropped prop I spread my feet apart and he had a decision making look at what he knew I was offering.

I stayed there in that position a good solid thirty seconds, knelt down and opened my jacket. I spun around on my heels and he was staring at my big breasts, cleavage and all just begging to be felt. I giggled and reached out and grabbed the inside of his leg. I couldn’t help but brush against something hard and when I looked into his eyes he knew I knew he was sporting a full on erection.

“Thanks, if I didn’t steady myself on your leg I would have fallen right to the floor. Being well endowed shifts the center of gravity. Would you help me up please?”

As he reached down to take my arm, I felt his hand against my breast, I looked up and smiled. It was clear I wasn’t objecting and I was sure he was well aware of my interest in him. As he brought me to my feet I leaned against him and now knew for sure he was aroused.

My leg slipped between his legs and I was leaning against his chest. The slight cough he uttered was from nervousness. I took a few seconds to press my body into him and if he had any doubts, they were now cast aside.

“So Michael, shall we go to your apartment and see about those stories?”

This was the moment, either yes or no. I looked at him and let the tip of my tongue rest on my bottom lip. I think that was all he needed.

“Well, I guess it would be okay, just for a little while so I could show you some of my work. I have to pick up a few things first though so I’m not leaving right away.”

If I didn’t stay with him he might change his mind. I offered to push his cart while he shopped and started chattering about silly things. Finally he was at the checkout and we were walking towards his car.

He was a tall man, about six feet I think, slightly overweight but not at all sloppy. The jeans he had on fit him well. I could easily see the outline of his now deflated erection. Michael was balding, and wore glasses. He had nice large hands that could easily hold my generous breasts. All in all I would say he was a handsome older man with a nice face and quietness about him. One might even say he was shy. I clearly understood that I would have to lead him where I wanted him to go, but, that was all the fun about it.

As an extra added delightful push in the right direction, I deliberately spread my legs apart as he stood watching me get into the car. My skirt was short and when I bent down it rode all the way up exposing a new and fresh picture of my pretty lace panties and all that lay under them. Michael took it all in and this time he was licking his lips.

As I reached for the seat belt, he reached and grabbed hold of it, “Here let me get that for you, it’s a little tricky to lock down.”

He had to reach across my body to secure and latch the belt, he couldn’t help pressing against my ample young breasts and I leaned just a bit forward to give him a good feel. His head was very close to my mouth and I gently blew into his ear. The feeling of my warm breath on his cheek stopped him from moving and he gasped quietly when I let my lips brush his cheek. Michael finished with the seat belt, backed away and closed the door. I watched him thru the rearview mirror as he walked around the back of the car to the driver’s door. He reached down and grabbed hold of a bulge in his jeans and tried to adjust it so it wasn’t visible. I smiled to myself.

When he opened the door he got in and my skirt was well up my thighs. He glanced at my legs and quickly looked away. That little bead of sweat had returned to his upper lip and his breathing was just a little deeper.

“I’m so excited; I have never ever dreamed I’d meet a writer. Thanks so much for letting me come with you to see your work; I promise you won’t be sorry.”

We drive a very short way and I talked the whole time. I giggled and made sexual innuendos just to keep the mood heightened. If I were to achieve my objective I had to take it slowly. This man was very interested in me and I wanted him to feel comfortable. Isn’t it funny, I was the seducer and he was being as agreeable as I knew he would be.

Once we pulled into the driveway I was out of the car in flash and at the truck offering help with his grocery bags. Of course I opened my jacket and my inviting cleavage was front and center when he placed a bag in my arms.

We finally got into the house and it was very nice. The rooms were spacious and well kept. You walked into the hall and could easily see the living room and kitchen. My eyes couldn’t help but noticed a big desk with some paperwork on it. That must be where he writes I thought. What a fabulous spot to offer myself to him.

“Why don’t you go into the living room and have a seat while I put these things away. I’ll be along in a few minutes.”

I said that’s fine and walked into the large welcoming room. There was the big desk, with a nice leather chair behind it. The couch was huge and overstuffed. I could easily be comfortable on it. There were lots of pictures on the walls and tables. Photo’s of pretty scenery, many of Michael, fishing, and hunting with friends smiling and looking happy. The room had everything you could want. There was loneliness there too. I would take care of that.

I took my jacket off, smoothed my sweater over my breasts and as if they had a mind of their own my perky nipples jumped to attention. Michael came into the room and went to his desk. He didn’t even look at me. I walked over and leaned against the side of the desk facing him.

“You have really nice house, you love alone?”

“Yes, I never married and I don’t have a big family so I’m alone most of the time. I like it though it gives me time to write and read.”

“So, can I see some of your work?”

“Yes, I’m loading it now, everything is on the computer. Funny I used to write everything on an old typewriter, now it’s all computerized. It’ll be up here in a minute.”

I smiled at him and my eyes told him I was looking forward to a lot more being up. He blushed as he said it and when his eyes caught mine I think we both might have been thinking the same thing.

“Here it is now, why don’t I get up so you can sit here and see what you’d like to read?”

This was my chance. I immediately moved closer to him and sat right on his knee.

“Oh no, don’t get up I can sit right here on your knee and we can look together.”

I made sure he couldn’t move and when my firm little butt rested on his knees I wiggled myself as close into him as I could. I leaned forward and put my elbows on the desk which caused my behind to really settle down.

“I don’t think you’ll be comfortable here like this, why I don’t get up and give you the chair for yourself.”

“Don’t you like me sitting on your lap?”

“Yes, but I think it’s not proper for a young girl to be sitting on and old man’s lap like this.”

“Who said I was a young proper girl, and can I tell you a secret, I love old men, they make me tingle all over. Do you like me Michael? I’ve been thinking about you a lot ever since I first saw you in the market. I’d go home and think naughty things about what we could do if we were alone. I think you like having me sitting on your lap and I think we could have a really good time playing with each other. Wouldn’t you like to play with me Michael?”

He was shaking, and breathing fast. I had him right where wanted him and if I played my cards right he’d have all of me.

“Yes, I do like you on my lap. You’re a very pretty girl Desiree and I have noticed how you look at me and tease me. I’ve thought about you too. You’ve made it plain that you want me to play with you. You know I want to do more than just look at your nice big breasts. I’ve fantasized about you all the time. What if I do things to you that you don’t like or it hurts than you won’t like me anymore.”

“Well I have an idea. Why don’t you kiss me a little first and see if that’s something I like?”

“Desiree, if I kiss you what happens if we get all hot and excited, I might not want to stop?”

I was getting so aroused just thinking about it. I wanted him to kiss me all over. I was getting so wet just imagining him kissing my titties and my nipples. And I’d go crazy if he kissed my sweet pussy. The time had come to get this plan into action and I had to make the first move.

I turned my body to face him and I leaned down and kissed him full on the lips. He hesitated for a few seconds then he opened his mouth and I felt his tongue across my lips. I met his tongue with mine and we kissed deeper. I could feel him suck my young tongue into his mouth and gently suck on it.

I was beginning to squirm and wiggle on his lap and it didn’t take long to feel him get hard against my soft firm cheeks. I didn’t break the kiss and I slowly moved around to almost face him. He took my face in his hands and he kissed me hard and deeper, he was kissing me like a man kissed a woman.

I could hear us both moaning and breathing heavy. His lips left mine and he was kissing and licking my neck. I put my hands around his head and pulled him closer. The kisses turned to bites and the bites became sucking. This felt so good.

“Oh Baby, I’ve been thinking about you for weeks. You taste so sweet.”

As his mouth moved further down my neck his hands went to my waist and pulled me into him. He was licking my skin and kissing the middle of my neck.

“Can I touch your titties Desiree?”

I took one of his hands and placed it on my breast. He sighed and his fingers felt every inch of my firm young flesh. When the palm of his hand felt my nipple, erect and stiff he just moaned. His fingers pinch my tender knob and twisted and pulled and pinched again.

“OH Desiree, you have such beautiful hard full tits. Are you going to show them to me?”

“Is that what you want, you want to see my titties will you play with then real nice and slow?”

“Show them to me please, I’ve waited so long I have to look at them, please do it show them to me?”

“Would you like to take my sweater off, so you can see them?”

I didn’t have to ask twice. His hands found the bottom of my sweater and pulled it up over my bra, stopping for a few seconds to savor the moment, and then he pulled it free of my arms and head. I was sitting on his lap in my bra. He dropped my sweater on the floor and his hands encircled my firm young tits in his wrinkled old palms.

I watched as he buried his head into my cleavage and I felt him kiss the skin under his lips. His long fingers prodded and explored. When he found my nipples he rubbed them and rolled them around making sounds I’d never heard before.

“Can I take your bra off and see your titties; please can you show them to me?”

“Is that what you want? Should I let you see me naked so you can kiss and play with my pretty boobies? You want me to take it off for you?”

“Oh God yes, please please take it off for me.”

I reached behind me and keeping my arm across my chest I undid the clasp. I slowly took one strap down and then the other. I was teasing him and he loved it. His eyes were so big and staring at me. I let the bra fall slowly away and he took a deep breath as his shaking hands reached out and held my naked breasts in his hands.

“Thank you, thank you, you’re so pretty and your tits are so sweet, I can’t believe your letting me feel them. You’re such a good girl, can I kiss them please, and will you let me suck on your tender nipples?”

“Is that what you want, to kiss and suck them, okay you can.”

He lifted each bundle in his hands and kissed my skin all over. I don’t think his lips missed a single spot. He looked at me with such thanks in his eyes, and his lips found a hard nipple. The sucking was gentle and slow and he bit the swollen tip and sucked it again. His lips went back and forth from one to the other. I wanted to feel his lips around my pulsing nipples both at the same time so I reached up and pushed my sweet melons together and when he realized what I wanted him to do he was only too happy to answer my request.

I moaned when his lips curled around both nipples at once. His sucking was unbelievably exciting and felt so so good.

Now I wanted more. I couldn’t wait another minute for him to get his fingers down between my legs. I was so wet and charged up. It was time to get to the good stuff.

“You like sucking my nipples don’t you? Well would you like to feel my pussy and play with me like that, down between my legs? It’s all wet and I want you to feel it and touch it, will you?

He never said a word. He reached down between my legs and I jumped from pleasure when his hand rubbed me up and down. His fingers slipped under my panties and in seconds they were twirling around my wet spot. I couldn’t tell who was making more noise him or me. We were moaning and groaning and enjoying what was happening.

“Can you take your panties off for me? I want to see your pussy and maybe you’ll let me kiss it, will you, can I kiss it and play with your sweet cunt Desiree?”

I climbed off his lap and took off my shoes. I climbed up on top of the desk and right there in front of him was all the pussy he wanted. I dropped my skirt and stepped out of it kicking it to the floor. I reached down and hooked my thumbs in to the band of my panties. I let them fall to my ankles, and leaning on his shoulder with my hands I picked up each foot and kicked them off.

“Here’s my wet naked pussy just for you Michael, are you going to play with real nice? I bet you want to stick your tongue in me and fuck my pussy with it, is that what you want? If you lick me all over and feel my hard Clit will you suck on it?”

The man was beside himself. He pulled me to his face and I held on to his shoulders as I felt his tongue licking me from top to bottom and back again. He sucked my little lips, each one and them he bit my mound and he licked me again. When he finally found my hard swollen clit he took it between his lips and sucked me hard and steady. I could hear his lips sucking down all the wetness and I could barely stay on my feet. He must have sensed it because he stood up and told me to lie down on the desk.

“I’m going to suck your pussy till you cum little lady. I’ll bet you know all about cumming don’t you. You think you had me with this sweet little girl act. I knew you were one hot little cunt that needed a good hard man to fill that pussy up with a stiff cock. Now you’re going to know what a man feels like and you’ll want all you can get.”

This was better than I could have ever dreamed up myself. I was ready willing and all for this new and improved model of old man. This tiger that had me by the tail was raring to get started and I was looking forward to some good hard fucking.

He pulled me to the end of the desk and didn’t waste a second. His lips were in over drive and he had my motor humming.

He sucked and licked and tugged my lips and clit till I was screaming for him to make me cum. He put a finger into me and his finger fucked my pussy and his lips sucked my clit in perfect time. The pleasure his old mouth was delivering was like nothing I had ever felt before. All of a sudden, his lips latched onto my clit and I felt the orgasm building from my toes to the pit of my stomach. When it hit my pussy I grabbed both sides of his head and fucked his face as hard as I could as the waves of incredible orgasm washed over me. Somewhere I heard a voice.

“Ok baby, now we get to the fucking you been looking for.”

His finger was still in me, plunging in and out, the powerful cum was still rolling over me and as he pulled his finger out I felt him slide in a hard stiff cock that filled me up and then some.

“There it is that’s what you were after, a hard driving hammer to pound that hot hungry pussy of yours. Feel that, hot and hard deep in that cunt. Yeah, your cumming hard aren’t you? Oh Yesss, fuck me back real fast and hard, let’s keep that pussy of yours cumming all over my big hard hot cock that’s finally fucking you the way you wanted me too.

This man was better than I could have hoped for. I knew he was old and I wasn’t sure about him actually being able to get an erection but he had some piece of hard in me now and I was rocking and bucking.

“Okay girlie, get ready, I’m about to fill you up with so much cum you’ll feel like your drowning. It’s in my balls and coming up my hard fucking cock, get ready, ohhhh yeah, here it is, now fuck me hard and work that hot cunt like you know how.”

He grabbed my hips and like a jack hammer he was pounding away at me. I felt the hot hit me and then it hit me again, I could feel all that juice pouring into me and out of me. He must have been saving it for a long time. We fucked for what seemed like forever; every time I thought he was spent he’d start again.

At some point the screaming, moaning and pounding slowed down and I could feel him taking deep long plunges and slowing down in between each one. When he finally pulled out of me, he literally fell back into his chair gasping for air.

I had all I could do to sit up on the top of the desk. I had his cum all down my thighs, and under my ass. The desk was wet with all the sticky fluid that came out of both of us. My pussy took one hell of a fucking and it was still twitching and throbbing.

“Well little lady I’d say you got what you’ve been looking for and then some. I will say this, you never gave up. I knew the game you were playing and I waited and knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d have you right where I wanted you. I have to say you’re a good little tease. You had me hard every time I saw you. Those big tits were just asking for me to feel them and suck them hard and long. Showing me your hot pussy today with those little white panties sealed the deal. I’d say we both played the game well and came out winners. Now the question is what happens next? I’d say we’re going to spend a lot of time together. No need to tease me anymore. It’s time to just ask for what you want. There’s plenty more where this came from. I could teach you a few things and I know you have some tricks up your own sleeve. How about we make this a steady thing and drop the act and agree we both like the hungry lover’s we are, what do you say ready to take it to the next level?”

He was smiling at me knowing I would do whatever it took to be with him again. Anyone who thinks an old man hasn’t got the energy and stamina to keep a young woman like me happy and satisfied should pick out an old man and give him a run for his money, I certainly wasn’t disappointed and neither would you be.

I got down off the desk picked up my clothes and found the bathroom. I could barely walk, that old man rode me hard, and I loved all of it and wanted more, lots more. I cleaned myself up and went back to him. He was still in his desk chair, leaning back and smiling.

“Well, I really had a good time. You’re right I planned this. I was hoping you would agree to me coming here. Now that I know how much you like fucking and sucking I agree we should make this a habit. You’re a lot older than me and I’m sure you can show me things I know nothing about. Tomorrows Saturday and I could come over and spend the day with you if you want me too?”

“Desiree, your mother was right, I’ll give you all you desire and more, I can promise you that. I’d love for you to spend the day with me. How about I pick you up in front of the market at let’s say 10:00AM tomorrow and we’ll see what the day brings?”

I smiled and said I would be ready and waiting. He got up and pulled himself together, drove me to the market and said he’d see me in the morning.

As I was walking out of the parking lot I noticed a little old man pushing a cart on his way inside. I smiled at him when we looked at each other. As he turned his head and walked away, I couldn’t help but wonder why people think the only thing you can find in a supermarket is food.

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