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Sharon Intervenes

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Sharon Jameson stretched out on her belly on the patio chaise. She tugged gently at her bikini swimsuit bottom, which had crept up a bit too tightly between her legs and threatened to leave an unwanted crease mark alongside her pussy. It was a good day for her to add to her already attractive tan, and to give some serious thought to the current state of her life.

Sharon was past her fortieth birthday. Not far past it, but far enough so that the traumatic impact of that milestone age was, thankfully, behind her. She could now see “The Big Four-Oh” for what it was, the arbitrary invention of a youth-obsessed society, and her fears about reaching it seemed silly to her now. Sharon started to add up the good things in her life. The plusses.

She still felt young and vigorous, and her face and figure still drew admiring glances on the street. A definite plus. Her breasts still looked good in the bikini halter, and she knew that she had a nicely turned ass. Another plus. ‘Oh, wait a minute. My ass is worth two plusses’, she thought, giggling and giving her shapely hips a playful wiggle.

Her family was financially stable, and she liked living in the house and neighborhood she now called home. Another plus. She had married well. Kevin Jameson was a good husband in every way that mattered to Sharon. He was handsome, reasonably fit, steady, reliable, a good provider, a good father to their daughter Erin, and a skilled lover. And that magnificent cock of his … oh my oh my …

Kevin’s cock was a formidable weapon, physically up to the demands of robust sex on a regular basis with a woman whose sexual appetite was as hearty as his own. Their sexual romps were nothing less than perfectly orchestrated raw fucks, the enthusiastic coupling of two carnal athletes in peak form and utterly committed to their joyful debauchery.

Kevin was unquestionably the most generous lover Sharon had ever known. He encouraged her to satisfy her lustful cravings in any way she deemed suitable, which allowed her to occasionally sample the delicious — and sometimes sweetly perverse — sexual delights of other men. And women. And sometimes both at once. Sharon wasn’t sure how many plusses Kevin was worth, but he pretty much tipped the scales on the good side no matter what she might find on the bad side.

Their daughter Erin had just turned eighteen. She had the good looks and wholesome sexuality that were her genetic inheritance. A plus. Erin had just graduated from high school, and was hopelessly infatuated with her boyfriend, Ricky.

Sharon wasn’t sure whether Ricky belonged in the plus column or the minus column of her life ledger. She’d have to think more about that. Erin had told Sharon repeatedly that Ricky was a good catch among the boys back at school, but Sharon detected in Ricky’s dazzling smile and easygoing confidence an element of dangerous machismo that probably thrilled Erin but might someday prove to be more than the girl could handle. Kevin and Sharon had taught Erin how to handle herself in sexually charged situations, but teen hormones could hardly be counted on to play by the rules. Ricky radiated a raw sexual power that Sharon loved in men but was worrisome in a teen boy.

Sharon didn’t know what to make of him. Every time Sharon thought about what Ricky might be up to on his dates with Erin, her mind kept coming back to the time he’d stopped by to pick up Erin for a beach date. She remembered it well:

Ricky had walked right through the house to the back patio, where Sharon was sunning herself alone, without knocking or ringing the front door bell. He was wearing only a skintight Speedo swimsuit. Sharon, who was nearly naked herself at the time, was caught totally off guard by his sudden appearance at her side, and couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of the huge bulge the boy’s semi-erect cock made in his swimsuit. The bulge was precisely at Sharon’s eye level. She resisted an urge to flick her tongue over the spandex mound before her, which Ricky seemed to have deliberately thrust forward toward her face, and directed him back into the house to where she knew Erin was waiting for him. As if the sight of Ricky’s snugly sheathed cock and balls wasn’t arousing enough for Sharon, the motion of his slim muscled buttocks as he walked back into the house, barefoot, sent her right over the edge. As soon as the kids left for the beach, Sharon went to her bedroom, grabbed a dildo from the bedside table drawer, and relieved the pressure that had begun building in her cunt from the moment Ricky had appeared.

Sharon shook that line of thought from her mind. She started to look at the minus side of things in her life, saw nothing of consequence there, and concluded that her life was very good indeed.

If only Ricky had an outlet other than Erin for his raging lusts, Sharon wouldn’t have to worry so much about Erin’s virginity being lost before the girl was fully ready for all-out sex, and everything would be perfect. Sharon knew that Erin had not yet been fucked, although she knew that Erin had plenty of experience in giving blowjobs. Erin’s virginity was seriously at risk with a boyfriend like Ricky, whose lustful urges apparently extended even to women old enough to be his mother. Sharon knew that she was ideally suited to be that outlet for Ricky, but what mother would secretly seduce and then secretly continue to fuck her own daughter’s boyfriend?

The answer seemed clear enough to Sharon: A mother who cared enough to offer her own body in exchange for the protection of her daughter’s virginity. Could she offer her body to Ricky on the condition that he keep his cock away from Erin’s pussy? Well, why not?

She reached down between her thighs to readjust the damned bikini bottom, which simply would not stop creeping into the crease between her well-defined labia, and this time she kept her hand there and moved two fingers slowly and caressingly over the warm and now-moistening mound of her Temple of Venus. Kevin had first used that name for her pussy years ago, and Sharon loved it because it made her feel like a goddess. At this moment she indeed felt like a goddess — a beautiful and sensual creature worthy of carnal worship. Kevin wasn’t around to worship her at the moment, so she’d just have to perform the rituals herself.

Her hips and ass cheeks moved rhythmically in a circular motion, combined with an up-and-down humping movement, as her fingers played inside her tiny swimsuit and then thrust deeply inside her Temple to find its sacred places and to bring pleasure to them, as proper performance of the ritual demanded. This was going very well. The Goddess would be pleased today.

Just as the ritual reached its climax, just as a shudder rocked her entire body and brought a deep moan from her throat, and just at the moment where Kevin would have blessed her Temple with his creamy offerings if he’d been there, the image that sprung to her mind was that of Ricky!

In Sharon’s fantasy, her daughter’s boyfriend was totally naked and leering boldly at her, within the Temple where his presence was forbidden. He was stroking the shaft of his rigid cock as her Temple exploded in a brilliant shower of lights.

“Oh, Erin, baby, I’m doing this for you!” she gasped as her orgasm swept her over the edge of the familiar cliff and sent her flying blissfully into the void beyond, where she floated for several minutes.

When she had regained her composure, she thought through what had just happened. She had made the conscious decision to seduce Ricky, and to become his fuckmate in exchange for his vow not to deflower Erin without Sharon’s permission. Ricky was a sexy hunk, and his rampant horniness would make it easy for Sharon to get him into bed and to control him there. For now Ricky belonged to Erin, but Sharon would borrow him, at least temporarily, for Erin’s own good.

Sharon would never do anything which might bring heartbreak to her daughter, and Sharon could only hope and pray that Ricky would treat Erin’s heart with that same kindness. Ricky’s cock certainly wouldn’t treat Erin’s pussy with anything resembling gentleness, she thought, with concern for her daughter’s wellbeing and a rush of lustful desire to have that cock buried deep within herself. Sharon put her plan into words to clarify its purpose in her own mind.

‘Ricky is really well hung,’ she thought. ‘He should be pumping that monster of his into pussies better able to handle it than my sweet girl’s is.’

She suddenly felt the need for another visit by her fingers to her Temple. It’s doors opened instantly to their familiar touch. Soon her Temple would welcome a new worshipper, one younger than any that had been within its walls for some time, but this newcomer would still be just another adoring visitor to the Temple’s sacred places, there to present his love offerings to the Goddess.

And Sharon would be ready to receive them.

What Sharon would be offering to Ricky was nothing less than the realization of a fantasy that has brought secret pleasure to boys since boys first discovered masturbation — the opportunity to revel in the carnal delights of a mature and sexually skilled woman.

Sharon would have to make him believe that he was in control of what was happening, when in fact she was seducing him. She would have to maintain a delicate balance between aggressive and submissive behavior, leading him on while seeming to be the victim of his irresistible charms.

Sharon’s plan wasn’t a complicated one, but its execution and timing had to be perfect. Ricky had to be made to fall into her trap the very first time she set it. There would be no second chance, and Erin would never forgive her mother if things didn’t go exactly as Sharon planned they should.

Sharon would begin her seduction slowly, teasing Ricky in a way that made him continuously eager for more. Only when he knew exactly what pleasures could be his for the taking, and only when he was so eager to take them that denying himself those pleasures would be unthinkable, would Sharon give him what he so desperately wanted to have.

The very next morning Ricky left a message on the Jameson’s answering machine saying that he’d stop by after lunch to see Erin. Sharon listened to the message and realized with almost girlish delight that her plan could go into effect immediately. She erased the message without mentioning it to Erin, and suggested to her daughter that she and two of her girlfriends spend the afternoon and evening shopping and taking in a movie.


Ricky was right on time, and Sharon was ready for him. She greeted him at the door, in a carefully chosen outfit. She was wearing a stretch tee shirt, with no bra underneath it to conceal the small bumps her nipples made in the snugly fitted cotton, a pair of the tightest designer jeans Ricky had ever seen an attractively proportioned woman manage to get into, and a pair of Western styled boots with heels that were clearly too high to be suitable for riding.

Ricky just stared at her for a long moment. His eyes moved over her body, studying its details as if seeing something familiar in a totally new way, and when his eyes finally met hers he found her smiling warmly at him. He grinned back at her, as if aware of some special bond that had just been established between them.

“You’d better come in, dear,” she said. “It’s awkward for us to be standing on the porch like this.” Sharon walked back toward the kitchen and invited him to come along.

“It’s a shame that Erin isn’t here,” she said. “You must be very disappointed. I’m home here alone for the next few hours. Can you stay awhile? I could use some company.”

Ricky hardly heard her words, except for the “I’m home here alone” part, so intent was he on the hypnotic sight of Sharon’s shapely buttocks rocking and rolling ahead of him in the skintight white denim. The high-heeled boots would have added considerable jiggle and bounce to her ass cheeks with each step if her pants weren’t so tight as to make any such stray movements impossible.

Ricky felt his cock stir in his pants when Sharon said she hoped he could stay. He restrained himself from grabbing Sharon’s bottom globes in both hands, despite his sense that they were begging to be grabbed. He tried to keep his cock from stiffening and growing, and he might have succeeded in that if Sharon hadn’t taken that very moment to casually smooth her hands down over the fullest part of her buttocks and to cup their underslopes in her palms for a fleeting moment.

“Would you like a cold drink, hon?” she asked, taking a cola bottle from the fridge without waiting for his reply. She put ice cubes in two tall glasses, poured the soft drink over them, and handed one of the glasses to Ricky. Then she took a bottle of white rum from a cupboard and splashed a generous amount of the liquor into her own glass. She clinked her glass to his, letting her hand brush against his for just an instant, and took a long drink from her glass. She picked up the cola and rum bottles, and a bag of tortilla chips, and led the way to the Family Room.

They sat side by side on a sofa, the drinks and chips on an end table conveniently located for Ricky to help himself. Sharon got him to talk about what was going on in his life — school, sports, part-time work over the past summer, and so on. Sharon didn’t bring Erin’s name up in the conversation, and Ricky quickly got the message that today was meant to be his chance to get better acquainted with his girlfriend’s mother.

They helped themselves to the chips, and topped up their glasses now and then. Sharon added some rum to her cola each time, and Ricky began to suspect that the alcohol might be beginning to have an effect on her. Her speech was ever so slightly slurred at times, and she seemed unaware of the impact her physical closeness was having on him.

She smelled wonderful, and she looked, well, awesome. There was something about the fragrance of her hair and the very red lipstick she wore that was so very sexy, and having her body so close to his was almost more excitement than he could deal with.

When Sharon wanted more chips she had to lean across Ricky’s lap to reach them, giggling at her clumsiness in doing so. Ricky felt the swells of her unrestrained breasts brush his arm and the firmness of her upper leg press against his for a moment. Once she actually lost her balance in mid-reach, and fell face down with her hips squarely across Ricky’s lap. Her legs lay across his thighs and Ricky found the courage to place his hands firmly on the upthrust globes of Sharon’s gorgeous ass to steady her. She didn’t seem to notice his sly groping, but Ricky was seriously afraid that he might actually cum in his pants.

Sharon got up from Ricky’s lap and moved down onto the floor. “It’s more comfortable down here,” she explained. She sat on the carpet, her back against the sofa. She sipped her drink. Nothing was said for a few moments, and Ricky realized that it was quite normal for Sharon to be in this position while entertaining guests.

A moment later she lay down on the carpet, on her back. “It would be easier to talk with you if you were on the floor too,” she said, and he could tell that she was quite serious.

He lay down alongside her, on his stomach. He inhaled her warm fragrance, enjoyed the gentle pressure of her hips against his own, and wondered if her pretty mouth would taste as good as it looked.

“I’m sure you’d rather be with Erin than with me,” Sharon said.

“No, I like being with you, Mrs. Jameson,” he said. “Honest.”

“You’re just being nice to me, dear,” she said. “Thank you.”

She poked a finger into her drink and put it up to Ricky’s mouth. “You can lick my finger if you’d like to know what you’re missing by not being old enough to have booze in this state,” she giggled. Ricky was nineteen, but here he wasn’t old enough to buy liquor.

Ricky put her finger into his mouth and sucked on it for a long moment. They looked straight into each other’s eyes as he let his tongue play with her finger.

“You want to kiss me, don’t you,” she said, almost in a whisper.

After a moment of silence, Ricky said, “Yes, Mrs. Jameson. I do.”

“Then kiss me, sweetheart,” she said. “Pretend I’m Erin.”

Sharon closed her eyes, puckered her lips, and waited for him to come to her. Ricky leaned over her, bent his face to hers, and kissed her very lightly and very briefly on the mouth.

“If that’s the way you kiss Erin, I’m surprised you’re still her boyfriend.”

Ricky laughed. “I can do better, Mrs. Jameson.”

He bent over her again and pressed his mouth firmly to hers. He slid his tongue over her lips and then slid it quickly into her mouth. She received it eagerly, meeting his tongue with her own, and she sighed with pleasure and pulled his body more directly over hers.

“That’s better, Ricky,” she smiled. “Don’t stop.”

Ricky could hardly believe his good luck. Her approval was all that he needed to get on with what he’d wanted to do from the moment he’d arrived. He was all over her in an instant. His tongue lashed into her mouth, one of his hands was up under her tee shirt and cupping her fantastic breasts, and another hand was moving up the inside of her jeans legs toward her pussy mound.

“I like a man who knows what he wants,” said Sharon.

“Oh, God, you’re so fucking beautiful,” Ricky panted.

“And I’m beautiful fucking, too,” she answered. “If you’re a good boy you’ll get to see that for yourself.”

Ricky had her tee shirt up around her neck, and his mouth trailed wet kissed and licks over Sharon’s breasts.

“Nice tits,” he said, struggling with her belt buckle while sucking her nipples.

“I can help you with that,” she said, and she raised her hips off the floor and quickly pulled her jeans down and off.

Together they managed to get undressed, and Ricky’s mouth moved to Sharon’s pussy and began to feast on her.

“Oh, you are a good boy,” she said, holding his head firmly in place and humping her hips up to feed herself to him. When she felt he’d gotten a good enough taste of her juices, she eased him onto his back and lowered her head to take his cock into her mouth. Ricky groaned, grasped a handful of her hair, and fucked her mouth as she gave him head.

“Had enough?” she said, pulling away from him, but keeping her hand firmly on his cock.

“Oh God no,” he gasped, not believing she could want to stop now.

“What do you want to do, then, Ricky?” She gave his cock a little squeeze.

He said nothing. The words just wouldn’t come.

“I think you want to fuck me,” Sharon prompted him. “I think you want to put this cock into my pussy.” Another little cock squeeze.

“Oh yes,” he groaned.

“I think you want to fuck your girlfriend’s mother,” she said. “Is that what you’d like to do, Ricky? Right here on this floor? Right now? Tell me what you want, Ricky.” She squeezed his cock harder to let him know she was waiting for his reply.

“I want to fuck you, Mrs. Jameson. Right here. Right now.”

Sharon made him wait a long moment before she spoke again.

“Good. Because I want you to fuck me, Ricky,” she said. “I want to feel that lovely big cock of yours buried deep in my cunt. I want to feel what Erin may sometime get to feel from you.”

“Oh, God, yes,” Ricky groaned. “Please, let me fuck you.”

“You can fuck me on just one condition,” said Sharon.

“Anything you want,” panted Ricky. “What’s the condition?”

“Here’s the deal, darling,” she said. “You can fuck me right now, and you can fuck me whenever we can be alone together and not be caught doing it. But you can’t fuck Erin unless I say you can.”

“Huh?” said Ricky.

“I’m offering to be your fuckmate, Ricky. I just want you to keep your cock away from my daughter’s pussy until I think she’s ready for fucking. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mrs. Jameson,” he said. “I understand”

“Good!” Sharon smiled. She rose up, took Ricky’s hand, and helped him to his feet. “Let’s go to the bedroom, hon,” she said, “and fuck each other’s brains out until one of us has to quit.”

Sharon led Ricky to the big bed, lay down on her back on it, and pulled the boy down so that he was saddled neatly between her parted and upraised thighs.

“Fuck me, my darling young stud,” she said.

Ricky pressed his lower body to hers, and the knob of his cock poked at her lower belly above the entrance to her pussy. She felt it probing around, as if he was uncertain about exactly where her entrance was.

“Oh my God!” she gasped in genuine surprise. “You’re a virgin, aren’t you!”

Ricky said nothing.

She knew instantly that she’d embarrassed him terribly, and if she didn’t act quickly he’d lose his erection and the whole point of getting him into bed would be lost. She felt a rush of sympathy for him. She took him in her arms, hugged him tightly, brushed his adorably unruly hair from his forehead, and trailed kisses lightly over his cheeks and neck.

“It’s going to be all right, Ricky darling,” she whispered, rocking him slowly in her arms. “I’m going to teach you how to be the best lover you can be, and when Erin is ready for you you’ll be the wonderful lover that she deserves.”

She reached down and took Ricky’s half-hard cock in her hands and fingered it gently. She covered his mouth with hers, and her tongue played along his lips as she slowly stroked his cock shaft and brought it back to life.

“Let’s get our first fuck over with so we can get down to the really good stuff,” she said, when the boy’s cock was fully hard again.

She positioned Ricky on his back. She slipped a pillow under his ass to raise his cock a little, and knelt over his hips, facing him. She played with her own breasts for a moment, more for Ricky’s enjoyment than her own. She raised herself up on her knees. Looking straight into the boy’s eyes she guided his cock to her pussy lips and let its head slip just inside.

“Any last words before you lose your virginity?” she asked.

Ricky just laughed nervously.

She lowered her body slowly, impaling herself on the boy’s cock, and when it was fully within her, her thighs rested on his.

“Welcome to manhood, Ricky,” she said, bending down to kiss him on the lips. Her tongue flicked into his for just an instant, and then she straightened back up and began to fuck him. Her body rose and fell back down, at first slowly and then a little faster, almost losing Ricky’s cock from her pussy at the high point and having it fully hidden within her at the low point.

“Feel good, baby?” she asked, her breathing already labored and her face glowing with her exertions and excitement.

“Fuck yes,” he managed to grunt in reply. He toyed with the lovely boobs which were swinging and bouncing within his reach.

Her cunt muscles gripped and milked his cock shaft with each stroke, and Ricky found himself at the brink of orgasm. He knew that cumming too quickly was not a good thing to have happen.

“If you don’t stop I’ll shoot off, Mrs. Jameson,” he gasped.

“Go ahead! Shoot off, sweetheart,” she said through tightly pursed lips. “I want to feel your hot cum juices up inside me.” She reached down and fingered herself as she continued the up and down fuck, and soon she was also close to orgasm.

An instant later Ricky discovered what it feels like to shoot a generous cumload into a pussy, and the force of its spurts triggered Sharon’s own climax. He groaned and growled out a string of profanity. She shrieked and fell forward onto the boy’s chest. Her entire body quivered and her pussy spasmed in its effort to milk every droplet of cum from the cock within it. Their glistening bodies slickly slid against each other, more and more slowly, as they both came down from the high of their shared climaxes.

Ricky held Sharon close, his arms around her, and he felt a sudden sensation of being her protector instead of her student.

‘So this is what it feels like to be a man,’ he thought. “Fuck!” he said aloud. “I could get to like this!”

“I didn’t expect it to be that good your first time,” Sharon said, the surprise evident in her voice. “I came really hard.”

They lay in silence for several minutes. Ricky’s cock had slipped from Sharon’s pussy, but his arms still held her close.

The phone on the bedside table rang. Sharon rolled off of Ricky’s chest and picked it up. “Hello,” she said. “Oh, hi, Erin!”

Ricky’s eyes went wide and he looked terrified, but Sharon smiled at him and put her finger to her lips to tell him to keep quiet.

“Actually, he’s here,” Sharon went on. “Do you want to talk to him?” Sharon shook her head. Apparently Erin’s answer had been ‘no’.

“We’ve just been finding ways to entertain each other … No, I don’t think I’m boring your boyfriend … Don’t be in a hurry, hon. Enjoy the movie … I’ll do that,” she laughed. “Bye!”

“What did she ask you to do?” asked Ricky, knowing it wasn’t really any of his business but suddenly finding the goings-on of the Jameson household extremely interesting.

Sharon rolled back into Ricky’s arms, and kissed him. “She asked me to kiss you for her,” smiled Sharon, and kissed him again, more lingeringly.

“I think she may have been kidding,” Sharon laughed, and kissed him again. “Do you think she was serious?” Another kiss, this one deeper and more passionate. “It’s possible that she was serious,” Sharon said, somewhat dreamily, and pressed her mouth firmly to Ricky’s. This kiss was obviously meant to put and end to their conversation for awhile.

An hour and two orgasms later, they got dressed and Ricky got ready to leave. Sharon straightened up the bedsheets, put away the refreshments, and lit an incense candle to mask the smells of rum and sex in the air.

She walked Ricky to the front door, holding his hand and feeling very good about their new intimacy. She had been afraid that being Ricky’s fuckmate might be an unpleasant chore, but it was turning out to be lots of fun instead.

“You do remember our arrangement, don’t you dear?” she asked.

“Yes, Mrs. Jameson,” he said dutifully. “I get to fuck you now, and someday you’ll let me get to fuck Erin.”

“I hope that will happen,” she said. “You’re a good fuck.” She kissed him goodbye, told him she’d call him when they could enjoy their secret loving again, and felt that all in all it had been a very good day.

She went back to the Family Room and removed the small video camera she’d positioned on a bookshelf there. She took out the tape cassette and put it into a locked desk drawer. She didn’t think she’d ever have to resort to blackmail to force Ricky to keep his part of their bargain, but teen hormones could hardly be counted on to play by the rules.


‘Hmmmm. Nice phrase, that,’ thought Sharon. ‘I wonder where I’ve heard that before.’

Sharon wondered how long her daughter would be able to resist that marvelous cock of Ricky’s. She had to admit that she’d been able to resist it for only about an hour.

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