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Seth Harlan, Ph.D.

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I walked into my Civil War history class on the first day of the fall semester. I enrolled in this class as a crip credit. My Dad was a Civil War buff and I spent my entire life hearing about the various battles, participants, what should have been done, stupid mistakes that were made, and endless trivia.

Countless weekends were spent going to Civil War battle re-enactment events and visiting historical sites. This class was going to be a cake walk. I’d coast through it and devote my energies to my math and physics classes. I had double majors in Chemistry and Mathematics with the intention of attending the School of Pharmacy. I took the minimum number of liberal arts classes because they drove me crazy.

Seats in the back of the class were already taken when I walked in. Students giggled and socialized. I took a seat in the middle of the room and waited for the professor. When he arrived I nearly dropped my rucksack from the shock. In his early thirties, he was tall and slender with sexy brown eyes. He had dark brown hair and wore a white suit. All he needed was a mint julep and Scarlett O’Hara. Instead, he had a Coke and his briefcase. There were whistles and laughter with whispers about his stud looks.

He wrote his name on the board – Seth Harlan, Ph.D. He told us he received his doctorate in history from Harvard and he had taught before at other colleges. This was his first year at our university and he was replacing the former Civil War professor who was on sabbatical. In a deep brusque voice he discussed the objective of the course while a student distributed a seventy page course syllabus. This crip course was going to cripple me. I laughed as I scanned the required reading list.

“Something funny to you, Mr. uh…uh…what’s your name, sir?” Dr. Harlan definitely was not amused.

Other students looked at me and I felt a flush on my cheeks.

“It’s just the syllabus, Dr. Harlan.”

I don’t know what came over me. Did I have a death wish? What the fuck caused me to tell the truth?

“Well, I’m glad you see the humor in my syllabus, sir. I put a joke in it and you seem to be the only one in the class to find it.” Harlan was mocking me.

Paper shuffled as students searched the syllabus for the joke. I felt like the lead actor in a dark comedy and I could not help laughing again as students rustled through the syllabus for the non-existent joke. This time Dr. Harlan laughed with me.

“We have a lot of sharp people in this group. Again, what’s your name?”

“Tom Kent, sir,” I replied.

“Enlighten us about the joke in the syllabus.”

Suddenly the class realized there was no joke and Harlan was not amused. I’d dug my grave here and knew instantly I was dropping this class. Too much work, a professor who already disliked me, a field that bored the hell out of me; I had lots of reasons to bail. I was in a shit mood by then and bluntly honest.

“The course catalogue describes this course as an overview of the American Civil War period. Your syllabus is an outline for Civil War scholars. It’s okay, though, I’m dropping the class.”

“Your choice, Mr. Kent.”

Harlan turned his back on me and wrote on the blackboard. I noticed what a fantastic bubble ass he had; also the big package in his crotch. He was indeed a stud and I hated the loss of an hour of eye candy every day. Oh well, with Linear Algebra, Advanced Organic Chemistry, and String Theory, I needed to find a less lethal liberal arts class. Maybe another German class since I’d spoken it since birth. I walked out of the room. To my surprise, five or six others followed me.

“That man is fucking crazy! I ain’t working my ass off for some piece of shit history class!”

The speaker was a tiny cute girl with monstrous spiked hair. We had barely cleared the door so Harlan and the entire class heard her comment. I heard the titter of giggles from inside the room. At the Registrar’s Office I enrolled in a basic Western Civilization course. My advisor pointed out I needed five more hours of history to satisfy minimal graduation requirements. He also told me if I couldn’t pass basic Western Civ I needed quit the university and become a hairdresser. I figured it couldn’t be too bad.

Over the next few days I discovered the Western Civilization class was a breeze. Taught in a classroom next door to Seth Harlan’s office, I was regularly treated to his cute ass walking past. He ignored me as if I had leprosy. Still, he was great eye candy and a fantastic source of masturbation fantasy. Turns out, Harlan was indeed a slave driver who kept his students in terror. Nearly fifty percent of his class had dropped out by the end of the first week, a little nugget of information provided by my roommate, Alec, who also worked in the Registrar’s Office.

Alec was the perfect roommate for me, would have been for any gay man deep in the closet. About a hundred pounds overweight and pitifully ugly, he was about as sexy as moldy oatmeal. I’d seen him naked often and even with a rather large penis, I was not impressed. He was friendly, though, and we enjoyed sharing a dorm room. One’s academic weakness was the other’s strength so we could help each other.

In the third week of the semester I found a real treasure in the library. It was about eight thirty at night. I was doing physics research and the hard science and math material was located on the fourth floor. At that time of the night it was like I was alone in a mausoleum. I discovered the treasure when nature called and I needed to use the restroom. The fourth floor had originally housed the language lab many years ago and had a row of small language rooms not much bigger than closets. When the language lab moved to the Education building, some of those little closet rooms were turned into individual toilet cubicles. There was a nice glory hole in the toilet cubicle I entered. About three inches tall and two inches wide, it gave a perfect view of the persons sitting on the toilets in each cubicle.

As I sat on the toilet a man entered next door. I sat transfixed. He was well built and as he dropped his pants I saw a muscular ass with a dusting of dark hair on it. After a few seconds he leaned back a bit to reveal a hairy crotch and a thick dick hanging low between hairy thighs. I strained to see the hidden head of it. I held my breath as I wondered if he realized he had entered a stall with a glory hole. Then his fingers began to slowly tease his cock. He knew. In seconds, his cock was hard and had risen so I saw the shiny smooth purple mushroom head of it. He played with his piss slit and rubbed his forefinger in his precum creating a long sticky string. I was mesmerized. Suddenly he stood and pushed his cock through the glory hole.

I grasped it in my hand. His cock was hot and I could feel its muscles quivering. Fully erect, his cock had a distinctive thick vein running down the left side. His circumcision scar was perfect. I gently caressed his balls. They were in a long pendulous sack, hairy and soft. The left one hung at least a half inch or more below the right. He inhaled deeply as I put my tongue on his piss slit. I played with his mass of dark brown pubic curls and teased his cock with my tongue and kisses. I lifted his nuts and placed them, one at a time, in my mouth to suck them. His cock jerked straight up perpendicular with his stomach and I saw drops of precum roll over the edge of his knob. I lifted his sack and licked his taint. I felt him lift and attempt to spread his legs in an effort to give me better access to his hole. I licked deeper and I heard him moan. My man likes getting his ass reamed out, I thought.

I went back to his cock and swallowed it into my mouth. He was about six, maybe seven inches long, not too long to easily suck in completely. I buried my nose and face in his pubes. They smelled of Irish Spring soap. He was enjoying my blow job and suddenly he began to fuck my face, bumping against his wall. I heard him grunt and I tasted his hot cum as he shot it into my mouth, a tangy tasting cream. It had been a long time since I swallowed such an awesome load. He pulled his cock from me and stepped back. I immediately stood and pushed my own cock through the glory hole determined to get return service. It was swallowed instantly and he sucked it voraciously. I could feel his hot breath as his nose pressed in to my pubic bush. It was not long before my own load was pouring into his mouth.

As I finished shooting my load the stranger’s lips were replaced by his hand as he stroked my dick and my pubes. He wore a gold signet ring with a double headed eagle crest carved into it on his right ring finger. The eagle clutched a branch etched in tiny pave diamonds and rubies. It was an unusual ring, as beautiful as his long slender fingers. I felt his lips on my knob as he gave it a kiss and then the other cubicle door opened and closed quickly. He wanted to slip away anonymously. No matter. I didn’t want him to see me either.

Over the next few weeks I did research in the library several times. I did not frequent the glory hole regularly. I had two repeat performances with my friend with the delicious dick and gold signet ring, both memorable.

I worked part time as a Pharmacy Technician assisting the Pharmacist filling prescriptions and working the cash register. Our pharmacy was always extremely busy because the city had six local hospitals and several hundred physicians. There was no ‘down time’ in the pharmacy and always a crowd was waiting in line. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving I was busy working as cashier, processing an endless line of customers. A customer put a small basket of items on the counter and asked for his prescription.

“Name, please?”

“Seth Harlan.”

I felt my stomach clinch in fear and anticipation; hell, who knows why? I had seen him numerous times in the halls of the history building but we had never spoken. Now he was in front of me at my counter. I turned to retrieve his prescription, Fluticasone nasal spray. Nasal allergies. I rang up the purchases in his basket and his prescription.

“That’ll be fifty-seven dollars and ninety-two cents, sir.”

“How’s that Western Civilization course going for you, Mr. Kent?

I looked at him in surprise. Dr. Harlan laughed at me.

“Bill Patterson and I were roommates in undergraduate school. When I saw you were in his class I told him to beware of giving you a syllabus.” He laughed again.

Dr. Patterson was my Western Civilization professor, a nice guy who seemed more interested in hockey and the Detroit Red Wings than anything else. He made his course interesting and enjoyable.

“It’s okay, sir. Dr. Patterson is a funny guy.”

Harlan raised his eyebrow and gave me a mocking look.

“And I’m not, is that it? Of course, you didn’t give me a chance to show you how funny I can be, walking out on the first day.”

“If you girls are done chatting, I’m in a fucking hurry here!” A man in line was pissed.

Harlan handed me his cash. A beautiful hand with long slender fingers. A gold signet ring with a double headed eagle. I nearly choked. I looked Harlan in the eye as I gave him his change. He had no idea he and I had sucked each others’ dicks. It was all I could do to say thank you and move on to the next customer. Over the next few days I thought about little else but that gorgeous cock belonging to Seth Harlan. I wanted so badly to reconnect with him but on the few occasions I scoped out the glory hole, he did not return. I masturbated more frequently now that I could place Harlan’s face with the dick of my dreams.

A few days later I was eating a BLT sandwich for lunch, sitting at a wooden table in the park outside the student center. My next class was in two hours. I had grabbed lunch before heading back to the dorm to do math homework. A shadow fell over the table and I saw a jean covered crotch before me with a nice pouch. Looking up, I saw Seth Harlan.

“Can I join you?” he asked.

“Sure, why not?”

He sat down with a hot dog and French fries and put his attaché case on the table next to us.

“Tell me, Tom, what is it you’re getting your degree in? I’ve been curious since the day you marched out of my class.” His eyes were filled with amusement and he laughed softly.

“Chemistry and Mathematics. I’m planning to go to the School of Pharmacy.” His humor was infectious and he seemed like a nice enough guy.

“I know how Bill Patterson teaches and I know it’s no crip course. You like European history better than American?”

“I don’t particularly like any kind of history course.”

I got this panicked look on my face as I realized I had been totally insulting to him again but Harlan chuckled.

“You missed charm school growing up, Kent.” Harlan continued to laugh, dropping some catsup in his shirt.

“Shit! Nothing like being the class slob.”

“I could loan you one of mine, sir.”

“Kent, if you call me sir one more time, I’m going to have to kick your ass. Do you understand?”

I giggled.

“Yes, sir!”

We were about the same size and he agreed to the loan of a shirt. In my room, Harlan took off his shirt revealing hairy armpits, a light dusting of hairs over his pecs, and a thin treasure trail leading from his navel into his pants. It was hard not to drool. He dropped his pants to his thighs to tuck in my light blue shirt and I saw he was wearing no underwear. Also, I saw the cock I craved. He made me promise to let him treat me to dinner for the shirt loan. He was gone for several minutes before I realized his stained shirt was on my bed. I sprayed stain remover on his shirt. My roommate kept a couple of cans of the stuff at all times. That night I did my laundry and washed his shirt. It came out perfect. I hung it in my closet.

Two days later, Dr. Harlan called me. He arranged to pick me and his shirt up at my dorm at five in the afternoon. I was to join him for supper and he would drop me off afterward. I showered and wore dress casual — navy shirt with jeans and black loafers. I was not sure where he was taking me for supper but I seriously doubted it was supposed to be any dressier. He was surprised to see I had cleaned and ironed his shirt although he confessed he’d had mine laundered with his clothes. When I teased him about using a professional laundry to do blue jeans he laughed and said it was one of the little luxuries in life.

I was surprised when we arrived at his apartment for supper instead of going to a restaurant. He was cooking chili that had simmered all day in a crock pot and he told me all he had to do now was get out the crackers and Coca Cola. He asked if I minded watching TV while he took a quick shower. Of course I didn’t mind. It would give me a chance to check out his apartment to find out more about him. While he showered I looked at the pictures and degrees in his living room. There were several photographs showing him in various athletic uniforms, graduation photos, and with people who could have been family or friends. His degrees were all in history and he had received a summa cum laude undergraduate degree. There were several trophies for sports and academic excellence.

Harlan came into the living room to see me looking at a trophy he had received as MVP of his college football team. He was wearing shorts, an old football jersey, and was barefoot.

“That was a good year for me. Everything just seemed to click and I was more surprised than anyone when I received the MVP award. I had expected to go to a wide receiver on our team, the best receiver I ever played with.”

“So you were the quarterback?”

“Yeah, how’d you guess?” he laughed.

“It helps that you have a plaque here listing you as the best damn quarterback in the history of college football.”

He snorted. “That was my wife’s contribution to my award shelf. She gave it to me when I got the MVP award as a gag. The rest of the people at the dinner thought it was a riot.”

“You’re married?” I was surprised.

“Divorced. We dated when I was a senior at UCLA and got married while I was doing my Master’s there. When I got accepted to Harvard to do my Ph.D. she refused to leave LA and I divorced her. Turned out she was fucking a med school student while I was getting my Master’s and working my ass off as a night manager at Kinko’s. I don’t know why but somehow I knew within two weeks of our marriage I had made a mistake. Thank God we never had kids.”

While he talked he set the table and dished up the chili. He insisted I call him Seth and I made it clear I preferred being called Tom instead of Kent. We ate a delicious supper while we laughed and compared life stories. After eating we went back into his living room and he put on the DVD of a newly released comedy hit. We sat at opposite ends of his couch. During the movie he reclined on the couch with one foot touching my leg, the other slightly raised. Seth had sexy hairy legs and long slender feet and toes. While he was laughing at the movie I turned to look at him and realized I could see up the leg of his shorts. His cock was exposed in his pubic bush and one ball hung out. I glanced up to see Seth looking at me with a grin. Busted.

“Like what you see, Tom?”

“It’s uh…great…nice….” What the fuck was I supposed to say?

“You recognized the ring.” It was a simple statement and it knocked me off my pins completely.

“What?!” I spluttered.

I had a sudden vision of him killing me. I had come to his apartment in his car. I had told no one. He could cut me into a thousand pieces and throw them in the river.

“You recognized my ring, Tom. I saw it in your eyes at the pharmacy. You couldn’t have been more obvious about it if you had yelled — Seth Harlan, we’ve been sucking each others’ dicks in the bathroom on the fourth floor of the library.”

I was stunned. I wasn’t sure if I should cry, run, or what. I felt lightheaded. He laughed.

“Calm down, Tom. No one knows but us.”

“I didn’t know you knew. I wasn’t aware I was so obvious.”

Seth threw his head back and laughed. He pressed his bare foot into my arm.

“I’ve known from the beginning, Tom. I waited outside in the stacks after the first time. I saw you when you came out of the stall. I was surprised it was you, but still you were the guy who had just given me the best blow job I’d ever had in my life.”

I could see little black spots floating in my eyes. He had known all along.

“You knew all along it was me and you came back again? I thought you hated me.” I squeaked.

Seth sat up and slid next to me. He arm went around me shoulder and he kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“Tom, are you going to fucking faint on me here?” He squeezed my shoulder. “Chill out, dude. Do you have any idea how many times I went back to that toilet stall over the next few weeks looking for you to be there?”

“You were looking for me?” I watched his eyes.

“I knew you didn’t know me but I knew you. I figured my dick didn’t impress you that much since it took forever to reconnect with you but we did hook up twice more. I just forgot about the goddamned ring. It’d been a long time since my last glory hole. I went that first time because I heard a couple of student joking about it in the history building restroom. I checked it out because I needed a blow job.”

I gave him a lopsided grin. “Well, you got what you came for.”

“And I gave you one, too, although I don’t kid myself. There’s no way I can suck dick as well as you can.”

“And you’ve been toying with me since the day you sat down with me under the oak tree.” I still wasn’t sure how to take this whole thing.

Seth grinned at me again. “I was so fucking horny that day. I came really close to telling you the truth and having sex with you that day in your dorm room. I chickened out when you took that call from your roommate. I went back to my office and jacked off.”

The thought of Seth masturbating in his office made my penis start to grow.

“I suppose the catsup on your shirt was a setup?” I looked at him with an upraised eyebrow.

“No,” he smirked. “That was just good luck on my part.”

“And now?”

He kissed me softly on my lips. “And now I want dessert.”

“I think that can be arranged.” And I kissed him back, pushing my tongue into his mouth.

I felt Seth’s hand on my crotch. He was pinching my cock with his fingers. I ran my hand up the leg of his shorts and grabbed his cock in my hand.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” he whispered in my ear as he nibbled on it.

In the bedroom, Seth undressed me slowly, kissing my body as he revealed it. Then he stripped off his shirt and shorts, pushed me back onto his bed, and climbed on top of me. I felt our cocks press together in the joint mass of our pubic hair. Seth kissed me passionately and ground himself into me. I wrapped my arms and legs around his body.

“You feel so good, baby,” he whispered to me.

I was in heaven. It had been a long time since I had been naked in bed with another man.

“Your body is fantastic,” Seth said. He looked into my eyes as he kissed the tip of my nose.

I worked hard to keep my ‘fantastic’ body. I am six feet, two inches tall with black hair and blue eyes. I am muscled from weight lifting and wrestling. I have hairy pits, pubes, forearms, and legs. The rest of my body is smooth as a baby’s ass. My father calls me Bigfoot because I wear a size fourteen shoe. Everyone always kids me about big feet, big dick. I do have a big dick but not as big as people seem to expect. When they find out I wear a size fourteen shoe they expect my dick to be ten or twelve inches long and like a beer can. I disappoint their expectations. My penis is an uncircumcised nine inches long, slender, with a hairy testicle sack. My testicles are normal sized and the sack hangs relatively close to my body. The foreskin hangs about a quarter inch over the head of my dick and slides back with ease. Anyone with a foreskin like mine can attest to the joy it provides while masturbating.

“Rim me,” Seth whispered to me. “I’ve wanted it since the first time when you licked so close to it.”

He kissed me on the lips and flipped us over so he was on bottom. I kissed down his body, first licking his armpits and chewing the thick hair, on to licking and sucking on his nipples, then trailing down to his hard cock. I sucked on his balls then took his rigid phallus in my mouth and sucked it gently, pressing my tongue into his piss hole and licking around the corona. Faint moans came from Seth. I saw his long toes flex and curl. Too soon to let him cum. I changed tactics and kissed his feet and sucked his toes. He had silky clear nails. His feet were soft and smooth. He responded to my action by flexing his feet and groaning deliriously.

“You’re goddamn good, Tom. You know that?” Seth was writhing on the bed and his cock was leaking precum.

I threw his legs over my shoulders, exposing his ass. It was stunning, covered in a soft down of dark hairs that became thicker curls in his crack. His tiny rosebud hole was surrounded by a covering of thick curly pussy hair. I wet my finger and touched it. It quickened and Seth’s entire body shuddered.

“Yes,” he moaned.

I kissed his butt cheeks and the deep split between them before planting my lips on his pussy hole. I kissed it and licked it, then probed it with my tongue. Seth grunted and pushed his ass downward trying to impale his hole on my tongue. I ate his pussy for about twenty minutes as he moaned and talked dirty sex talk to me, urging me to feast on his pussy. I could see his hole opening for me, relaxing as it prepared to receive my cock in it.

I wet my finger again and stuck the first knuckle inside him. As my finger entered, his ass pussy tightened and squeezed my finger in a vise like grip. Seth raised himself slightly and reached in his nightstand and gave me a big bottle of lubricant. I had to smile.

“Get fucked a lot, do we?” I laughed.

Seth looked up at me and grinned. “Just get on with it, Mr. Kent. My ashes haven’t been hauled in a long time.”

I slapped his thigh hard. “There’s a dildo in the drawer, too, huh?”

“Go to the head of the class, Einstein.”

We both laughed. Seth wrapped his arms around his thighs and pulled them toward his shoulders, splaying his ass wide open for me. I stared at the total beauty of it. Never had I seen such an exquisite ass pussy before. I poured lubricant on my cock and his asshole. His pussy puckered in and out as it impatiently called to my cock to fuck it. I touched my mushroom knob at his opening. Seth shoved his pussy against my cock and it swallowed the head of it in an instant. I slowly began my entry into his hot oven as he made loud cries of pain and ecstasy. When I felt my pubic hair press against his ass, I gave one last hard push into him before completely withdrawing and re-entering him in an instant. Seth screamed.

“Like that, yeah?” I snickered.

“That goddamned hurt!”

“Want me to stop?”

“No! Do it again!”

Seth placed his feet on my pecs and pushed against me as I pistoned in and out of him. His pussy opened wide and was slick with lubricant. Suddenly the fuck was dreamy, total bliss for both of us. I pushed his legs open and lay on his chest, kissing his lips, traveling to his face and neck as I entered the final stretch of this Fuck Derby. Seth wrapped his arms around me tight, strangling me to him, and I could feel his fingers tear into my back. His breathing became short and his moans were so loud I hoped his walls were too thick for the neighbors to hear.

My cock was squeezed hard as Seth screamed out in total sexual excitement. I felt the wetness between us as he ejaculated his hot semen between our melded bodies. Each spurt of his cum caused his ass to clutch my cock harder and then I was pouring my load of cum in to his ass pussy. I buried my face in his neck as my burning nectar exploded into him. Then it was over. I collapsed onto his body and he held me tight. We lay quietly for several minutes.

“So you can suck my cock, eat my ass out, fuck me blind, but you can’t handle my syllabus?”

I opened my eyes and looked into his laughing eyes.

“Shut up and get some rest, Professor. I expect you to fuck me next and it had better be good. After all, you have a Ph.D.”

A few weeks later, I moved in with Seth Harlan. I became a licensed pharmacist four years later and was hired as a pharmacist in the same pharmacy where I had sold Seth his prescription. A few months later, Seth was promoted to Chairman of the History Department. The weekend after his promotion, Seth asked me to marry him. He actually got down on one knee, wearing his white plantation owner suit. He gave me a duplicate of his signet ring as my engagement ring. We wed on the Sunday following Thanksgiving.

I love him. He loves me. All is right with our world.

Oh, one other thing. Seth lets me prepare his course syllabuses.

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