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He knelt between my spread thighs as I lay naked on my back. His hard cock jutted from his taut muscular body and my hungry eyes devoured his glistening flesh as he fisted his long, thick dick and looked down at me with an amused expression on his chiseled face.

“Do you want it?” He teased as he rubbed the slick wet head of his cock against my taint making me moan softly with wanton desire. I had never been with a man before. I had never considered it an option before that night but as I looked at his hard muscular body I wanted him inside me as much as I had ever wanted anything. It was an exciting yet frightening idea for me. I was at heart a family man. I was married with children and I had always considered myself straight but something had clicked when I first saw him at the bar several hours earlier. I wasn’t physically attracted to him but I was sexually drawn to him in a way that was raw, primal and animalistic.

He first looked at me as I sat beside my wife drinking a beer. Our eyes met briefly and he smiled before I nervously looked away. I could feel his eyes on me and looked over again. He made and held eye contact and I felt my heart race. I had never flirted with another man before and I knew I was playing a dangerous game but it was strangely exciting and I liked knowing that someone, anyone, was interested in me. At 43 I was not young anymore and the once common appreciative glances from women had slowed to near nonexistence in recent years despite the fact that I kept myself in good shape.

My wife Carole excused herself to go to the ladies room and I watched her walk slowly away. Her sexy round ass swayed enticingly as she walked and I felt a surge of lust fueled desire as I gazed at her gorgeous butt. At 42 she could pass for her mid 30s and she never failed to get looks from much younger men whenever we went out. Strangely it was me getting attention from a younger man. I glanced at my admirer and our eyes met again. I wasn’t gay and I had never been attracted to another man but there was no mistaking the fact that he was a good looking guy with an attractive face and an athletic, muscular body. He looked to be in his mid twenties with sharp features and piercing blue eyes that bore into me.

I averted my eyes and looked up at the television which hung from the wall in front of me but I could feel his eyes on me and I was quickly drawn back into the dangerous game we’d been playing. He smiled and I returned it, feeling a wicked thrill as I did. I was flirting back and it excited me more than I imagined possible.

Carole returned from the ladies room and sat down beside me bringing me back to reality.

“My turn,” I told her as I stood up.

I felt a flutter of excitement as I turned toward him and smiled. I had already had a few beers and needed to pee so I walked toward both him and the bathroom.

His eyes were trained on me as I approached and he flashed a dazzling white smile sending shivers down my spine as I passed. I returned his smile and looked away bashfully as butterflies battled in my stomach. I had never been hit on by a guy before and I was surprised at what a rush it was.

I heard him stand as I passed and my heart raced as I considered what might happen if he followed me into the men’s room. The bar had two men’s rooms. The main one near the front door and a little used tertiary one next to the entrance to the kitchen that I chose. I didn’t know for sure if he was following me but I could sense his eyes on me as I made my way down the secluded hall to the small bathroom.

I was standing at the urinal when he entered the room. We were alone in the small room but he didn’t speak. He stood at the sink busying himself until I finished and then smiled in the mirror at me as I walked to the basin beside him. My heart pounded relentlessly in my chest. It was a thrill unlike anything I had felt and I returned his smile nervously as I became hypnotized by his deep blue eyes.

He turned to face me and a lump formed in my throat. I had an overwhelming desire to run but I stood transfixed and looked into his eyes as I waited for his next move.

“Does she know,” he asked as he glanced at the ring on my finger. He reached out and touched my hand lightly and then traced his finger up my arm making me shudder.

“Know what,” I stammered and he smiled knowingly as he moved closer. My heart thumped in my chest and beads of perspiration formed quickly on my forehead. My mouth was dry as I stared at him and watched him slowly cover the short distance between us.

I stepped backward, retreating slowly until my back touched the cool tile wall beside the bathroom door. He was achingly close and my body trembled from the proximity.

“So you’ve never?” He asked as he continued to inch toward me. He was inches away and I could feel his hot breath on my neck. He was shorter than me but wider and more muscular and I knew he could take me if he wanted to. I hadn’t noticed how powerful his body was before. I had only noticed his face and his piercing blue eyes. He was just under 6′ tall with the big strong arms and broad muscular chest of an avid weight lifter.

“No,” I said softly. I struggled to speak with my mouth dry from nerves and my voice was barely a whisper.

He reached beside us and locked the door as he moved closer until our bodies touched. “But you want to,” he said confidently. His hands moved to my sides and slid under my shirt as he pinned me against the wall. His hands felt hot on my bare flesh and I had to stifle a moan. I could feel his cock, hard and ready, press against my thigh through his pants.

I nodded slowly, unable to speak from the combination of fear and desire.

His hands pushed my shirt up and massaged my chest as he ground his hard dick against my leg. My groin tingled as blood rushed to fill my dick. I closed my eyes and surrendered to thoughts and feelings I had never imagined. His lips brushed across my neck and I moaned softly as he trailed kisses up the sensitive skin to my ear. “Say it,” he whispered. “Tell me you want to get fucked.”

I shook my head and whispered “no.” My mind was reeling and my body was on fire. I didn’t know what I wanted but I was as turned on as I had ever been with anyone.

“Don’t lie,” he said sternly as his hand grabbed my rigid cock through my pants. He squeezed it hard and I groaned with white hot desire. “Your lips say ‘no’ but your hard throbbing cock says ‘yes yes yes’.”

He grabbed my thick brown hair with his left hand and pulled my head toward his mouth hard as his hand continued to squeeze and stroke my dick through my pants. His lips met mine and he kissed me deeply and aggressively. His tongue plunged into my mouth. I was surprised at how soft his lips were and I opened my mouth and accepted his tongue inside it.

“Say it,” He commanded as he pushed me to my knees and pulled his cock out of his pants. I stared with my mouth agape at his hard throbbing cock. It was long and thick with a maze of veins and ridges adorning the shaft and a bulbous purple head that glistened with clear precum. I had never seen another mans penis. I had never thought that I would but as I stared at it just inches from my face I had an overwhelming desire to touch it, to lick it, to suck it.

“Yes,” I groaned wantonly, admitting that I wanted his cock inside me. I reached out and grasped his hard cock with both trembling hands. It was alive and hot to the touch. The soft silky skin juxtaposed with the hard granite was incredible. I wanted more. My mouth watered as I opened it wide and slowly approached his cock. My tongue slipped from my mouth and I saw a small clear drop of viscous fluid. It looked delicious.

“Suck it bitch,” he ordered sternly as he grabbed my head and held it firmly.

I licked the precum from the head. It was salty but it didn’t taste bad. I liked it and I wanted more. I wrapped my lips around his thick cock and slowly bobbed my head taking him deeper with each stroke.

He let out a low guttural moan that gave me all the encouragement I needed. I grabbed his firm muscular ass and forced his entire rod down my throat until my nose pressed tightly against the neatly trimmed patch of fur on his pelvis.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me back to my feet. I felt empty and hollow when his thick cock popped out of my still sucking mouth but I could still taste the salty essence of him. I wrapped my fist around his throbbing shaft and slowly stroked it. My mind was reeling with confusion and raw desire.

“Pull down your pants,” he said firmly. It wasn’t an order but it wasn’t a request and I quickly dropped them to the floor.

He turned me around and spat on his hand. He wiped saliva across my tight virgin ass and I moaned softly. I had never had anyone play with my ass and I was surprised at how good it felt.

“Tell me what you want,” he commanded loudly. I knew anyone outside the door could hear him but I was beyond rational thought.

“I want you to fuck me,” I replied honestly.

He bent me over and pushed one thick finger inside my ass. It felt wicked and hot. I wanted more. His finger slid deep inside me and he wiggled it slowly stroking my prostate. I had never felt anything like it and I knew I would not last long if he kept it up.

“Do you want more?” He teased.

“Yes, please give me more,” I responded breathlessly. He pushed a second finger inside me. It stretched my ass but didn’t hurt and he pumped his two fingers into my ass hard and fast making me pant like a tired dog.

“Now what do you want?” He chided as he fingered my ass with one hand and stroked his big delicious cock with the other.

“I want your cock inside me,” I moaned loudly. My body was tingling. My mind was spinning. My cock was throbbing. “Please fuck me.”

He pulled his fingers from my ass and grabbed my hair pulling me up beside him. He pressed his lips against mine again and kissed me hard. His hard dick thrust between my thighs and mine pressed hard against his taut rippled stomach.

“Pull your pants up and go get your wife,” he said loudly, “and meet me at the front door.” He pushed me away and stuffed his stiff prick into his pants as he unlocked the door. He smiled brightly. He was enjoying the control he had over me and I was enjoying it too. I had always had a submissive side and he had picked up on my desire to be pushed, controlled and even humiliated.

“Yes,” I hissed loudly. I scrambled to pull my pants up as he walked from the room in ab obvious hurry.

I walked back to the bar in a daze. My head was spinning and I was focused on one thing, his big delicious cock.

“What took you so long?” Carole asked.

I stammered that I ran into an old friend from college and quickly suggested we go because he was waiting at the door. Carole was confused but she followed me to the door of the bar.

“I’m Kevin,” he said to my wife. “Your husband wants to show you something. We’ll take my car.”

We followed him to his car, a late model E Class Mercedes, and Carole asked, “what’s this about?” I didn’t know how to respond so I just shrugged and got into the passenger seat as she climbed in back. Ten minutes later we pulled in front of a large brownstone in a wealthy part of the city.

Kevin led us inside and Carole grabbed my hand. She held it tightly and I knew she was scared. I squeezed her hand to try and quell her fears but I was honestly as frightened as she. I couldn’t explain the power he, a total stranger, had over me but he clearly touched on a primal desire and I was willing to risk everything to do what he wanted.

Kevin walked up to my wife and whispered in her ear. She nodded slowly and Kevin smiled confidently. Like me, Carole had always been somewhat submissive and Kevin quickly took control. He pulled her away from me and pressed his taut muscular body against her. Their lips met in a soft gentle kiss.

Carole’s eyes closed and she melted against him as he kissed her deeply. Her arms slipped around him and she held him tight, her eyes closed and her breathing ragged.

I felt a pang of jealousy as they kissed. I had never discussed swinging with my wife but it had long been a fantasy of mine. Despite that I was not especially comfortable with her kissing another man even if his cock had been inside my mouth less than an hour earlier.

“You want to watch don’t you Carole?” He said knowingly and my wife nodded slowly. She was still unsure about what was happening but the drinks and her libido were slowly winning the battle with her rational mind.

“Sit in that chair and enjoy,” he told my wife as he turned to me and ordered me to strip my clothes off. His command left no doubt that he was the alpha man and I quickly pulled my shirt off exposing my athletic torso. I dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor and stood naked before him. My hard dick betrayed my excitement and my cheeks flushed with embarrassment and excitement alike as my wife watched me submit to another man.

“Now undress me,” he said firmly. He smiled brightly at the control he brandished as I quickly pulled his clothes off leaving me naked with another nude man in front of my still fully clothed wife.

“Tell your wife what you want,” he said sternly as he gestured toward my pretty wife who sat watching with her mouth agape. Carole had always been a mostly conservative person and I had been frightened about how she would react to seeing me with another man but as I looked at her pretty face I saw excitement and lust mixed with shock that helped ease my concerns.

“Yes sir,” I replied softly before turning to face my sexy wife.

“Baby, I want his cock. I’ve never done anything like this before. I never imagined I would want to but I do. I want him to take me in every way and I want you to watch.” I felt my cheeks flush as the words tumbled out of my mouth. I watched her face for a sign and when she smiled I sighed with relief.

“Now show her what you did in the men’s room,” he said as he pushed me to my knees in front of him.

I reached out and touched his big hard cock as my lips parted. I looked up at him with pleading eyes and he nodded slowly as my mouth approached his throbbing manhood.

His cock felt delicious as it sank deep inside my throat. My hands roamed over his body, caressing his hard chiseled body as my head bobbed on his hard dick.

“Play with my nipples,” he said as he guided my hands up his body to his broad, well defined chest. He moaned softly and I forced his shaft down my throat making his moans louder and more insistent.

Carole watched with wide eyes as I fellated another man. Her hand slipped inside her pants and she idly fingered her wet cunt.

Kevin’s breathing became labored and I sensed he was close to cumming when he grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet forcefully. He pressed his body against mine, his cock sliding between my thighs and rubbing my heavy nut sack as he kissed me deeply. I returned his kiss and moaned into his mouth as his hips thrust against mine in an erotic display of raw animalistic lust.

I ran my hands up Kevin’s back and ground my cock against his taut stomach as we kissed.

Kevin pushed me back and spun me around in one daft motion. He bent me at the waist over the foot of his bed and spat into his hand. I knew what was coming and I wanted it. I needed it and he knew it. He thrust two fingers into my asshole and pumped them hard into me making me moan and groan with pleasure.

“Tell your wife what you need,” Kevin demanded. He liked humiliating me and he knew I loved it too.

I looked at my sexy wife. She sat in the corner of the room with her pants unfastened and her legs spread wide as she furiously fingered her soaking wet cunt. Her pretty face was filled with an expression of lust and her eyes were glued to mine.

“I love you,” I moaned to her as Kevin rubbed his slick wet dick across my gaping asshole.

“Tell her what you want me to do,” he said loudly. His tone was firm and I quickly responded.

“I want him to fuck me,” I said softly as my cheeks flushed red with humiliation.

Kevin pushed the lubricated head of his thick cock against my asshole and it yielded to him as he slowly sank balls deep inside me. I groaned with pleasure and pain as he stretched me wide. The sensation was incredible. He pulled back slowly until the ridge of his bulbous head rested against the inside of my sphincter. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me with long steady strokes as my wife looked on.

Carole came hard as she watched him fuck my ass and the room filled with her excited pants and moans. I could smell the scent of her arousal and took my excitement to another level.

Kevin pulled out of my ass and guided me onto my back on the bed. He climbed between my spread legs and rubbed the head of his dick across my asshole as he looked at my excited wife with a confident smirk.

“Do you want it?” He teased as he rubbed the slick wet head of his cock against my taint making me moan softly with wanton desire

“Yes,” I hissed loudly.

“Beg for it,” he teased. He knew I wanted more.

“Please fuck me,” I groaned softly. He smiled and pushed his granite cock back into my depths as he looked into my eyes. I shuddered and moaned as he started to fuck me anew.

“Stroke your dick,” he commanded. He thrust hard and fast into my ass and the room filled with the sound of slapping flesh. My hand was a blur on my cock and I knew I was close to an epic climax. I grunted hard with each powerful thrust of his big cock as waves of pleasure circled outward from my core.

“I’m gonna cum,” I moaned loudly. He held my legs firmly and pounded his dick into my ass.

“Cum for me,” he panted as sweat ran down his face and strong muscular chest.

“Don’t stop,” I pleaded. I was at the point of no return and I cried out loudly as my dick erupted in a massive orgasm. Copious amounts of hot cum spewed onto my stomach as my body twitched and shook from the ferocity of it.

“Where do you want it?” Kevin asked. He continued to pound my asshole hard and fast. He was close and I wanted his seed. I wanted to taste it.

“In my mouth,” I panted.

He pulled his dripping cock from my ass and slid up my body until it was inches from my face. His fist moved quickly over his shaft bringing him to the brink. He pointed his thick dick at my mouth and groaned as he came hard.

I opened my mouth wide and caught as much of his hot, thick cream in my mouth as I could but several globs painted my face and hair. He groaned like a dying animal as he came hard on my face and mouth.

Kevin squeezed the last few drops from his spent cock into my hungry mouth and then climbed off my chest leaving me alone and covered in cum as he went to the bathroom to clean up. Carole watched as I scooped the cold cum from my face with my fingers and licked them clean.

“That was amazing,” she cooed, ” but next time I want to get fucked too.”

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