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The Jeweled Comb

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As I remember the night that I met her, I still tremble with excitement. She had etched herself into my memory forever.

The night was just cool enough to wear the coat. A nice fur, mink I think, it was soft to the touch. I remember it well. I will never forget. I had been in that restaurant for almost 3 hours and while every one of my clients was enjoying themselves including myself, I had to get some fresh air.

The restaurant was located at the end of the street on the corner of 5th and 27th, in a very nice part of the city. I like to call it up town. I had walked just a bit and was in the alley behind the restaurant.

As I stood there just enjoying the cool of the evening, I noticed the lighting, just bright enough to see silhouettes and soft enough to be a little romantic. This was no ordinary alley I thought, this alley was on the up side of town were the rich and famous spent their time and money. It was made up of an array of beautiful flowers and plants. Just the same, it was an alley of its own purpose, but rich if that makes any sense.

Standing there, I noticed a figure walking toward me. This figure was sleek, slow, and walking in rhythm to nothing at all. She was beautiful, majestic, and flowing with a grace that spoke volumes. She wore a fur coat that tied around her waist; it was beautiful as well. It looked very soft and warm, and she looked good in it. My, don’t you just love the touch of mink? I could see her legs, as the coat came to just above her knees. Not long legs, as she was not tall, but very shapely, muscular. Oh god those shoes, three-inch heels, thinking of what they would look like by my head and resting on my back made me stiffen a bit. She looks so regal, and refined, a woman to be regarded with the highest respect. I suppose she was out for some air too, as I knew that there was a party at that ritzy hotel down the block, and that seemed to be were she came from.

I could not seem to keep my eyes off her. As she came closer, I could see the color of her hair, black and shiny. And coming even closer I could see she had her hair up using what looked like a single jeweled hair comb with bangs that framed her soft but striking features. Oh my, she is beautiful, not a super model in stature, but most beautiful indeed. As I leaned against the building with plants and flowers around me, I closed my eyes, thinking things I should not about her. What would her breasts feel like in my hands and her nipples how they would feel in my mouth? Was her pussy wet as I imagine it to be and how would it feel against my face as I ate and tasted it in my mouth? I can feel myself getting harder with every thought. “Stop it,” I thought, “she’s just a stranger taking a walk and she’ll be gone in a moment, I’ll be ok.” When I opened my eyes, I saw a pair of the loveliest dark brown almost ebony eyes I had ever seen looking into my very existence. Why has she come to stand in front of me?

The party was a little boring to me, well to do high society folks raising money, while for worthy causes I was just bored tonight. Feeling a bit restless, I decided to take a short stroll, and so got my coat from the coat check and made my way to an exit. The coat was a gift from my husband. He had had made for me while on an overseas business trip. Made of Brownish black fur, mink, and its so soft to the touch. Just perfect for this evening as the air still had a winter chill, just a bit. Out the door I went. This part of town is truly beautiful and the streets manicured well. As I walked around a bit, I noticed an alley that to my amazement was wonderful in its own right. This alley seems to be an experience to be had. As I turned the corner to walk down the alley, the breeze hit my face and sent a chill down my body despite my coat, making my already hard nipples harder. It feels nice, sexy, makes one a little adventurous.

As I strolled, I noticed standing near some beautiful looking plants, wondering to myself why an alley is arrayed so well, a man. I could not make out his face just yet, but the light just shown his chiseled features. And as I came closer, I noticed he was nice looking and watching me. I did not look away as I walked even closer to him, an adventure I think is in order. After all, I am a little bored. Thinking of what I might do I could feel excitement run thought me, making me feel very sexy indeed. I love to feel this way, what woman in her right mind wouldn’t for goodness sakes? What would he do if I stopped there in front of him, would he let me touch him, would he let me kiss him, mm I love to kiss. Then thinking better of it, as I am a married woman after all, I look down, breaking the eye lock I have on him. “You’re just going to walk right by him,” I think to myself. However, the next thing I notice is that I am standing in front of this stranger.

As I stood there in my mind I ask him, “can I be here with you?” “I’m here for you, can you feel that I desire to please you, tease you, make love to you?” I can tell that this stranger knows what I am thinking. He must see it in my eyes.

Her eyes, oh my god, have you ever seen such deep dark eyes? Bedroom eyes I like to call them. So pretty, so gorgeous. She wants me; she has to, why else would she be standing in front of me? My mind is reeling, her closeness, her scent; she is affecting all of my senses. I cannot think of anything but her nearness and how I want her even nearer still. She puts her hands on my arms; they are as soft as rose petals on my skin. Then she pulls me to her, and we open her coat together. She caresses my arms, her hands in my hands. What she wore under the coat was a beautiful red dress, fitting her womanly curves very nicely. Low cut just showing the round swells of her breast. Coming closer, she rubs my neck then my back, then down and now on my ass. Oh what a wonderful stranger.

She began to kiss my lips gently, then my cheeks, my neck, her tongue wet and hot on my skin. She smells so good; her hair smells good, everything about her was good. I felt the jewels of the hair comb that was in her hair with my fingers and damn do I want to take her hair down, but do I dare, I might wake up from this wonderful dream. She began kissing my mouth, our tongues hot for each other now, full of desire and passion. What was this woman about, does she know me, had we met before, been lovers in another life. She loves me like she has known me for years. I was so excited by her that my cock ached. I needed relief and it was glorious.

I can smell him, all of him, that man sent, that makes a woman crazy. I kiss his neck, his cheeks, and his mouth. Oh, he is letting me please him. I know his mind is reeling with want and lust. Sex. “Me too,” I think to myself. I feel his ass in my one hand, take his hand in my other, and put it on me, touching my breasts, caressing and pinching my hard nipples sending me soaring. I could feel heat surging through my body, to my thighs and aching pussy. I am wet and I can smell my own musky sent and I know he can too. He leans against me, his body is hard, it tells me not to stop, and I will not. I push my coat off now and let it fall to the street below us. He moans as his mind, body and senses are in ecstasy. Beginning at his chest, I work my way down kissing as I unbutton his shirt. I see his eyes roll back as he falls back into a place of pleasure that he wills to go. A place were only a stranger would know your needs.

She is kissing my chest and I cannot stop my cock from responding to her, she is so wonderful. I gently move her so that she is up against the wall and I push myself into her, kissing her lovely red wet mouth. She lifts her leg slightly so that I can touch her hip, her thigh. Slipping my hand up her thigh, I feel that she wearing no panties not even a thong, nothing. She is leaning against me so that I can work my way to her pussy; she wants me to touch it. As I reach it, she shivers with the anticipation of my touch. And there I am, at her lush soft pussy and it is wet, very wet. I can feel her juices on her trimmed outer lips.

She moves her hips as I playfully stroke them, my middle finger just at the top of her cunt waiting for entry. I am getting harder with the thought of fingering her. Pushing in slowly, I hear her moan for the first time, I hear her voice as I slid my middle finger into her tight hot pussy, moving it around for her to enjoy. Then another goes in as she nestles her face in my neck and sings for me a song of want with her moaning. This is thrilling. She is getting wetter and wetter, and I want a taste of that juice, I am thirsty for it. As if knowing my thoughts she brings my hand up and together we partake of that wonderful nectar, licking it up as our tongues meet. She reaches down with her hand and brings me more as if it were honey from the hive. It is so good I have to have it from the comb. I want to make this a feast that neither one of us is going to forget.

As his fingers work their magic in me, he kisses me and moves down my neck, I move my dress to expose my very hard nipples and he finds them. As his mouth and tongue are sucking and licking me, it brings me higher with every stroke. He moves down to lift my dress high to show my belly and kisses me there. As he now moves to the top of my pussy, his tongue pushing between my lips as he fingers me, the feeling in my body is absolute ecstasy. Licking my clit just barely, teasing me, it feels good; it is all swollen and hard. He licks deeper and I reach down to pull my lips apart so he can have more, take it all. Stroking with his tongue, long and deep, oh it feels so good. While his fingers are fucking me, his tongue is licking me soft and slow, like a little boy eating an ice cream cone, but this is no boy.

This is a man, my pussy-licking stranger. With one leg on his shoulder, I push my cunt into his face harder, fucking it back and forth, back and forth, up and down. He licks every part of me and then takes his fingers out and rams his tongue in, faster and faster, harder and harder, tongue fucking me. Now making his way back to my hot clit, I am ready to explode. I grind my pussy harder against him as he continues to lick me to orgasm. My juices flowing all over him, as I fuck him as he fucks me. My hips move as if they have a mind of their own, making me come for him. Mm what magic, it is so good. I begin to touch myself anywhere, my breast, now exposed to the night air, my tummy, running my fingers down to meet his mouth as I come for him. I am coming, coming. OH, god this is good. As I relax a bit, I think to myself, ” now my friend it’s your turn.”

After licking up all her juices, she lifts me up but I stop and linger at her beautiful breasts. With both hands on her breasts, I squeeze a bit and kiss her hard nipples, circling my tongue around them and licking them like crazy. I am crazy, crazy for her. She pulls at me to come to her and licks off her own pussy juice left on my face, kissing me with frenzy like I’ve never known, the thrill of the alley. Making me crazy with desire, I can feel the passion of our tongues and lips, hands touching. She kisses a hot trail to my belly button and lingers there as she unbuckles and unzipped my pants. As they fall to the street, she begins to kiss my cock and play with my balls, licking me and teasing me with her tongue. Then he began to suck me hard and steady. I feel like I am going to burst at any moment, my hands on her head pulling her to me, almost up to the hilt and back. Feeling that hair comb again and no longer afraid that this is a dream, I pull it and her hair falls to her shoulder.

To my amazement, it makes me even harder, so hard it hurts, and I love it. Her mouth feels so good on my cock. I can feel her teeth and her tongue as they play tortures games with it. Beginning to bite my dick, then she licks it, licking, and then she sucks it, making me more lustful. She stops her torture games to look at me with those beautiful brown eyes as if she is talking to me. Then she put her mouth back on me and began ringing the head my cock with her tongue causing me to push deeper into her mouth and I can feel her licking the pre-cum. The sensations in my loins were sending me out of my mind and I wanted to come then. Nevertheless, I hold back as I think of coming on her breasts. I would love to fuck her tits. I cannot stop thinking of it and the thoughts made me start to get dizzy with desire.

I can see him as he lets his head fall back in sheer pleasure. As I nuzzle my face into his hair holding his cock in my hands squeezing it. At its base I begin to lick up to it’s head and let my saliva fall all around it. Circling it with my tongue, I slowly slide his cock into my mouth and suck it, letting it slide down my throat. As I suck him I feel his hard cock get harder and harder, sucking, sucking, and pulling him to come. I let him face fuck me; he is in sex heaven. With his hands on my head he pulls me into him, harder and harder, he is getting bigger in my mouth and I begin to squeeze his balls with my left hand as my right helps me fuck his cock.

Man I bet this feels so good to him. Moving his hips back and forth in a wonderful fucking rhythm, he is fucking my face. “I want this to be the best head you have ever had!” Knowing he is ready to come I look up at him and ask him with my eyes how he wants it, and with out words I know what he wants. I suck him steady and hard and can feel him as he is ready to come, and then I put his cock between my breasts and I can see that he wants to come all over me. I can see the pulse in his cock as he starts to come in waves of lust, pushing up as I push my breast together making them wrap around him. He is coming so hard his semen hits my face as I looked down to watch. It looks so good, coming harder and harder. Damn it looks so good.

As I still feel the sex of coming on her, she looks up at me as I am ready to collapse and she licks cum that has hit her face. She is so damn beautiful and she makes that cum look good too. She knows how to make a man weak in the knees. Can she see in my face that she is a very satisfying woman? What man in his right mind would let her out of his sight? I know I would not if she were mine to take care of and to make love to. She began to arrange me back into my clothes with such care and then came up to face me as she fastened and zipped my pants for me. I pulled her to me kissing her and saying thank you in it.

he knows that I am thankful to her, very thankful. She snuggles close to me, hiding her face in my neck again, her head on my shoulder. Holding her tight in my arms, she is holding me, strangers in an alley. We kiss again, and I sense there is a passion yet unreleased in her. I continue to rub her body as if she were mine, kissing her face and letting her know that I understand her now. She takes my mouth to hers and kisses me again, long and hard, tongues needing and with a desire and passion that I have never known, but want to.

She pulls away and bends to retrieve her coat, the mink. Soft to her knees as she made love to me, soft to my knees, as I had made love to her. Placing it over her arm and with a tear that I barely noticed in her eye, she kissed me one more time, turned, and walked away. I watched her go, but knew my heart was hers. “Stranger don’t go, come back,” I wanted to scream. She looks back and before I could get a word out of my mouth, she was gone.

It was almost 2:oo a m when I got home and all the lights in the house were out except the one in the entrance hall, my husband always leaves it on for me when he gets home first. Therefore, he must be home, probably in bed, as I know he had some hell of a day and evening as well as I. I took off my shoes as not to wake him and tip toed to the bedroom door to listen and see if he was asleep and he was. I made my way to the bath down the hall to take a shower so I would not disturb him. The warm water felt good to my skin.

The night air chilled me a little. Goose bumps rose all over me as I stood there letting the water wash over me, cleansing me. My hands running down my belly and meeting my pussy and I can’t help myself, I slid my middle finger into my pussy lips and began to massage my clit. Mm it felt good, I feel my wetness. Rubbing a little harder now, I am swollen and feel myself ready to come again, sliding my fingers in and out and circling my clit; around and around I begin to come. The spasms of pleasure in my loins feel so good. “I must really like sex.” I thought to myself.

As I got out, toweled off, and padded my way back to the bedroom, I wondered if anyone had seen me in that alley. Well if they did then they either watched or went there own way because my stranger and I were not disturbed that is for sure. Slipping into bed behind my husband and I snuggled close to his back, my breasts and nipples hard against him, he can feel them, he loves my breasts. Then with a strong arm he reaches around, gives me a loving squeeze, and rolls over to face me. He begins to kiss me, his mouth hot with passion, (and I thought he was asleep, silly me.) Then he began to massage my breasts, rolling my nipples between his fingers. Kissing my neck, down to take my nipple into his mouth, his right hand exploring my body, now to my pussy. He feels my wetness, rubs my clit with it, and sees that I am already very swollen.

With ease, he positions himself on me and slides his cock into me slowly and with mastery, causing in me an irruption of fluid almost immediately. Longer and deeper now are his thrusts in me, harder and harder, his hands lifting me up to meet him as he searches deeper and deeper inside me. Pushing harder and harder until with a couple of thrusts that are more rhythmic we both come in what seems to be a title wave. We lie in each other’s arms and kiss one another until sleep is inevitable.

The next morning I woke and noticed he had let me sleep in. What a sweetheart he is. I got up to get ready for my day and began to straighten up. As I hung up my fur, you know the one my husband had made for me; I noticed that his jacket had fallen on the closet floor. When I picked it up, I noticed that something had fallen out of the pocket. Reaching down to pick it up, “Ah, there you are.” He must have put my jeweled hair comb in his pocket last night.

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