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Seduced at Hotel Bar

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This is the true story of my first time with another man. I was 31 at the time. Since this time, I’ve had many hot stories I’m hoping to share, but there is always something special about the first time, right?

I was in downtown Dallas to for my work, meeting with some clients there. I was in a nice hotel (Hyatt I believe) and after a long day of meetings, I headed downstairs to grab something to eat at the bar.

It was Monday night, so I was happy to see a spot at the bar in front of the TV showing Monday Night Football.

While downing a few beers and grabbing some bar food, a guy in his 30’s sat down a chair away from me and we started bullshitting about the game, weather, Dallas and so forth. He was also there on business, for some convention nearby. We both had long days, so we were unwinding and the beers seemed to be going down quickly. We each bought a round and by halftime, I had 3 or 4 beers in me and he seemed to as well. I remember even saying that I was feeling pretty buzzed. He then said, “Only thing better would be to get high, but I didn’t bring any weed with me.” I told him I had some in my room, so we closed out our bill and headed up, with the idea we’d smoke and head back for 2nd half. Little did I know what he had in mind.

I’m not sure if I noticed or not, but he touched my lower back when I was entering the elevator, as a gentlemen would for a lady. I chalked it off as we’re both buzzed. We got to my room and I turned on the TV so we would know when the 2nd half was starting, then found my pipe and pot I had stashed in my suitcase. I loaded up a bowl and we passed it back and forth a couple of times, sitting on the edge of the bed. And now, we were both really buzzed and glassy eyed. At this point, it was the first time that I even noticed that he was a really good-looking guy, so I joked that I wish I could have him as a wing-man, as he’s probably a chick magnet. He responded with, “Yeah, I always did well,” which seemed odd putting it in the past tense. Again, it was in one ear and out the other.

So I could tell the 2nd half was about to start so I stood up, turned off the TV and said, “Let’s head down and get more beer, I have cotton mouth.” I was just opening the door when I felt him reach around and give me a hug from behind, even letting his hand lower down to my crotch area, which was starting to grow, despite me not ever thinking about another guy. Using another sports metaphor, it’s like a batter at the plate, he has a split second to decide whether he is swinging or not, and I felt the same way. Do I act disgusted and ask him to leave, or…

Well, I chose the or. I just kind of melted into his arms, even leaning my head back into him so he could kiss my neck. I felt like my cock was as hard as a rock so I let the door close and turned to him. He was about 2 inches taller than me, so 6′ 2″ and probably 185 lbs. In other words, a stud. He could sense I was pretty nervous, which I was, so he offered to give me a massage. He tossed a towel to me and told me to strip down and lay face down on the bed, while he was getting ready in the bathroom. I felt as if the room was spinning, am I really going to do this?

I pulled down the sheets and as I was starting to lay down, I couldn’t believe how hard my cock was. I laid down with my head towards the end of the bed and closed my eyes. It felt like an hour but I heard the bathroom door open, the lights went dim in the room, and then I felt his presence close to me. He was rubbing his hands together, telling me he was trying to get them and the lotion warmed up. He started on my back and shoulders and it felt amazing to have strong hands massaging my naked body. He then moved to my legs, working up from the calfs to my thighs, and as he got closer and closer to my butt, I naturally spread my legs a little. And then on one of his slides up my thighs, he brushed across my balls and it was so erotic, I felt I could shoot a huge load right then. He sensed it as well and started to focus more on my butt, moving his hands in slow circles, which spread my ass apart and guessing he had a nice view of my virgin ass. He finally started rubbing right down my ass check, touching my balls and ass in a slow, fluid and erotic motion. It was too much so I finally raised my head and flipped over to see that he was naked too. And wow, he was more of a stud than I could ever imagine. He was completely shaved and his cock, even soft, was bigger than mine. And without even asking, I just put my mouth on it and started sucking it like I had down it a million times before. Using my hands on his balls, it started to grow and was as thick as a coke can, barely fitting into my mouth.

I must have been doing something right because he was moaning deeply. I looked up in his eyes and told him I wanted to taste his cum. It wasn’t long after that that he obliged by giving me a huge load. I tried to swallow some but it was a lot, like it would fill a water bottle. But did it ever taste good, salty but a little sweet, and thick. At that moment, I was officially addicted to cock and cum, but our night was just beginning. I was now on my back with my head leaning slightly off the bed, so he leaned over and started sucking my cock. This of course gave me the opportunity to lick his cock clean, which I gladly did. I don’t think I lasted 20 seconds before I shot what was probably the biggest load I ever shot. Even he said, wow, that felt like a fire hose in my mouth!

Now was a slightly awkward part. Once guys cum, they tend to want to either go to bed or get dressed and on to something else. Was I nervous or embarrassed? Again, he seemed to sense what I was going through, so he told me to just lay there and let him finish the massage. He started to caress my chest softly and it really calmed me down, I again felt like I just melted into his strong hands. And it wasn’t long before he was massaging around my inner thighs and my cock started to get hard again. He was magical. I felt a sudden urge to make out with him and asked him if he ever did. He didn’t reply, he just laid down next to me and we started to make out. It was so erotic, and I felt his cock growing as it grinding against mine.

And then he asked if I ever wanted to be fucked. Whoa! I laughed and said I had never even thought about sucking a cock, so what the fuck. We didn’t have lube so I sucked his cock and got it as wet as I could, then he rubbed more lotion on my ass, pulled me by my legs to the end of the bed, where my calves were on top of his shoulder. He slowly pressed his mammoth cock against my virgin boi pussy, slightly pushing in and out. Amazingly, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would to be fully inside. He was such a hot guy and also gentle, moving with long, deep and slow thrusts. I felt like I could have an orgasm just with him inside me. I started to act a little slutty as well, telling him “I wanted his cum inside me, fuck me deep!” I reached around and massaged his balls, which sent him over the edge. I saw his head tilt back and he held his breath, then a final deep thrust into my ass made him cum hard again. I could feel it inside me, which was a super hot turn on. He left his cock inside my ass for another minute as he collapsed on top of me, and we made out.

We both had early meetings the next day and both agreed that we would meet again. He cleaned up, gave me a deep kiss, then left. I must have been so spent and exhausted, I didn’t even ask him what his name was or any contact info. We never saw each other again, which sucks, but the memory of that first time being seduced will always be in my head, and every time I think (or write) about it, I get hard as a rock. So I’ll have to excuse myself now to go take care of my raging hard on!

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Bob wrote

Get first time memory of losing your cherry and him cumming in both ends YUM. We alway’s remember or first cock suck and being fucked write more.

Bill wrote

Great story