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Emailing With Amy

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Chatting with you yesterday got my mind racing. The images were sooooo hot, it made me think about what might happen if I had been there with you.

I meet you at your house, so we can go to this party together. I am wearing a short white sundress, with only the tiniest thong underneath.

When you open the door, I step through it, then slip my arms around your neck and kiss you. You are wearing a knee-length velvet dress, but it is slit all the way up one side to your hip.

I press my body into yours, loving how your hands feel as they cup my ass and pull my hips tight to yours. Our mouths are pressed together, tongues dancing wildly. My hand moves to your breast and I can feel your nipple through your dress, already erect for me. I take it between my thumb and forefinger and roll it, twisting and pinching it. You moan into my mouth as our bodies move together.

I open my legs then step forward so I am straddling your bare thigh, as you are mine. I know that you must be able to feel how wet I already am for you. Your hands move under my dress to cup my ass, and I feel your finger slip inside my thong. I moan as your fingertip dips into my wetness, and arch my hips forward, then back against your hand. Your finger moves up to tease my clit, and I moan louder as we kiss hungrily.

You break the kiss and step back. I look at you, wondering why. You smile and say, “Just be patient, baby, we have plenty of time…”

I smile back, and say, “I have a surprise for you, Amy…”

You look at me. “Do tell…”

I reach into my pocket and pull out a thin white collar, and a matching leash. I put the collar around my neck, and hand you the leash. “This is for tonight, I want everyone to know I am yours and yours alone…”

You have called a cab, so neither of us needs to be concerned about driving. It arrives, and we climb in back. I put my legs across yours, and we begin to kiss again. The cab driver is a woman, but I can see she is watching us in the mirror, with a big smile on her face.

When we arrive at the party, the cabbie jumps out and opens the door for us. “You ladies enjoy the party, and thank you for riding in my cab. That was the nicest thing I have seen back there for a long, long time!” she says with a smile.

You take the leash and click it in place. We walk to the entrance, with you leading. We move to the locker room, and you remove my sundress. I am wearing just the tiniest of thongs, a little square of white lace with thin strings across my hips and down the crack of my ass. My nipples are very hard, sticking out proudly.

When we enter the main room, I can hear people talking and pointing at us. I don’t care, I am proud and aroused to be next to you. You find a seat and I kneel between your legs. I rest my head on your bare thigh and you stroke my hair. Several women come up and talk to you, and compliment you on your “sub.” You just smile and say over and over how lucky you feel to have found me.

But I can tell you are enjoying the attention. Your legs are slowly opening, and I can see a wet spot on your thong. I can also smell your arousal, and the aroma is driving me crazy with desire.

I begin to kiss your thighs, and you moan softly. Your hands are still playing with my hair, and as I kiss and lick my way up your thighs, you are guiding my face upward to where we both need it. Soon I am licking your thong, running my tongue along your slit through the fabric, teasing the sensitive areas underneath.

You moan audibly and spread your legs wide for me. I take your thong in my teeth and slowly pull it down your legs until it is on the floor. Then I lick my way back up your legs. Your arousal is very obvious, your pussy is red and swollen and I can see your juices beginning to leak out.

When my tongue flicks out and over your clit, you gasp. Your hips slide down in your chair, pressing your mound forward into my face. I dart my tongue out, slipping it inside you then out and over your clit. Your taste is intoxicating, and I stretch my tongue as deep inside you as I can, reaching with it, curling it, loving how you taste.

Your hands are still in my hair, but now they are clutching it tightly, pulling my face in to meet your hips as they arch upwards. I lick you with long, slow strokes, starting deep inside you, then out and up, pressing my tongue against your clit and humming.

I reach my hand upward, and run a fingertip along your slit. You are so hot, so wet, that my finger slides deep inside you easily. You moan, “Yesssss…” and I add a second finger. You put one leg over my shoulder, opening yourself even further for me. My fingers are sliding in and out, and I am sucking your clit and fluttering my tongue across it.

I curl my fingers together, then twist them inside you. I am sliding them in and out, twisting them, rubbing that special spot deep inside you. I take your clit between my teeth and gently bite it, and flick my tongue across it, barely touching it with light fast strokes.

You are panting and moaning loudly now, every woman in the room can hear you and is jealous. Your hands are clutching my hair, pulling my face tight against you. When I reach up and take your nipple between my fingers, your body tenses. As I pinch your nipple hard, I can feel you getting ready to explode. Your hips are bucking up against me, and you are moaning with each thrust.

“Ohhhh… Ohhhh… Ohhhh… Ohhhh… Oh, God, Jessi, yessssss…”

Your body stiffens, and you scream, “YESSSSSS!!!!” I can feel your pussy throbbing around my fingers. I pull your nipple out away from your chest and suck your clit hard now, and jam my fingers hard and fast, wanting to extend your orgasm as long as pssible. Your moans continue, and with every pulse I can feel your juices running out onto my tongue. I keep licking and sucking, trying to get every single drop of your sweet nectar.

Finally your body relaxes and you whisper, “No more, baby, stop…”

I look up at you and smile. You look down at me and in my eyes, you see only the love that I have for you. You gently pull my head upward so we can kiss. I know you can taste yourself on my tongue, and I share it with you willingly. Your hands are roaming my body, cupping my ass, teasing my breast, you are pressing your calf into my mound. I grind myself into your lower leg, and you can feel that I am soaking wet, incredibly excited by having given you so much pleasure where everyone else can see.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, darling, it’s your turn. Tell me what happens next… And I should be home from a little after 5:00 until about 6:30 (Pacific) on Thursday. I will check to see if you are online then, I hope you know how much I REALLY need one of our special chats!

Love ya,


x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o My precious Jess,

Let me continue the fantasy for you…..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After your mouth meets mine, I can sense your need for attention. Eagerly, I begin to trace your body with my nails. But, alas, as my touches are tender, your needs are obviously more passioned. You begin to grind your body into my thigh, moaning. A crowd begins to draw around us.

You are so very wet. I can smell your sweetness, and the thought of tasting it drives me insane. With a gentle tug on the leash, I raise you off the floor. Guiding you gently to the table at which we are sitting. Slowly and erotically you sit atop the table, tugging at your thong with a finger, tracing your slit. All the while, looking seductively in my eyes, licking your lips. You bring your finger to your mouth and lick it. Then, just as quickly, you return your hand to your sensuous slickness and rub frantically…. Just then, you take your hand away from your body and bring it to my face, where I begin to immediately suck, lap and lick every drop of your juice from it.

At that moment in time, all I can see is you, your beauty, your sensuality and your temptress body. I want it so badly…. to take you to the highest levels of esctacy.

You remove your hand from my mouth. I look at you confused. You motion to me with your head to look around us. Peering away from you, I see our table surrounded by women, each of them touching themselves in some fashion or form. We begin to watch together. The scene unfolding making us even hotter.

As you watch the crowd, I notice your eyes. Seeing if there is any one woman who intrigues you more than another. Your eyes keep coming back to this beautiful red head. You watch her as she has one hand on her big nipple, tugging, and the other hand hidden under her red satin thong.

Leaning over to you I whisper “Do exactly what she is doing and lock eyes with her”. You lock eyes with the redhead. It is like she is doubly pleased that you have chosen her to “play”. She begins to tug on her breasts even harder. You then take your own breast into your hands and tug. She begins to moan with pleasure, as then do you. Then she begins to strip out of her thong so you can see her neatly trimmed bush, equally firey red. You look at me questioning, and I give you the sign that all is fine. You remove your thong, and at that moment your scent lingers in the air so intensely that I have to fight for composure. Wanting to taste you, feel you, love you, is the only thought running through my mind.

The red head begins to separate her lips, and you do the same. I move up behind you so I can see both of you and your actions. My hand begins to cup your ass. You move into my hands, hoping for more. The red head starts to slip her fingers into her pussy and you follow suit.

Your wetness is everywhere and I take advantage of the slickness. As you are moving in and out in copy cat action to the red head, I slip my fingers into your nectar and guide it back to your ass. I slip one finger very tenderly into position. You are moving in time with the red head, moaning, the heat building…. almost unaware of my intentions. Then, I plunge into you. You are surprised yet the feel of my fingers moving with you drives you wild. This wonderful, sexy body of yours grinds into my hand, pushing deeper and harder. Your hands working on your pussy, while my finger is deep into your ass.

I take my other hand and take your breast, tugging, pulling. I kiss your neck, your ears, your shoulders. You are intently watching the red head as she comes closer and closer to her climax. She moves forward. You are too close to ecstacy to budge. She continues to walk towards you. Then just as quickly, she bends down and begins to lick your pussy. I am kissing you, ass fucking you, and she is licking the juices I so truly love. You begin to buck with the excitement building. You are so close that your rectum is tightening.

I remove my finger, gently push the red head out of the way, and move around to your front. I hold you tightly. I place my other hand on your precious mound, and begin to push my fingers into that wanting place of yours. You are soaking wet. You want to cum so badly…. I then move down, kissing your stomach, your labia and finally, I begin to lick your juices up. I insert a second finger. Separating my fingers so I can insert my tongue… adding pressure to your clit, licking deep within you. You are trembling. The red head begins to suck your nipples and your trembles are deeper. I insert a third finger and tug at your clit with my teeth. You are so close. So very close. Then I reach around your ass and reinsert my finger. You are now full in front and back with my hands. You bear down on my face, wanting me to take it all in.

Then all of a sudden you begin to scream in orgasm. “Amy, please, fuck me”. The redhead begins to kiss you, to muffle the screams. You are intense…. “fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”. I push harder with my fingers, tongue going in deeper and deeper. You fuck my face and tell me you want it more. I continue to give it to you, the way you love it so. Trembling walls of your vagina surround my fingers. Your ass is so tight with your climax that it is almost painful. My tongue is deep in you, licking, sucking, loving you. Your moans are making me feel so wonderful. Knowing that you are reaching your peak of excitement. Your bucking begins to subside…. the panting easing.

“OOOOOOhhhhhh” comes from under the red head’s kiss. It is then that I see you are fingering her and she is climaxing with you. You have brought joy to two red heads tonight.

I remove my fingers from your spent pussy, and begin to trace your body with your juices. Following up with long, sensuous kisses. I finally reach your face and join the red head in kissing you. You move away from her face and hungrily go for my mouth. Our lips interlock, our tongues begin to dance and you take away from the kiss your sweet nectar. I hold you sweetly.

The red head comes up to you and whispers in your ear “You are so hot together. What wonderful lovers you are.” I hear her words and tell her “Baby, it is is pure passion and Jessi brings it out in me. She makes me want to love her”. At that, you put your arms around my neck and give me the sweetest, most gentle kiss I have ever received.

With a tender tear in my eye I say to you, “Sweetheart, let’s go home, I want to make tender love with you tonight, to let you know how very special you really are to me”. You look at me with that “Jessi smile” and my heart just sinks.

We return to the dressing room, gather our wares and go outside to hail a cab. Amazingly, the cab we acquired is driven by the same woman we had earlier. You decide to reveal more than a kiss to her this go round. As you place your leg over mine, you slip your finger into your thong, and begin to slide it to one side. You grab my hand and guide it that magical place. Never one to miss the opportunity of fingering you, I gently push my thumb into your still wet pussy. I take it out and begin to lick at it. Then, I insert it again… take it out, and offer it to you. We play this way in the cab all the way home.

Arriving at my house, the cab driver gets out of the car, opens up our door and this time says “You make me so hot watching you two. I could only think of you two all night long, so I kept waiting around the club in hopes you would find me again.” We winked at each other, and I squeezed your body tight to mine.


My precious Jess, the rest is for you to finish. I miss you terribly and want so much to ravish your body soon.

Always, Amy

x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o One comment I would make (after “WOW!!! That was SOOOOO hot!”) is that when you asked me to “…do exactly what she is doing and lock eyes with her”, I would have done it in an instant, to please you. I have been having submissive feelings for some time now, hence the general theme of the story. But the idea of you taking me home and ravishing me all night and all day is incredibly exciting, too!

And so, back to the fantasy…

**************************** Before we exit the cab, I remove my thong. It is so wet it is nearly dripping. My mound is glistening with my juices as I revel in your touch.

We step out and stand next to the cab. At the cabbie’s words, I take her hand and press it between my legs. She slides her finger tenderly inside me, then withdraws it and raises it to her lips.

“Mmmmmmm, most delicious… You are a lucky woman!” she says, the last remark aimed at you.

“We are both lucky women!” I chime in. “Amy is the most amazing lover I have ever had…” I hand the driver my panties, and she brings them to her nose and inhales deeply.

The cabbie smiles and hands you her card. “If you ever need a cab again, please call me. Day or night, my home number is on the back!”

“We will, I can assure you!” you say, as we turn and head into the house. I slip my arm around your waist and put my head on your shoulder. Your hand drapes across my shoulder, and down onto the front of my dress, absently pinching my erect nipple.

We enter the house, laughing. “Amy, I think that cabbie was interested in you riding more than her taxi!”

You laugh and say, “Well, yes, Jessi, but she wanted you. That much was obvious… And to me, it looked like you wouldn’t say ‘no’ if she came on to you!”

“Then why did she give YOU her number?” I shoot back.

“Because YOU were wearing the leash, darling…”

“Ohhhhh… Okay! But you have to admit, she WAS cute!”

“Yes, Jessi, she was cute. But I haven’t waited this long just to share you with anyone, now that I finally have you here and all to myself!”

When we enter the kitchen, there is a note from your daughter that she is spending the night at a friend’s. You hadn’t explicitly told her why you wanted her out of the house tonight, but she is smart enough to figure it out for herself. You and she have talked enough about how much each of you is interested in making love with another woman. She has left the note, telling you where she is, and wishing you “Good luck, Mom!”

We laugh as we read that part, because we both know that “luck” has nothing to do with what has happened, and is yet to happen, tonight. You left a bottle of champagne to chill in an ice bucket while we were gone, and you take it and grab two flutes and then take the leash in your free hand.

“Come with me, Jessi…” You say as you step out of the kitchen, tugging gently on the leash. I follow behind as you make your way to the master suite. You sit on the counter and pull your dress over your head. I kneel at your feet and look up at you. Your nipples are still puffy and red, and I can smell your arousal clearly. There is a big wet spot on your thong, and I raise my head to lick at that spot, teasing you through the red silk. You open your legs wider, moaning softly, then point at the large tub.

“Jessi, please draw my bath… I want to be clean for you.”

Still on my knees, I turn on the water, making sure it is warm enough without being so hot you get burned. When the water is flowing, I turn back toward you. My hands reach for your thong, and I look at you questioningly. You nod, and I hook my finger in the strap then slide it down your thighs until it lies puddled at your feet. I take it in one hand and lift your feet with the other, one at a time, until your thong is in my hand. I raise it to my nose and inhale deeply, sighing as I do so, then begin to dart my tongue out and across the wet spot.

I toss your thong aside and place my arms on your thighs. My hands stretch up, and I use my fingertips to gently spread you open. I can feel how wet you are, and your scent fills my nostrils, making my head spin. As I spread you open, I can see your clit is erect, standing up and begging for attention. I cannot resist, I lean my head forward and flick the tip of my tongue across it. You gasp, and your hips arch up, almost on their own. You are thrusting your hips up, gently moving in the rhythm of love. My tongue dances all around your most private places. I am in heaven, giving pleasure to my darling Amy…

You are moaning, but you tug on the leash and gently move my head away. You point at the tub, it is nearly full. If I had kept going as long as I wanted, there would have been a flood!

I turn the water off, and say, “I’m sorry, Mistress.”

You smile at me and say, “It’s okay, Jessi, I wouldn’t have let it overflow.”

“I guess that I didn’t have you distracted enough, then!” I say with a wink.

I stand and take your hand, then turn to help you into the tub. You step into the water, then turn back to me. “Please remove your clothes and join me, darling Jessi…”

I am nude in an instant, slipping my dress over my head. I point at the champagne sitting unopened on the counter. “Shall I, darling?”

You smile and nod. I open the bottle and pour us each a glass, then step into the tub. I sit next to you and lay my head on your shoulder. You put your arm around my shoulders, and I slip my arm around your waist.

We sip the champagne, then set our glasses on the edge of the tub. I turn your face to mine and we kiss. So tenderly at first. Absolutely no rush, none of the urgency of earlier, these are long, slow passionate kisses. Deep kisses shared by two women totally into loving each other.

My hands slowly begin to explore your body. Cupping your breast, running my finger around the base of your nipple. It is already fully erect, red and puffy, telling me without words how aroused you are. Your hands are stroking my back, then they slide down to cup my ass. I moan softly and roll my hips so I am straddling your thigh. My legs open and you can feel my mound as it rubs against you.

Your hand glides down my ass, and you run a finger between my cheeks. It slides across my brown pucker, and I gasp. It is still a little tender from your earlier penetration, but I know I want more in there. I know I want you to fuck my ass again, harder and deeper than before. That is one more “first” you have given me, darling! Before tonight, I have never had anything but my own fingertip back there. My feelings at the party were almost indescribable, you fucking my pussy and ass, your tongue dancing all over me, and kissing the redhead at the same time… That was without a doubt the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life!

You break the kiss, reach for a washcloth and hand it to me. “Okay, Jessi, you may wash me now.”

I take the soap and cloth and lather it up, then begin to soap your entire body. My hands are gliding across your slippery body, and I pay special attention to your hard nipples. The scratchy cloth teases them more, and when you give a soft moan I spend an extra few minutes washing them. I rinse the soap off your upper body, then take your elbow, urging you to stand.

“Okay, Mistress Amy, it’s time for me to wash the other parts.”

Your legs are a little wobbly, so I have you sit on the edge of the tub. I sit next to you, then have you spread your legs wide. I drape one of your thighs over mine. I lean my head over and begin to whisper sexy things into your ear, and lick and suck your ear lobe. “Isn’t this nice, darling? Feels so nice, touching you like this, finally feeling your soft body next to mine, at last holding your beautiful breasts in my hands, teasing you, feeling you getting wet for me…”

I lather your leg, starting with the foot and working my way up. When my hand reaches the juncture of your thighs, I reach down and splash water to rinse the soap off. I slide your leg off mine then walk around to the other side. I sit down and lay your other leg across mine. You slide your hips forward so that your mound is hanging off the edge of the tub.

Again I lean in and tease your ear, licking it, breathing hot into it, whispering to you. My hands slowly work their way up the length of your legs, until they are on your inner thighs. You turn to face me and take my face in your hands. You bring my lips to yours, and we kiss again. You are kissing me more aggressively now, showing me how badly you have needed me. My hand cups your mound, and I can feel the heat from inside you. When I run my finger along your slit, you moan and lay back, opening yourself completely to me.

I break the kiss and lean forward, so that my head is between your legs. You put one leg over my shoulders and leave the other one dangling in the tub. Gently, I work my finger into you, getting it wet, not wanting to rush. Soon it is buried deeply, and I add a second, then a third finger. Your hips are moving with me as I fuck you, sliding my fingers in and out and twisitng them. I lower my face and take your clit into my mouth. Gently sucking, barely flicking the tip of my tongue across it. You begin to moan softly, and the movement of your hips tells me you are very aroused.

I spread your ass cheeks with my other hand, and wet one fingertip in the juices running out of you. When I press that fingertip into your ass, you moan, “God, YESSSSS, Jessi, yessssss…”

I work my finger into your ass, sliding it in and out and twisting gently. By the time it is buried deeply, you have your other leg on the edge of the tub, too, spreading yourself as wide as you can for me. I am sliding three fingers into your pussy, sucking your clit, and fucking your tight ass with another finger. You have your hand in my hair, clutching it, holding my face tight against your pussy. Your hips are thrusting up against my fingers, and I can barely keep my face where we both need it.

“Yes, Jessi, Fuck me, Jessi!”

It’s an order, not a request. But an order I am only too happy to comply with… I slam all my fingers in and out, twisting them and thrusting them deep into you. I am sucking hard on your clit, hard enough that I hope I am not hurting you.

“Yes, Jessi, YESSSS! Fuck me, baby, just like that, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!!!!”

I can feel your body tensing, your ass is clenching on my finger, your breathing is very ragged. You are panting and moaning, grinding your hips upward into my face.

And then you explode… There is no other way to describe it. You are screaming and moaning, your juices are running down my arm and onto my face. You are throbbing, I can feels spasms with all my fingers. You are moaning with each breath, “Ohhh… Ohhh… Ohhh… Ohhh…” and with each breath I can feel more juices running out of you. I slide my tongue as deep into you as I can, wanting to taste every drop of your sweet nectar.

Finally, your breathing slows and I gently remove my fingers from both your holes. I crawl up and lay next to you, holding your face in my hands, stroking your cheeks, giving you little soft kisses. I am stunned to see tears running down your cheeks.

“What’s the matter, Amy, is everything okay?”

“Nothing’s the matter, baby, everything is just fine. I just can’t believe how happy I feel right now…” You reach for me and pull me close.

I snuggle up next to you and say, “Me, too, baby. Me, too…”

We are cuddling for a few minutes when the tile starts to get cold. You turn my face to yours and say, “It’s cold out here, let’s go to bed, baby…”


Okay, darling, your turn… Tell me where it goes from here. I want you to take my asshole again, but more. Do you have a toy you could use?

Licks and Kisses,


x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o Anyway, let me create a scene of comfort and pure sensuality.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We leave the steamy room of the bath and move into the plush, alluring bedroom. Covered in a lace robe, I walk over to the fireplace, gas logs of course, and light the room with its natural beauty. From there, to the mantel, I move, turning unlit candles into soft glowing images, which only enhances the looks of my Jess.

You are standing in the doorway from the bath to the bedroom, not quite sure what is happening…. You want so much to continue the lovemaking, but at the same time you are unsure as to what avenue I am going to take. I look at you, smiling, and softly I tell you “Jess, it is okay, tonight is a night of tenderness and gentle loving.”

Walking over to the king size bed, I pull down the silk brocade duvet, exposing the sensuous Egyptian cotton sheets. Looking at you, I begin to walk in your direction, locking eyes, all the while softly licking my lips. My finger reaches my lips and I begin to gently suck on its tip. It feels like an eternity before I finally reach you and then as we face one another, I take my finger and gently take your nipple and rub it between my fingers. You moan sweetly, as you reach up to kiss me.

My hands then go into your hair, pulling you tighter into my embrace. Our lips connect, our tongues eagerly searching the other. The hunger is not absent, but the tenderness has replaced the heatedness. Our kisses run deep and touch the souls of one another. Our hands are dancing on each other’s bodies, connecting, holding, sensing. I cup your ass, bringing you in closer to my body. Again, your soft, sensuous moan escapes under our kiss. This drives me wild. The feelings of desperately wanting you build within. Pulling you harder into me is all I can think of. Our bodies connected on every level. Your thigh separates my legs and you move to press against my mound. Knowing that this drives me further over the edge, you apply just the right pressure to my already wet pussy. I cup your ass and begin to separate this beautiful feature of yours. Again a moan.

As we are grinding into one another in a standing position, I whisper softly into your ear “Baby, let’s go to bed; I want to make love with you”. At that, you succumb and let me walk you to the bed. You almost have to jump to get onto the feather bed, and there are giggles coming from us both. We pile into the warm, sensuous cocoon and quickly find one another. You come into my arms and begin kissing me. I ask you “Jess, will you do as I say and not be fearful?” You look at me, almost in shock. Not knowing what that means coming from me, you ask “Amy, do I need to be afraid?” Smiling, I say to you “Sweetheart, I would never hurt you or do anything that you would not want me to do”. You relax and smile at me. “Amy, I am yours to love tonight as you wish”. With that final confirmation I request you to lie on your back.

I stand on my knees, removing my robe and draping it across the foot of the bed. I reach over to the bedside table and take out a couple of vials of oils and powders, a feather, a couple of toys in various shapes and sizes and then, to your surprise, a set of eye patches. I ask you to put the eye patches on….. you look at me surprised. My response is very simple, “Darling, I want you to experience it all, yet not knowing what is coming next”. Knowing that I promised you earlier no pain, you relax again.

The eye patches are on, and you begin to feel the warmth from the candles and the fire. Your body is still covered in places with goose bumps, and I am uncertain if it is anticipation or if it is cold…. the future is yet to tell.

I get off the bed, of that you are certain. You hear me go into the bathroom, then you hear nothing. You are a bit concerned…. as time elapses… still nothing, or so it seems. All of a sudden, you feel this warmth hit your body. You don’t know what it is. You are certain it is not the wax from the candles. It is warm, not hot. It does not feel like an oil, nor water. What is it? Then you smell it. You can smell the sweet scent of …. chocolate. What is equally amazing to you is where it is at. You feel this warmth on your neck, your ankles, and then on the inner portion of your thigh, right above your knees. Confused as to why these locations, you ask. I do not respond.

Then just as the warm begins to subside, you feel cold…. freezing cold…. in the exact same places. Then all of sudden you feel lips in these spots. The variance from hot to cold then the sensuousness of my lips excites you. You begin to respond to the kisses. I tell you to please lay back and enjoy. I lick your neck, sucking gently on your earlobes, tracing your neck and down to your shoulders. My hands all the while tangling your hair and holding you down. Then I move around and begin to lick your thighs…. much like in a 69 position. You can smell my arousal, and you want to touch me. I do not let you. I move down to your ankles, and begin to suck and kiss… then your toes. You are ticklish yet excited. You push your mound up to my breast. Teasing me… wanting me to touch you more. I only lick and suck.

Then… again, I remove myself from the bed. This time, I take oils and begin to massage your body…. Your shoulders, your arms, your stomach. All the while, I avoid all your sexual buttons. I just address your extremities. You again want more. I do not oblige. Your body twists under me for more leverage… and I do not give in. You want to press our bodies together but I am concentrating on giving you the relaxation you so richly deserve. As I move the oils to your stomach, you push your mound up for me to touch. I graze lightly over your beautiful pussy. You scream out wanting more. I move my fingers to the inner recesses of your thighs and you separate your legs. I massage your thighs, your butt and begin to separate your cheeks from underneath. My hands are now slick with oils. You raise your ass into the air, wanting me to explore. I ask you to roll over and let me massage your back.

On your stomach, I put oil onto your back and gently apply pressure to the right spots. Removing the aches and pains of the day, getting the spots to relax. I move down your back to your sweet ass. You begin to moan in anticipation of my playing. I separate your cheeks, touching your little brown pucker. You beg for attention. I tease more and more. Your stomach is arched and my hand goes under your belly to your mound. One finger begins to probe your lips and the moaning increases. I press my breasts into your ass, you press back. At that moment, my thumb finds your spot and I begin to gently enter into your ass. With a finger deep in your pussy and one in your ass, you start pumping my hands. “Not yet my love, not yet” is all I say as I withdraw my fingers.

I sit up on the bed, grab a small toy. You are not certain what it is… and I don’t give you a clue. Then I return to your back and your ass. Again I separate your cheeks and you scream wanting more. I put my finger into your tight hole, along with something else. You are not sure what it is… then you feel it… it begins to vibrate… yet, you know it is not a vibrator. It feels more like small stones. At that point, I roll you over. My mouth descends onto your pussy and begins to lick furiously at your sweetness. You are screaming in ecstacy. Your ass is vibrating, your pussy is devoured and your climax is imminent. Then just as quickly, I take a small vibrator and begin to apply pressure to your clit, as my tongue dances into your sweetness. You are being touched in more ways than you thought possible… with gadgets that create sensations unparalleled. All of a sudden, I hear this quick “My God” and you start to explode in my mouth. You orgasm is so intense that you keep rocking and rocking. As I see you exploding, I pull on a string which is connected to the beads in your ass. I move the beads further down, and your climax is more and more intense. The vibrator in your pussy is drenched with your juice and yet you continue to come and come and come. All I say to you is “Darling, this is the first of many tonight….. you will experience heaven, I promise”. Your body still is frenzied… and then just as quickly, you collapse, exhausted from the fierceness of the orgasm.

You roll over quickly, almost abruptly, take off the eye patches and grab me. You begin to kiss me hungrily, lovingly, and yet tenderly. All you say is, “Amy, I want to experience heaven with you tonight again, and again, and again.”

How would heaven be for you? You design the continuance.

x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o Again, all I can say is “Wow…” That was incredible, very vivid images, I could almost feel myself trembling at your touch, feel your mouth and hands on me. Chocolate? Mmmmmm… So tell me, was the “cold… freezing cold” ice cream? Did you make a “Jessi Sundae”? And I know I would never have anything to fear with you, darling. Anything you did would be only out of pure love.

“A night of heaven”? Where to start…

The feather bed sounds great, I would love to snuggle into a “warm, sensuous cocoon” with my darling Amy. To spend literally hours holding you close, kissing and holding each other. Feeling soft hands caressing soft skin, stroking gently, slipping a finger in here, pinching a little there. Perhaps even asking you to tie me to the bed with silk scarves, lying spread eagled on my back, and putting the eye patches back in place. Wet with anticipation, not knowing what is to happen next, yet wanting to surrender myself to you completely…

But also needing to give you pleasure as well. Needing all of my senses to feel your total arousal, to taste your juices, to feel your soft skin under my lips, to see your nipples get hard as I love you, to hear your breathing get rapid and shallow, to smell your sweet aroma as you become wet with me.

Wanting you to mount my face… Straddling my head, I can smell you, I know you are near. I extend my tongue, wanting to taste you, but you back your hips away. You reach behind you and tease my hard nipples with your hands. Taking them between your thumbs and forefingers, pinching and twisting them, now pulling them up, stretching them as far off my chest as you can. My hips are moving, and you can see my mound glistening with my juices. You at last let go of my nipples, and they snap back against my breasts. I moan softly… “Ohhhhhhhhh….”

I can feel your thighs close to my head, and I am moving my face up and down, side to side, trying to find your center. I am kissing and licking your thighs, moving upwards, but you raise your hips up, not letting me take you in my mouth. My tongue is darting in and out. Wanting, no needing to taste your nectar.

I am squirming underneath you, my body writhing while my thoughts are consumed with giving you the same pleasure you have given me. “Please, Amy… Let me love you…” I whisper.

You take my wrists in your hands, then lean forward so my arms are pinned. You press your hips down into my chest, and rest your weight on me so I can hardly move. You lean forward so our faces are inches apart. You extend your tongue to meet mine, and they dance together for a moment.

You break the kiss, and whisper, “There is no rush this night, darling Jessi… We have all night and all day and as long as we need to love each other…”

A soft moan escapes my lips, and you lower your face to mine. Again, our tongues swirl together. Searching, tasting, probing, tender kisses reflecting our passion for one another. Your hands are cupping my face as we kiss, stroking my cheeks, gently moving my hair out of the way.

You break the kiss and slide your torso forward, dragging your breasts across mine. Our hard nipples rub together, the feeling is electric. I moan, and you arch your back so one of your nipples enters my mouth. I take it between my teeth, biting and sucking hungrily. You lean forward, pressing your breast deeper into my mouth. I suck and lick it, running my tongue all around the tender flesh. You turn your body so that your other breast is presented to me. I give it the same loving attention as its twin.

I can hear your breathing starting to get shallow. Your hips are moving in little circles, rubbing your mound on my midsection. I can feel your wetness beginning to spread, making my soft skin slippery. I arch my back, pressing my stomach up into your mound. You open your legs wider, so that more of your sensitive areas are rubbing on my torso. You are grinding your mound into me, and I can feel your wetness on my stomach. I can hear your soft moans as I lick and suck your nipple.

I lean my head back and whisper, “Please, Amy… I need you… NOW!”

You lean further forward, and your breast is pulled upward and away from my hungry mouth. I run my tongue all over your stomach, kissing and licking it as you move. Gradually, you move your hips upward, so my mouth is moving to where I so desperately need it. When I feel your navel beneath my tongue, I slip it in and out, fucking your navel as I will fuck your other holes.

I can definitely smell your arousal now, and it makes my head spin. As my tongue slides between your thighs, I can taste the juices dribbling out. I lick them all up, not wanting to waste a single drop. You are moving your hips now, wanting my tongue inside you. But I tease you as you teased me, licking all around but never quite at your center.

Finally, you twist your hips and arch forward, and my tongue slides deep inside you. We both moan at the same instant, and I slide my tongue out and over your clit. You press your hips down, forcing your wet pussy tight against my face. I slide my tongue deep into you, stretching to get it as far inside as I can. You begin to rock your hips forward and back, fucking my face. I am alternating, sucking your clit hard, then darting my tongue in and out of your wetness.

You reach down with one hand and spread your lips wide for me. I take your mound into my mouth, holding your clit gently between my teeth and flicking my tongue across it, fast light licks that drive you crazy. I can tell by your breathing, your moans, your juices coating my face, that your orgasm is very near. Your hips are thrusting hard against me as I take your clit between my lips and suck it.

You are moaning louder now, “Yesssss, Jessi, yessssss… Just like that… Love me, baby, God I love how you love me…”

I move my tongue to the rhythm of your hips, sliding it out when you pull back, then back inside you as you press them forward. Your juices are flowing freely, I can feel that my face is wet with them. I know I am soaking wet myself, loving that I arouse you so. The idea that a beautiful woman like you would respond to me with such intensity is so erotic…

Your movements begin to get more frantic, and I know you are so close… I slip my tongue as deep inside you as I can, and I can feel your tremors beginning. You are moaning and grinding your wet pussy into my face. You scream and I feel the walls of your pussy spasming around my tongue. I press against your clit with my nose as I dart my tongue in and out. You are rocking into me and moaning with the spasms. “Ohhhh… Ohhhh… Ohhhh… Ohhhh…” With each surge, more of your sweet nectar flows out onto my tongue and face. To my great surprise, I feel my own pussy spasming, feeling my own pleasure without you having touched me.

My tongue is so busy, lapping all the juices I can, not wanting to waste any. Finally your tremors subside and you slide down so we are laying next to each other. Our soft, sweaty bodies feel so good together. You hold me close and kiss me so tenderly. I whisper, “Please untie my hands baby, I need to hold you…”

You say nothing, but instead roll on top of me so our mounds are pressed together. You lean forward on your hands, and slowly rub your body along mine. When I feel your erect nipples against mine, I moan softly. I arch my hips up, pressing my mound into yours. You allow me to rub myself against you for a brief instant, then roll off so that again you are laying next to me.

Still you say nothing… I can feel your breath in my ear. Your hands begin to explore my body. I am soaking wet, from the feelings we are sharing this glorious night, from the intensity of your orgasm, from the sensations of your hands all over my body, touching, pinching, teasing me…

As your hands roam my body, I arch up into them, wanting to feel more contact. But you keep your hands moving, never allowing me to feel more than a whisper of a touch. Then I feel you move away, and the sensations stop completely. I can hear you moving around, but other than my breathing, the room is silent.

Then I feel you next to me again. You resume your teasing, moving your hands all over my body with feather-light touches. My hips are moving, my legs are spread wide, you can clearly see my shaved mound shiny with my juices. When your finger runs down my slit, I moan and arch my hips up, but you move your finger away before I can get any sustained contact.

You move your face close to my ear and whisper, “You like that, don’t you darling?”

“Oh, God yes, Amy, I love it, you know I do…” is my immediate response.

“Then open yourself for me, baby, show me…”

I bend my legs as much as I can with being tied down, and open my legs wide. The rush of air against my steaming pussy startles me, but it also arouses me and I moan. I turn my face to yours, wanting to kiss you, but you back away. I can smell myself, so I know you have to be able to smell my arousal.

Again your soft voice in my ear, “Just lie back, baby… I know you will love this, just go with it…”

I moan, “Yes, please… I am yours completely, Amy, do with me what you want…”

“Darling Jessi, I plan on doing exactly that…” Your tongue darts around the inside of my ear. You know exactly how much I love that, love having my ears and throat and chin kissed and licked and sucked.

Your hand moves between my legs, and I feel your fingertip exploring my wetness. I arch upward with my hips against your finger, but you again withdraw it. Once more, your sweet voice in my ear.”Slowly, darling Jessi, no need to rush, I want this to be perfect, want to love you as you always wished you could be loved…”

I relax into the bed, and your hand returns. You gently slip your fingertip inside me, and I cannot help but moan. You move your finger in and out, coating it with my juices. Soon a second finger joins in, both sliding in and out. I am getting very turned on by this, but I am biting my lip, trying to control my urge to press back against your fingers.

Your voice is constant in my ear, “You love this, don’t you Jessi? You love how I fuck you, don’t you, baby? You love when I slide my fingers into you, get you all wet, don’t you…”

All I can do is moan softly and nod my head, “Yes, Amy, you know I love it… Love how you touch me, love how your hands feel on my body, love how you fuck me…”

Now a third finger joins in… I am getting filled up with your fingers, but also love how you have your other hand spreading me wide, dancing all over my clit. I am moaning softly, and this time when I turn my head to yours you lean forward and we kiss. This is not a tender loving kiss, this is a “Girl, I’m gonna fuck you so good!” kiss.

Your hands move away from my pussy for an instant, then I feel something being pressed against my opening. I twitch, but you just lean to my ear and whisper, “It’s okay, baby, remember I’m not gonna hurt you…” Again I relax, and I feel something pressing forward into my pussy. It is cool but definitely wet, so I think it must be some sort of dildo, but it is apparently already well-lubricated.

You work it into me slowly, twisting, pressing forward, always whispering to me or licking my ear. It is large but not too big, and soon I feel its base against me, and you begin to move it in and out. I can feel something on it that is rubbing against my clit, and it feels so good. I can feel something vibrating gently against my clit when you slide it in deep.

You lean forward again, and kiss me again. Passionate kisses, tongue dancing wildly, as you fuck me. Sliding the dildo in and out, slamming it into me. Then you leave it buried in me, and break the kiss. I feel you move so you are straddling my hips, then I feel your body very close to mine.

You reach down and pull the eye patches off. I look down and see that we are joined on a v-shaped double ended dildo. I smile up at you and coo, “Mmmmmmm… Nice, baby!”

We begin to move together, grinding our hips, each sliding up and down on the dildo buried inside both of us. We are rubbing our clits together as we fuck, and the little knobs at the junction of the toy are rubbing against our clits too. I am thrusting up with my hips, wanting to fuck you like no man ever has. You are slamming your hips forward, wanting the same thing.

You lean forward and we kiss. I can tell that I am close to my climax, but I want us to cum together. So I force myself to slow down, wanting your peak to happen as mine does.

You reach between us and turn the vibrator up a little, and I am moaning into your mouth, kissing deeply as we fuck. I can feel your breathing getting shallow and know you are getting close as well. I break the kiss and whisper, “Cum for me, Amy, please… I want you to cum with me… I love fucking you, baby…”

Your breath is ragged against my ear, and you are moaning softly. Your hips are slamming forward, fucking me furiously, shoving the two ends of the dildo deep inside both of us.

I hear your voice, straining with the exertion, “Uhhhh… Uhhhh… Uhhhh…”

Then, louder, “Ohhhhh! Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!” and you are fucking me with short sharp strokes. I love the feeling, and it sends me over the brink.

“Oh, God, Amy…. God yes, baby… so good…”

I am spasming uncontrollably, my hips bucking up off the bed. You turn your face to mine and we kiss again. I can feel your hips spasming, too, and know we are cumming together…

It is so erotic, so sensual, so fucking HOT to be with you, loving you, fucking you…

As we come down, you untie my hands and I wrap my arms around you and hold you close…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I hope you liked that, hope it wasn’t too wild (although I doubt THAT!). So your turn, darling Amy, tell me what happens next… What can I do to give YOU a “night of heaven”?

Licks and Kisses, Jessi

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So dear readers, I hope you have enjoyed this… I still get wet reading it, and I hope it has the same effect on you! As always, send me feedback, tell me how this made you feel. I love to hear from my readers, especially all you sexy women out there!


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