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Bobby Is Denied – Or Is He?

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Bobby paused momentarily in order to rub his hard cock as he walked back to his apartment. His date that evening had ended disappointingly. He had high expectations when Angela, the head cheerleader of their college’s football team, finally agreed to go out with him. He made reservations at the most expensive restaurant in their little college town. He dressed in his best suit and he looked great, especially since he normally dressed in jeans and a t-shirt for classes and on-campus parties.

Angela dressed in a skimpy, skin-tight dress that showed off every curve. When he drove up to her dorm and escorted her to his car, he could feel his cock hardening as he looking at her and imagining what they would be do after dinner. He had reserved a room at one of the little bed-and-breakfasts in the next town. He thought it was a romantic gesture, but Angela was insulted when Bobby told her about his after-dinner plans. She promptly insisted he take her home and didn’t even offer a goodnight kiss. As she sauntered back to her dorm, he couldn’t help but stare at her ass as it shook back and forth. Damn, she was hot!

But now Bobby was really in a pickle. Never mind the room he had already paid for up front with no refund available for last-minute cancellations. His cock was screaming for release. Hopefully, one of his roommates would be home.

Bobby lived in an off-campus apartment with two roommates, Liz and Charlie. Liz was hot and both Bobby and Charlie took turns with her. They all knew about it and no one minded. Hell, they had even had threesomes on several occasions. Charlie, on the other hand, was bi-sexual, and one weekend when Liz had gone home and Bobby didn’t have date, the two of them discovered that Bobby could be bi-sexual as well, if the mood struck him.

And the mood was striking Bobby tonight. He was going to unload his pent up desire in whichever of his roommates he saw first.

“Is anybody home?” Bobby called out as he unlocked the door and walked inside.

“In here,” Liz called from her bedroom. A smirk crossed Bobby’s face as he walked towards her bedroom and thought of a devilish plan. Liz had always been a willing sex partner before, but tonight Bobby wanted to make her suffer a little bit, just like he suffered after being denied by Angela.

As he walked into her bedroom, his smirk deepened as he saw Liz in her high school uniform, rearranging her bookshelf (an activity she did often). Liz had gone to a Catholic high school and kept her old uniform. Although, she had shortened the skirt significantly and it no longer touched the floor when she got on her knees. She also tied the button-down shirt into a knot in the front which displayed her large, perky breasts very well. As Liz rearranged her bookshelf, bending and reaching, Bobby had a clear view of her ass cheeks and thong when he lay on her bed.

“How did you date with Angela go?” Liz asked as she continued her rearranging. “I didn’t expect to see you tonight. I thought you made reservations at The Fuck Huts?” The Fuck Huts was the nickname for the bed-and-breakfast where Bobby had made reservations for himself and Angela. It was a well deserved nickname, which was probably why Angela was insulted and insisted on going home.

“Apparently she’s not the slut I had hoped she would be,” replied Bobby. “She insisted I take her home,” he said in a snobby tone with his nose pointed towards the ceiling, mimicking Angela.

“I’m hardly surprised, Bobby,” Liz stated, not even turning around. “I told you Angela wouldn’t put out for you on the first date. You’re not a football player, remember?”

At that, Bobby rose from the bed, grabbed Liz by the hips, and pressed his hard cock to her ass. “I may not be a football player,” Bobby whispered lustily into Liz’s ear, “but I have 10 inches that says that doesn’t matter.”

“Mmmmm,” Liz groaned as she pressed her ass back towards Bobby’s cock. She reached up her hands in order to caress his hair, but he grabbed both of her wrists in his left hand. With his right hand, he grabbed Liz’s handcuffs (a gift from a police officer she used to date) and handcuffed both her hands above her head on a metal hook in the wall. “Ooh, kinky,” Liz said huskily as Bobby’s hands began to caress her body. He ripped off her blouse and found she wasn’t wearing a bra. He began to roughly squeeze and massage her breasts, making her nipple harden. Liz threw her head back onto Bobby’s shoulder and moaned. Bobby began to kiss and nibble her neck. His left hand stayed and continued to massage her left breast while he slid his right hand down her stomach, down her thigh, and under her naughty schoolgirl skirt. He lifted it and began to rub the front of her thong. This caused Liz to breath heavier and she spread her legs slightly, giving him better access to her pussy.

Bobby’s smirk re-appeared on his face as he thought about his devilish plan. He had Liz right where he wanted her; right where he had had her countless times before. But this time would be different. This time he wanted to make Liz suffer; he wanted to make her suffer the same way Angela made him suffer.

Bobby moved both of his hands to Liz’s hips and sunk to his knees. All the while he was kissing his way down Liz’s back. When he got to his knees, he slowly slid her thong down her legs. As it came to her feet, she obligingly lifted one foot after the other so he could remove it completely. Then he stood up behind her and unzipped his pants and removed them and his underwear. Next, he removed his jacket and shirt and laid them neatly on Liz’s bed. All the time while he was undressing, Liz was writhing slightly in anticipation; wanting to finger herself, but being unable to with her hands cuffed above her head.

Once Bobby finished undressing, he began slowly stroking his cock in his hand. By now, it was painfully hard and pre-cum had started to form on the tip. Bobby lifted Liz’s plaid skirt and squeezed her ass cheeks. She arched her back and moaned. He hooked his right hand around her waist and rubbed her slit. He could feel that she was very wet and very warm. Bobby hooked his left hand around her waist and gently parted her pussy lips. With his right hand, he slowly began circling her swollen clit with his middle finger.

“Oh, Bobby, fuck me!” Liz gasped, as Bobby’s cock began rubbing at her sensitive region from underneath. She spread her legs wider and Bobby grabbed her hips with both hands and slid his cock insider her pussy.

He got into a steady rhythm of sinking all 10 inches deep into her pussy and then pulling out until just his helmet was insider her and then sinking back into her. All the while, he kept his hands on her hips and only occasionally rubbing his fingers across her pussy lips, but not touching her clit at all like he normally did to make her climax. Instead, he whispered dirty things into her ear.

“You know what a slut you are, Liz?” He whispered as he ran his tongue across the shell of her ear. The feel of his tongue on her ear and the sound of his voice caused Liz to quiver and her pussy to tighten around his cock. “Walking around the apartment in that naughty schoolgirl outfit, showing off your thong, and showing off your tits.” With every word he whispered into her ear, Bobby could feel Liz’s juices oozing down his cock and onto his balls. He began to pump into her faster. He continued, “Angela was dressed like a slut tonight too. I could see every curve on that bitch’s body. I couldn’t wait to get her out of that dress and drill my cock into her soaking pussy, but I guess you’ll have to do instead.”

Liz moaned and her juices flowed freely at Bobby’s dirty words. She spread her legs and arched her back even more, giving him better access to her pussy and her swollen clit. She flexed her fingers above her head and moaned in agony at not being able to finger herself. Her juices were oozing over her clit, heating it up and causing it to throb and swell as her arousal increased. If Bobby would only touch it, she knew she would climax instantly. But he wasn’t touching her, at least not in the spot she needed him to. He had always made sure that she came whenever they were together, but now he was only teasing her; rubbing his fingers up and down her slit, making her squirm and leaving her orgasm just out of reach.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and she cried out, “Bobby, please touch me. I need it so badly.”

“You mean your clit, my dear?” Bobby asked condescendingly, as he sped up his rhythm and stroked her pussy lips.

“Yes!” she cried, as she squirmed and writhed on his cock.

Bobby smirk returned. His devilish plan was working. Liz was feeling the unsatisfied desire he had been experiencing earlier.

“Sorry, my dear,” he chuckled, “Angela didn’t give me any satisfaction, so now you won’t be getting any either.”

“Please, Bobby, please.” Liz moaned pathetically. She thrust her hips back to meet his pounding desire.

Bobby chuckled again and started thrusting into her wildly. He was close to cumming and Liz’s thrusts of frustration were only turning him on more.

“Bobby, please!” Liz cried as he thrust one last time. She could feel his cock spasm and his cum shoot in her soaking pussy. The vibrations of his cock and the warmth of his cum spilling onto her clit only intensified her arousal and her burning desire … no, burning need … to cum.

By the time he was finished, Bobby felt like he had shot a gallon of cum into Liz. He pulled out of her with a squish and used her towel to wipe himself clean. Then he lay down on her bed to catch his breath.

Liz was still handcuffed to the wall. “Bobby,” she said with a sense of urgency in her voice, “Please finish me.”

“I’m off to bed, Sweet Thing,” he replied smugly. “But thanks for the piece of pie.”

“Fine!” she spat at him. “But un-handcuff me, now!”

“I don’t think so, Liz,” Bobby said calmly. “I wanted you to suffer the way Angela made me suffer. So, you’re not getting any satisfaction until tomorrow morning, unless, of course, Charlie comes home before then and takes pity on you.” With that, Bobby patted Liz’s ass, gathered his clothes from her bed, and walked to his bedroom.

“Bobby! You bastard …” he heard her calling before he shut her bedroom door.

As he walked to his bedroom, Bobby heard Charlie coming into the apartment.

“Hey, Charlie. How are you, man?” Bobby said, smiling.

“Great!” Charlie replied. “How was your date with Angela?”

“Terrible, but Liz will be able to explain it better than I can.”

“What do you mean?” Charlie asked.

“Are you in the mood for some pussy?” Bobby asked.

“Always,” Charlie replied.

“In that case, go into Liz’s bedroom; she ready and waiting. I need some sleep.”

With that, Bobby went into his bedroom and Charlie walked towards Liz’s. As Bobby was shutting his door, he heard Liz say, “Charlie! Thank God! Un-handcuff me, please.”

Then he heard Charlie say with delight in his voice, “My, my, what have we here …”

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