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Secret Motel Rendezvous

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Up until a week ago, I had never been with a man and am pretty much a heterosexual, but for at least the past year or two I have fantasized about being with one. Over the last 6 months though, the urges and desires I’ve had have become so strong that I needed to find an outlet. My biggest fantasy is my desire to suck another man’s cock.

I have always wanted to be able to unzip a mans pants, take hold of his meaty flesh and wrap my lips around his cock, sucking it furiously until he cums in my mouth and on my face. One night I decided to find an outlet for these secret cocksucking desires.

I decided to go online onto a gay matchmaking site where I could enter in a fake name and information but at the same time unleash all my pent up homosexual desires. I placed an ad stating that I was straight but curious, good looking which I am, seeking an older man in his thirties to forties (I’m 22), would possibly meet secretly, and that I was looking for someone who would let me swallow their cock, suck on it and have them cum all over me. I left a bio that was so explicit and naughty that by the time I was finished and had submitted it I was rock hard and needed to get off. When I was a bit younger and drunk one night down in the sex district of the city I stole a 7 inch dildo from a sex shop but had never used it. I was in such a cock hungry craze though from writing all that naughty stuff that I began to think of actually using it on my self. I couldn’t shake the desire to hold a cock in my hand and decided that I would at least break it out and play with it.

I started off by sucking on it, trying to deep throat it but kept gagging, finally I got a little more comfortable and was able to take a little more of the seven inches into my mouth. I looked at myself in the mirror as I did this and began to get so turned on that I didn’t even realize that I had begin to tease around the area of my anus with my finger. I started to think about what the dildo would feel like inside of me as I thought of how a man would try to fuck me. I began to tease my ass with the head of the dildo and became extremely aroused to the point where I needed to have it inside me.

I reached under my bed for the tube of KY jelly that I usually use to whack off with and squirt some on the dildo and on my asshole. I then laid down on my bed on my back and slowly swirled the head of the dildo around my hole, pushing gently trying to penetrate the tight small crevice. I could feel the head of the massive dildo begin to stretch my rectum as I pushed with more urgency. The pain was overcome with extreme sexual desire as the first inch slid tortuously into my ass stretching out my colon as it proceeded. The pain became even greater as I had taken in the third inch but as the fourth inch slowly slid in I could feel my rectum muscles relax and the remaining 3 inches seemed to slide in instantly. I was in pure bliss. I could imagine an older man between my legs pushing in and out ever so slowly with all 7 inches of his cock. I could take no more and erupted with an amazing orgasm.

The next day, I checked my mail at the matchmaking account that I had set up and found that I had several pieces of new mail. I became instantly aroused at the thought that I would be soon reading sexual letters to me sent by MEN who wanted to fuck me. I opened the first one, my heart pounding as I read the words.

“Tony, I see that you would like to suck a man’s cock. Well I have just the cock for you. I attached a picture of it below. If you like what you see and would like to meet me sometime write me back.


As I scrolled down slowly, I almost came in my pants as I saw the picture of his thick cock become displayed on my screen. I immediately wrote him back telling him that I loved the picture and that I wanted nothing more than to wrap my lips around his cock, and let him fuck me, but that I was very tentative about meeting someone right away. I asked him if we could write to each other a little more and that I hoped that he would be able to send me some more pictures.

I knew deep down inside that I would probably never actually get up the guts to go meet him but I thought that I would at least get my kicks out of the whole thing. Just talking to another person (although anonymously) about letting them fuck me and having me suck their cock made me extremely horny and made for good masturbation material.

Bill and I wrote back to each other many times over the course of the two weeks following our initial dialogue. He sent me pictures of him masturbating and receiving oral sex from other men, and asked me to send him pictures. I told him that I couldn’t because I wanted to remain anonymous and that outside of our email sessions, I didn’t act this way. But he would try to get me to meet him or send him pictures at the conclusion of each and every email he sent me. He even gave me his cell phone number to call but I just logged it away with all the rest of the emails.

Days went by and one night that I was out and very drunk, I became tired of the crowded bar and began thinking about the pictures that Bill had sent me and became very horny. I began thinking about sucking his cock and how bad I wanted to taste his cum and make my fantasy a reality. Being as drunk that I was, my inhibitions were tossed aside and I left the bar in a hurry, retrieved Bill’s phone number from one of his old emails and hustled over to a poorly lit payphone about 2 blocks from where I lived ( I didn’t want him to be able to trace my call and find out where I lived). The number rang sever times and finally picked up. “Hello” he said. My voice quivered in excitement as I responded. “Bill, it’s me Tony”. (Tony was the fake name that I used to set up the account) A moment of silence followed as he was in disbelief. I stepped in saying “I was out tonight and starting thinking about that cock of yours and figured I’ve made you wait long enough to see mine”

“What do you have in mind” he said.

“Well, I was figuring that we could meet up somewhere and you could take those pictures of me that you’ve been wanting to see.” I replied. I couldn’t believe that I was actually saying all this.

“That sounds great to me. We could meet at the Motel 6 on Route 39. I could grab us a room”

“Alright Bill, but only pictures. I’m still not ready for anything else” and I wasn’t.

“I understand totally, I’ll see you in a bit Tony alright”

I hung up the phone, hopped into my car and raced to meet him. The Motel six was about 15 minutes away and I had the most enormous hard on the whole time. When I finally arrived, I saw a man in his upper thirties waiting by a room. He approached the car, leaned down into the window glancing quickly at my cock which was pushing the crotch area of my jeans straight up in the air. “Are you Tony” he said.

I hesitated and then replied with a quick yes. “You’re a lot hotter than I imagined, I cant wait to get some pictures of that hard cock of yours” he said as he opened my car door and motioned me to follow him into the room which I did. I sat down at the foot of the bed and noticed a bottle of scotch on the tv stand. He placed a movie into the VCR and asked me if I wanted a drink, which I said yes to as the movie started. He handed me the drink and I took a long deep sip. “You a little nervous” he said. I shook my head and he smiled.

“Well, I got us a movie to watch for a little while to set the mood” he stated with a smile as he sat down next to me, placing his hand on my thigh, “have you ever watched gay porn”

“No,” I replied. I felt a little unsure about his hand on my thigh but it caused my dick to jump in excitement and I figured that as long as it wasn’t on my dick then we weren’t technically breaking my rules.

My eyes became fixed on the screen as I watched a man go down on another man, taking all of his cock inside his mouth. Bill slowly moved his hand down my thigh, an inch every minute or two until he was about two inches from my fully erect cock. The more I watched these men suck other men’s cocks the more I wanted to reach down and suck Bill’s cock. I placed my hand on his mid thigh and slowly moved it toward his cock. By now I could feel the liquor adding to my already drunken state and as his thumb met the bottom of my zipper and the base of my cock I began to quiver with excitement. I averted my eyes from the porn and focused on my hand as it met the enormous bulge in his pants. At this time, his hand was pushing forcibly against my hard cock, up and down my shaft. I figured I would slow things down since this constituted a major violation of my rules that I had set earlier so I removed his hand from my cock and pulled my shirt off over my head.

“Why don’t you take those pictures now Bill, before I suspend all your privileges” I said in a naughty school girl tone.

He grabbed his camera and began snapping pictures as I posed shirtless on the bed. He paused to take his shirt off stating that he would join me. He began taking more pictures and I began to play the role. I was in another world. He prompted me to unzipped my jeans which I did, slowly, releasing the bulge in my underwear. I slowly slipped them off and laid down on the bed with nothing but my underwear. He took another couple of shots while standing over top of me on the bed. I began to feel sensual and like I was his slave. He stepped down off the bed onto the floor.

“Do you mind it I take your underwear off,” he said.

I looked into his eyes and was overcome with excitement. “Sure, but be good” I said.

He placed the camera down on the bed and placing his thumbs underneath my waistband he slowly pulled my underwear down my legs, over my knees, to my ankles and off my feet, throwing them on the floor. My cock sprung up into the air and I felt so exposed. He placed his hands on my knees which were bent at 45 degree angles now, and spread my legs exposing my scrotum and anus. He began snapping pictures rapidly, moaning quietly to himself. I could see that his cock was about to explode from his pants and could tell how turned on he was. This made me so horny. I wanted him to touch me but was afraid. I kept glancing at the porno on the TV and wanted so badly to be doing all the things I was watching.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbing the one hand that he had on my knee I slowly moved it down to my groin. He rubbed my cock slowly as I closed my eyes and fell blissfully into another world. The sound of the camera and the porn in the background was making me feel out of control. I watched as a kid my age filled his mouth with another man’s cock on the television and I felt the overwhelming urge to realize my fantasy. I removed his hand from my penis and sat up. His belt buckle was at my eye level, and I placed my hands on his leather belt undoing it slowly and unsnapping the button to his jeans. I could feel the pressure on his jeans as I grabbed the zipper tab and slowly unzipped his pants letting them fall to his knees. I could see the outline of his massive cock and his testicles in his briefs and I rubbed my hand along the outline of his shaft toward the elastic band of his underwear. Placing my thumbs underneath the band I slowly removed his underwear exposing his beautiful cock. I stared at it’s size and girth. It stood erect at 6 ½ inches and was 2 inches in diameter.

This was it, I was about to place another man’s cock into my mouth and suck him dry. I remember thinking that I would never be the same. I placed my hand on his warm meaty cock and began kissing and licking his shaft working my way up to the tip of his penis. I licked off the precum that lay in the slit of his dick and as I pulled my head up to look at his reaction a string of cum extended from his dick to my lip. I felt so dirty at that moment but was so excited. I began licking the stolen head with my warm lapping tongue, kissing it sporadically until I finally decided to wrap my thick lips around his cock engulfing the tip of his head.

Sliding my mouth and head down several inches, I felt the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and sides of my mouth. I couldn’t believe that I had a man’s cock in my mouth. I began moving my mouth and head up and down his shaft while twisting my hand around the base of his shaft as I had seen done in the porno. He began moaning and placed his hand on my head forcefully, applying pressures to my head bobbing that thrust his cock deeper into my throat. I started to gag and tears began to build in my eyes but I didn’t want to stop.

He began pushing harder as my lips and warm tongue squeezed tighter around his massive rod. I felt his body tensing more and more as his hand pushed my head down farther and farther until I was deep throating about 5 of his 6 ½ inches. Relaxing a bit more now, I brought my mouth all the way up to the tip of his cock removing it from my tight throat and then slowly, in one motion, slid my lips and mouth over the entire length of his shaft swallowing all 6 ½ inches until I reached the base of his cock where I stopped, allowing it to sit in my throat. I felt totally full of cock and was about to gag, I raised my mouth again and lowered it again taking his full length. His body began to tense even more and as my mouth emptied and filled repeatedly as my head bobbed up and down like a cock starving whore he yelled out “I’m gonna cum”.

Immediately I felt a stream of hot cum fill the back of my throat and I started to swallow as quick as possible as he filled my mouth, but he was unloading quicker than I could swallow. My open mouth now looked like a sea of hot white pasty cum as I removed his cock, holding onto the base and directing the rest onto my face and eyes. He continued squirting his hot semen, covering my face as I stroked his cock. He raised the camera back to his face snapping pictures of my covered face and dripping chin. He told me to lay on the bed and I obeyed. As he continued snapping I finished swallowing the mouthful of cum I had, allowing the rest to remain on my face and chin. I felt like his sex slave as he continued taking pictures of me covered in his cum. He took hold of my legs and pulled me closer so that my ass was at the foot of the bed.

He spread my legs, exposing my asshole again to the camera as he began fingering my anus. I closed my eyes as his finger entered my ass, imagining that it was his cock as he moved it in and out. I was beyond control and wanted him to fuck me so badly. I wanted him to stretch my asshole as far as it would go with his massive cock. I wanted him to pound it and abuse it until I bled. I was so far gone with pleasure and excitement that I could barely talk. I made an attempt to speak but the words “Fuck me” came out only as a whisper. Again and again, I whispered for him to fuck me but he could barely hear over my heavy breathing. At this point he was ramming my ass with three fingers forcing my breath out with every penetration. Finally summing all the energy that I had left, I screamed out in increments with each breath forced out by his pounding fingers


He removed his fingers and placed the tip of his now hard cock against my finger stretched asshole pressing against it gently. I gasped as I felt the first inch slide in allowing the outer lips of my anus to wrap around his head. I had never been stretched out like this before and felt like my rectum was about to rip but he slowly proceeded to slide his massive shaft into my ass. I could feel the ridges from the veins on his cock as the slid by the walls of my rectum. Finally my muscles relaxed and I wrapped my feet around the small of his back locking above his buttocks. I pulled his ass toward me with my legs, pushing the full length of his cock deep into my ass with one thrust. He let out a long loud sigh as his testicles touched the outer lips of my rectum and the tip of his cock reached the inner spaces of my colon. Fuck me hard I yelled as he began pounding his cock into my ass. I could feel the tip of his dick pressing the shit in my upper colon far into regions of my intestines. I was getting railed like never before. He began fucking my ass so hard that his balls slapped my ass with a loud noise. I could feel the orgasm building in both of us as slammed his cock into my ass with the force of a violent rapist.

“God, FUCK ME Bill, Fuck me. I want to feel you cum inside me. I want you to cover my walls with your cum. OH GOD FUCK ME. GOD YES…YES…FUUUUCCKKK ME” I screamed as he started to explode violently inside me. I could feel his spurts hit the walls of my intestines with a massive force and as my ass became filled with his hot semen and the sounds of his repeatedly slamming into a growing cave of cum filled the room, I began cumming as well shooting loads of semen up onto my face and chest mixing with his previous load. When he finally removed his still semi hard cock from my dripping asshole I was exhausted and could not move. I was covered in cum from my face to my mouth, my chin, my chest and my asshole. He took a couple more pictures of me laying there drenched in his cum and mine, me unable to move, and I realized what a cum hungry slut I had just become. He gathered his clothes and told me that he had to get home but that whenever I wanted to do it again to call him. I laid there, exhausted, covered in cum and couldn’t wait till the next time.

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Steve wrote

Loved your story !! I love when a man cums I’m my ass !! So hot