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My First Business Conference

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I sat in the huge meeting hall of the San Diego Convention Center waiting for the keynote speaker to begin his insightful, though most likely useless, remarks. The hospital I worked for had sent me on an all expenses paid vacation from the drudgery of the nine to five office grind in hopes I’d pick up some gems on how to improve the bottom line. Such gems hardly ever come from keynote speakers. If gems are to be found, it will be in the working sessions later — keynote addresses are about as useful and practical as your commencement speaker’s advice to your class when you graduated.

I was looking over the conference material which detailed the topics of all of the sessions, and I was marking the meetings which I planned to attend later that morning, when a man came down the middle aisle and paused by the row of seats where I sat.

“Is this seat taken?” I heard someone say. I looked up and saw a rather cute middle-aged man standing next to the vacant aisle seat immediately to my left. He was tall and had salt and pepper hair. He wasn’t a god-like figure, or anything like that; just an ordinary guy who happened to also be cute.

“Oh no, please, go right ahead.” I said.

Hmmm, I thought, very cute … but he’s got to be at least ten or fifteen years older than me. I crossed my legs and tugged my rather short skirt down a bit and noticed the guy staring at my legs.

“So, where are you from?” I asked the man, just making polite conversation. I’ve always been the outgoing type. My husband teases me that I’m the kind of person that when I go to the lady’s room and encounter someone there, I come out knowing all the names and ages of the woman’s children, and, the current status of her sex life.

“Pittsburgh, and you?” He said, also being polite.

“San Francisco. Is this your first time at this conference?” I asked.

“Oh no, I’ve been to quite a few of these over the years. How about you?” He replied.

“Yes, it’s my first. I actually wasn’t even supposed to come — my boss usually does – but he got sick and so I came instead.” I told him. “So, what do you do at your hospital?”

“Ah, computers … I’m ah, the department head, and you?” As he spoke, I came to the conclusion that he was a rather shy type; I’m not sure how I knew, I just did.

“Finance department, I’m a financial analyst.” I said. “So, what sessions are you planning on attending later?”

He gave me the topics of several meetings he planned to attend and I noted that at least one of them was the same as a meeting I’d just marked on my conference schedule.

“I guess I’ll be seeing you again. I’m going to some of the same meetings.” I told him and smiled.

Just then, the conference host approached the microphone and asked for quiet and began the general session. Someone lowered the lights and the giant hall became dark except for the huge screen at the back of the stage. The screen displayed the organization’s logo and would latter display the slides of the keynote speaker’s talking points.

The general session dragged by as the keynote speaker droned for an interminable amount of time and then, mercifully, he was finished. The host guy came back, made some announcements and then we were all released to go and feast on the real meat of the conference at the various informative sessions we each chose to attend, given our interests or job titles.

“Oh I just hate these general sessions … they’re such a waste, except for the announcements at the end. That’s why you can’t skip them.” The guy next to me said as the house lights came up.

“Yes, I agree, but at least I was able to catch up on my sleep.” I said and chuckled. As I leaned over to pick up the complimentary conference tote bag I’d been given at registration, and my purse, both of which I’d set on the floor by my feet, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the guy was doing his best to subtly look down my blouse which was fairly low cut. I wondered if he found my black lace bra sexy.

The guy was standing next to his seat as I stood up. He was obviously waiting for me to walk out with him. How sweet, I thought, he likes me … and my legs and my breasts. But, I liked the fact that he was interested in me; it gave me a little thrill. I tend to be a bit of a flit and a tease sometimes.

We talked on the way out; I asked what he thought of the keynote speaker’s assessment of the future of the industry and he was happy to give his opinion as we left the big hall. At the exit we went our separate ways, but I knew I’d see him later and it occurred to me that I really wanted to see him again. I found myself thinking about how cute he was and how delightfully shy he was until some raging extrovert like me gets him to open up and then discovers that he was rather fascinating after all.

I went on to my meetings and the morning dragged by until I got to the last morning session before the two hour lunch break. I knew from what he’d said earlier that I could expect to see him at that session, so as I entered the room I stopped and scanned the audience until I saw him sitting on the aisle about half way down. I walked up to where he sat and saw him looking over handouts from one of the previous meetings he’d attended.

“Is anyone sitting there?” I asked, indicating vacant the seat next to him. He hadn’t noticed me standing by him; he was so engrossed in his reading material.

“Oh no, it’s … oh! It’s you; how nice to see you again.” He said. He seemed delighted that I’d sought him out.

He stood to allow me to get past. I turned sideways and squeezed by him making sure my butt slid across the front of his pants — I’m pretty sure I felt his cock press against my left ass cheek for just the briefest moment, though it could have been keys in his pocket. I sat down in the seat next to him. When I leaned forward to set my purse and tote bag down, I saw his eyes look in the direction of my breasts again. When I sat up straight again, I glanced at his lap and I saw that he seemed to have a tent pole problem, but then, he set his reading material on his lap to hide it.

Its funny how most times a woman finds it really annoying when men stare at your body like you were a piece of meat on display at the supermarket. But then, every so often, someone gives you the exact same look and the next thing you know, your panties are getting moist – know what mean, ladies? Well, my panties were getting moist.

I crossed my legs again. I did it purposely to see the cute man’s reaction; and as expected, his eyes shifted in my direction, though his head did not move. What I didn’t do this time when I crossed my legs was pull the hem of my skirt down. I let it ride up high on my thighs and stay there. I noted that his eyes kept returning to my legs. I do pride myself on having a very good body, and my legs are no exception.

“How were your meetings this morning?” I asked. He went on a bit telling me what he thought — some were good, others, a waste of time.

“How about you; learn anything useful?” He asked. I gave him a very brief assessment of my sessions.

“So, what does one do for lunch around here?” I asked. I was hoping I’d be able to maneuver him into asking me to have lunch with him, without me seeming too eager, even though I was — I was really beginning to like the guy.

“They have a few places to eat here in the conference center, but from previous experience, I’ve found that if you want real food you have to go out. I saw a list of places in the registration materials that are within walking distance; but the only problem is, if you wait for this last session to end you’ll find yourself waiting forever to get a table. So, I always duck out about fifteen minutes early.” He explained.

“Hmmm … sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll leave early too.”

“Say, would you like to join me for lunch? I don’t know anyone else here and I’d really like to have company.” He asked.

“Oh, why thank you. Yes, I’d like that; I really dislike eating by myself.” I said.

We chatted a bit more before the meeting started. It was one of the more informative sessions and I was making notes on my copy of the handouts when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked at the guy and he was pointing at the watch on his wrist. It was time to sneak out of the meeting. I grabbed my purse and tote and followed the guy out of the room.

Outside he asked me where I’d like to eat.

“Oh, I don’t know … you pick. By the way, I don’t think I got your name; I’m Barbara but everyone calls me Barb.” I said.

“It’s John — same as it says right here on my name badge – pleased to meet you.” He said while pointing at his name badge; and then he extended his hand as if we’d just been introduced. I took it and gave his hand a squeeze which he returned gently; not trying to overpower me as some guys do with a handshake. His hand felt good and I realized I didn’t want to let go and so I held it a little than you’d expect, thus, making the moment a little awkward.

“Duh … name badge, I feel a little stupid … very pleased to meet you too, John.” I said and then reluctantly released his hand. As I had held his hand, our eyes had locked and it occurred to me that he had very sensitive eyes that went with his otherwise gentle demeanor.

“Well … yes, me too … ah … I guess we should get going before the hordes get to the restaurants.” He said, sounding a little ill at ease — his shyness again.

We walked out of the convention center. At the exit, he went ahead and opened the door for me, which I liked. I think of myself as a liberated woman, but I enjoy the little male-female rituals, like having a man open the car door for me.

“Why thank you, kind sir.” I said. I gave him a coy smile as I passed.

It was only about a five minute walk to the place he’d chosen for us; an Italian restaurant — one of those national franchise places where the food was good, but not spectacular. It was very noisy despite the fact we’d beaten the conference crowds. There were still enough local office workers to pack the place, so we still had to wait a couple minutes for a table.

The hostess called out John’s name and was about to lead us to a table. My mind had been wandering and I hadn’t noticed her announce that our table was ready. I felt a hand on my waist which jolted me back to reality.

“Barb, our table’s ready … right over here.” He said and guided me in the right direction with gentle pressure on my waist. As we walked to a table for four, he kept his hand on me and it really felt good. At the table, John pulled my chair out for me — again, I was impressed with his politeness and thoughtfulness.

When my husband and I go out to dinner, we sit across from each other. When we dated before getting married; we’d sit side by side in a booth, or if at a table, we’d always sit as close as possible to each other. John held my chair for me, and then sat in the seat next to me.

Geez, I thought, I feel like I’m on a date. I had butterflies in my tummy, too.

“It’s very noisy in here.” I observed. “I really prefer quiet little cozy mom and pop places. I wish knew San Diego better.”

“Yes, it is loud here, but I guess there’s not much they can do, especially with a big conference in town.” He said. “I’ve been to San Diego quite a few times and I know of a really nice little place just like you described. Perhaps we could have dinner together this evening, unless you have other plans. We could go there, I’m sure you’d like it … its very quaint and intimate.” He offered.

As he said the word ‘intimate’ I noticed him grimace just a bit. I’m sure he thought he’d just committed a faux pas.

“Oh yes, I’d love that and, no, I don’t have any plans … I was just going to eat in the hotel restaurant.” I said, suddenly ecstatic that I would get to see John again, but trying not to show it. It’s all about decorum — right ladies?

“Oh my … you were going to have dinner at the hotel? I’m so happy I’ll be able to save you from such a fate as the hotel eatery. It’s a date then. What time?” He asked me.

“Oh … ah, I have to call my husband this evening; I told him I would. Maybe seven-thirty … is that too late for you?” I said. As an after thought, I told him which hotel I was booked into.

“No, no, seven-thirty is fine. And I’m staying at the same hotel — it’s the closet one to the conference center. I was really lucky to get a room there.” He said. “OK, so I’ll meet you in the lobby and we’ll get a taxi … it’s not far … a ten or fifteen minute drive from the hotel.”

The waitress came and we ordered. Over the rest of lunch we talked and got to know one another better. He told me about his family — he had three daughters, the oldest a senior in high school and getting ready for college. I figured out from what he told me that the three girls must each have been about two years apart in age.

“I’m surprised you have a daughter ready to graduate high school. You must have married very young.” I said.

“We were both twenty-one and we waited quite a few years before having kids. Hell, I’m staring at the big five-oh next birthday. It’s kind of scary actually, when I realize that I’m getting that old.” He said.

“You’re kidding. I would have guessed you to be in your thirties.” I said, genuinely surprised at his age. But still, I thought him to be quite good looking; and I found myself being attracted to him, regardless of his age.

“Hmmm … I’m guessing you’re mid-twenties, right? I guess that means I’m old enough to be your father.” He pointed out.

“Twenty-six.” I said. “Shit … ooops, sorry. You really don’t look old enough to be my dad and you certainly don’t act like my dad. Now my dad … that’s really old.” I said, and laughed. But then it occurred to me that my father was only about five years older than John.

Our food came and we ate. We exchanged a few thoughts on the conference as we finished our meals. We declined the offer of dessert and split the check since we each would put our portion of the meal on our travel expenses for our respective jobs.

“Listen, we’ve got about forty five minutes before the next session, want to take a walk before we head back? It’s such a beautiful warm day, not like Pittsburgh — it was snowing when I left last night.” John said.


We gathered our things and headed out. There was a huge line of people at the front waiting for a table.

We walked slowly and talked more.

“Do you have kids?” John asked.

“No, not yet. Phil and I have only been married a couple years. We both have our careers — he’s with a consulting firm and works some pretty long hours and he’s often out of town on engagements for clients.” I said. “But we’d both like a family and we’ve been talking about getting the process going.”

We continued walking and found ourselves at the water’s edge. A sign nearby identified the area as ‘Fishermen’s Wharf’ — I knew there was a famous wharf in Frisco, but had never heard of one in San Diego. There were lots of boats tied up at docks in an area enclosed by a seawall; some boats were large, many small, some new, and many showed their years and signs of the hard work they’d been put to. The working vesicles far out numbered the pleasure craft at the wharf. It was such a quaint picture; it looked like a scene from a century or more ago, juxtaposed with the high-rise sky scrapers of a thriving modern city.

“I just love this. Where’s my camera?” I said and I started fumbling though my purse. “Here it is.”

I held my camera up and framed the scene in the viewing screen — the bright sunlight made it difficult to see the little screen; a failing of modern digital cameras. I zoomed in and got a couple shots of some of the more interesting boats.

“Could you take one of me with the boats in the background?” I asked John, holding out the camera to him. “Here … just press this button half way until it makes a little sound then push it the rest of the way.” Later, I discovered that John is an amateur photographer and probably knew more about my camera than I did.

“OK, big smile.” He said as I stood next to a large concrete stanchion with huge chains attached to both sides. They looked like anchor chains, attaching the column to concrete pillars on either side, which in turn, ringed the wharf to keep people from falling into the water.

“Hold it; let me take a couple more … that’s the secret to getting a good shot.” He said. He took a few seconds to look over my camera and pressed or twisted a few things and then took several more pictures.

“Here … I put everything back on automatic for you.” He said, returning my camera to me.

“OK, now your turn.” I said. “Go stand over there.” I pointed at the concrete pillar.

“Oh no, no … you don’t have to …” He protested.

“No, I want to … now get going … please?” I said, employing one of those feminine tricks that girls all learn as we grow up … I pouted.

“Alright.” John said reluctantly and went over and stood where I’d asked him to.

I snapped a shot. “Wait … let me get another.” I zoomed in and got another shot from the waist up. “One more …” Then I zoomed in more and got a close up of his face. I felt all tingly with excitement. The feeling of moisture between my legs had returned.

What am I doing, I thought, I’m married, I love my husband, I’m half his age … hell, he’s old enough to be my father … but damn, there’s something about him …

“OK. That’s it.” I said. “Isn’t it about time for us to be getting back?”

“Yes, I think you’re right.” He said. We walked back towards the convention hall.

“I really enjoyed having lunch with you, John.” I said. “And I’m really looking forward to dinner tonight.” I said as we re-entered the building.

“Me too. Do we have any sessions in common this afternoon?” He asked. We compared our schedules and saw that we did not.

“OK, well I guess I’ll see you at seven-thirty then.” He gave me his room number in case something should come up and I needed to call and cancel. I think, as a shy person, he probably expected me to bail on him.

“I’m in fourteen oh two, and I can’t imagine any reason why I wouldn’t join you. See you later John.” And we parted company.

For the rest of the afternoon I was very fidgety and the meetings seemed to be competing with molasses to see which could go slower on a winter’s day. I confess — I kept taking my little camera out and sneaking peeks at the pictures I took of John at lunch time. Whenever I did, I felt a tightness in my chest and tingling in a very private area.

After the last meeting session, I went back to the hotel. As I walked back, I kept looking around hoping to see John, but I didn’t. When I got to my room, I called Phil on my cell and gave him a brief synopsis of my day, well, of the conference anyhow — I left out the details of lunch.

“So what are you doing this evening?” My husband asked.

“Oh, I’m going to have a nice relaxing bath, grab a bite to eat here at the hotel and then hit a movie — there’s one of those big multiplex things a few blocks from the hotel … I asked at the front desk before I came up.” I lied to husband. “I’m not sure what time I’ll be back … if its not too late, I’ll call.”

“I’ve got an early flight tomorrow, so I’ll be hitting the sack early … probably by ten.” He said.

“OK, so I’ll probably just call tomorrow evening then. Love you babe, good night.” I said.

After talking with my hubby, I did indeed have that long hot soak in the tub. After my bath, I put on sheer black thigh high stockings. Then I pulled a tiny black thong up my legs and over my hips; it was little more than a g-string, really. I did my make-up and then went to my closet and removed the little black cocktail dress I’d brought with me in case there was some special event at the conference I might need to be dressed up for — I had no idea when I’d packed for the trip if I’d need it, or not. It wasn’t an extremely dressy garment, but rather a little dress that could double as a cocktail party dress or just a nice dress for dinner in a classy restaurant. I just hoped John didn’t show up in jeans because then I really would look over dressed.

I pulled the dress on and checked myself in the mirror. It had very narrow straps — though not quite spaghetti straps – and it was rather low cut and daring in the front and even lower in the back. I turned and faced away from the mirror and then looked at my reflection from over my shoulder. I realized the back of the dress left no doubts regarding my being braless. I turned back to check out the front again, then I did a quarter turn and took in the side view. Not bad, I thought. The dress, when viewed from the side, showed an awful lot of my breast; pretty much everything except the nipple. I was sure John would appreciate my sexy dress, especially since he’d tried so hard earlier in the day to see as much of my breasts as he could. Hmmmm … I think I already said I was a tease, didn’t I?

I checked the clock and saw that I was ready a bit too early, so I went over to the little fridge in my room and checked out the supply of booze it contained. I picked a little bottle of bourbon and put some ice in a glass and poured the liquor over it — I never cared much for ‘mixed’ drinks, so I drank most things on the rocks.

I switched on the TV and located the local weather report. As I watched, I realized my glass was empty already. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was thirsty, or because I was nervous … almost as nervous as when I’d been a teenager and was going out on my first big date with a boy. I retrieved another mini bottle and fixed another drink and returned to the TV. They said it would be warm the rest of the week but the night time temperatures looked a bit low, so I set my glass on the table next to the TV — it was empty again — and got my shawl from the closet.

I wrapped it around my shoulders and checked out the look in the mirror again. The shawl was a delicate lacey crocheted thing that was more for looks than warmth, but it was better than nothing. Being black too, it looked nice with my dress. I let it fall from my shoulders and stood sideways again and noted that my breast exposure was not diminished. Good, I thought; feeling sort of naughty.

It was time to leave, so I took the elevator down to the lobby. I tend to an early person and John was not in the lobby when I arrived. I noticed quite a few men giving me second and third looks as they passed. This gave me a little thrill. I went over to a sofa in the middle of the expansive lobby and sat to wait for John. I crossed my legs as a distinguished looking older gentleman walked by. I did not pull the hem of my dress down for modesty’s sake and I’m fairly sure he got a look at my stocking tops as he passed. I was being very naughty — perhaps it was the two drinks I’d had in fairly quite succession on an empty stomach.

“Ah, there you are.” I heard someone say behind me. I recognized John’s voice as he walked around the sofa.

“Oh my … you look absolutely lovely.” He said as he came up to me and extended his hands to help me up.

I took them and stood up quickly and instantly felt lightheaded. I put my hands on John’s chest to steady myself. I must have looked very wobbly because he put both hands firmly around my waist.

“Ooooops … felt a little woozy there for a second.” I said and giggled a bit. I stood on tiptoes and wrapped my arms around John’s neck, and then leaned in real close and whispered in John’s ear.

“You caught me … I was a bad girl and found the mini-bar in my room … I confess … I had a couple nips.” I said.

Then I did something really naughty – I nibbled on John’s earlobe. Then, worse still, I put my tongue seductively in his ear.

“Oh my gawd.” John gasped. He still held me around the waist, but drew back a bit.

“Are you sure you only had a couple?” He said.

I pouted. I didn’t want John to be mad at me.

“I’m sorry … it was on an empty stomach … you’re not angry with me, are you? I guess I am a little tipsy.” I continued to look crestfallen.

“Oh no, Barb, not at all … it’s just, ah … well, its been a hell of a long time since anyone did … did that to my ear.” And he gave me a big smile. “That always really turned me on … ah, when I was younger, ah with a girl …”

“Oh really?” I said and the next thought I had was so incredibly naughty that I could only have acted upon it under the influence of the alcohol coursing through my body. I pressed my body very tightly against John and gave him a big hug. As I had guessed, I certainly did feel a very hard lump pressing into my belly just above my pubic mound. As I pressed myself against him, I moved my hips ever so slightly from side to side to rub my belly over his hard-on. I felt his cock twitch.

I released him. “Oh thank you John for not being mad at me.” I said. The expression on his face was one of bewilderment. I stood on tiptoes again and give him a kiss on the check.

“Shall we be gong to the restaurant? I really need to get some food in me before I pass out.” I said, and wiped my lipstick from his cheek as I spoke.

“Ah … yeah … sure …” He mumbled, still not sure what to make of my behavior.

I picked up my purse from the sofa. John removed his sports coat and draped it over his arm.

“Kind o’ warm in here.” He said. But I knew he had something to hide.

I took John’s arm as we walked out of the lobby. He didn’t really offer his arm, I just brazenly took it; but he seemed to be happy that I did. We went out into the delightfully cool night air and John told the doorman we needed a taxi.

When the taxi pulled up, John held the door for me. As I slid across the seat to make room for John to enter the car, the hem of my dress rode up very high exposing the tops of my stockings and maybe even revealing my black panties. I pretended I hadn’t noticed how high my dress was as John got in the taxi and sat beside me. I knew he couldn’t help but see.

“Oh my.” He said as he starred at my legs.

“Oooops.” I said and pulled my dress down, but barely far enough to cover my stocking tops. I left as much leg exposed as I could without looking like I was a hooker on the make. I snuggled up next to John and took hold of his arm with both hands.

“Oooo … it’s a little chilly this evening.”

“I can ask the driver to turn on the heat.” John offered.

“Oh no, I’m fine now, that is, if you don’t mind me snuggling.” I told him.

“Oh, no problem … here …” John replied and then put his around me and pulled me gently to him. “Is that better?” He asked as I rested my head on his shoulder.

“Oh perfect.” I sighed.

We sat that way all the way to the restaurant. We didn’t talk much.

When we got to the restaurant it turned out John had made reservations and we were seated promptly. The hostess led us to a dimly lit booth. I sat down and slid over to the far side of the booth to make room for John. John looked like he was about to sit opposite me.

“Oh no, could you sit over hear next to me … it’s a little chilly in here too. You know, in case I need to snuggle to get warm again.” I said, giving him my most seductive smile.

“OK.” He said, not sure how to react to me. I was certainly being a lot more intimate with him than someone he’d just met that day at a conference had any right to be.

“I think it’s still the booze … though I usually feel too hot when I drink too much … maybe I’m coming down with the flu.” I said as a joke. When I said ‘flu’ he flinched.

“I was just kidding. I don’t have the flu … it’s just chilly in here.” I assured him.

“Would you like my jacket?” He asked.

“No, but your arm around me again would be nice.” I said, so he put his arm around me again. The waitress returned with a plate of bread and butter.

“Oh good … I need that.” I said. After a couple slices of bread, I told John that my head felt a lot better; not so foggy.

We ordered and John asked if I’d like wine. I told him wine would be nice.

“Are you getting warm?” He asked after the waitress took our orders.

“A little better.” I said.

Sitting so close and being right next to me, as well as, being taller, I was sure that John had a really nice view; especially recalling how the scoop top of my dress scarcely covered my breasts when I’d checked how I looked in the mirror in my room. I glanced down and was able to just see the nipple of my right breast. John sat to my left and I wondered if he could see my nipple too. I’d been aware since the taxi that my little thong panties seemed to be getting rather wet.

“I hope I haven’t spoiled your evening. You know, the booze … that hardly ever happens to me … I’m so sorry.” I said, looking up at him. His eyes weren’t looking directly at mine. I could tell his gaze was directed toward my breasts and it made me smile, plus it made me tingle between my legs, too.

“No not at all. You’re a delightful girl and I really enjoy talking and … well, ah, just being with you. I, ah, have to confess … I find you to be exceedingly pretty.” He said. “I hope you don’t take that the wrong way.” He hastened to add.

“Oh, why thank you. I really like being with you too.” I assured him. “And no, I’m not taking anything the wrong way … a girl loves getting compliments.”

The waitress brought our wine and uncorked the bottle. She was a liberated lady because she asked who wanted to taste the wine.

“You go ahead Barb.” So I did.

“Very nice.” I said, of course I know nothing of wines. I just knew it hadn’t turned to vinegar. The waitress poured two glasses and John made a toast to wonderful company.

“I couldn’t agree more.” I said, as I clinked my glass against his; and then we both sipped the wine.

“You’re right, this is very nice.” John said. He looked down at me, with his arm still wrapped around me, and I looked up at him. I so wanted to kiss him; there was a stirring deep inside me. But I was also conflicted; my husband … his wife and family. So we just sat and starred longingly at one another and sipped our wine until the waitress brought our salads.

John had to take his arm away to eat; he was right handed, after all. We ate in silence once again. I ate about half my greens. Suddenly, I wasn’t very hungry … not for food anyway. I finished my wine and John filled my glass but not before asking if it was OK given my earlier problem. He had another glass too.

We talked a bit about the conference; though it was mostly John talking. I didn’t want to talk; I just wanted to touch and hold and caress and kiss his lips – and it wasn’t the wine talking.

Our dinners were served. I forced myself to eat as much of my meal as I could stand, but I left more than half of it untouched. John finished the bottle of wine without my help.

“I thought you were really hungry. I mean with the drinks before …” John said.

“No. I’ve sort of lost my appetite.” I said, probably sounding a bit glum.

“Didn’t you like your dish? I can have them prepare something else for you if …”

“No, it was delicious. I’m just not that hungry.” I said.

John asked the waitress about getting a taxi. She said that she would let us know as soon as it arrived. We talked a bit more, but I was afraid I had spoiled John’s evening; first, with getting tipsy before dinner, and then with losing my appetite. When the cab arrived, the waitress came back to our table and told us.

The ride back was fairly uneventful. As we neared the hotel I had an idea.

“John, do you think the taxi could drop us at the wharf and we could walk back from there? It was so lovely; I’d like to see it again. Do you think it would be safe there after dark?” I asked.

The taxi dropped us there and we walked along the deserted wharf.

“It’s even prettier at night.” I said. “Listen to all the sounds coming from the boats as they rock back and forth in the water. I just love this.” There was a steady breeze coming off the water making night crisp and clean.

“Yes, it is very nice … and peaceful too.” John said.

I started walking with my head tilted back as far as it would go so I could see the stars. When I did this, I started walking very erratically. I was not able to walk straight because, one) I wasn’t looking where I was going, and two) my sense of balance was off with my head way back. Girls, never try walking while looking at stars in four inch heels — trust me on this one.

“Aren’t the stars just gorgeous?” I said. As I sort of staggered along, I felt John put his hand on my waist to steady me.

“Yes, they are. Say … why don’t we sit on that bench over there if we’re going to star gaze? That way you won’t fall over.” John suggested.

“Hmmm … good idea.” I said.

We sat on the bench. It was a typical government issue park bench made of concrete. It was rather cold. As I sat with my head tilted all the way back, resting on the back of the bench and looking at the sky full of stars, a big gust of wind made my whole body shudder from the chill air.

“Would you like my jacket?” John asked. “You look cold.”

“You could put your arm around my shoulders again… that would keep me warm.” I said, hoping he would.

He did. I snuggled up to John and when I’d had enough of looking at stars I rested my head on his shoulder. After a little while I turned my head and looked up at John’s face and discovered he’d been intently looking at me.

“You know what, John?” I asked him.


“This …” I said, as I reached up and pulled his head down to mine and I kissed him. Not a hot passionate kiss; just a gentle loving kiss. His lips tasted sweet; maybe from the wine. As our long kiss continued it became more passionate. My tongue teased his lips, seeking admittance. He broke it off.

“Oh Barbara …” He said. “Barbara … Barbara …” From the way he said my name I couldn’t tell if he wanted me or if he was disgusted with me for coming on to him.

“Only my mom calls me Barbara and then only when she’s pissed with me for something.” I said, trying to make a joke, you know, lighten things up a bit; because I was really scared he was about to tell me good night and good bye and I really didn’t want that to happen.

“Sorry if I came on to you it’s just …”

“Oh no Barb … no, no, that’s not it at all …” He said and put his other arm around me and then he hugged me really tight. It felt so good being lost in his arms. He kissed my forehead and then my cheeks and … oh, this was so special, he kissed my eyelids. I shuddered again, only this time with excitement, not the cold.

“You’re cold again?”

“No, it was from you kissing my eyelids … I don’t know how to describe it, but it felt so awesome and it sent a chill through my whole body.” I told him.

“Honey, you know I’m married.”

“I know … so am I.” I said. “In a few days we’ll both leave this place and never see each other again, so, I don’t care … I want you tonight.” I confessed to him.

“Geeeez … I don’t know, Barb. I want you too. I wanted you the minute you looked at me when I sat beside you this morning.” He told me.

I crossed my legs and let my dress ride up high on my thighs revealing my stocking tops again. I pulled his arm from around me and guided his hand to my thigh above my stockings so he would feel my bare flesh.

“Do you like how I feel, John?” I asked him.

“Yes, but …” I uncrossed my legs and spread them as I pulled his hand into the warmth and wetness at the apex of my thighs.

“Can you feel how wet I am for you John?” I whispered. I kissed him again and our tongues met instantly and danced a delicate waltz inside each other’s mouths; our hot breath mingled and became one breath. I encouraged him to rub me between my legs by pulling his hand up and down until he got the idea. Then he took the lead by slipping his fingers underneath my panties. I felt his finger tips as they discovered my slippery wet grove and then moved up until they slid over my swollen nub.

“Oh fucking gawd … ah John! Oooooo that’s so so … oh yes!” I thought he’d gotten the message, so I returned to passionately kissing him. With my hand freed from needing to instruct his hand, I was able to explore his lap and quickly found the hard lump I knew was there. I squeezed him and began stroking him through his slacks.

“Baby I need you … inside me, honey.” I hold him as I unzipped him and pulled his cock out into the cool night air. At that point, I think I was ready to climb on him and fuck him right there in public.

As I held his erection in my hand, a large drop of clear liquid formed at the tip, so I leaned over and licked it from him. He groaned in delight. On impulse, I took all of him in my mouth and sucked him for a while but I did not want him to cum, not yet. I was completely oblivious as to whether anyone else was able to see us; I was acting on pure lust and just hoped that John was looking around from time to time.

“Oh geeez, Barb that feels so fantastic. You may not believe this, but I’ve never had a woman do that to me.” John said.

I lifted my head. “You’ve got to be kidding. Never?” I said, incredulous. He shook his head no.

So, I changed my mind about fucking him on the spot and returned to sucking his long pink shaft. It didn’t take that much longer as I sucked and bobbed my head up and down on him. I felt him tense all over and then felt his cock twitch and spasm inside my mouth. His salty warm cum erupted into my mouth in waves as I heard John groan in delight. I swallowed most of it.

“Did you like that, John?”

“Oh yes!” He said softly.

“Have you ever tasted your cum?”


“Would you like to? There’s still some in my mouth.” I said as I moved up to kiss him again. His tongue was reluctant to enter my mouth — understandably — so my tongue shoved some of his seed into his mouth for him to taste. It was something I’d done many times before with other guys, because I think sharing the tastes of sex to be incredibly erotic; whether its him tasting his own cum or me tasting my own pussy on a guy’s lips after eating me.

“What do you think? I love the taste of a man’s cum and I love sucking cocks and I just adore the feeling of the warm stuff filling my mouth.” I told him.

“Hmmm … I don’t know, it tastes sort of odd … salty … hard to describe.” He said.

“We still have a problem John.” I said.

“What’s that?”

“I need you to fuck me.”


“I’m afraid to do it here; someone might see us – a cop or something. Let’s go back to the hotel. Please?” I said.

My sex was on fire with need and if he denied me I didn’t know what I’d do. As I sat on the park bench waiting for his answer, I decided that if he said no, I would probably go to the hotel bar and pick up a complete stranger – my need was that strong.

“OK Barb.”

He tucked his shrinking cock back into his slacks and zipped up and we walked back to the hotel. He kept his arm around me as we walked. We went to his room since he said his wife might call. If she did, she’d expect him to be there.

When we entered his room we embraced and began kissing ardently as soon as the door closed. His tongue invaded my mouth immediately, no longer timid. His hands were all over me sending chills down my spine and making my sex ache with desire. His warm mouth on my neck sent waves of electricity through me; his lips sucked my flesh and he kissed me all over. I felt his tongue penetrate my ear and his hot breath made me wild with need.

I frantically undressed him while we kissed and he pushed the straps of my dress from my shoulders and over my arms and the dress fluttered to the floor leaving me naked but for my thong, stockings and heels.

“My gawd you’re so beautiful.” John told me as he stood back to take me all in.

“Thank you … now please get on that bed so I can fuck you baby.” I said. He finished undressing — all he had left were his shorts and socks.

As he lay down I slipped my heels off and pulled my panties down over my hips and let them fall to the floor. I climbed on top of his re-energized cock and moved my hips around to rub hard shaft against my pussy.

My eyes were closed and little mewling sounds escaped my throat – I was a tigress, purring. As I moved my hips to rub my pussy lips against his stiff meat I felt hot chills surge though me making me tingle all over. I felt his warm gentle hands cup and squeeze my breasts, and then his warm moist breath as his mouth enveloped one breast. His lips and tongue teased my nipple to hardness and I felt the wet pressure as it was sucked into his wanton mouth. I wrapped my arms around his naked body and pulled him close to me; his warm skin radiating his heat – my heat permeating his soul. I whispered my desire in his ear, followed closely by my hot tongue; I felt him shudder. I was writhing over him; felt his hands grasping and kneading the soft globes of my bottom; fingers probed the puckered flesh of my ass. The fingers slid down the crevice of my bottom until they found the slippery wet opening of my sex. His fingers tips explored and teased, then he pressed then deep inside me and when I felt him enter me I let out a deep sigh.

“John … I need you baby … I need you to fuck me now honey.” I whispered in his ear.

His fingers retreated and he grasped his cock and guided it to my opening. He lifted his hips and I tilted mine and I felt the head of his meat slip inside me. I pushed myself up using his shoulders to steady myself, and as I rose up, I felt myself slide down his thick shaft. I felt at one with him; his cock a part of my being. My arms shook and I collapsed on his chest. His arms surrounded me, held me, made me safe, as his cock stirred inside me … sliding out, sliding in, out again, in … I felt my body clinch his meat. My mind soared somewhere far off, some place of pure feeling, pure joy, of supreme bliss.

His hot breath bathed my neck, sending chills outward, radiating, transforming; melding with passion. My throat constricted, little sounds escaped; cascading on his ears. His hot tongue lapped at my throat; lips sucked on my flesh. I bit his ear; he yelped. My fingers tensed and stabbed the flesh of his back and shoulders; nails scrapped and dug into him as waves of ecstasy surged through my being.

“Fuck me.” I whispered. “Harder … faster … oh fuck …”

John squeezed me tightly and rolled me over on my back; his cock remained inside me. I hooked my heels on the backs of his thighs and pulled him with extreme urgency into my wanton sex. His being soared over me, enveloped me, gathered me in and made me whole.

His head was next to mine and I grabbed at it; with a handful of his hair, I held on to him for my very existence. The rough stubble of his beard rasped against my cheek, but I did not care. I felt the glorious pressure of his body slamming mine; I felt him try to merge with me, to become a part of me, to combine with my actuality.

“I’m cumming John … cum with me … ooooooooooooo …” My whole body convulsed, eyes tight, white fairy lights inside my eyelids melding … to orange, to red … someone far away made deep guttural sounds vibrating, pulsating, shaking the core of my existence … my body tensed, muscles contracted, my mind ascended … then letting go … a little death and oneness with all that is …

When I returned, John was moving slowly inside me and it felt so good, so comforting. I felt the muscles of my sex clinching his manhood over and over, though I had nothing to do with it, could not have stopped it had I wanted to. I was just there; just along for the ride.

“Did you cum, John?” I finally was able ask after some time.

“You couldn’t tell?” He asked,

“Sorry … I wasn’t here for awhile.”

“You’re supremely beautiful right now.” He said. He held himself up on his arms and gazed upon me from above. I pulled his head down to mine and kissed him very long and tenderly as a thank you. His cock still slid slowly in and out of me.

“I’m not done with you … are you up for more?” I said.

“I doubt I could cum again, at least not for long while anyway.” He said.

“That’s OK … for now, you could eat my pussy, I really love that; especially just after I’ve cum.” I told him. So he slid down my body giving me little kisses along the way and stopping for a somewhat extended tour of my breasts until I had to push him on down to my pussy.

“Hmmmm … we’ve got a problem here, there’s all this cum seeping out and it’s about to drip all over my bed.” He said.

“Maybe you should lick it up before it makes a mess … you could share some of it with me.” I said coyly. So he did.

Like I said, I love having a man eat me after fucking — to me it’s so intimate having a guy share his seed with me just after he’s shot his load into me. He lapped up the thick white stuff and let it drip from his tongue into my mouth.

“Now you can just suck and lick my clit as much as you like.” Which he did.

He gave me several more orgasms but nothing like the mammoth one I had when he had fucked me. He discovered he could get me off anytime he liked by just inserting his fingers and fucking me with his hand while he licked my clit really fast. After about a half dozen, I needed a break — my clit was getting a little sore.

I pulled him up next to me and just cuddled with him. I showered him with soft kisses. I ran my finger tips all over his bare body. In certain places he jumped and jerked. Anywhere near his flaccid cock got the best responses and I delighted in watching him twitch and hearing him moan.

“Do you like that?” I asked at one point.

“Oh yeah, it’s almost like tickling, but not quite.” He said.

As I kept up my pleasant torture, his cock came back to life. I guess he does like it, I thought.

I sucked him into my mouth. I would have liked to have him cum in my mouth again but my greed had other plans … I wanted another mind blower, and for that I needed him hard, and inside me.

I climbed on top of him just like before. I rode him until I felt the tension building inside me again. Leaning over I and told him what I wanted.

“John … I’d like you to roll me over again and get on top just like last time … and then, please … just fuck the shit out of me … OK?” I whispered in his ear. He nodded his head.

It took me a while longer the second one, and for a while I thought it might not happen again, or that John might not hold up long enough, but finally, I went somewhere else again. When I came back, I asked the same question.

“Did you come?”

“Nope … not this time. Hey, I’m almost an old man.” He said, and chuckled.

“Lie down.” I instructed. I engulfed his still hard cock and sucked him voraciously. I alternately squeezed his balls then tickled them with my finger tips. When I thought the timing about right, I stopped sucking for just a moment and sucked two of my own fingers into my mouth to get them really wet. I returned to sucking John’s cock and then inserted my two fingers into his ass and finger fucked him. I felt him tense all over and then his cock spasmed inside my mouth which filled rapidly with his salty sweet cum once more.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuk!” John yelled as he came. Then, “oh thank you, thank you … that was so fantastic. Not only was that only the second time in my life anyone every sucked me but I never had anyone … ah, well, you know …”

“Fuck your ass with their fingers?” I asked, and laughed.

“Yeah, that.”

Some of John’s cum dribbled down the side of his cock, so I licked him clean and swallowed the last few drops of his tasty juices.

“Let’s get a shower and then go find a pizza … I’m starving.” I said, when I’d finished.

“Ok …” He seemed a bit taken aback by my sudden interest in food.

“Hey … I hardly ate any of my dinner … but that was all your fault.” I said accusingly, but in a nice way.


“Yeah. My stomach was all tied up in knots wanting you and I was afraid nothing was going to happen … so I couldn’t eat. Now, I’m about to expire from starvation, so hurry up.”

We showered and delighted in washing each other, especially the naughty bits. I had only my cocktail dress to wear, so we stopped by my room so I could change into jeans and a top.

We slept in his room that night. I had my cell in case Phil called — we always called each other’s cell whenever either of us traveled.

John had a call from his wife late that evening. We were lying on our sides and John was slowly sliding in and out of me from behind, squeezing my breasts and nibbling on the back of my neck when the phone on the bedside table rang. He reached around and picked it up without withdrawing his hard cock from me, so he was still pumping my pussy while he talked with her. I thought, gawd … if his wife only knew … and I almost broke out in hysterical laughter. He didn’t cum again that night but he did give me a lot more pleasure. I feel asleep with John’s cock still inside me.

We made love in the morning before the sessions started. I woke John by sucking on his flaccid cock; it grew inside my mouth before he was fully awake. That’s something else I think is horribly erotic — feeling a guy’s dick grow from a tiny little thing into a hard rod that you know is going to feel so good inside you.

I wanted John to take me really rough from behind and he agreed to indulge my little quirk. I knelt on the carpet and he entered me very abruptly and starting pounding my cunt immediately. He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back which made me scream with delight. I came twice before he did.

We showered and skipped breakfast, but we were still fifteen minutes late for the first session of the conference.

At lunch, on the second day of the conference, I moved all my things to John’s room and we had a ‘quickie’ before we went back to the meetings. We spent each evening of the remaining days of the conference in bed; and John gave me one or two of those awesome orgasms each night, plus lots more little ones.

On the second night, I introduced John to the pleasures of anal sex, which I really like and which he had never experienced. The poor guy had led a very sheltered life … until he met me. After our anal experience — which John liked – I told him that the one thing I had never done was to have two men take me at the same time … you know, a double penetration, they call it. I’m still waiting for that one.

At lunch each day, we hurried back to the room and fucked. We bought horrible sandwiches at a coffee shop off the hotel lobby and ate them hurriedly as we walked back to the conference.

The last day of the conference came and he asked the front desk for a late check-out so we could use the room one last time over lunch. We ended up skipping out on all of our meetings that last day.

On the airport shuttle we sat in silence just holding hands. We looked into one another’s eyes but said little until the driver called out my airline and I had to get off before John. I stood, leaned over and gave John a kiss on the cheek.

“Take care John and have a good life … I love you.” I whispered. And then I turned, grabbed my bag, and stepped off the bus without looking back.

The tears that streamed down my cheeks on the flight home were from a mixture of joy and sorrow; joy at having experienced such a wonderful man as part of my life, and sorrow for the brevity of it.

John emailed me for months after the conference and I responded, but abruptly one day, his emails stopped and his email address became inoperative.

Oh, and by the way … I’m pregnant — she’s due next month. She might be his … there’s a very good chance that she is, but John will never know … and I’ll never be absolutely sure … which is probably just as well.

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