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Ashley’s Misdelivered Christmas Gift

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Ashley Maynard was a beautiful 18-year old beauty with long blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Her slender lithe body and angelic face helped to make her one of the most desired girls in high school. She was both the Homecoming and Prom Queen during her senior year.

After graduation her boyfriend, Ben Rogers, went off to college up state while Ashley remained at home attending the local community college.

She worried that Ben would find someone else, but in truth there were more men after Ashley then there were girls after Ben. And while Ben wasn’t opposed to dating if something came up at college, he really did love Ashley and made the two-hour trip home every chance possible in order to spend time with her.

But the last time Ben came home Ashley made a disturbing discovery. While going through his video collection Ashley discovered that Ben was into bondage fantasies. Though disturbed at first, Ashley slowly became intrigued by the thought. She found herself fantasizing about being tied up and Ben finding her and taking her.

Ashley had thought about fulfilling this desire when Ben was down for Christmas break. Then he told her on the phone that he would be unable to return home for Christmas because of a project he was working on. He would have to stay over the holidays but hoped to be home for New Year’s.

Ashley was disappointed. But she felt even worse when she learned that his roommates were all going to be going to spend the holidays with their families and Ben would be all alone. That was when she decided to surprise him with a visit to spend Christmas with him. Once she had made up her mind, Ashley thought that she would really surprise him by arranging a bondage fantasy for them both.

She mustered up the courage to visit an adult bookstore and browsed through the bondage equipment, seeking something she could truss herself up in securely. She found a few items that seemed to fit her plans, paid cash for them to make sure her name was never on any records, and rushed out of the store, avoiding the lustful eyes of the half dozen men who were following her every move.

At home, while her parents were away, she began practicing with the straps. She had two leather ankle and wrist cuffs that were designed to secure each hand to its matching ankle. And a spreader bar that forced her legs apart. She could easily bind her left side with the bar and cuffs. But the right side was more difficult. After rummaging though her father’s camping and hiking gear she found a metal clasp that could be fitted into the ring on her right wrist, and with careful practice (While not wearing any other bonds) she learned how to drive it into the ring on her right ankle to securely fasted the two together. For good measure she had also purchased a ring gag, that would force her mouth to remain open. Looking at herself in the mirror with it fastened into her mouth made her look sexy as hell.

Next, she talked to Ben and found out what his exact schedule would be. Following that, she called the campus operator to get his dorm address. That was where her problems began.

Unbeknownst to Ashley, there were two Ben Rogers on campus. Her boyfriend, and a Junior also named Ben Rogers who lived in another dorm. The operator, rushing to complete his job and get back to his book, looked through the online registry and found the first name and passed along that information to Ashley.

On the morning of Christmas Eve Ashley got into her car and headed to Ben’s college. Once there, she took her small suitcase of clothes and gear and entered the building address that she was given on the phone. She sweet-talked the janitor into letting her into Ben Johnson’s room, then went to work.

There were two small bedrooms with two beds each. She searched the dresser tops until she found something that said ‘Ben’ and guessed that to be his bed. The she quickly wrote a note saying, “Merry Christmas, take me, Ben.” And taped it to the mirror.

Next she stripped naked and pulled out some red ribbon about two inches wide. She tied a strip of it around her 34 B breast, then tied another strip to the back of that one, ran it down her back, between her legs, up over her neatly trimmed thatch of blond pubic hair, and up her belly to tie it off between her perky tits. She completed this with a red bow and now Ashley made one hell of a hot Christmas present.

Next she secured the ring gag in her mouth and strapped it around her head. Then she fastened the spreader bar between her legs while lying on Ben’s bed. Once done, she fastened her left wrist and ankle together, then put the other ankle strap on. She was already wearing the wrist strap and carefully placed the clamp next to the ankle ring. This was the point of no return. Once Ashley pushed this through there would be no way of undoing her bonds. She took a deep breath, then drove the hook home. Now all she could do was lie there on Ben’s bed, her arms and legs held in place and her legs spread apart.

Ashley squirmed on the bed. Her pussy was already growing wet. She was getting turned on by the minute and couldn’t wait for Ben to get home.

Ashley heard the door and felt her heart begin to beat faster. Then she began to panic when she heard the sound of more than one voice in the outer room. She didn’t recognize any of them as Ben’s.

“Of fuck,” she thought, “I hope his roommates didn’t cancel their trip.”

Ashley was trapped on the bed not knowing what she could do. Then the door opened and a tall, handsome, young man entered.

“Holy shit! Come here guys!” He cried out.

Ashley was petrified as two more men entered the room. Neither was as attractive as the first man was. But they weren’t ugly either. Ashley cried out in alarm, but the ring in her mouth prevented her from being understood clearly.

“Look at the mirror, Ben.” The first college boy pointed. “Someone has left you one hell of a present.”

“Man, this is our lucky day.” The one named Ben said.

Before Ashley could fathom what was happening the three boys were stripping their clothes off and approaching the bed.

“Noooo!” She cried against the gag as hands tore the red ribbons off, exposing her sexy body, and began groping her beautiful young body. She struggled against her bonds as fingers pinched her perky nipples and others began probing her wet pussy.

“Shit, she’s ready for us already, guys.” One of them cried out.

Ashley saw one of the men come around by her head. His cock was standing fully erect. She screamed as he pressed his dick through the hole in the ring into her mouth. Ashley couldn’t escape the cock that pushed back over her tongue into her throat. She fought the urge to gag as he began fucking her mouth while the other two men cheered on.

“How could this have happened?” She thought, trying to ignore the cock ramming into her throat. One of these men was named Ben, but it wasn’t her Ben. Somehow she had made one hell of a mistake. But it mattered little now. Ashley was about to be gang raped and it was all her own doing.

“Oh yes!” The first man cried out as he began cuming in Ashley’s mouth. She gagged as his semen spurted into the back of her throat. Ashley didn’t mind sucking dick. But she only rarely allowed Ben, the only man she had ever had sex with, to cum in her mouth. And even then she never swallowed. But now she had no choice in the matter. It was either swallow or risk choking as the stranger fucking her face spewed his load into her mouth.

The first man pulled out of her mouth and the handsome guy approached her next. Ashley was shocked at the sight of his cock. While not huge, it was over 8-inches, which was bigger than either cock she had experienced before tonight. She tried jerking her head back and forth, but he grabbed her head with both hands and rammed his pecker into her mouth until his balls rested on her forehead. He began ramming her mouth, doing his best to shove it as deeply into her throat as possible.

As Ashley was getting face fucked for the second time that night she felt one of the men lay between her legs and begin licking her pussy. Ashley’s mind raced as she fought the physical stimulation that was beginning inside her wet cunt. Things got even worse as the third man began fondling her tits and sucking her nipples.

Ashley tried to resist the growing sensation that was filling her pussy. But she had been horny for quite some time before these men had entered, and the man licking her cunt was no amateur. So despite what her mind was telling her, Ashley’s body was growing closer and closer to climax.

She was jerked back to reality as the man fucking her mouth began pumping his thick, warm fluid into her throat. He continued pumping her mouth until long after he had finished depositing his seed inside her.

“Damn, she is good. Get the camcorder.” He said.

“Oh fuck no!” Ashley thought. But she had little time to worry about the camera before the third man had come around and began fucking her mouth. He was obviously worked up as he lasted no more than a couple minutes before blowing his load into her mouth. When he withdrew his cock Ashley saw that the tallest guy was holding the camera filming her.

“I’ve got to fuck this bitch.” He said, handing the camera to the guy who had just finished cuming in her mouth.

“No, please.” Ashley begged through her gag as he climbed onto the bed and between her legs. When she saw that he wasn’t going to use a condom she began yelling as best she could. But her cries were ignored as the man began pushing his 8-inch cock into her tight hole. Ashley screamed as he began fucking her with deep, hard strokes. But her screams turned to whimpers as his assault continued. Then the tingling sensation began once more. And this time Ashley knew that she was not going to escape from satisfying this man before cuming against her will.

She pulled at the bonds holding her wrist, but was unable to break free. Then her head shook back and forth as her orgasm exploded throughout her body. She caught herself moaning with delight as she climaxed on the cock slamming inside her. As her orgasm subsided she felt the man atop her beginning to pump harder and faster. Ashley realized that he was going to cum inside her and tried to cry out in hopes of having him pull out first. But he was not going to be denied the pleasure of orgasming inside her juicy cunt. Ashley felt his cock spasm, and his seed shooting inside her as this man became the first person to every cum inside her without using a rubber.

As her rapist pulled out of her the other two guys grabbed her. One of the men pulled her atop him so that she was on her knees straddling his cock. He thrust his rod up inside her as she lay on his chest. Unable to do anything else with her wrist still secured to her ankles. Then the second guy got on the bed behind her. Ashley was confused at first, but then realized, to her horror, what his intentions were as he began rubbing his cock along the crack of her tiny ass.

“No, please no!” She called out through her gag as his cock began pressing against her asshole. Ashley looked up only to see that the man who had just fucked her was now holding the camera, capturing her ordeal on tape. She screamed as the cock broke through her virgin ass and she found herself being fucked by two cocks at once. The pain threatened to knock her out at first, but slowly her body grew accustomed to the twin rods inside her. And to her surprise she began feeling her body responding to the twin fucking that she was receiving.

Ashley didn’t know why, but she was welcoming the orgasm that was approaching. “Oh yes!” She called out through the ring gag as her body shook as she climaxed the second time tonight. As she finished her orgasm the men both unleashed their own inside her cunt as ass. Once finished they rolled her over onto her back once more. The man with the camera adjusted the lens to get a close up view of her pussy and ass, showing their cum, mixed with her own juices, slowly oozing out.

Satisfied, they released her from her bonds, eager find out why she had chosen them to play out her sexual fantasy.

Ashley dressed quickly, trying to explain to the three men that all of this had been a big mistake. She tried to explain about her boyfriend, Ben Rogers, but ended up rushing out of the dorm, trying her best to ignore their laughter and jeers as she rushed outside.

Once outside she jumped in her car and drove off campus before stopping in a gas station to calm down. Three strangers had just raped her. But it wasn’t really rape, for she had put herself into the situation willingly. So there was nothing she could do about it. As she relived the events over in her mind, Ashley found herself rubbing her crotch. Seeing no one around she undid her pants and fingered herself to one more orgasm. Unable to believe just how much she had ended up enjoying her ordeal. She definitely was going to have to try this with Ben, but under more controlled circumstances.

“Oh shit!” She said, after finishing her climax. “I hope to hell those guys don’t show that tape around campus and let Ben see it.”

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