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Allie’s Reunion with Robyn

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The door opened and I leaped forward, letting out an excited squeal like a teenage girl as I wrapped my arms around the girl who stood there, hugging her tightly. She returned both the hug and the squeal, both of us overjoyed at being together again after three months apart. We pulled apart and I just gazed at her face. Robyn! After all these months, I was finally seeing Robyn again!

She was wearing jogging shorts and a simple t-shirt, but somehow she always made anything she wore look good. Her black hair was even longer, coming down to her butt and she probably sat on it accidentally if she wasn’t careful. Her smile was radiant, showing perfect teeth and just lighting up her whole face. Ultimately though, it was her green eyes that drew me in and left me momentarily speechless, eyes that I had gazed into so many times the previous year. I had seen her eyes sparkle with mischief and playfulness, blaze with passion and longing, and glow in contentment and my memories of these times flowed through my mind as I looked at her. Robyn must have felt the same, because she stood there unmoving as well, saying nothing. I wanted nothing more that to tackle her to the floor and kiss her until our lips chafed, but a “Hrm-hrmph” of someone clearing their throat ended the spell.

“Sorry, Dad,” I said, moving aside so he could walk into the apartment and put down the heavy box he was carrying. A new school year was beginning, but instead of sharing a dorm room, Robyn and I had found an apartment near the campus. She had already moved in earlier in the week, and my parents and I had just now arrived.

My dad straightened up and, turning to Robyn, smiled. “So, you must be the Robyn we’ve heard so much about.” He held out his hand. “I’m Allie’s dad, George. A pleasure to finally meet you.”

Robyn returned the smile and took his hand. “The pleasure is all mine. I’m so sorry we weren’t able to meet last year, but I had already found a summer job and they wanted me to start right away, so I had to leave before Allie did.” She looked at me, and by the sparkle in her eyes I could tell she was remembering our last morning together.

I had woken up to find her fingers sliding ever so slowly in and out of me. We often slept naked in the same bed. I vaguely remember I had been having a very pleasant dream, but whether that was a result of her ministrations or if the dream aroused me and prompted Robyn to start fingering me, I don’t know. What I do know is that when she noticed I was awake, she spread my legs apart and began to kiss and lick my clitoris. It took me no time to reach orgasm. I cannot think of a better possible method of waking up than that. I had then returned the favor, and we spent a couple of hours just pleasuring each other, knowing this would be our last day together for months.

I shook my head slightly, banishing the memory, when I realized Robyn had been talking to me. “Sorry, just scoping out the living room setup. What did you say?”

“I was asking,” she smiled, guessing at my thoughts, “if you wanted help unloading.”

“Oh, yeah,” I replied. “I’ve got a lot of stuff. Come on down and meet my mom.” Robyn had me wait until she could gather up her hair into a quick bun, which always amazed me that she could do it so quickly with hair as long as hers. When she was ready, I led Robyn and my dad down the steps to the parking lot. My mom was standing by our van, watching to make sure no one made off with all my stuff. “Mom,” I called, “here’s Robyn!”

My mom came over and exchanged greetings with Robyn and then we starting hauling up my stuff. Robyn had brought a television and stereo system, so I didn’t have anything high tech except for my computer, however it had been my job to bring a microwave and most of the kitchen supplies, in addition to all my clothes and belongings, so there was a lot of bags and boxes. My mom stayed with the van and my dad, Robyn, and I began the process of taking everything inside.

When we got upstairs, my dad put down the microwave and left to get more. Robyn and I put down what we were carrying and then embraced again. Desperately, my lips sought out hers and I moaned as her hand reached around my head and pulled me to her and we kissed deeply. Our tongues touched and Robyn sucked mine into her mouth. A wave of desire rushed through me and my hands seemed to move on their own to cup her ass and pull her against me.

We kissed for as long as we dared, which was far too short to satisfy me. “God, I’ve missed you,” I whispered into her ear as we held each other close. “I’ve needed this so badly.”

“Me, too,” she replied, giving me one last kiss on the forehead. “We’d better get back down there, but later when your parents leave…” She gave me a flirty wink and a very sultry smile (to this day I don’t understand how she can do that. I can’t.) letting her words trail off and making my imagination fill in all kinds of pleasurable details. She stepped out the door and I followed her.

I’m not sure how many trips up and down the stairs it took to get everything, but I noticed how most of the time Robyn made sure she was ahead of me on the way upstairs, swaying her hips in an exaggerated fashion when only I could see it. Since I was wearing a tank top, I retaliated by bending low when I could, giving her a great shot of my cleavage. She upped the ante by brushing my breasts with an arm or my thighs with a hand when she would pass by me. I began to do the same, and soon we were exchanging quick kisses with a lot of tongue whenever we could, the thrill of possibly being caught only made it more erotic. Although I couldn’t speak for Robyn, I knew she was slowly driving me into a frenzy.

As I went up and down the stairs, my mind wandered to the summer break, and how being away from Robyn felt like a kind of starvation. I survived through online chats and phone calls, and we talked about everything. Our jobs, what we did in our free time, and how much we missed each other. We started to reminisce about the things we had done while we were together, and I had become so aroused. Before I knew it, I had my pajamas off and was masturbating as Robyn described the things she would do to me if we had been together at that moment. It was my first experience with cybersex, but it was not the last as we then made sure to do it once or twice a week.

We soon escalated to phone sex, which was both better and worse than cybersex. Better in that I could hear her voice, hear her breathy whispers as she told me how she would pleasure me, hear the buzz of the bullet vibrator she used and her soft whimpers as her orgasm approached while I described how I would pleasure her. Worse in that it only took a minute or two to say things that would take fifteen minutes to type online, meaning I felt like I was repeating the same things over and over in an effort to keep Robyn aroused.

Like a starving person, I survived on these scraps, longing for the day I could sate my hunger for Robyn. Today was going to be the day, but the wait was nearly unbearable. After going without her for three months, another couple hours should be nothing, but Robyn was so close now. I could see her. Touch her. Hell, I could smell her, that scent of freshness and lavender from the soaps and shampoo she used. This teasing foreplay as we moved my belongings, rather than lessening my hunger, only increased it.

Finally we got everything unloaded from the van and into the apartment. The weather wasn’t hot, but we were all sweaty from the exertion, except for my mom, who had sat in the passenger seat, reading a book. So unfair.

“Well, girls,” my dad said. “I’m sure you’re both anxious to start getting everything set up and put away, but how about we take you out to lunch first.” My spirits sank a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I was hungry and loved the thought of a free lunch, but it would mean even more time until Robyn and I could be alone. Also, I thought about how when I was with my first boyfriend, my parents could just tell by the way I acted that I was in love. I was afraid that they might notice how I felt about Robyn if they were around the two of us for too long. Still, I didn’t feel like I could really turn down the offer, as it would be the last time I saw my parents until winter break.

“Sounds great,” I said. I turned to Robyn. “Don’t you think?”

She smiled. “Definitely,” she said. “How about some McDonald’s?”

“Bitch,” I exclaimed and slapped her arm, ignoring the sharp “Allie!” from my mom. I had worked at McDonald’s over the summer and didn’t think I’d want any food from there for a year at least. Talk turned to what restaurant we wanted to eat at, and it was decided we would go to a Chinese place nearby.

We all took the opportunity to use the bathroom and then splash some cool water on ourselves to wash some of the sweat away. While I was in there I felt between my legs and noticed how damp I was, and not just from sweat. My clit was visible from beneath its hood and part of me longed to touch it and bring myself to a quick orgasm. I would probably be more relaxed at lunch if I did, I reasoned. Finally though, I decided not too. The next time my clitoris was touched, it would be by Robyn.

Once we were all ready, we piled into the van and drove to the restaurant. The waiter seated us and after a few minutes we ordered a few dishes, planning for each of us to have a bit of everything. My parents began the typical questioning of Robyn that seems to happen whenever adults try to get to know a college student. “What is your major? What classes are you taking? What do you plan to do when you get out of school?” All the usual stuff. Thankfully, the ordinariness of the situation cooled my arousal, and I was confident that I wouldn’t act in a way to make my parents wonder about the two of us.

Robyn told them of her plans to be a nurse, and how she was just now really starting down that path. She had used her previous years to get rid of most of her general requirements. Talk turned to me and my ambitions to be a business major and maybe start up some kind of small business when I finished school. “You’re lucky,” Robyn said. “When you’re finished here, you’re done. I’ll still have a few more years to get my RN.”

The food arrived then, and we stopped to load up our plates with various styles of beef and chicken, along with barbecue pork and potstickers. Conversation turned to more general things as we ate. My dad and I talked about how the school football team would do this year. Yeah, that’s right, I like sports. Go ahead and drool, guys. My mom and Robyn went over some television show that they both followed, laughing over ridiculous plot points and the antics of the characters.

We were almost finished eating and had all just finished discussing the latest government screw-up when my dad got up to use the restroom. My mom decided she had better go too, leaving Robyn and I alone. She reached over and took my hand, squeezing it tightly. Her other hand used some chopsticks to play with her remaining food. “So what do you think,” she asked me. “Shower when we get home, or straight to bed?” She said “bed” in a way that would have left no doubts to a listener exactly what she meant.

“What makes you think I have any intention of letting you get that far into the apartment,” I asked, squeezing her hand back as I did.

She made a purring sound in her throat. “That might be best,” she said. “I might go crazy if I don’t get to do this to you soon.” At my confused look, she released my hand and pointed at her plate.

It was only then I noticed what she had been doing with her food. She had taken the last two potstickers and placed them back to back, and rested a pea from her fried rice between them near the top. All together, they looked remarkably like a pussy, with the pea acting as the clit. She was sliding one chopstick between the potstickers slowly, as if it were a finger. Seeing that I had finally noticed what she had been doing, she leaned over, eyes never leaving mine, and ran her tongue along the top, sucking the pea into her mouth.

The sight was so erotic that I dropped my fork. The burning desire for her that had faded at the beginning of the meal and which had begun to come back at her question flared up into an inferno. I felt myself become immediately wet. When Robyn quickly picked up one of the potstickers and bit into it, I realized my parents were coming back from the restroom.

“Everything okay,” asked my mom, looking at me.

“Yeah,” I said, maybe a little too quickly, but desperate to cover up my feelings. “I just dropped my fork accidentally and Robyn is trying to show me how to use chopsticks.” Which, I thought to myself, I will never look at the same way again, along with potstickers, after seeing Robyn’s little performance.

Robyn ran with the story. “See how easy it is,” she said, after sucking her chopsticks clean. This only made me remember how she would suck her fingers clean after masturbating me to orgasm, always moaning or telling me how good I tasted. I felt myself get wetter and thrust the memory out of my mind.

My dad paid the bill and we left. As we drove back to the apartment, we pointed out various places of interest that we passed. Good restaurants, the nearby park, the new school building that was still early in the construction phase, I pointed out anything so that I wasn’t sitting there in an awkward silence. The only thing I really had on my mind was getting home and attacking Robyn.

We arrived and we all got out of the van. My dad shook Robyn’s hand again, saying, “I’m glad to have finally met you, Robyn. Good luck with your classes.” Robyn thanked him, and then my mom came up. She gave Robyn a hug (apparently lunch had been enough time together to qualify for hugging status) and told her goodbye, then they both came to me. We all hugged and kissed as we said our goodbyes. They got back in the van and pulled out of the parking lot. My dad honked the horn and they drove away. Robyn and I waved, watching until they turned the corner.

Robyn dashed for the stairs, and I was right behind her. We both probably set some sort of stair-climbing record as we hurried up them and to our apartment. Robyn fumbled with her keys, trying to unlock the door. This probably would have been easier if I wasn’t right behind her, my arms wrapped around her, hands rubbing her breasts and stomach. We were both panting, and not from our exertion on the stairs.

Finally she got the door open and we practically fell inside. Robyn closed and locked the door behind us then turned in my arms to face me. Our lips met again, but this time there was no worry about being caught. No worry about being interrupted. Our lips were mashed together from the force of our kisses, our tongues swirling together, first in her mouth, then in mine. I had to break the kiss for a moment and yank off my glasses, dropping them to the floor, so they would stop digging uncomfortably into my face. Then our lips were attached again, as if glued together. Her hands were already under my tank top, working at the clasp on my bra. Mine had slid into her shorts, cupping her ass and pulling her against me, my fingers digging into her soft flesh.

Our panting became heavier in our frenzied desire. I felt my bra come undone and Robyn’s hands slip under the cups to engulf my breasts. She spread her legs a little as I began to shove her shorts down, pleased how easy it was with just an elastic band, no fasteners or zipper to worry about. I forced her panties down with them and felt a wave of moist warmth flow over my fingers as her most intimate of areas was bared.

I tried to run my fingers through the source of that heat, but my arms were forced up and away from Robyn as she broke our kiss and pulled at my shirt and bra, trying to remove them. I raised my arms to help, wanting my own interfering clothes off and out of the way, and the offending articles were hurled across the room. Robyn’s hands returned to my breasts, and she also bent down to suck a nipple between her lips. I let out a gasp of pleasure and felt my pussy gush. My nipples had always been sensitive, and my hands moved almost of their own accord to grasp her head and hold her to me.

The bun of her hair felt wrong under my fingers, and I pulled out the band holding it together, letting her long tresses fall free. Some of her locks brushed against my legs, making me quiver as a ticklish sensation traveled up them. I only then realized that Robyn’s free hand was working at my shorts, clumsily unfastening them a button at a time. This reminded me that I had already pushed her shorts down and I moved my hands from her head back down to her now naked ass.

I cupped her ass in my hands, kneading the flesh like bread dough, eliciting moans from Robyn which were muffled by my breast in her mouth. I slid one hand over her hip to the front, running over her shaved mons, and down from there to her opening. I thrilled at the feeling of wetness there, pleased to know I was not alone in my heightened state of arousal.

As I lightly ran a finger over Robyn’s wet lips, she succeeded in undoing enough buttons on my shorts to push them and my panties down. As she had done, I spread my legs apart a bit so they slid down easily. A wave of cool air flowed over my pussy as it was exposed, making it and my wet thighs tingle. I stepped out of my shorts and panties when they hit the ground, completely naked now. Noticing how unfair this was, I released her ass and pulled at her shirt, dragging it up her back. She quickly reached back and grabbed the hem when I had raised it far enough, releasing my nipple from her lips as she yanked her shirt off. She unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor as well before returning her full attention to me.

Robyn grabbed my shoulders and then fell backwards, pulling me with her. I felt just a moment of panic, then I realized that we had slowly moved towards the couch. We fell onto it, me atop her, our naked bodies embracing each other. Finally, after my three months of near starvation, living on scraps, I was feasting. Our legs wound together, each of us moving a thigh to the others’ pussy. We both moaned as our continued motions caused us to rub against the others’ thigh. Holding each other close, laying belly to belly, we stroked and caressed each other as we kissed fiercely on the lips, cheeks, neck, and chin. Our panting filled the room, as did the scent of us, no longer contained by our clothing.

At the same time, we stopped kissing and looked at each other. No words were needed between us. We both knew what the other wanted, so I didn’t hesitate. I raised myself up and turned around, my knees on either side of her head, my hands by her hips. I bent my arms and spread my legs apart, bracing one leg on the floor as it went off the couch, and lowered my soaked pussy to Robyn’s waiting lips, at the same time lowering my hungry mouth to hers. Neither of us could bear to be the first to give pleasure, nor be the first to receive it. And this first time had to be us, alone. No toys, no aids, just us.

We both gasped as tongues touched clits. I wrapped an arm around Robyn’s leg, holding me against her as I ran my tongue up and down her slit, giving her clit a couple flicks each time I passed it. I felt one of her arms wrap around my waist to hold me to her and her tongue as she licked me like an popsicle, from the bottom to the top over and over again. Her tongue would just graze my clit at the start of each lick and I wanted nothing more than for her to hit it full on.

The taste of her was as I remembered, but a little saltier from the sweat of unloading the van. I reveled in her flavor and in the feeling of her juices coating my mouth as I feasted on her. The warmth of her skin against mine brought back so many memories from the previous year, every touch of her hand, every swipe of her tongue, every brush of her long hair as it fell over me like a waterfall when she would lay atop me.

I felt her slide a finger into me and focus her tongue over my swollen clit and I gasped. I was so close to orgasm now. I imitated her, pushing a finger between her lips (God it went in so easily) and wrapping my lips around her clit, sucking it and flicking my tongue over it inside my mouth the way she liked it. We were both moaning loudly now. Even with our mouths muffled by the others’ pussy someone on the other side of the door could probably hear us. But we didn’t care. Let the whole world hear. All that mattered to us at that moment was the other.

Mine hit first, when Robyn pushed another finger inside me. My whole body stiffened as a tidal wave of pleasure crashed through my whole body. My pussy clenched so tight around her fingers I almost expected to break them as she continued to pump them in and out of me. Her tongue felt like a hummingbird’s wings, flicking over my clit from all sides. The feeling was overwhelming, and without realizing it I pressed my hips down against her face to enhance the sensation of her tongue against my clit. It took a great effort not to stop my pleasuring of her and just enjoy my orgasm, but I just would not fail to bring her the ecstasy she was giving me. Despite my resolve, however, I could not stop a cry of release from escaping my lips.

Thankfully, she was not far behind me. With a cry of her own I felt her body tense and her pussy grip my finger like a vise as her hips pushed up against my mouth. My tongue felt sore from months of disuse, but I forced myself to keep it moving, stimulating her clit the best I could as my finger continued to thrust in and out of her. I let out a breath that I hadn’t realized I’d been holding as my orgasm ended in the middle of hers. I forced myself to continue pleasuring her until hers came to an end and her body relaxed. Then, rolling off of both her and the couch onto the floor, I collapsed in a contented heap.

My eyes were a bit unfocused and my breathing was still rapid as I lay there on the floor. The air felt very cool on my sweat-coated breasts and belly, and I could feel my hair plastered to my head with yet more sweat. All I could smell was Robyn, her juices having coated my lips and nose. I rubbed my finger and thumb together, feeling the slickness of her, then brought that finger to my lips and sucked it between them, tasting her one more time.

I blinked my eyes a couple of times to clear them and looked to see Robyn sucking her own fingers clean. I could see my own juices glistening on her face, running down her cheeks and neck. God, had I ever been that wet before? Even some of her hair had soaked it up, leaving clumpy looking patches in her dark lengths. Seeing me watching her, she smiled, though with her half-lidded eyes giving her a rather dazed look, it came off as somewhat goofy. I was already smiling myself, feeling so good at the moment that I was unable to keep a grin off my face.

“That,” Robyn sighed pleasurably, “was really good.” She rolled over onto her stomach which let her look at me more comfortably with her head hanging slightly off the couch. Some of her hair fell down, pooling on the floor, while more of it stuck to her back from her own sweat. If I had been sitting up, I would only have been able to see the very bottom of her ass because her hair covered the rest of it and her back, with only small slits of flesh showing through between locks. Laying on her stomach, only the sides of her breasts, squished down by her weight, were visible. And though her eyes were dazed, they still sparkled in a way that I’ve never seen in anyone else. She looked like a photographer’s wet dream. She was absolutely beautiful.

“Yes, it was,” I agreed. Our breathing was starting to return to normal as we lay there. Robyn was the first to move, crawling off the couch to lay next to me. We embraced and kissed again, but slowly this time. Less fierce, but no less passionate. “I missed you,” I whispered between kisses. “I missed this.”

“Me, too,” she said. After a few more minutes of kissing and holding each other, she asked, “Shower?” I nodded and we stood up. Robyn went and grabbed a couple of towels as I started up the shower, and we both got in when the water was warm enough.

It was an odd feeling, showering together. We had done it before, kind of, in the dorms last year. There were three showers, all separated by curtains, and a couple of times we had just not closed the curtain between us and pointed both shower heads towards the middle. There was one particular time that I would never forget. After I had been playing ultimate frisbee with some friends, Robyn had surprised me in the shower and brought me to the brink of orgasm while a teammate of mine was in the third shower. Robyn had left me like that until I got back to our room and practically assaulted her until we both erupted in massive orgasms.

This time was very different. We were completely alone, and there was no risk of being interrupted. But even more than that, we were not trying to sexually pleasure each other. The water rinsed away the sweat and juices from our lovemaking. We washed each other, running a soapy washcloth over every inch of the other, massaging muscles, stimulating sensitive areas, and leaving a wonderfully clean feeling behind. We embraced and kissed often as we washed, but although it was arousing, we did nothing else to excite the other. We only stopped and got out when the hot water began to run out.

We each took a towel and dried off. Robyn’s hair hung down her back in a long dark ribbon, looking even sleeker than normal while wet. My own shoulder length blond hair had already begun to curl up as it air-dried, much to my annoyance. I liked my hair to be straight, like Robyn’s, but it always did whatever it wanted unless I brushed and dried it immediately, and even then I needed to add a little gel or hairspray.

Robyn took my hand when we were both sufficiently dry and led me to her bedroom. She had decorated her room with the familiar posters that had covered her side of the room last year. She had a couple more now of her favorite band, and a large picture frame with a collage of photographs of friends, family, and at the center of it all, the two of us. It was a picture taken near the end of the last school year. In it, we were standing in the hallway of the dorm, our arms around the others’ shoulders, smiling broadly at the camera. I didn’t even know Robyn had a print of this, as it was one of the girls on our floor who had taken it. She had wanted a picture of everybody in the dorm. Robyn must have asked for a copy.

Deep green sheets covered her bed, and she lay down on top of them, still naked, hair still shimmering from the dampness. She pulled on my hand and had me lay down beside her. We still didn’t talk, the silence between us feeling almost sacred. Words just weren’t needed. We cuddled and began to make out. Our kisses were slow and soft. Our hands moved over the others’ body, rubbing and caressing the others’ arms, stomach, back, and head.

We lay like that for a long time, and I was reminded of the first time I made out with a boy. I had been clothed at the time, unlike now, but just like now there had been no sexual contact beyond the kissing. Well, he had rubbed my breasts through my shirt, but beyond that, there was nothing more than kissing. It had all seemed so erotic though, and as we had kissed for nearly an hour it had almost felt like sex in itself. Certainly I was very short of breath and feeling a very pleasant buzz afterward.

These same feelings flowed through me now as Robyn and I held each other, stroking our hands over the others’ body, lips locked together as we kissed. Our tongues traveled from one mouth to the other, swirling around each other, flicking over teeth, running over lips. As time went on my arousal, which had been simmering ever since the shower, began to increase, a small fire burning between my legs. I let my hands wander over Robyn’s breasts, kneading them gently, rolling her nipples between my fingers. I then ran them down her back to cup her ass, kneading the flesh there as well, pulling her against me. My lips and tongue became more assertive, sucking her tongue into my mouth harder than before, driving mine into her mouth, or nibbling her lower lip when I sucked it between my own lips.

As Robyn began to respond to my more aggressive actions, I climbed on top of her and began to kiss my way down her body. I let my lips brush over her neck and collarbone, working my way down to her breast. I kissed a large circle around her nipple, spiraling inward slowly until her nipple was between my lips and I sucked it hard, eliciting a soft moan from Robyn. I played with her other breast with my hand, gently tweaking that nipple between finger and thumb. I switched, repeating the circling kisses on her other breast while my hand rubbed my saliva into the first, keeping her nipple hard with continued stimulation.

After a few minutes going back and forth between her breasts and savoring every moan I could get out of her, I kissed my way down to Robyn’s stomach. I moved back and forth, kissing every inch of her stomach as I moved down further and further, my lips passing her belly button, down to her shaved mons. She had obviously shaved earlier that day in expectation of our lovemaking, as I could not feel even the slightest bristle against my lips.

My hands moved from her breasts, down her sides and over her hips to caress her thighs, which were spread wide on either side of me. I massaged her inner thighs, hearing the slight squishing sound of her wet pussy lips as they were pulled apart and then pushed back together as my hands worked her flesh. This only increased my own arousal and I felt myself begin to get wet. Looking into her green eyes, I could see a burning desire for me, and a desperate desire for me to keep going. I planted one last kiss on her mons before trailing my lips slightly to the side, avoiding her slit by the barest margin.

I pressed my lips against the join between leg and crotch and moved down Robyn’s leg, planting soft kisses every inch. I continued to massage her thighs as best I could, now able to see her pussy opening and closing again and again as I did. Her opening seemed to be inviting me to push a finger or two inside her. I ignored this for the moment, wanting to tease her a little as I kissed my way down to her knee. I then reversed directions, working my way up her thigh back to the innermost part of her leg, then passed right over her pussy (getting a strong whiff of her arousal) and began to kiss my way down her other leg.

Robyn had pushed her hips out when my lips passed over her pussy, trying to make contact, but I had avoided it. She let out a soft growl of frustration as my lips touched her other thigh, but she made no other protest as I kissed every inch of leg down to her knee. Again, I reversed direction, my lips pressing softly against the warm skin of her thigh, moving closer and closer to where she truly wanted me.

I pressed my lips just to the side of her pussy and then moved directly in front of it. I inhaled through my nose, almost tasting her through her scent, trying to fill all of my senses with nothing but her. The sight of her shaved pussy, quivering before me. The scent of her, musky with a hint of the soap from the shower. The feel of her thighs under my hands, soft and warm. The sounds of her breathing, quiet yet fast in her excitement of what was to come. I completed this by leaning forward the smallest amount and pressing my lips to the bottom of her slit, pushing my tongue out slightly to taste her. The slight salty tang was gone now, leaving only her flavor. Robyn let out a pleasured gasp at the contact and I moaned myself in satisfaction.

I pulled my hands apart, forcing her pussy open and pushed my tongue inside her. I slowly moved it in and out as far as it would go. Admittedly, this was not very deep, probably only a third the length of my middle finger, but Robyn still moaned at the sensation. I fucked her with my tongue, pushing my mouth against her pussy, my nose pressing against her clit. I shook my head from side to side slightly, running the tip of my nose over her clit, eliciting yet another moan from her, this one a little louder.

I watched her face as I pleasured her, enjoying the way her eyes fell shut and her mouth opened when she moaned. Or the way she ran her tongue over her lips. Whenever something felt particularly good her lower lip would curl into her mouth and she would bite it slightly. When open, however, her eyes were always on mine. Her hands moved up to play with her own breasts, squeezing them gently and pinching her nipples slightly between her fingers. At this point I desperately wanted to reach between my legs and play with my clit, but I didn’t. I had had enough of that during the summer break. I wanted all of my pleasure to come from Robyn.

Wanting to see more and becoming even more aroused, I ran my tongue from her hole up to her clit. At this more direct contact, Robyn pushed back against me with her hips, grinding against my mouth. I slid my arms under her legs and hugged her hips to my face, making sure I wouldn’t lose contact with her as she continued to move against me. I flicked my tongue over her clit slowly at first, but with increasing speed. It had rested from our first round of lovemaking earlier, but after the minutes spent fucking her with it, it was already a little tired. I was soon forced to just hold it out and move my jaw in order to keep licking her sensitive little bud.

Robyn continued to rock her hips up and down, squeezing every bit of stimulation out of the contact of my tongue to her clit, smearing her juices over my face at the same time. She reached down with one hand and cupped the back of my head, holding me to her, her fingers tangled in my hair. I hugged her hips tighter, aiding her efforts to hold my head against her. She began to emit small moans of pleasure with every breath, and I knew her orgasm was close. I switched back to flicking her clit with my tongue, just brushing her with the very tip of it as fast as I was able to move it.

It only took another minute before her fingers tightened in my hair, her hips gave one last powerful thrust upwards against my face and she let out a loud cry of release. Robyn’s beautiful green eyes were closed tight and her mouth was open in a large “O” shape. She was frozen in time for a few short moments before moving again, as if she had never stopped. Her hips frantically rocked up and down against me, forcing my tongue even faster over her clit. The hand on her breast rolled and pinched her nipple between her fingers, though her other hand was still clenching my hair, holding me against her as she continued to come. She froze again, in almost exactly the same pose as before, her back arched to press her pussy hard against my face as she emitted another sharp cry. She did this three or four times before falling limply to the bed, her fingers releasing me.

I stopped licking her clit, knowing it was far too sensitive for further stimulation at the moment, and moved down to caress the lips of her pussy with my aching tongue. Robyn was very wet, and I felt more of her juices smear across my chin as I changed positions. She was panting heavily, her eyes open but vacant, staring emptily at the ceiling. I licked her pussy gently as she came down from her orgasm and it took a minute or so for her to come back to her senses. When she did, she reached down and placed her hands on either side of my head and gently pulled me upwards.

I followed her pull and climbed up until I was laying full on top of her once again. She brought my face to her lips and kissed me. Her lips opened against mine and her tongue darted out, running over my lips, tasting herself on them. She then pushed it between my own lips and I sucked her tongue gently, rolling mine around it.

We lay together like this for a few minutes before Robyn finally spoke. “I love the way you make me feel,” she whispered, “but now I think it’s your turn.” With her hand on my shoulder she urged me to roll off of her and I did. She stood up and went over to her closet. Pulling out a scarf, she turned to me with a smile. “Shall we relive old times?”

I smiled back at her and nodded. I got up and sat down in her desk chair. She came over and wrapped the scarf around my eyes, the same scarf she had used to blindfold me all last year so I couldn’t see who was performing oral sex on me. As she knotted the scarf behind my head, I began to focus more on my hearing. I heard her move over to her dresser and open a couple of drawers. I heard her rummaging through them and then walk back over to me. She tied something around my wrist and then the other, binding them together behind the back of the chair.

I scooted myself to the edge of the chair and spread my legs wide. In my head I could already feel her lips and tongue against my pussy, and I felt myself get even wetter as a trickle of my own juices ran down to my ass. Her hands began to trail over my body, light caresses that almost tickled. “I have a surprise for you,” she said, her breath warm on my ear. “I hope you like it.”

“What is it,” I asked, somewhat nervously. Robyn’s surprises could be more than anyone would bargain for.

“You’ll know it when it happens,” she said, and I could tell she was grinning mischievously by her voice. And with this she leaned over and began to lick my pussy. My lower lips made a soft squishy noise as her tongue ran through them, and she made a pleased moan. “You taste even better now than earlier,” she said before returning her mouth to my eager pussy. She carefully avoided my clit as she licked me, and I panted in near frustration. I already felt so close to orgasm, and my frustration was mixed. Partially at her for ignoring my clit and partially at myself for being so close already, knowing I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this for as long as I would like.

She teased me like this for a while, moaning in satisfaction at my taste and at my fruitless attempts to make her touch my clit. She stopped licking me, only to slide a finger inside me a moment later. I was so wet that it went in easily and Robyn began to finger-fuck me slowly, focusing on my g-spot. I jumped when she flicked her tongue over my clit, and groaned in pleasured frustration when I realized that one flick was all I was getting.

“Please,” I begged her, breathlessly. “Lick my clit! I’m already so close!”

“But I’m not ready for you to come yet,” she replied, still sliding her finger between my folds. She did this for a while, letting her tongue flick over my clit every now and then, making me jump every time she did it. Then she removed her finger, and I heard her suck it into her mouth, cleaning it of my juices. “I think you’re wet enough,” she said. “Now I’m going to give you what you wanted last year, when you were begging to return the favor.”

I felt something at the entrance of my pussy and I moaned as it was pushed inside me. It was large, far larger than even three of Robyn’s fingers. It felt like…hell it felt like a condom-covered cock! Did Robyn have a guy here!? I had wanted to have sex with the guy who had been going down on me last year, until Robyn revealed that it had been her the whole time. Did she really find a guy to fuck me this time? Panic began to grip my mind, but I let out a pleasured cry as my body continued to enjoy the sensations rolling through it.

Hands gripped my hips and the cock began pushing in and out, stretching my pussy wonderfully, reaching deep inside me. It gave me both pain and pleasure accepting such a large invader into me, but I was so wet it moved in and out easily. One of the hands moved and the scarf was pulled off, allowing me to see as it returned to my hip. It was Robyn! She was wearing a strap-on and fucking me with it! The small feeling of panic that had been in the back of my mind calmed with the realization that there was no one else here, allowing me to fully enjoy all that was happening.

Robyn thrust her hips, sinking the fake cock deep inside me, making me cry out in pleasure. Increasing her pace, she leaned forward and covered my lips with hers, muffling my moans of delight. It had been so long since I had had sex with a guy, I hadn’t realized how much I had missed the feeling of a cock inside me, of being filled up. I clenched hard around it, panting in pleasure, Robyn’s tongue swirling around mine in my mouth. I bucked my hips as best I could while my arms were tied behind me, pushing against Robyn as she thrust into me, she letting out moans of her own as she did.

Tears blurred my vision, but I still made out Robyn’s hand grabbing something from the bed. I heard a buzzing sound and then ecstasy exploded through my body as her hand made contact with my clit. I screamed, and if Robyn hadn’t kept her mouth on mine, muffling me, our neighbors probably would have called the police. She leaned back to watch me once the scream ended. The bullet vibe in her hand worked its magic on my clit as she continued to fuck me, her hips rapidly thrusting forward and back, the strap-on a glistening blur as I watched it disappear and reappear from between my folds again and again. Like molten lava, sheer pleasure ran through me, starting from the fire in my loins and moving outward, exploding in my head, causing my fingers and toes to tingle. I was lost in ecstasy, and my mind fuzzed over, all details disappearing as I wallowed in the pleasurable sensations rolling through my body. Again and again there would be a spike of pleasure almost painful it felt so good before the wave of ecstasy would flow through me.

Suddenly it ended and my head fell back limply. My body just shut down. I didn’t even realize my legs had been wrapped around Robyn’s hips until they hit the floor. I was aware of my own breathing, deep and fast, and of sweat coating my body, feeling cool on my breasts where wind seemed to be blowing. The buzzing sensation on my hyper-sensitive clit went away just before it would have turned painful, though my pussy was still stretched and filled delightfully with the large fake cock pushed inside it. I just stared at the ceiling in a daze, savoring the last wisps of orgasm still running through me.

There was a squishy noise as Robyn pulled away from me, the strap-on sliding from my pussy wetly. I heard her doing something, and jerked my head forward when I felt her sliding something up my legs. She was putting the strap-on on me! “What are you doing?” I asked.

She smiled mischievously at me. “After seeing what it did for you, I want to try it out now. Do you know how much I’ve been aching to use this thing while masturbating?” She reached behind me and buckled the strap, securing my “cock” in place. I felt something slide between my folds and realized there was a smaller dildo on the inside so both of us would feel it while we fucked. “I’ve had it for a month now, but,” she leaned forward and kissed me, “I wanted the first time to be yours.”

Robyn leaned down and sucked the dildo between her lips, letting out a moan. “You always taste best right after coming,” she said, cleaning most of my juices from the toy. Then she straddled me and lowered herself down onto it. Between her saliva, the remainder of my juices, and her own wetness, it slid into her easily. She sucked in a pleased breath as it filled her up completely. Her arms moved around my neck and pulled herself forward to kiss me again. I tried to embrace her back, but my arms were still tied behind me, and judging from her earlier smile, Robyn had no intention of setting me free.

Her long legs supported her, allowing her to raise and lower herself on the toy. As she rested her weight in my lap, pushing the cock deep into herself, the ends of her hair tickled my legs, making me squirm, which in turn made the cock move as well, stimulating both of us. It tickled me each time, but I couldn’t do anything about it, not even complain as Robyn’s tongue was rolling around inside my mouth. Her breathing came faster, but she didn’t change her pace, moving up and down the strap-on sedately.

Each downthrust of her body moved the small dildo inside of me, teasing me but not really enough to make me come. The teasing was only made worse as my body spasmed each time her hair tickled me, causing a slightly different stimulation. But nothing was as bad as feeling Robyn against me, her heat and passion permeating me from our slick bodies rubbing together, from her juices running down the strap-on to me, from her lips locked to mine moaning into my mouth as we fucked.

I had my eyes closed from the moment her lips touched mine, but they flew open when Robyn broke our kiss and I saw her reach yet again for something on the bed. She grabbed a vibrating egg that we had used with much satisfaction the year before and somehow placed it inside the dildo. She cranked the dial up to full and let it drop to the floor between my feet. The teasing feeling I had from the dildo before turned into something more definite as the buzz of the vibration ran through the whole strap-on, stimulating my clit every time she ground her hips down against me. Robyn herself let out a loud moan of pleasure as the vibrations drove deep inside her with every thrust.

She finally began to move faster, impaling herself again and again on the now vibrating cock, breath coming fast and heavy. We looked into each others’ eyes, both somewhat glazed over from the feelings going through us, savoring the expressions of near-ecstasy we shared. She came first, eyes clenched and mouth open wide in a silent scream as her orgasm rocketed through her. Her legs gave out and all her weight fell on my lap, forcing the strap-on as deep as it could go into both of us, and allowing the vibrations to fully contact our clits. I began to let out desperate cries and whimpers, bucking my hips against hers, feeling so close to my own orgasm and just needing that last extra push.

Robyn bucked her own hips, grinding her clit and pussy against me, riding out her own orgasm. When she finally finished, she fell forward against me, her head resting on my shoulder. Feeling me still moving frantically under her, she took my earlobe between her teeth and whispered, “Come for me, Allie. I want to feel you come,” and started sucking on it. Somehow, that did it. A wave of ecstasy once again flowed through my body, starting at my clit and moving out to my limbs and feeling like an explosion in my head. It hit again and again until settling down to a gentle bliss as I went completely limp, basking in the afterglow of orgasm.

We just sat there for a moment, recovering, still feeling the vibrations from the egg in the strap-on which just seemed to enhance the blissful feeling I was experiencing. I had never felt so completely exhausted yet at the same time so extremely buzzed in my entire life. After a minute to catch our breath, Robyn reached behind me and loosened the things holding my wrists to the chair and I embraced her, my head resting on her heaving breasts. We were sweaty once again, but we didn’t care. We felt fantastic!

We held and kissed each other, not wanting the moment to end just yet, but finally the vibrations began to make us feel numb, so Robyn stood on rather shaky legs and helped me to my feet, my own legs wobbly. We got the egg turned off and the strap-on off of me and went and lay down on the bed together. “So,” said Robyn, “pizza?” I stared at her for a second. Then I couldn’t help it and I burst out laughing. Then she did too. We both laughed until we started crying, and then when we saw the other doing that, we laughed even harder. And it was perfect.

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