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The Edging Arrangement

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I must admit, I was impressed as soon as I set my eyes on him.

His wrists were bound tightly together with a piece of rope that was fixed to the ceiling through a single brass loop. His feet were drawn back toward his buttocks with another piece of rope pulled through the brass loop, keeping them firmly in situ.

He hung like this, suspended in the air, his body forming a lopsided “U” shape. His knees were his lowest extremity at around 3 feet from the floor. He was clothed only in a pair of matte black hip briefs.

I stood there for a minute, admiring him. I watched a bead of sweat roll down his forehead, onto his chin, past his neck and chest, and come to rest on his abs. He glistened softly in the dim white light. He produced little noise, except for the cacophony of exhalation and saliva passing through a ball gag every couple of seconds.

Yes, he was indeed a fine specimen. But there was more to this half-naked and bound figure than was immediately apparent.

You see, over the last 24 hours, two of my associates had worked in shifts to prepare him. Their task had been a simple one: to bring his body into a state of euphoric desperation, the type of which only a man can experience. They had been instructed to manipulate his sex organ using a variety of tools and techniques; to make him crave that final push into orgasm – a push that would not come. For hours they worked on his body, touching and rubbing and licking and caressing until he was physically unable to take much more.

Now, finally, it was my turn. However, my task was quite different: to deliver the most electrifying, fulfilling orgasmic episode of his life. This is a task I have performed for a number of clients in my three years doing this job, and it is one in which I have become very proficient. These people, usually quietly wealthy and demanding absolute discretion; only find me through word of mouth. The deal is always the same: we both remain anonymous, the client wires a substantial amount of money, and I, along with my trusted pair of associates, bring them into a world of orgasmic intoxication the likes of which most people are unable to experience.

Many years ago I discovered that by holding a man on an orgasmic plateau for many hours, it is possible to push him into a state of almost unbearable sexual euphoria. Most men are unable to do this alone because the body’s primal desire to climax becomes too great, particularly over the course of more than an hour or two. By keeping him bound and gagged, and working in shifts to edge him non-stop for more than 24 hours, we remove these obstacles.

I was particularly pleased to get to work on this one. His phallometric chart, which shows a man’s proximity to orgasm over a given time period, revealed that my associates had kept him within 20 seconds of orgasm for more than four of the last five hours. To put that into context, most men can only remain within 60 seconds of orgasm for prolonged periods. Or to put it another way: he had been expertly worked to the extreme limits of the male body.

His eyes widened and stared at me as I approached. I knew I had to be careful not to allow the built-up tension to subside; he had already clocked up about a minute without any stimulation. So I reached for the bulge that was occupying his briefs and grabbed it with my thumb and two fingers. A deep, muffled moan emerged from his throat as I started to gently squeeze. His underwear was damp with precum. I squeezed harder while he released another moan, and his hips shook briefly. It was clear what was happening to him: his body yearned to reach the orgasm that had eluded it for so long.

I let go of his crotch and walked over to my toy table. My experience in male pleasure has allowed me to construct a number of bespoke toys unlike anything on the market today. I generally attempt to use all of them on a client; each one delivers a unique kind of pleasure to his genitalia. To measure the intensity of the feelings coursing through his most intimate parts, my associates had already hooked him up to a computer running plethysmography software. A single sensor attached to one of his feet was all that was necessary; from that single input, the computer is able to measure the amount of blood flowing to the penis, and more importantly, the phallometric chart representing arousal level. At that moment, despite the greatly reduced stimulation, the chart revealed that he was still at a much higher arousal level than that of the average male seconds before the emission phase of orgasm. Put simply, he was still very much ready to cum.

I picked up six silicone adhesive electrodes from the table. Each one was thinly coated in a conductive gel that amplifies electrical current. I applied one to each side of his lower abs, two more to his inner thighs, and the last two to his buttocks. The electrodes were connected to a six-channel e-stim power box, which was connected to the computer. The goal of this configuration is to keep the client in a constant state of high arousal. When external stimulation is applied, it automatically pulls back the power to avoid pushing him over the edge. The computer immediately reacts to changes in penis size and arousal, and applies just enough of a current to maintain his orgasmic plateau – which is exactly what was happening to him as I pushed a button to switch the device on. He let out a much deeper, longer moan this time. I could hear the desperation and intense pleasure in it.

At this point, his bulge was protruding forcefully, his penis desperate to escape from the confines of a tight-fitting pair of designer briefs. But I wasn’t ready to release it quite yet. I picked up a toy that is specifically designed to be applied to a man over his underwear. The toy I picked up is a bulge-shaped suction cup backed by dual 8,000 RPM motors. To put that in perspective, the Hitachi Magic Wand is capable of 6,000 RPM. I said it is designed to be used over underwear because unclothed use generally results in uncontrollable orgasmic contractions within 4-5 seconds. The dampening effect of underwear extends that time to 12 seconds at full power – and that’s from a state of medium arousal. Fortunately, the computer controls the power with precise timing, even reducing it to zero if necessary.

I pushed the cup against his protrouding groin and applied the suction so it would remain in place. With another button push, it began humming away, initially teasing him at a low speed. He let out a quick, gentle moan. The real power of this toy is its ability to stimulate the production of precum at lower speeds. So I allowed him to enjoy it slowly ramping up over the next few minutes. After a short while, the frequency of his moans increased. I felt like it was a good time to remind him of our agreement.

“There is one rule while I’m in this room. You’ll cum, and it will be the most pleasurable experience of your life, but you will do it when I think you’re ready. Not before. Your job is to hold on for dear life. Understood?”

He groaned a loud “mm-hmm” in acknowledgement, which morphed into another moan. I used my remote control to increase the power. He was pushing harder against the cup. Not many men have experienced this level of pleasure while wearing a pair of briefs. After a few more minutes, the computer cut the power entirely. He began thrashing, pumping his buttocks in the air. I knew exactly what he was doing – he was trying to rub his delicate glans against the inside of his precum-slicked briefs to continue the stimulation. He was mere moments from orgasm, panting and shaking like a crazed animal.

I removed the cup and gently massaged his bulge. It was time to see the package of delight he had brought for me to play with. Using a pair of clothing shears, I sliced away his briefs and tore them to the floor. A dark, 6.5″-long penis leapt out from underneath, with bulging veins running down its length. His balls were shaven smooth and closely hugged his groin. At average size, it was nothing to write home about, but we would quickly remedy that.

I didn’t want to touch it yet. The next stage was very important. The larger a penis is, the more surface area there is to stimulate, and the more pleasure I can deliver to the man. I picked up a pump from the table. This is no ordinary penis pump. Before use, it is filled with a unique hydrogel that stimulates rapid temporary penile growth, and it is powered by an electric motor that can dramatically increase the size of an erect penis within a few minutes. So I filled it with the hydrogel and placed it on him, closing the vacuum seal and turning on the power. While it worked its magic, I teased his exposed balls using a fine brush coated in a stimulant powder. The object of this was to please, not to tickle, and it worked surprisingly well: many men don’t respond strongly, but this one became intensely aroused as I manipulated his scrotum with the brush. It helped that he was still covered in a thin film of his own precum.

It didn’t take long for the computer to sound an alert, letting me know that he had grown to 8.5″ long and 6″ in circumference. That was plenty, so I removed the pump and stopped pleasuring his balls. The hydrogel typically causes the penis to retain the enlarged size for two hours, so I knew we had plenty of time to play with.

It was time to manually stimulate him. While the toys are incredibly fun to use, what I enjoy more than anything during these sessions is to test my own skill at edging a man. I picked up a bottle from the table. Inside was a combined formula containing silky-smooth lube and a stimulant designed to seep into penile tissue and reach the very core of the glans and shaft. I dumped a generous amount onto my palm and began massaging it into his engorged organ. With both hands, I began slowly but firmly working on it, making sure to go all the way down his shaft and up across his entire glans. His arousal level quickly shot up as the stimulant lube magnified the sensitivity of his already-sensitive areas, and he released his most primal moans yet, more saliva falling to the floor as he failed to stop himself drooling at the sudden increase in pleasure. I pumped harder, trusting him to continue holding the cum inside his swollen balls.

It was truly a marvelous sight, pulsating in my hands, dripping more precum which quickly got mixed into the lube. I noted that he was at a good height for fellatio, but decided he needed more manual stimulation before he was ready for that. So I upped the stakes. I began pumping harder, forcing him to moan louder with every stroke. He began vocalizing, attempting to beg, but all that came out was a stream of incomprehensible moans and “oh”s coming from deep within his throat. I removed the gag to hear him beg for mercy.

And beg, he did. “I’ll cum if you keep doing this!” he cried between moans. I could tell that while he thought he was unable to hold off for much longer, the reality was quite different. The sounds he was making; the way he was thrusting his penis into the air; the amount of precum he was leaking: it all told me a different story. Having seen other men at this stage of the process, I knew he had plenty of fight left in him. “Please, I’m done! Just let me cum!”

Instead, I reattached his gag (amid more helpless pleas) and blindfolded him before reaching for another toy. This is one of my favorites. It fits directly over the glans, rolling a satin-laced material back and forward over the head of the penis at incredible speed. The glans being the most sensitive part of the male anatomy, this experience is torturous, yet it brings one of the most intense feelings he is capable of feeling. Some men, but not many, can orgasm from glans-only stimulation such as rubbing a palm against the very tip. The reason most cannot orgasm from this method is because the intensity becomes overwhelming long before they are able to cum.

I pushed the toy onto his bulging head and started it off at a low speed. He immediately began bucking, desperate to escape this new and unexpected torture. I knew he could take more, though, so I increased the speed. The material was being soaked with his precum, but that was fine because it actually increases the sensation, creating an unescapable cycle of intensity.

At this point he was dangerously close to orgasm, but I still trusted him to keep his end of the deal by using all his might to prevent it. And to give him credit, he did. The chart showed him get within two seconds of exploding before I finally decreased the speed, leaving him grunting like a hog while dribbling saliva down his chin. His manly urge to shower me with semen only grew stronger as I gradually withdrew the toy.

“How was that?” I enquired. He let out a long, deep groan in reply. His entire length was shimmering with a mixture of lube and precum. As I walked over to the toy table, the six electrodes picked up where I left off, electrically stimulating the entire groin area. I decided it was time to increase the ferocity of this genital onslaught to a new level. I reached for my trusty Magic Wand and slid an attachment onto it. Unlike most attachments for the wand that are designed for female pleasure, this one is designed to wrap the entire penis, from base to tip. It delivers 100% of the 6,000 RPM vibrations from the wand directly to his sex organ via hundreds of tiny nodules. But there is something else about this attachment that makes it unique: you can use dual wands with it. So I picked up another Magic Wand and slid it in before pushing the contraption all the way down his shaft. Before I hit the power button, I picked up another item from the table: a small, gold bullet-shaped object with a wire attaching it to the same power box as the electrodes.

Just as I expected, he began convulsing and moaning loudly from the moment I hit the power. Of course, that reaction was understandable: at that moment there was approximately 50% of the combined power of two Hitachis being applied to his engorged penis. Just one running at low speed is enough to reduce most men (and women, come to think of it) to their knees. The chart showed him doing an excellent job holding off the approaching climax, so I tested him further by upping the power to 75%. As I did this, I covered my fingers and the gold bullet-shaped object in silicone lube and reached around to bury it deep inside his ass. He cried out in surprise which quickly turned to extra arousal as it began applying deep electrical stimulation directly to his P-spot. I watched the convulsions traveling up his length. As I increased the Hitachi contraption to 85%, it was obvious that no man could delay the arrival of a universe-shattering orgasm for much longer. But I wanted to test him; to see just how much pleasure he could take before he finally succumbed.

So I began preparing for the endgame. I removed the two wands, and the electrodes increased their output to compensate. They were so good at this task that his moans after the wands were removed were just as deep and forceful as before. Without warning, I took the first five inches of his huge length into my mouth and began slurping, applying as much pressure as possible, flicking his incredibly sensitive glans and frenulum with my tongue. I continued this for a few minutes, pausing only to allow him to back off from the cliff that was rapidly approaching. Intuition has taught me how to use the taste and volume of precum to sense when an explosion of cum is incoming, so I used this knowledge to keep him within seconds of climaxing. While I did so, I expertly worked his balls and lower shaft with my fingers, a finger occasionally slipping inside him to push the electrode deeper against his P-spot. His moans and muffled cries for mercy grew to their loudest yet. He would frequently stiffen suddenly in my mouth, a mere second or two away from filling my throat with the biggest load of his life. But whenever he did, I would simply stop all stimulation, driving him even crazier with the desire to finally empty those massive, plump balls.

Finally, after twenty-five and a half hours of almost non-stop stimulation, he was ready. But he wasn’t set up for the finish quite yet. I walked over to some levers and lowered him toward the ground before turning him upside down and positioning him so that his still-engorged manhood pointed directly at his face. I removed the gag and a wad of saliva drained from his mouth, down his forehead and onto the floor below. He begged and moaned some more.

“It’s time for you to cum,” I said, “but it would be wrong to let this load go to waste. Open your mouth wide.” Unlike some of my previous clients, he seemed willing to oblige. He parted his lips, preparing to take the voluminous result of the last 25.5 hours down into his own stomach.

“We’re going to test your stamina just one last time. Hold off as long as you can and tell me when you think you can’t take any more.” He simply groaned in acceptance. I lathered up his penis with more of the stimulant lube and increased the power to the electrodes, which caused him to vocalize a gentle “yes” or two. With one hand I began working his balls, massaging the cum into his penis. With the other, I squeezed tightly on his beating shaft and worked the head, rolling it between my fingers, coaxing the beast to awaken from its slumber. Around fifteen seconds later, he exclaimed: “I’m going to cum!” I quickly moved my hands away as he protested, begging and panting. Indeed, a drop of cum had emerged from the tip of his bulging, bright-red, veiny head.

“I’m going to count to twenty,” I told him. “If you can hold it until twenty, I’ll allow you to climax. If not, we go to thirty next time.” Again, he just groaned. “One,” I said as I began working him even harder than before. If he was going to get this after almost twenty-six hours, he had to need it. As I got up to thirteen, he clenched as if to spurt right there and then. I slowed right down and he let out a muffled cry. We passed fifteen, his penis now solid as an iron rod, balls beginning to push his male juices up into his shaft. I slowed down my counting as the flow of precum quickened.

“Please! I need to… cum,” he panted. “Eighteen”. He gasped, closer to the edge than he had ever been before. I could sense the waves of euphoria beginning to descend. “Nineteen… hold it,” I instructed. He opened his mouth wider. I felt his entire length begin to pulsate in my hand, his balls retracting into his body. I aimed it directly into his open mouth, less than a foot away.


He let out a tremendous roar as the first wave of orgasm landed. His penis was bucking and squirming in my hand as the first glob of semen fired out with awesome force and missed its target, smothering his chin. His moans of deep pleasure continued while he shot another spurt of cum, this time hitting his tongue and lower lip. His entire body was shaking with incredible orgasmic vibrations. In that moment, he was in the midst of the strongest orgasm he would ever experience; I was sure of that. It was truly a joy to watch. The third and fourth spurts rained down in an arc and hit the back of his throat, a feeling that prompted the next few waves to arrive with even greater strength, landing on the blindfold and his cheeks. As I continued to tightly pump his erection while it spewed more juices, the electrode in his ass drilled away at the P-spot, causing his balls to push even more cum up his shaft. His organ continued to buck and pulsate, pushing out a ninth wave of semen which descended straight onto his tongue. The tenth massive contraction slowly released a huge wad of cum which overflowed his full mouth and dripped onto the floor, as he let out a final, deep, satisfied groan from his belly. He closed his mouth, gulping down all the cum he could take, allowing the rest to run down his forehead and into his hair. He panted heavily for the next few minutes as we both basked in his afterglow, each of us as satisfied as the other.

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